Stalker’s Paradise
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

For Darius Thompson, after having grudgingly taken on the low paying job as a traveling salesman for a pretty liberal company, he found that traveling and spending all that time in airports really provided quite a windfall for him.  Now, every airport terminal was his paradise ………a stalker’s paradise.  Initially, he had really missed the local bar scene where he could once in a while pick up some nookie, especially when he managed to find a strung out white chick looking for a hit on some grass or drugs.  But with the cops cracking down on the drug scene the past few months, keeping away from the heat appeared wise at present.

Reliable, always able to give them the ‘hit’ they wanted, Darius made it especially affordable for the cute young chicks ………………….provided that they would put out for him!  Not being very good looking, being big and black not helping the cause, it made it even better when the white chick cringed at his touch.  At that time, not having been able to land a decent job, Darius had discovered the side benefits of drug dealing.  He’d used it before, but swore off of it once he had discovered that drugs could provide him with what he really wanted ………………..sweet and tender white pussy!

Darius smiled in thinking back of the cute little blonde sweetie that was a high school cheerleader in particular, one who wasn’t hooked on drugs but instead on the louse of a football jock she had begun going steady with.  Though Darius had already been out of high school a couple of years, the jock had been one of his regular customers for years.  But with the punk’s habit increasing, his limited finances just couldn’t cover the supply he was in need of each week.

Having taken in a football game, one that he had bet on, Darius saw the cute little bitch on the punk’s arm after the team won and the head between his legs began thinking quickly.  Going through the cheering crowd to congratulate the jock, Darius had smiled when the punk returned the congratulatory hug and whispered to him “I really need a ‘bag’ tonight …………..but I’m a bit short!  Can I owe you?”  Eyeing up the petite blonde cutie next to the stud, Darius chuckled in reply “Bring this sweet little bitch with ya and the ‘dime bag’s’ free!  See’s ya in an hour!”

An hour later, with the punk arriving at the regular spot but stopping just short of the end of the wall to get out and walk around the corner of the fence to meet with him, Darius correctly suspected that the punk’s cute little cheerleader girlfriend had no idea what was in store for her.  Having gone over the football program that he had bought that night before the game, he saw the pep squad being featured at the back of the program and had smiled in seeing a picture of the beautiful senior cheerleader in her green and white uniform, that of sweet and sexy Jenny Garver.

For Jenny Garver, been Joey Kern’s girlfriend made her the envy of all the girls at school, and she was just too afraid to disappoint her handsome jock boyfriend in any manner although just a bit of petting was where she drew the line.  When he had returned to the car and said “Let’s get in the backseat!” Jenny had thought that he wanted to make out with her a bit as they had done after each game up at the lovers’ lane hangout.  But when she opened her arms to welcome him, Jenny then was shocked to hear him say “Just be ‘nice’ to him, a little petting!”

Outside in the darkness of night, Darius was unseen to the pretty cheerleader and had heard the conversation.  With the whiteboy backing up out of the car and making way for him to enter the car, Darius just loved the frightened look upon the blonde beauty’s face.  “C’mon, sweetie ………………….yer boyfriend says I’s can git a feel of yer beautiful titties!”  At first she drew her hands up in defense, covering the front of her cheerleading uniform.

Then Darius saw her desperately looking outside to the right of the car where the punk stood watching, not believing that her boyfriend was allowing this to happen.  “C’mon, sweetie …………………..ya gotta pay up fer the ‘ dime bag’ I’s gave that punk of yers!  C’mon, lemme see those sweet titties!”  As the scared young beauty then began to undo the buttons at the top of her cheerleading uniform, apparently thinking that it was just a showing that she needed to do and a little touching were all that would be required of her.

Darius felt his cock lurch as the got a glimpse of the milk-white flesh of her right breast, wondering how much of a fight she’d put up when she came to learn that just showing her titties was not going to be enough, but that she’d have to put out whole hog in order to seal the deal that her punk had made with him.  Once her pink nipple came into view, Darius couldn’t hold back any longer and moved forward to capture it in the palm of his calloused hand and as she struggled, his hungry mouth began suckling upon it.

Capturing her resisting arms as he mouthed her tittie, the door behind her opened as her boyfriend took hold over her arms, allowing Darius to work the bottom of her uniform down along with the emerald green undergarment.  “Nnnnnnnn ……………….nnnnnn …………………nooooooooooooooooo!” she cried out as he moved down to mouth her snatch.  “Noooooooooooo ………………………….nooooooooo …………………..oh, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” she squealed, orgasming the second he tongued her ultra-sensitive clit.

Then, quickly shucking off his clothing, he then moved up upon the smooth sexy white body after peeling off her sneakers and socks.  Placing her left leg over the top of the backseat and pushing her right leg to the front driver’s seat, Darius got into position.  Upon rubbing his throbbing cockhead up and down the slick gash, the frightened beauty then realized just how far he intended on go as she frantically plea with her punk boyfriend to “Joey …………….don’t let him …………………..don’t let him rape me!”

With the beauty struggling under him, Darius grasped her trim white hips and got his cock prime and poised before lunging forward with all of his might.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………..stoppppppppppppp …………………………..oh, stoppppppppppp ……………………it’s too bigggggggggggggggggggggggggg!” came the beauty’s shrill cry as he brutally speared three-fourths of his foot long dong up into her tight little cunny.

Up until then, no fuck session had even come close to matching this exciting night, one where he got to take a beautiful white bitch against her will.  With her punk boyfriend holding her down for him made all that much sweeter for him, especially with the bitch crying and pleading for the punk to help stop him from raping her.  When the punk had asked for a month’s supply free in exchange for some nookie, Darius had told the punk “Yer fuck’n crazy!”

But when told that the purty bitch was ‘cherry’, Darius was only too happy to oblige.  And without the use of the protective condom that the punk had tried to get him to use when negotiating the deal, the thought of copping the unsuspecting bitch’s cherry along with the thought of possibly knocking up a beautiful white cheerleader with his little black bastard helped serve to make it the best fuck ever.  Bitch sobbing in terror and pain from the rape, his cock covered with her ‘cherry’ juice, it was absolutely fantastic.

That fabulous night had then cemented Darius’ lustful cravings in how he now wanted to sample beautiful white bitches in the future ……………taking her against her will …………. by brutal force …………raping her!  And this lustful craving by the demented Darius was only solidified further that very next week after yet another win on the football field when the whiteboy jock drove up for another ‘dime bag’.  Not that the whiteboy would have kicked the habit but in that the punk told him that payment was waiting for him in the backseat of his car.

He would have surely bet that the cute little blonde cheerleader chick would have dumped the fuck’n after what he made her do last week.  But to his surprise, the cute little bitch was in the backseat of the car, already having unbuttoned the front of her green and white cheerleading uniform and was now moving to give him room in the backseat.  Even more surprising was seeing her spread herself out voluntarily as he had positioned her the past week.  Smiling upon learning that she had no idea what ‘69’ meant, Darius was surprised once again in seeing how eager she was to be taught about it.

Later that night, after the jock took off with his ‘dime bag’ fully paid for, Darius chuckled in thinking ‘I’s wonder if the punk will kiss his girlfriend goodnight?  Hmmm, heh, heh …………..he’ll sure git a good taste of my spunk if’n he does!”  It had surely been quite an unexpected change from the week before when the cute little bitch had struggled to get out from under him and crying rape.  The scare little bitch of just one week ago had been transformed into a hot little nymph as she whispered “Fuck me ………………….fuck me with your big black cock!”

With her punk jock boyfriend watching from the corner of the fence about twenty feet away, Darius stopped in mid-stroke and had the little nymph clawing and spurring him to get him back into action as she whispered frantically ‘Fuck me ………………….fuck me with your big black cock!’  “Louder, bitch!  Beg me to fuck ya …………….louder!” he hissed.  “Fuck me ………………….FUCK ME with your big black cock!” yelled the desperate cheerleader, not caring if Joey heard her anymore.

The suck and fuck session had been great for Darius, but he came to realize that one key ingredient was missing from being like the fabulous night of the week before.  At this point, Darius’ mind was filled with thoughts of once again experiencing that fantastic sensation as he had discovered the other week, that of having a sexy white bitch fighting him with all her might as he took her by force.  But that other week had not threatened him much with the aspect of the rape ever being reported, thus there was basically no chance of him being charged with the crime, not with her punk boyfriend participating in holding the bitch down for him.

Months had gone by and although Darius had managed to get himself sufficient nookie, nothing could compare to that first night with the sexy blonde cheerleader.  Now with him taking on this new traveling job and the heat on in the drug dealing trade, his spare time was getting scarce as well as that of scoring some nookie.  Sitting in the airport on this day, as much of his time had been spent recently, Darius gazed at the beautiful blonde looking up at the departure monitor nearby and wondered if she was on the same flight with him.

Watching as the blonde beauty, with a burnt orange outfit and 3" black heels come into the waiting area at Gate 10, from where the flight Darius was on would soon be departing, he correctly assumed that the sexy babe would be on the same flight with him.  He watched as she sat down briefly, then she lifted her left arm up to look at her watch before looking about the general area.  With quite a bit of time remaining before boarding, the blonde beauty stood up and began to head towards the airline’s gold club for members.

Having been given a club membership by the company but never having used it as yet while traveling, once the beauty disappeared into the doorway, Darius got his things and headed on over to the gold club room.  Scouring the inside of the membership club as he checked in, Darius then observed the familiar baggage as well as the burnt orange coat that was draped over it.  He found himself an open seat nearby and got settled in as the blonde beauty reappeared with a glass of the airlines’ complimentary champagne.

Darius eyed up the lovely blonde, eyeing the sparkling diamond on her ring finger but there was no wedding band, making him wonder as to how much of a fight she’d put up if accosted by him.  ‘Man, I’d sure like to sample that purty little thing!  Definitely a whiteboy’s prized possession!  Damn, I’s sure as hell would like to hear her scream!’ he thought, wanting to hear her cries of fear and pain when he gave it to her.  ‘But how?  When?  Is it possible ………………without getting caught and going to the slammer fer life?’ he wondered.  Not facing her directly, through the corner of his eye, Darius eyed up her sexy white legs and the 3” heels she was wearing as that really turned him on.

For 26 year old Terri Ashburn, she was so glad that the sales presentation was over and that it had gone well.  She really didn’t enjoy traveling at all, especially having to be away for days at a time which made it difficult being away from home and for the relationship with her fiancé Jeff Monroe, although he was very understanding on her need to travel.  Grabbing a glass of complimentary champagne from the club’s membership lounge, she could at least relax a bit and congratulate herself before the long flight home and the scheduled dinner date with Jeff.

Preoccupied in her thoughts, Terri answered her cellphone, unaware of being eyed up and down by the black fellow stalking her from across the way.  “Hi, honey!  I’m looking forward to getting back soon!  The weather’s had gotten a bit bad with a thunderstorm here and several airlines cancelled some flights but it looks to be clearing up no.  Hopefully there won’t be any delays with the flight so I can take a nap before we go out for dinner tonight!  Okay, I’ll call at work if anything comes up!  Bye, honey!  I love you” she spoke, unaware of her admirer crooking an ear to get in as much of her conversation as possible.

With the beautiful, sophisticated looking bitch seated in the aisle two rows ahead and off to his right, all Darius could do was to ogle her trim white legs and the black heels that she wore on the flight.  ‘Was she returning home?  Does she have a car at the airport?  Taking a cab?  Renting a car?  Somebody picking her up?’ he wondered.  As his company also provided him with a gold club status with a national rent-a-car firm and having previously used their services in this city, Darius knew that it would only take five minutes to be on his way.  ‘But is that fast enough to get everything to fall right into place?’ he wondered.

Having fantasized of pulling off such a caper for months but never having built up the balls to do it as yet, Darius’ devious mind had been scheming was determined to make this beautiful bitch his for the day.  He had begun taking notes from his first business trip, starting his own little black book, filling it with description of beautiful women he had come upon along with all the details about her as possible.  Such info included: dates, time, type of car, license plate number, home address if he managed to tail her that far, employment info if obtained.  All stored in the alphabetical order of the city’s name in which the beauty lived, just in case he should pick up the hunt on his next trip to that particular city.

Now after having spotted this succulent blonde beauty, Darius was thinking real hard, only that his thinking was solely being done with the throbbing head between his legs.  He was determined that this sweet whiteboy’s prized trophy deserved to be the first to sample the black prize waiting for her that desperately needed to get some relief.  ‘Nice sexy legs, so white and flawless!  God, I’s jist gotta git my head between them purty legs and git me a taste of some sweet honey nectar!’ his mind demanded as he continued to eye her up and down.

But so much had to fall into place for him to pull it off, or even to get himself into position where he could somehow be alone with her and get that opportunity.  The first thing Darius had to hope for was that the hot little bitch had luggage to claim as he needed to go there first to retrieve the bag he had checked in for the flight.  That alone would have nipped his devious plan right in the bud from the get go.  Then the next item that could put a damper on his hopes would be a key element, that of whether the babe had her car at the airport or if she was hopping a cab.

One by one, each needed step fell right into place for Darius:  the unsuspecting bitch had luggage to claim; she waited to get onto the shuttle headed for the short term parking area; the rental car had been reconfirmed to be at the ready when the plane had landed was quickly obtained with his identification and gold club card; catching up with the shuttle as it turned into the lot while he turned off and parked in the lot for an air freight company; using the binoculars packed in his suitcase to observe his prey get off the shuttle and into a white sedan

But there remained so many uncertainties for Darius, wondering what direction would she be taking and whether he’d be able to follow her or if there would be any traffic build-up.  Follow her home and rape her there?  But what if her fiancé or someone else is there waiting for her, ‘maybe she has some roommates since she ain’t married yet’?  Hope she makes a stop, then attack when she returns to her car?  So many scenarios had been played through his evil mind in the weeks before, but now Darius realized that he’d have to just wing it and go with his gut reaction and impulse, hoping that such action had not been made by the wrong head of his.

As they passed the freeway entrance and were headed in the direction of North Stanway, a red light was up ahead at the intersection.  And off to the right, just beyond the intersection was a sign for the Gateway Motel.  As the beauty’s car slowed to a complete stop, Darius deliberately did not stop in time, giving the unsuspecting beauty a small tap on her rear-end.  Quickly getting out of his car while the beauty put her car into park, Darius rushed up to the window of the driver’s door and apologized “I’m so sorry, ma’am, it’s all my fault!  I was just daydreaming!  Why don’t we pull over into the parking lot once the lights change and I’ll give you the information you’ll need and my insurance card!”

As he followed the unsuspecting beauty across the intersection and into the motel’s parking lot, Darius chuckled ‘Ya dumb little bitch, ya should’ve stayed on the road and demand for a police report to be made!  Well ……………….ya can call them later ……………..then report the rear-end accident as well as ya gitting raped!’  Quickly out of the car once again, not wanting to draw any unnecessary attention to a commotion in the parking lot, he advised “Here’ my insurance card, ma’am!  I’m sorry but I don’t have a pen with me!”

When the unsuspecting beauty leaned over to the get her purse from the passenger’s seat, Darius then reached through the open window and zapped her with his stun gun.  A moment later, after taking out his suitcase of product samples and tossing it into the backseat of the beauty’s car, he was strolling into the office of the motel and getting a room.  He asked for a corner one around the back if any were available.  Luck was with him as he got the room on the ground floor on the far end and at the back of the motel.  Locking his car first, Darius then got into her car as he moved the stunned beauty over so he could drive around back and keep her car out of sight as a precaution.

Parking the car, Darius looked up to make sure the coast was clear, then got out to open the door to the motel room.  Moments later, he was carrying his still stunned and dazed prize into the room and closing the door.  Having gone back out, he got her purse and the suitcase he had tossed into her car, then locked the motel room door.  He then proceeded to go through her wallet, smiling as he flipped through pictures of her a white punk who was apparently her fiancé.

Looking at her driver’s license and then down at the prone beauty, Darius chuckled loudly “Well, my purty Miss Terri Ashburn, ya have the honor of being my’s Queen fer a day!”  Then Darius opened up the suitcase of sample products that he had checked in at the airport, smiling at the product selection that he hustled and was delighted at the thought that it would do him good to learn more about them firsthand.  Yes, he would indeed be able sell more of his product line by having used them and seeing the reaction each brought.

Darius always checked the sample case in at the airport, even though it was small enough to carry on, not wanting to be embarrassed should he be stopped and bag searched, with security pulling out one sex gadget after another.  With the stunned beauty not having recovered from the shock as yet, he proceeded to get the beauty into the state of undress that he would await for her to regain conscious to.  Then, reaching for a fur-lined pair of handcuffs, Darius then drew one limp arm up and then the other, securing his captured beauty’s arms above her head and to the corner post.

As she stirred awake, Terri’s eyes widened in horror as she found her arms bound above her head and realized that she was all alone with the hideous black man who had rear-ended her at the intersection.  “Brrrrrrrhhhhhh ……………………..brrrrrrhhhhhhhhh!” came the unintelligible sounds as she tried to speak, only to realize that her mouth was filled with a plastic ball gag.  Squirming about on the bed, Terri was horrified in finding that she was clad only in her undergarments and black heels.

Then he captor was moving closer, reaching out with his large hand, touching her belly and slowly moving down over the top of her panties.  Eyes wide with fright, Terri observed her captor now holding up something with his left hand, causing her to wonder what the strange item could be.  At the end of a cord was what looked to be three small little plastic egg shaped items but Terri had no clue as to what it was.

Now her attacker had the three plastic egg shapes in his right hand, his fingers seeking to sneak under the waistband of her black panties and pulling the plastic eggs with him.  Squirming and shuddering, Terri desperately tried to move aware from the man’s vile touch, then felt one of the egg shaped plastics being pushed into her most private and sacred part of her body.  Then the second one was pushed in, followed by the third.

‘Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!’ of the vibrating pods tucked up in her snatch had Terri tossing her head back and forth, her long silky hair splaying back and forth as she squirmed about.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came her whimpers from around the ball gag as she trembled in an orgasm.  Body convulsing uncontrollably, spasming again and again, Terri then felt her panties being drawn down her trim hips.

‘Pop …………pop ………pop!’ came the embarrassing sounds as the three vibrating bulbs were pulled out of her slick snatch.  But then, something else took the place of the pleasure giving bulbs, that of her captor’s wiggling tongue as it sought and found her ultra-sensitive clit.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn …………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Terri shuddered as she orgasmed into the sucking mouth and onto the lapping tongue.

Moments later, a wide-eyed and scared to death, Terri blinked back the tears as she tossed her head from side to side.  But her pleas from around the ball gag only sounded as “Mmmmmmm ……………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnn …………………nnnnnnnnnnn!”  With her captor now between her widespread legs and rubbing the bloated head of his manhood up against her slit, Terri wanted desperately to plead ‘No, don’t ………..don’t please ……………………….I’m a virgin!’

Seeing the look of fear in her eyes as he grasped her trim white hips, Darius’ lunge forward had her eyes nearly popping out of their sockets as his bloated cock sought to split her womanhood in two.  But then he was repelled a barrier that Darius had only come upon once before, that night when he got to pop the pretty cheerleader’s cherry but this one was in there solid.  Pulling back some, till just the tip of his bloated cockhead remained in place, Darius smiled widely at the terrified beauty “Ya’ve been saving something precious fer yer fiancé, huh?”

With her virginity still intact and her black captor withdrawing his manhood after being repelled, Terri now held some hope that the rape of her innocent body would stop.  But then, in feeling the hands moving down to clutch her asscheeks and seeing the vile look of lust in his eyes, Terri shuddered in fear.  “Annnnnnnnnnnn …………….nnnnnnnnnn ………………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she cried out into the ballgag as her hymen was brutally ruptured as the sadistic rapist again speared his thick black penis into her, this time going right through her hymen.

It sickened Terri even more to hear the bastard chuckle and gloat “Hope ya didn’t promise the whiteboy this on yer wedding night!”  Struggling against the handcuffs, tossing desperately to unseat her vile rapist, Terri sobbed in defeat as the black bastard began fucking in and out of her bleeding slit.  “Ahh …………ahhh ……………..ahhh …………….ahhh …………….ahh!” she groaned against the plastic ball each time the horrid rapist thrust his filthy stalk into her.  Heavy body of her rapist sliding up and down upon her petite frame, all while his thick filthy penis slid in and around the unexplored cavity of her most private body part.

Bad enough to have her virginity taken in such a manner, but it was made even more sickening with her rapist licking her earlobe while whispering tauntingly “Ya gonna tell the punk that an ugly black bastard beat him to it?  Ya gonna tell’em how’s ya lost yer cherry?  What about the little black bastard I’m gonna make fer him, hmmm?  Think he’ll even come close to giving ya something as big as what I’ve got in ya?”  Feeling her rapist shudder upon her body, all while burying his penis fully within her body, then it happened ………………….the raping cudgel exploded in her depths as her vile rapist began spurting his gooey seed into her fertile womb!

‘Oh, God …………………….oh, God …………………….please ………………..please don’t let me get pregnant!’ Terri prayed as the rapist upon her lurched and shuddered.  And deep within her ravaged body, the thick raping shaft proceeded to pulsate and belch out its filthy seed time and time again, filling her to the brim with the slick sticky stuff that now served as added lubricant towards the end to the sordid fuck session.  Even worst than the belching of the slimy seed within her body was the chuckling of the vile bastard, who grunted and taunted her with “Heh, heh!  Got ya good, bitch!  ‘Ruined’ ya good …..real good!”

For Terri, it was a long six hours of sheer terror and agony, with her demented captor continuously seeking to sate his vile lust upon her innocent and inexperienced body.  Terri could not believe that things could get any worst after she had been brutally robbed of her virginity, but she had soon come to learn how foul and sick her rapist really was.  Sick with despair after the initial rape, she was in a total daze when her rapist undid the ball gag and pulled it out of her mouth, causing Terri to hopefully think that her gruesome ordeal was finally over.

Seconds later, Terri shuddered in revulsion of the foreign slimy substance being pushed into and coating her mouth, leaving her with a taste of blood.  Blinking her eyes to focus them, Terri was horrified to see her assailant straddling her body, and the ball gag taken out of her mouth had been replaced by the foul instrument that had violated her and which had brutally broken through her virginity.  Realizing that the vile rapist was now making her taste her own blood, that of her ruptured hymen, Terri just could not believe a man could be so crude and vulgar.

But those six hours showed Terri how depraved and sick a bastard Darius Thompson really was, for not only did he put his bloodied penis into her mouth, she had been forced to continue mouthing him till he did his thing.  Coughing and gagging as the slimy filth clogged her throat, her stomach rebelled against the foreign substance, causing Terri to throw up into the trashcan that the bastard had pushed her head into.  Allowed to rinse her mouth out before the ball gag was replaced, it would be over an hour later before it was once again removed.

In the process of being raped once again, this time the vile bastard held up her cellphone up and taunted “Let’s see now, with yer boyfriend calling ya last back in the waiting area, we should be able to dial back to the last number calling in so ya can talk to yer honey and tell him yer gonna be delayed some!”  Then a pause took place before her rapist offered a rather horrifying alternative “Or ya’s can tell the punk that ya’s in a motel room being raped …………by a big black cock!  Choice is all yers, sweetie!  Maybe he’ll call the cops fer ya ……….or maybe he’ll enjoy hearing his beautiful bride-to-be being raped!”

Eyes focused upon her cellphone, the fact that Jeff’s number was being dialed, Terri shuddered in terror.  The ball gag was pulled out of her mouth at the very instant Jeff picked up his phone and answered “Hello!”  “Hel …………hello ………..Jeff!  Thi ……………..this is Terri!  I …………I ………….my flight’s been delayed ……….I ……………I’ve got to layover for the night!” she advised.  Her situation and tone of voice obvious had Jeff concerned as he asked “Are you okay, honey?”

“Yes ………..yes, I’m fine, everything’s just a bit frantic right now in getting accommodations ……………I’ll call you in the morning!” Terri added, wanting the conversation to come to an end as her vile rapist was slicing his thick manhood in and out of her raped slit, faster and faster as he was evidently determined to empty his vile lust while she talked on the phone to her fiancé.  It ended so hideously, with Jeff ending the conversation with ‘I love you!’ and she responding with ‘I love you too!’ just as her rapist ejaculated his vile seed into her fertile womb once again.

Just short of a year later, Terri had never gotten over that horrible nightmare that had taken place in the motel room, but she had managed to keep it all to herself.  ‘Should I have reported what happened?  Would it have put a stop to that vile bastard?  How many other women has that sick bastard raped and defiled?’ Terri wondered.  But there was no way that she could bring herself to report her rape and violation, too ashamed at having anyone know, especially her aging parents and Jeff.  She just could not have anyone looking at her, seeing her, wondering how she had responded to having a big black man atop of her and violating her.

Terri wondered how she had gotten through the past year and still remained sane.  Before her attacker had left that day, Terri had every orifice violated, with the ball gag serving its purpose as it muffled her shrieks of pains as the bastard brutally sodomized her never before penetrated rectum.  The uncaring bastard had roughly manhandled her, getting her to turn over onto her belly and raising up some before he slammed his thick bone up into her, making her wish that she was dead at that point.  He finally left have having sated his vile lust, leaving her naked upon the bed except for her black heels, with trickles of blood still seeping out of her ravaged slit.

With one end of the handcuff undone and the key placed a distance away from her, it took Terri some time to reach over to get it and undo the other end.  Looking at the phone and seeing where she was, Terri then checked out the window and was glad to see her car parked outside.  Only with her black heels on, upon looking into mirror, Terri gasped at the reflection of her ravaged and naked body, her breasts covered with purplish bruises and her thighs smeared with blood.

Staying in the motel room that night, managing to go out to the drugstore nearby to purchase some potent douche, she prayed that the cleanser would prevent her from getting pregnant.  Six weeks later, doubled up in bouts of morning sickness, the home pregnancy test confirmed the worst.  Three weeks later, with a couple extra days added onto a business trip, Terri aborted the baby that had been fathered by her rapist.  She hoped and prayed that her rapist had been caught when in the act of another crime, even to be shot dead in the process and not have any other woman go through the ordeal she had been put through.

Now, three weeks following her marriage to Jeff and becoming Mrs. Terri Monroe, the questions about the status of vile man who had viciously raped her were suddenly and unexpectedly answered.  But what Terri learned had not been what she had wanted nor hoped for, instead it merely filled her with fear and terror once again, with Terri finding herself in quite a dire predicament.  She now realized that the bastard had evidently gone through her purse that day, taking down all of her vital information, even her business card that showed her email address of

‘Congratulations Mrs. Monroe!’ read the caption of an email at work, causing Terri to open it up, thinking that it was from one of her customers or accounts as she did not recognize the sender’s address that also showed on the screen.  Frozen at her desk, Terri read ‘Hi, sweetie!  Remember me?  The Gateway Motel?  Did hubby wonder what happened to is bride’s precious cherry?  Did you tell him how I’s went and popped your cherry in the motel room?’  Then there was an attachment below, with Terri putting the cursor upon it but hesitated to double click upon it to open the item.

Heart thumping wildly in her chest, Terri was so afraid to open the attachment, but the fear on not knowing what was open began to outweigh the option of not opening it.  In double-clicking the attachment, Terri discovered it being an mpeg file indicating that the item was some sort of movie clip.  Unable to breathe as the clip began loading and indicating it was one of 90 seconds in length, Terri felt her hand trembling on the mouse, wondering just what the vile man was sending to her.

Eyes widening in horror, her jaw dropping as Terri could not believe what she was seeing on the computer screen, now realizing that her assailant must have had camcorders set up in the room to record her defilement.  ‘Oh, my God ……………oh, my God!’ her mind played back again and again as the video clip began to play.  There was no mistaking that it was her on the bed, hands secured above her head with the blue ball gag in her mouth, and she was naked except for her black heels.

Her eyes were focused on the large black hands as they moved from her trim hips to cup her asscheeks, then Terri shivered in seeing her rapist lunge forward but come to a sudden stop, then she observed him rear back and thrust forward once again with all his body weight behind it.  Mentally, Terri could still recall the agonizing pain of that moment in the motel room, the moment her virginity was so brutally ruptured.  All of this had been captured on tape, as evidenced by blood dripping from the black stem to soil the white sheets.

Then, below that was another attachment, that of a picture.  Opening it, Terri sucked in her breath as it was a picture of Jeff opening her car door.  Beneath the attachment read ‘Got our special room reserved for us next week Wednesday and Thursday!  Meet me at 3 p.m., unless you want hubby to get a copy of the tape!’  In looking at the photo again, Terri realized that the dress she was wearing was a new one purchased just weeks ago, one that she had worn on a trip just last week when Jeff picked her up at the airport, thus her rapist had been stalking her once again.

That night, after much deliberation, Terri advised her husband “I’ve got a business trip out on Wednesday but I’ll be back in time Friday for our regular dinner date out!”  It was going to be a high price to pay to her blackmailer, but it needed to be done to keep her husband from receiving a copy of the horrid tape.  In the master bath, she reached up and felt the bottom of her throat and swallowing, Terri shivered in recalling that raw and sore feeling her throat had experienced a year earlier, knowing she’d surely have to once again please the bastard in that manner.

Opening her purse that she had brought into the bathroom with her, Terri got out small box that was delivered to the office that day and marked 'Personal' to observe the three egg shaped bulbs.  One, two, then the third were all in before she pressed the 'on' button.   "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ...........................................nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" she gritted her teeth as she orgasmed from the vibrating pleasure.  .      

End of Story.