Star Player - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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     Lonnie, the star basketball player of the high school team, was on his way to a college scholarship and possibly to the pros.  In this predominantly white neighborhood, Lonnie became accepted from his athletic abilities and for the spotlight he brought to the local high school.  Lonnie had just made eighteen, was 6'6" in height and 225 pounds of solid muscle, pure black muscle.  Black as midnight, as he would tell his white teammates.  Other than basketball, Lonnie only enjoyed one thing more - a white woman's pussy.  He could take advantage of any white teeny  bopper at the high school but they were too young for his taste.  He preferred the experienced pussy of a 'married' white woman.

     Everyone wondered why Lonnie took on a freshman, John, under his wing.  The freshman had talent but was far behind the skills of Lonnie and another player.  The freshman made the team, after Lonnie put a good word in with the coach.  The freshman would have been better off on the junior varsity but the coach wanted to do whatever pleased his star player.

     It was not the talent of the freshman nor Lonnie's kindness that made him help the younger player.  What caught Lonnie's attention were the people that came to cheer him on at practices and hoped he'd make the team.  It was the beautiful brunette mother, with milky white skin, that always was there to cheer the freshman on.  She was so beautiful, mature yet with a look of innocence.  Oh, how Lonnie would love to worm his big black snake into her precious white pussy and make her scream.

     The two players became fast friends and John was forever grateful to the star players.  So were John's parents, that when John asked to invite his new friend over for dinner, his parents Elaine and Tim readily agreed.  Little did they know that it was Lonnie's way of getting into their home with the intent of getting into panties of his friend's beautiful mother.  How he dreamed of making the beautiful young white mother squirm on his black snake of a cock.

     Dinner was enjoyable for Lonnie and John's family.  After the outdoor cookout for dinner, John's sister was packing to spend the night at a friend's and John's dad was off to one of his club's meetings.  Elaine brought some dessert out for the boys, after they had played some one on one basketball in the driveway.  Elaine joined the boys and chatted a bit with them.  Lonnie's chair was off to an angle as they were lounging about, his entire body open to Elaine's view while the table blocked John's view of Lonnie from the waist down.

     Lonnie had a hardon being so close to the lovely mother of his younger friend.  His cock threatened to rip his shorts apart.  This had also captured the eyes of John's mother, for she continued to stare at his pulsing loins.  Lonnie observed Elaine sipping her coffee but her eyes were glued to his crotch.  Lonnie continued to chat with John across the table, looking at John but secretly keeping an eye on his beautiful mother.  He wanted to laugh aloud when Elaine's hand shook, nearly spilling her coffee, when he began to rub the length of his 12" cock.

     What was to come next made the beautiful Elaine want to run from the table but she could not find the will power.  She saw Lonnie grasp the edge of his shorts up and then she observed what appeared to be a black snake slowly slither out of the opening.  She gave a slight gasp that Lonnie heard, as the snake grew in length while Lonnie dragged his shorts pulling the leg up to his crotch.  He wanted his friend's mother to see his 12" snake that was nearly 5" in diameter.

     John got up from the table to go to the bathroom, leaving his mother alone with his black friend.  Elaine was nervous being left alone with this crude black boy – no, black ‘Man’ would be a better description.  Elaine’s gaze remained on the 12" black snake as it twitched and threatened to strike.  She was startled when a black hand touched her right hand and pulled her to the long black snake.  "No, please………….please!" Elaine whispered as Lonnie pulled her hand.  Her beautiful manicured hand jerked as if seared by a burning iron rod as she came into contact with the shiny black snake.

     Her hand now began to clutch as this pulsing black snake, trapped by its slippery flesh and Lonnie's left hand.  Slowly Elaine began to pump the pulsing snake, her finger unable to encircle it fully.  Elaine gasped and tears welled in her eyes as her delicate hand was now slimy from the venom being spit from the ugly snake head of a cock.  The slime made her pumping speed up and even more slime bubbled up to lubricate her palm and fingers.  What a contrast her milky white hand made as it pumped the jet black snakelike cock.

     Elaine sighed with relief as Lonnie let her hand go when John was about to return.   Lonnie caught his breath for he was on the verge of erupting all over the petite hand of John's mother.  Elaine quickly excused herself from the room on the guise of doing the dishes.

     John’s sister came downstairs with her overnight bag.  John was to take his sister to her friend's place for the sleep over.  Also, they were to pick up two other girls on the way.  It'd take at least an hour or more to return, knowing each girl had some baggage and slow to get going.  "Let's take off Lonnie!" John said.  Elaine was relieved to hear they were leaving.  She froze when she heard Lonnie tell John "I'll stay back and help your mom with the cleanup!  Your car will be packed with the girls and their bags!"  Elaine was speechless and stunned as her son and daughter rushed out, leaving her all along with this grinning black teenager who's cock she had just masturbated till it nearly exploded.

     As soon as the car left, Lonnie grasped Elaine's hand pulling her with him.  "Let's go to your bedroom!" smiled a confident Lonnie.  "No ……….please …………….I ………….I can't ………………..please!" she pleaded.  As they reached the master bedroom, Elaine held the edge of the doorway trying to make one final escape.  But to no avail as Lonnie pulled her into her room.  "I'm going to fuck you like you never been fucked before!  Right in hubby's bed!  I'm going to give you a prize too - my black baby juice!"  grinned Lonnie.  "No, please ………………..please don't …………….please leave me alone ....………… …………'ll get me pregnant!" Elaine pleaded.  Body shuddering, Elaine tearfully watched as the confident teen pulled off his shirt and let his shorts drop to the floor.  She swallowed deeply as he then began to slowly peel down his pair of black jockeys.


      Lonnie stepped forward and planted a deep wet french kiss on the sweet lips of the beautiful woman.  Then he ripped off her the blue dress she was wearing.  Along with the dress came her thin bra as his prey fell on the bed from the force.  Then he quickly shredded her blue lace panties.  Lonnie grabbed her ankles and removed herheels.  He had a fetish for her sexy white feet.  He rubbed his face in her soles and began lapping her feet in worship and sucked her toes.   Then he wrapped her sexy feet around his leaking black snake, oozing its venom and soiling her.

     Just about to explode all over Elaine's beautiful feet, Lonnie had to stop.  He grasped her ankles and placed them on his shoulders.  Elaine looked up with tears in her eyes, pleading for him to stop "Please ……………stop …………….I ……….. Idon't want this …………………….please!"  Crying, Elaine's head whipped back and forth on her pillow, her dark hair waving in the air.  Lonnie smiled to himself for this was the ultimate delight in hearing and seeing a beautiful white woman pleading and begging to be spared of his seething black snake.

     Lonnie scooted forward on his knees.  Elaine's long milky white legs pointing straight up to the heavens.  The long black snake slithered about and found the moist opening to Elaine's warm and slick cavern.  "Please …………….please don't ………..........please don't!" came the desperate plea.  Suddenly Lonnie reared back and slammed forward with all his might.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeee ..…………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhh!  It hurts ........................stop ………….nooooo ………… please ............aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed Elaine.  This was sheer music to Lonnie's ears, hearing the screams of a beautiful woman whose skin was so clean and milky white, so opposite of his black dirtiness.

     "Ahhhh ….....ahhhh …....ahhhh .…….ahhh ……………....argggggghhhhh!" continued Elaine's desperate groans as the thick black snake began to tunnel its way deep into the moist slick cavern.  It was a snug fit and it took two more powerful thrusts by Lonnie to bury the snake's bloated head into the withering woman's womb.  Let his black snake enjoy its full length buried into the warm comforting hiding place, Lonnie then withdrew until only the snake's head was enveloped by the tight by tender walls.  Suddenly the snake darted forward with all its might burying itself fully again.  Again and again the snake repeated its action.  On the tenth plunge Elaine's slender white legs stiffened, toes pointing to the ceiling as a mind shattering orgasm overtook her delicate body.  "Oh, God ………………..….. nooooo ………oh, God ………………I ………I'm
cominggggggggggggg!" she screamed, as her body convulsed as in an seizure.

     A total of six times Lonnie witnessed the beautiful Elaine convulsing in mind shattering orgasms.  He then grasped Elaine by her feet and reared back, only to begin his jackhammer like fucking of his white friend's beautiful mother.  Her pushed her feet over her head and bent Elaine in two, grinding his 12" black snake all the way into her womb.  Elaine felt the throbbing of the plum size cock head.  Feeling the throbbing deep within her, the snake's head expanding further caused her mind to clear somewhat.  She realized that this black buck was about to unleash his vicious venom, intent on planting his seed deep into her womb.  She was helpless, shoulders pinned to the bed by her thighs, as Lonnie held bent in two.  "No ……………. Please …………..don't  ………….don't cum in me .........pleaseeeeee ……………..I'm not prepared!  Please …………….you ………… you'll get me pregnant ............arguuhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried, as Lonnie's black snake ground its way in and began spitting out its potent venom.


     "Noooooo ........…………………oh, God …………noooooooo!" she whimpered, as the throbbing snake unleashed its filth deep in the recesses of her womb.  “Ugggggggghhh ………..ohhhhh ………………… want to make John a little black brother!” Lonnie grunted as his body convulsed in spasms .  Elaine began to sob, realizing how she had been brought to numerous orgasms by this young black buck.  How could she claim he raped her for she had not fought his advances.  Tears welled in her eyes and flowed down her cheeks, her shame now fully realized.  Meanwhile, Lonnie smirked as he witnessed the beautiful Elaine in distress from her humiliation and debasement of having submitted to another man, a young black buck that had just fucked the hell out of her mature yet innocent body.

     Elaine's womb was choking with the black baby juice.  Finally, Lonnie let go of her trim ankles allowing her long white legs to straighten and rest along his black body, yet her ankles were locked over his ass cheeks as the black snake continued to twitch deep in her snatch, still oozing out its venom.  Desperately, Elaine pushed at the dead weight on her, trying to get to the bathroom.  Lonnie lay with this weight on the delicate white body, knowing full well that his friend's beautiful mother was desperately trying to rush to the bathroom to douche and cleanse her precious white pussy.  Well, Lonnie was intent on fertilizing the beautiful woman from this breeding session.

     A half hour later, Lonnie finally withdrew his long black snake, exiting with a 'pop' followed by an overflow of thick grayish goo.  He smiled looking down at the beautiful woman, sobbing and curled up in the fetal position, obviously from her shame and humiliation of fucking a black.  He walked over to the side of her bed, looking down at her beautiful face and soft lip pink lips.

    Half dazed, Elaine was brought to full awareness as lips were being probed by a greasy rubbery substance.  Her eyes opened to see the black snake seething its venom on her sweet lips.  She jerked her head back but Lonnie had anticipated her reaction and had his large black hands behind her head and fingers now entwined in her silky dark hair.

     Elaine gasped in her shock.  That was all Lonnie needed, as his black snake darted forward and slithered on the beauty's soft tongue.  Holding her head tightly, Lonnie began to face fuck this beautiful white woman, forcing his entire length down her now bulging throat.  He loved seeing her fright as she fought to breathe, the air blocked by the thick 12" black snake.  Her eyes rolled from the lack of air and Lonnie withdrew to allow her to breathe.  Finally, Elaine began squirming trying to free herself as Lonnie wheezed and erupted his goo deep down her throat.  When he withdrew, he grinned as he watched Elaine gagging and trying to cough up the thick slime.  The taste of the foul slime was something new for Elaine, never having performed such a deed for even her husband.  She began crying, realizing she had sucked off a cock for the first time in her life - to make it worst, it was a filthy big long black cock.

     Elaine's ordeal was not over yet.  She was forced to use her sexy feet to bring the black snake back to its gruesome length.  Lonnie enjoyed fucking this white woman's soft pink soles.  Elaine looked at the snake as its mouth spit a stream of venom, hitting her right in her face.  She reacted instinctively and capped the snake's head, as it then spit its thick venom all over her soles and webbing all her toes.

     Lonnie then went to the kitchen and cleaned up the dishes.  Meanwhile, Elaine struggled to compose herself.  John returned home and asked where his mom was, being surprised to see Lonnie cleaning up by himself.  Lonnie smiled and said his mom had to do a load of wash so he volunteered to handle the dishes himself.  Actually, John's mom had staggered to her bath to cleanse her cum drenched body and to try and douche out the black baby juice.  She then stripped the cum stained bed sheets and remade the bed, throwing the bed sheets into the wash.

     An hour later, Tim arrived back home.  Elaine made some coffee and hot chocolate for the boys.  Tim noticed his wife walking gingerly and inquired what happened to her.  She replied that she had tripped earlier and strained a leg muscle.  Actually, her legs muscles had been strained by the black buck fucking his 12" snake into her tight pussy and stretching it as never before.

     Elaine regretted her indiscretion and worried that her husband would find out.  It now seemed that Lonnie had some type of hold on her body. Whenever he wanted to sample her beautiful white body, Lonnie would show up at her door when her husband was out and the kids were at school.  Lonnie had decent grades and being the star athlete, he got away with skipping classes.  Elaine was powerless to refuse him, rather craving the orgasms he gave her, whenever he ordered her take him to her marital bed.

End of Story.