Star Player  - VIII
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

At the age of 18, DJ now had the world by the tail.  Having been kept back a grade due to poor study habits when he was young, the extra year in age and physical development made DJ seem like a man among boys.  Now that he was a star high school athlete in three sports, he naturally became the popular stud in school and around town, giving him ready access to all the girls who wanted to ride the wave of being a part of the most popular group in school.

For DJ, sex came easy and he could pretty much bed any girl who wanted in with the group.  But, he just wasn't sure if he'd pull the grades to get into college even with the athletic scholarships available to him.  If he could get the grades to play college ball for two to three years, then he might just be able to get into the professional ranks.

Enjoying the good life and cashing in on his stardom at the high school level to the fullest extent, DJ was always looking for that next conquest, in sports, in popularity but mainly the opportunity to score in bed.  Yes, scoring in bed was foremost at the top of the list, especially that of scoring with a beautiful white chick.  With his popularity and star status, DJ knew that even if he took advantage of a gal who was a bit reluctant, she would be very hesitant to report it and upset the apple cart.

A couple of times, knowing that the sexy babe would be more that a bit reluctant, a drink spiked with a 'roofie' allowed him to nail the bitch and get away without any repercussion.  If she came to after the drug wore off and claimed he had raped her, DJ would just laugh and name some of his buddies who would swear that they were present and that she was a willing participant.

Curt Corbett was one of DJ's classmates, a big fan and a wannabe member of DJ's impressive entourage.  It seemed to Curt that anyone who was anyone was part of DJ's entourage, including it seemed, every girl that Curt had a crush on.  But it seemed that everyone looked at him as a bit of a nerd since he wasn't playing any physical sports but was merely on the high school bowling and chess teams.

As for DJ, he was always looking to turn an opportunity to his advantage.  Seeing that the nerdy Curt wanted in with the group and knowing how smart he was, he befriended Curt for the sole purpose of getting himself some help in upping his grades in school and assuring that he'd manage to pass his courses.  With Curt in awe of being included with the group, DJ could always finesse him into helping by letting DJ copy an assignment and even copy answers off his test paper.  He had even gotten Curt to do a term paper for him.

Other than that, DJ didn't have much use for Curt and barely gave him the time of day.  At that time, DJ hadn't considered that allowing Curt in on the group soon would unwittingly pay an even bigger dividend to DJ.  And that dividend would be Curt's beautiful and sophisticated mother.  It all happened one morning when DJ saw Curt getting out of a car that was parked at curbside just beyond the entrance to the student parking lot.  It was the very first time DJ had laid eyes on Curt's beautiful and sexy looking mom as Curt normally cut through some yards and walked the short distance from his home to the high school.

That morning, Curt was to do a presentation of his science project in class but couldn't carry all the items.  Feeling a bit embarrassed to be seen having his mother drive him to school, Curt had her drive past the entrance to the student parking lot and he would then struggle carrying his project from there.  Watching Curt take a large box out of the trunk, DJ then gave a low whistle when he observed a beautiful woman get out of the driver's side to walk back to the back of the car.

Seeing the sexy brunette bend over to retrieve another box from the car's trunk, DJ's cock hardened as he got a good view of the beauty's long sexy white legs.   'Wow!  Curt's mom?  Damn, what a fuck'n bod!' he whispered to himself.  Never had he seen such a beautiful woman around this campus before as she was definitely a cut above any of the other mothers he had seen on campus.


From head to toe, Curt's mother was definitely sexy and alluring, with the head between DJ's legs telling him 'I jest gotta nail this fuck'n beautiful bitch!'  Apparently Curt had forgotten something in the front seat as his beautiful mother went to the front passenger door to retrieve it.  Seeing her bend over the seat, DJ couldn't stop staring at those long, shapely legs of hers, imagining them draped over his shoulders or wrapped around his waist.   His cock twitched as he imagined himself pumping his big black cock into her snug pussy, filling her fertile womb with his hot potent seed.

Always the opportunist, seeing Curt's beautiful mother trying to hand her son the additional material, DJ quickly assessed the situation.  It was the opportune time for him to meet the stunning beauty as he ran across the parking lot to lend a hand.  "Hey, Curt!  Lemme give ya a hand!" he yelled out as he neared the nerd and his beautiful mother.  With his patented smile and disarming charm, DJ reached out to take the items from the beautiful woman, making sure to 'accidentally' make contact with her soft manicured hand. Then he took one of he boxes Curt was holding.

Having hoped to go unnoticed, Curt stammered "Th ………..thanks, Curt!  Oh …………..Curt, this ……….this is my mom!  Mom ………….this is my friend DJ.  "Please to meet you, Mrs. Corbett!" DJ advised, extending his hand out from the side of the box that he had taken from her, seeing and knowing that she really did not want to shake his hand but would do so in order not to seem rude and impolite.  Holding her hand a few seconds longer than normal, DJ shivered with pleasure at the thought of the soft beautiful white hand wrapped around his throbbing black cock.

DJ's assessment was right on the money.  Shuddering in total revulsion, the beautiful Mrs. Jamie Corbett was indeed repulsed by her son's friend, feeling as if his leering eyes were stripping her clothing right there.  His hand holding onto hers longer than necessary did not go unnoticed by her, making her shudder as he towered over her in his 6'4" and 225 pound stature.  She wondered why or how this obviously athletic black teen had become such a close friend to her son who was quite the opposite in every manner.

Mrs. Jamie Corbett, age 39, had been happily married to Tom Corbett for the past nineteen years.  She stood at 5'5" with long dark brown hair, blue eyes and flawless ivory skin.  With a trim sexy figure of 118 lbs., she appeared to be just over thirty rather than nearing her fortieth birthday.  Being in property management, Jamie knew how important it was to dress elegantly as well as what it took to wine and dine potential clients that would place their properties under her care.  Her husband was a plant engineer for a large utility firm and spent a lot of time traveling about to the various plants in several states.

As they gathered up all of the material, Curt began explaining that it was his science project and what it was all about.  But DJ couldn't have cared less about Curt's science project or what was in the boxes, his eyes focused only upon the sexy beauty who was about to close the car trunk.  Although Curt's mom seemed genuinely friendly and grateful for his assistance, DJ couldn't help but notice that she seemed a bit intimidated and even repulsed by his muscular build and his rough black hand making contact with her.

Detecting that slight shudder of revulsion coursing through her beautiful body, DJ thought 'Ah, yes!  All the better, bitch!  Let's see how repulsed ya'll be when ye get to feel my muscles …………….in particular, the rock hard one between my legs!' thought DJ.  He was always intrigued by a challenge and obviously this was not going to be an easy conquest.  He realized that it would take a lot of thought and effort for him to nail this sexy bitch.  But DJ was certainly up for the challenge, making this conquest all the sweeter.

The wheels were already turning in DJ's devious, win-at-all-costs mind, figuring that it was just a matter of strategy and follow through.  For the next two weeks, DJ began setting things up, pretending to be interested in what ever Curt was doing.  Striking up conversations with the nerd, DJ established a rapport and finessed important tidbits of information out of his unsuspecting classmate.

Curt was thrilled that the popular star athlete was showing an interest in him, stumbling headlong into DJ's ploy.  Curt unwittingly divulged that his dad tended to be on the road more than he was home, that it wasn't long before DJ proposed that he and Curt get together to study for an upcoming test in the history class that they had together.  DJ figured if he played his cards right, he'd turn the study session into a reconnaissance mission to determine his next course of action in nailing the beautiful and unwitting Mrs. Jamie Corbett.

Once at Curt's house, it didn't take long for DJ to get bored in looking at the textbook.  With Curt's dad out of town on business and his mother still at work, DJ challenged Curt in the latest video game and getting a good score in the first game, he then excused himself to use the bathroom while Curt tried to beat his score.

Once down the hall and out of sight, DJ ducked quickly into the master bedroom and started checking things out.  In the master bath, DJ found the clothes hamper and in it at the top was a lacy white bra.  Fingering it, he looked at the tag that told him the beauty had a beautiful set of 34B's.  Then he found a pair of the beauty's lacy white panties just off to the corner.  Excitedly, holding the pair of panties up to his face, DJ inhaled her heady female scent, then quickly tucking them into his pants as a souvenir.  Then he rummaged through her closet, dresser drawers and finally her night stand drawer where he found condom packets.  His discovery really set him off, knowing the thin rubber sheath of a condom was her only form of birth control.

Although his initial intent was strictly to check things out, the virile teenage stud was now so sexually aroused that he decided right then and there to move up the time line.  Feeling his rock solid cock throbbing in his pants, DJ felt that he'd make his move that very night.  Composing himself, DJ wandered back to join Curt who was still hard at it in trying to rack up an impressive video game score.  DJ just chuckled to himself, his mind filled only with thoughts of how and when to initiate his plan to defile and ravage his classmate's beautiful mother.

As his mind raced in trying to formulate some plans, a wicked thrill crossed his mind.  Being so proud of his own huge thick cock, DJ never passed up a chance to casually glance down at the other boys' cocks in the shower at school, proud to know that his was always bigger and far more impressive.  He vaguely remembered checking out Curt's cock in the shower one time after gym class and laughed, thinking 'Wonder If what they say is true: 'like father, like son' ?'  If it was, then it would be a cinch that Curt's beautiful mother would be in for quite a night, having to accommodate his oversized cock.  DJ smiled to himself, knowing also that it was unlikely she'd encountered anyone with his stamina and endurance.

It was just about then that the garage door could be heard opening.  Moments later, the sexy beauty wandered in through the connecting kitchen door, dressed just the way DJ liked 'em.  His cock hardened as the lovely wife and mother appeared in a navy blue skirt, white blouse, navy blue blazer and matching heels.  She looked so prim and proper, so sophisticated and sexy.  When she saw him in her home, her face registered a moment of shock.  Seeing the shock on her face, the disgust and disappointment obvious in finding that her son had invited him over without her knowledge.

DJ saw the beautiful Mrs. Corbett regain her composure and her expression quickly changed to a sincere, warm, friendly smile as she greeted him and coyly inquired what they were up to.  Then he listened as Curt explained about the upcoming test and their plan to study together for it.  Curt's mom was sharp in seeing that they had been playing a video game rather than studying, reminded Curt that the answers to the test questions would not be found in the video game.  DJ merely smiled as Curt assured his mom that they were just blowing off a little steam before cracking the books.

Mrs. Corbett then advised them to help themselves to whatever they wanted in the fridge or to order in a pizza as she had a dinner meeting with a couple interested in finalizing a home purchase.  She then advised Curt "I'll be taking the clients out to the Sunset Bar & Grill in case your dad calls and wants to reach me!  I should be back about 10 or so!  Better make sure you get enough rest for school tomorrow!"

With that, DJ watched as the beauty disappeared down the hallway and into her bedroom.  Soon, water could be heard flowing through the pipes, making it apparent that Mrs. Corbett had stripped off her clothing and was now naked under the shower.  How he wished he was back in the master bath at this very moment, pushing her sexy white body up against the shower stall and getting her to stand on tip toes in an attempt to avoid his big black cock from raping her.

Fifteen minutes later, the sexy Mrs. Corbett reappeared, having changed into a sexy black dress and heels, giving them a wave good-bye as she headed out the door.  DJ swallowed, challenging Curt to attempt to beat his high score.  Dj was waiting for Curt to once again get totally involved in the game once again so that he could once again slip off down the hallway.  His cock twitched at the prospect of feeling the still warm pair of panties that should now be adorning the top of the clothing in the hamper, wanting desperately to inhale the fresh scent of 'cunt'.
A bit after 9 p.m., as Curt and DJ talked and snacked on the pizza that was delivered, DJ brought up the subject of girls.  He wondered if Curt had a girlfriend, leading Curt to open up about his mediocre social life and eventually even confessing his fantasies.  Curt let on to his crush on one of the girls on the cheerleader squad, confessing jokingly that he didn't come out to the games just to watch DJ play.  Curt admitted that he had a major crush on Sherry Lansing, one of the cheerleaders, but of course he was sure she didn't even know he existed.

DJ laughed, offering to use his influence to try to fix Curt up with the cute little blonde cheerleader.  Curt was thrilled with the prospect but indicated that he was sure that even DJ couldn't pull off such an arrangement.  DJ told Curt to just leave everything to him, wanting the nerd to be totally indebted to him for pulling such an arrangement off.  DJ thought to himself 'Hmmm, maybe later I can arrange a show for the guys on the team! It'd be a nice kickoff to have cute Sherry Lansing and the beautiful Mrs. Corbett going down on each other before servicing the guys on the football team!'

Curt inquired from the popular star athlete as to what he could do to impress the cheerleader.  DJ told his nerdy friend 'Lemme think some on how to pull this baby off!  You start studying while I give it some thought!  I'm going to get us another pop from the fridge!' DJ advised as he got up and walked to the kitchen.  DJ knew there wouldn't be any trouble in getting the cute Sherry Lansing to date the nerd a couple of times, especially since it would please him.

DJ wanted to laugh as the nerdy Curt obviously thought of the cute Sherry Lansing as the innocent naïve beauty, the image that she exuded to all who saw her thought they knew her.  It had only been six weeks ago when the sexy cheerleader had fallen victim to DJ's 'roofie' ploy and got her cherry popped in the process.  Although she had cried and whined the next morning upon finding her cherry busted, the beauty had a change of heart after DJ boned her several more times that morning and sending her into outer space.  Now she was hooked on his big black cock and would do anything for him to bed her again.

Returning to the den where Curt was reading his book, DJ handed him a can of pop, then began to lay out some potential ways that Curt could get to date the cute cheerleader.  As they talked about the cheerleader, DJ watched as Curt began to nod off as he fought to blink back the hazy cobwebs.  Soon Curt was dozing on the sofa, fast asleep from the 'roofie' that DJ had dropped into his can of pop.  Putting the open text book upon the chest of the sleeping teen,  it would appear as though he'd fallen asleep while studying.

DJ soon heard the sound of the garage door opening once and again and heard the car pulling into the garage.  Checking to see that it looked like Curt had merely dozed off while studying, DJ then made it look like he'd dozed off as well while studying.  Eyes closed, he heard the closing of the garage door, the opening and closing of the kitchen door.  Then came the clicking of high heels on the kitchen tiles, followed by muffled footsteps on the carpeted floor as the beautiful Mrs. Corbett approached to check on them.

DJ timed it to perfection as he yawned and stretched, pretending to awaken, blinking his eyes to see the beauty as she stood there watching them.  He gave her a wide smile and saw her nervously return his smile, whispering to him that the study session must have been a success as it wore them both out.  DJ told her it had indeed been a success -- a sure A on the test -- and he'd just gather up his books and head for home as soon as he shook the cobwebs out of his head.

He watched as she turned to make her way to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water, then heard dishes being moved as she began cleaning up after them.  A moment later, he quietly moved towards the kitchen, stopping at the doorway, far enough away to take her beauty in from head to toe.  DJ licked his lips in anticipation as he ogled her, wondering when was the last time she'd been fucked.  He wondered many drinks she'd had earlier that evening n entertaining the clients and, most importantly wondered 'Is this was her fertile time of the month?'

DJ decided it was indeed going to happen, that it was now just a matter of him making his move.  He briefly wondered whether she'd go down easily or if she'd put up a struggle but knew it'd be just the way he preferred - struggling and fighting him all the way!  He saw her shudder when he finally spoke up, commenting about what a lovely home she owned and what a terrific son Curt was.  He told her how proud she must be of him, then added "Curt must be really proud to have such an incredibly attractive, sexy mom like you, Mrs. Corbett!"

The moment of truth had come with DJ's last suggestive comment, and as he expected, Mrs. Corbett completely froze as she was in the middle of washing a glass.  He watched as she paused a moment for his comment to completely register in her mind, unsure as to how to respond to him.  He could see her panting for breath, then saw her shoulders slump just a bit as she exhaled in an attempt to compose herself.   With there being complete silence following his suggestive comment, it was apparent that she chose not to acknowledge the comment at all.

With Mrs. Corbett's back still to him, DJ smiled as she changed the subject, asking about the study session.  It was at that moment that DJ decided the time was ripe for him to make his move.  He quietly crept up behind her when in reach, he clasped his hand tightly over her mouth, pulling her body back against him.  How right he was in his assessment as the lovely beauty tried to pull free and struggled fiercely.  But the petite beauty was no match for him as she began to shake with fear in his muscular arms.

Leaning in close, inhaling her perfume, DJ whispered into the shuddering beauty's ear "Be smart and don't make a fuss!  What's Curt going to say if he woke up now to find us together like this?  Imagine what a scandal it be if yer found in a compromising position in your own kitchen with a black teenager?  Yer hubby out of town on business so often, ya dressed so sexy, it'll be yer word against mine as to who tried to seduce who!"

Keeping his hand tightly clamped over her mouth, DJ did not want to take the chance of her screaming for help.  He knew that Curt was out for the night but did not want to take the chance that her screams might be heard by nearby neighbors.  He loved the feel of her sexy body trembling with fear against him.

Holding her tight, DJ taunted "Yer so beautiful, Mrs. Corbett!  Ya don't think that nerdy son is a friend of mine do ya?  I only let the turd hang around to help me with my homework!  When I saw you helping him that morning, I only went to help to meet ya, sweetie!  I knew right then and there that I was gonna git into yer tight little panties, no matter what it took!"

Feeling her sexy body quiver with sobs, his hand around her trim waist moved up a bit so he could cup and fondle her breast.  Wrinkling her dress, he found and thumbed her now budding nipple, then pinch at the sensitive bud through her thin bra and dress.  "Ohhhh …………..ya got nice titties, Mrs. Corbett!  Played with yer bra that's in the hamper!  Ohhh, ya got a nice set of 34B's, that's for sure!  I'm gonna luv sucking on them babies!" he teased.

Removing his hand from her breast, DJ's hand slowly moved down over her flat belly, then inserted itself into the vee of the legs. Again she tried to struggle free but it was no use as DJ's experienced fingers found their way to her slit through her dress and panties.  He felt her stiffen, then go weak in his arms, body trembling with fear.  "Oh, baby …………….ya and I's gonna make some magic tonight!  I's gonna 'ruin' ya good!  Here ………………feel what I's got fer ya!" DJ taunted as he grasp her hand that clutched at the sink and drew it back behind her.
Jamie was frozen with fear as her hand was placed upon the hot flesh that had been bared before she had been accosted.  'Oh, God!  It …………..its so thick!' she realized as she instinctively squeezed the hot fleshy shaft with her gripping fingers.  As the bold teen now had his hand under the hem of her dress and fingers sliding under a legband of her panties, Jamie then shucked her gripping fist on the thick cock, trying to determine just how long it was.
"Mmmmpfffffffffff ……………….mmmmmphfffffffff!" came the muffled moans as the teen's expert finger slipped between her slick slit in search of her sensitive clit.  Her body shuddered and trembled and her knees weakened as her clit was found and rubbed. "Mmmm ……….mmmmpffffffffffffffff ……………….mmmmmphfffffffff!" Jamie swooned as she unconsciously pumped her fist up and down the throbbing cock behind her.

The sexy beauty soon tired from the struggle but DJ wasn't sure if her muffled groans were protests or that of sheer pleasure.  However, DJ could feel her getting wetter, his finger now sopping wet with her slick juices.  Also, he noticed that her struggles were beginning to subside, either from fatigue or compliance.  He continued to taunt her, whispering "I'm gonna make ya scream in the bed ya share with Mr. Corbett!  Ya gonna scream when ya get 'ruined' by DJ's big black boner!  Mr. Corbett ain't got nothing close to what ya got in yer hand, does he?"  Against the hand clamped over her mouth, he heard a muffled sob as Mrs. Corbett shook her head in the negative.

In spite of her efforts to resist, DJ sensed that her own body was now beginning to betray her as his fingers continued to work their magic inside her panties.  DJ prided himself on being able to read women like a book, and decided that the time was now right, time to take a chance.  Releasing his hand from her mouth, he reminder the shaking beauty that her son was asleep on the sofa, very close by.

Whispering for fear of her waking her son and having him finding her in this compromising position, Jamie stammered "Please ……………..please …………………please stop ……………..please stop!  Oh, God ……..please ………….pleaseeeeeeee!  This ………………this is rape!   Please …………..I ……………..I'm married ……………please don't rape me!  Please …………….please ……………I've never been with anyone but my husband!"  But instead of talking sense into the devilish teen, her pleas instead were music to his ears.

Trying to reason with him, to discourage him from continuing this vile assault on her body, the sexy woman was unwittingly getting him even more excited.  It made DJ even more determined to claim his prize, to fuck her, to impregnate her with his baby.  As she continued to plead with him, begging for him to stop, DJ felt her body quiver with pleasure as she started to build toward an orgasm.  But DJ didn't want her getting off just yet, instead wanting to torment her before 'ruining' her.

His experience told DJ that this sexy beauty would never willingly go bed with him, not with out a fight.  This momentary lapse of her body's betrayal was only due to his lewd fingering.  Then, DJ got prepared as he whispered "Let's go to your bedroom so I can fuck ya on the bed ya share with Mr. Corbett!  I'm gonna knock ya up good, bitch!"  That snapped the trembling beauty out of her stupor as she dropped the hot cock that she had been shucking, the attempt to yell "Cur …………mphhhhhhfffff!"

Again, DJ clamped his hand over her mouth and started dragging her down the hallway towards her bedroom.  Now she began to fight him in earnest, trying to pound her fists against his muscular arms, then digging her fingernails into him.  Pulling her along with him, DJ saw her black heels lying strewn in their wake upon the carpeted hallway.  Then he challenged her "Fight me, bitch!  Fight me!  Yeah, baby …….that's the way, Mrs. Corbett ……………..fight me ……………save yerself from being 'ruined' by DJ's big black cock!"

Finally, in the master bedroom, DJ kicked the door shut.  He knew Curt would be of no help to pretty mother but he wanted the sexy beauty to think that her son was merely sleeping and could come to her aid.  "You scream and ya'll get hurt real bad, bitch!  Now ya don't wanna scream, do ya?  That little nerd ya got fer a son …………..ya think that pathetic little bastard will be able to stop me?  Gonna take my hand off yer mouth now …………..go ahead and scream ………….get that punk son of yers up!  When he comes in here, I'm gonna break him in two!" he threatened.

Fearing for her own safety, Jamie was indeed about to scream for help when the safety of her son took precedent.  She knew that Curt was no more of a match than she was against this horrid teen.  All Jamie could do was the shake with fear and quietly plead with her son's evil friend to spare her the horrible indignity that he intended, sobbing "Please ……………please don't hurt me ……………please don't rape me!"

Released from his grasped, Jamie turned with hands extended, sobbing in fright.  She stepped back as the looming teen advanced towards her, totally unprepared for the quickness of his hand reaching out to grasp the vee neck of her black dress.  A loud tearing sound could be heard next as her expensive black dress tore down the front.  Cowering with fear, she turned to run to the master bath but then a strong hand tore at the back of her dress.

With the torn shreds of her dress falling to her feet, Jamie tripped upon the garment, causing her to fall to the floor.  Getting back up to her feet, her lacy black bra was being grasped and torn from her body.  Covering her arms over her bared breasts, Jamie found herself being shoved forward, causing her to fall face first upon the king-sized bed.  Then her lacy black panties were being stripped off her hips, down her trim legs and pulled off from her heels.

A strong hand grasped her upper arm and forced her to turn over onto her back and Jamie began to sob hysterically in fear.  She was then paralyzed with fear as she saw her son's friend stripping off all of his clothing and began shucking at the cock that she had unconsciously stroked earlier.  'Oh, my God!  It'll never fit in me!  He must be at least a foot long!  He's got to be at least twice the size of what Tom has!' she shuddered.

Thoroughly enjoying the beauty's expression of fear, seeing her eyes glued to his throbbing black cock, DJ continued stroking it.  Tauntingly, he asked "Yer hubby got anything like this, Mrs. Corbett?"  He smiled as she began hyperventilating as she shook her head 'no', then he taunted "DJ's cock's gonna 'ruin' ya fer sure, Mrs. Corbett!  Gonna stretch ya out around this baby-maker!  Yeah, Mrs. Corbett, DJ's gonna give ya his baby-maker!  Gonna knock ya up real good!  Maybe Curt will have a little brother who'll follow him all around!"

Through teary eyes, Jamie gazed upon the teen's big black cock, unable to believe that any male could possess such a monstrosity.  Never had she seen anything so large and grotesque other than the rutting donkeys she had witnessed on a visit to the zoo so many years ago.  “Please …………………..please, DJ …………I beg you …………..please don’t rape me ……………please! I'll die if you try to put that thing in me! Oh, please ……………….please don't rape me!” she sobbed.

Shuddering as her son's evil friend roughly pushed her knees apart and scooted up between her widespread legs, Jamie sobbed and whimpered as his throbbing black cockhead rubbed up and down against her now oozing slit. In a panic, Jamie realized that this was indeed the worst time of the month for her, she pleaded “Oh, please …………………please DJ ……………..don’t rape me …………….please ………….don't …………………you’ll …………'ll get me pregnant!”

Then the frightened beauty made a desperate attempt to get away from him, intent on to escape being plundered and 'ruined' by the devious teen.  Scooting up upon the bed she drew her legs back and attempted to spike DJ with her heels.  But the teen's athletic reflexes were too quick for her as Jamie found her ankles in the grasp of the now smirking teen.

Legs held in midair, Jamie feared that she would now pay for her attempt to spike her son's lusting friend.  Then her legs were being lifted up a bit higher, right to where her heels were at his face.  She watched as DJ leaned forward, biting the tip of her right heel between his teeth, then proceed on pulling her heel off her foot.  Heel hanging from his teeth, Jamie watched as DJ turned to the side and dropped the heel on the bed.  Then her left heel was removed and disposed of in the very same manner.

Eyes locked upon that of her attacker's, Jamie saw him smile and lick at his lips.  Then she watched as DJ leaned forward.  Jamie shivered as the teen unexpectedly began licking at the bottom of her pedicured toes with his hot wet tongue.  Then all the toes of her right foot were in the teen's devouring mouth as he sucked and licked at her toes to satisfy his obvious fetish.  Next the teen began to worship her other foot in the same manner.  Jamie could only clutch at the bedspread as pleasurable sensations tingled throughout her body.

Moments later, more of the unexpected caught Jamie totally by surprise as her legs were placed upon the teen's shoulders as he began licking and kissing his way down her calves, down her inner thighs and then he neared her womanhood.  With her grasping the bedspread tightly, Jamie tried to squirm up further upon the bed, not believing what the horrible teen was intending on doing.  'Oh, God …………he can't be serious!  No one could want to do such an awful thing!' she thought.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, Godddd ………………noooooooooo!” Jamie moaned loudly as the teen’s head began nuzzling itself into the soft fleece of her womanhood.  Her body shook and convulsed in the revulsion of what was taking place, something that she had never allowed her husband to do.  Such a nasty thing was unthinkable.   “Ohhhhhh, Godddd ………………..oh, God ………………arghhhhhhhhh!” Jamie groaned as the hot wet tongue began flicking at her sensitive slit.

Shivering from the wicked pleasure coursing through her body, Jamie could only arch her hips up into the pleasure giving mouth of her teenage assailant.  “Ahhhhhhh …………... ohhhhhhhhhhh ………ohhhhhhh ………….noooooooo!” Jamie moaned as her body shook in convulsions, her love juices flowing and being slurped up by the hungry teen.  When the slurping stopped, Jamie blinked back the tears to see the gloating teen as he lifted his glistening face from between her thighs, licking his lips to show her that he had enjoyed the tasty treat she had provided.

“Oh, Mrs. Corbett ………………DJ's gonna 'ruin' real ya good! How's bout DJ knocking ya up with a little black bastard, huh?  Ya's gonna be hooked on dark meat from now, sweetie!  Ya's gonna be begging DJ for more luving after tonight, sugar!” DJ taunted.  Guiding his cockhead into place, he rubbed his bloated cockhead up and down the beauty's oozing slit and pressed forward a bit with some pressure.  DJ laughed at Mrs. Corbett's frantic plight as he entered her, taunting "Got ya now, Mrs. Corbett!  Yeah, baby ……………….oh, baby ……………so fuck'n tight!"

“Oh God ………..……….oh, God …………….…please ……………….stop ……………….please stop! Please! Oh, God ……….it hurtsss …………….it hurts so baddddddddd ……………oh, Goddddddd!” Jamie screamed as the thick cock pushed further into her.  It was only a mere two inches that had agonizingly penetrated her but Jamie had never felt anything so big in her life.   She surmised that DJ's cock was even thicker than her wrist as she shuddered in pain, pleading “Please ………………please DJ …………stop ………………….. pull it out …………………’s too bigggggggggg!”

DJ nearly popped his load prematurely when he heard the beauty’s pleas and whimpering.  He grasped her trim hips with both hands, then slammed forward with all his might, plunging three fourths of his cock into her tight slit. 'Oh damn, Mrs. Corbett …………….yer tighter than a fuck'n virgin!' DJ moaned and shivered as he gritted his teeth to keep from cumming at that instant.
"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………ohhhhhh, God ……………………oh, God ………………no …………….arrrrrrrrrrrragggghhhh!” Jamie screamed in sheer agony. Her trim sexy legs flailed about, pounding on DJ's muscular shoulders as she tried desperately to kick him off of her.  She then sobbed in defeat, feeling DJ's thick cock skewering and burying itself deep within her.   Jamie's pain racked body shuddered, feeling as if she had been literally torn apart by the demented teen.

Lying pinned upon her marital bed, Jamie was now totally helpless in fighting off her much stronger teenage assailant. Helpless, she looked up at the teen's leering eyes and snickering face as he twitched the bulb-like cockhead that was now enveloped in her widened slit.  She sobbed as the deliberate twitch of his bloated cock was followed by another twitch, making it obvious that her teen rapist was taking great pleasure in tormenting her.  Jamie's entire world was now concentrated right there at the vee between her thighs.  Her entire world, the fact that Tom was the only man to ever possess her till now was about to be totally destroyed and 'ruined' by the lusting teen above her.

 “Oh, please …… ……….….no ………….…DJ ………please ……………you mustn’t ………………you …………you’ll get me pregnant!” Jamie stammered pleadingly.   Panting in panic and fear as the large black cockhead throbbed and threatened to burrow itself deep in her, Jamie realized that there was no way to prevent this evil teen from raping her.  Frantic, Jamie managed to gather enough rational thoughts to try and prevent the dreadful consequences of such a violation.  “Oh, pleaseee …………………pleaseee ………………….DJ ……………my ………………my husband has condoms ………….in ……………..…in the drawer!  Please ………..please ……………put one on!” she pleaded in hope and desperation.

DJ chuckled and grinned down at the terrified beauty, deliberately throbbing and pushing his bloated cockhead a bit further into her aching slit.  Smiling, DJ taunted “Oh, Mrs. Corbett ……………I's  gonna add ya to the list of all the mommas I've made …………………..ya gonna be a good mamma fer our little baby!  DJ's gonna knock ya up good, Mrs. Corbett ………………….yer little tummy's gonna start getting nice and round in a few months …………………….I's gonna give ya a little black bastard to take care of!"

“Owwwwwwwww ……………owwwwwwww …………….nooooooo ……….stopppp …………..stop …………..oh, Goddddd…………you’re too biggggg!” Jamie screamed as her fingers clutched desperately at the bedspread upon feeling the thick cudgel skewer deeper in her.  “Aieeee …………….nooo …………aieeeeeeeeeeee …………………..noooooooooooooo!” she sobbed as DJ grasped her trim hips brutally speared the full length of his thick shaft into her without any mercy.  Jamie shuddered as she thought she was dying 'Oh, God …………..I'm going to die …………….he's going to tear right through me!"

This was exactly what DJ enjoyed most, fucking a sexy white beauty and making her scream in pain.  This was the best ever for DJ, raping a beautiful white woman right on the bed that she shared with her loving husband.  DJ then began to fuck her, repeatedly withdraw his big long cock till only the bulb of his cockhead remained, then speared it right back down with all his weight behind it.

Never before did the Corbett’s bed creak and groan as it did at this moment in time, swaying madly with the headboard banging loudly against the bedroom wall.  Indeed, the Corbett's king-sized bed threatened to collapse from the wild sexual activity upon it, the drywall sustaining a large dent in it from the pounding by the headboard.

DJ's experience and self-control, along with his long deep thrusts and withdrawals, began to take effect on the beauty's resisting body.  Now he felt her thigh muscles begin contracting upon his throbbing cock, then felt her soft white thighs clutch at his sides as her sexy legs crossed over his waist to spur him deeper with the heels of her feet.  He smiled, wishing her punk husband was there to see his lovely wife and hear her moan “Ohhh …………..ohhhh …………...ohhhh …………...ohhh …………...ohhhh ………oh, Goddddddd!” Then the strokes slowed as DJ wanted the beautiful bitch to feel every fucking inch of his big cock.

Panting, clutching the bedspread tightly, Jamie gritted her teeth and moaned with each rapid thrust into her ravaged slit.  “Ohhhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..oh, Goddddddd!” Jamie moaned.  Unconsciously, she locked her ankles over DJ’s pumping black ass, drawing him in even deeper as he lunged into her time and time again.

Her body now sought the sexual relief as sheer pleasure overtook her, causing Jamie to arch up into the lunging cock of her teenage rapist.  Bed springs creaking madly, headboard thumping loudly against the wall as the teenage rapist plundered his victim.  “Oh, God …………….oh, God ……………..ohhhhhhhhhh ……………noooo ………… …………….oh, God no ……………….I …………….I ………………..I’m cumminnggggg!” Jamie squealed as her body shook and quivered uncontrollably.

With DJ holding her trembling asscheeks tight against him, the thick lengthy cock buried in her as deeply as possible, Jamie shuddered as an unbelievable powerful orgasm rocked her from head to toe.  Then she felt the thick cock within her expand like a balloon and suddenly pop.  It was like a sudden blinding flash that came over her, then she was being seared by the hot burning cum that suddenly filled her fertile womb to the brim.

A moment later, Jamie was filled with guilt and remorse.  True, she had just been raped and ravished by her son's devious friend but she could not forgive herself in the manner in which her body had responded.  She felt so guilty, as if she had willingly been unfaithful to her husband, believing that she should not have felt any pleasure from that awful act that took place on her marital bed.

Her legs felt numb from being stretched so wide, Jamie closed her eyes and sobbed in shame, feeling the heavy teen lifting up from her body and pulling his sated cock from her ravished slit.  She then felt a warm liquid flowing out over her raped slit, dripping down to soak the bedspread beneath her.  With the cock now fully out of her, Jamie turned, curling herself up into the fetal position and wept uncontrollably.  She wondered if Tom would touch her again if he learned of this awful night.

A bit later, Jamie sobbed as DJ pulled her over onto her back, then pinned her arms up over her head as he began to tease her pink nipples with his wet flicking tongue.  As her nipples stiffened in response, all Jamie could do was squirm about on the bed beneath the experienced teen.  Next he began suckling at her breasts, then biting at them, sinking his sharp teeth into her tender flesh and sensitive nipples.

DJ loved sucking on the identical and flawless twin beauties, enjoying the way she was squirming under him.  But now his sadistic streak had him biting down hard into her tender flesh, enjoying her frantic squirming as she shuddered in pain.  Next, he rubbed the edges of his sharp teeth over her pink nipples, wanting to leave them tender and raw over the next week.

Moving up, DJ sought to cover her beautiful pink lips with his but she turned her head away from him.  Following her tossing head, he finally captured her lips with his, forcing his thick tongue between her clenched teeth.  His cock twitched with excitement as he felt a shudder of revulsion course through her body as his tongue made contact with hers.  Now he began to French kiss the resisting beauty, his tongue flicking against hers as he leaned up to rub his cockhead up against her oozing slit.

The touch of his cockhead against her slit was like touching the magic button as now the sexy Mrs. Corbett responded with her pointed tongue flicking up against his.  Teasing with the tip of his cockhead by pushing in just a fraction of an inch, then pulling back out, DJ continued this action till he felt her respond by arching her hips up in an attempt to envelope his cock in her cunt.

It would have been quite a sight for Tom Corbett to see had he been home this evening.  There on the Corbett's marital bed lay his beautiful wife, hands pinned above her head by the black teen as she was now returning the passionate kiss while arching her hips up to the teen.  It would now appear that his lovely wife was in dire need of the teen's giant black cock fucking her, especially seeing her throwing her trim legs around the young stud and locking her ankles together.  Pulling the muscular black teen stud down with her legs and arching her hips up, his beautiful wife then moaned loudly as she was penetrated deeply.

It was a fantastic fuck for DJ as his cock sliced into the beautiful woman.  Now that she had become accustomed to the size and length of his cock, DJ knew that she'd certainly be hooked on his big black cock from this point on.  This was confirmed by the way she was responding to him, especially with her moans "Ohhhhhhhh …………………yes ……..yes ………………..ohhhhhhh, deeper ……………….deeperrrrrrrr!  So big …………..ohhhhhh, so bigggggggg!  Ohhhhhhhh ………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………….oh, God ………………..oh, Godddddddddddd!"

The way they fucked, it was as if they had been making passionate love to each other for years, each meeting one another in thrust for thrust like a well-oiled fuck machine.  Then DJ had his friend's beautiful mother skyrocketing out of this world once again as she moaned "Oh, yes ………………yes …………….fuck me …………………fuck me ………………fuck meeeeeeeee!  Oh, God  ……………..oh, God …………………I'm cummingggggggggggggg!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

After filling her with his hot seed, DJ smiled as the lovely woman came back down to earth.  The sudden look of horror crossing her face, as she realized what she had just done and how she had behaved, gave DJ a thrill as he twitched his thick cock within her.  He chuckled as the lovely Mrs. Corbett began sobbing in shame once again, curling up into a fetal position as soon as he pulled his cock out of her.  Patting her ass, he taunted "Oh, Mrs. Corbett ………………yer the best fuck ever!  Ya gonna be DJ's woman from now! Yer hubby ain't ever gonna be able to satisfy a hot little bitch like you!  Damn, yer one fine piece of ass!  Knew that from when I first laid my eyes on ya!"

Later that night, DJ merely touched the dozing beauty's hip and she automatically turned over onto her back once again.  This time there was no pinning of her arms over her head as her arms encircled his back and her lips opened to admit his searching tongue.  Once he was in position, the trim sexy legs once again encircled him, pulling him into her.  DJ had the lovely Mrs. Corbett anxiously seeking to achieve another mind-shattering climax that she had never before experienced with her inept husband.

DJ loved hearing her moans of enjoyment as she soared out of this world.  It was a fantastic fuck session once again as the lovely wife begged him to keep on fucking her, swooning as she climaxed while he filled her with his hot potent seed.  Best of all was the sight of the beauty once again becoming filled with guilt and remorse once she came back down to earth, sobbing and balling herself up in the fetal position.

Throughout the night, it became a sexual ritual on the Corbett's bed, a fucking frequency that would have taken husband and wife a month to accomplish.  Never had the beautiful Mrs. Corbett experienced one lovemaking session to be quickly followed by another, much less the numerous mind-shattering climaxes that the lusting teen had taken her to.

When daylight came, Jamie was totally fucked out and exhausted.  Trying to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, her legs wobbled and she fell to knees upon the carpet.  Then she heard DJ's voice "What's the matter, Mrs. Corbett?  You need some nourishment to keep your strength up!  Here, eat your breakfast ……………it's full of protein!"

Seconds later, her son's friend was standing before her, his thick black cock growing in length as it throbbed before her face.  As she had pleased her husband in this manner before, Jamie knew what this lusting teen was demanding of her.  Jamie swallowed deeply as this was her first up close view of the manhood that he possessed.  She could not help but to compare it with that of Tom's, realizing that her husband's was a mere toy compared to what this teen possessed.

After the fucking DJ had given her throughout the night, Jamie no longer put up a fight or fuss on his demands for sex from her.  Reaching up with her left hand, she tried wrapping it around the throbbing cock at its base but found that her fingers would not touch each other.  Then she wrapped the fingers of her right hand just above, as if holding a baseball bat, but found there was still about 4" protruding.  Pumping DJ's cock with both fists, she stared at the pulsating cockhead, watching as the pisshole flared opened time and time again.

Leaning forward, Jamie stuck the tip of her tongue out, giving a wet swipe at the ooze coming out of the cockhead.  Continuing to pump the teen with both hands, she began to flick her tongue rapidly over the head, causing the teen to moan with pleasure.  Then she heard DJ's say "Look up at me, Mrs. Corbett!  I want to see your pretty blue eyes!"  Complying with his wish, Jamie looked up while licking his cockhead, then realized that he had her digital camera in his hands and was snapping a shot.

It was the camera she had placed on her dresser when she had come home from work, the one used for her job in taking photos of the buildings she managed.  Although realizing the devious teen was taking incriminating photos of her, Jamie continued on, running her tongue over the rim of his cockhead and then engulfing it between her lips.  After all that had happened to her, Jamie felt a wicked sensation coursing through her body in knowing that she was being photographed while performing this sordid deed.

Experimenting, Jamie first removed her right hand from the thick bar of flesh, then slowly began to gobble up the dark meat that was exposed.  At this point, it was at the back of her throat, far deeper than her husband could reach.  Shivering, Jamie wondered if she could handle any more as she now released her left hand.  Another four inches of additional dark meat was exposed for her to eat as she now placed her hands at the teen's hips.

Snapshot after snapshot DJ got off as the sophisticated beauty gobbled him up.  'Damn, she's gonna eat it all!  No other bitch has managed that before!' he realized, sawing his cock into her tight sucking mouth.  He could no longer concentrate on taking any more shots as he put the camera back down onto the dresser top and wrapped his hands around the beauty's silky brown hair.  "Awww, yeah ……………eat it, Mrs. Corbett!  Oh, yer absolutely the best cocksucker yet!" he moaned.

About to cum, DJ wanted the beautiful wife to get a good taste of his hot thick jizz and pulled out till just his cockhead remained.  "Jerk it off, Mrs. Corbett!" he ordered, feeling her comply immediately as both hands returned back onto his cock to do his bidding.  "Ahhhhh, God ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ……….……………… it ……………eat it all!" he yelled out as his cock exploded in her mouth.

DJ knew immediately that the beauty was not prepared for his copious load, evidenced immediately as she gagged trying to swallow his first two spurts.  Pulling her off his cock by her hair, DJ smiled and watched as Mrs. Corbett continued pumping him with both fists as his cock lurched about, spraying her face and hair with cum.  He watched the thrilling sight as she still continued to gag and swallow the remnants, seeing some of the cum drooling out of the corner of her mouth.

When the fantastic blowjob was done, the lovely Mrs. Jamie Corbett was still on her knees but now leaned back on the side of the bed for support.  DJ began getting into his clothing, then pocketed the matching black bra and panties for his souvenirs.  He then picked up the camera once again, taking one last shot of his nerdy friend's beautiful mother as she sat there with cum drooling out of her mouth, face and hair streaked with cum.

Jamie merely sat and watched as DJ put the camera in his pocket, then saw him reach onto the dresser and retrieve one of her business cards that she had in a plastic holder.  She saw him smile at her, telling her "I'll give ya a call at work sometime, Mrs. Corbett!  Then ya can meet me fer a quickie!  Hey, with ya in property management, ya can find us a nice permanent layout!  Yeah, sweetie ………………find one right on the north side of the high school, so ya and I can meet during the week when school or practice is out!"

Kneeling there on her bedroom carpet in a total stupor, Jamie barely comprehended what DJ was saying "Oops, gonna be late getting to school!  I'll get yer nerd of a son up, otherwise he'll sleep till noon with the 'roofie' I gave him!"  She watched her teen rapist exit the bedroom, thankful that he had closed the door behind him.  Then she heard him yelling out loudly "Curt ………….Curt ……………..hey, asshole ……………get up!  We fell asleep and school's starting in ten minutes!  Ya ain't got time to change …………let's go!"  Jamie breathed a sigh of relief in hearing the front door slam shut.

Glancing up at the clock on the nightstand, Jamie realized that she had been sitting there on the bedroom floor for nearly two hours in a dead stupor.  She shuddered in feeling the tightness of her facial skin, realizing that DJ's cum had dried completely and congealed on her face.  Slowly, she stood on one foot first and then the other as she struggled to stand.  Finally, standing up on wobbly legs, Jamie slowly began to make her way to the master bath.  Just a couple of steps and she quickly used a hand to cup her mound as cum began leaking out of her raped and widened slit.

In the bathroom, Jamie shuddered and blinked back the tears as she saw her reflection in the mirror.  'Oh, God ………………….I look worst than the women walking the streets to sell themselves!' she told herself.  Turning on the hot water for the shower, Jamie then let the water beat down upon her soiled body.  First leaning against the wall of the shower stall, she then slid down and sat on the tiles of the stall, sitting there in hopes that the hot water would cleanse her.

Looking down to inspect herself, looking at one breast then the other, Jamie sobbed in seeing how badly bruised they were.  The teen's teeth marks could easily be seen as bruises upon her soft white flesh.  Touching them had her cringing with pain, especially her tender nipples.  The scraping of DJ's sharp teeth against her nipples had caused tiny cuts, the pain feeling like that of paper cuts.

Then Jamie touched her raped slit, wondering how long it'd take to have her cunt muscles return to normal or if they ever would.  Putting two fingers into her raped slit, she scooped out some cum, looked at it as the shower washed it from her fingers.  She watched as threads of the teen's cum floated along the tiles and finally go down the drain.  Again and again, Jamie scooped out more of the dangerous jizz, watching till it disappeared.

An hour later, Jamie then used a more effective means of hoping to prevent the potentially disastrous consequences, flushing herself out with a bottle of douche.  But, with all the time lapsing since the initial rape, she could only pray that it was not too late.  It was fortunate she had worked late as she had not scheduled anything till the afternoon, giving her more time to regain her composure.

Dressing in a pair of shorts and blouse, she needed to tighten the lacy bra a bit as it was painful feeling any movement of the material against her nipples.  Going out into the bedroom, she gathered and rolled up the remnants of her black dress.  Then, with teary eyes, she looked at the expensive bedspread that still covered the bed.  Only now, it was soiled with numerous splotches of dried white cum.

Taking off the bedspread, she folded it up and dumped it on the floor, intending to toss it in a dumpster.  Tossing it next to her black dress, Jamie looked at the bed that she shared with Tom, the same bed that DJ had raped her upon.  If she had her way, she would throw it out also, knowing that it would bring back constant reminders of what had taken place on it throughout the night.

Carrying the torn dress and soiled bedspread, Jamie exited the bedroom to put the items in the trunk of her car.  She gasped slightly upon seeing her black heels strewn about on the hallway carpet.  She hoped that her son had not seen her heels as they now were for she always put them away properly.

Trying to get her mind off things, Jamie then told herself to think of work.  Going to the computer, she logged on and went to the email address that she had used at work.  Downloading her email messages, she shuddered when she came to the one with the heading of 'Hi, Mrs. Corbett!' and the sender showing 'DJ'.  Breathing hard, hands shaking, she then clicked the mouse to open up the email.

The email read: "Hi, Mrs. Corbett!  Last night was just fuck'n fantastic!  I'm sitting here in my computer class and trying to learn how to link up a digital camera to the computer.  I must say, your camera takes nice pictures!  See you soon ………..real soon!  Love ya, DJ!  P.S.  Next time, I'm gonna nail that sweet little ass of yours!"

Sitting there before the computer, Jamie swallowed hard as she panted for breath, realizing what the devilish teen's intentions were.  Seeing three attachments indicated in the email, Jamie moved the mouse to open up the first one.  "Oh, Goddddddd!" she muttered aloud as the attached picture was displayed upon the computer screen.  That picture was the first one taken, the one where she had looked up at DJ, holding his cock in both hands while flicking her tongue against his cockhead.

Jamie sighed as the second attachment was opened.  This one was a picture of her looking up at DJ with his entire cockhead enveloped in her mouth.  "Oh, my God …………………oh, God!" she groaned upon seeing the third photo, the last shot taken by DJ, the one with her leaning back against the bed with cum streaking her face and hair along with cum drooling out of her mouth.

End of Story.