Star Player - III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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     Lonnie was one of few looking forward to the rather boring spring practice.  At just 18 years of age, he was getting itchy for a new conquest to add to his growing harem of beautiful sophisticated women - sophisticated and sexy babes ........................married ones, of course white bitches, married so some punk whiteboy!  Lonnie was always looking up in the stands, checking it out an scanning the spectators who had come in looking for his next unfortunate victim.

     As soon as practice began, Lonnie's attention was immediately drawn to a beautiful woman with her husband and two young daughters sitting up near the railing half way up the bleachers.  Obviously a mother cheering on her son, apparently a new player at the school, hoping that he'd make the team.  Lonnie had never seen the beauty before, making it obvious that her son had to be a new and young player.  At the mid-practice break, Lonnie observed the young mother wave to her son and made a note of the player’s number.

     In the locker room, Lonnie went up to the player and drummed up a conversation, learning his name was Ron Wilson.  It was easy for Lonnie to take the young player under his wing.  Once they got back on the field, Lonnie made it a point the help the boy out.  Lonnie's star status had been established over the last couple of years and the coach was quite tolerant, in fact he didn't want to piss off his star.

     Lonnie told the coach of the young player and wanted to have him on the team as a back up.  The coach, a burly black man, questioned him as the player was quite young and inexperienced.  Lonnie smiled at the coach "See that redhead under section C with the white blouse and slacks?"  The coach gave a nod with a puzzled look, adding “God, she’s a real buck'n beauty!  I’d give my left nut to nail a beautiful redhead like that!”  "Well Coach, that's his mother out there! I want to get into her tight little panties and have those long white legs wrapped around me!"  The coach smiled and chuckled, looking at the beautiful woman again "Man, she’ll never let you even git near her without screaming rape!  Okay Lonnie, you got it if'n ya think ya really can naitl that beautiful bitch, provided you let me have her sweet white ass!  Man, I’ve never gotten close to a redhead before, though I's dreamed of it at night many a time!"  The deal was set between the devilish coach and his vile protege.  

     Throughout the remainder of practice, Lonnie spent his time helping his new found friend out.  The coach did his part in formally assigning Lonnie to help the young player, which would not give about any clue to Lonnie’s ulterior motives.  As soon as practice was over, Lonnie observed his young friend go over to greet his family.  Lonnie took the opportunity to run over and meet Ron’s family, on the guise of having Ron join the guys after practice.  Lonnie shook the father's hand and then introduced himself to the beautiful mother, learning her name was Laura.  Lonnie held the soft manicured white hand much longer than necessary, as Lonnie could just dream of the pleasure of having the soft white hand jerking on his throbbing black cock.  He could just picture her trim manicured fingers unable to encircle his black cock.

     Within the first week, Lonnie got a prize he had dreamt of each night.  Dropping his young friend off at home, he was invited in for a coke.  As they entered through the back door, the washroom was off to the side.  There on the washer was a load of wash to be done.  Lonnie's eyes were drawn to a silky yellow wisp of clothing.  Lonnie told his friend he was going to wash his hands first, giving him the opportunity to claim his prize.  He inhaled the sweet fragrance of the beauty's treasure.

     A few minutes later, Laura appeared from her bedroom to greet her son and new found friend.  She felt uncomfortable with this big black player, two years older than her own son, as she felt as if she was stripped naked by his leer.  How right she was as Lonnie at the very moment was picturing her squirming at the end of his black prong.  If she only knew a pair of her yellow panties had been stolen was now absorbing the juice from his pulsing cock.

     A week of wrapping the yellow silk panties around his black cock had Lonnie wanting to sample the real thing.  When his young friend had extra practice for freshmen, Lonnie managed to take the keys from his locker and made a copy of the housekey at the store across the street.  Now he was set to spring a surprise visit to the whiteboy's pretty mother.

     "Don't you think Ron and the other freshmen need some additional work Coach?" Lonnie asked his coach.  The burly black coach saw the smile Lonnie had on and realized this was the day that he planned to get into the panties of the lovely young mother.  "You're sure right, Lonnie.  But don't forget to save that beautiful white ass for me!  Hope I don’t have to bail you out of jail for rape!" he replied.  "No problem coach, I just want to stretch that tight pussy of hers and make her choke on some raw dark meat", he laughed.

     At 1 p.m., Laura drove up the driveway, returning from the women's community luncheon.  Unknown to her was her son's friend approaching from the back yard.  Lonnie quickly hid behind the tree, observing his beautiful prey in a neat skirt and blouse.  His prick twitched as he observed the beauty's trim white legs encased in sheer white hose and 3" white heels.

     Laura entered the back door and thought she’d put the wash on before changing.  She had her back to the side door when she heard a key opening the door.  She was crouched over busy sorting the laundry.   She merely assumed it was her son returning home from practice, called out without looking back "Hi Ron, how was practice today?"  She gasped and froze in fear as two large black hands suddenly came from behind her to engulf for lovely breasts.  Just as the scream rose to her throat, the scream of fear was cut off as a black hand now covered her mouth.

     Laura fought with all her might as she was being dragged to her bedroom.  Lonnie just loved the fight she put up.  Nothing better than taking a white woman by force than to have one lay there like a dead piece of ass.  He was going to enjoy hearing the beautiful Laura scream as he forced his black meat up her tight pussy.  He knew her wimp of a husband had nothing to compare with his 12" monster.

     As he got Laura to the bedroom door, he shredded the pink blouse and lacy pink bra.  The struggle had  left Laura’s white heels scattered in the hallway.   Laura fought to get loose from his grip but couldn't as the black hands tore wildly at her clothing.  Lonnie leaned next to the shaking beauty, licking at her tender ear.  Unable to scream due to the big black hand over her mouth, Laura shook with fear and humiliation as her nipples began to rise as the intruder began to run his other hand slowly over pink capped breasts.  She began crying when Lonnie whispered in her ear "I'm going to love fucking my black snake into your tight pussy!  I’m going to ‘ruin’ you, Mrs. Wilson!"  She sobbed and fought with all her might as expected when he told her "I'm going to give Ron a little black baby brother!"  Seconds later, Laura’s torn skirt and shredded panties lay scattered on the bedroom floor.

     Lonnie easily dragged the beauty over to her marital bed, his weight slamming upon her, knocking her breath away.  "Please ……………….please ………..nooo .…………don't hurt me …………..please ……………...don'tttttt!" the sobbing wife pleaded.  Lonnie smiled enjoying the fear he created, as his thick cockhead began to push against her soft womanhood.  Finally with his constant pressure, the black bulb-like cockhead slipped into the now slick entrance.  "Oh, God …..…..nooooooooo ...........please ……………….don't rape me!" Laura pleaded.  But that only goaded her attacker on, as Lonnie's delight was to have a beautiful white woman in such a panic.

     Lonnie easily had the sobbing beauty’s hands pinned above her head with one hand.  His other hand forced her head down so she could gaze down at the mighty black baby-maker that was determined to do its nasty deed.  "Oh, please ...…………..don't rape me, please .....…………….please!" she sobbed.  But that brought a mighty thrust from her lusting attacker.  "Arggggggggggg. ....……….............ohhhh, Goddddddd!" she screamed as four solid inches of the black shaft ripped into her tight sheath, stretching her as never before.

     To Lonnie, she was tight as a virgin rather than a mother of three.  Lonnie stabbed forward again, delighted at the fight this beauty put up.  He enjoyed the feel of her sexy feet kicking at him, as Laura fought desperately to save her dignity.  He knew that a dignified woman would rather die than being raped by a nigger, as the punk whites referred to the blacks.  This was the moment he lived for, as it was like the fight a fish put up when speared.

     In fact, after the first six inches, it was virgin territory.  Laura only had experienced her husband before this but her husband’s penis was a mere 6”.  Grasping Laura’s flailing legs, Lonnie forced her legs upwards letting her trim ankles rest upon his broad black shoulders.  Placing his feet at the bed’s baseboard for leverage, Lonnie withdrew till only the plum sized cockhead remained in the withering beauty.  Then with all his might, he slammed forward to bury his 12” deep in the womb of the screaming wife.   “Noooooooo ………….oh, please …………nooooooo ….. ……………it hurtssssssssssssss ……… ………………you’re tearing me!” sobbed Laura.

     Then Lonnie began to fuck the sobbing beauty in earnest.  For half an hour, Laura was pinned beneath her black rapist.  She tried to block everything out of her mind.  But she had never been penetrated so deeply before.  She began to feel hot and her body began to betray her wishes, she became slick with her love juices and began to hump back to this teenage rapist.  Then she screamed “Oh, god  ……. ooohhhhh, noooooooooo …………..don’t let me ……….. cummmmmm!”, as her long red hair whipped from side to side.

     Never had Laura experienced multiple orgasms before.  She was delirious after the fourth, yet she came to realize that her rapist was about to spew his filthy seed in her precious body.  “Oh, please, please ……………..pull it out, please ………….don’t cum in me ……………please ………….you …………….you’ll get me pregnant!” she begged.  “Oh, please don’t, please ……………..noooooooo!” she sobbed.

     Unable to hold out any longer, Lonnie grasped a trim ankle in each hand and forced the slender legs above Laura’s head, bending the sobbing wife in two.  He then buried his 12” black snake deep in the beauty’s fertile womb. “Oh, Mrs. Wilson, here I cum!  Going to give Ron a black baby brother!” he yelled.  Then his muscular black body began to convulse and the pulsing black snake struck, its expanding head spitting out its potent venom.
      In the next hour, Lonnie took the sobbing beauty again and again.  Each time she had fought with all her might.  But in the end, as orgasm after orgasm overtook her, Laura’s long slim legs encircled the quivering black rapist to squeeze out every drop of his baby making goo.  Finally, Lonnie zipped up as he gazed down at the soiled body of his protégé’s beautiful mother.  “You’ve got an hour or so to clean up Mrs. Wilson!  Otherwise you’ll have to explain to hubby and the kids how a nigger like me raped you and maybe knocked you up with a black baby!  Report this to the police and I’ll tell everyone how I enjoyed fucking you!” he quipped.

     After her rapist departed, Laura sobbed in despair.  Her thighs ached from the brutal rape.  She felt so ashamed, being raped by the black teenager, soiled and 'ruined'.  But more so for the way she had responded, as time and time an orgasm overtook her body  when her son's friend continued his vicious rape of her body.  How could she face her husband?  She just couldn’t tell him his beautiful and faithful wife was soiled with a nigger’s filthy cum.  That she could very well get pregnant from this rape.  She douched as best as she could but knew so much more of the potent seed lay deeply in her womb.  She stayed under the hot shower in a desperate attempt to cleanse her soiled body.

     Laura hurriedly made dinner and feigned illness, letting her family dine alone as she wept softly in the spare bedroom.  She tried to lay on the master bed but the memories of what took place there could not be forgotten.

     The next week was one of fear for Laura Wilson.  She did not want to go to the practices with her husband any more.  But she could not let on what was wrong and had to force herself to accompany him.  She cringed each time she saw her teenage rapist, who continued to help Ron along.  She shivered each time he stopped by the bleachers with her son.  His “Hi! Mrs. Wilson!” and knowing smirk made her shiver in disgust.

     Laura forced herself to submit to her husband’s sexual desires, not wanting him to know something was amiss.  But each time their lovemaking left Laura in total frustration.  She could no longer achieve an orgasm with her husband as before.  He normally lasted only five minutes or so and as Laura humped back at him, his spent penis wilted right out of her gripping snatch.  In the past three failed attempts Laura ended up in the bathroom, desperately using the handle of her hairbrush to bring herself off.  She began to get some relief as she pictured Lonnie’s muscled black body slamming into again and again.

     In the middle of the following week, Laura answered the phone.  She froze and could not respond as she heard “Hi Mrs. Wilson, this is Lonnie!  I was planning on stopping by in an hour.  Be there!”  Then the phone went dead.  She bit her lip wondering what she should do.  She told herself to run and get away from there.  She could not explain to herself why she instead stayed, knowing her rapist was about to pay her another visit.  And she knew he was not coming over to apologize to her.

     At the school’s athletic office, Lonnie greeted his coach.  “Lonnie, why aren’t you in pads?  Practice starts in ten minutes!” his coach inquired.  “Aw coach, think I’ll skip practice today – got better things to do!” Lonnie responded and smiled.  “Coach, why don’t you let the assistant coaches handle things today?  They should keep the freshmen for an extra hour of practice!” Lonnie added and handed a key over to his puzzled coach.  “A deal’s a deal coach!  The address is on the key ring.  Give me half an hour head start and come in through the back door!”  His coach began to stammer “You mean ….you mean ….?”  “Yeah coach, time for you to get a piece of that beautiful white ass!”
Lonnie laughed.

     Hearing the doorbell, Laura was hesitant and moved slowly to open the door, knowing full well who she would see.  Still she gasped as her teenage rapist stood in front of her smiling with a big grin.  Laura could not say anything but stepped back to allow the black teenager into her home.  “Do you want me to leave Mrs. Wilson?” Lonnie quizzed.  Laura’s mind told her to scream ‘Yes’ but no words came out.  Instead, she slowly shook her head ‘No’.  “Since you want me here Mrs. Wilson, lead the way to your marital bed so I can fuck a black baby in you!” Lonnie commanded.  Laura put her head down in shame, stifling a sob, but slowly led the way to her bedroom.

     Laura was forced to slowly strip before this black teenager, as he sat on the bed.  Then he stood and Laura had to strip him of his clothing.  She found it hard to breathe as her soft hands came in contact with the long black snake of a cock.  Then Lonnie lay back in the middle of the bed.  Laura was uncertain what to do when the black teenager demanded a blowjob.  She had heard of a blowjob before but never had her husband demanded that kind of filthy sex from her.

     Lonnie made no attempt to help the beautiful wife in her first attempt to perform the task.  The beautiful white fingers began to pump as the oozing black snake.  It was a sight to see this naïve beauty afraid and gingerly handle his manhood, cringing at the slimy goo that flowed to soil her delicate hands.  He watched as Laura tentatively began to lick at the juicy pole.  Finally, Lonnie wrapped his fingers in Laura’s long red hair, forcing his plum size cockhead into her tight mouth.

     It took awhile before Laura could get accustomed to such a huge piece of black meat.  Slowly, Lonnie began to fuck into the now sucking mouth.  Laura felt ashamed for the dirty deed she was performing, knowing she was doing it on her own.  She felt the grip in her hair tighten but she was puzzled for she was not fighting to get away.  Suddenly the bed sagged with an additional body weight on it.  Laura was now in a panic but could not move her head at all.  Someone else was in the same bed with her and this black teenager.  Laura struggled but to no avail.

     “Hey coach!  It’s about time you got here.  Man, I’d cum in another minute!” Lonnie shouted.  Laura froze.  Fear set in as realization set in that it was her son’s black football coach that was in the room.  And he obviously intended to fuck her.  “Lonnie, my boy, I can’t believe this!  You really came through.  Man, I bet this is a sweet virgin ass!” the coach responded.

     Laura tried desperately tried to lift up but to no avail.  “Tell me Mrs. Wilson, have you ever had it here before?” the coach asked as he rubbed his thick cockhead at the entrance to her buttocks.  Laura was in a panic.  Never had she even considered such a vile thing.  She could not verbally answer with her mouth filled.  She could only shake her head in the negative and pray the man behind her wouldn’t want to do something so dirty.  She shivered in fear when she heard the coach comment “Man, I just knew this pretty as was cherry.  I’m going to bust it wide open!”

     Tears flowed down Laura’s beautiful face as she tried to block out this humiliation, continuing to feel the thick cockhead rubbing up and down her asscheeks.  Then the cockhead dipped into her juicy cuntlips, getting itself slick and preparing for the violent rape of her virgin ass.  All the while, Laura was forced to continue her sucking of the slimy black snake in her mouth.  In her position, Laura was unaware of the head nods for communication between the teenager and his coach.

     Upon seeing his coach give the go ahead nod, Lonnie suddenly lifted Laura’s sucking mouth off his cock.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………….noooooooooooooooo ………………. God, nooooooooooo…………..aaaaaargggggggggg!” came the shrieking screams as the coach slammed forward with all his might.  He buried his 10” black cock into the bowels of this beautiful redhead.  This was the ultimate reward for player and coach, hearing their captive scream in pain and fear as the coach raped her virgin ass.  As her screams turned to whimpers, the teenager’s black cock was again being fed to her.

     Both teenager and coach began to fuck away in earnest.  Suddenly, an orgasm unexpectedly overtook Laura’s body.  At the same time, the thick cock erupted deep in her bowels and the teenager’s long black cock exploded deep in her throat.  The coach let out a loud groan.  He then patted the soft white ass of his victim.  “You’ve got a sweet white ass Mrs. Wilson!  Bet you’ll always remember who got your sweet cherry ass!” he laughed

     Over the next hour, teenager and coach each left his potent load deep in the innocent wife’s womb.  The black coach couldn’t believe he got to this elegant bitch.  And his first redhead at that.  To top it off, the coach wrapped her long silky red hair around his slimy cock.  In no time the cock erupted and matted down the beauty’s hair.  At the same time, Lonnie was stroking himself while watching his coach and erupted three streams of thick cum  “Here it is Mrs. Wilson, right in your beautiful face!”  Then both Lonnie and his coach used their oozing cocks to paint her lovely face with the thick goo.

     The next week brought an end to spring practice and much relief to Laura.  She could not bring herself to going to watch more practices with her husband.  It seemed that at the end of each practice, her son’s black friend and coach made their way over the bleachers.  They talked about football with her husband.  And gave her the all knowing smile as they spoke to her husband.  It appeared they each took devious pleasure in talking to her husband, obviously laughing behind his back with the knowledge that they had sampled the charms of his precious wife.

     Laura’s relief was short lived.  The next month brought great fear and anxiety when her period failed to come.  And her cycle was always on time.  In the past year, her husband always took the precaution of using a condom, not wanting to expand their family any further.  None of the condoms ever failed and it was wishful thinking that one did in the past month.   Desperately going over the calendar, it became obvious from the records that her most fertile period was just about the time that her son’s friend and coach had paid her a visit.  Her son would have a sibling fathered by either his friend or coach.

End of Story.