Student's Dream Cums True
(m/f, i/r, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Trish Camplin enjoyed teaching high school, especially the seniors as she took great pride in seeing her students graduate and move on the college of their choice.  That applied to the majority of the students that were in her classes but of course there were the students that just could not cut it nor even tried to get into college.  Those who refused to put much effort or try to progress had her feeling frustrated in her inability to turn them around.

At the age of 26, Trish was now in her third year of teaching after getting her master's degree in education.  Standing at 5'4" in her 34-23-34 shapely frame, she had men's heads turning wherever she went, including all the young lusting males at Newcomb High.  Long silky light brown hair and flawless complexion, she was the constant hardon dream of the male teachers and students.  Always elegantly dressed, wearing 3" heels, Trish stood out from all the other female teachers.

Married to her high school sweetheart once she had completed her master's degree, she and her husband Dave had recently purchased a new home in a nice suburban neighborhood.  With the purchase of their home, Trish and Dave now planned on starting their family, wanting to fill their home with up to three little ones.

Trish was so much in love with Dave, from the moment they had met in class during their sophomore year in high school.  Prior to meeting Dave, Trish's dating experience was rather limited, having gone out with just a couple of boys but most of her contact with the opposite sex was in group activities.  She had been brought up in quite a religious and conservative family when she had met Dave, who then joined her in attending church every Sunday.

Throughout high school and college, there was the natural kissing and petting with Dave but Trish somehow managed to maintain the virtue that she had resolved to preserve till her wedding night.  Trish was so happy that she had not given in to the many times she had been tempted to surrender her virginity to Dave while in the heat of passion throughout their courtship.  The wedding night had been that much more precious in being able to give the man she loved her most precious gem, her virginity.

This year, Trish being popular with all the students of the entire senior class, was the counselor for the senior girls and served as the coordinator for the cheerleaders.  All this besides teaching several senior classes.  The girls loved being around her as she was so friendly and helpful, the cheerleaders respected Trish as she had been a cheerleader in a high school that had won national honors when she was a senior.  In helping the cheerleaders, she would wear a pair of shorts and a tight pullover that she tucked into her shorts along with tennis shoes so she could demonstrate moves to the girls.

With the cheerleaders only having a part of the gym to practice their routines, those in other sports such as volleyball often practiced nearby in the same facility.  Also, spectators were often in the stands, mainly horny guys ogling at the sexy cheerleaders practicing their moves.  In fact, Trish had noticed many of her own male students up in the stands each day that the cheerleaders practiced.

Up in the stands during each day the cheerleaders practiced sat Toby Wright, a basketball player who was in Ms. Camplin's homeroom class in the 5th period each day.  Apparently word was out that Toby had dated a couple of sleazy white trash in the school and had boffed their brains out with his monster of a cock.  When the cheerleaders saw Toby constantly in the stands, they would giggle and tease each other that Toby had his eye out for some fresh white pussy.

Sitting high up in the stands, Toby Wright surveyed the gym floor as the sexy cheerleaders went about with their routines.  He gazed at the trim sexy white bodies as they did cartwheels and splits about the gym floor.  However, Toby's interest only perked up with his cock getting aroused to rocklike hardness whenever the beautiful Mrs. Trish Camplin got on the floor to demonstrate a particular move for the girls.

Having scored with several white chicks, Toby now wanted to sample some fine white pussy and he could think of none better than that of the beautiful Mrs. Trish Camplin.  Whenever the beautiful teacher showed the girls how to do a split, his cock jumped wildly in his pants as he pictured her sexy white legs split wide with his muscular body between them, with his big black prong driving a spike between her trim white legs.

Each night in bed, Toby dreamt of his beautiful teacher and jerked off as he fantasized of sticking it hard to her.  The thought of ever getting to first base with the beautiful and married teacher was purely a fantasy but one that he could not get out of his mind, especially after staring at her in class and ogling her during the cheerleader practices.  But Toby was determined to try every possible trick or means that he could think of in somehow getting into the sweet bitch's tight little panties.

One night, having already jerked off to the image of his lovely teacher, a wicked thought came into Toby's mind as to how to go about planting the seeds of his lovely teacher's conquest.  With one of the blonde bimbos currently knocked up with his baby, Toby began to devise a ploy in his mind that would definitely put the beautiful Mrs. Camplin on the edge of her seat whenever she saw him in her class.

A week later, Trish closed the door after young Jana Goodwin entered and sat in the chair fronting her desk.  Jana had set up this counseling session through the school's secretary, asking to meet with her as she needed to discuss something personal in nature.  Trish wondered just what the problem was in seeing the young girl sniffling and on the verge of crying.  Sitting down behind the desk, Trish asked how she could be of help.

Trish had Jana in one of her classes and knew she was getting slightly above average grades but could do much better if she applied herself to the schoolwork.  She also knew that the young girl had a reputation of being a flirt and rather easy among the boys.  Though not shocked, Trish could not help but to sigh in disappointment when Jana told her that she was pregnant.

In this school district, counselors had been briefed thoroughly in such cases and they were to assist girls in such trouble in any manner that was legal.  If the pregnancy was through consensual sex, the counselor could not force the girl to divulge the name of the baby's father if she chose not to.  Furthermore, the counselor could not make contact with the girl's parents nor the father's parents without the respective student's permission.  Thus, the role of the counselor was quite limited as to what the student would allow to be done.

In questioning the young girl, Trish heard the girl sob, saying that she couldn't tell on him.  Thus, not wanting to pressure Jana, Trish then went on as to inquiring when the baby was due and the options she could take if the baby was expected sometime during the school year.  After not getting Jana to reveal who got her pregnant, Trish correctly surmised that the girl's parents were unaware of the pregnancy.

Trish inquired if the baby's father knew of the pregnancy and was advised by Jana that she had not yet advised him.  Trish was advised by Jana that she wanted the baby's father to marry her but was afraid to tell him that she was pregnant.  Then she was faced with a rather unusual request when Jana asked "If I tell you who got me pregnant, could you help me tell him of my condition?"  Thinking about it for a moment, Trish saw nothing wrong with the request if it would help the situation along.

Advising that she'd help Jana in breaking the news to the baby's father and relay Jana's desire to get married, Trish was in for a big shock upon hearing that Toby Wright was the father of this young blonde girl's baby.  Trish gave an audible gasp upon hearing the name of the baby's father, her mind flashing images to her of the big muscular black athlete having sex with this attractive blonde teen.  Stammering, Trish asked "You …….you want to marry Toby Wright?  Won't …………..won't your parents object?  Are you sure marriage is what you want?"

Having been sent to see Ms. Camplin by Toby, Jana knew that shocking this beautiful teacher was exactly what Toby wanted her to do.  With the promise of having more of Toby's big black cock between her legs, Jana was willing to do his bidding, even though she knew that Toby wanted to seduce the beautiful teacher and teach her the joys of having a big black cock between her legs.  So long as Jana got her share of Toby's cock, she was willing to do what was asked of her.

"You mean because Toby's black, don't you, Mrs. Camplin?  But you've heard of the myth about black men, haven't you, Mrs. Camplin?  Well, Toby certainly proves that the myth is true!  I'm hooked on Toby ……………..I can't do without it!  I swear his big black cock is over 12" longgggg!  I just crave for his big black cock!" Jana advised.  She knew from Mrs. Camplin's loud gasp followed by silence that her bluntness had the shocking effect upon the beautiful teacher.  "I swear, he makes the white boys look pathetic!" she continued.

After a lengthy discussion on Jana's pregnancy and what she had plan after giving birth, Trish reluctantly agreed to assist Jana in breaking the news to Toby.  Trish first advised to meet in her office with Jana and Toby that coming Friday as there was no cheerleader practice being held that day.  However, Jana was reluctant to do it at school, afraid that if other students saw both of them going into her office that the word would soon be out on her pregnancy.  Meeting at Jana's house was also ruled out because of her family being home.

When Jana asked if it was possible to do it at Trish's home, Trish was quite hesitant as she had always made it a point to do her counseling work at school.  As she thought about it, Trish realized that Dave was scheduled to be out on a business trip that night and wouldn't be returning till Saturday evening.  Thus, she decided that it might just work out and help Jana in breaking the news to Toby Wright.  Trish reluctantly agreed to have the meeting at her home and advised Jana that she'd be home shortly after 3:30 p.m. that Friday.

An hour after the counseling session was over, Jana sat in the passenger seat of Toby's car as they parked in a cool shady spot off campus.  Toby listened intently as the tape recorder played back the counseling session.  He smiled as the recorder had picked up Mrs. Camplin's loud gasp when Jana had described the size of his cock.  Upon hearing that Jana managed to get the beautiful teacher to have the meeting at her home, Toby's cock throbbed in anticipation.  A moment later, in the back seat of his car, Toby was giving Jana the reward she wanted for going along with his devious ploy which allowed him to get the relief he needed.

That night in bed, Trish could not get to sleep as she kept thinking of the counseling session she had with Jana earlier that day.  She tried to put the picture of Toby Wright out of her mind but the image of the tall muscular black teen continued to creep back into her mind.  Worst of all, Toby's image came to her in various stages of undress, then Trish began to imagine just how a black cock over 12" long would look.  'Surely Jana must be exaggerating!  No one could be so well endowed, especially a teenager!' she told herself.

Unconsciously, Trish squeezed her thigh muscles together as her love juices began to flow as she pictured Toby's muscular black body glistening in the sun without a stitch of clothing on.  Then she pictured that big black teen covering the petite white body of the girl squirming about under him.  Rubbing her thighs together, trying to quell that now nagging itch spreading between her slick slit.

One hand slipped down between her thighs as she let a finger slip into her wet folds to aid in giving her the relief needed.  Meanwhile, her other hand moved up to her breasts to caress her hardening nipples.  Then she heard the feminine voice come from beneath Toby's humping body, heard the moans 'Fuck me …………..fuck me, Toby!  Give me your big black cock!'  As she began to shudder in a mild climax, Trish could see a part of the face of the gal beneath the humping black body.  Her entire body shook and shuddered now as she climaxed while rubbing her sensitive clit and then saw that it was her reflection beneath the muscular black body.

On Friday, Trish was a nervous wreck, wanting to cancel the meeting at her home that afternoon but reluctantly decided to go ahead with it.  She was quite nervous, something that she had never before experienced while going into a counseling session.  Prior to this, Trish had always been confident and fully prepared before conducting a counseling session.  But now she felt so unsure of herself, especially after having fantasized in bed of being possessed by Toby Wright's big black cock over the past four nights.

Leaving school shortly after classes ended, Trish made the drive home, planning to freshen up a bit and take something to calm her nerves before the arrival of the two students.  With it being just after 3 p.m. as she neared her home, Trish figured that she'd have about a half-hour to freshen up and go over how she should handle this counseling session.  One thing that for certain was the fact that she had to get the vile thoughts out of her mind, thoughts of wondering what it'd feel like to have a big black cock stuffed up her tingling cunt.

Approaching her home, Trish gasped upon seeing that Toby and Jana had already arrived and were standing behind the car parked at the curb.  Her plans to freshen up and take something to calm her nerves were now dispelled in seeing the teens already there.  Opening the garage door, Trish drove her car in then came out to open the front door as the two teens walked up the driveway.  She could not have them waiting out in the street, thus she politely invited them into her home and suggested that they sit at the dining room table.

Seeing the beautiful teacher in her sleek gray dress and 3" black heels, Toby licked his lips in anticipation of stripping the sexy woman of her clothing.  His cocked twitched at the thought of fucking his beautiful teacher right in her own home, right upon the bed that she shared with her loving husband.  'God, I bet she screams when she feels my big boner stretching out her tight little pussy as never before!' he mused.

For the next hour, Trish felt that she had handled everything properly in helping break the news to the shocked Toby that he had impregnated Jana.  She advised the young man that she was merely assisting Jana in talking to him and that she would not be consulting any parents nor others concerning Jana's pregnancy unless he or Jana asked her to.  Trish was surprised that Toby gave the indication that he would marry Jana to give the baby a name and take responsibility for the misdeed.

Trish answered all their questions as to Jana continuing on with school and what kind of baby sitting services the Department of Education assisted pregnant teens with so that Jana could graduate with the rest of the class.  She was surprised with all the questions and didn't realize just how quickly the time had flown by.  Then Jana looked at the time and announced that she was late in getting home as she was to baby sit her youngest brother so her mother could get to work.

Before Trish could suggest continuing the session on a different day, Toby gave Jana his  keys and advised that he'd later take the bus back to her place as he had quite a few questions he needed to get answered.  With Jana having Toby's car keys in hand, she was soon headed out the front door, saying that she'd close it behind her.  A moment later, Toby's car engine started up and the noise from the car engine soon disappeared.  Trish found herself alone in her house with the muscular black teen sitting across from her.  She shivered in nervousness as she squeezed her thighs together to halt the leaking flow of juices from her agitated slit into the crotch of her panties.

Having consumed all the iced water from her glass, Trish needed to get another glass of water to quench her parched throat.  Seeing that Toby's glass was also empty, she took his glass and excused herself while she went to get refills.  Making it to the kitchen, Trish took in a deep breath as she felt her heart beating madly in her chest.  She squeezed her thigh muscles as she tried desperately to prevent the leaking juices from escaping into the crotch of her now sopping wet panties.
Getting ice cubes from the freezer, Trish stood in front of the sink to refill the glasses.  Hearing a footstep behind her, Trish froze as she held a glass under the faucet.  Swallowing in fear, unable to think clearly, the water overflowed from the glass and continued to run over the sides and her fingers.  Panting for breath as her heart pounded in her chest, Trish sensed that the hulking black body was standing immediately behind her.

Shivering with fear, Trish saw a muscular black arm reach around her to take the overflowing glass from her trembling hand, setting the glass down in the sink.  Then the large black hand was grasping her hand and pulling her hand back behind her.  She gasped as her fingers came into contact with a rock solid bulge beneath the jeans.  Unable to resist the urge, Trish let her fingers travel down the entire length of the thick pole.

"Jana doesn't want to marry me just because I'm the baby's father, isn't that right, Mrs. Camplin?  There's another reason why, isn't there, Mrs. Camplin?" Toby asked tauntingly.  He took great pleasure in hearing his lovely teacher's pants get louder and louder as she continued to trace the outline of his hardened cock.  "Tell me what Jana likes best about me, Mrs. Camplin!" he teased.

Setting down the other glass into the sink, Trish reached back with her other hand and clutched at the confined cock with both hands, squeezing at the throbbing monster.  She shuddered upon hearing the gruff voice from behind instruct her to "Tell me, Mrs. Camplin!"  "She ……………..she ………………she wants your …………your big ……… cock!" she stammered.

"Bet you've been thinking of me lately, haven't you, teach?  You've been dreaming of me, haven't you?  You've been dreaming of my big black cock, haven't you Mrs. Camplin?" Toby teased.  "Haven't you, teach?" he asked gruffly in a louder tone, demanding that she respond.  He smiled as he viewed her body visibly shudder at his demand for her to respond,  then saw her head nodding forward in a 'yes' response.

Squeezing the thick bulge tightly with her fingers, Trish shivered as she felt hands behind her neck, thick fingers fumbling at the zipper of her dress.  Then she could hear the sound of the zipper being undone as the tab was pulled down the length of her back.  Then rough hands were pushing the dress over her shoulders, causing it to catch on her upper arms as the front of her dress fell forwards to her waist.  Another shiver coursed through her body as the clasp of her bra was being unfastened as she felt her captive breasts being freed.  Then it too fell forward, baring her breasts as the shoulder straps also caught upon her upper arms since her hand were behind he back..

"Ohhhh …………..ohhhhhhh!" Trish moaned as large course hands now cupped her bared breasts.  "Ohhhhhhhhh!" she moaned again as her sensitive pink nipples were being tweaked to hardness.  Then her whole body shook as an orgasm rocked her, for this was the very first time in her life someone other than her husband got to touch and caress her sensitive breasts.  After having fantasized over this muscular black teen during the past four nights, Trish was now mere putty in his hands.

Reluctantly, Trish released her grip on the lengthy shaft as her hands were pulled down to her sides.  In doing so, the shoulders straps of her dress and bra that had been caught upon her upper arms now slid down the length of her arms as the garments fell to the tiled floor at the heels.  Seconds later, Trish found herself turned around and pushed to her knees upon the cold kitchen floor.  Mesmerized as she stared ahead, she watched as Toby pulled off his t-shirt then undid the button of his jeans, his zipper followed as his jeans was then pushed over his broad black hips.

Though she had felt his lengthy cock through his jeans, Trish's mouth dropped wide open as the long black cock flopped out of the falling jeans, pulsating just inches from her bewildered face.  She saw the teen's right hand wrap around the girth of the cock's thick base, then watched as he stepped towards her and slapped the long thick meat against her cheeks, causing Trish to shudder in revulsion.  Instinctively, Trish reached up with her hands to capture the teen's manhood in her hands to stop it from hitting her further in the face.

Toby smiled as he gazed down at the flustered beauty and seeing her swallow in nervousness.  "You're so beautiful, Mrs. Camplin!  I've always dreamt of you on your knees about to suck my cock!"  He observed the visible shudder of her trim sexy body as his words sunk in as to what he was demanding of her.  Then to his surprise, he heard her stammer "Please …………..I …………..please, Toby …………….I …………I've never done such a filthy thing!"

"Oh, teach, I'm gonna be the teacher today!  Ahhhh, yeah ………stroke it ………..pump me with your soft beautiful hands!  Open those beautiful pink lips of yers, teach!  Lick me with yer hot wet tongue!" Toby instructed.  "Ahhhhhh ……………..ohhhhh, yeahhhhh, teach …………..ahhhhhh, Goddddd!" he groaned as the wet teasing tongue nearly sent him over the edge, causing him to shiver and steel himself or lose his load right then.

Wrapping his hands in his teacher's long silky brown hair, Toby pulled her towards him as he leaned forward to push his pulsating cockhead between her soft pink lips.  Fists clenched tightly in his teacher's silky hair, Toby fought to remain still as the flicking tongue on his sensitive cockhead nearly drove him out of his mind.  Body trembling as he finally managed to regain control of himself, Toby slowly pushed half of his lengthy cock into her now avidly sucking mouth.  "Oh, teach!  For someone who's never sucked cock before ………….yer doing a fine and dandy job!  Ahhh, baby ……….suck it ………….suck it all in!" he groaned.

Outside the Camplin's home, Jana quietly pulled Toby's car back into the spot she had vacated just minutes earlier.  Having followed Toby's devious plan, she had started up the car and merely driven it around the block.  Grabbing the camcorder from the back seat, Jana made her way back to the front door of the home.  Having made sure to unlock the door on her way out, she quietly turned the knob and made her way in.  Seeing that the dining table was vacant, she smiled knowing that Toby had already made his move on the beautiful Mrs. Camplin.
Not thinking of anything but literally the task in hand, Trish sucked hard upon the thick piece of black meat that slid in on out of her now oval shaped lips.  Oblivious to anything else, she had not heard the opening and closing of the front door to her home.  Nor did she hear the footsteps of the returning Jana approaching the kitchen.  Sucking on Toby big black cock, teasing his pisshole with her flicking tongue, Trish was unaware of Jana crouching down at the doorway while focusing the camcorder in her hands.

Gagging as the thick cockhead pushed into her throat and past her tonsils, Trish kept one hand firm on the base of the lengthy cock with her other immediately above to prevent the teen from pushing the entire length down her throat.  Feeling the thick cock in her mouth pulsate and expand even further, fear set in as Trish realized that the teen intended on spewing his filthy seed into her mouth.  She struggled, trying to remove her mouth from the lengthy pole but the hands wrapped in her hair held her firmly. Looking up the smirking teen, she tried desperately to get him to release his hold on her head.

Seeing the plight on the face of his lovely teacher, Toby laughed as he thrust his throbbing cock even deeper down into her gagging throat.  "Ohhhhhh, Mrs. Camplin!  Ohhhhh, just like in my dreams, kneeling before me with my cock in yer hot sucking mouth!  Oh, baby ……………yessssssss!  Ahhhhh, you suck like a fuck'n pro ………………..oh, baby …… me …………ahhhh……….ahhhhhhhhhh!" Toby moaned as he face fucked the woman of his dreams.  "Oh, baby ……………look up at me!  Ohhhhhh ………………ohhhhhh …………..I want to see the look in your eyes when I cum in yer hot sucking mouth!   Oh, God ………..yes ……………yeesssss …………eat it ……………… it alllllllllll, teachhhhhhhh!" he groaned as his cock twitched and exploded.

Tears of shame flowed from her eyes as Trish swallowed time and time again to keep from choking on the copious load.  Her body quivered in revulsion as the slimy spunk slithered down her throat to form a lake in her belly.  Again and again, the teen's cock continued to twitch and spurt its gooey jizz into her mouth, forcing her to swallow mouthful after mouthful.  It was such a plentiful load that it overflowed from the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

Finally the thick cock quit spurting and the lengthy black pole slipped from her pink lips with a string of cum still connecting her lips to the tip of the cockhead.  Releasing her hands from the now softening shaft, Trish clutched at her queasy stomach that threatened to rebel.  Shuddering at the horrifying revulsion of the filthy act that she had just committed, Trish leaned forward to brace her hands upon the kitchen floor.  Spasms rocked her body as her stomach turned while she fought to keep from throwing up her goodies.

Pulling off his shoes, Toby gazed upon his distressed teacher as she knelt on all fours upon the kitchen floor.  Moving up behind the petite body of the shuddering beauty, Toby knelt on the floor and reached up to grasp the waistband of her lacy white panties.  Slowly peeling the flimsy garment down over the trim white hips, Toby sucked in his breath as he viewed the tender white cheeks of his beautiful teacher, then let his hands caress the soft ivory flesh.

Letting the lacy panties fall to the floor, Toby then got onto his back and slid between his teacher's widely stretched knees, right under soft hairy muff of Mrs. Camplin's womanhood.  Leaning up with his wide open mouth, the squeal of beautiful teacher told him that he was driving her wild with his teasing tongue.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhhhhh!" came the load moans as a direct result of his burrowing tongue.

"Ohhhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhh!" Trish moaned as she closed her eyes tightly and tossed her head back.   "Ohhhhhhhh ……..ohhhhhhh ……………ahhhh …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Yes, ohhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss …………………yesssssssssssssss …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Ohhhh, God ……………….I …………………I'm cummingggggggggg!" Trish screamed as tremors shook her entire body, her wet pussy oozing out its sweet juices to the slurping youth beneath her.

Scooting out from under his teacher's dripping pussy, Toby easily scooped up the petite woman in his muscular arms as he carried her out of the kitchen and headed down the hallway to the master bedroom.  Finding the bedroom that she shared with her husband, Toby carried this teacher to the bed and laid her atop of it.  She looked so dammed sexy, even more beautiful than he had dreamt of, clad only in her black heels with her lacy white panties dangling from her right foot.

Fisting his cock, Toby knelt upon the bed between the sexy white legs of his beautiful teacher.  Leaning forward, he rubbed his swollen cockhead through the soft curls, laying the length of his cock on top of her mound with his balls bouncing against the bottom of her ass.  "Oh, teach baby, Toby's gonna fuck his cock all the way up yer little white belly!  Gonna show teach what fuck'ens all about!  For being such a nice teacher at school, I'm gonna give teacher a little present ……………a bouncing little black baby!" he advised.

Feeling the thick lips of her muscular black student upon hers, Trish instinctively opened her lips to admit his searching tongue.  It felt so wicked, having always been so faithful to her loving husband and now she was in the arms of her teenage student as her slippery wet tongue flicked against his thicker one to give him a taste of his own jizz.  Wickedly, Trish returned his kiss, sucking at his thick exploring tongue as it searched about, flicking her teasing tongue against his.

On the Camplin’s marital bed, the two occupants were now tightly embraced in a deep passionate kiss.  Toby’s heart was pounding in anticipation of nailing his beautiful teacher, right on the bed that she shared with her loving husband.  He was finally going to nail this prim and proper wife, shatter her ‘faithful wife’ status and make her a slave to black cock.  He knew that once he possessed her with his mighty cock, she would be his for the taking whenever he desired.

Eyes closed, Trish moaned when the kiss broke and the teen bent down to her breasts.  She shivered and moaned loudly “Ohhhhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhh!” as her sensitive pink nipples were being suckled one after the other, the flicking tongue teasing her nipples to stiffness, teeth biting at the tender flesh.  Panting in anticipation, clenching her thigh muscles tightly to stem the flow of her love juices, Trish totally forgot her wedding vows to be ‘faithful’ to her loving husband.

Leaning up, Toby reached down to grasp his throbbing cock, wanting desperately to plunge it into the beautiful teacher of his dreams.  Rubbing his cockhead up and down, parting the soft curls, he nuzzled the tip of his cockhead at her warm slick entrance.  Then he was taken by total surprise as Mrs. Camplin squirmed about and fought madly to get away from this menacing cock.  “Noooo ……no …….Toby, no ……………you ……… don’t have a condom on!  You ………you’ll get me pregnant!” came the frightened plea.

“Nooooooooo …………..noooooooooo ……… can’t …………please, please …………..Toby …………please!  The bed stand …………..the bed stand …………my husband keeps his condoms in there ……..………please, pleaseee ……put one on!” his beautiful teacher pleaded hysterically.  Seeing the frightened llok of sheer panic on the her face, Toby thought it best to calm her fears “Okay, Mrs. Camplin, I’ll wear a condom so you won’t get pregnant!”  Reaching over, he retrieved a foil packet from the nearby drawer.  Tearing it open, he then rolled the protective sheath over his menacing tool.

Grabbing the sheathed cock firmly in her hand, Trish squirmed on the bed, pulling the throbbing length down to the center of her thighs.  With the cockhead now at the entrance to her womanhood, more of her slick juices began to flow when stimulated as it rubbed up and down her moist slit.  The thoughts of being faithful to her loving husband or that she should not be engaging in sex with one of her students were pushed from her mind.  That nagging itch between her legs and the need to satisfying those sinful dreams of the previous nights had her throwing all caution to the wind.

As the thick sheathed cock pushed forward, stretching her tight pussy as never before, Trish moaned in pain "Ohhhhhhhhh ………………..ohhhhhhhhhhh ………stop ……………….Toby, stop!  Oh, God ………………Toby ……………too bigggg ……………you're way too big for me!  Awwwwwwwwwww ……………ahhhhhhhh   …………hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………….it hurtsssssssss!”


Reaching up, she wrapped her trim white arms around Toby's thick black neck, then lifted her legs up onto his buttocks.  “Ohhhhh ………yesssss ……..yesssssssssss …………….ohhhhh ……… biggggg ……………..sooooo deeppppppp!" Trish moaned as the long shaft slid into her hot slippery pit as she arched up and locked her heels around Toby's humping ass.

“Ahhhhhhh, yeah, Mrs. Camplin!  Oh, teach baby, you’re so damned hot!  Gonna give you the fucking of yer life, Mrs. Camplin!  Gonna teach you what fucking is all about!  Feel it teach ………..ya got yerself a ‘real’ man in ya for a change!” Toby taunted as he slid his thick cock all the way in till his swollen nuts banged against her soft white ass.  Then he began to fuck his beautiful teacher with long slow stokes, causing the lovely Mrs. Camplin to arch up into his every stroke.  He knew he had her completely under his power from this point on as her trim white arms and legs tightened around him, trying to keep him tightly to her.

The way his beautiful teacher and 'faithful' wife was hunching back at him, Toby knew that she was soon about to have a mind-shattering orgasm and this was the time for the coup de grace.  Holding her hips firmly, Toby lifted himself and withdrew his cock till only his thick cockhead remained enveloped, then held himself in mid-air.  As expected, his frantic teacher desperately clutched at his body with her arms and legs, trying to draw him back into her.  Holding still, Toby muttered aloud “I can’t feel a damned thing with this fucking rubber on!  Gotta get the damned thing off!”

“Noooooo …………...noooooooooo ……, Toby ……………you …… can’t ……….you ……………you’ll get me pregnant!  Please …………………please ………………..put ………………put it back in ………I need it so badly!” Trish pleaded desperately as she tried to pull him back down with her arms and legs.  Looking up fearfully into Toby's grinning face, she was relieved to hear him say “Don’t worry, Mrs. Camplin! I’m not going to take the fuck'n rubber off!”  She sighed with relief upon hearing that.  But then she shuddered in horror when he laughed and announced “You’re gonna take it off for me, teach!”  The horror showed on her anguished face as she pleaded “Oh, please ………please, Toby …………..I …………..I can’t ………..I’ll get pregnant!  Please …………..please, I beg you ……please keep it on!”

Now that she had felt the tremendous length of the pleasure-giving instrument deep in her, Trish was desperate to satisfy the need between her thighs.  She arched up high, hunched herself up and down in an attempt to capture more of the lengthy cock but to no avail.  She moaned in defeat as she released one hand from around the teen's neck to reach down between them.  Heart pounding with fear of the potential horrid consequences, Trish then reached down and began to roll down the top ring of the condom.  With her thumb and middle finger forming an 'O', she rolled the protective sheath down the throbbing cock.

Trish eased herself back a bit, allowing the sheathed cockhead to slide out of her clasping pussy.  Quickly, she then rolled the protective condom off the teen's throbbing cockhead.  Arching herself back up immediately, she was able to capture the thick cockhead again in her slick pussylips.  Trish tossed the now useless rubber to the bedroom carpet as her arm rose once again to embrace the muscular black teen.  “Ohhhhhhhh, my Goddddddd …………….yesssssss ………….fuck meeeeee!  Fuck me, Toby ……………….fuck me with your big black cockkkkkk!” Trish screamed as the now unsheathed cock slid deeply into her fertile womb.

This was the moment of the conquest that thrilled Toby most, loving the thought of having his beautiful teacher and once faithful wife rolling off the protective condom so he could fuck her on her marital bed.  Grasping her trim white hips, Toby stabbed forward to bury his cock, groaning at the exquisite moment of this unbelievable fuck, taunting her "Ohhhhh, Mrs. Camplin ……………feel my big black dick throb in ya hot twat!" He loved to taunt her, calling her by her marital name while his thick cock lay buried deep in her belly.

Speeding up the fuck, withdrawing and plunging forward faster and faster, Toby continued to taunt his beautiful teacher as he wanted her to remember how he had conquered her totally.  “Ya like a big black cock in your pussy, don't ya, teach?  Ohhh, you’re so tight, yer pussy’s squeezing me!  Ohhhh, teach, you’re so fuck'n hot!  Gonna cum …….gonna shoot my hot jizz deep in your fuck'n pussy!  Gonna knock you up with my black baby, teach!  Ahhhhhhh ……………here it cums, teach ……….ahhhhh …..………ahhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned as his cock exploded out its hot thick cum.

Trish saw stars when the hot throbbing cock burst deep in her womb, flooding her with its hot soothing balm.  Her body trembled and convulsed as she desperately clutched at him with her arms and legs, arching up onto his spurting cock, begging him “Oh, fuck meeeeeee …………yes, fuck meeeeeee ……………..ohhhh, yessssss ………cum …………cum in me ……give me your cum ……………shoot your cum in me!  Fuck me ……….oh, fuck me ……………….yes ………….yes, shoot it deep in me ………………..give me your baby ……………give me your baby!  Knock me up with your little black baby!”

The sight on the Camplin's bed would have been quite a sight had Dave Camplin returned home at this instant.  There on the marital bed lay his beautiful wife but her trim sexy white body was covered and physically joined to a muscular black teen as only a husband and wife should be.  Both were asleep from the physically draining fuck session.  Still, Trish Camplin continued to embrace the young teen with her arms wrapped around his neck and legs wrapped around the bottom of his ass.

Nearly forty-five minutes later, Toby awoke and looked over to Jana sitting on the carpet and leaning against the bedroom door.  Signaling her to come closer, he waited for her to turn the video camera on and get it focused.  He knew Jana was getting a full view first, being sure to get Mrs. Camplin's face into the picture before zooming in.  Once Jana gave him the signal that she was zooming in to where they were joined together, Toby slowly began to withdraw his dwindled still lengthy cock that was once again beginning to throb with excitement.

Though Jana wanted Toby for herself, she found it quite exciting to know that even the always prim and proper Mrs. Trish Camplin, a married and highly respected high school teacher would succumb to the seductive ways of Toby Wright.  Even such a straight-laced woman like Mrs. Camplin craved for the joys of being fucked out of her mind by a big black stud.  'Damm, Mr. Camplin would have gone out of his fuck'n skull if he could have seen the way his beautiful wife begged Toby to fuck her!  Worst yet was the way she begged Toby to knock her up with his little black baby!'

Through the lens of the camcorder, Jana watched as the cum covered cock was slowly pulled out of the widely stretch hole of their beautiful teacher.  It was quite an awesome sight when the thick cockhead appeared and loudly plopped out, followed by a thick flow of sticky goo that had been dammed up in Mrs. Camplin's fertile womb.  It seemed like an endless river of spunk that flowed from the still sleeping figure and Jana wondered just how much more of the potent spunk remained.

Totally drained, Trish slowly awoke as she felt hands upon her hips turning her over on the bed.  Then she felt her hips being drawn up as her face slid along the soft bedspread.  Her indiscretion filled her mind but she had to admit that it was the most fantastic fuck that she had ever received in her life.  Though guilt filled her with remorse, Trish was too weak to protest the demands of this dominating black teen.

Toby caressed the perfectly shaped ass of his lovely teacher and suspected he was about to claim her cherry white ass.  Shuffling up into position, he held his teacher’s trim white hips tightly.  Moving his right hand around her hip, his middle finger then found and rubbed her sensitive clit, causing her to press her mushy slit down onto his teasing fingers.  Taking his fingers out of the mushy nest, he regained a firm grip on her hip.  Positioning his cock, hands firmly gripping the trim white hips, Toby then reared back and slammed forward with all his might.

Trish's head snapped back from the unexpected and brutal thrust into her tight virgin ass, her eyes bulged in fear and horror as she screamed “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………….nooooo ……………..nooooooooooooo …………….ahhhhhhhhhh ……………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  The excruciating pain and horror of what was taking place had Trish screaming for mercy.   "Stop …………stop ……………please, stoppppp!  Ohhhhh ………….it hurts ……… hurtsssss so bad!  Ohhhh, Toby …………….it hurtssssssssss!" she sobbed.  Then, fortunately for Trish, blackness overcame her and she went totally limp as the black teen applied his hot soothing balm onto her torn asshole.

Blinking her eyes, Trish looked about and realized that she was lying face down across  the king-sized bed atop the quilted bedspread.  Lifting herself up onto her elbows, she gasped upon seeing that she had no clothes on.  Then she observed the purplish bruises on her breasts and memories of what had taken place with young Toby Wright.  'Oh, God!  How ……………how could I allow such a thing to happen?' she asked herself, blinking back tears of shame.

As Trish tried to turn over, she groan in pain "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh …………..ahhhhhh!"  The sharp pain from her torn ass shot throughout her body, recalling how she had screamed and pleaded for Toby to stop when he had ruthlessly rammed his monstrous cock up into her tender ass.  She looked down at her soiled and bruised body, realizing what a sight she made with only her black heels on.  Raising one leg, she removed her heel and let it fall to the carpet, then did the same upon removing the other heel.

Hesitantly moving her hand down, Trish felt the dried crusty flakes of cum matting down her soft curls.  Slipping her middle finger into her mushy hole, she then withdrew it to examine her finger.  She sucked in her breath as she gazed upon the thick gooey mucous that coated her entire finger.  A shiver went through her as she wondered just how much more remained in her fertile womb.

Looking at the clock on the alarm clock, it read 9 o'clock but it was lighted outside.  Then Trish realized that it must now be Saturday morning and that she must have passed out and slept throughout the night after Toby had ravaged her ass.  'Oh, God …………I've got to douche!' she told herself, realizing the horrid consequence that she was now faced, especially since the amount of time lapsed.  Stepping off the bed, Trish gasped as she moved her foot to see what she had just stepped on.  She sniffled as tears trickled down he cheeks as her eyes gazed upon the limp condom that she herself had rolled off the black cock, allowing Toby to fuck her without the needed protection.

Having showered and douched, Trish looked at the rumpled bed and saw the dried puddle of fuck juices that stained the center of the quilted bedspread.  Stripping off the bedspread, she saw the outline of the juices that had seeped through the bedspread to soil the sheets.  Thus, she would also have to change the sheets and replace them with clean ones.

Picking up her black heels from the carpet, she put them away in her closet.  Making her way down the hallway, she entered the kitchen to see her gray dress lying upon the floor.  Lifting it up, Trish looked about as she realized that her bra and panties were missing.  She knew that her undergarments were now trophies that her student would cherish as a remembrance of having nailed his beautiful teacher.

That day, while awaiting the return of her loving husband, Trish Camplin contemplated as to what the future had in store for her.  Just yesterday morning, she had been a well-respected teacher at the high school and a loving faithful wife.  Now she had done the unthinkable, having had sex with someone other than her loving husband and to make it worst it was with one of her students.  She chastised herself but knew deep down that it had been the fuck of a lifetime and that she would be powerless to resist the black teen if he merely touched her again.

Meanwhile, miles away, Toby Wright was watching a replay of the seduction of his beautiful teacher.  As Jana wanked at his throbbing cock, Toby also contemplated what lay ahead in the future.  He smiled as he pictured putting his beautiful teacher out on the street, having her solicit 'johns' for the pleasure of fucking her sexy bod.  Hearing Mrs. Camplin's screams coming from the television as he buggered her, Toby began spurting his hot load into Jana's hungry mouth.  Closing his eyes and laying his had back, Toby wondered just how much some of the horny studs at school would pay to get into their beautiful teacher's panties, betting they'd pay double the amount.

End of Story.