The Star Player – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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     Everything had gone better than anticipated.  Lonnie was now looking forward to baseball season, which started right after basketball ended.  He was more interested in making new friends, and probably another 'very good' friend, one that had a 'very good' looking mother with porcelain white skin and long legs, which he'd love to have wrapped around his black ass.

     On the second day of practice, Lonnie picked his prize, a beautiful mother in her mid-thirties.  She was about 5'5", extremely beautiful and nicely proportioned.  It would be nice to have such a tiny beauty under his big bulky black frame.  He could just hear her fearful screams as he rammed his 12" black cock up her petite body.  He could just picture her lovely face in terror and humiliation when she was forced to submit to a black.  How'd he love to plant his seed in her body.  The only problem he anticipated was convincing the coach to keep the son on the team as he was awfully bad, with no talent whatsoever.

     Thus, Lonnie took on the difficult task of trying to help the hapless young Dave Winters.  After a week of helping the young player, eighteen year old Lonnie strolled over to him after practice.  It, of course, was no coincidence that Dave's beautiful mother was there.  Thus Lonnie got to meet the beautiful mother.  Erin was her name and 'Erin' was now Lonnie's new game, with Dave's beautiful mother as the prize to be won!

     Nervous was Erin as she met her son's new baseball tutor and friend.  She was pleased that her son had made the team, fortunate that the star player and captain of the team helped him along.  But she felt nervous being around this teenage boy who appeared more of a matured black man.  She felt very self-conscious for it felt like she was always being stripped naked when Lonnie looked at her body.  She had every right to feel nervous, as Lonnie not only stripped her naked when he leered at her but could picture her crying as he slammed his love muscle deeply into her tight snatch.

     The opportunity arose a month after practice began.  Lonnie sensed the fear his friend's beautiful mother had whenever he was nearby.  More to his pleasure, he enjoyed seeing how nervous she became, especially when he 'accidentally' brushed by her.  Mrs. Winters had volunteered as team mother.  On the team's overnight cookout, Lonnie merely waited till the time was right.  He had gone over to help Dave and his mother load the van with food but Lonnie purposely left a heavy one aside.  Timing was right as Dave's dad was out of town for the weekend.  Now to set the stage in getting the beautiful Mrs. Winters alone with him.

     It was perfect as the pot was discovered missing just when the players were going to hike the mountain to reach the lake on the interior.  Lonnie acted disappointed but saying as it was his fault for forgetting to load the pot, he'd ride back with Dave's mom and load the heavy item in the van.  He told them he'd see them when they got back from the hike and swim.  Thus, he could spend a couple hours alone with the beautiful mother without any suspicion.  Mrs. Winters had said she'd be able to handle the pot alone but Lonnie insisted, knowing full well that she did not want to be alone with him.  With Lonnie insisting in front of others, he knew she could not argue too much as it would appear rude and show her discomfort being with this young black stud.

     On the drive back, Lonnie looked out the window commenting on the beautiful scenery.  Meanwhile, he slowly rubbed his throbbing hardon, knowing full well the beautiful woman was having a hard time keeping her eyes on the road and not on his bulging crotch.  Lonnie smiled to himself when they swerved a bit after he deliberately pulled his shorts back a bit, knowing that his black snake's head was slithering out of its hiding place.

     Erin was breathing heavily by the time she made the short trip back to house.  She left Lonnie to load the van, while she rushed into her home.  Her panties were sopping wet, having watched the teen's long black cock darting in and out of its hiding place.  She had to get to her bathroom to compose herself and to get a clean set of panties.  Breathing heavily, she leaned over her sink in the master bedroom and splashed cold water on her face. She sighed and closed her eyes, trying to get a grip on herself.


    Hearing a noise behind her, Erin knew immediately that the big black teen had followed her into her bedroom.  Her eyes opened and looked into the mirror.  There was the smiling black face right behind her and he was naked from the waist up, having removed his t-shirt before entering her bedroom.  The teen smiled at her obvious discomfort and fear.  “Get out …………..get out of my bedroom!  Oh God ……noooo…. leave me alone!” Erin sobbed and pleaded as the teen moved up close behind her.

     She gasped as she felt his large hand reach in front of her to untie her knotted blouse.  Her eyes closed as she felt the large black hands move up under her blouse and cupped her bra encased breasts.  Her nipples stood at attention, indenting her soft bra, getting harder as they were now being flicked by the teen's thumbs.  Then her blouse was removed by the assertive teen and her blouse was soon on the floor.  Next, she was led to her bed and found herself kneeling upon it, hearing the arrogant young teen telling her "You look so sexy in that red bra, Mrs. Winters!  Take it off so I can see your pretty titties!  Show me what you want me to suck on and bite!  C'mon, smile for me, Mrs. Winters!"

      Once the bra was removed, Lonnie loved seeing the beautiful blonde lying in the middle of her bed.  Moving up on the bed, his moved her shorts, sliding them down her long trim legs.  Her damp panties had been stripped along with her shorts.  He heard the loud gasp and groan as she gushed her love juices when he finger her sensitive clit.  Lonnie grasped as he grasped her hand and brought it down into contact with his pulsing black cock, feeling her hand clamp onto his member.  He saw her eyes close as he began to strip her naked by.

     Lonnie knew she was his for the taking.  Holding her in one hand, lifting her, Lonnie stripped the bedspread down.  He then unceremoniously dumped the shocked woman down on her own marriage bed, not wanting to fuck a lifeless piece of ass.  This brought the beautiful woman out of her stupor.  Lonnie grinned as the housewife turned and tried to scramble off the bed.  He grasped her by her hips and dragged her back to him, aimed his seething snakelike cock and lunged with a vengeance.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeee …………………ahhhh ...............................ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed the lovely wife, as he buried himself deeply into her already slick pussy.

     So overheated from the ride back, an orgasm was forced upon her with only the third plunge of the lengthy cock slithering in and out of her slick cavern. "Aruggggggggggggg ........................ahhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned, cumming on the thick pole that lanced her precious body.  Twice more, the beautiful white housewife and mother reached mind-shattering orgasms as she was fucked doggie style.  Just after her third climax, Lonnie withdrew till only his giant cockhead remained in the snug tunnel.  He then flipped the limp body over.  Flat on her back and trim white legs splayed open, lying limply on either side of her black teen rapist.

     With the next savage thrust of his loins, the long black cock buried its deeply into the slick moist cavern.  Lonnie smiled feeling the beautiful white woman's immediate response, her legs wrapping themselves around his butt locking themselves at the ankles.  He began to shag away at his white bitch, bringing her to two more mind shattering orgasms.  Finally, he could not hold back any more "Ready for my black baby juice, honey?"

     The words sank in slowly, sudden the fear registered on Erin's frightened face. "Nooooooo ....…………..nooooo …………….take it out!  I …………I'll get pregnant!" she yelled.  This brought joy to Lonnie's face, grabbing her tight asscheeks, he slammed home a winner and groaned "Here it comes bitch!"  "Oh, nooooooooo ........………..oh, God ………….nooooooooooo! " Erin groaned, feeling the thick muscle in her spew out an endless stream of its vicious hot venom.

     The black cock finally slithered out of its warm hiding black leaving a trail of its sticky venom.  Lonnie smiled down at the weeping white woman, curled in a fetal position on her hubby's bed, cum oozing out of her newly stretched cunthole.  Dragging his victim to the center of her bed, Lonnie got the beauty on her knees again.  He leaned over her body, left forearm tightly under her belly, he placed his rockhard cockhead at the entrance to her ass.

     Realizing what was happening, Erin pleaded "No, don't, please no .........I ………I've never had it back there before!"  Suddenly, the teen's right hand covered her mouth, just as her scream began.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeee ..................ohhhhhh ……….mmmphffffff!" came the muffled scream as the black cock rammed forward without mercy.  Lucky that her mouth was covered or her screams would have been heard a block away.

     Raping a white woman's virgin ass was a thrilling experience.  Lonnie loved the agony displayed as she tried to buck him off.  But it only served to delight him more as he slammed his ramrod more and more brutally into her white virgin ass.  You just knew the bitch had a virgin asshole just by her high pitched screams, as his 12" snake forced its way in.

    Watching the frantic beauty make her way into the master bath, Lonnie observer her getting a box from the cabinet and open it.  His suspicions were confirmed when rubbed his hands over her creamy white ass as she frantically pleaded "Please ..........please ..................I've got to douche .....................before its too late!"  Reaching in front of her to take the bottle from her, he opened it and poured it down the sink, causing the distraught wife to stammer "No .................what are you doing!  That's the only bottle I have!"

    Lonnie pushed the sexy beauty up against the bathroom sink, then stepped between her thighs, getting his stiffening cock into position.  With knees bent a bit, cock nuzzling at her moist slit, he brutally straightened up and rammed his throbbing cock into her.  "Ah, yeah ........................gonna give ya a hot douche, Mrs. Winters ........................gonna flood that cunt of yers up with some baby juice!" Lonnie taunted as he sank his entire length back into her.

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………oh, God ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhh!" she screamed as the teen slammed into her without mercy, fucking her like a bitch in heat.  Her fingers gripped the countertop, bracing herself as the deviant teen pounded her against the bathroom counter.  "Oh, God ………….oh, God …………….no .............God ............................don't let me cum again!" Erin stammered as her body betrayed her once again.

     Lonnie drove the van back.  His beautiful victim could hardly walk, much less drive, after he reaming he had given her.  He had to force her to dress, minus her silky panties that was his souvenir.  Just before reaching the campsite, Lonnie pulled off a side road.  Time enough to get her naked in the back of the van.  This time, he would give the beautiful woman a black popsicle to suck on.  Lonnie couldn’t believe his luck in discovering that he would be the first to violate her virgin mouth.


    The beautiful woman objected to the horrible idea of putting his dirty cock in her mouth.  But with Lonnie’s strong hands entwined in her hair, she would either suck his cock or break her neck.  What a fool her husband was in not getting a blowjob from his beautiful wife.  He enjoyed taunting her as he forced his cock into her mouth, he laughed "Oh, what would Mr. Winters say if he could see his beautiful wife now, sucking on a nigger's dick!  Ya gonna get yer very first taste of a 'real man' soon, Mrs. Winters!  Oh, baby …………ahhhhhhh …………….gonna cum …………ahhh, Godddddddd, yeah!"  He laughed aloud when this beautiful wife threw up after choking on the huge load of his hot tapioca pudding.

     Another beautiful white wife that was Lonnie's to visit when hubby and the kids were out.  A fearful wife that would spend endless hours on end worrying whether or not she had been knocked up by his potent black cock.  The saying would prove to be true, with this white wife, 'When you go black, you can't go back'.  Lonnie planned on paying her many a visit, determined to have his seed take root right on the bed that she shared her husband.  He laughed as he thought to himself 'Hmmm, maybe I'll put her ass on the market!  Bet the winos hanging out at Joe's Bar & Grill would pay plenty for at her beautiful white ass!"

End of Story.