Stalker’s Paradise -II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Stalker’s Paradise 1’
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Thinking back and savoring the memories, Darius Thompson sat in the airport lobby as he began surveying the lay of the land in search of a delectable little sweetie.  ‘Damn, it sure as hell worked like a charm on that last trip!  Wonder if I’s can pull off another one?  Sure as hell hope so, or I’s gonna end up in the fuck’n slammer!’ he worried.  But in thinking back to that sweet virginal thing that he had abducted, Darius felt his boner growing in his pants once again.

Darius had to admit to himself that ‘luck’ played a big part of his success that last time, a lot of ‘good’ luck on his part and a lot of ‘bad’ luck on the part of the innocent young beauty.  First spotting her when she was checking on the departure monitors, the head between his legs had taken over.  ‘Jeez, still can’t believe it!  In her twenties and the fuck’n bitch was still cherry!  With sparkl’n diamond on her finger, wonder if’n she’ll tell lover boy that someone beat him to the prize?’ he thought.  Picturing how he had left the bound beauty upon leaving the motel, with his thick cum oozing out of her raped snatch, Darius wondered if he had succeeded in getting the bitch ‘knocked up’ with his little black bastard.

Taking his time, Darius had begun scouting out the possibilities from the moment he got into the line to check into his flight.  One beauty had caught his attention while in line, but he quickly gave up on that blonde bitch upon seeing that she was traveling with a guy who appeared to be her husband.  Having contemplated several nights to think things out and streamline his stalking techniques, one rule Darius had set for himself was ‘not wasting any time by targeting a beauty while she was obviously traveling with a male companion who was more than just a business acquaintance’.

Still, Darius had to depend on a lot of factors falling into place to pull off an abduction and rape of a lovely beauty, and his thought was to hopefully single two potential targets out on a particular flight.  With him checking in his sample case on each flight, one aspect required that his unsuspecting prey have luggage to pick up or they’d be long gone before he got his bag.  Then, if he tailed her out of the baggage claim, Darius had to hope that hubby or her boyfriend would not be picking her up at curbside.

In the security line to get into the airport, Darius put his shoes and laptop into a bin, then handed over his boarding pass to allow him into the terminal.  As the screener was going over his boarding pass, Darius looked over at the other lines into the terminal but nothing really stood out as many of the women were obviously on vacation or headed home from one by the looks of their attire.  Women making a business trip were his prime target, one reason being such a prey would definitely be quite well-dressed and more than likely would not have her spouse tagging along.

Of course the ideal spot in the airport was at the gate from which he would be departing from, otherwise his picking out a choice beauty would go for not if she was going on a different airline or even different flight from him.  Headed towards his departure gate, Darius stopped on the way to buy an expresso before getting there.  And then, while in line, he spotted a sexy beauty wearing a beige blouse and brown skirt, with a dark blue overcoat and 3” beige heels.

Watching her as she talked on a cellphone, keeping his fingers crossed, Darius smiled in seeing her looking about for an empty seat at the same departure gate that he was headed for.  ‘Beautiful …………so beautiful!  Jist my kind of woman!’ he thought, sizing her up to be in her late 20’s.  And with the temperature going to be twenty degrees higher at the flight’s destination as compared to here, he surmised that she was dressed to head off on company business once the plane landed.

Cup of expresso in hand, Darius leisurely proceeded toward his departure gate, his eye on the lovely brown haired beauty as he sought out a seat across from where she was seated.  He smiled in spotting an ideal seat, one located across the aisle and facing her with an angle to his viewing of his chosen prey.  ‘Damn, she sure’s got some long fuck’n legs!’ he commented to himself.  He chuckled and added ‘Yeah, nice and long, jist beautiful fer fuck’n!  God, I’m gonna jist love stripping them pants off so I’s and run my hands up those sexy white legs!’

Having checked in a couple hours before the scheduled flight, due to the lengthy lines and time required to get through airport security, the waiting period was Darius’ game hunting time that he thoroughly enjoyed.  ‘Ah, yes ……………….one beautiful little filly fer me to ride and break so far, hopefully!  But I’d better find another equally sexy little bitch as an alternative jist in case her hubby picks her up when we land!’ Darius figured as he continued his hunt.

A half hour later, with no backup bitch in sight, Darius was putting all the money on the long-legged bitch sitting across the aisle from him.  But it was one bet he’d be quite happy with if the roulette wheel hit his number and he’d get her as the prize.  The way she was dressed in a neat pantsuit and heels, constantly on the cellphone and using her laptop, there was no doubt in Darius’ devious mind that the beauty was headed off on a business trip since this was a morning flight.

Chatting on the cellphone while reading her computer screen to a co-worker at the office, Jennifer Linden was oblivious to the pair of dark evil eyes that were focused upon her.  At 28 years of age and a top sales representative for the costume jewelry firm she was employed with, Jennifer was also very happily married to her husband of four years.  Though she enjoyed her job, being away from little girl of two years of age was the agonizing part but Jennifer planned on taking the supervisory promotion that was recently offered to her as that would reduce the amount of travel.

Madly in love with her 30 year old husband Jeff, her brother’s college roommate at the dorm, Jennifer had thanked the stars at having made it home for Christmas during her sophomore year at Western U.  With her brother coming home during his senior year at Northern State and bringing home his college roommate whose parents were traveling abroad, it was love at first sight for both she and Jeff.  From then on, it was phone calls and emails daily, with their engagement during her senior year and marriage a few months after she graduated.

For Jennifer, the wedding was a dream come true as that one would only read about in a bridal magazine.  And then, up in the honeymoon suite at the plush hotel, Jennifer surrendered her virginity to the man she loved.  Six months later, she and her handsome husband celebrated the good news that had come from the doctor’s office.  Fifteen months after their marriage, the Linden family expanded with the birth of little Allie.  From that point on, life couldn’t get much better for Jennifer.  With little Allie now at the age of 3 and beginning to talk up a storm, the time seemed ripe to expand their lovely family even further.

With a lot of buyers at the large department stores being male, Jennifer was constantly hit upon but she always managed to put them down gently while still managing to charm them with her sex appeal and land big orders.  She couldn’t get over how so many of the men were just full of themselves, thinking that they exuded some type of male prowess that would have her dropping her panties for them.

In thinking of her last business trip, Jennifer could not believe the elderly fellow who had hit on her, especially considering the fact that he knew she was married.  And even more so was the fact that ugly old bastard was ………………black!  ‘God, even over a cup of coffee in the department store’s cafeteria the bastard tries to hit on me!  I thought I was going to die when he put his hand over mine!’ she shuddered upon the thought of the black bastard even thinking that she’d have sex with the likes of him.

If Jennifer could only read the evil mind of the man who had been eyeing her up from across the aisle, the evil black bastard who had nonchalantly gotten up on the pretense of getting a drink of water, then took a seat behind and to the right of her.  Answering her cellphone “Hello!  Oh, hi Stephanie, I’m at the airport right now and getting in at about 10:30!  Oh, no, thanks, anyway!  I’ll be renting a car today since I’ve got several stops to make but I’ll be there about 11:30 and we can grab lunch!”

A pause as the unsuspecting beauty listened to the caller, then she added “Oh, I’m stay at the Green Tree Hotel tonight but I need to stay in go over some product sales figures for tomorrow!”  Smiling widely, Darius couldn’t believe that he had gotten all the information needed in the conversation he had just overheard.  There was now no need to seek out another beauty as this lovely bitch as this whiteboy’s trophy wife was going to be claimed by him before the day was over.

Having glanced over his shoulder and seeing her left hand holding the cellphone to her ear, the sparkle of her diamond ring and wedding band had his cock twitching like crazy.  Cock aching, Darius thought of her punk husband and vowed ‘Don’tcha worry none about yer beautiful trophy wife, punk!  Ya’ll be getting yer trophy back …………….jist a bit tarnished though!  Or shall we say ……………..yer beautiful white bitch is gonna git blackened a bit!  Too bad ya ain’t gonna git to watch, heh, heh!’

Not wanting to move again so as not to draw attention to himself, Darius would have to contain himself with just a peek at the beauty from time to time.  And with an hour to go before the flight was scheduled to take off, the two departure gate agents showed up to man the booth and take care of customers in need of any assistance.  One agent was male, while the other had Darius sitting up and taking notice of the beautiful redhead.  ‘Jeez, I’s take this airline all the time but I’s ain’t ever seen this fuck’n beauty!’ he commented to himself.  Beautiful red hair, porcelain white flawless skin, and her bright red lipstick had Darius’ nuts churning.

For 29 year old Elaine Roberts, she had transferred in two weeks ago when her husband John got a promotion in his job that required them to move.  Married for six years and having two active young boys, Elaine enjoyed her job with Colonial Air as it afforded the family great vacations together with the use of her employee’s discount airfares.  John made good money in his job, but Elaine didn’t want to waste away staying at home, wanting to be out in the public and providing some income for the family.

Having taken care of the first four customers in her line, Elaine then looked up and smiled when asking “How can I help you, sir?”  When asked if there were any aisle seats in the mid-section available, Elaine advised that she’d check to see if there were any available, then told the man “Yes, there’s one on 22F!  I can change your seating if you’d like!”  In the process of doing the change, Elaine shivered as she felt a bit creepy as it seemed that this black man was ogling her with lewd desires in his filthy mind.

Moments later, as she helped the next person in line, Elaine could still feel an evil pair of eyes being focused upon her.  Hands trembling as she held the passenger’s ticket, she had to wonder where the ogling black bastard had seated himself.  Swallowing nervously, Elaine then glanced off to her right side towards the glass windows and observed the bastard she had just served staring at her with vile lust in his eyes and smiling widely, his looks giving her the shivers.  Though she was not the least bit prejudiced, the thought of this tall 6’4” 240 lb. man desiring her in a sexual manner had her frightened.

Indeed, Darius had found himself a new seat so he could take in all the sights behind the podium.  So she caught him eyeing her up, what could she do about it as he was just sitting down and not committing a crime.  ‘Damn, ain’t had me no fuck’n redhead before!  Hmmm, perhaps on my return trip!  What time does she finish work?’ he wondered.  And then he began filling out his little black book on this hot little number:  Elaine Roberts (having observed the nametag on her uniform); beautiful redhead about 5’3” and 115 lbs.; married (having observed her diamond ring and wedding band); Colonial Air; departure gate for flight to Tampa at 9 a.m.

Trembling as she forced herself to return the bastard’s smile, so as not to offend him in any way, Elaine felt her heart thumbing madly at this point, hoping that time would speed on by to get this flight off the ground and being rid of this nasty black admirer.  But Elaine would have been absolutely petrified if she could read the bastard’s evil mind at that instant, for her experience in sexual matters stemmed only through the relationship with one man, that of her loving husband.  And what was going through her black admirer’s vile mind was something she had never before experienced or had even contemplated in doing for her own husband.

Indeed it was, as the rather innocent Mrs. Elaine Roberts had never fathomed that a man would seek to degrade a woman by forcing her to take his filthy testicles into her mouth and please him in such an awful manner.  After having a close up view of this beauty with an angelic face, first eyeing her sparkling diamond ring and then her beautiful lips, Darius would love nothing better than having this innocent little beauty tongue his black balls till he sent a geyser of cum erupting all over her beautiful face and silky red hair.

With the lovely redhead announcing the boarding of the flight and then collecting the boarding passes at the gate, Darius deliberately waited till he was the last passenger to board.  And when he approached the beauty, Darius swore that he observed her tremble with fear as she reached out for his boarding pass and politely said “Have a nice trip!”  He then smiled widely and replied “Ah, yes …………………….but I’ll be back in no time ………………………..and be seeing you again!”

Seeing her face blush, Darius then purposely let his calloused hand brush against her soft smooth one, touching and caressing the top of her ring finger and just briefly toying with her diamond ring, he saw as well as felt her freeze up in fear at the potential double meaning of his reply compounded with his brief touch.  Leaving the trembling beauty frozen to the spot as he went down the tarmac, Darius smiled as he contemplated ‘Wonder if she’ll be fantasizing what it be like to git herself boned by a big black buck like me!  Or jist maybe she’ll be tossing and turning while’s having the nightmare in her life …………………..that of me forcing her to spread her lily white legs and raping her!’

Down the jetway, Darius chuckled ‘Okay, let that beautiful little bitch dream of me till I can git my hands on her!  Now to concentrate on that other bitch that’s on this flight!  Like they say, ‘a bird in hand is worth two in the bush’!  Now fer me to git into the nice soft brown bush of the honey in the plane!  Yeah, her sugar bush is gonna be real sweet!’  Entering the plane and keeping his eyes peeled, his cock twitched upon spotting the lovely beauty seated while reading some papers.

Having been distracted by the beautiful boarding agent, Darius now had to get his head together and plot out his strategy in nailing this hot little bitch.  Seated about six rows back and in the aisle off to her left, he crooked his neck to get a glimpse of the bottom portion of her left leg and heel as she stretched out in her seat.  With still a little time before the plane would be on its way, Darius got on his cellphone and got the number of the Green Tree Hotel from the operator.  Moments later, smiling as he hung up the phone, Darius had himself a room where the beauty would be staying that night, but now he needed to devise a plan on how to get into her hotel room.

An hour and a half later, as he had predicted, the sexy babe had luggage to pick up at baggage claim.  With the luggage just starting to come out and move around the carousal, Darius spotted a guy manning the window for Colonial Air’s lost luggage office and went over to ask “Hey, bro!  How’s the flying benefits with Colonial?  I was hoping to get a part-time job with an airline to get some flying benefits!”  Getting the response, Darius then asked the real question that he had in mind “Does Colonial Air have regular shift times, with one that would cover this time of day?” Getting the answer, he thanked the guy and mulled it in his mind, ‘6 a.m. to 2 p.m.!  Okay, just the info I needed!’

Luggage in hand while the beauty still waited for hers, Darius proceeded ahead to the car rental lobby that housed all the rental agencies, figuring that would avoid any suspicion as to his stalking behind the lovely woman.  Next in line at the rental agency where he had reserved his car, Darius watched as the beauty entered and proceeded to the agency located a couple rows on down.  Seeing which agency she was renting her car from, he would then get his car and be ready to pick up tail when she got her rental.

His impromptu strategy was working like a charm thus far but now Darius had to hope that the next step that he had in mind came to fruition.  With his own accounts to call on, Darius hoped that the bitch didn’t take him too far out the way to make her first stop, otherwise he’d be hurting to make the contacts he had hoped to for the day.  Having gotten the gadget he had purchased the other day, he hoped that it’d work as was told to him.  Now all he had to do was not have her lose him on the way to her first stop, then he could plant the GPS bug under her bumper.

‘Ah, yeah, that’s it!  C’mon and park that car, bitch!’ he mumbled loudly as his prey indeed turned into the parking lot of a large department store to call on her account.  Parking his car a couple rows back, he observed the unsuspecting beauty touching up her makeup and hair before exiting her car rental now minus the trench coat as it was nice and sunny here.  Once she was out of sight, Darius got out and head towards her car and slipped the magnetic bug under her bumper.  Now he could take care of his accounts, check the GPS periodically and then hopefully be resting comfortable up in his hotel room to await the beauty’s arrival.

Six hours later, having taken care of all her appointments for the day, Jennifer Linden headed off to check in at the Green Tree Hotel.  ‘It’ll be so nice to check in and freshen up a bit!  Then go over some paperwork to hit the other accounts tomorrow!’ she thought.  About five miles away from the hotel, little did Jennifer realize that her whereabouts were being watched intently, that she was being stalked from afar and that her stalker was now getting ready to pounce.

Smiling as he watched the blip getting closer and closer to the hotel’s location, Darius was dressednd ready to make his move.  Dressed nicely in a coat like he belonged in a classy hotel like this, sample case at the ready, he went to the window to watch the approaching cars coming up long drive towards the hotel.  And there was the car he had followed earlier that day, just as the GPS signal had indicated, then watched as the unsuspecting beauty turned to park in the guest parking lot.

Sitting in the lobby while pretending to ready the paper, Darius waited till the lovely beauty checked in and was proceeding to the elevator.  As she entered followed by a couple other guests, Darius hustled and caught the door to enter the elevator.  “Floor?” the male guest asked him.  In seeing two numbers already lighted up, Darius edged towards the back of the elevator and responded with “Oh, it’s already punched!  Thanks, anyway!”  Gripping the handle to his sample case tightly, he tried to look nonchalant as he did not want to give himself away.

With the layout of each floor the same, Darius planned on getting off at the same floor as the lovely bitch, then stall for time at the snack machine off to the left, allowing the unsuspecting beauty to proceed towards her hotel room.  The first stop was the 10th floor and the sexy woman edged forward as the door to the elevator began to open.  “Excuse me!” Darius advised as he moved past the couple to get off also.  As his prey turned right, Darius hustled to the machine and slipped a dollar in and bought a pop, then headed in the direction where the unsuspecting woman was about to enter her room.

Can of pop slipped into his coat pocket, Darius then fished out his stun gun just as the beauty’s door opened.  Hallway deserted, a quick zap and Darius had just abducted the lovely woman and had her in the room along with the small suitcase on wheels.  He then secured the hotel room door with the ‘Do not disturb’ sign hanging outside.  Having waited for this moment for so many hours, Darius couldn’t wait to cop a feel of her soft white flesh, debating whether he could wait long enough till she came out of her stunned stupor.

Carrying the limp body over to the bed, Darius laid her outstretched on the middle of the bed, then proceeded to run his hands over her sexy curves and mounds.  Getting his sample case of sales products, that contained other items for such events such as this, Darius got out two mini-camcorders and set them up at the best vantage points in the hotel room.  Demented Darius wanted to have this all on tape, a good way to keep his victims from reporting the rape for fear of the tape getting out, plus an ideal means of later blackmailing the scared bitch into submitting to him once again.

Going back to the bed, he first pulled the blouse out before undoing the buttons down the front and slipping the garment off, then moved to unhook her lacy white bra.  “Oh, sweetie, ya got a beautiful set of knockers!” he panted as his calloused hands molded over her mounds, then he began to thumb her pink nipples to hardness.  “Ummmm, ummmm, ummmm!” Darius exclaimed as he suckled and tongued at her twin peaks, getting them to harden instinctively.  Using the two new Velcro handcuff bindings, he then secured both of her hands to the headrail above her head.

Pants undone, Darius worked the garments down off her trim hips, then pulled them down off her sexy white legs and off her heels.  Bend back over, he then began rubbing his face in the soft brown curls, inhaling her sweet fragrance.  Tracing his tongue up the length of her slit, he then began moving down while nuzzling his face in her soft inner thighs, caressing her soft flawless and sexy white legs with his large calloused hands.

Then, down at the foot of the bed, he peeled off her beige heels, and began tonguing the undersides of the toes of her left foot to satisfy his foot fetish.  Then the toes of her right foot were in his mouth as Darius sucked and teased her tiny toes, rubbing his face in between the soft pink soles, causing his rigid boner to ache and threaten to blow its load right then and there.  “Oh, shittttttttt!” he groaned, knowing that he was on the brink at that point.

Knowing that he needed to take the edge off or blow it all over the sheets, Darius figured that he’d be able to rekindle his candle before she woke from her stupor.  Thus, he slipped his throbbing black cock up between her soft soles that he used to fuck into and moaned with pleasure “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  And indeed he was certainly right at the brink, for with just a few strokes, Darius groaned out “Ahhhhhhhhh!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Ah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Looking down, Darius chuckled in seeing her pretty pink toes all webbed in his sticky goo, her pink soles glistening wet with his drooling jizz.  Loving his women in high heels, especially when fucking them, Darius retrieved her beige heels and fitted them back onto the unconscious beauty.  “Ah, that was fuck’n great!” he muttered in a sigh of physical relief as he gazed upon the naked body of his sexy prey.

Lust sated temporarily, Darius then picked up the menu on the table as he had built up quite an appetite.  Darius looked at it, smiled in observing that he could even order caviar and champagne, then called room service to place an order to be sent up to the room.  Picking up and going through the beauty’s purse, Darius looked at the identification listed on the driver’s license and chuckled ‘Champagne and caviar, compliments of the very lovely Mrs. Jennifer Linden!  Champagne, caviar, and then for a real tasty dessert …………………….yer sweet little oyster!’

Twenty minutes later, having tipped the bellhop from room service at the door, Darius wheeled the cart into the room.  He had given the brother a nice tip, signed the receipt card with a scribble, and gave the bro a wink while adding “The little lady’s not quite dressed, if ya know what I’s mean!”  Popping open the expensive bottle of champagne and pouring himself a glass, Darius then indulged himself by making himself a spread of the very expensive caviar atop of some cheese and crackers.

Body quivering and feeling quite weak as she stirred awake, Jennifer tried to pull her right arm down from above her head but found it bound at the wrist.  Then she discovered the same for her left arm and hand.  “Mmmmmmfff …………..mmmmmmmmmfffff!” was all that came out from around the ball gag that had been inserted and fitted into her mouth.  Eyes trying to focus as she stared at the unfamiliar ceiling of the hotel room, a chill coursed throughout her petite body upon hearing a strange male voice from off to her left say “Ah, the beautiful Mrs. Linden finally arises!  Now don’t ya work yaself up into a real frenzy ……………………cause I’s got ya tied up real good!”

Turning to the direction of the male’s voice, Jennifer shuddered in horror upon seeing the look of vile lust on this strange man in the room with her.  ‘It’s the man who was in the elevator with me!’ she realized, struggling against her bonds and then realized that ‘I was opening my door when he was passing on by!’  Unable to recall anything further, Jennifer then was so frightened and ashamed upon realizing that she was lying there helpless before this leering assailant who had obviously accosted and tied her up.

When the leering bastard reached out to put his large calloused hand upon the bare flesh of her inner thigh to caress her, Jennifer froze out of sheer fright.  And when his caressing hand moved up further on her bare inner thigh, Jennifer then realized ‘My God, I wasn’t wearing a dress but a pair of brown slacks!’  But in trying now to move away from his vile touch, she managed to lift her head some and confirmed ‘Oh God, my clothes ………….they’re gone ………………..I don’t have any clothes on!’

“Ah, don’t be ashamed, Mrs. Linden!  Nothing to be ashamed about cause ya’ve got a very beautiful and sexy bod!” Darius taunted the frightened young wife.  Stepping closer, he reached up and grasped her tender pink nipples by forefingers and thumbs, then cruelly twisted and pulled at them.  “Nnnnnnnnnnn ………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came the muffled cry of pain as the frightened eyes of the lovely beauty told it all for him.

As tears flowed out of the eyes of the crying beauty, Darius let up on her twisted nipples, then began to gently thumb them erect.  “There, there, sweetie ………………… more crying, jist wanted to show ya that there ain’t no one around to come and help ya!  Hubby’s trophy wife is all mine fer the night, sweetie!” he advised just before bending forward to take her right nipple into his mouth and suckle upon.  Nipple hardening more under his flicking tongue as the beauty squirmed upon the bed and fought at her handcuffs, Darius then mouthed her left nipple to tongue it erect.

Mortified at having a strange man doing such an intimate act with her, Jennifer continued to struggle but the metals cuffs around her hands would not give way and now she was trying to tell her body not to respond to this awful black intruder’s suckling upon her breasts.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnnnnnn ………………..nnnnnnnnn …………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Jennifer shuddered as tried desperately to squirm away from the unwanted pleasure of the bastard’s flicking tongue, wishing that he would stop at that very instant.

Jennifer unexpectedly got her wish granted as the tonguing of her breasts stopped as if her assailant had heard her thoughts.  But with the vile bastard stepping back and straightening up, Jennifer then realized at that instant that she preferred not having had her wish granted, not with the large black hands that she was staring at began to undo the belt buckle and then following with the unzipping of his pants.  Then, her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets upon seeing the long filthy piece of manhood that had been released and was now drooping out of the opening.

‘Ohhhhh, God …………………….he’s going to rape me ……………..with that filthy black thing!’ Jennifer shuddered in fear and horror, then heard him taunting her with “What’s da matter, Mrs. Linden?  Don’t ya wanna sample some prime blackened beef?”  Frantically, Jennifer shook her head from side to side to signal ‘No’ and prayed that he would not rape her!  To her relief, the gloating black bastard responded with “Seeing that ya ain’t ready fer me yet, I’s jist have a bit more of the champagne I’s charged to yer room!”

For Darius, it was just as he had planned, knowing that the pretty bitch would rather die than being raped by the likes of someone like him.  Downing the glass of champagne from the table, he turned to look at his frightened captive, “Ah, champagne’s good but all the fuck’n caviar’s gone!  Guess it’s time for that sweet juicy oyster I’s been saving!”  Stepping back towards the bed, Darius then reached down for small control panel that was on the bed between her trim sexy legs.

Holding the small plastic controls up high, getting the cord taunt and pulling it some, Darius smiled deviously at the frightened eyes of his captive beauty bulging in horror as they traced the length of the cord down to where it could no longer be seen.  A slight tug upon the cord by Darius had the beauty trembling with fear, for her cunny had been stuffed with what she would soon be feeling of the three vibrating beans at the other end of the cord.  Then, with a press of the button, the beautiful petite body upon the bed went in a wild frenzy.

“Nnnnnnnnnn ……………………nnnnnnnnnnn …………………nnnnnnnnnnnn …………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnffffffffffffff!” came the frantic moans as the bed shook and rattled from her desperate and wild gyrations upon the bed as the vibrating knobs in her pussy proceeded to drive the innocent young wife out of her mind.  With the sexy white body of the trashing beauty flopping up and down upon the bed, jumping nearly a foot high as the agonized wife reacted wildly to the electric sensations spreading from the core of her being.

And then the beautiful petite body began quivering uncontrollably, signaling the mind-shattering climax that she had just succumbed to.  For Darius, the sight before him got him rock hard as he gloated “Yeh, baby ………………juice it up ………………juice that oyster up for me ……………………gimme a juicy oyster to eat!   Heh, heh, ya ever had yer sweet juicy oyster eaten, Mrs. Linden?  Ya ever let yer husband eat yer sweet oyster?”  Seeing the blank and puzzled look on the innocent beauty’s face told it all, that he would be the very first to eat her out.

Totally puzzled, staring up at the glistening knobs that had been pulled out of her quivering pussy, Jennifer could not comprehend what this vile man was getting at.  “Ya ever let yer husband eat yer sweet oyster?” repeated itself in her mind.  Replaying the last question in her mind once again, Jennifer told herself ‘No!  No, he couldn’t mean that!  Nothing that hideous and vile!’  But now, with the vile man at the foot of the bed pushing her knees wide apart and licking his thick lips, Jennifer feared the worst.

“Nnnnnnnnn ………………..nnnnnnnnnnn …………………mmmmmmmffffffffffffff ……………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnfffffffffffffffffffffffff!” Jennifer screamed out around the ball gag, the velvet covered handcuffs at the top of the bed jerking madly as she sought to get away from the hot mouth clamped over her sex.  Head tossing from side to side in total disbelief, Jennifer just could not believe any man would want to do such a vile and lewd sex act, but the manner in which his invading tongue went about its work told her how much the horrid man enjoyed this act in degrading her.

Tongue wiggling up against the beauty’s ultra-sensitive clit, Darius just loved hearing her moan through the gag and could tell that he was certainly getting to her in the way she was now arching her hips up at his face.  Then the beautiful Mrs. Jennifer Linden began quivering uncontrollably once again, this time she was gushing her love juices onto his flicking tongue and not saturating the vibrating knobs as before.  With the beauty now going limp from another mind-shattering climax, Darius shuffled up between her trim legs and shucked his rigid boner.

Cockhead flaring wide, hand gripping the girth of his boner, Darius then traced it along the outer edges of her now wet and juicy slit of the dazed beauty.  With cockhead in place, Darius grasped her trim hips, then gave a mighty heave of his loins.  “Ahhhhhhh …………………….annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the loud shriek through the ball gag as he brutally skewered into the ever so tight young wife, his thickness obviously stretching and tearing her some.

Torn some by the thick girth of invading cudgel, Jennifer could only shudder in revulsion and horror of this vile rape.  With lunge after agonizing lunge into her petite body, Jennifer cried as she was violated by the 12” cock till it bumped and hit bottom.  With the huge monstrosity stretching her as never before, Jennifer wondered whether she would ever be able to make love to her husband again ………….and feel his penis that was only half the length and girth of her rapist’s.

And now her vile rape was made even worse as the bastard licked at her earlobe while whispering “I ain’t wearing no condom, Mrs. Linden!”  Struggling once again, realizing the horrid consequences that could result from this unwanted mating.  It was just an absolute nightmare for Jennifer, the rape being bad enough, but to hear her rapist taunt her continuously with: “Gonna tell yer hubby ya had a big black dick up yer cunny, huh?”  “Gonna report this and tell everybody how ya got ‘raped and ruined’?”  “Gonna knock ya up good, sweetie!”  “Gonna knock ya up with a little black bastard, sugar!”

With her big heavy rapist sliding atop of her petite body, Jennifer the small tear in her vagina was bleeding on his cockstem as it sliced in and out of her raped and ravaged body.  Hurting so badly, not feeling an iota of pleasure from this sex act, it was pure agony for her.  And then the heavy body atop of her was shuddering, going into spasms, when suddenly the pulsating cock deep within her body was belching out it hot filth directly into her fertile womb.

The threat of pregnancy loomed and exploded in her mind, as if her life was passing before her, aided by the searing hot fluid that had just burst deep in her womb.  With this cock so much more virile than her husband’s, cum so much hotter and so much more plentiful being ejaculated into her womb, Jennifer knew that this bastard would very well get her ‘knocked up’ as he intended.  Cock slushing in and out of her raped cavity once again as the bastard squeezed out every last drop of his filthy jizz, Jennifer felt the outpouring of their commingled juices escaping their union joint to flow down her asscheeks to soak into the bed beneath her, then blackness overtook her.

A half hour later, Jennifer instinctively darted the tip of her tongue to caress the thicker one that was gently seeking entrance between her lips.  Her hands move up along the large forearms as she traced the thick muscles of her lover while her cunny squeezed around his thick love muscle that was wedged in her.  ‘Ohhhh, Jeff, you’re so bigggggg in me tonight!’ she thought, shivering as the thick penis throbbed and expanded even larger, pushing back and stretching out her gripping pussy.

Freezing for a moment, her eyes still closed, Jennifer’s fingers then traced the forearm muscles once again.  ‘Oh, my God!  Oh, my God!  It’s not Jeff making love to me!’ she trembled, realizing that ‘I’m being raped ………….again!’  Upon her blacking out after being raped and ravaged earlier, Jennifer was unaware of the handcuffs being removed from her wrists along with the ball gag from her mouth.  But there was one thing that had never been removed during that time ……………………her rapist’s thick 12 incher that was still in her slick twat!

All of Jennifer’s reactions had not escaped Darius’ attention, for he took great delight in having fooled the lovely bitched in believing she was making love with her whiteboy husband, even if just for a moment or so.  And prepared he was when the raped wife began to fight back as her freed hands were pushing up at him, turning her face to expel his invading tongue, and planting her heels into the bed in a futile attempt to push him off from her.  But the sweet little bitch was just no match and Darius easily held her off, thrusting even hard now into her petite body and at a more frenzied speed to teach her a fucking lesson.

“Ohhhh …………………ohhhhh ………………ohhhhhhh …………………….stop …………………..please stopppppppppp!” Jennifer sobbed, tears flowing from her eyes as her vile rapist proceeded to slice in and out of her, raping her once again.  What had seemed so pleasurable just a moment ago, when having dreamt of her loving husband upon her, now the horrid nightmare was recurring with the black rapist upon her and determined to sate his lust in her body once again.  “Ummm ………………..ummm ………………ummm!” she moaned and shuddered in trying to feelings of pleasure as she gripped the muscular forearms tightly.

Moments later, his fucking of the beautiful bitch now picking up to jackhammer speed, Darius smiled upon hearing her panting out “Ohhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhh …………….…..oh, God ……………….oh, God …………………..……….oh, my Godddddddddddddddddddddddddd!”  Gripping her trim hips to hold her firm, Darius hammered away, feeling the sexy little bitch respond by lifting her trim white legs and locking her heels around his big black ass.  ‘Yeah, bitch!  Ya’ll never report this!  What’ll hubby think if he gits a clip of this flick with ya wrapping her sexy legs around to black bastard who’s raping ya!’ he mused.

Jackhammering her now, Darius knew he was about to send the lovely wife over the edge when he heard her scream out “Oh, God …………………oh, God …………………..I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggggggg!”  And what would certainly seal the worry of the rape from being reported came with the once innocent Mrs. Jennifer Linden panting out “Oh, yes ………………..yessssssssssssssssssss …………………………shoot it ………………………shoot it in meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………….cum in meeeeeeeee!”

That certainly would have any man busting his balls at that instant, but Darius managed to hold on as he wanted to taunt the pretty little bitch even more and bring her all the way down into the gutter.  “Want me to shoot it?  Huh, bitch?  Want some hot nigga jizz shot up yer tight little pussy, huh?  Wanna git yerself knocked up with a little black bastard?” he tauntingly asked while having stopped in mid-stroke, causing the lovely beauty to clutch at him frantically.

Just as Darius had hoped, with the beautiful wife in dire needed for sexual release, she clutched harder at him and screamed out “Yes …………………yes ………………shoot it ………………………shoot it in me!  Do it ……………pleaseeeeee!  Shoot ittttttttttt!  Knock me up with your little black bastard!”  At this point, Darius could no longer hold back, giving her six jackhammer strokes before keeping his big black dick buried up to the hilt and popped his nuts, unleashing a torrent of his hot potent jizz right in her fertile womb.  “Yes ………………….yesssssssssssss …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the shuddering response from the quivering young wife.

Two hours later, still pinned to the bed by the heavy black body atop of her body and thick black love muscle in her, Jennifer could not help but allow her gripping snatch to milk at the thick shaft.  And in feeling it throb and expand from her gripping and releasing of it, her body uncontrollably did it again, and once it responded Jennifer’s snatch continued milking at it till full rigidity set in.  And as another fuck session commenced, with their intimate union never being broken, Jennifer realized ‘Five!  This is the fifth time!  Can it still be called ‘rape’?’

‘Five!  Five fuckings!’ went through Jennifer’s mind as the thick cock began pumping at her once again.  Lovemaking with her husband had always been good between them, but they always ended after the first session, nothing compared to this.  Trying to stop herself from responding, trying to think of something else, but what came immediately to Jennifer’s mind was ‘The letter ‘F’ stands for: Five; Fanatical; Frenzied; Fucking.  Legs wrapped around and beige heels locked his big black ass, Jennifer then combined her thoughts ‘Five fanatical and frenzied fuckings!’

Everything froze a moment later upon the ringing of her cellphone that was in her purse.  ‘Jeff!  Oh, my God, it must be after 8 p.m.!’ Jennifer realized as she was to have called home then to say ‘goodnight’ to her little girl and to tell Jeff that she that she had a safe trip.  Having turned to the sound of the cellphone rings, it kept on ringing as her rapist continued to keep her ‘nailed’ down to the bed.  Then her rapist asked “Hubby calling fer ya, sweetie?”  Looking up at the smirking black face of her rapist, Jennifer sniffled back the tears as she nodded a ‘yes’.

After five rings, the cellphone stopped ringing and automatically went on to her voicemail.  A moment later, the phone in her hotel room began to ring, indicating that Jeff was concerned and worried about her.  Then the vile man above her was reaching over to grab the phone on the nightstand, saying “Ya gonna git the pleasure of talking to yer hubby …………………with a big black cock fucking yer cunny, sweetie!”  Shaking her head ‘no’ as she certainly did not want to endure such an indignity, Jennifer realized that she had no choice in the matter once the phone was picked up and put next to her ear.

“Hel ………….hello!” she answered, wanting her voice to reflect having been in bed, which in fact was so very true.  Hearing Jeff’s concerned voice, she replied “Oh, I’m sorry, honey!  I laid down for a moment and fell asleep!”  It was so horrid for Jennifer at that moment with her rapist above gloating as he sliced in and out of her slowly while she conversed with her husband.  She closed her eyes upon hearing her young daughter’s voice saying “Hi, Mommy!”  “Hi, sweetie!  Mommy misses you so much!  You go to bed now and have a good night’s sleep!  Mommy will be home to put you to bed tomorrow!” she spoke on the phone.

Then, back on the phone with her husband, Jennifer tried desperately to listen and comprehend what he was saying.  But that was so difficult, especially with the thick cock being skewered deep into her, with the black bastard in all the way and then rubbing his crotch and kinky hairs up against her pelvic bone.  Whispering in her other ear, Jennifer was told “Now, before ya hang up ……………..ya be sure to tell hubby ‘I love you!’ exactly when I’s shoot my nigga cum in ya!  Ya won’t be tucking yer little girl in bed tomorrow night if’n ya don’t!”

The rape at this point had become so hideous and vile, with Jennifer blinking back the tears in telling her husband “I love you, honey!” just as her black rapist ejaculated his hot vile seed into her fertile womb once again.  And to hear her husband expressing his love for her while another man had sex with her, Jennifer was overwhelmed with emotion in thinking that her marriage to Jeff would never be the same from that moment on.  From now, saying ‘I love you!’ to Jeff or hearing that from her husband would certainly bring back haunting memories for her.  But the thought of being killed and never seeing her darling daughter ever again had made her decision to comply with the hideous demand.

“R-i-n-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g!  R-i-n-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g!” came the sound of the hotel phone, waking Jennifer from being dead asleep at 6:30 a.m.  Startled awake, she looked about the hotel room to find her all alone, with her vile rapist having departed.  Aching all over, she reached for the phone and answered with a rasp voice “Hel ………….hello!”  Jennifer shivered in hearing the familiar voice of her black rapist telling her “Good morning, Mrs. Linden!  I saw that ya’s had and 8:30 appointment this morning so I’s thought I’d better give ya a wakeup call!  Now, ya’s have yerself a nice day, honey!”

Dropping the phone onto the bed, the curled cord dragging right off the side of the bed and onto the floor, Jennifer buried her face into the pillow and wept.  Having been totally violated, feeling so ashamed and unclean at that moment, she then recalled the nightmarish hell that she had gone through.  Hands to her face, Jennifer sobbed uncontrollably, knowing that she should report the crime to the police and put the black bastard away for life.  But to tell and relive all the nightmarish details to the police, her husband and family, and maybe again in a trial had her shaking with nervousness.

‘No, absolutely not!  There’s no way I can report it!  If Jeff ever learns that I was talking on the phone to him when he ……………when he was in me and doing it …………how will I ever be able to face him again!  And telling Jeff that I loved him …………….when he was ejaculating his filth in me!  Oh, Goddddddddd ………………….I wish I was dead this very instant!’ Jennifer quivered, recalling how the phone was taken from her then and hung up on the cradle as she climaxed around the spurting black spear.

‘Five times!  Fives times he forced me to have intercourse with him!  Five times he spurted his filthy seed in me, never even pulling out once before the entire five sessions were over with!  Oh, God, what if he gets me pregnant?  What will I do with his black baby?’ Jennifer worried.  She then shuddered, recalling how she thought he’d rape her a sixth time in succession, how he had begun to hump at her like the previous sessions.  At that point, she wished he had in fact done it for a sixth time, feeling sick as the memories of that episode came flooding back to her.

Stomach queasy at the thought, Jennifer recalled how she was preparing herself for another assault upon her ravaged body, only to be startled when her rapist suddenly pulled his rigid penis right out of her widely stretched slit.  Jennifer had been totally unprepared for what occurred next, with him shuffling up her body as she gasped in pain when he had pulled at her hair, and forced to admit the filthy rape stick into her virginal mouth.

Wanting to throw up as the slimy penis slid over her tongue, Jennifer could never have imagined ever doing such a filthy thing in her life, much less with someone who was not her husband.  Even Jeff had been deprived of feeling the pleasure of her pink lips, for Jennifer just could not get over the thought of it being such a degrading act and could never do such a vile thing.  Now, with the one forced into her mouth was covered in a thick layer of goo being the very first to pierce her lips, the horrid act couldn’t be made anymore degrading than this.

Her palms on his hips as she desperately tried to stop this degrading act, Jennifer found that her assailant just would not let up and was apparently intending to complete the indignity by actually finishing himself off right in her mouth, ejaculating right down her throat.  “Ahhh, yeah, baby ………tongue me some!  Gonna pop my nuts off in yer mouth real soon!  Here, Mrs. Linden, roll my nuts and get a feel of some real balls!” Jennifer heard the bastard say as her right hand was grasped at the wrist she was then made to palm and grasp his scrotum.

‘My, God, so biggggg ………..they’re the size of walnuts!’ she thought to herself as her fingers instinctively rolled the big balls in their sac.  Unable to pull away due to the thick fingers wound tightly in her long silky hair, Jennifer eyes had a close up view of the short kinky hairs of his crotch as her pert nose was rubbed in them the thick cock pulsating deep down in her throat.  And then, upon hearing grunts coming from above, she felt the bastard’s big black balls contract in the palm of her hand, getting Jennifer to wonder just how much of the muck could be stored by the nuts she was squeezing.

Suddenly, the lengthy cock was pulled out of her throat till only the thick bloated cockhead was enveloped between her pink lips.  Jennifer could actually feel the popping of the bastard’s nuts in her hand, only to have her pointed tongue being on the receiving end of the gooey explosion as the salty extraction quickly began to fill her mouth.  Gagging and choking of the filth, it was a matter of swallowing or choking to death on the hot slime.  Shuddering as the hot roe slowly made its way down to form a hot lake in her belly, her mouth was once again filled with even more of the gooey stuff.

Standing now as she managed to get out of bed, Jennifer stepped on the back of her right heel with her left to get out of it, then used her toes on the back of her left one.  Slowly, step by aching step, Jennifer finally managed to make it to the bathroom as she just had to cleanse herself from the filth and stench of the raw sex that had taken place.  Turning on a hot shower, Jennifer stepped into the stall and shut the glass door behind her before slumping down to the floor of the shower stall as the water bead down upon her ravaged body.

Jennifer looked down upon the bruised flesh as her once milky white breasts were covered with purplish hickey marks from her rapist’s constant suckling upon them.  Reaching down, touching her puffy slit, she slipped her middle finger in and then withdrew it to see her finger cover with her rapist’s sticky seed.  Blinking back the tears, with only her fingers available, Jennifer began scooping out whatever she could.  And then she watched as the thick stringy threads moved through the water to disappear down into the drain.

Realizing that there was no way that she could face anyone at that moment or even that day on a business call, Jennifer decided to cancel all of her appointment that day and later have them rescheduled on her next trip.  She hoped to build up enough courage to face her loving husband when she flew home in the late afternoon, hoping that she could compose herself enough to act as if nothing had happened.  She would not be reporting the vile rape to the police, nor confide in her husband about it, fearing that Jeff would never want to touch her soiled body ever again.

An hour later, having toweled herself off, she exited the bathroom to start canceling her appointments that day.  Eyes widening, Jennifer felt a chill go throughout her entire body as she viewed her own footprints outlined in white upon the dark green carpeting.  Walking around her outlined footprints she then knelt down to where it began and reached over for her beige heels.  Looking into her heels, the chalky white flakes could be observed, that which had made her footprints in the carpet.

Touching the flakes and looking at them, then the smell of semen in her heels wafted up to her nose to tell her what it actually was.  ‘Did he jack off into my heels?’ she wondered, then realized that ‘Oh, God, the pervert probably got himself off on my feet then put my heels back on!’  With the room registered in her name, Jennifer knew that she had better clean up her tracks in the room and then ball up the semen stained sheets.  She then had to wonder how much her bill would be as the bastard had charged the bottle of champagne and expensive caviar onto the room bill.  She would need to separated and pay that portion separately in order to submit the regular hotel bill on her expense account.

A week later, while in the master bedroom repacking her suitcase for another out of town trip, Jennifer wondered what the small bulge was in the expandable pocket.  Reaching in to retrieve what was in there, a cold chill coursed throughout her body as she looked at the items she had pulled out of the suitcase.  First there was the small control box and wire connecting to the three vibrating knobs that had driven her so crazy, making her climax in just a minute after buzzed within her cunny.

And then there was that ball gag that had been used to muffle her screams when she had been so brutally raped that first time.  But Jennifer’s thoughts went to the last she had recalled it being used upon her, during the last time her rapist had used her body, when he had gagged her once again before pushing her onto all fours.  Had it not been for the ballgag, her shrieks upon being sodomized by her rapist would have been heard throughout the hotel before having blacked out from the pain.
Five weeks later, hoping that she had weathered the storm, Jennifer feared the worst when she felt queasy for two mornings in a row.  The purchase of a home pregnancy test would confirm her worst fears that night.  To make matters worst, the next day at work, she opened an email that was asking when she’d be returning so another appointment could be scheduled.  In reading that the supposed client wanted more of the samples enclosed in the attached photos, Jennifer shuddered in horror upon opening the first one up, one that of her being raped upon the bed.  And the second attachment was that of her with mouth filled with the thick black cock of her rapist.

End of Story (till Darius returns for the beautiful boarding agent of Colonial Air).