Stalked by Sicko Sammy – III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct
spinoff of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘Stalked by Sicko Sammy – 1 & 2’
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Laughing and chuckling to himself, Sammy White just could not believe how smoothly things had gone for him in his newly found career of crime.  ‘They’s always making fun of the dumb bastards getting caught by doing something stupid!’ he chuckled.  ‘Hell, there’s nothing so far as I’s knows and nothing in the newspapers as yet on the last two capers I’s pulled off!  Hope those stats prove out right in that as much as 90% of rapes are never reported!  Cops came on that first break-in but they had no clue as to who broke in!  And if’n I’s keep playing things right, and the stats prove out right, that 10% reported figure is over with and leaves me a lot of room!’ he laughed.  Since that first time, Sammy did make some changes, figuring that his victims would be even more reluctant to report the rape if he humiliated and taunted the bitch while in the process of forcing her to perform sex acts with him.

For Sammy White, or now ‘Sicko Sammy’ as he proudly referred to himself, he believed that he had found the key to keeping his beautiful victims from reporting his assault.  No longer the ‘dumb black bozo’ that the guys in the neighborhood referred to him as, he still continued playing along as the dumb bunny, for Sammy intended on not leaving a clue as to him being a serial rapist.  In taunting his pretty victims, while ‘doing’ them, Sammy found that gave him so much added pleasure and even served to make his dick harder.  As Sammy saw how they would sob in despair when he challenged them to report the attack to the police, taunting them with comments such as: ‘Gonna tell hubby about the big black cock ya got stuffed up yer snatch today?’ or ‘Think hubby will kiss those purty pink lips again …………knowing some black bastard shot his hot cum in yer sweet mouth, huh?’

What was also a major factor in adding to his reassurance that the rape would not be reported, was type of women that he lusted after …………………those lovely honeys that sported a solitary diamond ring on her finger and even more so if that diamond ring was accompanied by a matching wedding band.  ‘Those fucking punk white boys …………..those bastards always made fun of me and looked down at me!  Well, it’s payback time now!  Ya got yerselfs all them pretty little trophies and fancy cars, so’s it’s only fitting that I’s borrow one of yer purty trophies!’ he chuckled, for what he was after was the white’s lovely fiancée or wife!  Then he chuckled and added ‘I’s jist gonna borrow her fer a little while!  I’s gonna return her to ya and I’s even gonna fill up that trophy cup of yers ....................with my hot cum!’

Now, with three notches under his belt and the police having no leads on the first and the last two going unreported, Sammy’s confidence had grown and he now figured there was no point sitting around and just waiting to see if the rape got reported.  Still, he told himself not to get too overconfident and to maintain the precautions that he had developed in his newly found skills as a Serial Rapist.  Yet, he thought ‘I’ve been waiting and worrying about getting caught after a caper that I’ve laid low for weeks, months after the first time, before nailing the next bitch!  Hell, with 90% going unreported, that first one was just a fluke and there not much to worry about if’n I’s don’t get stupid and careless!’

Looking at his black book, he read his notes on the hot innocent looking blonde bitch that had given him a boner when he was browsing the mall the other week.  ‘Wore a long conservative black dress!  5’4” 115 lbs. with long blonde hair!  Beautiful – absolutely beautiful!!  But man, I’s bet she’s got a real hot streak hidden under that prim and proper façade!’ he had written, along with ‘Drives a new grey SUV, lic # NHJ-245!  GPS**!’  Looking at the added notes and playing back that afternoon, Sammy recalled following her back to her home at ‘434 Hancock Road’.  Also in his book was written ‘Saw a tricycle in the garage so she must have at least one youngster about 3-4!’  Notes that he had added into his book two days later, in having gone through the mail after the mailman had made his delivery, Sammy noted the name of ‘Mrs. Natalie Brooks’ addressed on a personal letter.

Mrs. Natalie Brooks

For Natalie Brooks, having grown up in a prestigious but rather very conservative family, her upbringing and schooling had made her rather sheltered when it came to dealing with the have-nots of the world.  Her husband Bret, whom she had dated from late in their high school years, had basically the same upper class upbringing and same instilled values.  Thus, after Ivy League college educations, they were married and continued on with the lifestyle they were accustomed to.  Although her husband’s job took him all about the region and areas on the other side of the tracks and he learned to be cautious, Natalie’s outlook on society was always upbeat with crimes being something she read about in the newspapers.

Never did it occur to Natalie that she had been followed into the parking structure by the black male who she had seen milling about in the mall after she had purchased the housewarming gift for a friend.   Entering the structure and getting into her car that was parked on the second level, Natalie started up her car and proceeded towards the exit on the first level, not paying any attention to the car pulling out of a stall on the first level just before she exited the parking structure.  Thinking of preparing her husband’s favorite dinner that night had her mind preoccupied, and thus she never expected that a sick psycho would be following her home.

Prior to going home, Natalie needed to make a quick stop at the supermarket for some fresh greens, as she planned on just getting that one item to complete the dinner menu.  But this little stop would allow her stalker to pull into a nearby stall, where he’d ‘accidentally’ drop a pen as he neared her car, then attach a GPS locater under her rear bumper.  This new gimmick that her stalker would be using for the very first time would allow him to know her whereabouts whenever she went out somewhere.  From this point on, her safety could be in jeopardy at anytime with this serial rapist knowing her whereabouts with the GPS locator.

Having seen the neighborhood that the lovely blonde beauty lived in, Sammy came to realize that he wouldn’t get very far in nailing this bitch in the bed that she shared with hubby.   Yes, to Sammy, the ideal fuck was to nail a whiteboy’s prized trophy wife right on the very bed that they shared together.  But then Sammy came to realize that he could really start to increase his ‘production’ and then at a later date still get that pleasure of fucking that sweet little wifey on hubby’s bed.  He chuckled at the thought that ‘So long as I’m right from here on, that the bitch didn’t go and report being raped to the cops, when I’s shows her pics of her sucking my cock or having it shoved up her twat, bet she’ll willingly let me in her bed in exchange for the pics not being sent to her hubby!’

So, when a co-worker wanted to sell his old beat-up van that still had a good engine, Sammy looked at the new possibilities that it might afford him.  Working out a sweet deal involving a swap of his junker plus a couple hundred bucks, Sammy now had his own moving ‘office’ from which he could conduct his business.  Pulling up the carpeting to add a thick padding under it, such would then serve as a make-shift mattress or substitute for a bed.  And after doing some special wiring to the interior, Sammy had things running to perfection and he was looking forward to inviting the beautiful Mrs. Natalie Brooks into his ‘office’.

Having constantly checked the GPS readings for the next week, it appeared that the beautiful Mrs. Brooks often went to that same upscale mall where he had first spotted her, as twice in that week she had gone there.  And with this being the holiday season, he ventured to guess that she’d be making even more trips there to finish her Christmas shopping.  ‘Sweetie, the next trip ya make to shop at the mall, ya’ll be going back home injected with a lot of holiday cheer ……….….yeah, injected with of my hot cum up that tight little pussy of yers!’ he gleamed.

With her husband Bret having a well-paying job, there had been no need for Natalie to return to work after the baby had been born, and the decision had been made for her return to work after the child went off to kindergarten.  Now with their child in pre-school, with kindergarten upcoming that next school year, they continued on with the plan for her to return to work or finding something that really interested her.  So for now, Natalie would drop the little girl off at pre-school, then get-together with a lot of her housewife friends for coffee before doing errands or going back home to do some housekeeping.  And to have her daughter get accustomed to an all day school situation, Natalie had decided to start the daily routine from preschool, with certain exceptions for some mother-daughter time together.

On that Wednesday morning, Sammy knew that his beautiful prey was having coffee with her lady friends at the Coffee Hutch, for he had scouted out her whereabouts days earlier and that’s where the GPS indicated she was at.  A couple attempts earlier to make his move proved futile as the bitch had headed on back home right after having coffee.  And with the number of people frequenting that location, having checked it out by driving on by, grabbing her in the parking lot there was not feasible.  But on this day, the GPS reading showed that she had turned and headed in the direction opposite that of her home from the coffee shop, driving in the direction to where the mall was located.

Having seen some educational toys go on sale at one of the stores in the mall, Natalie thought it’d make a great Christmas gift for her daughter.  She planned on picking that up and also shop for a doll that her daughter had asked Santa for Christmas.  Also, Natalie wanted to look around for some ideas as to what to get for her husband for his gift.  So, after ninety minutes of shopping, with gifts in hand, she headed on back to her car.  Using her remote on the key chain, the doors were open and she opened the trunk to put the gifts in.  Closing her trunk, Natalie then proceeded to driver’s side, walking between her car and an old beat-up van parked next to her car.

Upon his earlier arrival, Sammy had initially been forced to park further down the way after having located his prey’s car as all the parking spaces nearby had been occupied by other cars.  As luck would have it, after a twenty minute wait, the owner of the car parked next to driver’s side of the SUV had returned from shopping and was loading up the car.  Grabbing the vacated space right away, parking his van so that the side door was parallel to the driver’s side, Sammy then made sure everything was ready at hand and waited patiently for the lovely beauty to return to her car.

From his vantage point behind the darkly tinted windows of the van, Sammy watched the location where the stairway and elevators were located and immediately got himself a hardon once he spotted the lovely beauty returning to her car.  He licked his lips in seeing her dressed in a white blouse, black skirt and black heels.  ‘Damn, what sexy and flawless ivory white legs!  Ooooooh, I’s can’t wait to have them wrapped around me!’ he panted.  Having adjusted the sliding van door so that it would be silent upon his opening it, Sammy waited till his prey had turned her back to him to open the driver’s door to her car.  Then, after quickly and silently opening the side door of his van, he zapped the unsuspecting beauty behind her neck with his recently purchased stun gun.
Sammy wanted to get the heck out of the parking structure as soon as he could, not knowing exactly how long he had before the bitch regained consciousness.  Quickly binding her hands with a plastic tie around the wrists, then he looped a rope between tie and secured to hatchback door in the rear, making it so that her arms were stretched out above her head.  Tearing a piece of duct tape, Sammy covered her mouth with it as a preventative measure till he got her to a deserted spot.  With that taken care of, Sammy breathed a sigh of relief as he had the beautiful bitch right where he wanted her, under his control and unable to scream for help.  The initial plan was to make a beeline out of the parking lot and take her to the wooded area next to the abandoned construction site just out of town, and thus avoiding being caught.  But with the beauty in his grasp and under control, Sammy needed a quick sample of this pretty little thing or his swollen nuts would surely burst.

Ripping open the front of her blouse, Sammy pulled down her lacy white bra, then went at her beautiful breasts like a starving animal.  He ravaged her soft and sensitive pink nipples, nipping at them with his sharp crooked teeth to cause minor nicks before he began suckling upon her breasts.  In just moments, her milk white breasts were splotched with pink suckling marks that would be easily recognized as hickeys.  Bruises showing the outline of his teeth were also beginning to form at this time.  Cock now rock hard at this point, his hands went up under her skirt to caress her soft sexy white thighs.

Sammy needed to get off right away, but as the bitch was still out of it, fucking her right then and there would be no fun at all.  That would have to wait as he wanted to see the anguish and fear in her eyes when he did rape her.  As she certainly appeared naïve and innocent, Sammy grinned widely as a devious thought came to his mind while looking down at her exposed breasts, thinking ‘Can’t wait to see the look on her beautiful face when she gits up and find her blouse torn and bra pulled down over her purty titties!’  Laughing, Sammy added ‘More so when she discovers her purties titties all covered with my slimy cum, heh, heh!’

Chuckling as he proceeded to unzip his pants and pull out his throbbing wang, Sammy smiled as the looked down at the lovely prize that he’d stolen from some punk well-off whiteboy.  Her once soft pink nipples, now rigid and red from his devouring of them, Sammy wished that her whiteboy hubby was right there in the van to witness his prized trophy being tarnished.  ‘Oh, baby ……………..I’s jist gonna love seeing yer sweet innocent face when ya’s come to and realize ya got my sticky cum all over yer purty white titties!’ he chuckled.  Stroking and beating his meat as he looked upon his victim, Sammy grunted “Ughhhh …………….ughhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Panting to catch his breath, shaking his now dwindling cock, Sammy watched as the last driblet flipped from the tip of his prick up into the air to finally land upon the black skirt of his lovely victim.  Squeezing his dick for a final drop, Sicko Sammy had a thought to having her wondering what the slick and salty taste was in her mouth upon her regaining consciousness.  But the bitch looked so prim and proper that Sammy suspected that she never even had a guy’s cock between her pink lips ever ………not even her fuck’n hubby’s!  And if that was the case, Sammy certainly wanted her wide awake when he forced his cock between her pink lips, thinking ‘Oh, sweetie …….……………I’s don’t wanna deprive ya of not knowing the feeling of gitting yer first cock sliding between those purty pink lips of yers  ……………………..I’s want ya wide awake when ya’s start sucking on Sicko Sammy’s Salami, heh, heh!’

Adjusting his rearview mirror downward, he looked at his pretty prize captive as she remained unconscious with his slimy cum soiling her beautiful breasts and clothing.  Fifteen minutes later and just outside of the city limits, Sammy heard his lovely captive begin to stir and heard her muffled moan “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………nnnnnnnnnn …………………nnnnnnnnnn!”  Looking into the rearview mirror, he observed the beautiful bitch coming around, her head slowly moving from one side to the other as she began to take in the plight that she was presently in.

Eyes fluttering and body quivering, Natalie was confused and dazed, wondering where she was and what time of day it could be.  To her horror, she then came to realize that she was in a moving vehicle, her eyes frantically looking about and took in the fact that she was in some filthy van, and that she had no clue as to whose van she was in.  Trying to call out to the driver to stop immediately, Natalie then realized that her mouth was taped shut.  Worst yet, she was unable to move her arms as they were tied securely above her head and to the back of the van.  ‘Oh, my God!  I’m been kidnapped!’ Natalie realized as her body shuddered in horror.

Trying to move, Natalie cringed as her entire body ached so badly, but more so the tips of her breasts felt as if they had been savagely ravaged.  She then looked down and shuddered in disbelief as she observed her blouse having been torn open and her bra pulled down to bare her breasts.  And then those splotches of white fluid on her body, on her breasts and even on her clothing, what could that be?  Frantic, her breathing heavy with fear, Natalie quivered as she smelt the odor and realizef that ‘It’s semen!  Male semen!  I’ve been kidnapped!  Knocked unconscious and …………….and he did some filthy things to me ………..………tore my clothes apart ……………………bit me …………………..and ejaculated his filth all over me!’

‘Oh, God ………………………he’s planning to rape me ……………….kill me!  I won’t ever see my husband and daughter again …………..ever!’ she trembled.  Hearing a snickering male voice up at the front of the van, Natalie looked up and saw those dark eyes looking at her in the rearview mirror.  Her heart thumped and pounded in her chest, then heard him say “Don’t ya worry none, Mrs. Brooks …………………I ain’t gonna hurt ya none!  We’s jist gonna make some sweet music together fer a few hours, then ya can pick up that kiddy of yers and go home and make dinner fer hubby!”  ‘He knows who I am!  Knows about my family!’ she trembled.  But then there was some relief in what she had heard, that he was not going to kill her, but it was obvious that he intending on raping and defiling her before he let her go.

Struggling against the rope and bindings, trashing about by flailing her legs, Natalie came to realize that this had not been something random but she had been stalked and kidnapped by this pervert.  Then the van turned off the main roadway as the ride in back of the van got bumpy and she could make out the noise of tires going over lose gravel.  Perspiring with fear, dreading what she would soon be facing, Natalie struggled against her bindings with renewed vigor.  Still, her struggles were in vain as she couldn’t break free.  Through the tinted windows of the van, she could see large trees being passed on both sides of the van.  And then the van was turning off the gravel rode between some thick and denser shrubbery, with the van slowing and coming to an eventual stop.

A cold wave of fear coursed throughout her body as Natalie observed the driver of the van putting the gear into the parked position and then the engine was turned off.  Then, her captor was getting out of the driver’s seat and coming back into interior of the van.  Body trembling and shaking uncontrollably from fear, Natalie saw the lecherous smile of the black bastard who had brazenly kidnapped her from the parking structure.  ‘Oh, God ………………oh, God ……………..pleaseeeeeeeee ………………….oh, pleaseeeeeee ………………..please don’t let him rape me!’ she prayed and shuddered in horror as her assailant was now pulling his shirt off to reveal his ebony body.

Crying, Natalie turned her head away and flailed her legs out in an attempt to keep him at bay with the spikes of her heels as the black bastard edged closer.  She cringed as strong calloused hands suddenly grasped her by the ankles, then drew her legs in against his hips to hold her steady, then her captor was running his hands up her calves, caressing them and about to go up under her skirt.  Shivering and shuddering, Natalie was then startled as the duct tape covering her mouth was pulled away from her, allowing her to gasp loudly.  “Please …………………..oh, please …………………..please don’t hurt me!  Please let me go …………………..I have a husband …………………..a child!” she stammered out in hopes of finding mercy and hopes of being released unharmed.

For Sammy, hearing the beauty whimper and plead for mercy was a fucking turn-on, serving to revive his spent boner back up into rip-roaring status.  Feeling up her soft outer thighs, his hands then moved up to her knees to spread her trim legs wide apart.  Holding her legs apart, Sammy then grasped the legband of her panties and went down on her.  “Noooooooooooooooo …………………………..noooooooo …………………….stop ……………………stoppppppppppppppppppppppppp!” came the anguished cry as the beauty struggled to get away from his invading tongue.

Struggling helplessly against her bonds, long silky blond hair whipping from side to side in her frenzy, Natalie shuddered “Nnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnnnnnn …………..nnnnnnnooo ………………noooooooooooo ……………………aieeeeeeeee ………………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  That long thick tongue wiggling up in her cunny was driving Natalie right out of her mind, the unwanted sensations had her toes curling in her black heels, and then her body shook in uncontrolled spasms.  It was due to the evil predator literally eating his prey alive!  And now the predator was getting to taste just how sweet and juicy she was as Natalie orgasmed right in his hot devouring mouth as he proceeded to eat her out royally!

Natalie’s body shook and trembled uncontrollably, her petite body lurching time and time again as a result of the most tremendous orgasm to ever rock her body.  Never before had she experienced anything such as this before, all from this fiendish sex act, causing Natalie to feel as if her response was a sign of betrayal to her husband even though such vile act had been forced upon her.  But her befuddled mind had Natalie shuddering at the thought of ‘How could I do such a thing?  Climaxing in such a manner as never before ………………….with this horrid black ……………..with ……………with his mouth on me …………………doing it to me with his vile tongue!’

Breathing hard as her body began to settle back down to earth, Natalie’s heart pounded in fear and her heart rate zoomed as her captor was gloating at her while proceeding to undo the front of his pants.  “Got yer Christmas present right here fer ya, Mrs. Brooks!  Ya gonna call the cops on me, huh?  Ya gonna tell’em what kinda Christmas present I’s brung fer ya?  Ya gonna tell’em ………………….and yer hubby ……………how’s I’s went and kidnapped ya ………………took ya out in the countryside …………….to rape ya ……..and how’s I’s went and ‘ruined’ ya, huh?” she heard her captor taunt.

Kidnapped and now about to be raped, Natalie wished that she would die right on the spot and at that very second rather than be defiled by this gloating black bastard.  Her eyes widened in seeing his jockeys being pulled down to expose his kinky black curls.  Then Natalie sucked in her breath as the bastard was pulling out the thick black muscle hiding in the crotch of his pants.  Partially erect and already a good ten inches long, Natalie swallowed in fear as it twitched and grew even more erect, growing another inch and a half at the same time.  Another twitch, another inch, and yet again it grew even more.  Finally, it was fully rigid to measure over a foot long giving Natalie a close up view of what the bastard planned to viciously rape her with.

Fearing for her life and the horrible fate in store for her if this vile black got his way as had been announced, Natalie desperately aimed her spiked heels at the pointed bone that threatened to do her damage, thrusting her legs out to spike him in the groin area.  But to Natalie’s horror, her captor had been expecting and anticipating her desperate fight, grasping her out-thrust right foot and peeling her spiked heel off and then the same to her left one as she tried to injure him.  Ankles captured, heels gone, Natalie could only cringe in disgust as the bastard chuckled in her plight, laughing “Trying to kick my nuts and put me outta commission, huh?  Well, I’s can think of something better fer yer purty little feet to do!”

To her horror, Natalie felt the fleshy stem begin to slide up over the soles of her feet as it began leaking out a stream of slime.  With strong hands clasping her ankles tightly, the bastard had her inner soles clamp around his pulsating organ and then he began to hump her feet, getting her soft pink soles slick with his filthy leakage.  At first she tried desperately to pull her legs away and out of his grasp, but then it dawned upon her that in sating his lust in this manner might just be the ticket out of being viciously raped by the sick bastard.  Then she curled her soles around the thrusting cudgel, trying desperately to get it to spew its nastiness harmlessly out onto the van’s interior.  But a moment later, her gloating captor laughed, telling her “’I’s knows what ya’s up to, Mrs. Brooks!  But it ain’t gonna work!”  Ankles suddenly released, Natalie could not struggle in time to prevent her skirt from been pulled from her hips, then her thin panties were easily shredded by the demented bastard.

Natalie struggled but the bastard was atop of her, his weight pinning her down, and then he was fitting the dome of his bloated cockhead up against her entrance.  “Noooooooooo ………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………stopppppp ……………………stop ………………….oh, Godddddd ………………stopppppppppppp ……………owww ……………………….argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Stop …………….stop ………………… hurttssssssssssssssssssssssss …………………………ohhhhhhhh ……………..nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooo!” Natalie screamed and cried out loudly but no one was around as her attacker lunged his monstrous cock up into her too tight slit.  To her dismay, she heard her captor laugh at her plight before bragging that “Hurting now, Mrs. Brooks?  Shit, ya ain’t even got half of my cock up yer tight little twat!”

Looking down into her beautiful but anguished face, Sammy loved seeing the agony that he was the sole cause of, only wishing that the whiteboy hubby she was married to could see his trophy wife being tarnished by him.  He then lunged hard and deep into her, enjoyed seeing her eyes roll from the excruciating pain as virgin territory deep up her cunny was being explored for the very first time.  Knowing that if her husband’s cock was considered average for the typical whiteboy, it probably measured only up to half his thickness and length in comparison to his raping man-muscle, Sammy knew that even a twitch would cause her agony.

Wanting the pretty bitch screaming her head off, Sammy lunged into the quivering beauty time and time again, each time getting to enjoy her cries and whimpers as pounded her into submission.  “Oh, Goddddddd ………………end this all …………………..please  ………………please let me dieeeeeeee!” came the desperate plea to end it all.  Sammy then eased up the pounding, stilling his cock and merely twitching it to expand it in the beauty, then he bent over to lick and nip at her earlobe, whispering “There, there, Mrs. Brooks ………………ya’s got all’s my cock up yer tight little twat now!  Ya and I’s gonna make some sweet music now!”  And as Sammy slowly picked up the fuck pace once again, whimpering mews were emitted by the raped beauty.

Although the pain had subsided and her body had adjusted to having the donkey-sized cock far up inside of her, this only made the rape even worst.  Undesired but with her cunny now instinctively squeezing upon the raping cudgel, Natalie wished that the pain would return to make her violation a truly horrible experience throughout the entire ordeal.  As the foot-long dong slowly sliced in and out of her slick slit, Natalie gritted her teeth so as not to show any emotion of deriving any pleasure out of the rape of her body.  However, unseen but physically telling her rapist that he was getting to her was her cunny squeezing time and time again around his slicing cock.  But as her pointed toes curled as she fought against participating in this fuck, the hidden cameras would capture the pleasure she was getting as her trim hips began to arch slightly up to lancing spear.

Wincing, grimacing as she clenched her teeth tightly, Natalie desperately sought not to give in to the sensations created by the thick muscle sliding in and out of her ravished body as it also brushed against her ultra-sensitive clit.  Gripping at the rope tying her hands to the back door of the van, Natalie closed her eyes shut as she hung her head back in desperation, telling herself ‘Don’t give him the satisfaction of seeing your willpower fail!  Don’t respond ………………..don’t respond!’  Outwardly, her entire body remained absolutely still as her rapist continued his vicious assault upon her.  But inwardly, Natalie knew that her rapist atop of her could very well feel her cunny clasping and unclasping upon his raping spear.

Natalie did quite well in controlling her emotions, but with the long thick cock sliding in and out now surpassing four agonizing minutes, she could not help but to arch up once again into the raping cock.  Then again she arched up into the fuckstick that was giving her so much unwanted pleasure from the forced copulation.  Once more she arched up to her thrusting rapist, and again, then again as her willpower to resist responding was now quickly vanishing!  Slowly, with her willpower weakening more, Natalie brought her widespread legs in closer till the heels of her bare feet were on her rapist’s black butt and attempting to draw him deeper into her clasping cunny.

Sammy smiled at the feel of her heels on his ass trying to draw him even deeper into her hot little cunt and enjoyed feeling that cunny squeezing on his big black dick each time he slowly slid it deep up in her twat.  Knowing that he was succeeding in destroying the last remnants of her willpower to refrain from reacting, Sammy then proceeded to speed up his pistoning some, and loved hearing her reluctant response “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno ……………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”  Chuckling, he then taunted his victim with “Ah, yeah, Mrs. Brooks …………… we’re gonna make some sweet music together!”

To send the beautiful bitch over the edge, he was about to commence with what he called the ‘Sammy Salami Special’ by withdrawing till just the tip of his cock remaining and sliding back in up to his balls.  With that first lengthy withdrawal, the blonde beauty went frantic as she began spurring her heels on his ass as she desperately cried out “NNNOOO ……………..NNNNNNNN ……………...NNNNNNNNNN!”  And when he dicked her till his balls bounced of her ass, she cried out “OHHHHHHH ………………OHHHHHH …………….OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

As he was about to pull out once again, Sammy smiled at the feel of the bitch locking her ankles together in an attempt to keep his cock buried up her twat.  At this point, he began jackhammering the bitch, knowing that she’d soon be overwhelmed by the orgasm of all orgasms.  Pounding away at her clasping cunt, he then felt her petite body suddenly begin spasming uncontrollably as she was climaxing on his dick as the panted out “Ahhhhh ………………………….Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!’  And then the bitch was arching her trim hips up to him as he gave it to her hard and deep as he again taunted her “Told ya we’d make some sweet music together, bitch!  Now here cums the Christmas present I’s got stored up fer ya ……………………aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………ughhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ughhhhhhhhhhhh!”  As he collapsed upon her arched body, they slowly came back down to earth in the back of the van.

Moments later, as his cock dwindled in the ravished cunny of the beautiful blonde wife, Sammy reached back to grasp her left ankle and spread her leg wide to insert her foot into the prepared loped rope and the side of the van.  And then he did the same to her right foot before slowly pulling his drooping cock out of her ravished slit.  Scooting back so the camcorders would capture his cum oozing out of her raped slit, Sammy got his digital camera for some close-up shots that he planned to email her with later.  He smiled in seeing the copious amount of his cum oozing out of her widened hole, knowing there was much more lying deep up in her womb to do the trick in knocking her up with his bastard baby.

Three hours later, Natalie clutched her torn blouse together as she made her way up the stairwell of the parking structure to where her car was parked.  Her breasts ached badly due the mauling and suckling from the bastard, her legs aching at each step from being stretched so widely, her ass burning from being sodomized.  Then, as she reached the top of the first flight of stairs, she Natalie heard a ‘plop’ on the concrete beneath her.  Looking down and back on the concrete steps, Natalie gasped at the sight of several wet white spots trailing her, cum spots that had leaked out of her gaping cunt and dripped from her cunny onto the stairway.  Braless and pantyless, souvenirs of her rapist, she put a hand on her skirt to tuck it in to catch any further leakage.

With her husband out that evening, while entertaining clients at a business dinner, a relieved Natalie had dinner prepared for her daughter and got her bathed and ready for bed.  All the while, from that afternoon since going to the drugstore and picking her daughter up at preschool, Natalie was an emotional wreck.  At the drugstore, she had purchased some much needed douche while praying that it was not already too late to prevent having been impregnated by her black rapist.  Also at the drugstore, Natalie purchased a cheap silver band and ring in hoping that these substitutes would not draw attention to the fact that her real ones were not being worn.  Looking at her bare ring finger while looking for cheap temporary replacements, Natalie cringed at image of the black bastard taking them from her, telling her that she could get them back from him for a price.  ‘Am I willing to pay that price?’ she asked of herself.

Natalie could not bring herself to reporting her vicious assault and rape, knowing what her assailant had taunted her with was so very true.  She still vividly recalled how he taunted her while caressing her in the van, telling her “Ya go and tell the police, then ya gotta tell hubby …………………yeah, tell’em all how’s I ate out yer sweet pussy and had ya creaming on my tongue!  Tell’em how’s I’s stretched out yer tight little pussy and got ya screaming when I’s stuck my big black dick up yer cunt!  Tell’em how’s Is made ya squeal like a pig when I’s buggared ya up that tight little ass of yers!”  One other thing Natalie recalled him say, when she was mouthing his cock, was him pointing to the front of the van and telling her “Smile for the camera, cause it’ll be a nice shot to send hubby!”

Fingering the cheap rings on her finger, Natalie felt so ashamed at the way her body had responded in the rape although she had tried so desperately to refrain from responding and any manner.  Even worst was the humiliation at having to perform such a degrading sex act on a man for the very first time, that of giving oral sex on the foul bastard while forced to pump his bloated penis with her left hand so he could have the pleasure of seeing her diamond ring and wedding band atop of his ebony cock.  Her stomach churned as she recalled the horror of having to swallow all that filth ejaculated into her mouth.  Natalie couldn’t bring herself to having to tell the police of her violation, telling her husband that she had been raped and defiled, feeling that everyone would then be staring at her once knowledge got out of her attack.

Again fingering the rings on her finger, Natalie told herself that ‘I must get my wedding band and diamond ring back, no matter what the price!’  With the bastard having turned on her cellphone while holding her captive in the van and obtaining the phone number to it, she had then been told “Ya want yer precious wedding ring back, Mrs. Brooks?  Well, I’s gonna play Santa Claus on Christmas Day!  And Santa will give yer wedding ring back to ya, so he’s can see'em on his big black cock again while’s ya’s sucking off his big black prick!  Ya drive up to the parking area in the mall, say at 1 o’clock and when I’s see’s ya, I’ll call ya on yer cellphone and tell ya where we’s gonna go and have our Christmas party, huh!  I’s ain’t gonna be in this van when ya’s come, so do git any funny ideas of gitting the fuck’n cops in on this to ruin our little party, huh, bitch!”

Christmas day came and the Brooks household had a very happy little girl as she opened up her presents left by Santa.  Allowing time for everyone to open up their gifts, Natalie then prepared an early brunch for the family.  With their daughter going over to the next door neighbors to play in their back yard with her two friends, Bret was about to take in the basketball game while his wife met with her friends in the women’s group to serve Christmas lunch to the elderly living in the care home near the mall.

It was an annual event for the women’s group to serve lunch at the care home, only this Christmas Natalie had to beg out at the last moment in saying that something urgent came up.  But she had not told this to her husband, letting him believe that she was meeting her friends at the care home.  Instead, upon arriving at the mall, Natalie got a call on her cellphone and a few minutes later she was walking into the office of the nearby Green Light Motel to rent a room.  For the next two hours, Santa paid her a visit while wearing his red cap, and each time he ‘came’ it was accompanied with “Ho! Ho! Ho!  Merry Christmas, Mrs. Brooks!”

To her dismay, but realizing she had misunderstood the promise made, Natalie did get back her wedding ring for Christmas, but that bastard still had her very expensive diamond engagement ring.  Having gone this far, Natalie wondered if she dare go further on with this insane game being played to get back her engagement ring.  ‘My, God!  The diamond ring means so much!  Bret saved up for it, got down on a knee when he proposed to me with the sparkling diamond being placed on my finger!  I just have to get it back!  But what an awful price I must pay!’ Natalie fretted in despair.

With their daughter staying at her grandparents for the night as it was a quieter neighborhood when it came to fireworks, Bret and Natalie were to bring in the New Year’s at the Horton’s home that was a few doors down and across the street.  As Bret and Jim Horton were close friends, having moved into neighborhood the same month as they did, Bret would be assisting Jim in getting the enormous amount of fireworks strung up one after the other, as well as setting off some of the larger aerial displays.

As it neared 11 o’clock, Bret was off to help his neighbor in getting the fireworks ready for the witching hour, leaving Natalie in the company of the many neighbors attending the function with them.  With the house filled with guests, Natalie slipped off to the side, then out the door and made her way home.  Body shaking, fingers trembling as she inserted the key into the lock, Natalie shuddered as large hands came up from behind to cup her breasts as the male voice advised “Right on time, Mrs. Brooks!  Now let’s go upstairs to the master bedroom where ya and I’s can git the fireworks going!  And I’s brought yer sparkling diamond ring to put on yer finger ………………it’ll look real good when ya git the Roman candle I’s got to go off …………………right in yer mouth!”

At the strike of midnight and the ringing in of the New Year, all hell broke loose with the fireworks and aerial displays around the entire subdivision and especially from the Horton’s large yard.  From where she lay on the king-sized bed, Natalie heard all the fireworks and could see the colorful bursts of white, green and red aerial displays.  But there were a lot of fireworks right there in the bedroom that she shared with her husband, only the stars she was rocketing off to when everything exploded around her was due to the big black cock slicing in and out of her cunny before it too popped off, filling her to the brim as he wished her “Happy New Year, Mrs. Brooks!”

Joining her husband to ring in the New Year forty-five minutes after midnight when all the fireworks had been shot off at the Horton’s, Natalie rejoined her husband there.  Embracing her husband, Natalie tilted her head as her husband gave her a passionate kiss to wish her a Happy New Year!  With her eyes partially open, Natalie gazed upon the diamond engagement ring and wedding band that her husband had given her, praying that the New Year would bring her good fortune and especially that Bret did not make out the salty taste still lingering in her mouth.

Natalie knew that things would not get any better following the return of both her engagement ring and wedding band, not with the existence of those pictures and videos taken of her in the van.  With the kiss ensuing and her husband’s tongue dipping between her lips, Natalie could not help touching it with hers while wondering ‘Would he be so eager to even kiss me if he knew what I did just an hour ago?  If he indicates there’s a funny taste in my mouth ………..I ………I’ll tell him it must be the caviar that I just ate!’

End of Story.