Stalker’s Paradise -III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Stalker’s Paradise 1 & 2’
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For 29 year old Elaine Roberts, she had transferred into this large city a few weeks ago when her husband John got a promotion in his job that required them to move.  Married for six years and having two active young boys, Elaine enjoyed her job with Colonial Air as it afforded the family great vacations together with the use of her employee’s discount airfares.  John made good money in his job, but Elaine didn’t want to waste away staying at home, wanting to be out in the public and providing some income for the family.

The two boys had taken a couple of weeks to get settled in with the youngest in a new daycare facility while her oldest began making new friends at the new preschool that happened to have an opening.  Husband John seemed quite busy getting acclimated to his new position and co-workers at the Home Office of his company.  But what seemed like a move that would work very well, things had gotten unraveled quite suddenly, all due to this vile man whom she had crossed paths with when manning the booth and gate for one of Colonial Air's departures.  Having first accommodated the passenger named Darius Thompson in a change of seats, Elaine had the most uncomfortable feeling, that the black man's eyes were undressing her right on the spot.

For Darius Thompson, the long wait at an airport was pure heaven for him, getting to scope out the lovely chicks and pick a beautiful bitch traveling alone.  And his intentions were far from just getting to look at the lovely white beauty and wonder what pleasures she could give a man, but to sample her charms by accosting her and raping her.  On this day, with an hour to go before the flight was scheduled to take off, the two departure gate agents showed up to man the booth and take care of customers in need of any assistance.

One agent was male, while the other had Darius sitting up and taking notice of the beautiful redhead, that of the lovely Mrs. Elaine Roberts.  ‘Jeez, I’s take this airline all the time but I’s ain’t ever seen this fuck’n beauty!’ he commented to himself.  Beautiful red hair, porcelain white flawless skin, and her bright red lipstick had Darius’ nuts churning.  ‘Shit, this is one fuck’n beauty that I’s gotta git to know!’ he told himself as his cock pushed up against the crotch of his pants.

Having taken care of the first four customers in her line, Elaine then looked up and smiled when asking “How can I help you, sir?”  When asked if there were any aisle seats in the mid-section available, Elaine advised that she’d check to see if there were any available, then told the man “Yes, there’s one on 22F!  I can change your seating if you’d like!”  In the process of doing the change, Elaine shivered as she felt a bit creepy as it seemed that this black man was ogling her with lewd desires in his filthy mind.

Moments later, as she helped the next person in line, Elaine could still feel an evil pair of eyes being focused upon her.  Hands trembling as she held the passenger’s ticket, she had to wonder where the ogling black bastard had seated himself.  Swallowing nervously, Elaine then glanced off to her right side towards the glass windows and observed the bastard she had just served staring at her with vile lust in his eyes and smiling widely, his looks giving her the shivers.  Though she was not the least bit prejudiced, the thought of this tall 6’4” 240 lb. man desiring her in a sexual manner had her frightened.

Indeed, Darius had gone up on the guise of wanting a new seat, just so he could take in all the sights behind the podium.  So she caught him eyeing her up, what could she do about it as he was just sitting down and not committing a crime.  ‘Damn, ain’t had me no fuck’n redhead before!  Hmmm, perhaps on my return trip!  What time does she finish work?’ he wondered.  And then he began filling out his little black book on this hot little number:  Elaine Roberts (having observed the nametag on her uniform); beautiful redhead about 5’3” and 115 lbs.; married (having observed her diamond ring and wedding band); Colonial Air; departure gate for flight to Tampa at 9 a.m.

Trembling as she forced herself to return the bastard’s smile, so as not to offend him in any way, Elaine felt her heart thumbing madly at this point, hoping that time would speed on by to get this flight off the ground and being rid of this nasty black admirer.  But Elaine would have been absolutely petrified if she could read the bastard’s evil mind at that instant, for her experience in sexual matters stemmed only through the relationship with one man, that of her loving husband.  And what was going through her black admirer’s vile mind was something she had never before experienced or had even contemplated in doing for her own husband.

Indeed it was, as the rather innocent Mrs. Elaine Roberts had never fathomed that a man would seek to degrade a woman by forcing her to take his filthy testicles into her mouth and please him in such an awful manner.  After having a close up view of this beauty with an angelic face, first eyeing her sparkling diamond ring and then her beautiful lips, Darius would love nothing better than having this innocent little beauty tongue his black balls till he sent a geyser of cum erupting all over her beautiful face and silky red hair.

With the lovely redhead announcing the boarding of the flight and then collecting the boarding passes at the gate, Darius deliberately waited till he was the last passenger to board.  And when he approached the beauty, Darius swore that he observed her tremble with fear as she reached out for his boarding pass and politely said “Have a nice trip!”  He then smiled widely and replied “Ah, yes …………………….but I’ll be back in no time ………………………..and be seeing you again!”

Seeing her face blush, Darius then purposely let his calloused hand brush against her soft smooth one, touching and caressing the top of her ring finger and just briefly toying with her diamond ring, he saw as well as felt her freeze up in fear at the potential double meaning of his reply compounded with his brief touch.  Leaving the trembling beauty frozen to the spot as he went down the tarmac, Darius smiled as he contemplated ‘Wonder if she’ll be fantasizing what it be like to git herself boned by a big black buck like me!  Or jist maybe she’ll be tossing and turning while’s having the nightmare in her life …………………..that of me forcing her to spread her lily white legs and raping her!’

Down the jetway, Darius chuckled to himself ‘Okay, let that beautiful little bitch dream of me till I can git my hands on her!’  real sweet!’  An hour and a half later, while waiting for his luggage, Darius spotted a guy manning the office window for Colonial Air’s lost luggage and went over to ask “Hey, bro!  How’s the flying benefits with Colonial?  I was hoping to get a part-time job with an airline to get some flying benefits!”  Getting the response, Darius then asked the real question that he had in mind “Does Colonial Air have regular shift times, with one that would cover this time of day?” Getting the answer, he thanked the guy and mulled it in his mind, ‘6 a.m. to 2 p.m.!  Okay, just the info I needed!’

Just over a week had since passed and Elaine had totally forgotten about the incident after the first few days.  Each day was quite busy with all the flight departures and arrivals for Colonial Air and making sure to have the boys’ clothing ready for them to get dress with her husband dropping them off.  Elaine would pick up the boys in the late afternoon, allowing herself a few hours to rest, shop, and get the house cleaned up.  After picking the boys up, she was busy seeing the boys took a bath, then she was busy preparing a nice dinner for the family.

Still, no other passenger had given her the willys like that vile black man that she had assisted in changing his seats.  That first night though, Laura had the chills upon recalling that vile and evil man, shuddering at how he had unnerved her so.  The worst was the recollection at how she had froze when he had grasped her left hand and had deliberately fingered the rings on her finger, that of her diamond ring and wedding band, as if the bastard was taunting her with a hidden message.  Unable to sleep, tossing and turning throughout the night, Laura suffered from a recurring nightmare …………………that of the vile black man pinning her to the bed ………………….forcing his filthy black penis into her!

That second night, upon having that same nightmare, Elaine had sat up in bed drenched in perspiration as she trembled uncontrollably.  It had all seemed so real, with that evil black man accosting her, sliding his large calloused hands up under her clothing and caressing her against her will.  Shivering, Elaine recalled in detail that awful nightmare, that of how the man penetrated her and forcing his oversized ‘thing’ up into her way too tight vagina.  Closing her eyes she shuddered once again as the awful pain had seemed so very real, for as she had withered about the bed in sheer agony, the vile black had gloated and snickered while obviously enjoying the pain he was inflicting upon her.  In, in, and further into her petite body her rapist was driving his black cudgel ...........................when finally Elaine had woken from her horrifying nightmare!

Now, weeks had gone by and Elaine had complete forgotten about that awful leering black and her nightmares having ceased, little did she know that a few days ago that same vile man had been watching from afar when she and her co-worker Gwen had gotten into her car at the employee's lot, as Gwen’s car was in the shop for repairs that day.  She had been followed a bit of the way until making it onto the freeway that was jammed pack with an onrush of vehicles.  But the make of her car and license plate number had been the items of main concern for her stalker.  That next day, with a GPS locator placed under her bumper, that would provide her stalker with the location of her home once she got there.

This being a Thursday, after dropping Gwen off at her home, she then proceeded a mile further down to hers.  Little did Elaine know what, or namely who, was waiting for her, hidden in the walk-in closet in the master bedroom of what should be the private sanctuary of her own home.  With her lusting admirer having entered the premises an hour in advance, he had helped himself to a beer in the frig, as well as her lacy pink panties that she had worn the day before and placed in the clothes hamper.  Beer in one hand and cock in the other, Darius proceeded to take off the edge, and a moment later he grunted “Uh ………………..uh ………………………uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

A gulp of the premium beer that he had helped himself to, Darius then inhaled the sweet fragrance of the lovely redhead through the discarded pair of pink panties.  Knowing himself quite well, with his lust pent-up for many days in having stalked the beauty, Darius knew that any struggle that she put up might just having him creaming prematurely.  Thus, to prevent such a tragic waste of an erection, he wrapped the pair of panties around his boner and proceeded to relieve himself in them.

Breathing a sigh of relief, having spurt a wad of cream into the crotch band of her panties, Darius guzzled more of the beer while waiting for his succulent prey to arrive home.  With nearly forty minutes before her normal arrival, having scouted out and timed her pattern with the GPS locator, Darius knew that he’d be bone hard once again without any problem at all.  Looking at a picture of the bride and groom on their wedding day, Darius felt his nuts churn, recalling what he would love doing to the seemingly innocent beauty ‘Damn, I’d love nothing better than having this innocent little beauty tongue my black balls till I’s cum all over her beautiful porcelin white face and red hair!’
Pressing the remote to the garage, Mrs. Elaine Roberts looked forward to baking some of her children’s favorite cookies as a surprise for them that night, along with preparing a small roast for dinner.  The few hours break-time between getting home from work and picking up the children worked quite well as she was afforded adequate time to do things on her own as well as to get things ready for the family each day.  But first to change and get out of her uniform and into comfortable home clothes before starting her plans for the afternoon.

Up in the nice and neat master bedroom, Elaine entered the large walk-in closet that she just loved as she could store all her clothing as well as to give some personal storage space.  And as it was for all couples, her wardrobe and outfits took up over 50% of the closet, something that John loved to tease her about.  Stepping out of her navy blue heels, she then took off her uniform coat and hung it up, then stepped out of her skirt and hung that up.  Little did Elaine realize that she had been and was still being watched by the pair of eyes belonging to the man who had given her such a chill several weeks ago.

Unbuttoning her white uniform blouse and taking it off, Elaine was now dress in a lacy red bra and panties, along with her smoke color pantyhose.  Sitting on edge of the bed after wiggle down the waistband of her pantyhose, facing the open walk-in closet, she crossed her right leg over her left to draw the hose down.  Peeling the hose off her red pedicured toes, she then crossed her left leg over the right in order to complete taking off her pantyhose.  Unbeknownst to Elaine, she was providing quite a provocative striptease for her admirer hiding in the closet.

Grabbing her blouse and pantyhose, she took those items to the master bath and threw the dirty garments into the hamper, then proceeded back into the walk-in closet for her blouse and shorts hanging on a hook.  Unbeknownst to Elaine, by adjusting her panties a bit, the hidden intruder was now licking his chops as he got to view the crack of her beautiful white ass.  Just as she reached up for her clothing, Elaine was startled with absolute fear coursing throughout her petite body when a large calloused hand was clamped over her mouth.  Unable to scream, her body went rigid as a familiar voice taunted her with “Hello, Mrs. Roberts!  I told ya I’d be seeing ya again real soon!”

‘That voice!  It’s him!  It’s not a dream!  Not a horrible nightmare!  It’s real, it’s happening, he’s actually in my home!’ Elaine shuddered, her body rigid with fear.  With a large hand clamped over her mouth and a large arm wrapped around her petite body, Elaine was totally helpless and even if she could fight back, her small fists would be next to useless against her attacker.  The arm around her body had its hand clamped over her bicep, but now that hand was moving back some and was cupping her right breast through the thin lacy bra.

Elaine grimaced as the man was feeling her tittie up, with his thumb and forefinger seeking and finding her budding nipple that was involuntarily responding from the intimate touch.  Then her bra cup was being pushed up, baring her breast as the ebony hand and moved to cover her ivory breast, again touching and squeezing as her taunt nipple.  What a contrast it made, large ebony hand upon an ivory breast, large finger toying and pinching at the ruby red nipple as Elaine could only sob in shame.

Suddenly, Elaine found herself lifted right off the floor and was being walked out into the master bedroom as her captor decided “Let’s go in the bedroom so’s we’s can git us some more room!”  With the large hand still clamped over her mouth, the assailant’s arm around her body easily had her petite 115 lb. frame lifted up against his large frame as he walked with her out into the master bedroom.  Though she tried to struggle and get out of his grasp and to run away, Elaine found herself helpless in his strong grip.

“Ya wanna see yer kiddies again, Mrs. Roberts?  Ya do exactly what I’s say and ya’ll git to see yer little ones again!  Ya understand?  Nod yer head if’n ya’s wanna git to see yer little ones again, sweetie!” she heard her captor advise.  Fearing the worst, that she would be killed and never see her loving children ever again, Elaine resigned her faith and nodded against the hand clamped over her mouth.  Hand removed from her mouth, she could only sob and pant out “Please ……………….please don’t hurt ……………please ……………..I ………………I have some money in my purse!”

The worst of Elaine’s fears were realized upon hearing him reply “Aw, sweetie, ya don’t think that I’s came all the way here fer yer money, do ya?  Told ya I’d be seeing ya real soon, huh!  I’ve had that beautiful face of yers etched in my mind since that morning I’s saw you at the departure gate!  That beautiful face of yers, yer bright red lips, that smile ………………and those lovely white teeth ……………………….perfect fer munching on my’s salty black nuts, sweetie!”  Feeling her tense up and freeze upon his last comment, Darius chuckled as he turned and pushed her down onto her knees.

Sickened at what she had just heard, Elaine was petrified and couldn’t believe that any man could want to degrade a woman in such a filthy manner.  But feeling the pain having her hair yanked upon, the sneering growl of the man standing above her, Elaine feared that he would carry through with his vile threat and that she would never again see her husband and children again.  There on her knees on the carpeting of her master bedroom floor, Elaine cringed as the sticky underside of the man’s lengthy manhood fell upon her cheek, up alongside the bride of her nose and up to the top of her forehead.

With her attacker using one hand to yank upon her hair, and now using his other hand to push her jaw down and open, Elaine wanted to retch as her vile assailant was stuffing his filthy testicles into her open mouth.  “C’mon, lick it, baby!  Chew on my nuts if’n ya want!” she heard the taunting and laughing from above from above.  Hair yanked once again as her assailant sneered “Start licking my nuts, bitch!”  Grimacing from the pain, afraid of the consequences should she disobey, Elaine then extended the tip of her pointed tongue to make contact with the filthy ball sac.

Shuddering upon making contact with the wrinkled skin of her assailant’s contracted ball sac, Elaine actually felt one of the man’s testicles move within as a result, then forced herself to continue with the horrid task.  She tried not to breathe for an earlier whiff of his filthy crotch nearly had her retching.  But her horror did not end with just that as she then learned that she must “C’mon, baby ………………….sink those lovely white teeth of yers into my nuts!”  It was so gross, capturing one of the man’s testicles between her teeth while continuing to lick at the pulsating balls.

Looking down at the teary eyed bitch, feeling her teeth tentatively enclosing around one of his testicles, Darius went right over the edge while fisting at his throbbing cock.  “Ahhh ………………yeah ……………………bite it ………………..bite it, bitch!  Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Darius groaned as he shot a geyser up into the air, with his hot jizz coming down to splatter onto the beauty’s lovely face and hair.  Then, as the lovely wife struggled to get away and dislodged his testicles from her mouth, Darius yanked at her hair and aimed his finishing spurts right into her gasping mouth.
For Elaine, it was so despicable and reprehensible to be soiled in such an awful manner, feeling so degraded by this vile intruder.  Now unable to open her eyes, feeling the heat and weight of slimy fluid covering her eyelids, Elaine shuddered in disgust as she tried desperately to spit out the foul slime that had been ejaculated into her mouth.  And now, her horrid intruder was smearing his slimy spend all about her face, using his spent manhood like one would a paintbrush.

Unable to see, with the thick cum acting like a blindfold, Elaine felt the hand on her upper arm forcing her to stand and was leading her back a few feet.  Back of her knees bumping onto the mattress, causing her to fall back onto the king-sized bed, Elaine trembled upon feeling her knees being pushed apart.  Fingers clutching desperately at the bedspread, she could only toss her head from side-to-side in sheer desperation, shuddering in horror to feel her attacker’s hot mouth clamp over her sex through her pair of lacy red panties.

“Nnnnnnnnnnn ……………………..nnnnnnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnnnnnn!” she moaned through tightly clenched teeth as the horrid man began licking her through the thin fabric of her panties.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhh ………………..nnnnoooooooooooooooooo!” Elaine shuddered as the crotchband of her panties was suddenly pulled aside and her assailant’s hot thick tongue squirmed deep up into her slick slit.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………Godddddddddddddddd ………………….oh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddd!” Elaine screamed out as she was being eaten out for the first time in her life.  Unable to do anything about it, not wanting to respond to his vile man, Elaine was just totally unprepared to have her ultra-sensitive clit tongued and teased by this expert cuntlapper.  “Nooooooooo …………………..nnnnnnnnooooooooooo!” was all she could moan as her body jerked uncontrollably as it reacted to the teasing tongue.

Smiling as he looked down upon the distraught beauty after having stripped off her lacy red panties, Darius undid the buttons of his shirt, then began unbuckling his belt.  Reaching out to place his large hands upon her knees, he pushed her trim white legs apart and maneuvered his muscular black frame between them.  Shucking at his thick cock, he then reached out to grasp the wife’s trim white hips as his cock sought to find the center of her being.

Feeling the thick blunt bony fleshhead pushing at her, Elaine was terrified as she had never before had any sexual experience other than with her husband.  And in comparison, her husband’s manhood was no where near as powerful, neither in length nor its thickness.  “Please …………………..oh, please …………………….please don’t rape me!  Please ……………………please ……………………’re too big ………….way too big for me!” she pleaded.

Having closed the double paned windows in the master bedroom, along with the other rooms upstairs, Darius knew that he could enjoy hearing the beautiful bitch scream when he boned her.  Grasping her trim white hips, he then lunged without mercy, loving the pained response “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  And as the beauty withered about in trying to get away, with her petite hands pushing up at his chest, Darius lunged forward once again as he laughed “Gonna ‘ruin’ ya, sweetie!  Think hubby will wanna put his pathetic pecker in ya after I’m done with ya, huh?”

“Nooooo ……………………….noooo, pleaseeeeeeeeee ………………………..stop, pleeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………………it hurtssssssssssssssssssss!” Elaine sobbed out in agony.  Stretched wider than ever before, penetrated deeper than ever before, though she tried to block the rape out of her mind the possible consequences of this vile mating had Elaine terrified.  Now, as her rapist sliced his monstrous cock in and out of her ravaged slit, Elaine could only plead for mercy as she panted “Please ………………………no ………………………please, not in me ………………….pull it out!”

But the beauty’s pleas only served to give Darius pleasure as he raped the lovely wife, and holding her trim hips tight to him as her buried his bone, he proceeded on seeding her.  “Uuuuughhhh ……………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….take it, bitch …………………..take it all up yer snatch ……………….yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, yeah, baby ……………………gonna knock ya up real good!” Darius taunted as he ejaculated stream after stream of his hot jizz deep in her fertile womb.

Totally defeated at this point, her ravaged body in pain as she lay upon her marital bed, Elaine felt utterly soiled and degraded.  Nothing at this point could have her feeling so disgraced and humiliated.  Or so, Elaine would have liked to have thought!  But when her ankle was grabbed and she was forced to turn over onto all fours, with the large hand at the back of her head pushing her face into the pillow, Elaine then learned what pain was really all about.

“Aammmmmmmmmmmmffffffffffffff …………………..ammmmmmffffffffffffffffff!” came the cries of pain muffled by the bitch’s face pushed into the pillow as Darius smirked while skewering his once-again bone hard cock up into her cherry white ass.  Seeing the streaks of blood upon withdrawing his cock, then seeing the whites of her knuckles as she clutched at the pillow, Darius chuckled loudly as he taunted “Aw, sweetie …………………like having a big turd up the shitter, huh?  Ain’t ever been buggered before, huh?”

Sobbing into the pillow beneath her face, that of her own husband’s, Elaine could not believe the pain being inflicted upon her as she was viciously sodomized.  Indeed, this was the very first experience for Elaine in having sex this way, not believing that any man would want to violate a woman’s anus.  But besides having to endure the indignity as well as the pain, the taunting filled her with shame as she heard her assailant badger her with “Damn, ya’s got a real tight little ass, Mrs. Roberts!  Have ya had yerself an enema lately?  Well, ya’s about to hit yer beautiful ass flushed out with some real greasy lube soon!”

Nearly a week later, things began to settle back down to somewhat normal for Elaine.  After her rapist had departed, she had called her husband and feigned illness, asking if he could pick the children up and take them out to their favorite pizza place where they could some games after, thereby allowing herself even more time to shower and douche, as well as to strip and remake the soiled bed.  A couple of sleeping pills had her completely dozed out upon the arrival home of her husband and children.

Calling in ill the day after her attack had allowed Elaine an extra day and that weekend to pull herself together.  She had immediately ruled out reporting the vicious crime to the police, fearing the embarrassment of having going to court and having to reveal all the horrid and despicable details in front of strangers.  And if that was not bad enough, the thought of her husband and parents learning of her violation had Elaine quivering in fear and shame.  And in recalling her rapist’s word’s of “I’s gonna ‘ruin’ ya good!” Elaine tried to blink back the tears.

Just a she was trying to put the rape out of her mind, a few days later as she manned the podium at the departure gate, the familiar smiling face of her vile rapist appeared before her and was asking for a seating change.  But in looking down at the ticket and paste-on attached to it, Elaine trembled in reading the note that stated “Give me your email address and I’ll send you a couple of pictures of you and me together!  If you don’t, I’ll be mailing them to your hubby!  It’s up to you, Mrs. Roberts!”

‘Pictures!  Oh, God ……………..what kind of pictures!’ she worried.  And in fearing the worst, Elaine scribbled down her personal email address next to his note, not wanting her husband to receive them in the mail.  Upon handing it back to her rapist, she got a wink from him as he told he “I’ll send it to you in an hour, so ya can see it when you git home!”  As it was 1:30 in the after noon, it was obvious that this man knew her schedule, just as he apparently did when accosting her in her home that day.

Trembling as she logged into her computer immediately after arriving home, Elaine trembled upon seeing an email with the heading of ‘Lovely Pictures!’  Hesitating at first, Elaine then forced her fingers to click upon the email.  She then read the ominous greeting and message “Hello, Mrs. Roberts!  I thought you’d enjoy a couple pictures of our time together!  And if you want to keep these photos from hubby, read the instructions on my next email!”  Forcing herself to open the first attachment, tears flowed down her cheeks upon seeing the horrid photo of her kneeling upon the bedroom floor, with her mouth open and stuffed with the black ball sac and testicles in her mouth.

The second photo was of her atop the king-sized bed with her legs splayed open on her attacker with a part of his tongue visible in the picture, but with the tip unseen as it was buried up in her slit.  Then the third photo was of her rapist atop of her while forcing his long thick manhood up into her as the rape commenced.  And then the last photo was of her on all fours, face buried in her husband’s pillow as she was being sodomized from behind.  Weeping, certainly not wanting her husband to view these despicable photos, Elaine closed the email and looked for the second.

Now, two months after her rape, Elaine sat and pondered her future.  She had managed to keep the photos and knowledge of the rape from her loving husband, protected him and her parents from learning of her defilement, but at quite a cost.  That second email had given her the alternative of ‘Starting a part-time job as of the 1st of the month, from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Airport Motel!’

A full month now, Elaine had showed up at the Airport Motel for her one-hour a day part-time job …………………….that of a $300 an hour call girl, with her rapist serving as her pimp in having the johns all lined up in advance!  Two months earlier, Elaine had quite true to her husband with he being the only man to have sex with her.  In completing the first calendar month of her new part-time job, there were twenty-two work days, meaning that she had sex with twenty-two other men.

For Elaine, she quickly learned what men seemed to enjoy most or at least want, that of having her on her knees before them while still in her uniform to give them head.  But in bringing the men to the point of cumming, Elaine found that each had his own fantasies in mind to enjoy their pleasure.  Some wanted to ejaculate their seed into her mouth and have her swallow it all, some would pull out and take pleasure in degrading her by ejaculating all over her face, while some even wrapped their cock in her red hair to give her some real heady male conditioner.

One old guy had a fantasy of wanting to scrub her back in the shower, but as Elaine had anticipated, the bastard just had a thing of wanting to fuck in the shower stall.  And with her job duties, Elaine was there to please, letting the bastard scrub her back before being pushed forward against the stall and having him ram his cock up from behind.  Then, after the shower was over and she was in bed and having sex with the guy, Elaine learned who he was really yearning for “Oh, yes ……………..let Pops take care of you while Jeff’s in Iraq!  Move in with me for now, it’ll save a lot of rental expense!  It’ll be one less worry for my son while he’s over there, especially with me here to look after his beautiful wife!”

Recalling that last episode, Elaine shuddered as the elderly John reminded her of her own father, especially with his rather pot belly.  And it had unnerved her when she learned that he was in fact fantasizing that she was his grown daughter and wanted to bed her so badly, with her stomach quivering when he clutched the back of her head just before ejaculating in her mouth, wheezing out “Oh, honey ……………………ooooooh, yes …………………just like I’ve always dreamt of …………oooh, baby, suck ‘Daddy’ with those beautiful lips …………..tongue me ………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………swallow it all ……………….yesssssssssssssssssssss!”

With the man shaped as her father, Elaine could not help but to picture her own father when feeling his pot belly resting on her backside as he fucked her doggie style.  She had chastised herself for thinking such awful thoughts, feeling that she was slipping right into the gutter.  But now her thoughts were focused on only one thing, that of keeping the appointment that she had just scheduled for early the next week.  After pondering about for the past two weeks, Elaine knew that she had to make the appointment to rid herself of the baby created on her marital bed sex weeks early …………………..created by the black bastard who had raped her and now was her pimp!

End of Story.