Star Player  - VII
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!  It is not
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At the end of winter, tryouts for the Franklin High School varsity baseball team were about to commence.  Basically this was going to be a brand new team as the prior year's team had consisted of mainly seniors who had graduated after that season.  Richard & Chis Nelson were brothers, identical twins, and were very close as would be expected of identical twins.  However, in many ways, they were very competitive too.  They had both played on the same youth baseball teams as they grew up and were considered to be very talented.

The high school coach was well aware of the twins, having scouted the local youth teams each year since the school did not have a JV team.  The twins would make an excellent supporting cast for the top athlete, Reggie Brown, a black athlete that the coach had convinced to attend Franklin than to take the offer of an athletic scholarship across town.  Eighteen year old Reggie stood at 6'5", a trim 220 lbs. and pure solid muscle, an absolute star on the baseball diamond who played shortstop and batted .380.  With the three top players in the district, the upcoming year would be a rebuilding year but the next year would hold a lot of promise for the district championship.

Eighteen, but still a junior in high school due to being kept back a couple times during his early and unruly childhood days, Reggie Brown was not only a top athlete but ever the opportunist when it came to sex.  He especially had a thing for white girls and took great satisfaction in seducing them, fucking them senseless.  He enjoyed defiling them, 'ruining' them and then dumping them once their reputations had been destroyed.  Then, he would quickly move on to his next conquest.  Most of all, Reggie took special pleasure in taking the most pure, pristine and innocent white girls he could find.  He easily reduced them to wanton sex slaves, who'd do anything for him, once he seduced them with his talented tongue and thick black cock.  He enjoyed seducing them into dressing and looking slutty for him, degrading themselves to please & satisfy him.  But each girl would ultimately find herself left high and dry, dumped out in the cold when he moved on to his next conquest.

Although Richard & Chris were identical twins, for some reason, Chris was considered the more charismatic brother.  This only added to the competitiveness between the two brothers, especially when it came to girls.  Richard, 'Rich' as he was referred to, had lost more than one girlfriend to Chris, which would cause some friction at that time.  Rich was quite determined not to lose his latest girlfriend, Heather, to his brother.  Heather, he thought, was different from girls he had dated before.  She was so attractive and sincere, just the kind of girl he would want to marry.  Rich knew that Heather was a devout Catholic, so sex wasn't an option until their wedding night.

Heather Barnes, at the age of 16, turned the heads all the males.  At 5'3", 114 lbs and long blonde hair, many a teenage boy went to bed dreaming of her.  But Heather loved Rich and got along so well with him in every way.  She knew that Rich was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with but was determined to be pure and innocent on her wedding day.  Even so, she understood that a boy has 'needs' and she found other ways to satisfy him without giving up her precious jewel, telling him it would be all his on their wedding night.

The coach could easily see that Reggie was the top player of the team but he wanted to be certain that there was no bickering among the teammates.  Reggie and the twins were easily a notch over all the other players and to keep a cohesiveness among the entire team, the coach made the announcement that the three would be tri-captains.  He had called them in and told them he wanted the team to click as a unit and wanted them to stick together, that it'd be a good idea if they set a good example.  All three of the tri-captains agreed as they knew it would definitely take good teamwork to win a championship.  Thus, all three began to hang out together with other teammates, going out to events as a group with their girlfriends.

Reggie never missed a trick and he was well in tune with the undeclared, petty competitiveness between Rich and Chris.  Although Reggie could just about have his pick of white girls, he knew that Heather wasn't one of them, not in the way she was devoted to Rich.  That made her even more desirable to him and the wheels were turning as he wondered just how he could add the sweet innocent bitch to his impressive list of fallen angels.  With the weather warming up, he was treated to viewing Heather wearing a pair of shorts at the last practice when she had come to watch Rich and the team.  He had given a soft whistle when he observed her trim ivory legs, flawless to perfection.  'God! I gotta get myself between those sweet legs of hers one way or the another!' he muttered.

A few weeks later, Rich was driving with Chris and Reggie in the car.  Chris had forgotten something at Heather's house and was going there to pick it up.  As they pulled up to Heather's house, a nice upper middle class home, Heather came running down and told them "Come on in!  We've got a grill going and my mom says there's more than enough burgers for everyone!"  As the grill was in the back patio, Heather led the way through the side gate.  As Chris and Reggie had never met Heather's parents before, Heather made the introductions.

Reggie swallowed hard as he came face to face with the most beautiful woman he had laid his eyes upon.  Now he knew where Heather's beauty came from.  He had always set his sights on beautiful white girls and always finding lots of action.  But this beautiful woman had his mouth watering, forcing him to swallow hard to keep control of himself.  He eyed her long white legs, flawless like her daughter's, picturing them wrapped tightly around him as she sampled a 'real' man for a change.  As he ate his burger, he uttered his 'thank you' for the delicious burger to Mrs. Barnes.  But in his mind, he muttered to himself 'But I'd much rather feast on your juicy beaver!  God, baby, I'm swear I'm going to get into your sweet little panties!  Gonna make ya scream when I ram my cock up your tight snatch!'

Mrs. Amber Barnes was a picture of beauty, so elegant and so prim and proper.  This being a warm day and being at home, she was very casually dressed, unaware of the building lust in the black teen.  At the age of 37, she could pass for being in her mid-twenties and really looked like Heather's older sister.  At 5'4" and a mere 118 lbs, her figure was stunning and never failed to turn heads.  Her husband was her high school sweetheart and the only man in her life.

An opportunity finally presented itself at a party one night, leaving Heather vulnerable to Reggie's devious intentions.  Everyone there had been drinking a lot of beer and was having a grand time.  Meanwhile, Reggie watched and waited.  He figured at some point during the night, Chris and Rich would have some sort of falling out over Heather.  He could see it coming and the only real question was how he could play it off to his own advantage.

Heather was just being friendly, having perhaps had a bit too much to drink, but Rich overreacted to the attention Heather was paying to Chris.  He watched Heather dance with Chris and flirting a bit with him.  It had happened before to Rich, with other girlfriends, and thus Rich blew a fuse.  He gave Heather a piece of his mind and left her there at the party, driving off into the night.

Reggie now moved in, pretending to be the 'good friend' and wanting to help patch things up between Rich, Chris and Heather.  Heather was upset and drinking more than she should.  Reggie wanted to make the move but Heather wasn't drunk enough to forget her strict Catholic values.

Reggie, Chris and Heather soon left the party to look for Rich in order to smooth things over. The whole time though, Reggie was thinking far ahead, not wanting this perfect opportunity to slip away.  They stopped off and Chris phoned home, hoping Rich was there.  Rich was at home already and the two brothers talked on the phone.  But Rich was still pissed over Heather's 'flirting' at the party and soon hung up on Chris.

Heather and Reggie could tell the conversation hadn't gone well, and Heather became even more upset as she gulped down the beer she had brought for Rich.  Chris had tried to call his brother again but this time Rich had not answered.  By the time Chris came back with the bad news, that Rich was still upset, Heather was pretty much out of it.  She had consumed too much beer and was now too drunk to go home in her present condition.

Reggie said he had an idea, excused himself to make a quick phone call of his own.  He knew that he could always count on Terri, an old girlfriend to do anything he wanted her to do.  Terri was a high school dropout and a slut, especially for Reggie whenever he wanted it.  She lived across town and he told her he needed a favor and he'd be there in a few minutes, with a couple of friends in tow.

Reggie told Chris he had a friend and a place for Heather to sleep it off.  Once at Terri's' apartment, Chris and Reggie helped Heather into the apartment.  Reggie introduced them to Terri and moved quickly on to the next phase of the plan.  He had Terri phone Heather's parents, pretending to be one of Heather's girl friends.   Not wanting the parents to hear Heather's slurred voice, Terri advised the parents that Heather was outside holding the light while Rich tried to fix the problem with his car.  She asked if it would be okay if Heather just slept over at her house that night.  The parents said it was okay and Reggie knew he was almost home free.

They quickly put Heather to bed and Reggie pulled Terri aside, telling her that he needed another little favor.  He wanted her to seduce Chris and keep him 'happy' and occupied the rest of the night.  Terri wasn't thrilled with the plan, preferring that Reggie make love to her, rather than just using her to run interference so he could screw the beautiful girl that was a bit plastered.  But Terri shrugged and agreed to do his bidding, just as she always did anything Reggie asked her to do.

They all sat around and drank a couple beers as they watched the horror movie on the television.  Reggie played it cozy, waiting for Terri to make her move on Chris, not wanting the setup to appear too obvious.  Pretending to fall asleep, he watched Terri cuddle up to Chris.  Finally, when Chris and Terri quietly crept off to her bedroom, it was time for Reggie to make his move.  This was what he'd fantasized about for a long, long time.

Reggie crept into the bedroom, undressed and climbed into bed with the sleeping Heather.  Drunk and asleep, Heather didn't realize something was amiss until Reggie had her undressed and was working between her legs with his talented tongue.  As she awakened and tried to shake off the grogginess, Reggie clasped his powerful hand over her mouth and warned her not to scream.  Then he went on to tell her that if Chris found out they were having sex, it would get back to Rich and all around school, too.

Reggie warned her not to scream and to just 'lay there and enjoy it'.  Heather pondered his threat and whispered a plea for him to stop, tried to reason with him, told him that if he stopped now she'd just pretend the whole thing never happened.  But Reggie wasn't about to stop, knowing she wouldn't scream for fear of a scandal if word got out that they had been intimate.  Heather was repulsed by the thought of this black teen taking intimate liberties against her will, but she didn't know what else to do except to try and block it out of her mind.  She prayed he'd come to his senses and stop before he went much further.

Little by little, Reggie's tongue brought her to levels of pleasure she never had experienced before.  Heather tried to block the pleasure from her mind, even feeling guilty for the pleasure that was coursing through her body.  She and Rich had heard many rumors about Reggie's prowess in bed and she told Rich that the girls he'd seduced were just cheap sluts.  But now she wondered it that was really true, for now she was experiencing Reggie's prowess first hand.  'Does this make me a slut, too?' she pondered.  With the effects of the alcohol and the sensations coursing through her, Heather was totally confused, but soon she lost all her thoughts as an incredible orgasm rocked her entire body.

Before Heather could catch her breath and collect her thoughts, she felt Reggie shift into position and felt his huge cock at the entrance of her virgin cunt.  She again tried to reason with him but he assured her he just wanted to feel close to her, that he'd be careful and just put it in a little.  "Please ……..please ……..please don't …………please, I'm a virgin!  Please ……….please don't rape me!  Please ……..I'm saving myself for the day Rich and I get married!" Heather pleaded.  Then she felt the huge head of his cock push just inside her cunt.  "Oh, God! No ……….no, please!" she cried, feeling the hurt but yet it felt good at the same time.  She closed her eyes, hoping he would pull out any moment.  Instead he was pushing it in a bit further, causing her to groan "Oh, God!  Please ……….it hurtssssss!"  Reggie kept reassuring her it was just barely in, that he was going to take it out in just a second.

Instead, Reggie grinned and readied himself for the big event.  He firmly clasped a hand over her mouth again and rammed forward with all his might, his cock plundering through Heather's hymen.  "Mmmff ………………..ooooooooooohhhh!" came the muffled scream of pain.  Had his hand not been there, her screams would surely awakened everyone in the entire apartment complex.  He paused to allow the pain to subside in Heather's shaking body, then pushed his cock the rest of the way in.  Reggie waited until she calmed down and the struggling ceased, knew then that the innocent little bitch had accepted her fate before finally removing his hand from her mouth.

Heather began whimpering and pleaded for him to stop, telling him that she was afraid of getting pregnant.  Reggie reassured her not to worry, telling her that he'd pull out before he came.  But, of course, it was a promise keep that he had no intention of keeping.  He gave her a deep passionate kiss as he slowly began to fuck his lengthy cock in and out of her bleeding slit.  After five minutes of this, he felt her body relax and her trim legs cross over his thighs.  Then his exploring tongue was met by hers and Reggie knew that she was all his from this point on.  Releasing her imprisoned hands, he felt her arm cross over his shoulders and the soft hand began to caress his back.

Feeling her body beginning to shudder, Reggie knew she would soon be experiencing a mind-shattering orgasm.  With her arms and legs tightening around him and the way she was arching up into his thrusts, it would be very soon before she shot off into outer space.  Then he began to speed up the fuck and really reamed it to her.  He knew she was at the point of no return and needed that orgasm.  Now was the time to pull his trump card, breaking the passionate kiss, he nuzzled her ear and whispered to her "Sweetie, better let me go so I can pull out right now!  Let go or I'm gonna cum in you!"

"Ah ………..ahh ……ahhhh ………..ahhhh!" was all the response that Heather gave.  Her arms and legs tightened into knots as she arched up and her body began to spasm uncontrollably in her very first orgasm.  Grabbing her tight asscheeks in a firm grip, Reggie pulled her to him and groaned "Ohhhhh ………baby …………………..I gotta cum ………………ooohhhhhhhhhh!"  Reggie groaned in relief, as spurt after spurt of his thick jism gushed into the innocent bitch's fertile womb.  He knew he had timed it perfectly, telling the stupid bitch he was going to cum if she didn't release him, knowing she would only be blaming herself for not letting go of her embrace.  'Sure hope I knocked the precious little bitch up!  She'll only blame herself for not letting me pull out in time!' he laughed to himself.

By morning, Heather was a reluctant but willing lover, achieving orgasm after orgasm with Reggie's thick cock buried deep within her.  She was worried about the humiliation and scandal but at this point had resigned to just letting Reggie do what he wanted to her.  After the final fuck with his cock still buried in her, Reggie had reminded her once again that if she was smart she'd act as if nothing ever happened.  He told her that if she claimed rape, it would just be his word against hers and she'd have to explain away being drunk when it occurred.  He began to let his cock twitch and expand in her raped slit when he added the final insult "Rich told me what you said about the girls that I fuck, sweetie!  Guess you're just one of those fuck'n sluts, huh?"

With that last humiliating comment, Reggie gave her another thrust of his pulsing cock and abruptly pulled out of her snatch.  Then he sneaked out of the bedroom and went to sleep on the couch, wanting Chris to wake up the next morning and find him asleep there. He knew Chris would be too full of himself for having spent the night with Terri to give any thought to Reggie or Heather.

Everything worked just like Reggie had planned.  Heather was filled with shame and confusion, not saying anything while in the apartment.  On the drive back to Heather's home the next morning, Chris and Reggie were in the front while Heather was alone in the back seat.  As they pulled up to the curb, they heard Heather sniffle and sob, then watched as she ran up to her front door.

"Boy, she sure must be hurt by Rich leaving her last night!  She didn't even say goodbye!" Chris said to Reggie.  "I'm sure all that 'hurt' will go away in a few day!  Just takes some time for wounds to heal!" Reggie responded, but he certainly was not referring to her emotional state.  Watching her enter her home, Reggie knew he had her right where he wanted her and now he could put another notch on his bedpost.

A few days later, Rich and Heather were back together but it just wasn't the same.  Rich apologized profusely, feeling so badly that he had caused the rift.  But Heather felt like she was now damaged goods, unworthy of being Rich's girlfriend, no longer the innocent virgin.  She felt so guilty and ashamed that it was Rich's friend that had taken that honor from him.

But Reggie wasn't done with the young blonde, not by a long shot.  He had called Heather at her home and told her just want he wanted.  The very next day, all the guys except Reggie were surprised to see the change in Heather.  Now Heather appeared in heavier make-up, wearing a shorter and tighter skirt along with high heels.

Mrs. Barnes noticed the abrupt change in her daughter's change in attitude along with her radical change in dress.  She had always been very close to Heather and they had always been able to talk freely but now she could not get her daughter to tell her what was going on.  On this night, she had tried to get Heather to change before she went out on her Friday night date, telling her that she was dressed like a slut.  But Heather did not even answer her, going out with a rough looking teen who she had not met nor did Heather introduce him, something that her daughter had always done in the past.

Amber Barnes was at a lost as to why Heather didn't seem to concentrate on her studies as she normally did.  She could not understand why Heather and Rich suddenly broke up as they seemed a perfect match in personalities with similar interests.  She could just imagine the turmoil created between Rich and his brother when Heather had dated Chris for a couple of weeks following the break-up.  Then it seemed to be a different teen each week and it seemed that it had gone from clean cut young men to teenage delinquents.

During that first week after the rape, Heather could not shake the image of Reggie's muscular black body upon her.  In bed each night, she touched her nipples and pretended it was Reggie caressing her, then masturbated her in search of a much needed relief.  She obtained that relief as she pictured Reggie pumping his long thick shaft into her.

On a Friday night, a week after the rape, Heather had her last date with Rich.  They had gone out to meet the gang at the pizza parlor that was one of the places where they hanged out at.  Of course Reggie was there and she was nervous being near the teen who had raped her, the teen who she couldn't get out of her mind.  Just after 9 p.m., Rich had gone to the restroom and Reggie had come up from behind and whispered in her ear "Tell Rich you're not feeling well and need to go home!  Once he drops you off, come back out so we can fuck the rest of the night!"

A few minutes after Rich returned, Heather did a good job of feigning her sudden illness and told Rich that she needed to go home and get to bed.  Once Rich had seen her to the door, Heather had entered her home and told her mother that she had forgotten her heavy sweater and just came back for it.  A moment later, she told her mom that she was off again.

As Rich had already driven off, she hopped in Reggie's car and they were quickly off.  She was nervous when Reggie drove a mile and turned into the student parking lot that was deserted for now but often many of the teens came there to neck.  Everyone knew Reggie's car and she knew it would be all over the school if anyone saw her in it at this location and time.  But when Reggie told her to get into the back seat and out of her clothes, she did not protest at all.  Fortunately, on this night, Heather got the fucking she needed to quell the itch between her legs and the couples in the cars that later came into the lot were only interested in each other.

Hoping to break herself of her craving for Reggie's thick black cock, she began dating Chris.  She had hoped that Chris could satisfy her sexually, but he just didn't come even close to giving her the satisfaction that Reggie gave her.  Then she began dating others, trying to find someone who could satisfy her.  When Reggie called for her, she dropped everything, including breaking dates that had already been set up to be with him.  She came to realize that Reggie had forever 'ruined' her and with a sad realization, she knew she was now a hopeless slut for black cock.

Reggie had a last indignation in store for Heather before he dumped her.  He knew that she always attended church every Sunday, for when she was dating Rich, they would come to the outings after Rich had picked her up after the church service.  Once in a group setting, when he first met Rich and Heather, the topic of abortion came up and he recalled how adamant Heather had been that it was against the Catholic religion.  Thus, Reggie had set one final goal with Heather and that was to make sure she was knocked up with his black baby before he finally dumped her for good.

A few months later, Heather suddenly dropped out of school and moved out of town, going to an aunt's place in another city that was just over the state line.  Once her parents discovered her condition, they immediately shipped her off to give birth elsewhere, where she could then put the baby up for adoption.  They didn't want her to bring shame upon the family and would not stand to have her showing her pregnancy.

Before leaving, Heather told a few of her girl friends that she was going there as she wanted to attend the major university in that state once she graduated from high school.  The reasoning she gave was that she'd then be a resident of that state and it'd be much easier and much more affordable for her parents to handle the cost of tuition rather than paying the non-resident rate.  It was a sensible excuse that Heather wanted her friends to believe but of course the scuttlebutt spread as to various scenarios.  Rich took it hard, blaming himself for the cause of Heather's change and believing that she just didn't want to be near him again.

Reggie knew the real reason for her leaving.  When Heather had discovered that she was pregnant with his baby, she had come to him with the news.  Thinking about it now, he laughed to himself 'What a fuck'n dumb bitch!  She actually thought I was going to marry her and give the little bastard a name!'  Recalling that night, he had fucked her one last time, then threw her out, telling her "Get lost, bitch!  I ain't marrying no fuck'n slut!"

A few weeks later, Reggie stopped by the Barnes home and rang the doorbell.  Mrs. Barnes answered the door and it was obvious that she had been crying and had consumed some drinks.  He gave the excuse that he wanted to write to Heather and asked if he could get her new address.  He could see that Mrs. Barnes really was reluctant to give the address to him and thus he threw in the comment "It's so terrible what happened to Heather!  She really changed after that night!"

"You ……........…you know what happened to Heather?" Amber stammered.  "Come …........…..come in …….......….please!" she told the cunning Reggie.  Had it not been for the intoxicating liquor that she had consumed in her despair over Heather, along with the comment made to her, Amber would never have allowed any man into the house without her husband there.  She had forced herself to attend the luncheon for the women's group that day to get her mind off her problems with her daughter.  She had one drink at the luncheon and when she arrived home, she immediately poured herself another.

With Heather refusing to talk about her pregnancy nor explain the changes that had come over her, Amber and her husband had been at a total loss.  In fact, her husband had taken the other day off to make the long drive in the SUV in order to take some bedroom furniture to Heather.  Amber had been so distraught over her daughter that refused to go and sent her husband alone on the trip.

Going into the living room, Amber went to the bar and poured herself a drink.  She offered to get Reggie a soda pop from the bar fridge but Reggie told her he'd get it as he was right there.  When she observed Reggie pop open a can of beer, she was about to object but didn't want to upset him, otherwise she might never know what happened to change her daughter.  She normally had two drinks at most but she had already consumed three strong ones before the doorbell had rung.  Nervous but anxious to hear about her daughter's demise, she gulped down most of her new drink.

Reggie sat down at the bar and watched as the lovely woman nervously sat next to him.  He played coy when the lovely Mrs. Barnes asked what happened to Heather.  He hesitated for a bit and stalled "What ……...........…..what did Heather tell you, Mrs. Barnes?  Did she tell you everything?"  His eyes were glued to the lovely beauty, taking in the elegant way she was dressed.  She was still in the skirt, blouse and heels that she had worn to the luncheon.  He watched as she blinked back the tears and stammered "I …..........…..I don't know what made Heather change in such a manner.  Heather …..................Heather ...........wouldn't tell us anything!"

With her drink empty, Amber told herself that she had way too much and that was it.  She watched stunned as the empty glass was taken from her hand and watched as Reggie went around the bar to expertly make her another strong vodka tonic.  She wanted to refuse the drink when Reggie handed to her, knowing she had consumed far too many already, but she could not offend him for fear of not getting out the story of her daughter.

Reggie knew she was trying to stop drinking at this time and knew she needed some encouragement to continue.  "Well, better take a good sip of that drink with what I have to tell you, Mrs. Barnes!" he told her, watching for her to do what the told her.  "Heather went away because she's pregnant, didn't she?" he inquired and watched the lovely mother nod her head in confirmation.  "Did Heather tell you who's the father of baby?" he inquired, knowing very well that she had not.  He smiled as the lovely woman blinked back the tears, shook her head 'No', then took a large gulp of her drink.

At this point, Reggie was really enjoying the cat and mouse game.  He was the cat and soon he'd be eating this little mouse alive.  He could now see that the lovely woman was swaying a bit, obviously from the effects of all the drinks she had consumed.  He took a swig of his beer and watched as she downed her drink.  He got up, took the glass from her and went around the bar to prepare her an even stronger drink this time.  He knew that soon this lovely woman would be all his for the taking, his cock jumped at the thought of nailing this beauty right on the bed that she shared with her husband.  This would be a first for him and the thought made his cock grow harder and harder.

Handing her the drink, Reggie pulled his stool closer and sat down very close to the lovely woman as she began to consume the drink.  He tried to play the friend of her daughter's that was hesitant to telltale the events "You ……............…….you do know ……..............… do know that ………........………that Heather was …..............……was raped, don't you?"  He watched the shocked expression come across Mrs. Barnes face as tears flowed from her eyes from the news.

Crossing her hands across the bar in front of her, Amber lay her head upon her arms and sobbed upon hearing that Heather had been raped.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ......................……, Godddddddd!" she sighed at the feel of the hand caressing her tense shoulders.  The tension in her shoulders needed relief and now the hands massaging her back felt so comforting.  The alcohol had clouded her mind and she was not thinking of what was appropriate or not, enjoying the hands that were now taking the tension from the back of her neck.

Amber now wanted to go to sleep, feeling the effects of the drinks and the comforting back rub that was being administered to her.  She was oblivious to the fact that the hands on her body were that of a lusting black teen who was intent on fucking her.  Moments later, Amber cooed "Ohhhhhh ……..........……..ohhhhhh that feels so good ……..............…..yes ………...............………ohhhhh, yes …….............………..touch me, Bob …….................….touch me!"  She was enjoying the feel of the hands that were now cupping her breasts, flicking at her aroused nipples through her crisp blouse and lacy bra.

Reggie smiled as his makeshift plan was working to perfection.  He pulled the neat crisp blouse from the skirt and then he made contact with the soft white skin of her trim belly.  'Oh, you sexy bitch!  Soon this little tummy's gonna be swelling up, just like your daughter's!  Gonna be swelling with my little black bastard!  I'm gonna knock ya up good!' he laughed to himself.  His hands moved up to cup her breasts over her thin lacy bra.  Then his hands moved down and pushed the lacy bra up over the soft beautiful breasts.  He cupped the bare breasts feeling the stiff nipples poking into his palms, then her rubbed the tips of her nipples lightly with his palms bring soft moans of pleasure from the lovely blonde beauty.

The stimulation was really getting Amber turned on at this point.  Eyes closed, she lifted her head from her arms and sat back in the barstool, taking deep breaths as she enjoyed her breasts being caressed.  "Oh, yes, Bob ………......………oh, Bob, you're getting me so hot!  Ohhhhhh ………..............…that feels so good!" she moaned.  Then she felt Bob take her right hand from the top of the bar and pull it gently behind her bar stool.  Then her manicured fingers grasped his thick bar of flesh and she gave it a tight squeeze.  She quickly reached around with her other arm and then she clutched the thick fleshy shaft with both hands, pumping her hands slowly.

"Ohhhhh, Bob ………...........…….you're so biggggggg today!" she crooned as she squeezed her fingers around the meaty shaft, then slowly pumped the thick shaft with her fists.  Head back with her husband now tonguing her ear as he caressed her breasts, Amber was getting hot and horny.  She began to pump harder and faster, wanting Bob to take right there, desperately wanting the itch between her legs to be scratched.  "Ohhhhh, Bob ……........………ohhhh, Bob …….......… its been so long …...........….….I need it so badly!" she moaned.

At this point, feeling the soft hands of this beautiful woman pulling at this cock, Reggie was on the verge of losing it right there.  Another minute and he'd be spurting his load onto the back of the barstool.  Slipping his left hand out from under her blouse, he readied himself for what was to come next.  Nipping at the tender ear and tonguing it, Reggie then whispered "It's not your husband Bob, Mrs. Barnes!  Its me ................Reggie!"  A few seconds later, as expected, he felt the soft hands suddenly let go of his pulsing cock and felt her body stiffen in fear.  Just as she was about to scream, Reggie had his left hand clamped tightly over her mouth and his right arm tightened around her trim waist.  Then he pulled the frightened beauty backwards, right off the barstool as it fell back to the floor.  As she pushed against him, Reggie purposely let her get away as he wanted to 'hunt' the beautiful prey down!

"Gonna take my hand off your mouth, Mrs. Barnes.  Yell and you'll get hurt bad!" Reggie threatened.  “Oh, please ............…..pleaseeeeeee …............….please don’t do this to me ..............................stoppppp!” Amber pleaded.  Reggie responded by grasping the top front of her baby blue blouse and giving a hard yank, popping all the white buttons off.  Regaining her senses, Amber fought with all her might, trying to kick back at the muscular teen but that was not possible being off balance as she was being dragged backwards. The struggle took Amber and her assailant to the doorway of the master bedroom, where her navy blue skirt was yanked hard, tearing off the buttons and bending the hooks that held it.  She struggled in the unbreakable grip, causing her skirt to fall to the floor.  She sobbed for now she was dressed only in her torn blouse and lacy undergarments and at the mercy of the lusting black teen.  Then the back of her blouse was pulled off her arms and tossed to the bedroom floor.

Catching up with her just before she made it to master bedroom, the beautiful bitch fought and struggled against him, pushing at him till she fell back against the orange loveseat in the corner of the bedroom.  With a couple of swift movements by Reggie, the lacy bra and panties were ripped from the beautiful ivory body.  The lovely wife was then pushed onto the bed that she shared with her husband, with the black teen immediately upon her.  “Oh, please ..................…..please ……...............…please …..........….you mustn’t ………..............….oh, please ……......................noooooooo!” Amber sobbed.  She groaned in shame and revulsion as her teen assailant began to thumb a pink nipple while teasing his tongue upon the other.  Amber could only sob on her marital bed, shaking her head in disbelief, whipping her long blonde hair back and forth.  “Oh, please …..................…, please ….................….I beg you …..................…please ......................……..nooooooo, don't!” she pleaded.

“Oh you beautiful bitch!  Know who raped your daughter?  Know who knocked her up?  I'll give you one guess, honey!  Cause, now I’s going to do the same thing to her beautiful mother!  Gonna soil Mr. Barnes’ precious little gem right on the marital bed, gonna ‘ruin’ ya good, ya beautiful bitch!” Reggie laughed.  Then he stabbed his long black cock into the soft blonde fleece caused the lovely wife to scream "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  Laughing at her plight, Reggie proudly announced that "That's right, Mrs. Barnes ....................................yer now getting yerself a sample of what went and busted Heather's cherry!  Ya got the cock that knocked your daughter up it captured .............................right up yer tight and hot cunt!  And I's planning on knocking ya up too, ya beautiful bitch!"

Amber struggled with all her might, twisting her hips in an attempt to prevent being penetrated by the thick black cock.  But the strong black hands grasped her trim hips and the probing black cock nuzzled itself at the entrance to her womanhood.  “Oh, God, nooooooo ….....................………noooooo, pleaseeeeeeeee ……...............….stop .................................please don't rape me!” she sobbed, as she was being pierced by a cock far thicker than she had ever experienced.  "Stop ................................stop ...........................please's too biggggggggggggggggggg!  Owwwwwwwwwwww!" she cried out from the agonizing pain.

Reggie groaned with pleasure as his cock was being enveloped in the slick but tight love nest of the sobbing young wife.  He enjoyed having a struggling woman in his arms, enjoying the fight she was putting up.  Having stripped her naked, he then grabbed her ankles and pushed legs back to bend her into so he could get his cock buried into her as deeply as possible.  Back of her ankles on his shoulders, Reggie then leaned forward once again and the bitch was helpless in that positioin.  Then he began to pump his muscular frame up and down into the sobbing beauty, loving the way she struggled and tossed about as she tried to throw him off, trying to stop him from defiling her.

Reggie reared back and then slammed his muscular black frame forward, burying the entire length of his thick cock into the crying beauty.  While holding the trim sexy hips tightly to him, he got the reaction that he had been waiting for.  He knew the faithful beauty's body had betrayed her will power to fight him off, for suddenly she began to arch up, enveloping more of his thick black cock.  He laughed as he heard her groan in shame, her body not obeying her will power as she clenched her thighs tightly together to get all of his cock into her.

Feeling the change come over this prim and proper beauty, Reggie gasped “Oh, yeah baby,  ……............…..God, baby …..........…ohhhh, yeah …………… it cums, you beautiful little bitch!  Oh, yeah baby ……..............…….that's it ……...........……..take all of my nigger cock ……................…take all of my cum ………..............…right on hubby's bed!”  Then his cock exploded, spurting out his thick potent jism, deep into her fertile womb.  Amber’s body went out of control, reacting on its own as her trim white legs encircled her rapist and squeezed, trying to milk all the hot jism out of him.

Reggie withdrew his now shrinking black cock, pulling it out with a 'pop'.  He needed another beer to regain some energy before socking it to the beautiful bitch again.  He got up and looked down as Mrs. Barnes sobbed in the shame and humiliation of being raped and ‘ruined’ right on her marital bed.  He enjoyed the sight of the lovely blonde curled up in a fetal position, with his thick nigger cum oozing from her raped slit.  Having learned that hubby was away for the weekend, he would going to give this beauty a weekend she'd never forget.

The next day, just past noon, Reggie was finally spent and exhausted.  He would now leave the sobbing Mrs. Barnes on her marital bed, curled in a fetal position again, covered with his nigger cum.  He laughed at the thought of possibly having knocked up both mother and daughter.  Already he had succeeded in knocking up daughter and now he smiled at the possibility of Mrs. Barnes' slim belly swelling soon with his little black baby.

Looking at the time, Amber realized that she had a few hours before her husband returned home.  She finally recovered enough to stagger from her bed and cleanse herself with a douche and a long hot shower.  She sobbed and cried, feeling so ashamed and disgraced, her thighs hurt so badly from being stretched so widely over the past 24 hours.  She wept, knowing now what the meaning was to being raped and ‘ruined’ by a nigger.  Amber prayed that this vicious rape did not leave her impregnated, knowing it was too late for the douche to be effective against the potent sperm that had been deposited a day ago.  She thought of reporting the rape to the police but dismissed it as she did not want her husband to learn that she had been soiled and defiled right on their marital bed.

Getting out of the shower, Amber then stripped the bed of the soiled and stained sheets.  She remade the bed and then picked up her torn blouse.  Stepping out of her bedroom, she gazed at her scattered heels and torn skirt along with the trail of buttons on the carpeting.  She made her way back to the bar area, making certain she had gotten everything picked up.  Then she realized that her lacy bra and panties were nowhere to be found and realized that they must now be adorning her rapist's trophy case.

Two weeks later, Bob Barnes sat alone in the airport terminal while awaiting for the flight that would take him for a visit with Heather.  He hoped things would get better between mother and daughter.  He thought his wife had gotten over her distress about Heather's condition as she had indicated early in the week that she would join him on this trip to visit their daughter.  He was puzzled that up until dinner last night, Amber had been getting some of her personal items together for the weekend trip.  But when he came out of the shower, he was taken by surprise that Amber suddenly had decided against going to see Heather as yet and was unpacking her bag.  He had not pressed as to why the sudden change of heart, thinking that she just needed more time to get over Heather's condition.

Bob did not know that while he was in the shower the phone had rung and his wife had answered it.  On the line, his wife was asked by a voice familiar to her "Have you been thinking about my big black cock, honey?  Do you want some more black lov'n?  When's your hubby going out of town again, Mrs. Barnes?"  To those questions, his lovely and faithful wife responded "Yes!  Yes!  Tomorrow morning on a 9 a.m. flight!"

As Bob boarded the aircraft, he sat in his seat and shut his eyes, thinking of his lovely wife and how he wished things would get better.  They had always enjoyed having sex but since Heather's problem arose, there had been no sexual activity between them at all.  He just loved the way Amber would wrap her trim arms and sexy legs around him, arching up into his thrusting cock, encouraging him verbally to make love to her.  "Gosh, it's been ages since that happened!  I just hope she doesn't forget how much I like it when she does that!" he pondered.  Bob need not have fret about Amber forgetting such physical things, for at that very moment, his lovely wife was in their marital bed with her arms and legs tightly entwined around the muscular body of a black teenage stud.  Neither did Amber forget verbal encouragement as she moaned "Oh, yes …..........……….yessssss ………........……ohhh, you're so biggggg ……................…..yes, fuck me ……….......…fuck me good!"

Midway through the flight, Bob fantasized of the dream that he hoped someday would come true.  He thought back to that time years ago when he had tried to get his beautiful wife to take him between her sweet lips.  He sighed as he recalled how upset she had gotten, telling him that he was a pervert for thinking she was some slut who would do such a filthy thing.  Since then he had never tried to get his lovely wife to fulfill his dream of cumming in her sweet mouth.  'I guess Amber will just never be able to bring herself to allow a cock in her mouth, much less sucking the cum out of one!' he sighed to himself.  Had Bob been able to peer into his bedroom right then, he'd have a heart attack at the sight.  His lovely wife was kneeling on the bedroom carpet at that instant, her head between a pair of muscular black thighs, her head bobbing up and down on a black cock that was far longer and thicker than his.  There were no hands holding her head down as she began slurping and swallowing the thick flow of hot jism.

As the plane circled for a landing, Bob pictured his lovely wife in his mind, recalling what a sexy ass she had.  Every once in awhile he managed to get Amber to allow him to make love to her in the doggie position.  One time, he got brave and decide to slip his cock up her virgin ass, something he had dreamt of numerous times.  But Amber had scrambled out of his grip, slapped his face and locked herself in the bathroom.  'God, I'd sure like the thrill of fucking my cock in her beautiful virgin ass and hearing her scream!' he pondered, knowing it'd never happen.  Bob was right, he'd never hear her scream when her virgin ass was claimed.  At that very moment, his wife's ass was no longer a 'virgin' ass, not with that thick black cock that was being shoved into her.  "Ohhhhhh, Goddddd …………..ahhhhhhhh ……........……..ohhhh,God ……..........….it hurtssssssssss …………….........…'s tooooo bigggggggg!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddd .......................God ………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" were Amber's screams that would have thrilled Bob immensely had he been back home at the moment, but more so if he was the one making her scream.

Just a couple of months ago, Amber was a devoted and faithful wife that had only experienced intimacy with her loving husband.  She strongly believed in her religious teachings and could not understand people who would commit adultery, breaking their solemn vows to be faithful and true to their marital partner.  Married for seventeen years and she had never thought of being with another man but everything had changed in the past two months.  She had always been considered to be extremely conservative and rather naïve when it came to sex.  She sighed as she thought of the events during the past two months that would have shocked all who knew her. She had never lied to Bob before but now it was a constant, telling him she was working late a couple times each week

As his wife was working late again, Bob Barnes had prepared some steaks to put on the grill as he waited for his wife's return home, wanting to help out since she seemed to be quite busy at work for the past month.  He encouraged her to put herself into her work, telling her not to worry about working late as it seemed to take the edge off her mind concerning Heather.  When Amber arrived home, Bob took in how nicely dressed she still was after a long day at work.  He couldn't get over just how fortunate he was in having such a faithful and devoted wife.

Bob greeted his lovely wife upon her arrival, embracing her and giving her a passionate kiss on her beautiful pink lips.  "Ummmm, honey!  Your lips are so sweet!  You look and taste so good, I could eat you alive!" he kidded her.  Bob would not have been so anxious to kiss his lovely wife if he had known that just a half-hour ago those beautiful lips had been widely stretched and wrapped around the thick cock of a black teen.  Amber gave him a playful push and laughed "Oh, Bob!  You're being so naughty!  I bet you tell that to all of your women!"  'Bob, you'd choke on those words if I were to spread my legs open for you right at this moment!  I doubt if you'd be able to handle two loads of creamy black teenage spunk!' she mused.

Closing her eyes and resting her head back on the chair, Amber relived some of the wicked episodes and pictured how her husband would react if he were to witness them.  She just could not rebuke Reggie when he called nor refuse him even when it brought her shame and humiliation.  It seemed that he wanted to degrade her further along with putting in the element of being caught, making it that much more sinful and wicked.  Yet she had to admit that those episodes made her orgasms that much more powerful and mind shattering.  It seemed that she now thrived on the element of being caught by her husband as she was cheating on him, committing adultery with a black teenager that was young enough to be their son.

Recalling that past Thursday evening, Amber relived that night and just how close she had come to giving everything away.  When she was running late that night, a night that she had told Bob she was 'working late', she knew she had to call and tell him it'd be another half-hour.  Reggie hadn't had his fill of her during the two hours that they had been together and she couldn't say 'no' to his needs.  Turning over, kneeling on the bed, she reached over to her purse on the chair and retrieved her cell phone.  As she made the call home, just as she said 'hello' to Bob, she nearly gave a loud gasp into the phone as Reggie grabbed her by her hips and inserted the bulb of his cockhead between her clasping love slit.  As she stammered her spiel on needing another half-hour, telling Bob she'd pick up dinner on the way home, Reggie began to fuck her doggie style and had whispered in her other ear to keep her husband on the line.  After chatting on the line with her loving husband, just as she told Bob "Bye, honey!  I love you!", the fully imbedded shaft spurt out its hot potent juice deep in her womb.  Collapsing face forward onto the bed, Amber squeezed her cunny around the fat lovestick as he continued to seed her fertile womb with its potent baby juice. 

Amber's mind then drifted to the other night, which was even more dangerous encounter.  It was 1a.m. in the morning when she heard the faint but familiar ring of her cell phone that was in her purse.  She shivered in panic, knowing who was on the other side of the line.  She quickly slid out of bed to retrieve her phone and took it into the master bath so as not to awaken Bob.  Answering the phone, she heard a very familiar voice say "I'm across the street right now!  Open the front door for me!"  Then the phone went dead bringing back the dial tone.  Quickly putting on her robe, she then went downstairs with the intent of rebuffing the young man, to tell him this was out of the question and far too dangerous.

Hesitantly, Amber opened the door and was then face to face with the lusting black teen.  Her intentions of rebuffing the teen somehow disappeared the moment she opened the door.  Instead of rebuffing him, she took a step back into the foyer, allowing him to step inside.  The next thing she knew, the front door was closed and the sash of her robe had been untied.  As she panted for breath, the lusting teen pushed the robed off her shoulders and it fell to the foyer floor behind her.  Then the large black hands were pushing the straps of her negligee off her shoulders and seconds later it lay in a puddle at her feet.

When Amber's hands were grasped and drawn forward onto the buckle of the jeans, she then began to undress the confident teen.  Moments later, the teen was as naked as she was, both caressing each other's body.  She felt so small, enveloped by the muscular body of the teen who stood a foot taller than her.  Then she was easily being lifted up into the air, nearly two feet off the ground where her breasts were being teased by his wet tongue.  Her hands pressed down on the top of his broad shoulders for leverage as her legs wrapped themselves around his waist.  She gasped as she felt herself being shifted into position, groaned as her cuntlips parted to admit the prodding shaft.  The hands on her ass released their grip, letting gravity take care of events.  Her weight caused her to slide down onto the pulsing bar of flesh and soon she was fully impaled.  Squeezing her legs tightly and pushing up with her hands, Amber was fucking herself on the pleasure giving shaft.

Once her body had convulsed uncontrollably in orgasm, cunt filled to the brim, Amber was panting for breath as she was literally being nailed to the foyer wall, her cunt filled to the brim.  As the cock in her softened and began to slip from her love nest, Amber began to slide down the wall and ended up sitting dazed on the floor.  Twenty minutes later, the devious teen sent her back down the hall and into the bed she shared with her husband.  But it was not until the teen had seen that her nerves were soothed, seen to it that she had some warm milk to drink first.  Sliding under the covers, Amber was quickly fast asleep next to her loving husband, her nerves now soothed by a bellyful of warm milky cum.

As the high school baseball team was now playing in the state championship tournament, held on the far side of the state, the team would be gone over the weekend.  When her husband advised her that it was time for her to get over her daughter's pregnancy and that she needed to visit her daughter, Amber readily agreed with him.  After all, Amber's sister was taking care of her daughter and Amber told her husband she indeed needed to go and be close to the one she loved.  Picking up the phone, Amber called to make reservations on the commuter flight and then made reservations for a rental car.  She told Bob that she rented a car this time, not wanting to tie up her sister's car if she did some running around.  Once Bob had left the room, Amber looked at the map and saw that if she drove about twenty miles, she'd be back in her home state and right where the state baseball tournament was being held.

Waiting at the airport terminal, Amber felt nervous, worried considerably.  Her period was always timely for as long as she could remember ………….except for the time she was pregnant with Heather.  It was now five days past her regular cycle and she suspected the worst.  Previously she had been so upset with her daughter but now she understood what had caused her lifestyle to change so drastically.  She thought how fortunate her daughter was in being single at a time like this, where she could move out of state to give birth.  With the baby being placed up for adoption right away, no one would know that she gave birth to a black baby.  Amber sighed deeply, knowing that such was not an option for her.  She pondered her options, though the option of an abortion was immediately ruled out.

End of Story.