Stalker’s Paradise -IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘Stalker’s Paradise 1, 2 & 3’
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On the hunt once again, Darius Thompson was on the prowl once again for some sweet prime honky bitch, and in particular some punk whiteboy’s trophy wife.  ‘Yeah, whiteboy, jist wanna borrow and admire yer beautiful trophy for a short while!  I’s return her to ya in short order …………………but maybe a little tarnished, heh, heh!  Yeah, but I’s fill up that trophy cup with some fresh hot cum of mine!’ Darius chuckled as he surveyed the line of airport counters in the lobby.  Although everyone else hated the length of time required for check-ins, for Darius it was just a pleasure to come early and survey the scenery.

To Darius, he just loved to travel for his job as each and every airport was paradise for him, a fabulous stalker’s paradise to sate his lustful desires.  He was far from the normal male who’d occasionally follow a beautiful woman and fantasize sexually about taking her like back in the caveman days, for Darius went and followed through with his evil desires.  He had become a stalker of beautiful women, white and married ones in particular, a demented rapist.  Now, with a number of successful attacks under his belt,  had each been reported and investigated then linked together, he’d have been classified as a notorious serial rapist!

At first, Darius had established some rules for himself so as to minimize the chances of being caught and end up in the slammer for life.  One of the initial rules had consisted of carrying out his lustful attacks while away from home.  But with success came more macho bravery on his part, and thus he began eyeing up beauties at the airports from where he’d be making his return flight as well as to reconsider that beautiful redhead working behind the Colonial Air ticket counter.  With his plotting and scheming in the following of the succulent airline beauty, it led to his successful attack on the sexy redhead right in her home.  And subsequently, he began blackmailing her to keep from having the video of her rape from being distributed.

In line to check-in and get his boarding pass, Darius spotted a well dressed blonde up ahead of him and predicting that she was attractive as she appeared from the back, his head between his legs began to contemplate the possibilities.  Seeing the nice blue two pieced outfit that she was wearing, it was obvious to him that she was off on a business trip and would be headed straight out to conduct business when they landed.  As she went to the first of the four counters to check-in, Darius anxiously awaited his turn and hoped that he’d get lucky in that she’d be headed out on the same flight with him to Newark.

Finally getting his boarding pass, Darius looked about and couldn’t find the blonde beauty in sight.  Hustling down to the security check-in, he smiled upon seeing her standing midway in the line for the x-raying of handheld items.  As the line zigzagged, he got to see that she was indeed quite attractive, just as he had sized her up from the back and in seeing how well she was dressed.  Getting in line, he hoped that luck would be on his side and that he could work himself into an advantageous position at the right time for when she’d be getting a plastic tub to put her belongings in it.

Busy with putting her purse and small bag of liquids in a plastic tub, Crystal Benton was unaware of several sets of male eyes watching intently as she removed her right heel to put it into the bin.  Her left heel removed next and she moved along in bare feet with lovely pedicure toes exposed for the several men eyeing her up to sate each of their foot fetishes.  In particular, Darius Thompson was picturing her sexy feet on his ass and pedicure toes curled from the pleasure he gave her with his big black cock.  Then hurrying along, he wanted to get through the security gate to added to his pleasure in watching as she put her heels back on.

Married for three years now to husband John, at the age of 27, Crystal Benton and her hubby had decided that the time had come for them to start their family together.  Having gone off the pill two months prior as the gynecologist had advised, Crystal hoped that soon her system would be rid of any remnants of the birth control and that her womb would be fertile once again.  Crystal would certainly not have hoped for such if she could read the evil mind of stalking her from across the way, who’s thoughts at that instant were ‘Jeez, she’s quite a looker!  Wonder if’n she’s got any kids?  I’d sure as hell’d like to have the honor and pleasure of knocking up that beautiful blonde bitch!’


Darius watched as his succulent prey apparently got a phone call as she reached into her purse to retrieve her cellphone to answer the call.  With her being distracted, he walked ahead a bit on the opposite end of the skyway that he was on and grabbed an empty seat that would allow him to take in her beauty as she walked along pulling her carryon luggage.  Licking his lips as she was now directly across from him, Darius’ mind churned as to how to get the drop on this unsuspecting beauty if in fact she was on his flight.  Picking up the hunt as he tailed her once again down to the ‘B’ gates, it was like playing a bingo game and hoping to win as he silently kept calling out for ‘B-10!  C’mon, B-10!’  Moments later, Darius wanted to jump up in the air and yell out ‘Bingo’!

As she took a seat, Darius moved to the opposite aisle, at the far end of the row, so as not to call attention to himself.  He licked his lips and swallowed in anticipation as his prey crossed her sexy white legs in his direction.  Darius sucked in his breath as he imagined inching his way up between those soft white thighs, sampling the air of his prey’s lovely scent, then rubbing his face up against the panty clad muff.  He imagined her squirming about to get away, which would excite him to no end as it’d just serve to have her pussy rubbing against his face as he sniffed her cunny.  He wondered just how she’d react when he clamped his open mouth over her cunt, thinking ‘Damn, that outta drive the fuck’n bitch out of her mind!’

Having seen her checking in a bag as luggage, Darius was not afraid of losing sight of her when the plane landed but there left much uncertainty from that point on.  ‘Will someone be picking her up at the airport?  Will she be renting a car?’ he pondered.  ‘How should I handle each possibility?  Take a cab and follow her if some one picks her up!  Hopefully she rents a car, that’ll make it easier to follow her!’ he surmised, figuring he’d merely rent a car from a nearby agency that had less customers in line and be waiting for her to drive out in hers.  With the gear that he always packed in his luggage, Darius would then improvise with the GPS locator, stun gun, and door latch opener.
Hours later, after the plane had touched down at its destination, Darius followed his succulent prey from a safe distance in taking the escalator down to baggage claim.  Retrieving his bag first, he remained there while waiting for the blonde beauty to get her luggage.  And as she headed off out of the baggage claim area, Darius kept his fingers crossed and when she turned right where the sign pointed the direction of ‘Car Rentals’, he grinned widely and wanted to yell out ‘Yes’!  Things really were falling his way as she got in line between two other customers for a national car rental chain.  With all the traveling that he did, any national chain with available cars would do for him, thus would always take a chance in a car being available at some agency.  Thus, he moved to the adjacent firm that had no line at all.

His luggage placed in the car he had rented, Darius then walked back towards the area where the cars were parked for the agency that the blonde bitch had gotten her car from.  Carrying a briefcase to keep from looking suspicious, Darius waited near the elevators and when his prey exited the car rental area, he watched and waited as she got to her rental and loaded her luggage in the trunk before heading on off towards her direction.  And as she inspected the car for any damages, Darius made note of the make and model of the navy blue sedan along with its license plate number before he cut across the car aisles to where his rental was located.

Standing at the driver’s door of his car, Darius could make out the beauty getting into her car as he followed suit and started up his car.  Backing up and circling one aisle to be prepared to exit, he stopped midway to wait for the beauty to pass by so he could then get on her tail.  Then, he was following immediately behind of her as she stopped to show the security guard her paperwork for the car rental in order to leave the terminal.  With his paperwork in hand, Darius hoped to get by the guard quickly in order to get right back to tailing the sexy bitch.  Once out of the terminal, he sped up a bit and smiled as he caught up with the car that she was driving.

Twenty minutes into the hunt along the freeway, Darius saw the right blinker flashing to signal her taking the next off ramp to the town of Westport.  Backing off a bit, he watched as the car turned into the parking lot of the Burns Department Store, an outlet for a regional chain of stores.  Seeing her carrying a briefcase and headed into the store, it was apparent that this was a business appointment that she was making.  Spotting her parked car and seeing the spot opposite of her empty, he circled around to park his car in front of hers.

Looking about to make sure no one was watching, he had his gadgets ready at hand to put to use.  GPS locator placed under the front bumper, he could then monitor her location from this point on.  With bar in hand that the police and service stations used to unlock a car door, he expertly unlocked the front passenger door.  Opening the car door, Darius took a seat as he opened the glove compartment and retrieved the car rental agreement form that she had been placed in it.  He saw that the lovely Crystal Benton was the name of his lovely prey.  Writing down her name, home address, Darius smiled in seeing that the rental form indicated that she’d be staying at the Orion Hotel in the town of Rockford.

Of importance was the rental being for two days and the return time being mid-morning on Thursday.  ‘Hmmm, that’ll mean that she’s probably done with business late tomorrow afternoon, too late to catch a flight back home!  So, with no one apparently waiting for her to show up for a business appointment on Thursday, Wednesday night would be the prime time with that hot little bitch!’ Darius surmised.  After getting the number for the Orion Hotel in Rockford, he made a call there and advised “Say, my colleague advised me of her staying there for today and tomorrow!  Her name is Crystal Benton!  Can you book a room for a similar stay and put me in a room near hers!”

A pause on the phone as the reservation clerk looked things up before coming back on to advise “Sir, we have one available on the 3rd floor that’s just across the hall from Ms. Benton!  If you’d like to reserve that, I’ll need your credit card information to hold the room!”  With the reservation made, Darius smiled as he could get going to take care of his own business appointments for the day.  But he was horny and needed some relief at this point in time.  Pressing the button to pop the car trunk, he then went back there to open her suitcase.  Stealing a pair of panties from the suitcase, he closed it back up and locked the trunk and car door before going to his vehicle.

Inhaling the sweet fragrance of the clean pair of panties, he then unzipped himself and wrapped the silky garment around his throbbing hardon.  “Uhhhhhhhhh …………..oh …………………….ahhhhhhhhhh ……………….yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned as he shot of his cannon into the hanky being held over the head of his cock.  Breathing a sigh of relief in getting off his pent up lust, he wiped himself clean before zipping up and starting up his car to get on his way.  Keeping her panties with him to dream of the beauty that night, Darius figured that although she’d probably notice the missing pair of panties, she’d merely think that she forgot them in the packing process.

Late that afternoon, after checking in at the hotel, Crystal was a bit puzzled when the reservation clerk advised “Oh, your colleague is checked in across the hall from you!”  Puzzled, Crystal merely dismissed it in thinking that the clerk had mistaken her for another guest and proceeded to the elevator.  Suitcase in tow, she put the cardkey into the slot to open the door to her hotel room.  Unbeknownst to Crystal, through the open slit of a door across the hallway and to the right of her, a pair of lustful eyes was focused upon her.  In addition, the pair of panties stolen from her suitcase was actively used to wank away at the cock that was intent on raping her soon.

Unloading her suitcase immediately in hopes of preventing too many wrinkles in her clothing, the undergarments were placed in a drawer while blouses and skirts were hung on hangars.  Two pairs of panties were placed the drawer as she double checked her suitcase as she thought ‘I’m sure I packed three pairs for the trip, one extra as I do on each trip!’  But Crystal shrugged it off in thinking that she must have been too preoccupied in her thoughts and rushing while packing her suitcase the night before.

That next afternoon, after having completed all the business appointments scheduled, Crystal slipped her keycard into the slot to her hotel room door.  Hearing a door opening off to her right, Crystal observed a tall black man in a suit carrying a briefcase exit the hotel room across the way.  As her hotel room door opened and the man was passing behind of her, suddenly an electric shock to shoulder overwhelmed her as it coursed through her entire body, causing her to fall forward against the partially opened door.  Unable to comprehend what was happening to her as she neared unconsciousness, Crystal was oblivious to the large arm encircling her trim waist and easily carrying her into the room.

Fifteen minutes later, as she began to come to, Crystal found herself staring up at the ceiling of he hotel room and a big and round stuffed in her mouth that she could not expel.  Trying to move her right arm, Crystal discovered that her wrist was bound by a rope, then realized that the same applied to her left wrist.  Lifting her head a bit and bending forward, she gasped around the ballgag in her mouth upon seeing her breasts being bared.  Her eyes then widened in horror in seeing a big muscular black male come from the bathroom and he was totally naked while fisting the monstrosity jutting out from between his legs.

Finding that her legs weren’t tied, Crystal twisted and struggled against her bonds as the vile black man neared the bed that she was on.  Then the intruder in her room had his large calloused hands upon her legs and feeling them up.  Shuddering in horror and revulsion as the bed sank down upon the heavy weight of the uninvited intruder, Crystal tossed her head from side to side, whipping her blonde hair about as the vile man had his face nuzzling between her thighs and moving up to her private parts that remained covered by her lacy white panties.  “Nnnnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnn ………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came her protest as the bastard was now nuzzling up against her mound.

It was just the reaction that Darius had hoped for as the lovely wife withered about as he nuzzled her soft panty clad muff.  Then he began tonguing her cunny through the silky garment and the bitch was going wild while squirming about on the bed.  Reaching up and grasping the legband of her panties, he pulled aside the protective garment and now clamped his wide open mouth upon her snatch, causing the innocent bitch to buck up in an attempt to throw him off.  And that was when Darius stuck his lengthy tongue up her hot little pussy to sent the blonde beauty crazy as she struggled, screaming against the ballgag “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………..nnnnnnnnnnnn ……………..nnnnnnn …………………nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

Tongue searching and expertly finding her ultra sensitive clit, Darius had the lovely bitch bucking up and down on the bed as he tongued to an unwanted orgasm.  With her petite body spasming and suddenly becoming tense, Darius knew that he had eaten her to an unwanted and mind-blowing climax, especially as he now got to taste the sweet honey that she was emitting onto his flicking tongue.  With her orgasm peaking, the petite body of the blonde wife sagged down to the bed in defeat as he continued eating out the sweet honey that thickly oozed from her tasty snatch.

Feeling both defeated and deeply ashamed at her body’s betrayal in producing the most explosive orgasm ever, Crystal tried to blink back the tears as the muscular black intruder was now hovering above her.  Shuddering at the feel of the blunt cockhead probing around for the entrance to her slit, Crystal realized that this black bastard was intent on raping her and that there appeared no means of her to escape being plundered.  The thought of her loving husband came to mind and Crystal could not help but to wonder “Will John still love me if he learns I’ve been raped ……………….by a black?  Will I be like soiled goods to him?  Will he even want to touch me again, make love to me again knowing another man has possessed me?”

Never having experienced any other man than her husband, Crystal shuddered in fear in feeling just how big this man’s penis was as he pushed against her and tried to insert his humongous cockhead into her much too tight slit.  Her slit was much too tight and small that it blunted his attempt to penetrate her on his first attempt.  She trembled in feeling the large hands grasping her hips firmly and then the inevitable happened as her slit was speared apart.  “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……………………..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ………………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came her muffled screams from around the ballgag in her mouth.

With only half of his big dick in the agonized bitch, Darius laughed at her plight and gave her a twitch of his thick cock that caused her eyes to widen even more in horror.  “What’s the matter, Mrs. Benton?  Too big fer ya?” Darius taunted as he leaned forward to force his cock an inch further into her tight little slit.  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” came her cry of pain from that added inch and Darius was delighted in being able to tell her “Got another five solid inches fer ya, honey!”  “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she cried out once again as the battering ram came slamming down once again.  Laughing aloud as she wept in shame from the violent rape of her lovely body, Darius then began humping away at her without mercy until he was finally up in her to the hilt.

Stopping and holding himself still, Darius reached up to grasp her hair and turned her to face him.  Seeing the terror in her beautiful blue eyes, he gloatingly told her that “Damn, that hubby of yers must sure have a small little prick seeing how’s tight ya is!  Ya can now tell hubby that yer black daddy gave ya twelve long inches, honey!  Shit, ya’ll be lucky if’n ya git to feel his little prick after I’s stretch ya out good!”  Then Darius withdrew slowly till just his cockhead remained enveloped in her cunny and at that point proceeded to give her the fucking of her life.  “Oh, yeah, baby ……………………..oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………….ohhhhh, so nice and tight!” he panted out in pleasure.

Spreading her thighs as wide as possible, Crystal tried as best as possible to not show any response, especially by keeping her thighs wide apart as she tried to avoid contact wtih her rapist’s humping hips.  Biting down upon the ballgag in her mouth, Crystal shuddered at the horrid thought of this bastard ejaculating his vile semen up in her now fertile womb.  Being raped was horrid enough but the thought of later carrying this man’s black child in her belly had her shuddering in revulsion.  And feeling just how big her rapist was, comparing his penis to being twice the size of her husband’s, Crystal wondered if that would mean twice the amount of semen being spurted into her from this rape.  Moments later, getting raped at jackhammer speed, Crystal got her answer when the bastard buried his fuckstick up to the hilt and began ejaculating in her.  Squirt after scalding squirt quickly had her cunny filed to the brim and the sticky goo was forced to ooze out from the joint of their union.

After having collapsed upon the petite blonde body and his cock dwindling down some in her ravished cunt, Darius pushed himself up on his hands and slowly began easing out of her confines.  Looking back over his shoulder, he moved his right leg a bit to assure the camcorder that he had earlier positioned would capture his plentiful cum oozing out of her well-fucked twat.  Hands on her knees, he pushed them up till her feet was flat on the bed and then spread her sexy legs wide.  Her normally pink slit was darkly reddened from the assault as globs of his gooey white cum were starting to ooze out of her sexy body.  Going to the head of the bed, he grabbed her by the hair to pull her head up some to make there no dispute that it was her on the videotape.

Twenty four hours later, Crystal curled under the covers in the king-sized bed of her master bedroom after feigning an illness and skipping dinner with her husband.  Perspiring and trembling, curling up in the fetal position, Crystal blinked back the tears as her mind played back the nightmarish events of the night before.  Exhausted from not sleeping a wink due to her insatiable and lusty rapist, Crystal was not certain the number of time the black bastard had sated his vile lust in and upon her ravished body.  The bastard had even used her cellphone to call home, held it to her ear and forced her to talk to her husband as if nothing was amiss as her arms were still bound to the bedposts, all while the bastard rubbed his filthy black cock about her face.

Crystal shuddered as her stomach felt queasy as she felt so ashamed with her entire body, both inside and out, having been soiled with her rapist’s filthy semen.   Soiled, ‘ruined’ as her rapist had continuously taunted her with while physically assaulting her, Crystal felt every bit so after what she had been through for twelve straight hours.  And when her assailant had departed early the next morning, she had managed to stagger to the bathroom where she collapsed down onto the floor of the shower stall as the hot shower beaded down upon her cum covered body.  But the spraying water could only removed the semen sprayed in her hair and on body, leaving the most important part of her body still clogged with her rapist’s potent seed.

Recalling that eventful phone call, what took place felt so unbelievable to Crystal at this time, remembering how shameful it was to have the bastard ejaculating right in her face just as she told her husband ‘I love you too!’  A handjob she was familiar with, but all else except lovemaking in the missionary style was new to her.  Recalling the events, Crystal remembered all that she had been introduced to by the black bastard: Being eaten to an orgasm; sucking his filthy cock till it ejaculated in her mouth and made to swallow the filth; fucked like an animal while on all fours; made to straddle and ride her assailant till he ejaculated in her; being sodomized; fisting him till he spurted his semen onto her body; even being made to give him a footjob till his sticky goo web her toes.

A month later, having managed to overcome the jitters along with keeping her rape from John, Crystal kept telling herself that she needed to get on with her life and put the ordeal behind her.  She did not realize that her rapist had gone through her purse and taken one her business card, providing him with her direct number at work as well as her email at the office.  First, an email with several pictures attached had Crystal unnerved as she viewed herself bound to the bed in the hotel room as the black intruder raped her.  Then hearing the voice of the man who had raped her on the phone asking for her travel itinerary so they could meet again, she was forced to fax him her upcoming trips for the month under the threat of those photos and even a videotape being sent to her husband.

A couple weeks later, Darius Thompson stood proudly in the company’s home office as the announcement was made of his winning the sales production for the month contest due to the large orders he had generated in the past week after calling upon his customers in the Rockford area.  When asked as to how he managed to get the Rockford customers to make the company their primary supplier of porn gadgets, Darius merely advised that he had charmed them by giving them some sample products as well as having wine’d and dined them as he usually did.  All that was true, but he purposely omitted one item, that he had even provided them a lovely subject matter in which they could try out the sample products they had been given …………………….a lovely little blonde subject matter!

As for Crystal Benton, besides being the subject matter provided, she too was left with one of the sample porn products that her rapist/blackmailer had distributed to his customers.  In the privacy of her bathroom, with the door locked as she sat upon the closed toilet seat, Crystal slipped one of the silver plastic eggs up in her twat and then the second to be followed by the third.  Then, with the flick of the switch she shivered wildly with pleasure as the now vibrating bulbs in her cunny drove her wild.  This item, stuffed into her and operated by the chuckling customers, had sent her to one orgasm after another and caused her juices to flow freely out of her twat, after which each man had clamped his open mouth upon her.

But all else during that two day trip was just a nightmare for Crystal, for she was forced to satisfy the bastard who had raped her earlier along with a different man each night, with this other fellow apparently being some kind of customer to her blackmailer for she was to serve as a bonus for the man in order to increase his orders.  Comments like “Ya’ll be getting my order increase tomorrow!” had Crystal realizing that the bastard was actually pimping her out so he could benefit financially from the use of her body.  Having one man touching her intimately was bad enough, but two was absolutely horrible, more so when forced to have sex with the two men at once.

For Darius, it had turned out to be a hell of a fun time for both he and his customer, especially in giving his customer the option of plugging her mouth, ass or cunt while she was on all fours while he took her from the other end.  What really seemed to the kicker for each of the two guys he had invited over, one each night, was when she was forced to call hubby at home.  That first night, Darius got it all on camera as she rode the fat Mexican’s cock while on her cellphone with hubby, with the spick arching up high as he spurted in her cunny just as the conversation was coming to an end.  On that second night, old Asian bastard was delighted to ride her like a bitch as she spoke to her husband on the phone and creaming in her before getting off to spread her cunt open so his creamy cum could be seen oozing out of her while she was still talking to hubby.

Now feeling as if she had just cheated on her husband, Crystal felt so guilty even though she had done it due to being blackmailed.  That first time had been out and out rape and she had no choice in the matter.  This past trip away from home had been different as she had not been tied up and raped, instead she had forced herself to embrace the horrid men and submit to their sexual desires.  Each time she thought about her situation, Crystal felt her stomach get so queasy.  But in the last two days, her queasiness felt quite different, causing her to buy and use a home pregnancy test.  Crystal fears were well-founded as she was indeed in the family way, impregnated not by her husband and thus she would have to make an appointment with a clinic on her next trip away from home.

Unbeknownst to Crystal, she would be dreading her next trip even more to the Rockford area.  The old Asian who had enjoyed her charms that last night had just made contact the salesman who had allow use the vibrating eggs on the charming blonde subject prior to getting to eat out her tasty snatch.  The old bastard had promised Darius Thompson  a doubling of his recent order for the vibrating eggs along with placing a large order for giant dildos if he would bring that same blonde beauty to his sex shop for a night, for he planned on inviting his best customers to his shop for a special ‘sale’ night.  And the chink’s rationale was that a hundred dollar purchase and being able to test it out on a succulent blonde beauty would certainly be a big hit, especially with the customers frequenting his shop probably never having had a blonde ever before, much less a lovely one such as what he had sampled.

End of Story.