Star Player – IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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    Jim Bates, the head coach for boys’ football and track, was now trying to put together the school’s track team.  Spring practice for football was just over two weeks ago.  Thanks to Lonnie, the school’s star player for all sports, it was a spring practice to remember.  However, after the first practice two days ago, his eighteen year old star player advised him that he was going to pass on the track season claiming he was tired and bored.  But Jim Bates knew the real reason for his star being bored as the turnout for track was pitiful and all returnees.  Thus the cheering section was completely bare at practice.

     The next day, Coach Bates was getting his mail from the school’s office when the principal called to him and asked him to come into his office.  Being called into the head man’s office only meant trouble.  As he entered, he was surprised to see a new student and his parents in the office.  Introductions were made and hands shook.  But Coach Bates couldn’t help but to stare at the beautiful woman, who appeared to be about 34 or 35 years old.  He couldn’t help but lick his lips as he gazed her golden hair and long slender legs.  Her hour glass figure also did not escape his approval.

     It appeared that the family had just made an unexpected move during the school year and were locating in this school district.  The principal explained that the family had hoped to move during the summer and then the boy could start at the beginning of the school year but unforeseen circumstances forced the move at this time.  The principal was asking his help to get the boy adjusted a bit and maybe brief them on the sports program, as young Bill Adams was interested in the football and soccer programs.

     The wheels began to churn in Coach Bates’ devious mind.  Then Coach Bates did the set up “A good way to enter the football or soccer program in the fall is good conditioning.  Right now track and field is about to start.  It’d be an excellent way for you to get in shape.  Also, the ‘star’ football player is on the track squad.  I’d like you to get to know him and he can tutor you in track and then football.  This would also be an excellent way to make some friends right away.”  Everyone in the room thought it was an excellent idea.

     “Tell you what, let me show you the set up at the fieldhouse and introduce the fellow who’ll be able to assist you in track and football” the coach added.  As they left the principal’s office, he advised the new student and parents to wait for him in the hallway.  Quickly Bates wrote out a pass, instructing the school’s secretary to get Lonnie out of class and have him at the fieldhouse in twenty minutes.

     After a quick tour of the facilities. Coach Bates and his guests were sitting in his office.  There was a knock on the glass door.  Coach Bates looked up “Come on in, Lonnie!”   Lonnie entered and his mouth began to water.  Lonnie was introduced to Bill Adams, his father Mr. Mike Adams, and mother Mrs. Darlene Adams.  As Lonnie shook the soft manicured hand of Mrs. Darlene Adams, his cock began to twitch and rise considerably.  Lonnie could just feel that soft hand stoking his throbbing cock and knew her had to have her.

     When the introductions had been made, Coach Bates had introduced Lonnie as ‘Captain’ of the track and field squad.  Thus, Lonnie knew something was up immediately, especially having told the coach he was going to sit out the season.  Having met the beautiful Mrs. Darlene Adams, Lonnie knew the coach was deliberately setting things up.  This lovely beauty was to be his reward for getting back on the track squad.  Not only was Mrs. Adams beautiful, she appeared to be reserved and quite the prim and proper type.  Lonnie chuckled, for he knew exactly what Coach Bates was thinking – that the beautiful woman’s sweet ass was a virgin and how she’d scream when Coach took her cherry white ass.  That was fine with Lonnie as he would love nothing more than being given the opportunity and pleasure of getting into the fair haired beauty's tight little panties and the possiblity of knocking her up.

     Once the guests departed from the fieldhouse, high-fives were exchanged between the star player and coach.  Coach Bates smiled “Man, what a beautiful bitch!  I almost creamed my pants when I met her.  What an angel!  I’m going to love plucking her wings!”  Lonnie chimed in “God, my mouth was watering looking at her long white legs!  She looks so prim and proper too, but we’ll see how prim and proper she’ll be once she gets a sample of my ole black snake!  I’m going to make that beautiful angel scream like hell!”

     At the end of the first week of practice, Lonnie gave his protégé a ride home as he was still too young to get his license.  Small talk throughout the ride gave Lonnie all the info he needed.  He learned that Bill’s beautiful mother just started a job as an assistant manager at a department store.  And that his mother had to work from 3 p.m. till closing for the next month, until the other manager got back from vacation.  Once they arrived at Bill’s home, Lonnie was invited in.  Going to the back door, Lonnie watched Bill get the housekey from its hiding place – something Lonnie could make use of soon.

     In the house, Lonnie was impressed with the layout and luxurious furnishings.  Then Bill gave him a tour of the house.  Sitting a bit in Bill’s room, Bill told his buddy to turn on the TV while he took a quick shower as he had fallen onto the dirt track.  Once the shower was turned on, Lonnie made a beeline to the master bedroom down the hall.  Quickly, Lonnie obtained his goal.  He easily spotted a clothes hamper in the master bath.  From it he retrieved a tiny wisp of an article.  Holding the lacy blue article up to his face, he inhaled the fragrance of the beautiful young wife and mother.

     On the Wednesday, Lonnie approached his coach “Hey, coach!  I need you to write up an excuse for me so I can take off from classes tomorrow!” Coach Bates shook his head “What for?  You’ve got to keep your grades up.  You can’t take off anytime you want!”  Lonnie smiled “I’m taking the day off just to help you, Coach!  I’m taking your video camera with me.  Got a new tape?”  Once Coach Bates saw the grin on Lonnie face, he knew why he needed to get out of classes “You going to fuck that beautiful bitch tomorrow, aren’t you?”  Lonnie laughed “I can’t wait to hear that beautiful blonde angel scream!  And if all works well, we can watch some ‘scouting’ films tomorrow night.”

     The next morning, Lonnie watched as Bill and his dad got in the car and drove off in the direction of the high school.  He then carefully made his ways to the Adams’ home without being seen.  He peeked in the kitchen window.  It appeared that the lovely Mrs. Adams was upstairs.  Lonnie searched for the key in its hiding place and in a few seconds, he was in the home with just the unsuspecting beauty.

     Lonnie quietly made his way up to the master bedroom.  Peeking in, the saw his unsuspecting prize asleep on her bed.  He smiled at how easy this was going to be and stripped off his clothing.  Turning the video camera on and adjusting its sights, Lonnie tip toed into the bedroom and set the video camera on top of the TV.  The camera was set to record all the events on the Adams’ bed for the next few hours.

     “Mmmmmmmmmmmghh…………....................mmmmphhhhhhhhhh!”  came the muffled scream as Darlene was startled awake with a large black hand over her mouth and a muscular black body upon her.  She tried to struggle with all her might and strike her attacker but her two hands were easily captured in one big paw.  Her eyes focused – it was her son’s friend, Lonnie, the captain of the track team.  She shivered in fear, realizing what his obvious intent was.  Darlene began to kick him with her legs but that only seemed to excite him.  Darlene began to sob in fear but all sound was muffled by the large hand over her mouth.  She shivered again as her attacker began to lick at her ear and taunted her “I’m going to ‘ruin’ you, Mrs. Adams!  I’m going to fuck you with my long black pole!  Want to give Billy boy a little baby brother!”

     Lonnie removed his hand from the mouth of the sobbing beauty, sliding his hand to caress a soft breast, tweaking the nipple below the thin blouse.  “Oh, please ….............….. please, don’t do this to me …...............… please, I beg you ……................…….please!” Darlene sobbed.  “Please, please don’t rape me!  Please!  I’ve never been with anyone but my husband, please!” she begged.  “Oh, baby, you haven’t lived till you had some dark meat!  Got my foot long black pole just for you Mrs. Adams!  All for you and filled with hot black baby juice!  Gonna fuck a black baby in your little tummy, Mrs. Adams!” he taunted, all the while rubbing his throbbing tool against her silky white thighs.

     Then Lonnie slipped his thick fingers between the buttons of her blouse, tweaking the bare nipple.  Darlene could only whimper from the unwanted stimulation, hating the fact that her nipple had stiffened from the touch.  With a quick jerk, the buttons popped and the flawless breast was revealed.  Lonnie quickly began to feast on this prize, tonguing the aroused nipple and nipping it wit his teeth.  “Ohhhhhhhh …………….........…..please …….....................……noooooooooo ……...............… please stop …….............…..ohhhhhh!” Darlene moaned, unable to get away and unable to suppress the unwanted stimulation.

     It was a simple task of tearing the shorts and thin yellow panties off the sobbing beauty.   Now the prim and proper beauty lay naked before his gaze.  Lonnie was ready to cum already and he hadn’t even put it to use yet.  Glancing down, the frightened Darlene saw what kind of weapon this intruder possessed.  Never had she seen anything to large and grotesque “Please, I beg you.  Please don’t rape me, please! You’ll kill me with that thing!  Oh, please!” she sobbed.  With his free hand, Lonnie grasped his throbbing black pole and rubbed it up and down the beauty’s golden fleece.  Darlene was in a panic, not on the pill and knowing this was the worst time of the month “Oh, please ….please don’t rape me …………….you’ll get me pregnant!”  “Baby, you and I are going to make sweet music together!  Gonna plant my hot black pole deep in your womb!  Gonna plant my black seed in your fertile garden!” he taunted, continuing to rub his thick cockhead up and down the beauty’s now slick womanhood.

     Putting some pressure, Lonnie just managed to get his plum like cockhead into the slick folds.  “Oh God!  Please!  Please!  God, it hurts so baddddddddd……...............………I can’t take anymore!” Darlene screamed.  It was in only two inches but never had Darlene encountered anything so thick, thicker than her wrist.  The pain was more than she could stand “Please!  Please pull it out!  It’s too big!”

     Hearing the beautiful wife’s pleas screams was almost too much for Lonnie.  He was so excited he almost popped his load.   He didn’t want to come yet, not until he could shoot his baby juice deep in her womb.  The time had come.  Lonnie released his hold on the beauty’s hands, quickly slim hips with both hands and slammed forward with all his might. “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………............………ohhhhhh ……......……Goddd …....….arrrrrrrrrrrraggggggggggggghhhh!” came a piercing shriek of pain.  Darlene’s long white legs flailed about and she tried desperately to punch and push her attacker away but to no avail.  Lonnie had buried his entire 12” pole in that one mighty thrust.  He knew he had torn some virgin tissue along the way, knowing she never had anything so deep before.  He lay on the sobbing beauty, letting her body get accustomed to his long thick cock.  He nuzzled at her ear “That’s my 12” black pole deep in your womb, Mrs. Adams!  What would people say if they knew a nigger fucked your pretty pussy, Mrs. Adam?  How does it feel to be ‘ruined’ by a nigger cock?  Gonna make this tiny white belly swell up with a nigger baby, Mrs. Adams!”

     Then Lonnie slowly withdrew his mighty black cock till it was only captured the plum sized cockhead remained.  Slowly he began to fuck in and out of the sobbing beauty.  The sobbing wife groaned in despair, for the long slow strokes began to have undesired effects on her body.  Darlene’s mind was in shambles.  She did not want to feel any type of stimulation or pleasure from this savage rape.  But now her body was betraying her from this long slow fucking.  As the long black pole was slicing through her slick folds, Darlene arched her hips up trying to get the entire length in her.

     Gradually, Lonnie began to speed up his thrusts and withdrawals, began to fuck the pretty little wife in earnest.  Lonnie smiled as he felt the long white legs raise up and encircle his ass, feeling the trim ankles lock and pulling him deeper.  The trim white arms had stopped pounding at his shoulders and now encircled his neck to keep him near her, as the petite white body desperately began to fuck back at him.  The desperate pleas had ceased and only soft mewling sounds were now emitted from the beautiful blonde.

     Suddenly, Darlene began to feel her body lose control of itself  “Oh, God …..........…..oh, God ……...................….oh, my God, I’m cuminggggggggggggggg ……...................… I’m cumiiiiingggggg!”  Suddenly her body began to quiver and spasm causing her to arch up sharply.  Even Lonnie was caught by surprise at the tremendous orgasm.  He couldn’t believe this petite woman could handle his body weight as she arched up bearing his entire 240 lbs.  Lonnie held still, letting this beautiful woman’s body relax and slowly come back down to earth.  Slowly he began to fuck this gorgeous beauty again with long slow strokes.

     Lonnie took his prize to another mind shattering climax with the same results.  As he began to bring Darlene up to a third climax, he knew his nuts would explode soon.  On the backstroke, he stopped suddenly with only his cockhead enveloped in the slick sleeve.  Lonnie looked into Darlene’s startled face, smiling as the baby blue eyes blinked in shock.

     “Oh, please ……….......……..…please, I’m so close ………...........……….please!” Darlene begged, trying desperately to clasp her legs and arms tighter against Lonnie’s muscular black body.  “Gonna cum if I put it in again, Mrs. Adams!  Thought you didn’t want any black baby juice, Mrs. Adams!  Gonna have to stop fucking you or I’m gonna cum, Mrs. Adams!” he taunted.  Lonnie could only smile as the once prim and proper wife desperately tried to fuck herself up onto his black pole.  “Oh, please … please let me cum” Darlene begged.

     “Do you want my cum, Mrs. Adams?  Do you want my black baby, Mrs. Adams?” Lonnie quizzed as he kept his body up, allowing the beauty only an inch or so each time she arched up.  Darlene was desperate.  She knew it was so dangerous, too dangerous.  But her body’s cravings took over “Oh, yes, please …….fuck me, please ……................ fuck me with your black cock ….....................…give me your cum ……................fuck your  black baby in me!”  This was too much for Lonnie.  Grasping the trim white hips, he slammed himself all the way home.  “Ohhhhhhhh ……............…….yessssssssssssss!!!” Darlene screamed as her third overwhelming climax shook her petite body.   She arched up even higher as the deeply embedded cock exploded directly in her womb.  Never had she experienced the bursting of a cock so deep in her.  Never had so much cum been deposited directly in her womb, nor had she felt anything so hot as the boiling cum in her.

     After half an hour, Lonnie felt the raped young wife pushing at his shoulders.  “Please let me up.  Please, you came in me!  I need to douche right away” Darlene pleaded.  Lonnie turned onto his side, his cock being released from the tight cavern with a loud ‘pop’.  Darlene sobbed softly as a thick river of cum began to flow from her. Sitting on the side of the bed, Darlene tried to take a step but collapsed onto her knees.  Her thighs had been stretched and her legs were too weak from the brutal shagging she had received.

     Sitting on the side of the bed, Lonnie pulled the raped young wife to him.  Darlene gasped as she looked at the throbbing black shaft before her, still shiny from the slick love juices.  “Time for a little blowjob, Mrs. Adams” Lonnie commanded as he began to paint her soft lips with a glossy sheen.  Darlene looked up with her baby blue eyes pleading for mercy.  She had heard of women performing the filthy act of putting a penis in her mouth.  She had gotten quite upset with her own husband when he had suggested such a perversion.  And now this horrid teenager wanted her to suck his dirty penis, a penis that was covered in a slimy filth.

     Once the cock was forced between Darlene’s tight lips, Lonnie knew he would not last long.  The beauty’s disgusted look of fear and humiliation only served to churn Lonnie’s large nuts.  Burying his cock fully into her tight throat, Lonnie smiled as Darlene’s eyes rolled and her face reddened.  It was obvious the young wife was not getting any air.  Suddenly, Lonnie groaned “I’m cuminggggggggggg!”  His black cock exploded deep in throat of the now choking beauty.  Lonnie then withdrew most of his long cock, allowing the gagging beauty to breathe again.  As Darlene gasped for air, streams of thick cum filled her mouth to the brim.  It was swallow or drown in the filth.

     Finally, Lonnie’s deflating cock popped from the tiny mouth.  Lonnie laughed as he watched the lovely wife clutch her stomach and crawl to the nearby waste basket.  “Too much protein, huh Mrs. Adams?” Lonnie laughed as he picked up the video camera.  One last scene he had to have was the lovely Mrs. Adams on her knees, with her white cherry ass facing the camera, trying desperately to cough up the thick tapioca pudding.

     Somehow Darlene managed to get through the remainder of the day.  She had cleaned up the bedroom, hiding all evidence of the rape.  Glad she had to work that afternoon for she would not have to face her loving husband.  She knew she could not report the rape.  She was too humiliated to let anyone know a black teenager had raped her brutally.  She was also upset with herself, upset at the way she had responded, the response of an animal in heat.  She had been ‘ruined’, filled with a nigger’s filthy cum.  Fear engulfed her at the thought of having been impregnated from the brutal black teenager.

     Making it back to school in time for track practice, Lonnie greeted his young protégé.  Today was the day to train on pole vaulting among a couple other events and Lonnie was to show the squad how things were done.  At the end of practice, Lonnie told Bill that he couldn’t give him a ride home as he and the coach had to watch a ‘scouting’ film that just came in.  Bill had asked if he could join Lonnie and the coach in viewing the film but was put off.  Lonnie indicated that it was a strategy session that the coach wanted confidential for the next event.  Later Bill overheard laughing, cheering and clapping coming from the film room and wondered just what kind of scouting film it was.

     The next day was Darlene’s day off.  Trying to get the rape out of her mind, she decided to do the grocery shopping and prepare a nice dinner for the family.  It would kill a lot of time and get her out of the house, for each time she was in the bedroom vivid memories came back of the prior day’s events.

     During dinner, conversation on school came up and Bill told his parents how he enjoyed the track team and how fortunate he was in having Lonnie as a friend.  Hearing Lonnie’s name brought up, Darlene found it hard the swallow her food.  Listening further, Darlene began to perspire and nervously picked at her food.  “I can’t believe Lonnie managed to get out of all his classes yesterday!” Bill exclaimed.  “He said he was practicing pole vaulting on his own before having to teach the others on the team!  He’s even got his own pole for the event.  He’s really proud of this long sturdy pole – you should see it, the black pole has a nice shine to it.  Lonnie says he spent the entire morning practicing the most important aspect of pole vaulting – says its how hard and deep you plant the pole.”  Darlene swallowed hard, her face reddening, and excused herself to the kitchen.  Breathing hard, Darlene tried to compose herself.  She knew just what kind of practice Lonnie had been referring to and just what black pole he had planted hard and deep.

     That night, Darlene desperately wanted to please her husband in bed. Tried desperately to achieve a climax that would override what she had experienced the other day.  Desperately wanting to remember that it was her husband bringing her to her highest peak ever.  But things did not go well.  Mike Adams had never seen his wife so aggressive in bed before.  This only caused him to get overly excited and after only a few strokes, it was too much for his 6” cock.  Darlene bit her lip in frustration and tried to hunch her body onto his withering penis, which quickly slipped from her slick lips.  In a few moments, Darlene lay frustrated next to her snoring husband.

     Getting out of bed, Darlene went downstairs to the kitchen.  She opened the refrigerator and searched the vegetable bin.  She was not hungry but desperately needed to satisfy a far different urge.  She thought back to her shopping at the grocery store.  She had not known what had gotten into her when she came to the premium cucumbers, never having bought any before.  She remembered breathing hard when she had handled the 14” green cucumber and had stroked it in the store.  Though her family was not fond of cucumbers, she had purchased this one.  Hiding it in the pocket of her robe, she quickly made her way back up to the master bath.

     Finally, Darlene sighed in relief.  Never had she given the thought of masturbation, believing it was sinful to perform such an act.  But deep down, she knew what made her buy this cucumber.  It was long and just as thick as the black cock that had brought her to her mind shattering climaxes the day before.  Just pumping it in and out of her slick womanhood did not bring relief.  It was only when she closed her eyes to picture the muscular black teenager slamming into her did she finally reach an orgasm.  She later washed her juices off the cucumber and put it back in the frig.  She knew it would be useful for another week.

     The following Thursday, Darlene was doing the morning dishes.  She gasped when she heard a key being inserted in the back door.  She turned and gasped again.  There again was the black teenage rapist.  Darlene was frozen to the spot.  “Good morning, Mrs. Adams!” Lonnie greeted with a wide grin, as he walked slowly up to the beautiful young wife.  Lonnie was right next to the frightened beauty.  He leaned forward and nuzzled her ear, licking it teasingly.  Lonnie smiled as he felt a soft petite hand move to stroke his throbbing cock through his jeans.  Squeeze the thick bulge through the fabric, Darlene trembled as her other hand was grasped and placed atop the pulsating lump.  Pushed down till she was kneeling on the kitchen floor, she then began to feel the length of the hidden object.

      A few moments later, the prim and proper Mrs. Adams began to undress the black teenager.  Lonnie lay back onto the middle of the Adams’ marital bed as he watched the blonde beauty nervously begin to take off her clothing.  Then the blonde angel crawled over him, trying desperately to hold his throbbing cock still.  Darlene was panting in anticipation, trying to impale herself on the throbbing tool.  Finally, she sighed in relief as her golden fleece parted and enveloped the plum sized cockhead.

     Darlene wanted to plunge herself down onto the mighty shaft.  But the teenager’s hands held firmly at her trim waist, forcing her to move slowly up and down.  “Oh, please Lonnie, ……I need it harder, please …………..harder!” she pleaded.  “Oh, yes, yes ……..ohhhhhh!” Darlene whimpered as Lonnie allowed her to increase the speed of the fuck as she rode him.

     “Well, well, well!  What is going on here?” came a booming voice from the doorway.  Darlene gasped with fright as she turned to the doorway. There stood Bill’s track coach in the doorway.  “Oh, no, please, please ……..he raped me last week!” Darlene tried to explain as the black hands kept her solidly impaled.  “My, my, Mrs. Adams!  You’ll never convince me of that after what I just observed”, Coach Bates replied.  “Just what would the your husband and neighbors say when I tell them what I saw?” the coach added.

     Darlene was frantic and speechless.  How could she explain way what the coach had just witnessed?  That she was on top of the black teenager trying to fuck herself on his black cock, begging for the black boy’s cock.  Darlene began to sob in fear that her world had come to an end, that her husband would throw her out and divorce her for infidelity – for letting a black cock up his private possession. Bates had quickly stripped off his clothing as he moved to the bed. “There, there, don’t you worry your sweet little white ass any, Mrs. Adams!” Coach Bates snickered as her patted her soft ass. “Baby, you don’t think we were interested in helping your wimp of a son, do you?  It was your sweet white ass that we were after!” he added.

     Then it hit her.  Darlene then realized that his devious coach and his star player had planned all of this.  She sobbed as she felt the coach’s rough hands on her hips.  She gasped, feeling a thick cockhead moving up and down her buttocks.  “Oh God!  No! No, please, no ……………..I’ve never had it there before!” she pleaded.  “See Lonnie, I told you this beautiful ass was cherry” Coach Bates gloated.  Rearing back, Coach Bates then slammed forward with all his might.  “Aiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee……………… nooooo …..............................….nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Darlene screeched.

     Three hours later, the beautiful young wife lay sprawled upon her marital bed.  A bed that had been put through its paces, not by her loving husband, but by her son’s black coach and the school’s star player.  She was exhausted, unable to count the number of orgasms she had reached.  Darlene felt down to her matted fleece.  A finger dipped between her swollen lips to measure the amount of slime had been deposited.  Her body was covered in streaks and globs of dry and still congealing cum.  She recalled the star and coach switching places after the first go round.  Then the coach fucked her sloppy cunt while she blew the teenager.  The last event she recalled was having jerking Lonnie’s black cock till it exploded right in her face, all the white the coach was fucking her soft soles and splattered his messy goo between her toes.

     A month later, Darlene began to get over her nervousness.   She had gone on the pill immediately after the initial rape, not knowing what to expect next.  Thus she felt safe from the episode with the coach and player.  She knew they would come back again.  But when she thought of the prospect of it happening again, she rubbed her thighs together feeling her womanhood get slick at the thought.  Each week, she made sure to purchase one long fresh cucumber in replacement. But she did not want to throw out any food if necessary.  Frustrated with her husband’s poor performance in bed, she thought it must be due to his vegetarian diet.  Thus, she made sure to pack him a lot of vegetables, along with a lot of sliced cucumbers for his lunch each day.

     Another week went by.  Still her period had not come.  In checking her calendar prior to starting the pill, she confirmed that her most dangerous period had been very near to the day Lonnie had raped her.  She sighed, knowing that the douche had failed to do its job.  She was now six weeks along. Pregnant by the district’s star athlete!  So frustrated and upset with her husband’s performance lately that she reasoned it would be fitting to show him what a real stud had done – what the product of a real stud was – a little black bundle of joy!

End of Story.