Star Player – V
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

 “Hi Mom, practice got over this morning and they cancelled the practice for this afternoon.  My coach had the high school coach and top high school player stop by to help us in practice today.  It sure is hot today and was wondering if three of my friends could come over and relax in the pool?  The star player from the high school has been helping the running backs and says he could drop us off, please Mom!” Bryan asked excitedly.  Natalie was pleased her son was having a good time and gave the okay to have his friends over, worried about a high school boy driving but the practice field was only a half mile away from home.  Being an insurance sales agent, Natalie could keep her own hours and she had more than surpassed her quota for the month.  Thus, she gave the okay to Bryan told him that she’d pick up some sandwiches on the way home for he and his friends.

 Natalie returned home seeing a rather beat up car parked at the curb, then realized it must belong to the high school player who drove the boys home.  Then she heard the laughter coming from the back of the home, where the swimming pool was located.  Walking back there, she was greeted by her son and three teammates that also lived in the neighborhood.  Natalie smiled and waved at the boys in the pool, then observed a large figure sitting off to the side and in the shade.

 “This is ‘Stork’, I mean Tyrone, who’s in high school and helped our team out today!  He plays on the high school team and gave us a ride home” Bryan spoke as he introduced the tall muscular black high schooler, who stood to greet her. Natalie shivered feeling uncomfortable with this boy or rather young man, who was quite a few years older and more matured among her son and his friends.  Tyrone smiled and greeted her, all the while starring at her.  Natalie felt as if she was being stripped naked by those glaring black eyes.

 Tyrone Williams, eighteen and nearing nineteen and a senior in high school due to having to repeat first grade twice, was indeed mentally stripping this beautiful white woman.  As the boys had been too exhausted to walk home, Tyrone figured he’d give them a ride home and if lucky he’d be able to rip off something of value.  As everyone remained out at poolside, he was about to head out after finishing his cold can of pop.  Tyrone swallowed hard ‘Boy, I’m sure glad I gave this little punks a ride home and stayed for this pop.  The only thing I wanna rip off here is a piece of this bitch’s sweet white ass.  He accurately sized her up at about 34 years old, 5’3” and about 115 pounds.  To Tyrone, she was the picture of an angel with her silky blonde hair and baby blue eyes, and as he mentally thought 'Jist the perfect little bitch fer me to fuck!'

Tyrone couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, having a son thirteen years of age, and how lovely her long white legs were.  He pictured those long ivory legs wrapped around his black ass as he humped the hell out of her.  As he watched the beautiful woman turn and walk to the sliding door, he groaned silently as he stroked his throbbing cock.  How he’d like to plant his black seed in her fertile garden and give little Bryan a baby brother or sister.

In the kitchen, Natalie paused to take a deep breath, her body shivering in uneasiness from the stare she received from the high school player.  Shaking it off, Natalie then set about to make juice and put out the sandwiches for the boys.  She opened the sliding door, calling out to her son “Bryan, in a few minutes, can you come in to help me carry things out?”  “Okay Mom!” came her son’s reply.

 Tyrone quickly saw this as his opportunity to get near the beautiful mother of the young boy.  “Stay in the pool Bryan, I’ll go help your mom since I’m not wet!” he told the young boy.  ‘Yeah, I’m not wet for now but man I’m about to wet my pants with cum soon!’ he thought.

 Natalie’s back was to the sliding door when she heard it open, merely assuming it was her son coming in to help.  Then she had an uncomfortable feeling of a huge body behind her.  She spun and turned, gasping as she looked at the large muscular black body inches away from her, black chest bared with only his skimpy red swim shorts on.  “I came in to help you, Missus Stevens” Tyrone grinned at the obviously frightened beauty.

 Natalie tried to speak but no words came out.  Instead Tyrone spoke, “Know why they call me ‘Stork’, Missus Stevens?  Its not because I’m big and  tall but because I always make babies with the women I fuck.  And I just love to fuck beautiful white women!  You’re so beautiful, Mrs. Stevens!”  Natalie mouth opened to scream but no sound would come out.  She visibly began to shake as the large black hands came up to her trim waist and slowly moved upwards to caress her breasts through her blouse and lacy bra, arousing her nipples to hardness.  Natalie’s eyes closed as she sighed from the unwanted simulation this black boy was bringing her, right in her own home.

 “P..p...please ......ohhhhhhhh ………..pleaseeeeee …………..noooooooooo!” Natalie whimpered unsucessfully, as the exploring fingers continued to knead her stiff nipples through her blouse and thin bra.  Then the hands carressing her moved to her arms, sliding down to grasp her soft white hands, drawing them forward.  Natalie gasped loudly as her hands came to rest on the large bulge in Tyrone’s skimpy red shorts, her hands feeling the throbbing power that lay beneath the thin fabric.

 "Reach in for a better feel, Mrs. Stevens!" Tyron told her with a stern voice.  He knew he had  her as he felt her fingers slip into his elastic waistband, his snake of a cock twitched in response to the touch of the softness of her delicate white hands.  Natalie gasped again, opening her eyes to stare down at the 12” monster that her fingers were now unconsciously stroking.  Never had she seen such a huge monster of a cock, never having seen any black cock for that matter.  The lewd sight of her white hands stroking the throbbing ebony shaft made it all the more forbidden.  Faster and faster she unconsciously stroked the oozing black cock.  Tyrone groaned from the feel of this beautiful woman’s soft gripping fingers.  Just as he was about to cum, Tyrone grasped  Natalie’s blue skirt, exposing her lacy blue panties.  He grasped the top of her panties and pulled it away from her body.  Tyrone stepped forward and then grunted.  He unloaded his load of cum, shooting streams of sticky jism directly onto the golden fleece of the innocent young wife and mother.

Natalie looked down to see the now shrinking black cock in her cum coated hands.  She quickly dropped it like a hot potato.  She swallowed hard, not believing what she had just done.  As Tyrone released her panty top, she could feel the crotch of her panties become matted to the hot slime saturating her furry mound.  A twitch of the black cock again spurted a stream of cum, this time onto the front of her panties and the hot cum began drooling down her trim white legs.  She turned and ran to her bedroom disgusted at the shameful act she had just performed, with a strange black boy in her very own home.

In the safety of her master bathroom, Natalie closed the door and leaned against it to recover from her ordeal.  She looked down at her soiled hands and cringed as she looked at the slime on her slim manicured fingers.  She sobbed as the pungent smell of cum hit her nostrils.  She staggered over to the mirror, lifted her skirt to see the her baby blue panties, drenched from the filthy goo filling her silk panties and the trails of cum slowly streaking down her inner thighs.

Stepping out of her navy blue heels, Natalie quickly stripped off her clothing.  She had to take a hot shower to wash the filth from her body.  Scrubbing herself of the filthy slime brought some relief but her mind was shattered, not knowing how she could ever have allowed such a thing to happen.  Never had she even thought of being unfaithful to her loving husband.  And to do such a thing with a boy in her own home, a black boy who was still in high school.  She began to weep in shame and humiliation.

Meanwhile, Tyrone took out the sandwiches and drinks to the boys in the pool.  In no time the food and drinks were gone.  Apparently all of the other boys lived nearby.  Being younger, these boys were into video games and one of the boys told them of the new game he got the other day.   They got all excited about the new game and decided to run over to the other boy’s home to play it for awhile.  Tyrone took this as his opportunity to fulfill his goal “I’m not into video games.  You guys go ahead.  I’m gonna head on out and get in some practice myself!”  And with that the young boys made a dash over the back fence to head to the other boy’s home.

Tyrone was headed in the direction of his car and turned back to see all the boys hopping the short fence and disappear.  Tyrone smiled, opening his trunk to retrieve the coach’s video camera, then he turned around and made his way back to the open patio door.  Once back in the confines of the luxury home, he closed the patio door behind him.  He was now alone with the unsuspecting young wife and mother.  Smiling he thought to himself ‘I’m gonna make this beautiful white wife a mother again!  Gonna knock her up real good with my black baby!’

Making his way down the hallway where Natalie had run to, Tyrone’s long cock was now revived and began to pulse in anticipation.  He slowly turned the doorknob and peeked in.  He observed the large king sized bed, covered in an obviously expensive white bedspread.  The entire room showed of class.  And it was quite fitting for this beautiful and classy white bitch.  He heard the shower going and stepped into the bedroom.

Just as he closed the bedroom door, Tyrone heard the shower stop and the shower door open.  He dashed to the open walk in closet, located near the windows.  Smiling, Tyrone began to shuck off his clothing in anticipation of what was to come.  Turning on the video camera, he placed it on the top of the dresser next to a jewelry box, positioning it to capture the entire bed.

Teary-eyed, Natalie fought back the tears of humiliation and shame.  She toweled herself dry, rubbing hard and furious at where the filthy goo had soiled her precious body.  Putting on a white robe, she entered the bedroom.  Not hearing the boys in the pool, she walked over to the corner of the window to peek outside.  She gave a sigh of relief to see the pool area vacated.  Mainly she was thankful that the black high school boy had departed.  Speaking loudly, she chastised herself  “Oh, God, how could I allow such a filthy thing to happen!  With a black boy in high school who I never met before!  And in my own home!”  She sobbed in shame as tears began to flow again.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………………!” a startled Natalie gasped as she felt a large pair of hands suddenly placed on her trim hips.  Panting in utter fear, unable to scream, she looked down to see a large pair of black hands slowly moving to the front of her white robe.  She could only stand frozen to the spot as the sash of her robe was untied and the front of her robe pulled apart.

“Ohhhhhhh ………………..pleaseeeeeeeee!” Natalie stammered, as the roving black hands touched her soft white flesh.  She closed her eyes as the large hands moved up slowly.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, noooooooooo ……..Godddddd, nooooooooooo …………………ohhhhhhhhhh!” she sobbed, as her pink nipples were now being flicked and rolled by thick black fingers.  The black hands fully encompassed her perfectly shaped breasts, softly roaming and teasing the pink nipples to further stiffness.

The white bathrobe soon lay in a puddle behind Natalie, who could not move at all.  She could only pant for her breath, unable to run, unable to stop the caressing of her sensitive breasts.  She shivered as she felt fingers being inserted into theelastic waistband of her thin panties, feeling the flimsy garment been pushed over her hips to allow the garment to slither down her legs. Then Natalie gasped and her legs nearly gave way as one black hand began to approach her golden fleece.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh …………….Goddddddddddd!” she groaned when a thick finger parted her slick folds and teased her stiff clit.  “Noooooooooo ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned, body shaking uncontrollably in a convulsive orgasm.

Never having reached an orgasm in this manner, Natalie fell limply into Tyrone’s muscular arms.  Natalie was in a dazed stupor as her limp body was being carried to her bed that she shared with her loving husband, Dave.  She saw the bedspread pulled down to reveal the clean sheets that she had put on that morning.  She watched as Dave’s pillow was placed in the middle of the bed.  Then Natalie was laid upon the bed, with Dave’s pillow under her hips, serving to raise her womanhood to the mercy of her young black assailant.

“Ohhhhhhhhh ……………please …………..noooooooooo!” Natalie groaned, arching her hips up as Tyrone’s hot mouth clamped down on her golden muff, the withering tongue teasing her sensitive clit.  Planting her feet on the mattress, Natalie legs spread wide as her hands grasped the kinky hair of Tyrone’s head, she arched up in response to the unwanted pleasure.  Never had Dave performed this filthy act on her, though he had tried and she had verbally chastised him for being mentally sick for even thinking of such a thing.  “Ohhhhhhhhh …………….………I’mmmm …… I’mmmm cummmminggggg!” Natalie moaned, body shaking uncontrollably.

Twice now Natalie reached mind-shattering orgasms.  Only in regular love making with her husband had she achieved sexual relief, but nothing like the two orgasms she had just reached.  All this had changed in the past hour.  All of this had taken place in her own home with a boy just a few years older than her own son, but this was a big black boy who was more of a man than a boy.

Laying upon her bed, Natalie was helpless in resisting her assailant.  Helpless as she looked at his snickering black face, helpless as he crept up to her.  Natalie’s eyes gazed down at the menacing black tool that Tyrone was shucking, seeing the glistening shine of fluid oozing from the cockhead.  Seeing the massive black tool that she had handled earlier, it came back to her as to why this boy was called ‘Stork’.  “Oh, please …… …….no ……you can’t ………you’ll get me pregnant!” she stuttered.

Natalie was now panting in panic and fear as the large black cockhead delved into her golden fleece and parted her moist slit, rubbing up and down with pressure being placed to split her moist slit.  Realizing she would never be able to prevent this rape, she gathered enough rational thoughts to try and prevent the dreadful consequences of such prohibited mating.  “Oh, pleaseee ………pleaseee ………….my husband has condoms in the nightstand drawer!” she pleaded.

Tyrone grinned down at the terrified beauty, rubbing and pushing his wet cockhead at her sensitive clit.  Smiling, he taunted “Now, Missus Stevens, how is I gonna keep up my good name?  I’s proud of my name and I wanna prove it to ya!  You such a fine momma to Bryan, bringing lunch home for him and his friends!  You gonna be a fine momma to our baby!”

“Ohhhhhhhh ……………owwwwwwww …………….oh, nooooooo ……….stopppp ……..stop …………you’re too biggggg!” Natalie yelled, her hands trying to push at the thrusting black hips.  She was being stretched beyond belief, never having encountered such a monstrosity.  She and Dave had been high school sweethearts and somehow she had kept her virtue till they both graduated from college.  Though she had allowed Dave some intimate petting during their long courtship, Natalie had entered the marriage as a pure untouched virgin.  The only cock she had intimately touched before this day was Dave’s six incher, which was only half the length and diameter of the cock now being forced into her.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Natalie sobbed when Tyrone grasped her trim hips and speared the full length of his black shaft into her without any mercy.   This was exactly what Tyrone enjoyed most, fucking a beautiful white woman, making her scream in pain as he raped her on her marital bed.  Then Tyrone began to repeatedly withdraw his lengthy shaft, till only the bulb of his cockhead remained enveloped, then plunged back down with all his weight.

The Stevens’ bed creaked as never before, swaying madly, headboard banging against the wall and threatening to collapse from the wild activity upon it.  The long deep thrusts and withdrawals began to have an effect on Natalie’s resisting body, her thigh muscles began to contract upon the mighty shaft within her whenever it plunged deep into her womb.  The trim white thighs had come off the mattress to now clutch at the sides of her bulky assailant, her toes curling and pointing straight ahead.

“Ohhh …..ohhhh …..ohhhh …..ohhh …..ohhhh ………!” Natalie now chanted in time with each rapid thrust into her moist pit.     Then the strokes slowed as Tyrone wanted the beautiful bitch to feel every fucking inch of his black cock.  “OHHHHHHHHHHHH …………….!” Natalie responded, her long white legs crossing over Tyrone’s pumping ass, locking her ankles to draw him in deeper.  Then the only thing Natalie wanted was to extinguish the burning itch between her legs, causing her to arch up to meet every thrust of her rapist.

  Then on one withdrawal motion of his cock, Tyrone was caught by surprise at the petite beauty arched up to keep his cock deep within her snatch.  Tyrone smiled as he felt the soft white body tense then shudder in convulsions, hearing the lovely wife cry out “Oh, God …………….oh, God …………I’m cumminnggggg!”  Holding her trembling asscheeks up to him, his foot long cock buried to the hilt, Tyrone took great pleasure in seeing this beautiful white wife react in such a powerful orgasm.

It was a full five minutes later that the convulsions ceased and Natalie was now delirious from the fuck aftermath.  Tyrone held still as the arms clutching his shoulders eased their tight grip and fell limply to the mattress.  Then the trim ankles unlocked from his ass and Tyrone allowed the beautiful white body to slowly ease down his still throbbing shaft, till the buttocks rested on Mr. Stevens’ pillow.  He kept still and the bulb like cockhead was enveloped in the still tight slit as the trim white legs slowly fell to the mattress around him.

Another five minutes went by and Tyrone held patiently still, waiting for the lovely wife to come out of her stupor.  Then he saw the flickering of Natalie’s baby blue eyes, followed by the terrified look on her face as she realized what had just occurred.  To give her a quick reminder, Tyrone stabbed her brutally with his cock, burying it fully and twitching it to bring her back to reality.  What had given Natalie so much pleasure and drove her out of her mind just ten minutes ago, caused her to shiver in disgust and shame.  Natalie's eyes became flooded with tears, tears of shame, as she tried desperately to push the heavy black body off her.

Tyrone then plowed into action, grasping Natalie’s trim white hips again, he began his jackhammer fucking again.  For a minute Tyrone enjoyed the dainty fists striking his shoulders and feet kicking at his hips.  Then he felt the hands clutch his shoulders like before and the trim legs tie him again to her.  Knowing she was all his, he wanted to taunt her “What would Mr. Stevens say if he came home now, seeing his beautiful wife fucking a black nigger?  Shame on you Missus Stevens, fucking a black boy right in the bed you share with your husband!  Gonna let a black boy squirt his jism in you, Missus Stevens?  Gonna let a black boy knock ya up, Missus Stevens?”

The taunting sank into Natalie’s brain, realizing she indeed could get impregnated from this forbidden fuck.  She tried to push at the broad shoulders as Tyrone looked down at her, gripping her ass and began to fuck her without mercy.  “Gonna cum in ya, Missus Stevens ………………..gonna cum …………..gonna knock ya up with my black baby!” he yelled out, holding her tight ass tightly to him as he unleashed his hot potent load.   “Ohhhhhhhhhh ………….!” Natalie swooned as her arms clutched her rapist to her, while her legs squeezed down tightly to drain the erupting cock deep into her fertile womb.

Tyrone lay exhausted on the now weeping young wife, letting his drooling cock drain into her womb.  “God, there’s nothing better than a fuck like this!  Damn, I sure hope I knocked you up!” he exclaimed gleefully.  He loved to torment the beauty even more at this point, watching the tears pour from her eyes in shame.

Getting up from the bed, he watched Natalie curl up into the fetal position as she continued to weep, cum drooling from her raped slit to soak into her husband’s pillow below.  ‘Man, she’s got a beautiful white ass.  Think I’m gonna knock off a piece of that ass right now’ he mused.  Pushing Natalie onto all fours, he was about to mount her like a bitch in heat.  Then Natalie pleaded, feeling the cockhead resting at her ass, “Oh, please ……..please don’t ……….I’ve never had it there before!  Oh, God, it’ll kill me!”  Tyrone smiled, grasped her hips tightly and was about to rip her cherry white ass apart.

Just as he had fitted his cockhead into place, laughter and yelling could be heard from the outside.  Stretching his neck, Tyrone could see just over the windowsill and saw Bryan and his friends climbing the short fence to the pool area.  Then he heard water splashing in the pool as the boys dove in.  ‘Damned timing!’ he cussed to himself, wanting to hear the bitch scream like hell when he raped her cherry ass.  But he knew that the screams she would generate would have the boys up there in no time.

Tyrone flipped Natalie over onto her back ‘Guess I’ll have to save your cherry ass for later, Missus Stevens.  But I’m rock hard again.  Jerk me off again if you want me to go now, or I’m just gonna fuck your beautiful ass and let your screams bring the boys up here!”   Dreading the thought of being raped in the ass and not wanting the boys to discover her being raped by their black friend, she quickly grasped his cock and began to wank him.

“Oh, baby, that’s the way Missus Stevens ……………ohhhh, your hands are so beautiful and so soft ……………oh, yeah baby ………….I’m gonna cum soon!” he moaned.  Pumping into the soft white hands, Tyrone panted and saw Natalie watching his pulsing cock, trying to make it cum so she would be rid of him.  “Put it in your beautiful mouth Missus Stevens.  Suck the cum out of me!” he ordered.  He was pleased to see the horrified look come across Natalie’s face, hearing her sob “No …..........…please ….............…no, let me finish you with my hands …………….please, I’ve never done such a filthy thing!”

Tyrone couldn’t believe it, her stupid husband must be a real dork and only believed in doing it in the missionary position.  He was so close to the right conclusion.  However, Natalie’s husband had tried to get her to suck his cock and try other positions but he easily gave in to Natalie’s rebuffs.  “Either you suck my cock or I’m gonna yell at the top of my voice for little Bryan and his friends to come up here!” he countered.

Feeling sick to her stomach as she looked at the messy cock she was stroking, Natalie thought she would throw up all over it.  The thought of her young son and friends seeing her like this, naked in bed with their black friend, had her shivering in fright.  She knew she was forced to obey the threatening demand.  Closing her eyes tightly, Natalie slowly opened her lips as wide as possible and leaned forward.  She shivered in total disgust as the slimy cock pushed between her lips and soiled her tongue.

“Oh, yeah, Missus Stevens ……atta way ………keep pumping it ……….eat all the cum outta me …………keep it in your mouth when I cum or I’ll yell for Bryan and the boys!” he threatened.  His cock sliced through Natalie’s slick white hands plunging deeper and deeper.  “Oh baby, here I cum …………….yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!” he groaned and exploded.  Natalie tried desperately to stem the flood by squeezing the black cock as tightly as she could with both hands.  But this action only served to excite Tyrone even more as the massive eruption blasted from his throbbing cock.

Natalie shivered in disgust, wanting so badly to throw up, but remembered the horrid threat of her son and friends seeing her like this.  She tried to open her mouth as wide as possible to let the filth drip out but her lips barely fit around the black cock, keeping only the cockhead in her mouth.  She shuddered as spurt after spurt filled her mouth to the brim with the filthy slime.  She couldn’t wait for him to remove his cock so she could spit out the horrid filth.  Shivering in disgust, she looked up at Tyrone to see if he was done and then she could rush to the bathroom.

Tyrone smiled seeing the terror in Natalie’s baby blues, saw her shiver in disgust as her mouth was filled to the brim with his thick jism.  He laughed at her plight “Uh-uh, you forgot to swallow, Missus Stevens!”  He took great pleasure in watching the beautiful wife close her eyes and shiver in shame and humiliation, knew she wanted to die on the spot than to eat his cum.  Reaching out, he grabbed her blonde hair, preventing her from spitting out his load.  Her watched her body quiver as she finally swallowed the slimy goo in her mouth.  Finally he let go of her hair and he burst out laughing as Natalie scrambled off the bed and began to retch out the slime into the nearby wastebasket.

Tyrone got into his clothes, picked up his camcorder, being sure to get footage of the young innocent wife’s cherry white ass as she tried to cough up the slimy filth in her belly.  He’d have to claim that beautiful white ass soon, very soon!

Making his way out the front door, he put the camera back into the trunk.  Then he wandered to the back where the boys were.  “Hey Bryan!” he called out.  He was anxiously greeted by the young boy and his friends, who inquired of his return.  “I was thinking of how your moves could be more deceptive as you run with the ball.  I’ll stop by one evening next week and go over with it you as it’ll take a while” Tyrone lied.  Bryan was quite excited at the prospect of learning from the high school star and invited him to come over anytime, that Thursday night was probably the best as his dad worked late and him mom got home about 8 p.m. after the community association was done.   Tyrone told Bryan he’d try and stop over at 7:15 p.m.

Natalie was beside herself after that day in her home.  She chastised herself for not slapping the black high school boy in her kitchen.  How could she have touched him in her kitchen, letting him spurt his filth inside her panties?  Maybe that would have prevented the later rape in her bedroom, she pondered, blaming herself for the initial incident.  She prayed she would never see that evil boy ever again.

The next Thursday evening, Natalie returned home from the community association meeting as normal.  With the street dark she failed to see Tyrone’s clunker parked in front of another car next to the curb.  Her mind was still swirling about the horrid events of the prior week.  She prayed that the douche had done the job and that the ‘Stork’ had not kept up to his name.  Getting out of her car, she heard laughter and splashing behind the poolside.  She was going to give Bryan a scolding, for having friends over on a week night when it was reserved for studying.

Getting to the poolside she was just about to yell at Bryan when a grinning black face surfaced in the water.  Shivering in fear, the words failed to come out.  “Hi Mom!  I know I’m supposed to study but ‘Stork’ was good enough to stop by and show me a couple moves to help me in my game” Bryan greeted.

“Hiya, Missus Stevens!” Tyrone greeted, eyeing up the stunned beauty as she stood above him in her white skirt, yellow blouse, and white heels.  “C’mon in, the water’s feels terrific, Missus Stevens!”  Natalie murmured a soft “No, no I can’t!” and turned to walk into her home.

“Oh, Missus Stevens, Bryan told me you’re in insurance sales.  My friend wants you to look at his policy and see what you can do.  I got it right here for ya!” Tyrone exclaimed, holding up a large brown envelope.

Natalie swallowed hard, not wanting to make any type of scene with her son nearby.  As she bent over to get the envelope, Bryan was swimming to the far end of the pool to retrieve the football.  She heard Tyrone’s low but stern voice ordering her to “Put on a sexy bikini and get your ass in this pool, bitch!”

Going into her home, Natalie shuddered in fear but was determined to stand up to this young punk.  Curiously, as she walked to her bedroom, she began to open the envelope.  Sitting on her bed, she pulled out the contents.  A handwritten note, with a key taped to it, stated “Show up at the address below tomorrow, at noon – Sharp!  That’ll be your insurance policy that these photos don’t get out.  Signed, Tyrone.”  Natalie trembled and shook with fear, nearly fainting, as she looked upon the most unbelievable photos.  Still shots, made from the video, clearly showed it was her in the photo.  Her eyes were closed in the photos, mouth wide open, with her arms and legs wrapped around Tyrone’s black body.  And it left nothing to the imagination as to what was taking place on her marital bed.

Sighing in resignation, Natalie began to get out of her clothing.  Going to her dresser drawer, she retrieved a pair of sexy pink bikinis.  She dreaded going down to the poolside dressed in the bikini but knew it wouldn’t be wise to offend this evil blackmailer.

“Whew!” Tyrone whistled loudly as the ivory white beauty came out of the patio door.  Bryan was also stunned at his mother’s appearance, for she never wanted to swim in the pool when his friends were over.  Bryan was a bit embarrassed at Tyrone’s whistling at his mother, though he had to admit his own mother was quite sexy, especially in that pair of pink bikinis.

Natalie quickly got into the water to hide her body from Tyrone’s lustful stares.  She swam over to the deep end of the pool to get away from the boys.  But she knew she couldn’t get away from her evil blackmailer when she heard Tyrone tell Bryan “Let’s play catch in the pool, I’ll go to the deep end!”

Deliberately throwing the football over Bryan’s head and out of the pool several times had Natalie shivering in fear.  Each time Bryan had to turn his back and get out of the pool to retrieve the football, she felt Tyrone’s impatient hand quickly slip around her waist and slip into her bikini bottom, fingering her moist slit.

Then Bryan yelled out “Hey ‘Stork’ want me to heat up a pizza and get some pop?”  “Sound’s great Bryan!” Tyrone replied.  Then Natalie desperately spoke up “I’ll get it for you boys!”  To Natalie’s dismay, Bryan replied “Don’t worry Mom, I’ll get it!”  Just then the telephone rang and Bryan picked it up “Mom, it’s Dad calling for you!”

Natalie swam toward the side of the pool as Bryan approached with the cordless phone.  Bryan handed the phone to his mother and told Tyrone he’d get the pizza started.  As Bryan turned to walk to the patio door, Natalie began to move herself along the side of the pool toward the shallow side of the pool, away from Tyrone.

Desperately, Natalie wanted to tell Dave to hurry home but he kept chattering, intent on telling her of his exciting business deal.  Natalie gasped softly and shivered in fear as large familiar hands grasped her by her trim hips and pushed her against the side of the pool.  She panted in fear, looking toward the patio door while listening to her husband chatter on.  There was nothing she could do, no noise she could make as she felt her protective bikini panties being pulled down her trim hips.  Soon the pink bikini bottoms lay stretched out, caught on both ankles.  Knees pushed apart and bowed with the biking panties still around her ankles, Natalie then realized that the brazen teen had dipped beneath the water and was now surfacing up between her widespread legs.    

Unable to put her legs down due to the bikini panties around her ankles and the arrogant teen between her spread legs, she certainly hoped that her young son would not come back to poolside to obvserve this obscene sight.  Natalie then had to cover the mouthpiece of the phone when she felt the probing blunt instrument searching for her moist slit.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ..............................oh …………………mmmmmmmh!” she moaned softly as her slit parted to admit the demanding probe.  She was shocked at how easily the monstrous shaft slipped into her slit as compared to the rape of the prior week.  She realized just how well stretched she had remained from the prior week’s experience.  Keeping her hand over the mouthpiece as a precaution, she couldn’t help but begin to hump back at the plunging cock.

Finally the conversation was ending and Natalie had to take her hand of the mouthpiece  “Okay, honey, see you soon!  I’ll be waiting for you!”  Then she suddenly stammered “I …...…I …...…I love ...… …...…too!”  “Ohhh …....yesss …....I’m fine …...….just had to bend over!”  Natalie was not lying to her husband, for she had to bend over a bit as she got her womb filled with the bursting jism of Tyrone’s monstrous black cock while her body convulsed in an orgasm.

A few moments later, Bryan returned to poolside with the pizza and pops.  Tyrone lay with his head on the edge of the pool, floating without any energy in the shallow side of the pool.  Natalie meanwhile was struggling at the deep end of the pool, trying desperately to retrieve the bikini panties from around her ankles.  As Natalie had been making her way to the deep end of the pool, she desperately used her fingers to scoop out as much of the fertile deposit as possible, letting globs and globs of the thick jism to slowly drift down to the bottom of the pool.

A half hour later, Dave returned home to find his son and friend finishing their pizza at poolside.  He was quite surprised to see his lovely wife in the pool, knowing she did not want to display her body in front of strangers.  Even more surprised that she had gone into the pool with this stranger looking, this muscular black boy, whom Bryan introduced to him as the star of the high school team.  Then Dave hollered out to Natalie, “I’m going to change and join you in the pool, honey!”

Tyrone said thanks and goodbye.  Bryan told his parents he was going to shower and hit the books for an hour.  Dave then told his son to leave only the patio light on and turn off the remainder, leaving he and his lovely wife all alone in the darkened pool.

Having seen his sexy wife in the pink bikini, Dave was hot for sex.  He kidded Natalie “Better not let that big black stud near you in that sexy outfit.  Surprised he didn’t try to rape you!”  “Oh, Dave, don’t be silly!” Natalie responded, meanwhile thankful for the darkness hiding her flushed face.  “Oh, Dave ……don’t ……..not out here in the pool ……...................someone will see!” she stammered as Dave had swam up behind her, pushing her bikini top up and was flicking her stiff nipples.  But Natalie, as well as Dave, knew that no one could see out into the darkness of the pool.

Natalie was still hot, just recovering from her recent orgasm.  And when her husband slipped his hand under her bikini panties and touched the magic button, Natalie swooned and couldn’t stop him from whatever he wanted.  Again she felt her bikini panties being eased down her thighs, again dangling around her ankles.  She was again pushed against the side of the side of the pool, again felt hands at her hips, and again felt a probing penis at her sensitive slit.  The only difference came when her husband slipped his penis in all the way.  Natalie squeezed her cunt and thigh muscles tightly just to feel a bit of her loving husband.

Dave was so thrilled that his wife had finally allowed him to have sex with her other than in just the missionary position.  He began to hump faster and faster into his beautiful and innocent young wife.  He couldn’t believe how the water managed to get Natalie so slick and wet where it counted.  Natalie desperately wanted to feel the love shaft of her husband and gave a hard squeeze with her cunt muscles.  The timing was unfortunate for it occurred just as Dave was on a backstroke, causing the head of his cock to slip out totally.  “Ohhhhhh ……..........……..nooooooooo ……….................ah, Godddddddddd!” Dave groaned as his cock jerked and harmlessly shot off, his thin cum uselessly dissipating into the water.

At noon the next day, Natalie nervously drove to the address on Tyrone’s note.  It was not in the best area of town but she had to retrieve the video and photos.  She had dressed in a black skirt, white blouse, and black pumps.  She didn’t know how much he would want for the pictures and prayed she would not have to sexually satisfy him again.  Little did she know that she was being filmed from the moment she drove into the parking lot, nor what further problems she would be getting into.

She used the key that was taped to the note and entered what looked like the entrance to a commercial business.  Instead it appeared to be a well decorated living quarters.  What Natalie didn’t know was it was a studio where high quality porno flicks were produced.  Top of the line cameras were well hidden throughout the unit, with screens being monitored by a lowly greaseball in the adjoining unit.  She was unknowingly going to be the star of the movie entitled ‘Blackmailed Beauty’.

Natalie stepped around the small partition to see Tyrone totally naked on a yellow sofa, stroking his long black cock.  Tyrone smiled and greeted her “Right on time, Missus Stevens!  Rented this place from a buddy of mine so can take our time and really get to know each other.  Natalie sighed and hung her head down in despair.  Looking down at the coffee table in front of her, she groaned as she saw more blown up pictures of her being fucked brutally by Tyrone.

Tyrone pressed a button to a remote and laughed “That’s nuthing, Missus Stevens!  Get a load of this!”  Natalie’s mouth dropped wide open as a wide screen tv came on.  It was a video of her being raped on her marital bed by Tyrone.  The moans and groans she emitted in the film, coupled with the way she wrapped her arms and legs around him, would make it difficult to prove she had been raped.

It was actually due to Tyrone’s gambling debts that Natalie had been lured to this location.  Tyrone’s bookie was also the porno producer that owned this studio.  Tyrone didn’t want to throw any of his games during his senior year, wanting the college scouts and pros to see him score over and over again.  But he had no money to pay the $1,000 of gambling debts he had racked up.  He knew damned well not to screw with Milo, his bookie, the meanest SOB around.  He knew Milo would have hoods break his arms and legs to satisfy his debt.

Having hung around the studio with Milo and watching the many porno flicks he produced, Tyrone had learned a lot about Milo.  That Milo would pay anything to take the cherry ass of a beautiful woman, a beautiful white woman, preferably married to a white punk.  And beautiful Natalie met all the qualifications.  When Tyrone had retrieved his video camera from the Stevens’ dresser top, he also took with him one of the wedding pictures of Natalie on the day she married Dave.  Tyrone had shown the picture to Milo and guaranteed him that she possessed a cherry white ass, all in exchange for his debts being paid off.

The cameras rolled as Natalie embarrassingly began to slowly remove article after article of clothing, performing at Tyrone’s verbal commands.  Finally she was down to her black pumps with her white panties draped over her heels.  Then she was order to step out of her heels and to kneel on the floor for feeding time.  Dropping to her knees on the carpeted floor, Natalie knew she was about to be fed a hot meal, she’d bed fed a bellyful of hot cum.

Natalie was unaware that behind the wooden screen in the corner of the room was the observing bookie, who had been watching her disrobe through holes in the screen.  With Tyrone’s hands entwined in her long blonde hair, Natalie was unable to lift her head off his pulsing cock.  Suddenly there was another set of hands touch her hips.  Someone else was in the room behind her but Natalie was unsuccessfully in lifting her head up.

Tyrone eased the pressure on Natalie’s head a bit, allowing her to her left where a full length mirror was located.  That mirror reflected the biggest and blackest man she ever laid eyes on.  Shaking in fear, Natalie gazed upon Milo’s 6’ 8”, 310 lb frame shuffling to get into position behind her.  She’d have fainted if she had gotten a glimpse of Milo’s whopper of a cock, even longer and bigger than the one she currently feasted upon.

Natalie was in a panic when she felt a probing of the cheeks of her virgin ass.  She was unable to do anything, caught at the hips by the monster behind her and Tyrone’s hands keeping her on his pumping cock.

Milo rubbed his sweaty palms on the bitch’s soft white ass.  ‘What a beautiful bitch!  Gonna love socking it to this white bitch!’ he muttered.  His cock twitched in anticipation of ramming into her sweet virgin ass.  Edging up, he placed his mighty black cannon right at her puckered entrance.  Looking at Tyrone, he got a good grip on the trim white hips, then gave Tyrone the nod as he slammed his salami home.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………Goddddddddddddddd!  Ahhhhhhhh ………Godddddddddd!” Natalie screamed repeatedly as her head was pulled off Tyrone’s cock.  Fortunately for this sound proof studio or Natalie’s shrieks would have been heard a block away.  But her screams were all being recorded for this future best-selling porno flick.  Her once cherry ass had been torn asunder without mercy.  Through her agony, Natalie heard the unseen male behind her chuckle loudly "Gonna ream ya a new asshole, bitch!"

Throughout the afternoon, Natalie was fucked and sucked in every which way.  She had been fucked into oblivion at one point, unaware that even the greaseball cameraman had made his way into the room to get a piece of her lovely ass.

In the next year, Natalie paid dearly and repeatedly to Tyrone’s blackmail and had to physically pay off his gambling debts to Milo.  She was so thankful that somehow the potent douching had been successful.  Unknown to Natalie was how popular the released video had become, starting in the foreign markets and now making its way back to her own hometown.

Even Bryan’s friends, who had been at the pool on the day of her initial defilement, had obtained a copy of the video.  When Bryan and his dad was off for a day of fishing, his friends paid her an unexpected visit.  That afternoon, Natalie was forced to buy the boys’ silence by teaching them the joys of life in her bedroom.  An hour into the session, Tyrone showed up and when he peeked into the Stevens’ bedroom, he decided to show the young pups how it was really done.

Six weeks later, Natalie found that her luck had run out.  She checked her calendar and discovered that her douching had apparently failed on the day when she entertained Bryan’s buddies and their mentor.  Now her real fear was the worry of whether the baby would be black or white, praying that it was one of Bryan’s fourteen year old buddies that had knocked her up.

End of Story.