Stalked by Sicko Sammy – IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct
spinoff of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘Stalked by Sicko Sammy – 1, 2 & 3’
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Brimming with absolute confidence at this point, Sammy White (aka Sicko Sammy) realized that through his careful and detailed planning, he could keep on with his thrilling caper and not get himself nabbed by the cops.  And with statistics on his side that only a very small percentage of rapes are ever reported, his new career as a serial rapist had certainly gotten off to a real ‘banging’ start.  Everyone looked at him as a total loser and no one would ever suspect him of master minding such detailed capers in the surveillance, abducting, and rape of beautiful women.

Previously, after each caper, Sammy would naturally be worried and scared that the cops would be busting down his door and slapping the cuffs on him.  But now, after enjoying the forbidden pleasure of four succulent beauties, Sammy had stepped up the frequency of his devious capers.  All of his free time, day or night was doing his surveillance, taking making notes of any beauty he happened upon and followed.  Description of the beauty, where and when he followed her, along with the description and license plate of her car were all recorded in his little notebook.  And when he would finally manage to follow her on home, Sammy would make notes of the surrounding area.

Since going at his new found ‘hobby’, Sammy reviewed the folder that he had started earlier and had just updated for the month of April.  Going to the ‘April’ tab, he turned the first page that was marked ‘April 1st’ at the top, followed by the picture he had taken when first spotting the beauty and had following her to her car or destination.  Of course, may photos would not make it this special album of Sammy’s memories, but each of those unfortunate to have her photo placed in there had suffered what she might term as a ‘fate worst than death’!

That first page in April had the following:

April 1st, 2009
Mrs. Lynn Benton
‘Gotta laugh at this caper!  Spotted the bitch at the Riverside Mall back in January when she caught me eyeing her up and taking this picture of her.  Although she smiled in response at first, I saw how she turned her eyes up in disgust after that.  Had to keep my distance from then cause she checking over her shoulder when she went to the parking structure.  Once she took the elevator up to where her car was parked, I bee-lined it over to where she’d have to exit at the bottom level.  Saw her drive a year old white BMW, license plate # BDG 564.’

‘It was over two months later that I happened across the same BMW in the parking lot of the bank.  Lucky of me that I had my notebook along and there license plate matched up to my notes under ‘BMW’.  My notes described the incident at the mall when she caught me taking the picture of her.  Brown eyes; reddish brown hair; wearing a diamond ring and wedding band; about 28 years old; 5’4”; 118 lbs or so.  Parked and waited for the bitch, then followed her on home.  Made notes of the surrounding area and found a ravine that would take me to the back of her house, with there being no homes around in back as it was a greenbelt.’

‘From there on it was pretty simple, getting all the info I needed on this sexy little bitch from my computer at home, especially in knowing that she lived 849 Fern Street.  With a search on the internet, just by plugging in the address and city, out popped the following occupant info of: Ryan and Lynn Benton.  Then, trying out that introductory offer that the people search firm advertised on the internet, I typed in the bitch’s name and out popped everything about her: Lynn Benton; age 29; social security #; spouse: Ryan; a three-year old child named Allie; employed as an associate at Merton’s on Summer Blvd.’

‘It only took a few days of casing out the Benton home to learn that Mrs. Benton dropped her daughter off every morning.  On Tuesday, she went directly to work, then Wednesday she returned home after taking the child to pre-school.  Knowing that she was at home, I called Merton’s and asked for Mrs. Benton and I was then informed that she was off on Wednesdays as the employees opted out to work four days a week at ten hour shifts.  And so, I circled that next Wednesday April 1st to give the bitch a surprise on April Fool’s Day!’

‘Knowing what time she left, with hubby already departed, I then made my way up the ravine and was quickly over the fence.  A few minutes later, after removing the screen and jealousies to the kitchen window, I was in the house and waiting for the sexy beauty to return home.  Up in the master bedroom, the bed was unmade and I suspected that the bitch was going to take a short beauty nap when she got home.  And to kill some time, I went into the master bath to check it out and ‘boy’, did I find some things to keep me occupied till the bitch got back.  Panties from the hamper sure smelled good and got my boner up real hard when I wrapped a pair around of it!’

‘Sure enough, the bitch got home wearing a blouse that was tucked into her shorts.  And apparently going to get back into bed again as she stripped off to her undies in the walk-in closet where I was hiding!  She sure got scared when I grabbed her from behind.  She began shaking and crying, telling me “Please …………..please don’t hurt me!  I ……..I have some money in my purse …………….take that and leave …………..please!”  Sure fooled her by telling her ‘Okay, get me the money and I’ll leave!’  And when she led the way to her purse on the dresser and gave me a hundred bucks, that when I sprung my April Fool’s joke on her!’

‘I told her that she could go back to bed, but with me in it!  She tried to fight and save her dignity but I grabbed her wrists and pinned her to the bed.  Her back was partially on the bed, her legs thrashing about on the floor while I pinned her arms above her head on the bed.  She kept trashing about as I pulled the lacy white bra from her creamy white titties.  Damn, they were like soft little pears that bruised easily from my squeezing on them.  She kept bawling and begging me not to touch her, telling me “Please …………please don’t touch me like that!  Please ………….I’ve never been with anyone but my husband!”  Damn, that was a fucking turn on hearing her cry.’

‘I sure as hell gave her something to cry about when I went and unzipped my fly right in front of her beautiful face!  The look on her face was a real turn-on as her eyes got big like saucers when I had my dark salami dangling inches from her sweet red lips!  I sneer at her to scare her a bit, then to her to ‘C’mon, suck it, bitch!’  She shook her head in refusal saying “No ……….no, I’ve never ………’s to filthy!”  So I then managed to keep her wrists pinned with one hand, using my free hand to rub my cockhead over her lips.  She looked like she was ready to puke as I forced her to blow me!’

‘Damn, that was so fuck’n good!  Sure is a turn-on to be the one to teach a pretty bitch like that how to give head.  She kept gagging and choking on my fuck’n boner as I fucked her beautiful face.  I kept telling her how she could later show hubby what she learned that morning.  Shot my entire load in her mouth and I thought her eyes would pop out of her skull as she tried desperately to keep from swallowing my hot gooey jizz.  But with my fingers twisted in her silky hair and keeping her in place, I made he swallow it all.  When I pulled out and let her go, the bitch leaned over into the trashcan next to the bed and began puking her guts out!’

‘Getting her back up on the bed and stripping off her panties, I used a rope like belt of hers that I found in the closet to tie up the bitch.  Threatened her as to what’d happen to her if’n she screamed and that had the bitch crying and whimpering, but worked as she didn’t scream any.  Boy, her sexy white legs were sure felt soft and creamy around my head.  She was sweet as honey!  Ain’t had anything that sweet in a long time!  Had her going wild with my tongue up her cunny and had her creaming in no time!’

‘Got all hard again and the bitch was crying and begging for me not to rape her, telling me “No ………………no ………………’ll get me pregnant!”  That made me laugh as I told her ‘That’s just what I had in mind, Mrs. Benton!  Gonna knock ya up good!  Gonna fuck a little black bastard up into yer tummy, sweetie!’ Holding her firmly in place and guiding my cock up to cunt, the bitch then knew that the end was near and began begging me to use a condom, telling me there was a box in the nightstand.’

‘Sure had myself a raging hardon to rape that beautiful bitch with, and I had to grab a pillow and put it over her face to make sure the neighbors didn’t hear her screaming her fuck’n head off!  Muffled her screams but it was sure kinda loud as I heard her yell “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………………aihhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”  Loved hearing her cry and scream out like that!  Made me give it to hear even harder as I wanted to hear more of her crying and screaming out in pain.  But maybe it was the humiliation and indignity that comes with the rape of her body that made her cry like that.’

‘She really began bawling when I was jackhammering her cunt that was now stretched out good, telling her that I was ‘Gonna cum, Mrs. Benton!  Gonna give ya all my baby batter, bitch!  Gonna knock ya up good!’  Dicked her so good that the bitch orgasmed right when I popped my nuts in her.  I could tell she was sure feeling guilty orgasming like that, especially after claiming that she ain’t been with no other guy except her husband before this, cause she began crying even more at that point.  I must have shot a pint full of cum up her tight little cunt cause a hell of a lot of it oozed right outta her onto the bed sheet when I pulled my dick out!  Pushed her knees up and spread her legs wide so one of the camcorders I had set up beforehand in the bedroom would get all that cum oozing out of her twat captured on the disc!’

‘The bitch thought that I had shot my entire wad and would be leaving as I had cum twice at that point.  Sure had her fooled when I turned her over on the bed and getting her up onto all fours.  Lucky that I pushed her face down into the pillow before starting to bugger that tight little ass, cause she was screaming bloody murder when I went and stuck it to her.  That pretty upturned ass was cherry for sure!  Damn it was fuck’n tight!  What music it was to the ear in hearing her scream out “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………..noooooooooooooooooooo ……………………..noooooooooooooo ……………………stopppppppppppppppppp ……………………owwwwwwwww!”  Then I went and gave the bitch a hot enema.’

‘Listening in on the radio band picking up police calls after I got back to my car, didn’t hear any emergency report for Fern Street.  Nothing in the paper that next day of any rape being reported either.  Guess my showing her a couple of still scenes from the camcorder before leaving had the bitch thinking twice of reporting her being raped by me.  The threat that I’d have prints all ready to be mailed out to the entire neighborhood and where she worked did the trick.  Seeing the horror in her eyes when looking at the shots of my black cock in her mouth and cunny, I suspected that she’d keep mum about my visit to her home.’
Flipping the page of his prized folder, Sammy smiled at the photo of the lovely blonde whom he had paid a visit to as the Easter bunny.  It read:

Easter Sunday
April 12th
Mrs. Wendy Tanner
‘After getting a much needed dime bag to keep me going, figured it best I head out to the park area to take a hit of the stuff.  Cops do patrol the park area a lot, keeping the bad elements away and stop the drug deals from going down.  But as I just needed to find myself a private spot to take the hit, figured it was both the ideal and nearest place for me to head off to.  After parking my car in the midst of others, looking straight out towards the river and picnic area, this sexy beauty with long blonde hair as she enjoyed a picnic with her hubby and two little kids.’

‘Instead of leaving right away as I had planned, that beautiful blonde bitch got me all worked up and had me stroking the growing boner in my pants.  Her long silky blonde hair had me licking my lips, creating that stir in my loins as I was certainly getting hungry to sample that succulent little bitch.  Figured her to be in her early thirties, about 5’4” and 117 lbs or so, and ideally ‘fuckable’.  Dressed casually for the picnic, snapped the picture above with her in her blue jeans, pink blouse, and striped shirt.  Had to take my hat off to the lucky punk she with, figuring that he must look forward to going to bed with that beautiful bitch each night.’

‘Watched and waited, figuring that the picnic wouldn’t be for too long on this warm day, not with the two little ones so young in age.  And sure enough, the beautiful mother was soon telling them that it was time to go as hubby was folding up the picnic blanket.  Watched as they made their way to a silver SUV, then made notes as to the description and license plate # for future use if need be.  Kept my fingers crossed at that point and hoped that the traffic wouldn’t be too heavy as I didn’t want to lose them in tailing the car back to their home.’

‘Made a note of the home address I followed them to was that of 645 Brighton Street, located in a very nice subdivision on the east side of town.  Drove around the block a couple times and made notes for future reference, noting the best possible ways in order to gain entrance into the beauty’s home.  Figured that I just needed to check out the schedules that the Mr.& Mrs. kept so that I could find the right timing to be alone with the lovely wife and mother.  Had to keep telling myself not to use the wrong head, in thinking this out the strategy, or I’d getting myself into the slammer rather than into this bitch’s tight little panties.’

‘Reverse directory showed the phone number for 645 Brighton Street being registered under the name of Frank Tanner.  Plugging his name into the company providing people search, it came back with Frank Tanner of 645 Brighton Street was a CPA and worked for Langston’s Accounting, his age being 34.  He was the father of two children, their names identified with their ages being 3 and 1 ½, married to the former Wendy Bennett.  Lots of other vitals were provided on hubby, social security #, date of birth etc.’

‘But what I really wanted was more info on the blonde beauty that the punk was married to.  Thus, plugged her name into the people search company and came up with what I wanted.  It read: Wendy Tanner, age 33 with DOB being 3/20/1976; employed as a senior researcher for Titan Laboratories; graduated with both bachelor and master’s science degrees; her being a mother of two little girls and of course much of the other same info that had come back on her hubby.’
‘Sure enjoyed playing the part of the Easter bunny with this beautiful blonde bitch.  A well-placed threat telling her of knowing that she was alone with her two kids, an if she didn’t want them kids getting hurt that she had better do whatever I said.  Having watched her hiding the Easter eggs in the front yard for her kiddies that morning, I forcibly guided her hand into my pants and told her to ‘See if’n ya can find the chocolate Easter eggs I’ve got hidden for ya, Mrs. Tanner!’  Damn, her soft hand and fingers sure felt good squeezing my swollen nuts!  Loved seeing her face cringe with disgust, then made her ‘Take out that candy bar I brought for ya, Mrs. Tanner!’

‘And when her soft fingers wrapped around my cock, I nearly popped right then and there.  ‘There’s some pure dark chocolate for you to suck on, Mrs. Tanner!’ I told her.  Damn, the way her petite body shuddered, I thought she was surely going to puke right then and there.  I could see that she was reluctant to do the unthinkable, that of putting her pink lips on my leaking black cock, but a threatening reminder about her kiddies got the bitch going.  She sure looked sick and nauseous when she began flicking that talented tongue of hers on me!’

‘Damn, it was quite a sight in seeing her lovely light green eyes starring up at me, silently pleading and begging for me not to do it and cum in that hot sucking mouth of hers.  Her eyes widened in horror as her head shook from sided-to-side and tossing my dick when I asked ‘Ya like having the taste of cum in yer mouth, Mrs. Tanner?’  She looked so scared that I had to next ask ‘Ya ever had a guy cum in yer mouth, Mrs. Tanner?’  In response, she was wide-eyed and tossing her head from side-to-side to indicate ‘NO!’ to me.  That’s when I put both hands at the back of her head cause I knew she’d freak out when my nuts popped in her mouth!’

Jezz, reminded me of when I was out fishing with my uncle and hooked onto a nice big one when using a shiny plug!  The way that fish fought, tossing its head from side-to-side in trying to toss the hook from its mouth, it was the exact type of fight this blonde beauty was putting up.  Only difference was that I was using no shiny plug this time, but an ebony one!  She trashed about even more when I told her ‘Oh, baby ……………..gonna cum …………………gonna cum!  Keep sucking!  Gonna cum right in her hot little mouth, Mrs. Tanner!’  And like the fish had done in giving one last fight for survival, so did this blonde beauty, for she struggled with all her might in shaking the black plug stuck in her mouth.’

‘As the hooked fish’s large eyes had bulged out when the fight came to an end, so did this beauty’s and I even seen the whites of her eyes before she went limp in defeat after I emptied my balls down her gagging throat.  Pulled out as I thought the bitch would die, her body convulsed a couple of times as she sought to breathe again, then scrambled and crawled over to the trashcan.  With her long silky blonde hair around the rim of the metal trashcan, I could hear her upchuck and then the loud splattering would of her goodies hitting the bottom of the can!’

‘Knew she wouldn’t try to run and make a get away, nor lock herself in the bathroom, not with her having to get around the bed and down the hallway to protect her kids.  So I told her to “Go to the bathroom to rinse your mouth out, Mrs. Tanner, cause wanna give ya a nice French kiss!  Then come on out here and do a nice little strip tease for me!  Now don’t take too long ………….……remember those kiddies of yours are depending on yer quick return to me!”  As expected, with that underlying threat being made, the water ran for just a minute before the blonde beauty returned and stood there trembling in her negligee while looking at me sitting in the middle of the bed stroking my upright boner.

Seeing her eyes widen as she got a good look boner throbbing in its revival, I stopped the stroking and let go of my cock, and that her jaw dropping when she saw it standing straight up at a ninety degree angle.  The bitch began to visibly shake as she was scared as hell when I taunted her “Ready to get up in the saddle and ride home the derby winner, Mrs. Tanner?  Or would be it grammatically correct by saying that yer gonna be riding home the derby winner ………………….bareback? ”  Saw her glance towards the closed door, then put her hand down in defeat as she reached up to untie to top of her negligee.

‘Negligee untied, the trembling beauty slowly revealed the succulent charms that had been hidden from my view.  Tears were running down her cheeks as let the negligee drop to the carpet around her feet as she forced herself to stand there and ogle at her sexy bod.  That’s when I told her to “Get up on the bed, Mrs. Tanner!  Stand up on the mattress and then walk over  to me, cause I’m gonna have ya climbing the walls, sweetie!”  I could tell that she was scared, but even more afraid to disobey me as she slowly got up on the mattress and tried to balance herself.  She kept looking down at my dick that was jutting straight up in the air, apparently thinking she would have to get on the saddle right then.   “C’mon over here so’s I’s can git a taste of that sweet little oyster of yers!” I told her.’

‘Once she got up to my waist, I reached up and ran my hands up from her ankles to her upper thighs.  It was great feeling her body shudder under my touch and seeing the goose bumps forming on her skin.  Then I pulled her forward, causing her to stumble on the mattress, forcing her to reach out and brace herself against the bedroom wall.  Boy, did she  start climbing the wall when I put my head up and place my wide open mouth on her muff.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………………oh, Goddddddddddd ………………oh, my Godddddddddddddddddd!” she cried out when I started tonguing the bitch.’

 ‘She first raised one leg up and pushed her knee down on the top of the headboard.  Then she raised the other knee up.  Soon she was kneeling on the top of the headboard with both feet off the bed as she tried to climb the walls in order to get away from me eating out her sweet little pussy.  Damn, she orgasmed and creamed right in my mouth!  That was so fuck’n great!  And then she lost her balance atop of the headboard and began falling backwards onto the bed.’

‘This brought me back to my young teenage years when the guys in the neighborhood followed what was then the wrestling heyday of the WWF.  With my hand already around the back of her trim waist when I was eating her out, I pulled and her back hit flat on the mattress as I moved forward, capturing the back of her ankles in the crook of my arms and using my hands to her arms down to the bed.  ‘One ………………………two …………………….three!’ was the count I gave just like in a wrestling match.  Only difference in this wrestling match, on the count of ‘one’, half of my foot long boner was skewered up in her tight little cunny.  The count of two marked the withdrawal and then getting ¾ of my dong up in her.  Another withdrawal and fucking my dick all the way up in her to my balls marked the count of three!’

‘It was quite a turn-on in screw in seeing the long silky blonde hair whipping from side-to-side as I continued shagging this beautiful bitch.  She kept whimpering and crying as I banged her good, pulling out till just my cockhead remained embedded, then feeding her the full length once again till my balls slapped her ass.  Up to jackhammer speed, my nuts tightened as I announced to her that ‘I’m gonna cum!’  That apparently gave the fricking bitch more adrenaline as she put up some fight in trying to buck and unseat me.  “No …………….no ……………please …………..please ………………..not in me, please!  No …………………….no …………………’ll get me pregnant!” came the cries that were like the sound of music.

‘That made me laugh as I continued fucking the bitch, telling her that “Saw you at the park with your little kiddies!  Those are really cute little kids and make such a good mommy to them!  Whadda ya say you and me make a cute little kid of ours, huh?”  With each lunging stab into her, I taunted her with each thrust “Huh, bitch?  We’s gonna make us a little kiddie!”  The bitch struggled even more when she heard that, but I had her pronged to the bed real good and ain’t no way she was gonna buck me off till after I pumped her full of cum.  And fill’er up I went and did, splattering my thick baby batter far up in her fertile womb!’

‘After pulling out and letting her trim sexy fall to the bed, I pushed her knees up and spread her sexy legs wide so the well-placed camcorders would capture my thick gooey cum that was oozing out of her well-fucked cunt.  Damn, the flood of cum was starting to pour over the dam to make a gooey mess on the bed, I grabbed the framed photo standing on the nightstand ………….that of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Tanner on their wedding day!  It was fun taunting the sobbing bitch with ‘C’mon, baby, let my cum ooze out all over hubby!  Heh, heh, yeah, baby ………let it flow all over hubby’s picture!’  And when the picture was held out so she could see all that cum covering her hubby in the picture, the bitch began bawling.’

‘Spent the next six hours sexing the beautiful Mrs. Tanner in the master bedroom, getting the blonde bitch to ride my dong or me banging her good, then before leaving I went and gave her a ride that she’ll never forget ………………………..cause it was the first time the bitch ever got a cock shoved up that tight little ass of her!  Screwing the sweet little bitch up her pretty ass was just fuck’n unreal, cause she bit down into the pillow to keep her screams from being heard by her little ones, and especially when she tried like hell to shit my cock outta her!  To top things off before splitting outta there, after giving her an enema and pulling out of her shitter, I went and made her clean me off ……………with her mouth!  Damn, she was puking her guts out again when I split!’
Turning the page of his prized folder, he came to the photo of the sweet Asian cuisine that he had gotten to sample.  It read:

April 20th
Mrs. Gail Anderson
‘Had spotted this cute little babe the other month when the deadline came to renew my driver’s license.  Went down to the DMV and was sitting around waiting for my number to be called when this sweet little Asian cutie came out from one of the offices down the hallway.  Jezzus, my nuts started churning immediately, and my boner began tenting my pants at seeing that sparkling diamond ring and wedding band on her finger.  Heard a woman calling out for ‘Gail’ and saw the beauty turn to acknowledge her coworker and then take the papers being handed to her.  So now her first name was known and that was a good start.’

‘Got up to go to the water fountain that was down the hallway and across from the area where the sweet little bitch had emerged from.  So as not to attract attention, merely looked above the doorway and made note of it being Room 108.  Then went over to the building’s directory and saw that Room 108 was for the county’s Real Estate Appraisal department.  Saw the sexy bitch come back out of the office she had gone to and walk down the hallway back to Room 108.  My number was then called for me to take the driver’s renewal test.’

‘Just barely passed that damn renewal test with two points to spare, then wandered around a bit and debated about going down to Room 108 for a peek at that sweet Asian cutie.  But it 4:30 then and apparently all the county offices were closing up and the employees packing up their belongings to head on home.  Having had to park a distance away from the building, figured there was enough time to the car and return without getting to check out his beautiful broad going to her car.’

‘Sitting on the wall and pretending to be going over the driver’s test manual, I wait for my future prey!  Saw her come out of the building but stood at the entrance way to the building instead of going to the employee parking lot.  A minute later, a nifty sports car driven by some rich whiteboy pulled into the entrance way, giving me the thought that ‘I’d sure like to rip that car off the punk!’  Then the sports car spun around the turnabout and stop in front of the building.  The sweet honey I was stalking then walked over with a wide smile to open the passenger door to get in, then giving the punk a kiss before the car headed out and disappeared down the road.’

‘Got the make, model of the fancy sports car and noted down the license plate number and car color for future reference.  As the building was still open, I went back in and slowly wandered down the hallway to where the beauty worked.  There was one fellow in there who looked up and advised that “We’re closed for the day, you’ll have to come back tomorrow!”  Acting dumb, I then responded with “Oh, okay, I come back in the morning!  Say, is there a gal named Gail working here?  That’s who I’m supposed to see!”  “Yeah, Gail Anderson …………she sits in the corner desk!  She’ll be in at 8 a.m.!” the fellow advised.  ‘Oh, yes ………….Mrs. Gail Anderson, my appetite is wet for some delicious Asian cuisine!’ the head between my legs advised.’

‘Without the street address as to where the beautiful bitch lived, the computer search wasn’t of much help due to the number of Gail Andersons that came up on the screen.  So that meant picking up the tail of hubby’s car when he came to pick her up from work.  Once that was done and address obtained, it’d then mean scoping out the house from time to time and figure out when she’d be alone at the house or going out alone in her car, if she had her own car.  Also needed was the layout of the neighborhood to determine how accessible it’d be to get in without being noticed.’

‘It sure was fuck’n unreal in trying to follow them home!  The old van was just no match to keep up with the sports car.  Three I lost’em, pick’em up that next from they got away the last time.  Finally that fourth tail paid off.  Waited just pass the strip mall where they got away the last time, the timing was perfect and tailed all the way to their upper middle class suburban home.  Scoped out the area and made notes, so from then on it would be just learning when the cute little sweetie would be home alone for a surprise visit!  Wondered if hubby when out for a drink with the boys on a Friday night or did he pick her up everyday of the week?’

‘Same thing on Friday afternoon with hubby picking up his beautiful wife, but they went on out for dinner before heading on home.  Case the house on Saturday and saw both cars in the garage with hubby out mowing the lawn.  Spun on by the next day and saw hubby driving off as I made the turn onto their street.  As my car neared the home, I saw the garage door closing shut.  Was she with him or not?  Was she upstairs all alone?  With my heart thumping, dick throbbing and nuts churning, I had to calm myself down and come to realize that this would be too rash for a proper rape job!  ‘Think it all out and plan it right or ya’ll git yer ass busted!’ I told myself.’

‘Cased the joint that next Sunday for twenty minutes or so before hubby had pulled out of the driveway the prior week.  Watched from the back interior as the dark tinted windows would keep be from being seen.  Right on time and up went the garage door, then hubby was carrying his loaded golf bag and putting it into the trunk.  Hubby backed the sports car on out and he was headed off down the street.  Paying careful attention to every detail that took place, I notice one very important factor ……………….that being the fact that hubby did not wait till the door was more than three-fourths of the way down before heading off.  Noticing the large shrubbery near the garage door, it would serve as a perfect hiding spot for me the next week.’

‘Followed the sports car in order for to get a timetable on hubby’s golf game, figuring that be mighty so as not to be surprised by his coming home, especially with my dick up his pretty wife.  The golf course was six miles away and hubby met up with three golf buddies.  Sat around and tried to act like a spectator, taking note as to their tee off time being right at 8 o’clock.  Went up to the pro’s office and inquired “Oh, is Mr. Anderson still here or did he go out on the course already?”  That’s when the clerk, without checking his sheet but looking at the clock advised that “Oh, yes, Mr. Anderson’s group already left!  They’ve got a standing tee off time every Saturday at 8 a.m.!”  Inquiring as to when I could see Mr. Anderson, the guy advised that their round would get done about 11:30 and that the group normally had lunch at poolside afterwards.  So, drove by the parking lot a couple of times after 1 p.m., then on the check back at 2 p.m., the punk’s  sports car was gone.’

‘Dressed up in clothing similar to army fatigues the next Sunday, the camouflage clothing and the olive green duffel bag blended in with the shrubbery next to the garage.  Once the garage door opened, I watched as hubby got his bag of clubs into the trunk of his nifty car.  Then the stupid punk again pulled away from the driveway with the garage only three quarters of the way down.  A quick dive and roll was all it took as the garage door came down to a close behind of me, and I was in without being unnoticed.  ‘Well punk, I hope you go and get yerself a hole in one, cause that’s what I aim to do up in that bedroom that ya share with that purty little wife of yers!’ I wished for him.’

‘The last drawback would be that the door to the garage leading into the house was locked!  But who locks that door when the garage is closed?  Still that question remained till the doorknob turned and the door opened, allowing me entry to the home itself.  Moving carefully, just in case wifey had gotten up to make hubby breakfast and had not gone back to bed, then it was to go slowly down the hallway in search of the master bedroom.  The doors were all open and finally there was the master bedroom.  Peering in, I saw that she was still fast asleep on the far side of the king-sized bed with her back to me.’

‘Quietly slipping into the master bedroom, the camcorders were taken out of the duffle bag and placed in strategic positions to capture all the hot action.  With there being a wooden chest at the foot of the bed that came up to the height of the mattress, a camcorder placed there would be perfect to capture the close-up fucking being thrown to the beautiful bitch!  Seeing petite beauty lying there, my cock throbbed as I quietly undid the front my pants and it lurched out in my hand with excitement.  Buck naked, I then slipped in under the covers and slowly made my way over to the lovely beauty.’

‘Reaching out slowly under the covers, I gently placed my hand on her arm, then caressed her soft creamy skin down to her wrist and trim fingers.  As she was sleeping on her left side, took her right wrist gently to draw her hand back slowly, placing her warm hand right atop of my pulsating cockhead.  Damn, that felt so fucking good cause the sleeping bitch’s fingers instinctively began to squeeze on it!  Soon I was pumping slowly, arching up, and fucking into encircling fingers with my cockhead getting to brush up against her nightgown covered ass.  It sure felt good, especially in knowing that hubby was probably now gripping his sturdy golf club while his beautiful wife was getting a good grip on another kind of club!’

‘Then the bitch was coming out of her sleep as she began squeezing down hard and shucking at my boner.  And she apparently realized how much bigger the cock she now had in hand from that of her husband’s as she swooned “Oh, Greg ………………you’re so biggggggggggg today!  You went and did it, didn’t you?  You really did go and order those pills that extends a guy’s thinggie!”  “Uh-hmmm!” was the response given to keep her deceived.  And it worked cause she began pumping my cock faster.  Reaching down under the covers, I pulled up her nightgown and now my oozing cockhead was greasing the top of her thigh and her panty covered little ass!’

‘Suddenly she began turning towards me as she announced that “Oh, Greg, it’s so big, I’ve just got to see it!”  That’s when I had to move into action.  Used my left hand to cover her mouth to keep her scream from being heard, grabbed her wrist to keep her hand on my cock, then threatened her with bodily harm in order to get her scared shitless so she wouldn’t put up too much of a fight.  Bitch was so damned scared that she began shaking all over.  Suggested to her that “Maybe if’n ya keep on jerking me off, like ya been doing, I won’t fuck it up that tight little pussy of yers!”  The bitch bought and began shucking me and trying to get me to pop my load without getting herself raped!’

‘Seeing that it was ten minutes to eight, told the frightened beauty that “Hubby and his buddies have a tee off time at 8 a.m., so you’ve got yerself ten minutes to get me off!  Cause if’n ya don’t, I’m gonna accomplish something that yer hubby only dreamed of ………………..getting myself a hole-in-one!”  Seeing her eyes widen, along with a quickening pace of her hand shucking, it was obvious that she got the meaning of ‘hole in one’!  The bitch really thought she could do what it and get me off with her hand.  It sure as hell felt good though, but I wasn’t about to spurt prematurely and let my potent seed go to waste on her bedding.’

‘It was fun taunting the bitch as each and every minute ticked on by.  She even reached down with her other hand to use both of them on my throbbing dong.  And I pretended on getting near the peak and about to cum, purposely moaning out “Oh, yeah …………..oh, yeah ……………..that’s it …………………..that’s it …………………gonna cum ………….gonna cum soon!”  Next was the panting of “Oh, baby …………………oh, baby …………………..reach down …………………..roll my nuts ……………….roll my nuts in your hand!”  As it was just a minute away from the 8 o’clock deadline, the frantic bitch rolled my balls in her soft pretty hand as she desperately tried to get me to pop off!’

‘At 8 a.m. sharp, once the second hand hit the twelve, I grabbed her hands to pin them above her head and rolled atop of the bitch.  With her mouth now uncovered, she panted and pleaded “Please ………………….no ………………………please don’t rape me!”  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came her agonizing scream as the first unguided lunge actually scored the much sought after hole-in-one, with my cock burying itself half way down in the hole.  Another lunge into the sobbing beauty had nine inches of cock buried up her tight little twat.  The third lunge and the bitch had all of my foot-long dong up in her with my swollen balls bouncing on her soft creamy ass!’

‘Lying atop of her while, waiting for her tight little snatch to relax some and get accustomed to the size, it was nearly five minutes later that her groove was slick enough to being humping in and out of her.  It was music to my ears hearing the bitch cry and sob each time I fucked my dick all the way up her twat!  And then, with my dick buried all the way up her and throbbing up there, the bitch apparently realized what was about to happen as she frantically pleaded “No …………….don’t ………………….don’t do it ………….not in me …………………..please, pull it out …………………….pull it out!  You’ll ……………………you’ll get me pregnant!”  The bitch cried and went totally limp as the fight went out of her when my nuts popped, filling her up with black baby batter!’

‘Looked back to see that the camcorder at the foot of the bed was angled just right, then made sure to spread my knees out wide so everything would be caught on disc for prosperity.  Lifted the bitch at her hips several inches, then eased out of flooded cunt, and out oozed a continuous flow of thick gooey baby batter.  If this was indeed the dangerous time of month for her, pretty Mrs. Gail Anderson would soon have her little tummy bloating up with a little black bastard growing in her.  Panting a bit in exhaustion from having sample that excellent Asian cuisine, had to wonder how hubby had done on the first hole.  Sure bet he didn’t get himself a hole-in-one!  Wonder if her hubby would notice the difference of playing this hole again, with it being his home course, especially if he sank it right in there!’

‘Later, once revived again, saw to it that the lovely beauty got served some breakfast in bed.  Served up a nice juicy sausage and two eggs to the sweet little beauty, but guess it wasn’t to her liking the way she shuddered when taking a whole egg into her mouth to suck on.  But she sure had me going, especially when her talented tongue flick on each of my nuts.  Guess she ain’t ever had no juicy sausage like what I was serving that morning, cause when she swallowed all that rich oily sausage juice down into her belly, she went and scrambled to the edge of the bed to puke her guts out in the trashcan!’

‘As we both were sweating and reeked of sex, had a nice shower with the sexy beauty where I got to wash her cute little titties and ass, with her giving my balls and boner a good washing.  Damn she sure had a nice little ass, so smooth and creamy, but also cherry as I soon found out when I pushed up against the shower stall and beggared her.  Man, did she let out a balling wail as she was literally trying to climb the tiles to get away.  Guess that was one hole hubby never got to play on his home course, and probably one that the punk might never get to play!’

‘Nearing noon, figured it was about time to get going to give the bitch some time to clean up and hide all the telltale signs of having a visitor while he was out golfing.  But before leaving, since she already eaten something for breakfast, figured that the least she could do was to serve me some lunch.  And boy did she serve up a real tasty meal for me!  No way was she going to report this to the cops, not after playing back some choice scenes on the camcorder, especially the one where she had her feet planted flat on the mattress with her back arched up off the bed with her hands grasping my kinky hair.  And from the loud audible sounds from that scene, it was quite evident that she was orgasming while being eaten.’

Turning to the last page for the month of April, there at the top it was dated April 30th followed by the photo of a beautiful blonde in a swimsuit:

April 30th
Miss Erin Peters

‘It sure paid off in driving down to coast on that unusual warm sunny day when schools were out during the spring break period.  That’s when I spotted this sweet little blonde beauty with her whiteboy fiancé!  I learned of her marital status right away when I spotted the sparkling solitary diamond on her ring finger.  And with no wedding band to accompany that diamond ring, it was easy to figure out that she was engaged to the punk.  Damn, she sure looked sexy that day in her black polka dot swimsuit.  Sure wanted to help that punk out in spreading that suntan lotion on her body that day, but I figured that I’d soon be getting to spread some other kind of lotion …………not on her but in her!’

‘Made note of the car they got into and followed them.  They turned into a townhouse complex and parked there.  Watched as they got out of the car and went in carrying all the stuff they had taken to the beach.  At first I wondered if they were living together at that place.  But about an hour later, the door opened and sweetie was giving her punk a goodbye kiss.  Then he was getting into the car had headed on out of the parking area.  Followed him and followed him for eight miles to where the college was located.  Saw him turn into a frat house parking area, get out, then go in carrying some books and stuff.’

‘Back home that night, after plugging in the address and # of the townhouse unit into the reverse directory, it came out with a phone number for a Ms. Erin Peters.  Got her name that way, and did a search on the internet that came back with her engagement to Jerry McDonald.  Then went to that people search firm that I signed up with after the success I had with it the last time.  That came back with info on sweetie’s birthday that made her 24 years old, her social security number, and her employment as a paralegal at the law firm of Mark, Johns & Harper.  So now, all I had to do was to scope out her daily activities and figure out when best to pay the blonde beauty a visit.’

‘Quickly got to confirm that the punk she was engaged to was living at the frat.  That was a snap as I just called the frat house and asked for him.  Once I was told that he was out to class and schedule showed he should be back in about two hours.  Once, on a night call to the frat house, I hung up once they yelled his name and that he had a phone call.  So, it was easy to figure out that the loving couple probably saw each out in the early evenings then the punk went back to the frat house where he was living.’

‘A couple nights in scoping out the townhouse, everything had been confirmed with the punk leaving at about 9:30 each night to head back to the frat house and a half-hour later the lights would go off in the townhouse.  So, it was a Thursday night that I broke in early that evening when she and the punk went out for some dinner.  They came back around eight thirty, then they sat on the sofa watching television.  That was fun wtching the punk come-on to her, and she’d let him kiss her, but it was a no-no when he put his hand over her tittie.  She then grabbed his wrist to take his hand off her and would drape his arm over her shoulder, keeping hold of his wrist to keep his hand from wandering.’

‘Right on time, at 9:30 she was getting up from the sofa and ushering out of the townhouse, getting the stupid punk to leave with a freak’n boner tenting the front of his pants.  Then it dawned on me that this blonde beauty might still just be sweet little cherry pie!  Sure gave me a fuck’n hardon thinking about the prospects of me getting to each some cherry pie, sampling it both before and after the cherry juice gets added.  Watched as she grabbed a light robe from behind the door and a clean pair of panties from the dresser before going into the shower, wanted to grab her then but she was just a bit too far at that point.’

‘After she got out of the shower, the bitch was fussing with her hair in front of the mirror with the robe not tied too tightly around the waist, leaving a gaping vee that had me trying to peek down into it through the reflection of the mirror.  Then she grabbed the blouse and shorts that she had been wearing and hung them up on the back of the door. She then turned off the bedroom light and was making her way to the bed when I made my move and grabbed her.  Got her outstretched arms tied up above her head and had gagged her mouth with my smelly jocks and taped it shut so she wouldn’t scream and attract the neighbors.  Stripped off her robe and peeled the lacy pair of panties down her trim sexy legs that were thrashing about as she tried to kick me.  Had my ski mask on and then turned on the lights back on as I wanted the mini camcorders that I going from early on to capture it all.’

‘Could tell from her baby blue eyes just how scared shitless she was when I turned out the light and she got a look at my big black boner sticking straight out at her!  Damn, she sure had a nice clean little golden beaver.  She sure went crazy when I muff-dived her, bucking and trashing about when I went and stuck my tongue up her tight little slit.  Man was she tight, and I swear the tip of my tongue got to graze up against that precious little cherry that she had tucked firmly away.  Of course, it was wishful thinking on my part as I still wasn’t sure about her being cherry at that moment.  But that got my boner stiff as a rock and I had to find out right then and there if’n she was cherry or not!’

‘Damn, she began crying and whimpering through the gag when I got into position and was fitting my cockhead up against her tight little slit!  Jeez, she sure was tight and I was having a hard time getting into the bitch.  Held my boner in place, reared on back, then slammed home the salami!  Popped it on the first try!  She near skinned me alive with her dry cunny!  Saw the whites of her eyes as she screamed through the gag and nearly went and passed out on me.  Guess it have been from the shock and pain of losing that precious little cherry of hers.  But I’s went and pulled outta her right away, then went back down to eating my cherry laced beaver burger!’

‘Jezz, thought the bitch was dying the way she kept on bleeding!  That sure was a tasty little treat cause lapped it all outta her bleeding cunt.  And when it finally slowed down to a trickle, I got back up in the saddle and stuck my big black dick into her bloody cunt.  Humped away the innocent little bitch, and at that point it seemed as if she’d given up the fight as she stopped struggling against me.  Man, she just kept on sobbing and crying, then she was just mewling out against the gag as I pumped away at her.  She put up one final attempt to fight ………………..right when I announced that ‘I’s gonna cum in ya, sweetie!  Gonna knock ya up good ……………………gonna ya and that punk yer gonna marry a little black bastard to take care of!’  When I did cum in her, pumping her full of my hot jizz, that went and took all the fight out of her as she then went limp on the bed!’

‘Went and spent the entire night there at the bitch’s place before making my get away early that next morning while it was still dark out.  Man, she had my balls drained by the time I left.  After popping her cherry and getting my cock revived, I then turned the bitch over on all fours, figuring that her pretty ass must also be cherry.  Sure enough, she gave one screeching yelp through the gag when I went and buggered her up the ass, then she went and passed out on me before she could even feel the enema I pumped up her tight little butt!  I was drained and fell asleep for an hour, with my dick stuck up her ass, then got up and was ready to go again.’

‘Turned her back around and took it real slow that second fuck.  I could tell that the long strokes were getting to her, but she was fighting it all the way and trying to show no emotion or response at all.  Grabbed the back of her ankles and had her bent in two, with the pink soles of her feet planted flat against the wall behind the bed, then I proceeded to give her the long strokes.  Jezzz, did I give the bitch some orgasm that had her shaking and convulsing on my dick.  That put me right over the edge and then my second load popped in her twat!  She was crying even more after that fuck.  Think she was feeling real guilty in the way she orgasmed with me in her, cause she let loose with the tears when I taunted her about enjoying the fuck and asking her what would her punk fiancé say if and when learned much she enjoyed it!’

‘She didn’t call the cops when I left and doubt that she’ll have the nerve to report it, not with the short playback that I showed her on the camcorder before leaving the townhouse.  That was when I was standing up on the bed with her in a sitting position, my fingers in her silky blonde hair to keep her still when I went and made her blow me.  One hand holding her still and my other holding the camcorder for a nifty POV (point-of-view) shot of her baby blue eyes looking straight up into the camera while she’s deepthroating my black boner!  When she choked and gagged on my first spurt of jizz, I then pulled out and gave the bitch a creamy facial she’ll never forget!  And it’s all caught on the camcorder, which I promised I’d send to her fiancé if’n she reported my visit to the cops!’

End of the month of April!