Stalked by Sicko Sammy - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff of
the earlier story entitled:  ‘Stalked by Sicko Sammy - I’
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For Sammy White, or Sicko Sammy for his newly adopted name, he was absolutely proud of himself.  Never before had he been successful in anything that he did in life, but now things had turned around a full 180 degrees for him.  He now felt superior to his peers and no longer the ‘dumb black bozo’ that the guys in the neighborhood referred to him as, although Sammy planned on just playing along as the dumb bunny and not tell let on as to his new successful occupation.  Though the guys continued to badger him, Sammy would merely think ‘Yeah, make fun of me ya SOB!  But I’s got ya beat in scoring with sweet white honeys, beautiful married sweeties, punk!’

Smiling to himself, though knowing that he still had to fine tune his skills, Sammy thought ‘I jist love making out with some beautiful sweet babe!’  And what turned him on most was in first seeing that lovely honey sporting a diamond ring on her finger, and even more so if that diamond ring was accompanied by a wedding band.  If one had been told by Sammy of him having scored with a couple beautiful married chicks in recent months, it would have sounded as if he had managed to charm his way into the panties of some lonely housewives and that they wanted to get a sampling of his big black dick.  But what Sicko Sammy liked to consider as to his ‘making out’ with a beautiful married chick ……………..was not a mutual feeling …………….not when the woman was in the hands of  'Serial Rapist'!

Thinking back to his first two capers, both considered very successful for most importantly - he had not been caught, and since he had sated his vile lust by raping each beauty.  It had all started when he had peered out from the hot kitchen of the pizza parlor when he had spotted that young beauty with long silky blonde hair as she stood in line to pick up her order.  Telling his coworkers that he needed to take a quick break, he had gone outside to take note of the make and model of the beauty’s car, then later had obtained her address from the check that she had used to pay for the pizza.

Later that night, armed with the blonde beauty’s address, Sicko Sammy drove on out to scout the area.  With an open field of tall grass around where the beauty lived, he had crawled through the grass and marshland.  Through a small crack in the blinds in her bedroom, Sammy got to observe the unsuspecting blonde undressing as she got herself ready for bed.  From that instant on, Sicko Sammy had wild thoughts going through his head ……………..that being the bloated throbbing one jutting out from between his legs!  And once the lights went out in the bedroom, Sammy went about carrying out his vile plan in getting a chance to finally get to ‘make out’ with a beautiful gal.

Gaining entry into the house, surprising the terrified beauty upon her bed, Sicko Sammy then carried out his deranged plan of taking the young women by force.  And when hot liquid was felt around his rather inexperienced cock, Sammy thought that he had given the beautiful bitch a mind-blowing orgasm.  That was just how dumb and inexperienced he was when it came to sex!  Only when he had made it home after the rape did he observe that the now dried liquid on his cock and thighs had been blood.  He had raped of her virginity, the precious gem that she had been saving all along for the white boy who had placed that diamond ring upon her finger.

Feel bad about taking her virginity?  Hell no, it was quite the opposite feeling for Sicko Sammy as he was ecstatic at having ‘ruined’ some whiteboy prized trophy.  It was just a couple of months later that he had seen the blonde beauty that he had so viciously raped and stolen her precious virginity.  Coming into the pizza parlor again, Sammy had not recognized her at first, only doing so when her name was called for the pizza.  On this occasion, the blonde looked rather plain and not nearly as vibrant as she had been on that first occasion.  Sammy then noticed that the sparkling diamond ring was no longer on her ring finger.  And as she turned to leave with her pizza, Sammy’s cock gave a twitch in seeing that she now had a slight bulge in her belly ……………….for he had succeeded in knocking the bitch up with his little black bastard!

The next caper that Sammy pulled off came when he spotted a sexy redhead at the Newberry Shopping Mall.  Seeing the diamond ring and wedding band on her finger, he knew very well that she was married and that really had him turned on.  As she went to her car in the parking lot, Sammy kept an eye on his prey to scope out the car she was driving as he headed towards his.  Having earlier practiced in driving skills till he got it down pat, Sammy managed to keep on her tail and followed her car all the way back to her home.

This caper had been far more than what Sammy had initially bargained for after breaking into the house.  He had just successful raped and bred the beautiful wife when the sound of the garage door opening had him jumping right up out of the bed.  Successfully rendering the husband helpless by zapping him in the back of his neck with a stun gun, Sammy had the punk bound and gagged in a chair and placed him into a position where he could then watch his beautiful wife’s performance on the bed that they shared together.  And he got to enjoy the stunned look on the bastard’s face by first telling him just how tasty his lovely wife was as he wiggled his long tongue about in the air.

Sammy got quite a charge out of having this unexpected audience and it gave him a raging hardon like never before.  Getting the beautiful wife down on her knees in front of where her husband was tied up, Sammy then proceeded to give a show, forcing the beauty to take his big black cock between her pink lips and give him head.  “Ah, man, sucka …………………this is so fuck’n goooooooooood!  Oh, yeah, man ………………..yer beautiful wife’s pruty pink lips were just made fer sucking!” he gloated while pumping in and out of the sweet sensational lips of the now gagging beauty.

Giving the sweet bitch a rare taste of spunk, Sammy then had pulled out and gave her a hot creamy facial that she’d never forget.  Then before departing, he went and sodomized the weeping wife, skewering his thick boner right up into her soft white virgin ass.  Months later, daring to return to the scene by driving pass the front of the house, a ‘For Sale’ sign was planted out in the front lawn.  Making note of the realtor’s name and phone number, Sammy contacted the realtor and inquired of the house and learned that it was at a rather low price in the area due to ongoing divorce proceedings by the couple selling the property.  And Sammy knew full well that he had played the instrumental role in such divorce proceedings taking place.

Hot and horny to sample for some hot pussy, with his confidence heightened by not having been caught after his first two capers, Sammy pulled at his dick and thought ‘Time for Sicko Sammy to strike again!’  Sammy already had his next prey picked out as he had not been inactive but had been scouting about while laying low in case the cops were hot on his trail.  But with nothing about his last caper in the newspapers, plus the breakup and moving of his last victim and her hubby, Sammy felt confident that he could move ahead with his next caper.

Actually, it was a couple of weeks ago that Sammy had stumbled upon the young woman whom he was now lusting after and getting a constant hardon for.  While on his way home, after a fruitless day of scouting at the nearby mall, he had stopped by a supermarket to pick up a six-pack of beer.  And that’s when he saw the trim young Asian beauty with long silky black hair pushing a shopping cart that was partially filled with groceries, accompanied by her whiteboy husband.  ‘Damn, that’s some sweet Asian cuisine!’ he told himself while licking at his lips.  ‘Jeez, I sure as hell would like to eat that sushi hidden between those soft creamy legs of hers!’ he thought.

Seeing the diamond ring and wedding on her finger, Sammy looked at the whiteboy accompanying her and knew that it was her punk hubby accompanying the pretty young Asian beauty.  He took in the trim figure of her petite 5’2” 114 lb. body as she pushed the grocery cart while dress in her blue blouse, white sweater, white skirt and 2” white heels.  ‘Damn, I’s gotta git me some of that!’ he told himself.  And as she stopped to pick up some apples and asking her husband if he wanted the red or green ones, Sammy licked his lips and wanted to chime in with ‘I’ll take those nice pears ya’s got under that blue blouse of yers!  They’s look ripe ………………and so nice and juicy!’

Having stopped at the local supermarket for their regular weekly shopping, neither Rachel Wilson (formerly Rachel Nishida) nor her husband Jim were aware of the attention that the lovely wife had drawn in their direction.  Still so in love with one another as they had just celebrated their first anniversary, they were too preoccupied with each other to notice the dark eyes focused up the beautiful wife from the fellow now stalking them.  And later upon having checked out at the register and going to their car in the parking lot, they were unaware of the car pulling out right after they did.

As for Sicko Sammy, he could only smile widely as unsuspecting hubby drove right to his home, giving Sammy the address and location so that he could maybe later pay the pretty missus an unannounced visit.  Either way, he now knew where to begin in stalking the lovely wife whenever time permitted.  And as the garage door rose up, Sammy made note of the make, model and color of the vehicle as that was evidently the car that the pretty wife would be driving when not riding with hubby.  Figuring that both worked for a living, Sammy planned on casing the house in the morning and tailing the pretty bitch, learn where she worked and get details of her daily time schedule.  And once he felt confident of pulling off his next caper, Sicko Sammy would strike once again!

From that very instant of their eyes meeting in their freshman history class at Berkshire College, it was love at first sight for both Rachel Nishida and Jim Wilson.  Inseparable from their first date on and throughout the remainder of their college days, a joyful wedding event culminated during the summer of their graduation.  Both now at the age of twenty-three, Jim was in the management training program at the large department store in the mall while Rachel had gotten a job as a field auditor with a national accounting firm.  Other than when Rachel was taken out of town for a field audit, she just loved spending all her time at home cooking and being with her handsome husband.

Up until now, there had been no loose links in his prey’s daily activities as Sammy had followed her on a number of occasions from her home to work and visa versa.  He’d also followed her from her work place as she went out on a field audit, but each time she was accompanied by one or two coworkers.  ‘Do I dare break in before they get home?  Knock the SOB out and tie him up before doing it to his purty little wife ……………and maybe have the punk watch me dick his purty bitch!’ he wondered.  ‘Damn, that sure kicked it up a notch that last time!’ he told himself.  But Sammy then realized that he was now thinking with the wrong head, the one that was throbbing in his pants, and told himself ‘Be smart and think it all out and don’t take unnecessary chances that will get yerself caught!’

As he sat parked in his car under the tree at the far end of the small neighborhood park, located just across the street from the Wilson’s townhouse unit, Sammy looked at his watch and noticed that it was nearing that time when the young couple would be headed off to work.  The usual routine would be for the garage door to open and then each of them would back out of the driveway, the young wife first, then followed by that of her husband.  Eyes towards the townhouse, Sammy nodded as the garage door began rising right on schedule.

But instead of each of the young couple getting into their respective cars before driving off, Sammy observed both of them moving towards the rear of her car.  The young beauty dressed in a red blouse and black skirt was opening the trunk of her car and the husband was lifting up that piece of luggage and placing it into the trunk of his wife’s car before closing the trunk.  Sammy licked at his lips as this was not in the couple’s daily routine.  He watched intently as the loving couple kissed and hugged before separating and getting into their respective cars.  Then hubby was walking between the two cars with a piece of red luggage in tow.

Starting up his car in anticipation, Sammy watched intently as his prey’s car backed up, then followed by her hubby as they headed off out of the townhouse subdivision.  Having followed them out of the subdivision on several occasions, he had observed each of them turning right to head off to their respective workplace.  However, this time the pretty wife was in the left turn lane while hubby briefly stopped in the right alongside of her as they exchanged goodbye waves.  As he was stopped right behind of the beautiful wife and hubby disappearing after making his right turn, Sammy’s nuts churned in anticipation.

For Rachel, this would be her first field audit on her own as her boss felt that she had the skills needed and was ready to handle it alone.  Proud of her accomplishment on the job and rightly so but this meant being away from her loving husband for two nights.  That two and a half hours of driving would be a long one, meeting with the managers of the company being audited that afternoon, then she’d be spending the following day going over the books.  Rachel wished that she could drive on home that next day when the audit was done, but the drive at night was considered a bit dangerous due to the poor lighting conditions on the highway and it being a rather lengthy drive.

For Sammy, this was a rather easy tailing experience as the beautiful prey was quite conscientious in following the speed limit, thus allowing him to follow behind at an inconspicuous distance.  Pulling out the map from his glove compartment, he set it on the passenger’s seat for later use if needed.  But in looking at the overhead highway signs, it appeared that the sweet little honey was making a beeline out to Bentford, which would be the biggest town out in eastern part of the state.  ‘Damn, I’s sure as hell hope I’s don’t run outta gas!  Shit, shoulda filled up last night …………….fuck!’ he cussed at himself, knowing that pulling over to fill up would mean letting the bitch get away from him.

A bit over an hour later, Sammy was running on fumes as the light on his gas tank had come on.  The perfect opportunity was now about to slip right out of his fingers.  But then, he observed the right blinker flashing on his prey’s car and that brought a wide smile upon his face.  “Yes!” he yelled out in his car as his good fortune was being bestowed upon him.  The young wife had not stopped for gas but had pulled up in front of the one-stop convenience store that also sold the gas.  Pulling up on the far side of the pump that partially shielded him from the store, Sammy would fill up his tank and wait for the lovely wife to get back into her car.  And being on the street side of the pump, the unsuspecting beauty would not notice him being there when she exited the store front.

Bentford it was as he had correctly guessed when the beauty’s car signaled a right turn on the second off-ramp to the town.  Now he’d have to follow a bit closer so as not to lose sight of her car in the city traffic.  Sammy noticed that she was often glancing at a paper that she held in her right hand and suspected that it was a computer generated driving map that told her how to get to her hotel.  He smiled to himself, knowing that her preoccupation with looking at the map and driving would not have her clued in that she was being tailed.  And as she turned into the Bentford Plaza Hotel’s parking lot, Sammy told himself ‘I’m gonna git me of that nice ‘sushi’ dish fer dinner soon!’

Chancing it and parking up against a ‘No Parking’ zone, Sammy hustled himself on up to the lobby, then up to the mezzanine level where the checking desk was located.  Leaning against the railing, he waited for his beautiful prey to come walking through the lobby and up take the escalator up to the mezzanine level.  And there she came with her red suitcase in tow as Sammy eyed up the ‘sushi dinner’ that he soon planned on devouring.  As she rode the escalator up to the mezzanine level, Sammy kept his eyes peeled and hoped that he could then ride up the elevator with her and give her a good fucking as a ‘Welcome to Bentford!’  But with her checking in and a bellhop holding her room key while wheeling her suitcase, Sammy’s immediate plans to taste his tasty sushi dish right away had been quashed.

Preoccupied with her job, Rachel had checked in and freshened up some before going over to meet with the company’s management to go over what was to be audited and when she’d need to meet with the CFO that next day.  Having obtained the ‘free parking’ sticker upon checking in, Rachel had put it on the dashboard when getting into the car so as not to forget about it when driving back into the hotel’s parking lot as it was required to prevent her car from being towed away.  But as she met with the management group of the company she’d be auditing, a sick stalker was looking down into the front windshield of her car.

There on the hotel’s parking sticker it was stamped ‘Valid till noon 8/15’ which meant that she’d be checking out in two days.  Jimmying the lock as he’d done many times in his teen years to rip off cars, Sammy checked the glove compartment and searched for the registration where it was to be kept by the registered owner.  There it was to indicate the registered owners and Jim and Rachel Wilson, with the address being the townhouse that he cased on a number of occasions.  ‘Is she planning on auditing the company that day also after checking out?’ he wondered.

If he made his move that next night, the night before she checked on out, ‘What if she was to meet with them early the next morning?’ he wondered.  Then it hit him as he cussed at himself ‘Stupid!  Ya got her name, ya know where she works, so why not call her workplace and see when she’s expected back!’  Fortunately, he’d taken some notes and recorded them down earlier, starting from when he had bumped into the beauty and her hubby at the supermarket.  Checking the black book that had bought for keeping notes, he remembered righting down the name of her workplace and having looked up the phone number that same night.

Using his cellphone to make the call, Sammy tried to sound professional as he asked “Yes, Ms. Rachel Wilson, please!”  “I’m sorry but Ms. Wilson is out on a field audit!  I can take a message and have her call when she returns!” came the response.  “Oh, do you know when that would be?” he asked.  “It should be about Wednesday afternoon at the earliest!” came the response that he had wanted to hear.  With the drive taking about two and a half hours, and with the parking validation indicating she’d be checking out that very morning, then that’d mean the sweet honey would be headed on back upon checking out early that morning to get back to her office in the early afternoon.

‘Strategy!  Strategy!  That’s what’s needed!  Think, Sammy!  Think hard if’n ya wanna git yerself a nice sushi dinner tomorrow night!’ he goaded himself on.  ‘Yeah, that’s what I’ll do!’ he congratulated himself in coming up with a solution, that of buying some flower and delivering them to the front desk that next afternoon after she got back to the hotel.  Sammy knew that he wouldn’t get pass the front desk but would have to leave it at the desk and some bellhop would be taking it up to the sweet little honey.  So, if he played his cards right, just maybe he’d get to hear the guy at the desk tell the bellhop as to where the flowers should be delivered.

That first night away from home, the young couple spent over an hour on the phone telling each other how they missed one another as well as professing his/her love for the other.  Then as they’d soon be hanging up, Jim Wilson naughtily teased his ultra-conservative wife with “Are you going to meet with your lover now?”  Rachel giggled and knew that her trusting husband was merely teasing her and she decided to tease him back by responding with “He’s standing right here besides me and signaling for me to get into bed with him so we can make fantastic love together!”  Then Rachel playful held the phone a bit away from her as she spoke loudly so her husband would hear “Wait!  Be patient!  I’m almost done talking to my husband!”

Jim had certainly heard that and laughed when Rachel got back on the phone, telling her “Well, I’d better let you go so you and your lover and get going to it!”  Both chuckled and giggled some before professing their love for one another once more before hanging up.  Hundreds of miles apart, husband and wife lay in bed thinking of one another, with hubby happy that his lovely wife and played along and wished she’d even go further with her role playing.  Meanwhile, Rachel had also enjoyed playing along as it was quite harmless and wondered just how far she should take it that next night as it seemed to really get Jim excited.

The next evening, when the expected call rang in her hotel room, Rachel was trembling with absolute fear upon hearing her husband’s voice on the other end of the line.  “Honey?  Are you there?” came the inquiring question as her voice had been but a mere whisper out of sheer terror.  With the sharp blade at her neck, her assailant having threatened to kill her if she did not follow his instructions, Rachel wanted to scream out for help but was deathly afraid of the harm promised to her if she did.  Tears rolling down her face, she was bound with hands in front of her while forced to sit in the armchair that had been placed next to the bed.

Earlier, after completing the field audit and making it back to her hotel, she had no sooner gotten up to her room when the buzzer rang with the bellhop announcing “Flowers from a Jim Wilson for you, ma’am!”  Opening the door and accepting the beautiful arrangement, Rachel smiled at the thought of her loving husband having of sent her flowers!  She was about to use the cellphone and call Jim before the planned call that he was going to make that night to thank him for the flowers when there was another ring of the buzzer.  Putting down her cellphone, she went to the door and called out with “Yes?”  “A box of candy just arrived from a Jim Wilson, ma’am!” came the reply.

But it was not a box of candy being delivered nor was it a bellhop standing at the doorway.  Turning to run from the hooded assailant that wielded a sharp switchblade in his hand, Rachel had stumbled as the door to the hotel room was slammed shut and then she was shaking with fear as the sharp blade was being press up against her neck.  Panting and sobbing as she backed away, she pleaded “Please ……………please …………….please don’t hurt me!”  Bumping against the bed and falling backwards, Rachel felt so terrified when her assailant pulled her white blouse out of her skirt and slipped his calloused black hand up under it to mead her breasts through the lacy bracups as he uttered out “Nice ……………..nice ……………..very nice!”

Compelled to blurt out to her assailant that her husband would be calling at 8 p.m., it had brought momentarily brought some relief and valuable time for Rachel as the intruder had threatened that “If’n he ain’t calling, let’s fuck right now!”  She certainly did not want to become a rape victim and thus had blurted out that fact but as the time ticked on by, with the intruder subjecting her to his unwanted caresses as he continued touching her through her clothing.  Now Rachel began to wonder as to ‘Why did he ask me if Jim was going to call tonight?”  Realizing that the foul bastard was in the process of unzipping his pants and about to rape her when she blurted out that Jim would be calling that night and then he had stopped in mid-stride, horror came over Rachel as she realized “Oh, God ………….the sick bastard’s planning on raping me when Jim calls!”

With an hour going by and yet another hour before 8 p.m., Rachel could see that her assailant was getting antsy and chomping at the bit as he began to constantly rub at the lump beneath his pants.  And then a horrid dilemma presented itself as the intruder unzipped himself before her and held that ebony monstrosity in the palm of his hand while declaring “Damn, I’s gotta git off or bust a fuck’n nut!”  To her absolute horror, Rachel was asked “How’s about ya using those purty pink lips of yers to git me off?”  Frantically, Rachel shook her head ‘NO!’ in response to the vile suggestion.

“NO!  Ya’s don’t wanna git a good taste of the chocolate popsicle I’s got fer ya, huh?  Why’s not, sugar lips?  Damn, yer hot little tongue of yers would have me creaming in yer purty mouth in no time!” her vile assailant taunted as he lifted her turned chin with the crook of his finger.  Then the vile bastard was sitting down upon the bed just next to her, his hand now on her thigh causing Rachel shudder in revulsion as he advised “Well, I’s gotta git my rocks off!  If’n ya’s don’t want to git me off by blowing me, how’s about ya using yer purty fer a footjob on me!”  The calloused hand then began sliding up under her skirt as it caressed her nylon clad thigh, moving up along her outer thigh till he reached her lift hip and reached up to grasp the waistband of her pantyhose.

As she withered about and struggled as the bastard had both hands up under her black skirt and trying to work her pantyhose down over her hips, Rachel was then given the choice of “Either ya let me git these fuck’n thing offa ya and give me a footjob or ya can suck my cock off, bitch!  So, what’s it gonna be?”  The alternatives presented to her had Rachel immediately cease with her struggle in trying to prevent the bastard from stripping her pantyhose off her hips and legs.  “Yeah, lift up that little butt of yers so’s I’s can pull this fuck’n thing down!” she was advised as her pantyhose was pulled at roughly.  Rachel shuddered and turned away as the calloused hands briefly stopped at pulling the pantyhose to caress the soft creamy skin of her inner thighs.

Wanting to shut her legs tightly but refraining due to the awful consequences earlier posed to her, Rachel trembled as the pantyhose were pulled down to her knees.  “Okay, sweetie ……………… lift them sexy legs of yers and put’em right on my lap so I can finish gitting this fuck’n thing off!”  Hesitantly lifting her legs up a bit, calloused hands then were grasping her calves and roughly pulling her legs up and her 2” black heels were resting upon the lap of her assailant.  Pantyhose rose down to her ankles, Rachel shudder again as the bastard first peeled of her left heel and then her right.  And now her pantyhose were gone and the caressing hands were now touching the soles of her feet.

“Ah, baby ………………ya’ve got such purty toes!  And all so nicely painted!” Rachel was told as she kept her head turned away, eyes closed so as to keep from observing the pleasure this foul bastard was driving from her agony.  She was able to keep from seeing him getting pleasure but she could certainly feel the pleasure that the bastard was obtaining as the thick lump under her right foot continued to grow.  Then the large hand grasping her right ankle began pushing and pulling, forcing the bottom of her foot to slide back and forth over lump in his jeans.  Rachel was trembling with fear, not wanting to stimulate this intruder but deathly afraid of him forcing the other vile alternative upon her ………………….that of putting his filthy black ‘thing’ into her mouth!

‘Zipppppppp!’ was the sound that sent a chill throughout her entire body as the bastard had unzipped herself.  Head turned away with eyes closed, Rachel felt some fumbling at her feet, then she felt a hard rubbery object moving about and rubbing against the soles of her feet.  “Ah, damnnnnnnn ………………..ya’ve got such soft purty feet!  Ah, yeah ………………….oh, babyyyyyyyyy!” she heard him moan.  As she cringed and curled her toes in disgust, it brought undesired results as her assailant moaned out “Oh, yeah, honey ………………….that’s howda use those purty toes of yers!”   Rachel shuddered in horror once again, for now the hands on her ankles held her tightly as her assailant began fucking his black ‘thing’ between the pink soles of her feet.

For Sicko Sammy, he was elated in seeing the tears trickle down the beautiful wife’s cheeks as he moved her soft pretty feet all over his hardon.  He was going to break this sexy bitch down bit by bit and this was sure a nice way to get it all started.  Pumping between her sexy feet, using long slow strokes till his bloated cockhead was enveloped between her soft soles, Sammy soon was able to slide his cock faster and faster as his pisshole had leaked out the built-up pre-cum juices.  Faster and faster he stroked, then his body tensed while having kept his cockhead between her soles, spurting up geyser after geyser of sticky jizz to web all her pretty toes together.

Cringing with disgust, Rachel was horrified at the manner she had been used to alleviate her assailant’s lust but thought that at least she could later use soap and water to wash away all the slimy filth on her feet.  With her attacker getting up from the bed, Rachel could now lower her legs and cum soaked feet.  Grinding her feet down into the thick carpet of the hotel room, she tried to wipe all the filth off of her.  But still her feet felt sticky, especially between her still webbed toes as she could not use the carpeting to wipe between the crevices.  With her assailant temporarily sated, as she panted and tried to think, Rachel now at least had some hope in that the intruder would leave and not rape her.

Sitting there and now able to think a bit, in recalling how the intruder had initially planned on raping upon his forced entry before demanding to know if her husband would be call, Rachel shuddered at the horrid possibility that the foul bastard intended on doing his dirty deed when she was actually speaking to her husband.  ‘Oh, God ………….he’s absolutely sick to want to bring such shame upon me ………………all while I’m talking to my husband!  He’s sick …………….an animal ………………absolutely depraved!’ she trembled.  Rachel tried to convince herself that no one could be that depraved in wanting to do such a thing, yet she could not get over the question of ‘What other reason could it be when he stopped from raping me earlier?’

‘Will he be holding that knife to my throat when I’m talking to Jim?  Kill me if I cry out for help or blurt out that someone’s broken into my room and holding me captive?’ Rachel wondered.  ‘What will I do if …………..if he touches me when Jim is talking to me?  How will I be able to keep from crying out or breaking down at that point?  Oh, God ……………what if …………if rapes me right then and forces me to carry on a normal conversation with Jim while he’s doing it?  And if I’m able to go through with it, suffer through the vile rape then, how will I ever be able to face Jim ever again?’ were same of questions racing through her agonized mind.  ‘But if I don’t, Jim will hear me being raped, and maybe killed, right over the phone!’ she concluded.

Suddenly a thought dawned upon her, a means of possibly getting through the ordeal without Jim knowing and without getting herself killed in the process.  ‘But can I live with the consequences ………..…………..of having been raped ……………….all while I’m having a conversation with my husband while he’s on the other end of the line?’ Rachel contemplated.  ‘Oh, God …………………….please have his vile lust sated with his ejaculation on my feet!’ she prayed but suspected that such hope was quite optimistic, especially with her assailant having come back over to where she was sitting and rubbing his calloused hands over her knees and thighs.

Now Rachel’s worries were immediately brought back to that very instant as she was being pulled forward by the large strong hands under her knees, bringing her right to the edge of the chair and causing her to slouch a bit.  Hands pushing her knees wide apart as her assailant was now kneeling on the floor between her wide spread legs. Looking towards the vile intruder, Rachel was terrified in seeing the bastard looking right up at her with his long lewd tongue wiggling about in the air, graphically describing what was about to take place as first one leg was lifted and as the back of her thigh then rested on his broad shoulder.  Then the same was done to her other leg.   As the hem of her skirt was pushed up to bare her most private parts before the bastard, Rachel turned her head away and sobbed in despair.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Nooooooooooooooo ……………………….nooooooooooooo ………………….noooooooooooooo …………………stopppp …………………stopppp …………………..oh, Goddddddddddddddddddddd!” Rachel cried out as the vile bastard clamped his mouth over her sex and that long tongue had proceeded to slither up into her slit.  Never in her life had she ever thought of a man would behave like a depraved animal and perform such a lewd sex act on a woman.  And now the loud slurping sounds emanating from between her thighs made it seem as if the foul bastard was intent on eating her alive.  Tossing her head from side to side, Rachel desperately tried not to respond in any manner but the long snaking tongue was driving her out of her gourd.

Driven out of her mind with the unwanted pleasure, Rachel’s body swayed and then tensed suddenly.  As her hips arched up into the slurping mouth, Rachel unconsciously extended her bound arms and bindings on her wrists were then serving to keep her assailant’s head pulled to her crotch.  “Oooooooooooooh …………….ooooooooooooooh ……………….ah …………………ahhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Rachel panted out as her petite body was rocked with an unbelievable orgasm, in fact the most intent ever experienced in her life.  Convulsive spasms rocked her entire body as her love juices were emitted out onto the eagerly lapping tongue.

With the young wife now limply slouched in the armchair, dazed from the mind-blowing orgasm that he had eaten her to, Sammy went to get the candy box that he had brought in with him when announcing its delivery to gain entry into her hotel room.  In the box were two remote controlled mini camcorders that he had picked up at a pawn shop the day before when she was doing her field audit.  He planned on having the big event all record when that phone call eventually came from hubby, though he was a bit nervous in not knowing just how the pretty bitch would respond until the time came.

‘Would she scream out her dilemma?  Or would she pretend all was normal when hubby called?’ Sammy wondered to himself.  He certainly did not plan on doing her in if she cried out that he was there, although he had threatened her with that just to instill some fear in her.  But he was certainly determined about one thing – fucking her when she was talking to her hubby on the phone!  If she blabbed about his presence in the room, Sammy then planned on sending hubby a copy of the disc to see what he missed out on.  But if not, then threatening to send hubby a copy of such a disc would be a nice way to entice the beautiful wife into servicing him from time to time to get the edge off while planning his next caper.

As she began to regain control of her senses, feeling quite ashamed at the fact that her body had betrayed her while that unnatural sex act took place, Rachel saw that it was just twenty minutes before her husband would be calling.  It would be a long agonizing twenty minutes before that call eventually came while she decided as to what to do.  Or so she thought or would liked to have to think things out clearly, but it was not to be the case, not with the bastard’s hands reaching from behind to armchair to cup her titties through the front of her dress.  Then the bastard was sliding a hand right down the front of her blouse, pushing under her lacy bra to cup a bare tit before pinching at her sensitive nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Stripped naked and tossed onto the bed, Rachel was on all fours and attempting to crawl off the bed when the ringing of the room phone had her freezing in fear.  Glancing at the clock on the nightstand, it read exactly 8 p.m. and left no doubt as to who was calling.  With her assailant picking up the phone and placing the receiver next to her ear, Rachel answered “Hel ……………….hello!”  “Hi, honey!  Is this a good time?  Or are you busy entertaining your ‘lover’?” her husband playfully teased.  Rachel swallowed deeply, deciding to use her husband’s playful gesture as to how she should respond, replying with “Oh, Jim ……………………….this is not a very good time ……………………as he wants to go to bed with me now!”

“Oh, is he feeling up your sexy body right now?” Rachel heard her husband ask.  “Yes!” she replied, not lying to her husband as her assailant was caressing her thighs and upturned butt.  “Where’s your lover touching you right now?” her husband asked.  “My legs ………………….and my butt!” she advised, then added “Perhaps we should talk later since I’m a bit preoccupied, honey?”  “Oh, but I’m planning on watching a movie that’ll be starting soon!  I won’t mind if you fool around with your lover while talking to me, sweetie!” her husband advised.  “But …………….I told you …………….he wants to have sex with me now!” Rachel repeated.  “Aw, c’mon, sweetie …………..I really won’t mind if you talk to me while having sex with your lover!  I’ll understand if you have to pause at times!” came the reply from her unsuspecting husband.

“Well ………………if you insist, honey!” Jim heard his lovely wife say, not believing that conservative Rachel was actually playing along with him in this game.  “Ooooooh!” he heard Rachel moan over the phone.  Thinking that his wife was merely teasing him over the phone, he asked her “Is your lover going to make love to you over the phone while you’re talking to me?”  “Yes ………………he’s got me up on my hands and knees ………………..and he’s getting up behind me!” his wife advised.  Jim got a massive hardon in his shorts upon hearing Rachel squeal “Ooooooooooooooooooooh, my Godddddddddddddddddddddddd!”

Jim was loving this role-playing and his conservative wife was seemingly wanting to please him by going along with this game.  “Is your lover big where it counts most?” he asked, to which he got his reply of “Yessssssssss!”  “Is he bigger than me?” he inquired, then learned “Yesssssssssssss!”  “Is he doing it to you in our favorite position …………………..doggie style?” Jim inquired, to he was advised “Yesssssssssssssssss!”  Then, just like when they made love together, Jim was treated to hearing his wife pant out “Ohhhh ………………….ohhhh ……………………..ohhhh ………………….ohhhh ……………………..ohhhh ………………….ohhhh ……………………..ohhhh!”

“Shall I wait for a bit till you can talk?” Jim asked, to which he got the expected answer from his wife’s role playing as she panted out “Oh, yes …………………yes!”  ‘My God, Rachel really getting into this ……………………..she’s getting really creative as I swear she’s bouncing up and down on the bed to make the springs squeak!”  Nearly two full minutes later, in hearing his wife panting in the phone, Jim asked “Are you and your lover done making love?”  “Yes ……………..we’re done!” came the meek reply.  “You did make your lover wear a condom, like you make me do each time, didn’t you?” Jim playfully inquired.

“Oh, God ………………no!  I forgot!” his wife replied.  Playing along with the role-playing game that he had started, Jim then advised “Well ……………….if you do get pregnant, I guess I won’t mind if the baby looks like its mine!  It will look like me, won’t it?”  He then heard his wife suck in her breath and then there was a pause, causing Jim to ask “What’s the matter, honey?  I’ll be happy to play along and make believe your lover’s baby is mine?”  Jim was totally stunned and amazed at how far his conservative wife was willing to take this game, giving him a massive hardon when Rachel stammered out “No ………you won’t ………...... can’t …………..not when its a black baby!”

Although the show Jim was planning to watch wouldn’t start for another fifteen minutes, the hardon that he had pulled out of his shorts and was still fisting was desperately in need of relief.  Thus, he decided to bring the conversation to an end so he could fantasize about his beautiful wife in bed with her imaginary black lover, telling Rachel “Well, my show’s about to begin soon so why don’t I let you go back to your ‘black’ lover!  I’ll see you tomorrow night, hon!  Love ya!”  “I love you, too!” came his wife’s response and then Jim hurried reached over to hang up the phone so that he could get some tissues for some much needed relief.

As her husband was fisting himself hundreds of miles away, Rachel panted for breath and her heart thumped madly in her chest as she dropped the disconnected phone onto the bed.  Pressing her head forward onto the fluffy pillow, she squeezed her cunny in a attempt to expel the now shrinking penis that still remained embedded deep in her flooded cunt.  ‘My, God ……………………….how could I have done such an awful thing?’ Rachel swallowed and shuddered in disgust with herself.  The mind-shattering orgasm that she had experienced should only have been enjoyed in making love with her husband, not the vile black man who had forced himself into her room.

Squeezing her cunny once again, Rachel finally succeeded in expelling the invading cudgel from her raped body.  But the sense of relief was quickly cut short as rivers of overflowing goo began flowing down both her inner thighs.  More and more of the slimy goo continued oozing out of her widened slit, causing Rachel to wonder just how much of the vile fluid had been ejaculated up in her fertile womb.  Tears formed in her eyes as Rachel prayed that the vile bastard had not impregnated her with his black baby.  If impregnated, what would she do?  Carry the baby to full term?  The only consolation from this entire ordeal was the fact that she had not ‘lied’ to her husband over the phone, no matter how despicable things had been.

Moments later, after being pushed over onto her back. Rachel was being forced to part her pink lips to admit the long thick tongue that had earlier had wiggled so expertly up in her snatch.  Now she was being forced to kiss the bastard who raped her while the bastard was fingering her sloppy wet slit.  With him reaching down to grasp her wrist and bringing her hand over towards his crotch, Rachel’s fingers instinctively grasped his fuckstick once they came into contact with the fleshy stem.  After having fisted him back to a rock-hard erection and him moving over atop of her, Rachel obeyed his command to “Guide me in, baby!” as she placed him at her center, then bent and raised her knees up in anticipation.

It was now a month after having suffered the vile rape in the hotel room by the black intruder and having successfully hoodwinked her loving husband upon her return home the next day.  While in bed that evening of her return, Rachel had found her husband quite excited and obviously was wanting to continue on with what he had thought was a mere role-playing game just between the two of them the night before while chatting on the telephone.  “Did you and your black lover go at it again after we hung up?” came the prying question.  Not wanting to lie, Rachel responded with “Yes!  He began French kissing me, had me put my hand on his ‘thing’ and wank him ………….like this!”  With her husband getting rock solid in her fist and as he shuffled up between her thighs, Rachel then added “Then I guided him into me ………………like this!”

Thinking back to that first night at home, Rachel felt so guilty in pleasing her own husband, doing so with Jim believing it was all a role-playing game.  She had hoped that her husband would give her the best orgasm ever, one that would hopefully wipe out the memory of the vile rapist taking her to heights never before ascending to.  Knees raised and bent, Rachel clamped them onto the hip pumping up and down upon her, just like the night before.  But the next question posed to her had Rachel trembling with nervousness as her husband wanted to know “Was he bigger than me?”  “Ye ……….yes!  He was taller and more muscular?” she replied, know full well that was not the real question being posed to her.  “No ……………no ………………you know what I meant!” her husband panted out while humping at her.  “Bigger ……………..much bigger ……………….thicker ……………….and longerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” Rachel panted out as that sent her husband over edge as he popped his biggest load ever in her.

Alone in the file room at her workplace, Rachel slumped down into a crouching position as she broke down in sobs.  ‘How can I let things go on and continue playing this charade?  How can I tell Jim that I was actually with another man at that hotel while pretending it was just make believe while talking to him over the phone?  Oh, Jim, I would never take a lover ……………………..the bastard forced his way in and raped me!’ Rachel played back in her mind.  With her husband now so energetic and feisty in bed these days, quite evidently due to their role-playing games, trying to stop such games would be now nearly impossible to stop.

If it was just a matter of ceasing the role playing games, Rachel might just be able to put things behind of her and hope that life would then return to normal.  But now, after having just taken that call on her cellphone while in the file room, Rachel came to realize that she’d never be able to have her life return to normal.  That phone call had been come from the bastard who had raped her, telling her to meet him at a motel located a mile away from her work place and to be there in an hour.  And worst yet, that bastard had transmitted several photos for her to look at, telling her that such photos of their hotel room fuck would be sent to Jim if she didn’t show up.

“And when ya show up, I’s want ya to give me a replay of where we let off that last time …………………….with ya on her purty knees giving me more of that beautiful head of yers!” she had been advised.  Rachel held her stomach, feeling it turn as it had done that last time ……………….when he had finished off in her mouth ………………….sating his vile lust in that horrid manner!  It had been the very first time for Rachel, taking a filthy penis into mouth and servicing in such a disgraceful manner.

With the bastard’s thick fingers wound tightly in her hair as she knelt on the carpet before him, she had been unable to pull away and had been forced to swallow the filthy slime that had filled her mouth to the brim.  And when the bastard had departed the hotel room, Rachel recalled how she had made her way to the bathroom while grasping her stomach, then barfing her guts out.  And now again, this demeaning task was being forced upon her, something which even her husband had not dreamt of even bringing up in their role-playing as yet.

End of Story.