Stalked by Sicko Sammy – V
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct
spinoff of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘Stalked by Sicko Sammy – 1, 2, 3 & 4’
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For Sammy White (aka Sicko Sammy), summer meant fun, and he now began to look over the many ads on summer sales.  He'd look at all the department store ads and see if there was something that would be bringing in women shoppers.  As to why he was looking at sales to attract women into department stores, it was very simple as Sammy was out shopping for beautiful women, not to buy but to steal any merchandise!  But yes, he was there to steal and make off something better from the store, to use and have his pleasure with before discarding the soiled item.  A true sicko and serial rapist that had gone uncaught till this point, Sammy got to avoid the police radar as the vast majority of his beautiful victims had been too ashamed to report the attack upon them.

His deciding to concentrate on department store ads began with his having the need to pick up an item on sale at a department store the past week, Sammy had been surprised at the number of cars in the parking lot and then in seeing the large crowd of women in the store that day.  Then he saw the printed banners hanging from the ceiling announcing the 'Super Summer Sale' that the store was having.  Spotting some real nice looking beauties, Sammy took his time in roaming about the first floor, then picked up on of the nicely printed fliers as to the items on sale.  Opening up the brochure, he observed that there was a sale on various women shoes and heels, causing him to lick his lips in spotting a sexy beauty there.
Looking at the store directory, in seeing that the shoe department was up on the 2nd Floor, Sammy then got onto the escalator to take him up a level.  He did not want to attract any attention to himself, especially as he'd stand out like a sore thumb if he was the only male standing around in the woman's shoe department.  Scoping out the surrounding departments, he browsed around each area in hopes of finding one that would not draw attention to himself but also one that would provide him with an ideal view into the area where women would sit to try on a new pair of shoes.  The ideal spot was found, allowing him to go about the pretense of looking for a new belt while scouting out the shoe department.

It was but a mere five minutes or so in feigning interest in various belts that he had picked up when  his dick rose to attention at the sight of a sexy blonde beauty asking to try on a particular shoe style.  Long shiny blonde hair, age about 30, and oviously married from the diamond ring and wedding band adorning her ring finger.  Cock expanding rapidly in his jeans, Sammy’s mind churned out ‘Oh man, oh man, that’s some sweet little white boy’s prized trophy!  Maybe I’s outta go and polish up that beautiful golden trophy for the punk white boy before sending it on back home to him!’  Chuckling to himself, Sammy deviously thought ‘Yeah …………………I’ll jist use that special polishing cream fer this little gem ……………………..yeah, some real creamy spunk from my’s swollen balls oughta do the trick!’


Mrs. Shannon Garner

The beautiful blonde beauty that had caught Sicko Sammy’s attention was 29 year old Mrs. Shannon Garner, married three years now to husband Mark, and mother of cute little two year old Natalie.  With hubby off fishing for the day with his buddies scheduled to return home after dark and little Natalie spending the day with her grandparents, Shannon had decided to relax and take in the big summer sale that was happening.  Seeing a cute pair of open-toed black heels, she asked the clerk to bring a pair in her size to try on.  Finding an open chair, Shannon took a seat and waited for the clerk to return with the pair of shoes.

Removing the shoes she was wearing, Shannon then removed the heels in the box and took out the paper stuffed in them before trying the pair on.  Tightening the straps, she then got up to take a few steps to see how comfortable they were to walk in.  Going to the nearby full length mirror, she looked at the reflection, then turned to see how they looked on her from the back.  Liking what she saw in the mirror, Shannon smiled in satisfaction as she decided on making the purchase, then went to sit back down in the chair.  A funny cold feeling came over her, a very strange and odd feeling, as if someone was watching her closely.


Frowning in nervousness and despair, Shannon looked about from where she was seated but saw nothing that could confirm her feeling.  Then she looked up and observed a security camera mounted to the ceiling, giving her some relief as Shannon merely figured that it must just be her being viewed on the camera that had given her the feeling of being spied upon.  But little did Shannon know that a demented sexual predator had managed to duck behind a rack of clothing just ten yards away when she had looked up and his lusty eyes were devouring her up through a small gap between in the clothes rack off to her right side.

It was Sammy’s turn to smile as his succulent prey had not spotted him and was oblivious to his presence.  ‘Damn, I’s jist gotta git me this sweet little golden honey!’ Sammy’s head said, but it was the head between his legs that was currently doing all the thinking for him at this point.  And from all the vile wicked thinking going on in his head, it was throbbing beyond belief and in dire need of some much needed relief.  Peering through the gap in the clothing rack, Sammy reached down between his legs to push his rising boner down some, telling it to ‘Calm down, my man …………………..don’t git too excited right now …………….gotta come up with a plan …………………………git my hands on that white boy’s trophy wife ……………………..but I’s be sure to give her back to him ……………………..though a bit tarnished when I’s do, heh, heh!’

Head pulsating as Sammy tried to conjure up a plan, he felt his inside jacket pocket to be confirm his stun gun was available, then fingered the rag that he always kept in his back pocket.  ‘Okay, now I’s sure hope I refilled that vial of chloroform!’ Sammy worried as he reached inside his jacket to unzip the small hidden pocket.  He breathed a sigh of relief in seeing the small vial filled with the potent knockout liquid.  ‘Okay, okay …….just don’t have rope to bind her with!  Hmmm, guess I outta buy me a couple of these belts here!  These canvas type belts ought to do the trick ………….won’t slide as much as the leather ones ………………….yeah, they’ll stay nice and snug ………………keep her from gitting loose!’ he figured.

It was an hour and a half later, a half hour after Shannon had finished shopping and gone up to her car on the 3rd level of the parking lot, that she began to regain consciousness.  Body aching, especially at the back of her neck, she tried to get up but couldn’t for some unknown reason.  Finding herself outstretched and in a face-down position with darkness all about her, Shannon tried to think and the last recollection she had was that of getting off the elevator, walking to where her car was parked, then was putting her packages into the backseat of her car.  ‘I must have fallen and hit my head!’ she thought, wondering just where she was at that moment.  ‘I need to get up!’ Shannon told herself, then cringed at the foul odor she had just breathed in, wondering what was that wiry rug she had fallen onto.  ‘Was I eating something when I fell?  What do I have in my mouth?’ she wondered.

Trying to pull her outstretched arms back, Shannon shuddered upon finding her wrists being bound together and tied down to something.  Trying to draw up her right leg, she felt something wrapped around her ankle, binding her to an unmovable object.  Jerking at her left leg, Shannon was able to move it an inch or so, causing her to realize that it was also bound and tied down to something.  Moving her head, feeling a garment on her hair, she tried to toss her head about.  Nose and upper lip scratched by the wiry surface, Shannon’s entire body then froze as she felt the ‘food’ in her mouth suddenly throb and expand.  Horrified and petrified were the only way to explain her response upon feeling a hand caressing the back of her head through the garment covering her and hearing a strange male voice commenting “Oh, yeah …………………that’s it, Mrs. Garner!  Suck me baby ………………….suck me!”

“Mmmmm ……………………….mmmmmmm ………………………mmmmm!” came the muffled sounds from beneath his jacket as Sammy arched up to feed her more of his excited cock that was rapidly expanding the bitch’s mouth.  His caressing hand left the jacket on his lap to stretch out towards the passenger’s seat to caress the bared sexy white ass that lay partially upon it.  Arching up to push his cock into the beauty’s hot mouth, Sammy gave her ass a slap on the ass as he instructed her to “Suck it, Mrs. Garner ………………….suck it!”  Reaching back between the seats, he reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out a long blue plastic dildo.  With the way in which he had her tied and stretched out perfectly, he then unseeingly guided the dildo perfectly to where her cunny entrance would be.

Everything in Sammy’s improvised plan had worked like a charm, his following her to the crowded elevator, hearing her tell one of the occupants “Three, please!” as he waved off entering and saying he’d take the next one.  Running on up the stairway to the third level, Sammy hid behind one of the cars across the way and waited for the elevator to arrive with his lovely blonde prey.  As fortune would have it, others in the elevator had gotten off on the second floor or were continuing on up to the fourth level, making things quite easy for him.  Using his trusty stun gun on the back of the bitch’s neck had her collapsing onto the back seat of her car and he easily lifted her legs get her entirely into the car as he stepped in and closed the door behind him.  Opening the vial of chloroform and pouring some onto the rag, then putting the rag over her face would assure him of her not waking up immediately.

With the beauty’s car parked next to the wall, it eliminated having too many people coming close by for their cars, providing Sammy with some immediate fun-time.  He first removed her newly bought heels that she had decided to break-in right away, then was undoing the button to her grey jeans and was getting that down her sexy white legs.  Navy blue panties were next and Sammy nuzzled his face up into her soft golden fleece and he got to lick her tasty little snatch.  Then her blue three-quarter sleeve blouse was unbuttoned and pulled off, followed by her lacy blue bra and his suckling at her pink nipples.  Unlocking all the doors, he got out and went around to the front passenger door, open it and had the backrest lowered all the way down to the back.  He then got the unconscious beauty maneuvered over the lowered backrest and console.  Getting the newly purchased canvas belts out of the sack, he used them to bind her wrists and ankles, securing the other end of the belts to the frame of the seats.

Looking about to make sure the coast was clear, Sammy decided to quickly make his way back to the stairway and went up a level to where his car was parked.  Less than five minutes later, he returned with his backpack that had all the tools of his trade in there.  Looking about to make sure no one was around, Sammy then undid his the top of his jeans and pulled down his zipper.  Opening the driver’s door, he pulled the loop of the belt that secured the bitch down, then grabbed her long silky blonde hair to lift her head up.  He slid into the driver’s seat, eased his pants and jockeys down, then put the belt loop back around the lever to keep the bitch tied down.  Lifting her head up by the hair once again, he pushed at her chin to open her lips, then arched up to get his cock into her open mouth. Grabbing a folded jacket on the backseat, he draped it over the beauty’s head and caressed her while giving his cock a twitch in her mouth.

Cock throbbing in her hot wet mouth, Sammy stilled himself for a moment as he did not pop his load prematurely.  Having already gone through her purse, he knew her name and address.  Then came the startling ring of her cell phone when picked up and saw that it was an incoming text message.  With the call over, he opened up the text message to read “Hi, honey, guess what?  Caught a 20 lb’r on my first cast!  Probably will get back home after 10 p.m.! Luv, Big M!’  Looking at the car registration showing ‘Mark & Shannon Garner’, it was easy for Sammy to deduce that Big M stood for hubby Mark.  With the brand new car equipped with a GPS, he plugged in the beauty’s address and once the car started up, he was taking the blonde beauty home!  Having gone through her wallet, the photo of a cute little girl told him of her having just one child.

Shuddering in disgust, Shannon’s stomach churned as she wanted to throw up from being forced to perform this hideous sex act, something that she had even refused to perform for her own husband.  ‘Where’s he taking me?  What’s he going to do to me ……….besides doing this filthy thing?  Is he going to kill me?’ she wondered, shuddering once again as she felt the bastard trying to insert something up into her ………………….up in her cunny!  Cuntlips expanding from the pressure of the hard object pressing against her, Shannon cringed as it began to penetrate her.  Then she shivered as the bastard was now pumping it in and out of her.  “Mmmmm …………mmmm ………………mmmmm!” was all that she could utter around the thick fleshy meat in her mouth.

Suddenly the car came to a stop and Shannon heard a noise like that of a garage door coming down.  She then realized that she had been abducted and transported off to her abductor’s hideaway, and now she feared that she’d never return home ever again to see her husband and child.  Eyes filled with tears, Shannon felt the bastard’s hands now at the back of her head, forcing her to perform the vile sex act on him as he thrust his hips up into her face.  Then there was some hope as her attacker advised “Oh, yeah ……….c’mon, Mrs. Garner …………………gimme some good head and ya’ll soon be able to see that hubby and kid of yers again!”  ‘Who is he?  He knows I’m married and have a child!  Maybe if I do please him …………….with my mouth ………………..he’ll let me go after!”

Gagging as the bastard shoved his long oversized cock down into her throat, Shannon felt absolutely sick at performing the vile act of fellatio.  Her hair grabbed through the thick garment over her head, Shannon found herself having to service the filthy bastard as he muttered out “Gonna cum ………………………gonna cum in yer sweet little mouth, Mrs. Garner …………take it ………………………take it all …………………..allllllll ………………………ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Mouth filled to the brim with no where to go and more slimy goo gushing out, Shannon was forced to swallow the filth or drown in it.  Again she forced herself to swallow another mouthful of the slimy filth, and then again till it merely oozed driblets out into her mouth.

As her body shuddered in revulsion, then once again, her attacker must have realized that she was going to throw up right there on him.  Suddenly, the car door opened and Shannon observed some light beneath her from where the car door had opened.  “Aieeeeeeeeeee!” she screamed and lurched forward as the top of her head hit the open car door.  “Urrrrp ……………arrrrkkkkkkk ………………..aurrrckkkkkkkkkkkk!” she upchucked and  puked onto the cement floor from where she lay over the bastard’s lap in the driver’s seat of the car.  She had lurched forward to puke her guts out when the bastard had pulled the hard object out of her vagina and brutally shoved it on up her rectum.

Shannon felt her head being lifted once again as her attacker slid out from under her and getting out of the car.  From her limited viewpoint beneath what was draped over her head, Shannon observed the bastard carefully stepping out and sidestepping all the goodies she had tossed out onto the cement floor.  Then the loop was pulled and her bound wrist from released from the seat lever.  She next heard footsteps on the concrete floor going around to the passenger side of the car, then heard the door being opened.  The binding on her right leg was being pulled some, then the pressure was released.  Next came the release of the binding holding her left leg in place.

Pulled backwards out of the car, able to see just immediately below her due to the jacket over head, Shannon then found herself being hoisted up as the muscular man was carrying her over his shoulder.  ‘Oh, God ………….……..he’s not done with me yet …………….…….he’s going to take me into some rundown place …………..….rape me on some filthy bug infested mattress!’ her mind told her.  She heard a door being opened, felt herself being carried up a couple of steps, then entering a house as she observed nice wooden flooring from the limited view provided to her.  Shannon shuddered as her captor carried her over his shoulder with his right arm crossed over the back of her thighs but his freed left hand was caressing her bared ass.

Suddenly the jacket slipped off her head and fell to the wooden floor, allowing Shannon to lift her head up for a better view.  “Ohhhh, Godddddddddddddddddd!” she uttered out loudly upon realizing that she was in her very own home.  ‘Oh, God ……………..he brought me home ……………………….to rape me in my own home!’ Shannon came to realize.  And as he proceeded on down the carpeted hallway, Shannon also came to realize that ‘He’s going to rape me ……………………….in the master bedroom ………………right on the bed that I share with Mark!  He’s sick …………………..he’s sick …………………….absolutely sick!’

Able now to see the bottom of her bedroom furniture, Shannon shuddered as her captor walked around the bedroom to apparently to look at all the decoration, then observed him placing back down  the framed photograph of her and Mark.  Suddenly she was tossed down onto her king-sized bed like a sack of grain, Shannon sobbed as her still bound wrists were now being secured to the top railing of the metal headboard.  Her loose binding of her left leg was being pulled taunt and tightened, then her right leg was secured in the same manner, as now Shannon found herself tied securely to her bed with legs spread wide and her captor leaning with elbows on the bed inspecting her most private parts.

Shuddering in despair, her skin crawled and goose bumps formed on her skin as her vile attacker placed his large calloused hands on her inner thighs as he appeared to be giving her sex a close-up inspection.  She trembled upon feeling his hot breath on her sex, then the unthinkable happened to cause her to squeal out “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!  Ohhhh ………………………ohhhhhhh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!”  For the very first time in her life, Shannon squirmed about as she got to experience the unwanted by yet unbelievable erotic pleasure being eaten out as this experienced cunt eater’s talented tongue was driving her crazy.

Seeing how crazed this blonde beauty had gotten with his tongue wiggling up in her tasty snatch, Sammy reached off to the side with his right hand to flip the loop off the corner post, then used his left hand to do the same to release her bound right leg.  The crazed blonde had now drawn her legs back some and was pressing the balls of her feet and her toes down into the mattress to arch up into his slurping mouth.  “Oh, Goddddddddddd ………………….oh, Goddddddddddddddd …………….oh, Goddddddddddddddddd ………………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” the bitch screamed out as her body went rigid while Sammy ate up all the sweet honey that she had just fed to him.

With the blonde wife collapsing limply upon the bed from the mind-shattering climax he had eaten her to, Sammy then slid back off the bed, looping back each of the restraints back over the wooden bed posts to secure her sexy legs once again.  He knew that securing her legs once again would be necessary, especially when the pretty babe got to actually see what would soon be in store for her.  Sure enough, after getting his t-shirt off and undid his zipper, the bitch’s eyes bulged out in horror at the sight of his big black baby-maker!  As he handled it, the blonde beauty began to cry and whimper “Please ………………..oh, please …………………..please don’t rape me ………….with that!  It’s too big ……………………it’s too biggggggggg ………………….… won’t fit …………..please, I can’t take that!”

As the frightened young wife began her futile struggle against her bonds, Sammy crawled up onto the bed between her sexy legs while continuing to fist his foot long dong.  Then he got his cockhead up against to the entrance of her juicy snatch, causing the bitch to go into a frantic frenzy fight against her bonds.  Rigid cock in place, Sammy placed his calloused hands on her trim hips to get a firm grip, then he lunged forward brutally to force is oversized boner up into her tight little snatch.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” were the sounds of music that came to his ears.

Lunge after lunge after lunge, able to force her tight cunny to accept just an inch of his cock at a time, Sammy finally was in all the way and he had to pause to get his breath.  “Damn, Mrs. Warner ……………………..yer tight as a fuck’n virgin!  Ain’t ever had a big baby-maker like this up yer twat, huh, bitch?  Obviously ya ain’t had anything as big or as long as Sammy’s Special Salami, huh?” he gloated, brazenly and boldly giving out his first name as he was confident that she would be too ashamed to report her rape.  And later, when he would play back the camcorders he had placed about the bedroom, the videos of her rape would be the clincher to keeping her from going to the cops.

As he sawed in and out of her now widely stretched cunny, Sammy stretched his right leg out and used his toes to lift the looped restraint up of her left leg up over the corner bedpost.  Then he released the one restraining her right leg, thereby freeing both legs of the whimpering little bitch.  Slowing his sawing motioning, withdrawing a good ten inches till just his bloated cockhead remained enveloped, Sammy then eased it back up in her to the hilt.  Again and again, he fucked her slowly, then got the reaction he had hoped for ……………………..that of her trim sexy legs encircling his ass and ankles locking themselves together!


Going out of her mind, Shannon gripped tightly at the binding restraint that led to the railing of the headboard.  ‘Oh, God ……………….oh, God …………………please …………………..please don’t it feel good …………………………no ………… ………………….please, I beg you!’ Shannon prayed as her body began to betray her.  Cunny acting on its own, her cuntlips began squeezing upon the big fleshy invader, causing hr mind to be filled with guilt.  Weeping even more from her guilt, Shannon shivered as her cunny acted as if it had a mind of its own, squeezing upon the bastard’s oversized manhood faster and faster as if trying to milk out all the filthy mucous that it had stored up.

To her horror, Shannon came to realize just what horrible consequences could evolve if she did in fact milk her rapist manhood into her fertile womb.  “No…………no ………………….no …………………please ………………………..please, you’re not wearing anything ……………………… …………………’ll get me pregnant!” she panted out in fear.  She heard him chuckle, then the bastard laughed aloud at her plight, telling her “Mrs. Garner …………………sweetie …………………that’s exactly what I’s aiming to do!  Gonna knock ya’s up good, bitch!  Yeah, sweetie ……………and right here in the master bedroom of yer beautiful home …………………..right on the same bed that ya shares with that hubby of yers!  Gonna plant a little black baby deep in yer tummy!  Gonna make ya a mama again!”

“Mmmp ………………..mmmp ………………….mmmp ………………….mmmp ……………………mmmp!” Sammy heard the pretty bitch whimper as he sawed his baby-maker deep up into her belly.  As he sped up the fuck, building it up to jackhammer speed, Sammy smiled upon feeling the bitch’s cunny really squeezing on his boner and the back her heels now drumming on his ass to spur him more into action.  “Ohhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhh …………………..ohhhhhhh!” she chanted now as the beauty was about to go over the edge, shivering with the unwanted pleasure of a mind-blowing climax.

“No ………………… ………………..oh, God …………….noooooooooooooooo ……………..nooooooooooooo ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the bitch’s cries as her entire body first tensed, then began convulsing in spasms from being overwhelmed from the unwanted climax he had fucked her to.  And then Sammy popped his pent-up load, grunting “Cumming, Mrs. Warner ………………I’s cumming in yer tight little pussy!  Feel my’s babymaker ………………..yeah, squeeze it like that ………………….squeeze it …………………………milk out all the baby batter I’s got fer ya!  Milk it ……………………………ahhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Walnut-sized balls contracting first, then they unleashed it’s hot gooey mucous far up into her fertile womb.

It was forty-five minutes later that Shannon stirred as she felt rough calloused hands on her butt and trying to get her to turn over.  She then realized that it was not a nightmare that had filled her mind, realized that ‘I’ve been raped!  Kidnapped and brought home by this demented bastard …………………………then raped in my bed by this vile fiend!’  Shannon found her hands still bound at the wrists and secured to the metal railing of the bed’s headboard.  She realized that her legs still were bound at the ankles but no longer secured to the bedposts as she was now being made to get onto her hands and knees.

Bed sagging from the added weight, Shannon felt the black bastard shuffling up behind of her, then felt his large hands being placed upon her hips.  Scared and panting in fright, Shannon then felt the now familiar bloated cockhead push again at the entrance to her sex.  ‘Oh, God ……………….he going to do it to me again ……………………the way animals do it!’ she realized in horror.  “Ahhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhh ………………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” as the pressure caused her vagina to flower open widely to admit the fleshy cudgel.  Cunt chute already greased and slick from the prior fuck session, Shannon felt it slide right up into her, and seconds later she felt the bastard’s short kinky hair rubbing up against her backside.


Feeling her cunny responding immediately with it squeezing on his dick, Sammy chuckled as he slapped her ass and laughed “Damn, yer a hot little filly once ya git going, ain’t ya, Mrs. Warner!  Oh, yeahhhhhhhh ………………………..ooooh, that’s one little snapping turtle ya’s got there between yer legs, Mrs. Warner!  Oh, yeah, bitch ………use that hot little cunt on me …………………..squeeze it like that!”  As she shuffled up some on her knees, her hands grasping at the metal railing, Sammy followed her and kept on banging away at the blonde beauty.  With her hands on the railing and due his fucking her doggie style, the Warner’s marital bed never shook nor rattled so loudly as now.

After having dumped another load of his baby batter into her when the bitch was convulsing uncontrollably in climax, Sammy slid off the bed to get one of the camcorders he had placed on the dresser.  With the bitch still on her knees and hands grasping the metal railing, her head bent as she sobbed in shame, Sammy reached out to give her a hard slap in the ass before ordering her to “Squeeze that cunny of yers, Mrs. Warner ……………….squeeze it ………………….squeeze out the baby batter in yer cunny!  Squeeze out what ya can and maybe ya won’t git knocked up!”

Slapping her ass again, he yelled out “Squeeze it, bitch!  Squeeze the cunny of yers!”  Sammy laughed as she obeyed and he then panned in to capture the beautiful wife as she squeezed out a large dollop of his thick baby juice from her cunny.  It was quite a photo of the raped beauty, showing her toes curled upwards with her pink soles wrinkled, her legs muscles taunt as cum oozed out of her raped slit.  ‘Yeah, a perfect shot to email to the bitch later!’ Sammy thought as he zoomed in on her leaking pussy.  Slapping her ass once again, the bitch responded automatically as more of his slimy cum oozed on out of her raped pussy.

It was nearing 8 p.m. when Sammy’s lust had finally been sated.  As he was in her suburban home and he did not know where the bus line was, Sammy brazenly called a cab company and gave them the bitch’s address.  Told that the cab would be there in ten minutes, he then took the $30 in bills that were lying on the dresser, then advised “Sorry, Mrs. Warner but I’s had to use the money I’s had for the belts!  Let’s call it a fair exchange fer the thirty bucks I took!  Ya’s actually coming out ahead cause they cost me thirty-five bucks and ya’s can give’m to yer hubby as a gift!  Hopefully they’re his size, heh, heh!”

Gathering up the rest of his gear, he then showed the raped wife that the entire rape episode on her bed had been captured by the various camcorders had had placed upon entering the bedroom.  Hitting rewind and then stopping it, he hit the ‘play’ button and let her see the scene that happened to come on …………….that of  her sexy white legs locked around his ass as he raped her!  “Ya report me raping ya and I’s be certain to send hubby and all yer neighbors on the street a disc of our fun time together!”  Seeing the cab slowing and turning up the driveway, Sammy then cut her wrist bindings as he told her “Ya got two hours to change the sheets before hubby comes on home, Mrs. Warner!  Or ya can call the cops and report ya gitting raped!”  Before departing the bedroom, as the beauty sobbed while undoing her bindings, Sammy added “Oh, and don’t fergit to clean up the mess ya went and made out in yer garage!”

A week later, on her way home from work after picking her little girl up from the sitter’s, a car coming to a sudden stop had Shannon hitting her brakes.  As the car lurched to a stop, a blue object suddenly rolled out from under the passenger’s seat.  Shannon glanced over to see what it was, then gasped as she viewed the long round object that was shaped like a dildo.  She gave a gasp in realizing that it was what her attacker had used on her when she with her head on his lap and the rest of her body lying over the passenger’s seat.  After getting home, Shannon got her little girl out from the backseat and opened the kitchen door for her before going back to the car to retrieve the blue dildo.

Three months later, Shannon sat in the privacy of her bathroom while looking at the dildo that she had not thrown away but for some reason had washed and hid in her closet.  She had got it out of its hiding place and was inspecting it, encircling it with her fingers, realizing that it was longer and thicker than her husband’s penis but not so in comparison to the black bastard who had raped her.  Having stripped off her clothing to take a bath, Shannon trembled as she sat upon the closed toilet top, then spread her legs as she brought the pointed end of the dildo up to her juicing slit.  Shivering as she pushed it in her cunny, she panted as she worked it in and out faster and faster.  “Ahhh ………….ah ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she panted out as her body spasmed and  quivered.

Shannon just could not believe what she had to endure over the past three months since being brutally raped that day.  She played back in her mind that tormenting six weeks that followed, worrying of the worst possible thing that could result, then finding out from the home pregnancy test that the black bastard had indeed impregnated her.  Next had been the day she secretly took off from work to keep the appointment she had made at the abortion clinic.  She blinked back the tears, knowing that her not reporting the rape had left the vile bastard out on the street to maybe attack another unsuspecting woman.  But how could she do it, especially with his threat to send Mark and the neighbors a copy of her being raped and ravaged.

On this Wednesday morning, just after having breakfast, Shannon heard the ring of her cell phone that was in her purse, a ring that indicated that a text message was being sent to her.  Thinking that it was one of her girlfriends, she got it out of the purse and looked at the front for identification of the caller but it merely showed a number that she was not familiar with.  With the call ending, Shannon then opened it up and went to play the text message that had just come in.  Her mouth dropped open as she read: ‘Hi Mrs. Warner!  Are you going out shopping at the mall again this Sat?  Noon!  3rd Floor of the parking lot!  See you, Sammy!’  Seeing that there was an attachment, Shannon nervously went to open it up, then gasped loudly as it was a picture taken just after being fucked doggie style …………………………just after she had been told to squeeze out the bastard’s thick ‘baby batter’!

After dropping her daughter off at the sitter’s, Shannon called into her work place and said she had an emergency at home and would be in a couple hours late, asking that the time be taken off her vacation time.  Driving to her church’s parking lot, Shannon just sat there deep in thought.  One was to go inside the church and get some counseling from Father Malloy, telling him what had happened to her and of the text message that she had just gotten, but of course not showing him the attached photo.  Second was the thought of going to the police, reporting the rape even if it took place several months ago, thinking that they maybe could get him for blackmail on the threats that day of sending copies of the disc out and that he was obviously wanting to meet her again in exchange for sexual favors in not making the disc public.  Deep in thought, Shannon wondered as to what other options were out there.  After forty-five minutes in the parking lot, she got her cell phone out and asked for whoever could see her later that day and as to the best time to come in.

At noontime that Saturday, Sammy looked about to see if there were any police or guys that looked like undercover cops in the parking lot.  He knew that he was chancing it with the text message he had sent, giving her the time and place to meet as she could very well go to the cops to set up a trap for him.  But he was betting on his instinct, that he had read the beautiful blonde bitch right and that she had and would never divulge info concerning her ever being raped.  Right at noon, he observed her car and stepped on out from where he had been waiting on her left side.  He saw her nervously biting at her bottom lip as she came to a stop across from him.  With no cars behind of her, Sammy opened the driver’s door and ordered her to “Move on over!”

As she stepped over the bump and console he saw that she was wearing the black heels that he had observed her trying on that first time.  Getting into the driver’s seat, he put the car into gear and went up another flight to find a place to turn around and get out of the parking lot.  When she complied with his next order, Sammy knew that he was in the clear and that there were no police in hiding.  That order being:  “Remember the first I’s drove yer car, hmmm?  I’s just enjoy driving with a beautiful bitch giving me some ‘head’!”  With her brushing back her long blonde hair and sliding her butt off the front of the passenger’s seat, his cock throbbed as she pulled down his zipper and slid her manicured fingers into the opening.


“Ohhhhhhh, yeah ……………………oh, yeah, Mrs. Warner ……………oh, yeah ……………………..ohhhhhh, babyyyyyyyyyy!” he panted out as she slid her hot mouth down over his pulsating boner.  It was ten minutes later that the car was reversed into a parking stall that Shannon lifted her head up to see that the car had been parked in the parking lot of the Twilight Motel.  Swallowing and licking her lips clean, she pulled down the visor to looking into the mirror to make sure her lipstick wasn’t smeared too badly.  Then she did as told, grabbing her purse before opening the passenger’s door to go and rent them a motel room.   Returning with motel room key in hand, as the car was started up, Shannon then advised “It’s the first unit around the corner!  Ground floor!”

As for the phone call that she had made after contemplating in the church parking lot, it was a third option that she had come up with, that of making an appointment with her gynecologist to get a prescription for birth control pills as she certainly did not want to get ‘knocked up’ again with a little black bastard!  Although there had been no out and out threat in the text message she had received the other day, Shannon convinced herself that he intended on distributing the disc as he indicated he would before leaving her bedroom on the day of the rape.  Shannon kept telling herself that she was doing this because of the earlier threat, and that she would otherwise never have agreed to meet up with this bastard again if not for what he had told her.

Trembling as she opened to motel room door and entered first, Shannon could not believe that she had driven to the parking structure to meet with him.  And worst what she had just done on the short drive over.  She licked her lips, shuddering from the taste of male essence, then swallowed down the rest of his male spend.  Shivering as the large arms were placed upon her shoulders, she heard him say “Ya missed out on me stripping ya naked that last time, Mrs. Warner!  Ya want to experience me stripping ya naked this time, don’t ya?”  She swallowed, then nodded a ‘yes’!


At four thirty that afternoon, Shannon drove out of the department store’s parking structure, having just dropped off black stud who had given her six orgasms that afternoon in the motel room.  Closing her legs tightly, Shannon breathed a sigh of relief in knowing she was protected by the new prescription, thinking ‘With all that sticky baby batter up in my twat, that home pregnancy test would surely be positive again in sick weeks!’  Then Shannon shuddered as she realized that ‘My mind has gone into the gutter like from where he’s from --------------referring to his sperm as baby batter -----------just as he does!’

In bed that night, Shannon reflected back to the events that took place in the room of the Twilight Motel.  ‘My gosh, how does he do it?  He fucked me six times, each time shooting a lot of his thick ‘baby batter’ into me!  And that’s in addition to the load that he popped off in my mouth while he was driving.  In the second session that afternoon, she had awoken from her nap while he was still sleeping.  And as he slept, she had reached on over to grasp his long but limp baby maker, shucking at it till it stood erect.  Then she swung her right leg over and knelt above him, guiding his upright dong to the center of her being.  He woke when she began riding him, that taking a stallion to the finish line, then he spew quite a load up in her spasming cunny.  ‘My God, it was as if I was sitting at the top of a volcano and having it suddenly erupt!’ she trembled.


Two weeks later, on Friday afternoon, Shannon opened up the text message and read it: ‘Going shopping tomr, Mrs. Warner?  Let me know, Luv Sammy!’  There was also an attachment to this message and she scrolled down to open it.  Shannon swallowed nervously as it was very similar to the attachment that had accompanied his first text message.  It was a photo from her backside that showed her curled up toes, her wrinkled soles with leg muscles visibly taunt, and a huge dollop of baby batter oozing out of her well-fucked twat.  The big difference between the two attachments had been her head bent down in shame in the first while in this second one, taken just like the first when told to squeeze his baby batter out of her cunny, but on this occasion he had also told her to turn back and smile for the camera.

Hitting the reply button, Shannon typed in ‘My husband is going fishing again tomr and dropping our daughter off at the grandparents!  They’ll be leaving at 7 a.m.!  Will leave the garage door open so you can park next to my car!’  Then another text message came in, this one with Sammy asking ‘Can I bring you anything for breakfast, Mrs. Warner?’  Shannon then text back ‘Just some of Sammy’s Special Salami!  That should fill me up!’ Then came another text message in response, reading: ‘No problem, my pleasure!  I’ll just sit at the table where Mr. Warner eats and you can sit in his chair to have your breakfast served to you!’  Moments later, Shannon had her elbows on the desk with head in her hands as guilt coursed through her petite body as she asked herself ‘What have I done?’  No, it was not about the text messages being exchanged but of Shannon feeling unbelievably guilty while thinking ‘I aborted his baby!’

That night, after slipping under the blankets, Shannon reached down under the bed, grabbing the long blue dildo that she had placed there earlier that evening.  As she was about to dose, there were even more crazy thoughts going through her mind, having Shannon think ‘Am I totally going out of my mind?’  Such question was a result of her first wondering ‘What if I went back off the pill?  Will all that thick baby batter get me ‘knocked up’ again?’  Soon she was fast asleep, her cunny stretched wide by the long plastic cock that she had embedded in her twat in preparation for an even bigger insertion early that next morning.

End of Story.