Subdued Stewardess - I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Ms. Sherrie Thomas
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     Always so beautiful in her stewardess uniform, it was obvious that this beauty was one to take pride in the way she dressed each day.  Her slender white legs, trim body, and the face of an angel outlined by her golden hair.  'What a beauty to defile by grabbing her while she was alone, raping her, and knocking her up!' thought the scheming Archie, who had been seated in the airplane and fortunate to have the beautiful stewardess serving his section.  He could tell she felt uneasy with him staring at her sexy white body.  Especially being a 6'6" black.  Archie loved it when he managed to touch her petite white hand as he obtained his cup of coffee from her.  Archie grinned as he saw her shiver in disgust at being touched by a black.  When he had touched her hand, he managed to touch her sparkling diamond ring and wedding band.  His cock twitched and grew, in his desire to tarnish that symbol when he raped the hell out this beauty.  He wanted to ‘ruin’ this beauty, a wife of some white punk, with his long black cock.

    Archie saw the name tag of ‘Sherry Thomas’.  He thought "Wonder how she'll cringe when she’s 'touched' by my big black cock - slicing right through her tight pussy?  Well, Ms. Sherry Thomas, I’m going to make you scream like hell!"

    Upon departing from the plane, Archie sat in a far off lounge waiting. Finally he observed the gate door reopen and some of the crew members appeared.  Another minute later, Ms. Sherry Thomas appeared with two fellow stews.  As they walked pass, Archie got up to follow the three women.

    As the women exited the airport, Archie was disappointed to see them walking to the crew’s bus headed to some hotel.  When Sherry’s two companions stepped onto the bus, Archie’s dick gave a twitch of excitement when he saw Sherry wave to her companions.  Then, he observed Sherry board the free shuttle tram to ‘Long Term Parking’.  Archie thanked the stars for it appeared this was Sherry Thomas’ home based and she lived in the city.

    Archie waited till the last minute and then boarded the same shuttle through the rear door to not arouse his next target.  He pretended to read the newspaper, hiding himself should the beauty look in the back.  When Sherry exited the shuttle, Archie kept an eye on her as the shuttle moved along to the next stop.  He looked back to see her stop at a white BMW.  He watched as the beautiful stewardess got in the car.  As it was a one way to the exit, he awaited the BMW to catch up and pass the shuttle, on its way to the toll booth.  As it passed, Archie made note of the beauty’s license plate number.
     A month later, the timing was set.  Scouting her activities, Archie knew where she normally parked when she went on flights and roughly the date of return.  Having the license plate number gave him confirmation whenever Sherry was on a flight.  Thus a rented truck under a false name would set the stage and be a nice cozy spot to fuck the hell out of this beauty.  Over the pass month, Archie learned that Sherry Thomas was assigned to the Chicago flight each Tuesday and return the following afternoon on Flight 343.  Seeing the stall next to her BMW’s driver side open, he grabbed that spot to be able to proceed with his plan.

    It would be so easy to use the chloroform on her, to render her helpless, but that would take the fun out of her fighting to save her virtue.  Archie just loved to hear innocent young wives scream in fear and pain as he plowed his mighty cock into their lily white bodies.   He wanted to take her precious white body on the very bed she shared with her husband but that would have to wait.  For the beautiful Sherry Thomas, he went out and bought a stun gun.  He was desperate to hear her screams when he stuck his cock to her.  His nuts were aching to get a piece of her sweet white ass.

     Watching through peepholes in the panel truck, parked next to her car, he finally observed his prey approaching.  Looking into the interior of the the truck, he was pleased at how he had set it up, putting a mattress on the floor.  He even covered the mattress with a clean white sheet and put a false golden headboard, making it look just like a bedroom.  He chuckled 'Nothing but the best for this sweet little angel!'   It was after Sherry’s long flight, tired and her guard let down a bit.  The truck’s side door was along her driver's door.  As she faced her door and about to insert the key, Archie made his move.  A quick zap to the neck was a simple task.  Dragging her delicate but quivering petite body into the truck was no problem.

     Two video recorders were set up in the interior of the truck, both turned on to record the ‘ruining’ of the beautiful Sherry Thomas.  With his victim incapacitated, Archie started the truck and moved it to the far side of the parking lot where no other cars were parked.  He turned off the vehicle and made sure his portable air conditioning was working.  Then to start disrobing the beautiful stewardess of her neatly kept blue uniform.  First her navy blue heels were removed followed by her navy blue nylons.  Then Archie slowly removed the uniform baring the lovely white flawless body.  Her now lovely white body lay on the mattress in its splendor, free of any clothing.

     First to fuck her sexy white feet.  Archie had dreamt of doing this for a long time.  Hold her ankles, wrapping her soft pink soles around his throbbing boner, he then began pumping back and forth, faster and faster as his fantasy was now becoming a reality.  And a moment later, he groaned with pleasure "Ahhhhhhhhhhh ...........................yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" With that, Archie's nuts popped, spurting his creamy white sauce all over her sexy pink soles and toes, giving him some quick relief.  He used his cock to make sure her feet were covered and smeared with his slimy juice.  Sherry came out of her stupor slowly, realized what was happening to her and whimpered in disgust at the humiliating act.

     Now, having rested and his cock again a rigid 12", Archie crawled between the slim white thighs of his reluctant victim.  The beauty was still recovering from the stun gun’s effect.  She tried to push him away, begging "Please …..........……….please ……........……oh, please don't rape me!  I …….........…… I have a husband and a daughter!"  Archie laughed and moved up between the long trim ivory legs, his menacing cock rubbing itself into her soft golden fleece.  “Oh, God .............…………..please ………...........……please ……...........….  I beg you!  Please don’t rape me …………........…..I ……………......... I’ve never been with anyone but my husband!  Please …............……….please don’t rape me …….......…….I ……….......…..I’m not on the pill!  You’ll ………......…….you'll get me pregnant ……...........…….…pleaseeeeeeeeee!” pleaded the frightened young beauty.   Archie laughed “Baby, your sweet ass is mine!  I’m going to ‘ruin’ you good!  You’re going to get my hot load of black baby juice!”

    Meanwhile, both video cameras continued recording the defilement. Rubbing his cockhead in her moist slit, Archie couldn't hold back and thrust forward burying half of his cock into her tight cunt.  He enjoyed her shriek at the painful entry "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ............................................pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee ......…………...............……nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"  Then Archie began to fuck furiously between her thighs.  Grabbing her by her ankles, her slim legs point to the ceiling, allowed Archie greater access to her womanly depths.  Finally, Archie’s buried to the hilt of the crying and shrieking beauty.  Stuffed to the hilt with her attacker’s 12" black cock.  Never had she been penetrated so deeply as her husband’s penis was only half the length and girth verses this black monster.  Slowly withdrawing all but his cockhead, Archie slammed his cock home again and again, drawing screams of agony from the prim and proper young wife.

     Boy, was she tight!  Probably had been a virgin on her wedding day and been faithful since.   Knowing he was only her second man, he hammered away, determined to plant his black baby seed and fertilize her womb.  Her white belly is slightly puffed from his buried prick in her tight cunt.  His cock is withdrawn until only the head is buried.  Then he slams forward with all his might burying his cock to the hilt.  This brought groans from the distressed young stewardess.  His body quivers as his cock twitched.  The young wife struggled, realizing that he was about to cum in her, pleading "Please ..............……stop ……………..nooooooooo ...........................please don't ............................I'll ..................................I'll get pregnant" she pleaded.

    Archie roared with laughter, grasped her hips and rammed forward burying his 12" cock deep in her womb, laughing "Yeah, bitch .............................that's the idea .....................................cause I's gonna knock ya up good!  Ughhhhhhhhhh ..................................ughhhhhhhhh ........................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  The twitching black cock suddenly popped, exploding out all its hot gooey load deep into her belly.  He seeded her well, spurting out his baby seed time and time again, then his sticky cum overflowed out of her snug hole.  Sherry sobbed loudly, ashamed for being ‘ruined’ by a black rapist and for responding the way she did when her rapist shot his filth hot roe deep in her womb.  What made it worst was the shame she felt, caused by the uncontrolled orgasm that rocked her petite body, causing her to unconsciously wrap her trim legs around her attacker as he came in her.

     Twice more Archie seeded Sherry's womb, with the beauty reacting with an orgasm each time, squeezing Archie’s black ass tightly with her beautiful white legs.  Each time the beautiful stewardess broke down sobbing in guilt for her uncontrolled orgasms.   Archie later shot a load in her mouth, face and beautiful blonde hair.  She was a fucking mess with cum drying over her face, hair and feet.  Her pussy continued to ooze out the overflow of his thick seed.  Did she dare tell her husband or report it to the police.  Very doubtful as she'd be too ashamed to tell anyone of her defilement.  She'd have to rush home and douche out her flooded womb and hope she's was not knocked up by the black rapist.

     Finally, Archie allowed the weeping beauty to get dressed, minus her panties and bra.  He smiled as he watched the sobbing beauty put on her navy blue pantyhose, then slip into her uniform.  As it was getting dark, Archie drove back to the BMW and let the staggering beauty out, telling her "I'll see you soon, sweetie!  Maybe next time it'll be on a comfortable bed!"

     Sherry cried all the way home.  She ruled out reporting the rape.  She just couldn’t let anyone know she had been brutally raped by a black man.  Looking at the time, she realized she would have to hurry in order to beat her husband home.  She hoped he would be delayed, when he picked the children up at his parents, in order for her to cleanse her soiled body.  She feared her husband would never want to touch her if he knew a black man had possessed her body.

     Fortunately, Sherry arrived home in time.  There was no time to make dinner.  She thought quickly and dialed for a pizza delivery.  She then rushed to the bathroom to cleanse herself, praying it would not be too late.
     Two weeks later, Sherry received an edited videotape in the mail.  She decided to play it and gasped at what she saw.  Right on the screen it showed Archie's 12" black cock slicing up her pussy, cumming on her feet, her swallowing a cupful of cum, and her face and hair drenched with sperm.  Anyone knowing her would recognize her upon seeing the video.  With it was a note that read: "I'll be stopping by soon to fuck you in your marriage bed bitch!  I'm going to breed you again bitch.  I’m going to knock you up right on hubby’s bed.  That is unless I did the trick two weeks ago.  Report this and everyone in your neighborhood and members of your crew will get a copy of this video".

    Sherry shuddered at the thought of being raped again by a monster black cock.  What could she do?  She couldn’t let anyone see the horrid video.  How did he know her address?  She had been unaware that her attacker had gotten it off her license while she was unconscious.  Neither did she know that a mold of her housekey had also been made.

    Four months went by and Sherry began to relax a bit.  The stress from fear had taken a toll.  It seemed that she froze up a bit when lovemaking occurred with her husband.  Sherry felt ashamed, feeling she was disgracing her husband by letting make love to her.  Letting him put his penis where a black man had shot his filth in her.  Furthermore, Sherry was so uptight that she could not get any sexual pleasure from her husband.  She had never masturbated before but she was desperate for relief.  She discovered the only way she could relieve herself was when she was home during the days.  She would use the hairbrush handle to ease the tension – all the while watching the video of her defilement, bringing back memories of her mind shattering climaxes.

    As the time had passed, Sherry felt more relaxed and felt assured her rapist would never approach her again.  The neighborhood was upper middle class and safe.  She was careful in answering the door and whenever she went out.  She decided that she would call the police if she saw her rapist in the neighborhood.  She would not let him soil her again and she especially would not let him do what his note indicated.

    On her day off, Sherry when to do the grocery shopping.  She was cautious on her on returning to the car and getting back to her home.  Once in her home, she felt safe again.  After unloading the groceries, she decided to take a quick shower.  In the safety of her bedroom, she had a hot shower and exited the master bath in a set of lacy green bra and panties.  Going to the closet for a housedress, she shrieked when a large black hand yanked her into the closet.

    “Oh please, noooooo ….not again!  Please no!  Please leave!  I didn’t report being raped!  I …………I won’t say anything  ……please …………….please leave!” Sherry pleaded. The response she got was the quick tearing of her thin bra and her lacy panties were torn off.  When she was forcibly thrown upon the bed, she began crying and sobbing “No, please ………not here ………………not on the bed I share with my husband ……………please!”  She panted in fear, backing away up against the bedroom wall.  She sobbed in fright as she watched him slowly pull down his underpants as he began crawling up upon the bed towards her.

    Then Archie lay upon the struggling beauty, who was obviously trying her best to escape.  Archie enjoyed rubbing his black body against the soft naked white flesh as Sherry kicked at him and flailed her arms against his shoulders and back.  Soon he had the struggling beauty worn out in her futile attempt to escape.  All the while, Archie had his throbbing black tool rubbing up and down the beauty’s most precious spot.  He could now feel her quim getting slick from the forced stimulation.  Then he heard the moan of sexual need from his victim.

    Sherry sobbed in her dilemma.  Here was the black rapist upon her again, intent upon defiling her again.  But as the thick cockhead rubbed against her clit, she felt the juices begin to flow in her.  She remembered the unbelievable orgasms that same organ had brought upon her before.  Her sexual frustrations over the past few months made her want to seek that relief again.  Unconsciously, the sexy stewardess began to hunch up with her hips, trying to embed the thick cockhead between her slick pussy lips.

    From then on, it was as if a hellcat had been unleashed.  Once Archie slipped his 12” black snake deep into the young wife’s womb, he felt her arms encircle his shoulders and her long white legs encircled his pumping buttocks.  And the beauty hunched up her hips begging him “Oh god, deeper ……….….deeper ……………fuck me …………..fuck me harder!”  Archie felt the petite body under him quiver and shake in the throes of orgasm countless of times. Finally, he couldn’t hold back anymore “Oh, I’m cumming Mrs. Thomas …..gonna cum in you!  Gonna give you my black baby juice!”  He exploded as never before when the arms and legs tightened around him and the response he was given “Oh, yes …… fuck me ………………fuck me hard ………………give my your cum!  Cum in me!  Knock me …………..knock me up with your black baby!”

    After two hours, unleashing his cock three times, Archie was totally exhausted and got dressed.  He gazed at the beautiful blonde as she lay dazed on her marital bed.  The long ivory legs spread obscenely wide.  Her cunt lips red, from being stretched wide, with white slime drooling out slowly onto the bed.  He couldn’t believe how he had turned this previously innocent and naïve wife into such a wildcat.  Each time she had fucked back at him as hard as he had slammed into her.  She had wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him each time, begging for his black baby juice.  Archie bent over to give her a soft kiss on the lips, he was surprised as her hand came up to the top of his head to press him closer.  The passionate kiss he received with her tongue darting in his mouth caught him totally by surprise.  He was even more stunned when she spoke “I just got my flight schedule and I’ll be home next Tuesday and Friday!”  And with that, her soft hand began to stroke his cock through his pants.

End of Story.