Stalked Stewardess
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Entering the plane from the rear door, Elmer Campbell made his way up to the front to begin his task of cleaning the seats of rubbish and to see that all the pillowcases were clean.  It was a lowly job but the only one that Elmer had managed to land with his limited skills and education.  The only part of the job that brought any joy to him was to get to see all the beautiful young stewardesses when he boarded the plane.

On this Friday afternoon, Elmer was on board the plane scheduled to be Flight 508 that would be making a run to San Diego at 3 p.m. and then returning at 6:00 p.m.  With the passengers just having departed, he began the cleanup process while the two stewardesses took a break, near the cockpit, chatting a bit with the captain.  With the their backs to him, Elmer licked his lips as he scanned their sexy bodies.

Both flight attendants were young and beautiful as Elmer had spent every chance he had in checking all of them out on his job.  To his left was Linda Evers, who was in her early thirties, and to the right was Cheryl Wilson.  Elmer had taken a fancy to Cheryl ever since he first saw her on her very first flight six months ago.  He had seen her diamond ring, signifying he engagement, and couldn't help but to envy that lucky fellow.

Cheryl Wilson, age 24, had been out of college for nearly two years now and enjoying the job she had obtained with TransWest Airlines earlier that year.  She had dreamed of being a stewardess for as long as she could remember.  In her second year of college, she had met the man of her dreams in Jack Burton and now he had recently proposed to her.  Although brought up in a conservative family environment, she was madly in love with Jack, moving into a rented townhouse together even though her parents tried to tell her to wait till after they were married.  She had surrendered her virginity to Jack and had no interest in other men.

At times, Cheryl was embarrassed in the way that men turned to ogle her body.  At 5'4", long wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, Cheryl was every man's dream come true.  Her beauty had come naturally to her and she in fact tried to dress down a bit at times so as not to attract attention.

Pretending to be engrossed in the cleanup of the front two rows, Elmer bent over to pickup rubbish from the floor.  But in reality, he was trying to get a peek up Cheryl's uniform.  He took in the sight of her long sexy white legs, causing a stirring in the crotch of his pants.  When Cheryl relaxed against entranceway and dropped a heel, her toes playing with it, Elmer nearly came in his pants.  When they gals straightened up and the conversation ended, Elmer quickly moved further on back in his cleanup.

Still in earshot, he heard Linda Evers ask Cheryl "Will you be able to join us to celebrate Eve's ten years with the company?  Some of the gals and a couple of the pilots will be getting together tonight at the new 'Club 54'!  It'll be a lot of fun to get a few drinks together and there's dancing there!  Heard there's going to be a new band tonight!  Although it gets crowded on the weekends, one of the gals knows the owner and we're assured of getting a few tables together!"

"Oh, I wish I could but Jack's out of town till Sunday afternoon and he'll be calling me later tonight!  It's the first time he's traveling since we moved into the townhouse together!  He'll be upset if I don't answer.  I don't want him to think I'm out there partying when he's not around!" Cheryl replied.  Then Linda laughed "It's a celebration, Cheryl!   It's not like you're stepping out on Jack when he's not here!  You don't have to dance with anyone, just join us for a couple of drinks!  We land at six and we'll be at the club a bit after seven!"  "Well ………..I guess if I left at nine I should still have enough time to get home for his call!  I could use a break as it's been a long week!  At least I'm off this weekend!" Cheryl advised.  "Atta girl!  Besides, what Jack doesn't know won't hurt him!  It'll be our little secret and we'll have a lot of fun too!" Linda laughed.

Elmer overheard the conversation and knew the location of the club that had been mentioned.  'Hmmm, first time you're being left all alone!  Well, we can't have a pretty little thing like you lonesome for some male company, can we!' he chuckled to himself.  With Cheryl reaching up, standing on tip-toes to check on the life vest for demonstration, Elmer licked his lips as he again gazed upon her long sexy legs.  'Fuck, I've just got to get me between those sweet fucking legs!  Man, I may never get a better opportunity than tonight, knowing her boyfriend's outta town!' he concluded.

When Elmer completed the cleanup and got out of the plane, he went over to check the flight schedule and when it would be returning.  He saw that it'd be returning from San Diego as Flight 509 and scheduled to arrive at 6:05 p.m. and assigned to gate 60.  Scheduled to work till 8 p.m., he needed to work out a plan to see what kind of car Cheryl Wilson was driving.  Then, he could follow her on home from there and keep that little honey warm during the night.

 Working it out with the other cleanup crew, Elmer arranged to be the last to take his break that day, purposely going on break after Flight 509 had come in and the crew had departed.  Having gone to the employee parking lot, he moved his car to an open stall to face the direction from where Cheryl Wilson would be approaching.  His plan worked as he observed Cheryl and Linda Evers approaching just as he had predicted.  He watched as they passed in front of him and go to their respective cars.  In seeing Cheryl unlock the door to her white GrandAm, Elmer started up his car to glide pass the unsuspecting beauty, taking down her license plate number as he passed.  Then he parked his car again, letting the women depart from the parking lot.

Returning to work, Elmer anxiously watched the time for when his shift would come to an end.   He could not get the lovely Cheryl Wilson out of his mind and hoped that he made it to the club before the innocent little beauty departed.  'God, I just gotta get me that sweet piece of ass!  Bet that innocent little bitch has never had anything like what I've got for her!  Gonna make her scream real good when I get between her long sexy legs!' he pondered.

In the Club 54, Cheryl was constantly being asked to dance by the male patrons but she steadfastly refused each and everyone.  While the some of the other stewardesses were dancing, Cheryl felt uncomfortable in being asked to dance, feeling she was stepping out on Jack just by being at the club.  Cheryl felt a bit embarrassed when her friend Linda remarked "Honey, you've sure got the men in this club all hot and bothered!"

Once 8 o'clock arrived, Elmer made a beeline to the parking lot and headed out to where Club 54 was located.  The club was drawing in a lot of customers as the parking lot was jammed pack with cars.  Slowly making his way through the parking lot, he breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing the white GrandAm.  Checking the license plate number with what he had written down earlier, he smiled in knowing that he had made it in time.  Now he had to find a parking space that would also provide him with a clear view to where Ms. Wilson's car was parked.  Then it would merely be a waiting game.

In the club, Cheryl kept checking her watch every few minutes, wanting to be certain she made it home in time to take Jack's call.  Finally, just before nine, one of the pilots advised he had to head on home.  Not wanting to walk out alone, she asked the pilot if he would mind walking her to the car.  Once escorted safely to her car, Cheryl thanked the captain for walking her to the car.  Now she headed on home, anxious to hear Jack's voice again.  Preoccupied with her thoughts, she was unaware of the car slowly following out of the parking lot.

Normally, the route from the club to Cheryl's home would have taken less than a half-hour.  But apparently there had been a traffic accident earlier, snarling traffic on the route she had taken.  Unknown to her, immediately behind her was her stalker from the cleanup crew.  Looking at the time, Cheryl was getting panicky, wishing she had not gone to the club as now she might not get back in time for Jack's phone call.

It was just about 10 p.m. as Cheryl quickly pulled up into the open stall assigned for her townhouse.  Hoping that she had made it back in time, she quickly got out of her car and locked the door to make her way to her town home.  In her rush, she had not noticed the car that had parked in a stall belonging to a neighbor who she knew.  Normally she was very cautious, checking around her when parking and exiting her car to be certain there was nothing out of the ordinary.  But tonight she failed to take such precautions, otherwise she would have noticed the car pull into the stall behind her, a car that did not belong to her neighbor.

Cheryl gasped when she heard the faint ring of a distant telephone.  She ran to her front door that was on the street level and fumbled with her keys.  Finally she got the door open and pulled out her key.  As she ran to the phone, she pushed the door behind her to close it.  Reaching the phone on the fourth ring, she answered it "Oh, honey!  How are you!"  Just then she heard the door click shut and breathed in a sigh of relief that she had made it home in time.  Unknown to Cheryl was her stalker slipping into her home before the closing of her front door, slipping into closet near the entranceway.

 Panting for breath, she responded into the phone "Oh, I'm just out of breath as I was in the shower when I heard the phone ring!  I thought I'd be out by the time you called but I guess I was just dreaming of you!"  She blushed, feeling guilty of lying to Jack on the phone but she did not want to tell him that she had been out with partying at Club 54 when he was on his first trip away since they had moved in together.

As he anxiously waited in the closet, he suspected the lovely Ms. Wilson would return to the entranceway as the closet contained various pairs of shoes before him.  While listening to the unsuspecting beauty chat with her fiancé, Elmer took the liberty of getting ready for the evening by stripping off all of his clothing.  Through the slits in the closet door, he peered out wondering where the phone was located.  Then he saw her come into view, holding a cordless phone at her ear, his cock twitched and hardened in anticipation.

With the townhouse being warm on this summer evening and the air conditioning not turned on as yet, Cheryl leaned the phone on one shoulder as she slipped an arm out of her uniform jacket.  Then she switched the phone to her other ear as she completed removed the top of her uniform and draped it over the back of a chair.  Next she leaned down to remove a navy blue heel, then the other followed.  Unknown to Cheryl, her actions served to put on an exciting display for hidden observer.

Elmer stroked his hardened black cock, watching the lovely beauty now pull off the kerchief that the flight attendants wore, then unbuttoned several buttons of her white blouse.   His breathing stopped momentarily as he watched the beautiful flight attendant reach up under her skirt and began to pull down her pantyhose.  He watched as the unsuspecting beauty now sat down in the overstuffed chair, her head keeping the phone to her shoulder as she bent forward to push the pantyhose over her ivory thighs.  He was about to lose his load as one sexy leg was bared followed by the other.  'Oh, baby!  You're gonna be spreading those long sexy legs for 'ol Elmer soon!  Gonna make ya scream, baby!' he muttered to himself.

For a half-hour, Elmer watched and listened as the lovely beauty chatted with her fiancé.  Finally the call was coming to a conclusion when he heard her say "I miss you so much, Jack!  What time is your meeting tomorrow?  Call me before you go?  Okay, I'll make sure to be up when you call at 8!  Bye, honey!  I love you!"  Then he watched her turn off the phone and disappear around the corner.  A moment later, Cheryl Wilson reappeared to pick up her heels and began to make her way towards the closet.

Making her way to the front entrance, Cheryl first went to the front door and put on the safety chain as she breathed a sigh of relief in making it back home in time.  'Gosh, I feel so bad in having to lie to Jack!  But it was only a little white lie since I didn't want him to get upset with me just going out to the celebration!' she told herself.  Turning, she opened the closet door partially and bent over to put her heels down.  Preoccupied in her thoughts, she failed to notice the intruder hidden behind the hanging coats.

Getting up and turning with a hand on the door, her gasp was muffled by a large hand over her mouth and a muscular arm around her, trapping both arms down around her body.  A shudder of terrifying fear coursed through her body as her worst nightmare was actually taking place at this moment. Desperately, Cheryl struggled but to no avail against her much stronger foe.  She shuddered as she felt her assailant's face nuzzling at her neck, nip at her ear, then she cringed as his wet tongue explored her earlobe.  Shaking with fright, she heard the gruff voice "Gonna take my hand off yer mouth, sweetie!  Ya scream and ya gonna get hurt bad!  Real bad!  Understand?"  She sobbed and nodded her head.

Afraid to disobey her muscular assailant, when the hand over her mouth was removed, Cheryl sobbed and pleaded "Please ……………please, mister ……………..please don't hurt me!  I ……….I have some money in my purse!  Take it all ………..but please …………..please don't hurt me!"  There was no response for a moment, then she added "I don't have much jewelry but you can have that too!  Please ………..please don't hurt me!"  Continuing to sob in fear, she prayed that the intruder was only after money or jewelry, praying that he wouldn't harm her in any way.  Tears flowing from her eyes, she shuddered as the large hand at her throat slowly slid down to cup her left breast.  Shivering in fear, Cheryl closed her eyes tightly as the thick thumb went in search of her budding nipple.

“Sweetie, I don’t want your money or your jewelry!  There’s only one jewel that I want from you, sweetie!  The only precious jewel I want is the one hidden between your sexy white legs!" Elmer taunted the frightened beauty.  He tightened his grip knowing that his telling her what he was after would cause her to fight again in an attempt to save her honor and virtue.  He heard her sob loudly in despair once he found her nipple through her blouse, thumbing it to stiffness.

"Please ………....…..please ………...……….please, I beg you!   Please don't rape me!  Please …........……I ….............……I'm engaged to be married!  Please don't rape me!" Cheryl sobbed in fright.  "Please ….........……….please don't rape me!  We're ……...........…..we're getting married soon!  Please …...............……please don't spoil it!  I ……............….I've never with anyone else!" she cried.

Elmer moved his hand back a bit, inserting it between the opening in her blouse, popping a button as he sought entrance under her blouse.  Slipping his hand under the top of her lacy bra, his hand cupped her bare breast, the stiff nipple poking up at his palm.  Lifting his palm a bit, he slowly rubbed the tip of her nipple with his palm, stimulating it further.  Feeling her nipple stiffen even more, he heard her moan softly from the unwanted stimulation.  "Shame on you!  Getting all excited with another man feeling ya up!" he taunted, bringing an anguished sob from the young beauty.

Dragging the sobbing young flight attendant down the hallway, Elmer grasped the top of her white blouse and tore it open.  Grasping her lacy bra, he easily tore it from the struggling beauty.  “Oh, please …............…………oh, please …….........………….please don’t do this to me!” came the agonized plea.  He laughed at her plight and inserted a hand into the waistband of her uniform skirt, tearing it with a strong tug of his hand.  As he pulled her into the bedroom, he felt her struggle even harder once she saw the bed but in the struggle the torn skirt slithered down to the floor.  "That gonna be your marital bed, sweet?  Let's get it broken in for the wedding day, shall we?  Gonna break ya into too, sugar!  Gonna 'ruin' ya real good, bitch!"

Seeing the bed that she and Jack had purchased together when they moved into the townhouse, the bed that was to serve as their marital bed, Cheryl fought with all her might.  Then she was tossed face first onto the bed.  Seconds later, her torn blouse was stripped from her.  Trying to press her body down firmly onto the bed, she felt her panties being pulled down her legs and stripped from her.  Suddenly, strong hands pulled her up at her waist, pulling her up so she was kneeling upon the bed.  Kneeling on all fours on the bed that she shared with her fiancé.

Cheryl was so ashamed and humiliated in her state of nakedness.  No man, other than Jack had seen her in such a state.  With Jack, it was a matter of mutual love and respect versus this horrible manhandling by a demented brute who was intent on taking her against her will.  With the strong hands holding her steady, she felt a blunt bulb probing from behind, searching between her legs.  'It can't be …..........…….it can't be real!  No man ……….........…no man …..........……it can't be!' she told herself.  But seconds later, it was knocking at her door, determined to gain entrance.

'My God!  He …..............……..he's going to mount me like an animal!' she realized in horror.  Never before had she been engaged in such a sexual manner.  She had seen dogs do it in such a manner, some wild animals at the zoo, but she never contemplated herself having sex in such a deviant position.  "Noooooooooooooo ………..nooooooooooooo ……...........……, please ……................………..pleaseeeeeeeeeee!" she sobbed in fright, trying to crawl away without success.

Elmer just loved the feel of the beauty's soft white flesh in his hands.  He loved the fight she was putting up but he was intent of achieving his goal.  Then he was in position, his thick cockhead knocking at the door, ready to plunder the innocent little bitch.  Her pleas and sobs of anguish were music to his ears.  Now he wanted to hear her scream.  Rearing back, tightening his grip on her trim waist, he slammed forward with all of his might.

"Awwwwwwwwww ………............………..aaaaieeeeeeeee ....………..............…………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" came shriek of pain from agonized beauty.  It was obvious to Elmer that this innocent little beauty was being stretched as never before.   He seriously doubted that her white boy had anything that came close to the foot long cock that he possessed.  She was so tight that he had only managed to stick half of his thick cock into her.  Rearing back and lunging twice more into the sobbing blonde beauty, he was now fully buried in her tight snatch.  He kept his cock still, letting her get accustomed to his size and length, twitching his cock occasionally to bring a groan of agony in response.

Cheryl's legs twitched from the unbearable pain, her insides ached as she had obviously been torn by the brutal rapist.  She shivered as she felt the embedded cock slowly withdraw from her torn sheath.  "Ahhhhhh ………..............……noooooooooooo!" she groaned as the cock plunged back into her depths.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh ……................ohhhh ……...........…ohhhhhh ………..............…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she sobbed as the cock began to plunge in and out of her raped slit.  Sobbing, she tossed her head in disbelief, her silky blonde hair in turn whipped from side to side in her agony.

She groaned as the hands around her waist were caressing her, a finger rubbing up and down her groove, rubbing at her sensitive slit.  Never had Cheryl felt the pleasure of her clit being fingered, her body shivered from the unwanted pleasure, wishing it would stop.  Suddenly her body stiffened and began convulsing in an unwanted orgasm.  "Oh , nooooo ………......………nooooo.....................noooo …………....……ohhhhhhhhhhh ...............................nooooooooooo ……...............……..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned.

He let the lovely beauty come down from her mind-shattering climax, then Elmer sped up his lengthy strokes, getting it up to jackhammer speed.  A second orgasm was about to overcome the innocent young beauty, when he again taunted her "Shame on you, sweetie!  Cumming on another man's cock?  Ready for some hot nigger juice?  Gonna fuck a little baby in your white belly!"

Startled back to reality by her tormentor, Cheryl recovered somewhat, enough to realize that this was her unsafe period.  "No …...........…………noooooo, pleaseeeee ……….........………..please, nooooooo ……..............……please ….............……..pull it out!" she sobbed, again trying to crawl forward to get herself off the throbbing shaft.  "No ……........…..please ……….........……please don't!  You ……......……….you'll get me pregnant!" she cried.

Elmer slammed his hips forward with all his might, burying his throbbing cock fully, then his pulsing cock erupted.  His fingering of the beauty's sensitive clit and the hot hosing of his cum directly into her womb had her screaming in another wild orgasm.  He filled the bitch to the brim, the sticky wetness beginning to overflow from where they were joined together.

"Ahhhhhhh, yeah, baby!  You've got a great piece of ass!  Dream about you everyday when I bend over to clean the fucking planes!" he laughed.  "True to the punk you're engaged to, huh?  What a slut he's engaged to, cumming on another man's cock!  He's gonna see just what kind of whore he's marrying when you present him with a little black bastard.  Now that he had sated himself for awhile, Elmer pulled his deflating cock out of her raped slit, pushing her aside like a discarded piece of meat.
 Cheryl curled her raped body up into a fetal position, sobbing in shame and humiliation.  She felt so degraded, having been taken by the animal and discarded once he had sated his lust.  Worst was the manner in which she had responded to being raped, ashamed of herself for having her body react in the way it did.  She shuddered at the knowledge that this evil rapist had sent her over the edge, bringing her to a climax never before experienced, far more intense that she ever experienced with Jack.

'Jack ……………oh, my God ………Jack!' Cheryl sobbed to herself, her eyes clenched tightly shut as her heart pounded from the aftermath of her body wracking orgasm.  'I don't deserve his love!  I ……..I lied to him for the first time tonight!  Now, I …………I've got to lie to him again!  There ………there's no way that I can tell him that the woman he's about to marry got raped by a black man!  He'll never marry me if he learns I've been raped and 'ruined' by a black!' she sobbed.  She shuddered in horror, wondering if what her rapist said came true and she did get 'knocked up' by him.  Moments later, her body limp from sheer exhaustion but sated by the pleasurable orgasms, Cheryl fell into a deep sleep.

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An hour later, Cheryl stirred to the most pleasurable sensations her young body had ever encountered, squirming about on her soft comfortable bed.  It was as if she was dreaming, in a different world, her body shivering in delight.  Long blonde hair whipping from side to side, buttocks squirming into the mattress, legs widespread with her assailant's head buried between her soft creamy thighs.  But Cheryl was totally oblivious as to what was happening to her, never before having experienced the pleasurable sensations of being eaten out.  Her fingers clawing as the bed sheets, she arched her hips up for more.

Mouth wide open, clamped over the beauty's lick pink lips, Elmer flicked his tongue to tease the beauty's sensitive clit.  He loved the way he had the little bitch squirming and withering about the bed, knowing he was driving her out of her mind.  Coming up for air, Elmer took a deep breath to inhale the sweet fragrance of her innocence, wishing her fiancé could see his bride-to-be now.

"Mmmmmmm …………………….mmmmmmmmm ………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came the squeal as Elmer clamped his thick lips back down into the soft blonde muff and over the sweet cuntlips.  His slurping tongue delved into the sweet love channel, flicking at the stiff clit, causing the young beauty to squirm crazily about the bed.  He felt the soft supple body react automatically, tensing and shaking in spasms, hips arching up to grind itself into his pleasure giving tongue.

“Arrrgghh …………………..arrgghhhhhhh …….........……..mmmmmf ……..........….mmmmmf …….ohhhhh ……………...........……..ohhhhhhhhhh!” Cheryl moaned loudly, still totally oblivious to what was happening to her.  It was like a wild pleasurable dream that she was in, not wanting the pleasure coursing through her body to ever come to an end.  She arched up, spreading her legs wide, shivers shooting throughout her quivering body.

Never had young Cheryl ever experienced such a depraved and degrading act on her innocent body.  But it was only the exquisite pleasure that she was feeling, wanting whatever was happening to her to continue forever.  Then the invading tongue teased her stiff little clit mercilessly and her sensitive clit was grasped between the nibbling teeth, sending her over the edge.  Her body tensed and quivered, hips arched as a mind-shattering orgasm struck, causing her to scream out “Ohhhhh ……….............…..ohhhhhhhhhhh ……............…………..ohhhhhhhhhhh, my Godddddddddddd!” A moment later, her rigid body suddenly became limp as she passed out from the mind-shattering convulsions.

Nuzzling up in between the soft creamy white thighs, Elmer was feasting upon the sweet honey emitted by the innocent young beauty.  'Hmmm, this sure is the tastiest and most nourishing meal I've ever had!  Fucking, prime white meat!  God, this innocent little bitch is so damned tender!  I'm gonna have her climbing the fucking walls before this night's over!  She'll be begging me to slam it to her!' Elmer mused.

From her exhausted sleep, Cheryl was stirred awake by the tender suckling of a tender nipple.  Then equal homage was paid to its twin, she murmured "Ohhhhhh, Jack …………….ohhhhhhhh, that feels sooooo gooddddd!  Ahhhhhh …………don't stop!  Ohhhhhh, yes!"  Eyes still closed, Cheryl was about to embrace her loving fiancé.  But in trying to move her arms for the embrace, she realized that her arms were pinned above her head.  'Jack …………Jack ………….no …………no, it can't be!  It ……….it was a nightmare I had during the night!' she thought and prayed.

Blinking to focus her eyes, Cheryl's body shuddered in absolute terror as what she thought had been a nightmare had in fact been reality.  Leering down at her was the leering black face of the man who had viciously raped her.  It was a face she had seen before, an employee at the airline she worked for, one of those who cleaned the planes.

Cheryl was speechless from fright, could only stare up at the leering man, who was making lewd gestures by licking his tongue over his thick glistening lips.  Heart pounding madly, panting for breath, it took a moment for her mind to register what he was saying to her "You've got the sweetest honey, sugar!"  With him wiggling his tongue madly at her, everything hit her at once. 'Oh, my God!  No ……..………no ….................noooooooo...........................…it couldn't have happened!  Oh, my God …............….….nooooooo!' she shuddered in horror.

In her college sorority, some of the girls were wild and liked to tease.  Once in a while, a girl would kid around, mentioning that she got 'eaten out'.  That phrase had puzzled her for a long time, then she had gotten up the courage to ask her roommate what it meant.  Her roommate was a bit of a flirt with the guys and laughed aloud at her inquiry.  Her mouth had just dropped when her roommate explained it to her.  When she learned what it meant, she just couldn't believe any man could do such a filthy thing.  Now she realized that the unbelievable pleasure she had experienced was from being 'eaten out' by the evil man upon her.

Closing her eyes tightly, Cheryl tried to wish herself away from this moment, wishing that the mouth sucking upon her nipple again would not bring any pleasure.  Tossing her head from side to side, she tried desperately to steel her body from feeling anything.  But the hardening of her nipples were the first indications of the battle being lost.  Soon she felt the heavy and sweaty body rubbing itself upon hers, sliding up further upon her, feeling the prodding between her widespread legs.

It was now early morning and daylight shone through the curtains.  Cheryl stared up at her bedroom ceiling, wondering just what had become of her in just the span of one night.  Just twenty-four hours ago, life was so simple with her having the job she always wanted and engaged to be married to the love of her life.  Now all that had changed and her sweet innocence was gone forever, there was no denying that fact, not with the thick black cock still deeply embedded in her.

Lying on the bed with the heavy weight upon her, Cheryl could only shudder with disgust in the manner in which her body had betrayed her.  Throughout the night, her rapist had taken her over and over again, even forcing her to sit and fuck herself upon his lengthy prong.  She was horrified in being forced to submit her body to the lust of an evil rapist but worst was the horrifying way in which she had responded each time.  Never had she ever achieved such mind-shattering orgasms, each time she had clutched her rapist tightly to her with her arms and legs.  Love-making with Jack now seemed like child's play.

Startled by the ringing of the phone, Cheryl pushed the heavy body from her, feeling the thick cock slip out of her messy slit.  Crawling over to the edge of the bed, she got to the extension on the nightstand.  Seeing the time on the clock, she knew it was Jack calling as he had indicated he would.  "Hi, honey!  How was your night?" she answered, shuddering with shame and humiliation, though desperately wanting to sound cheerful to him and that she had been expecting his call.

Thinking that things couldn't be more wicked than that very moment, while talking normally to Jack as if nothing had happened, Cheryl soon found that she was so could not have been so very wrong.  As she listened to Jack while lying on her side, her mind began racing when she felt hands on her hips being caressed and then she was being forced to turn over.  Then Cheryl found herself vulnerable once again as apart while she was on all fours and the bastard shuffling up behind of her.  'Surely, he's not planning to rape me again …………..................not while I'm talking on the phone to Jack!' Cheryl worried.

Fortunately Jack was going on about his plans for the day, allowing Cheryl to clamp her hand over the mouthpiece, blocking out her loud gasp as she felt the thick probe at the entrance to her messy quim.  "Ahhhhhhhh ………..........…….ohhhh!" she groaned loudly as she was again being taken doggie style.  Though abhorred by her predicament, the wickedness of it all had her cunt creaming as she fucked herself back onto the pleasure giving shaft.

Cheryl was happy that Jack had to make this conversation quick for she would be unable to keep from moaning much longer.  She tried to steel her body as it shook and shuddered, squeezing her cunt muscles around the thick cock, pumping herself back and forth upon it.  She was glad to finally tell Jack "Oh, yes, honey!  I'll be waiting for your call tonight!  I …………..I love you too, honey!"  She quickly covered the mouthpiece as Jack told her he loved her, shuddering as the wild orgasm overtook her and a torrent of hot cum flooding her fertile womb.

With her rapist having fallen asleep many a time during the day, Cheryl could have gotten away from him but for some unknown reason something kept her for fleeing to safety.  Each time the thought entered her mind to flee, she squeezed her thighs tightly together, hoping to quell the nagging itch between her legs.  They had remained in bed throughout the day, coupling whenever they awoke, sending her to a countless number of orgasms.

As evening came, Cheryl slipped out of bed while her assailant lay sound asleep in her bed.  She quietly went to the cordless phone in the kitchen and dialed the number she knew all too well.  It was not to call the police but to call the deli around the corner for a pizza delivery.  All that strenuous activity had made her hungry.  She wondered how he could keep getting it up all those time, screwing her out of her mind time and time again.  'Boy, if I'm hungry, he must be starved!' she thought.

Opening a bottle of red wine, Cheryl poured herself a glass and looked at the contents.  Before taking a sip of the wine, she first licked her creamy lips, savoring the rich taste that still lingered.  It was just an hour ago that she had gotten her very first taste of a 'man' and now she hesitated in losing that special creamy taste, intoxicated now with need for sex.  It had started off with her being sent into the twilight zone again, when she was being 'eaten out' for the second time in her life.

Moaning in her stupor, shivering from the tonguing of her slit, her feminine instincts took effect upon the prodding of he lips.  She had opened her lips and stuck her pointed tongue out, running it over and around the slick cockhead.  Cheryl couldn't believe what she had actually done, that she had performed what was unthinkable just a day ago.  She had learned about it from the girls in her sorority but never thought that anyone would perform such a filthy act.  Yet, she had just committed that sinful act that the girls called '69'!  And to think that she had kept the thick bulb between her lips the entire time it spewed out its copious hot load, swallowing all that he had to offer.

When the pizza delivery had arrived, Cheryl took it and the bottle of wine into the bedroom.  She shook the snoring body on her bed and when he woke, she smiled and handed him a glass of wine.  It was obvious that they were both famished, devouring the entire pizza together.  Between bites and sips of wine, the leaned over to one another with lips open, tongues teasing one another in passionate kisses.

Embraced in a passionate kiss, her hand stroking the long black cock, then came the startling ringing of the telephone.  It was Jack calling again, right on time as usual.  Crawling over on all fours to the bedroom extension, Cheryl knew she was making quite a presentation.  She suspected that he would take the wicked opportunity again of screwing her as she talked on the phone with her fiancé.

As she chatted on the phone with Jack, Cheryl was in disbelief that there was no movement behind her.  Puzzled, she looked back behind her to see the grinning black face starring back at her.  Then she saw his tongue protrude his thick lips, making the similar lewd gestures that she had seen earlier.  Cheryl then realized just what he wanted and swallowed hard, wondering if such was done to her as she talked on the phone whether she would be able to conceal her emotions.

'Oh, God!  I don't dare let him do that to me now ……………….not ….........…….not when I'm on the phone with Jack!' Cheryl told herself.  But seeing the tongue that had driven her absolutely crazy twice already, she just had to have it up between her legs again.  Backing up on her knees, Cheryl placed her golden muff squarely upon the flicking tongue.  Just as she was about to speak into the phone, the flicking tongue went to work.  "Ja …..….Jack ………....Jack ….......….I …........…..I love you, honey!" she stammered, shuddering as an orgasm shook her body.

Cheryl was glad that Jack had to meet some of his fellow employees for drinks and had to keep the phone call short.  'God, I don't know what he was telling me!  Not with that tongue between my legs 'eating' me out and sending me out of this world again!' Cheryl told herself.  Immediately after Jack had hung up, she had thrown the receiver to the floor, spun around in that fantastic '69' position to gobble up that big black sausage.  She then deep throated every inch of it, fucking her face on the thick shaft.  Finally when she had shuddered in her climax, the cockhead exploded its hot jism on her lapping tongue.

The next evening, Cheryl threw herself into Jack's arms upon his return home, kissing him passionately.  She had prepared his favorite dinner, knowing Jack would be too tired to go out for dinner after his trip away.  She couldn't help but to wonder what it'll feel like to have Jack tongue between her legs, wanting him to be the one to send her out of this world.

In bed that night, with the lights out as usual, Cheryl got excited when Jack nuzzled his head in her belly and his tongue teased her bellybutton.  Feeling her panties being drawn down over her hips, she stroked Jack's head and tried to push his head down as she squirmed up a bit.  But to her dismay, Jack would not place his face in her sexy groove but instead moved upward to begin suckling at her already bruised nipples.

Determined to show Jack that she was receptive to pleasing him in anyway, after they had kissed passionately, she grasped his cock and moved her head down to his crotch.  But it was just too much for Jack, as the pumping of his cock in her fist had his cock primed.  When she dipped her head, immediately after the first swipe of her wet tongue over his sensitive cockhead, she felt him pulsing uncontrollably in her hand, then it convulsed and sent his load flying in the cool air.

Two months later, following a late morning wedding and a luncheon reception, the young newlyweds were at the airport, ready to head off to their honeymoon destination.  As Cheryl was entitled to free flying benefits for herself and now her spouse, she and Jack had decided on going to a destination serviced by her airline.  That way there would be no cost for transportation and they could save the money for a down-payment on a house.

Cheryl hoped that now that they were husband and wife that Jack would not be so conservative in the bedroom.  Not once had she been able to send her to the moon, not even getting him close to getting his face near her sex.  But Cheryl had to remind herself that she was not the same either after that memorable weekend, no longer the shy innocent girl but instead a slut of a woman in heat.  'God, Jack's stamina has not changed at all!  One or two licks of my tongue on his cock and he's gone, out for the entire night!  Damn, my stud's turning into a damned dud!' she thought.

Her friends at the airline all knew of her honeymoon plans, especially since the bridle couple was flying with them.  Cheryl's fellow employees had seen to it that their seats were upgraded to first class and a bottle of champagne for their flight.  They weren't in a rush to board, bidding their parents goodbye as their families had come to see them off on this special occasion.  On the last call for first class before general boarding, the newlyweds made their way to board the plane.

Jack had told her how much he wanted to go deep sea fishing for marlin, hearing that Acapulco was the best place to land a record fish.  She knew Jack was disappointed when she had looked at him sadly and said "But Jack, this is our honeymoon!"  Cheryl knew he desperately wanted to go out but she just didn't want to be left all alone on their honeymoon.

As she boarded and found the row in first class, Cheryl stepped in towards her seat.  She could not help but to see the familiar smiling black face that was immediately behind hers.  Then she and Jack were seated, holding hands and snuggling up as all newlyweds did.

Up in the air, Cheryl was reading a magazine when she felt a movement of paper on her upper left arm from between her chair and the wall of the plane.  Then she heard a familiar male's voice say "Excuse me, Miss!  I think you dropped this!"  As Jack had been preoccupied in getting a glass of ice from the stewardess, he had not noticed what had just taken place, not seeing the envelope his wife was looking into.

Moments later, Jack was pleasantly surprised when Cheryl told him "Honey, you know that fuss I put up about you going deep sea fishing and leaving me all alone?  Well, I was just teasing you, seeing if you'd put up with my nonsense!  Look what I've got for you, honey!"

Jack looked at the contents of the envelope that his lovely wife handed to him.  He looked at it and his face lit up.  He hugged her, telling her "Wow, honey!  This is fantastic!  Two paid-for tickets for an all day outing of marlin fishing!  Fantastic!  What day shall we go, honey?"

Cheryl laughed "Both are for you, honey!  You know I get seasick!  Go out the first two days and if you like it, buy another for the next day!  Actually, I'm just looking forward to just lying out at the poolside and absorbing all that sunshine!  Don't worry about me, honey!  We have the evenings to ourselves and also the rest of our lives together!"  She had not wanted to be left all alone on her honeymoon but that certainly was no longer going to be a problem.

End of Story.