Subdued Stewardess – II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Ms. Melanie Weber
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     Packing a light carry-on bag, Archie made his way about the crowded airport.  He surveyed the area, feeling confident that no one would suspect his ulterior motives.  Glancing occasionally at the used ticket stub made it appear he was an ordinary airline passenger.  But Archie was surveying the area, looking for his next beautiful victim.

     Then Archie’s dick gave a twitch as he viewed a beautiful blonde stewardess in her navy blue uniform, black hose, and black heels.  She had just departed from an incoming flight and apparently headed out of the airport.  Seeing her toting the normal layered travel cases behind her, it was apparent she would not be going to the baggage area.

     The beauty then made a detour to the bank’s ATM machine.  As the unsuspecting beauty was busy at the machine, she was unaware of the approaching stalker.  Archie wanted to get up close to the beauty and casually walked by her as if looking at his plane ticket.  But Archie’s eyes were surveying the long beautiful legs and ivory white skin.  But disappointment set in as he glanced at her slender manicured fingers.  This beauty was not sporting a diamond nor a wedding ring.

     How lucky this beautiful blonde stewardess was.  Her would be attacker had kept on going, disappointed in her, and had set about to search for another beautiful stewardess.  As her stalker had not only wanted a beautiful stewardess, white of course, but also a married one.

     Over the next hour and a half, Archie could not get over his disappointment in finding the beauty single.  A few other potentials had caught his eye but a quick check told him they were unmarried.  He had observed a beautiful brunette but she had arrived with the entire crew at the same time, indicating she was going on an outbound flight.  He had made some notes on this beauty, as to the airline she flew for along with the time and destination of the flight.  Perhaps his little black book would pay dividends in the future.

     As Archie was grabbing a sandwich, he looked up to see a beautiful stewardess, with long flowing blonde hair.  He knew she was with the new regional airline as she was dressed in its colorful white, pink and black outfit.  He quickly grabbed his bag and set about to catch up to the beauty, who appeared to be about twenty-eight and 5’5”.  He was fortunate that the crowded airport was slowing down near the escalator.  He caught up, letting another woman going ahead of him so as not to attract the beauty’s attention.  He saw her left hand reach out to hold the escalator railing.  Archie observed what he was after.  There on the milky white manicured hand was a large sparkling diamond ring and wedding band.  That very symbol of love was the to be the symbol of her destruction.

     The lovely Melanie Weber was anxious to get home after the long flight from Chicago.  Anxious to rest up and go out to dinner with her loving husband.  She would pick the children up from school and drop them off at the grandparents for the evening.  Normally she would want to be home with her two adorable children and would stay home after a flight.  However, this was a night for celebration, after all it her seventh wedding anniversary that she shared with her loving husband.  Thinking of the happy events, the beautiful stewardess was careless and not aware that a large black man was trailing her.

     Seeing his prey head for her car, Archie made a beeline for his car.  Fortunately it was only four rows away and he could see what type of car the beautiful stewardess was driving.  It was easy for him to follow the unsuspecting beauty from a distance.

     Melanie took her time on the freeway home, planning to stop at the drug store and then the elementary school would be out.  She thought of how wonderful life was with her loving family.  She had met her husband in college and fell in love with him.  She had dated a lot in high school and college but kept her date in check, saving her virginity for her wedding night.  And she had no thoughts of ever being unfaithful to her loving husband.

     An hour later, Melanie had just dropped the children at the grandparents, who’s home was just a mile away.  She then pulled into her driveway, parked her car and closed the garage door.  Entering her home, she went upstairs to the master bedroom.  She was exhausted but wanted to shower at that long flight.  She undressed slowly, leaving her uniform on the bed.  Then to get a refreshing hot shower.

     After showering, Melanie put on a lacy bra and panties that she would wear that night, with her evening dress.  But for now she had put loose blouse and shorts over her undergarments, items of comfort that she could sleep in.  The bed was so inviting.  She lay in the middle of the king sized bed and in a matter of minutes was sound asleep in the safety of her own home.  But safe she was not, for in her bedroom closet, a pair of leering eyes were taking in the beautiful and flawless milk white body of the petite beauty.

     Archie had burglarized numerous homes in his lifetime and gaining entrance was not a difficult feat.  Gaining entrance and looking around, he saw some mail and bills, thus learning his next victim’s name was Melissa Weber.   He had heard the shower upstairs and thus made his way to the master bedroom without a problem.  There, he could watch the beauty from the slits in the closet door.  He had also brought is video camera with him and he filed the unsuspecting beauty as she returned from the shower, hung up her uniform and go to bed.  He was glad there was a lot of clothes hanging or the beauty might have seen him hiding in the closet.

      While the beauty had been in the shower, Archie had stripped off his clothing in the closet.  His cock was twitching at the beautiful sight before him.  He licked his lips looking at the long beautiful milk white legs and sexy feet, highlighted in the bright red nails.  Archie had a fetish for beautiful clean white feet and he began stroking his cock just thinking of spunking all over those soft white soles.

     Archie continued to film the unsuspecting beauty as she began to doze on the middle of her marital bed, a bed that would soon be occupied by the lovely wife and her black rapist.  Archie’s cock twitched again at the thought of defiling the blonde beauty, right on her marital bed.  Rape her right on the bed she shared with her loving husband and the thought on possibly knocking her up with his black baby.  To make it even better, raping the knocking up the beautiful young wife right on her anniversary day.  Once he had broken in, Archie had observed the vase of red roses on the kitchen counter.  He was delighted in reading the card, which stated ‘To my darling wife …….Happy Anniversary!  Made dinner reservations at the new restaurant ‘The Cliffs’.  Can’t wait for dessert bed! Will be home by 6 …Love, Bill.’  What timing, as this was a first for Archie  …..raping a beautiful young wife right on her anniversary day!

     Waiting fifteen minutes till he was sure the lovely Mrs. Melissa Weber was now sound asleep.  Adjusting the video camera, Archie exited the closet and set the camera onto the dresser, where it provided the best angle to capture the upcoming action.  Action to record the defilement and rape of the beautiful Melissa Weber.  Archie knew that an authentic rape video of a beautiful white babe, taken by force by a large black man, would bring in a hell of a lot of money in the underground market.  This video camera was equipped to record even the slightest of whimpers emitted in the room.

     Archie stoked his now throbbing black cock, oozing its slimy juice excited from being so near to the unsuspecting young wife.  He moved closer to the bed and the sleeping beauty.  He pumped at his 12” cock, pumping up more of his bubbling juices.  Then he leaned forward to caress the sexy white feet with his drooling cock, painting it with his slimy filth.  The beauty stirred from the mild caresses as slimy trails of filth covered her soft pink soles and the goo webbed her tiny toes together.

     Then Archie crawled forward slowly so as not to disturb the sleeping beauty, not yet anyway.  He licked his way up to the soft ivory thighs and then the stimulation awoke the frightened beauty.  Archie suddenly sprung up, trapping the startled beauty beneath his heavy weight.  “Ahhh ………………nooo …………..get off ………….get off ….me ……………….please, get off me!!! Melissa screamed.  The young wife was frightened out of her mind, finding a muscular naked black man on top of her, in the security of her home.  Pinned down in the middle of the bed that she shared with her husband.

     “Oh, please ……………….please, leave me alone ……………….please, I’m happily married ………….…I have two children……………pleaseeeee!” Melissa pleaded frantically, her red hair whipping from side to side in vain.  Archie smiled, pinning the struggling beauty’s hands above her head.  “My dear Mrs. Weber, I’m going to give you a sample of some dark meat today!  Would you like to taste some dark meat, Mrs. Weber?” Archie taunted.  Melissa began sobbing and shaking her head violently from side to side in response.

     “Taste some juicy dark meat, Mrs. Weber!” Archie grinned as he suddenly moved up on the beauty kneeling and pinning her arms.  Archie smiled as he saw the horror on the young wife’s face, blue eyes bulging from their sockets as she eyed the menacing 12” of solid black meat.  Melissa began crying “Oh please, nooooo ……………..…oh, God ………………….… smells awful!” she cried out.  With that comment, Archie began to rub his smelly cock all over the sobbing beauty’s face and loved the look of her about to gag.  Yanking at her hair, which would cause her to yelp in pain, it was all Archie needed to stuff her mouth shut by shoving his ramrod into her reluctant mouth.  Then he began fucking her face till it was obvious that she would soon puke if he kept it up!


    Releasing his grip on her hair, allowing her to back off his cock, Archie then released her left arm and forced her left hand onto his throbbing cock.  Melissa cringed at the touch, as if burnt by a hot iron, her trim fingers unable to encircle the black pole.  Archie forced her to pump her tiny white hand up and down his oozing black cock.  Melissa cringed and wanted to die as the slimy filth came in contact with her delicate fingers, soaking them and the slickness made the pumping increase in speed.  Archie loved the sight of this reluctant beauty, with her hand being forced to pump his slick black cock, her symbol of love to her husband sparkling brightly with every movement.

    “Oh, please, please don’t make me do this horrible thing!  Pleaseeeeeeeeee ……………nooooooooooo!” Melanie sobbed.  She had heard the old tale of blacks being bigger but never in her life did she believe anyone could be so big.  She shivered thinking back to the time in her young life when she had gone to a farm and observed horses in heat.  The threatening black cock waving in her face, reminded her of a horse’s cock.  “Oh, please, it’s too big ………………..please ………… ……………….you’ll kill me with that …………………please!” she pleaded.

    “Just a little taste for now, Sugar!  Want to save my hot baby juice for where it’ll do the most good!” Archie smiled as he painted the struggling beauty’s pink lips with a glossy sheen.  The look on Melissa face was pure delight for Archie, as the sobbing young wife looked as if she was about to puke.  The oozing cockhead was held at bay by the clenched white teeth, the oozing slime now coating the sparkling white teeth like a layer of toothpaste.  Melissa began to gag as some of the filthy slime oozed into her innocent mouth.  Never had her husband performed anything so vile.  Never had she put a cock to her lips nor tasted the slimy filth.

    Seeing the sobbing beauty’s disgusted look, her white hand on his ebony cock with the sparking symbol of her marriage, was almost too much for Archie.  He almost lost his load there.  He had to stop and removed the pumping white hand, then slid down to lay heavily on the sobbing young wife.  The trim arms pushed at the shoulders of her assailant but to no avail.  With a quick movement the front of Melissa’s thin blouse was ripped down the middle and her thin bra snapped apart from the force.  “Ohhhh ………………..please!” Melissa groaned as a wet tongue began to tease her ruby nipples.

    As Archie feasted on the tender white cherry capped mounds, he reached beneath him and shimmied the elastic band shorts and panties from his struggling victim.  Melissa’s trim white legs flailed about but she couldn’t overcome the muscular attacker.  In no time, the shorts and panties were drawn down her trim white legs, leaving her totally exposed to her assailant.  “Oh, please, please ……please leave ……..please, I won’t tell anyone!” Melissa pleaded.

    “You can  tell everyone I was here, Mrs. Weber.  Tell them how I ‘ruined’ you with my ole black snake!” Archie quipped.  “Oh, please …..please don’t rape me!  Please, this is my wedding anniversary!” Melissa sobbed.  “I’m going to give you an anniversary present to remember me by, Mrs. Weber!  Gonna plant my hot baby juice deep in your fertile garden, Mrs. Weber!  Gonna make you a little black baby, Mrs. Weber!” Archie taunted.

    “Oh, God ……..please, please don’t rape me …………….……pleaseeeeeeeee …………..ohhhh!” Melissa sobbed.  Archie smiled at the trembling victim, slowly rubbing his massive cockhead at the entrance to her jewel.  Realizing her futile situation, Melissa realized it was her most fertile period.  In fact, she and her husband had wanted to make an addition to the family and what better time than on their anniversary.  And that was the reasoning to have the children stay with the grandparents, allowing the loving couple to have a wild loving time that evening.  “Oh, please ……………..I …………I’ll get pregnant …………..…please, please put on a condom ……………...I can’t have a baby from you!” Melissa sobbed.

    “Arggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …….awwwwwwwww…………..noooooooooooo!” Melissa screamed as Archie stabbed his thick cockhead into the tiny entrance of the young housewife.  Archie had to hold still, his throbbing cock threatening to explode already.  This beauty was tight as a virgin, never having been stretched by such a huge weapon.   “Oh, God …….oh, God ………….it hurts so baddddddd ………oh, God …………….help me!” she cried in obvious pain and fear.  “Oh….oh……oh …..oh ….oh!” came the moans each time Archie twitched his cockhead in the confines of the well stretched slit.

    “Gonna bust you wide open, Mrs. Weber!  Gonna ‘ruin’ you good!  No white boy’s puny dick is gonna satisfy you, once you’ve had this ole black snake of mine!” Archie snickered.  “Think your loving husband will make love to you again, if he knew a nigger’s cock soiled in his precious little jewel?  Tell the police you were raped and the neighbors will find out you were ‘ruined’ be a nigger, Mrs. Weber!” he taunted.   Archie smiled at the pained expression on the lovely young wife, knowing that his comments were true and registering in her mind.

    Archie loved the fight this beauty put up to save her honor.  Loved the feel of her trim white legs flailing about, trying to kick at him with her soft sexy feet.  “Arrrrrrrrgggg ….arggghhhhhhhhhh ……nnnnnnnnoooo!” screamed the young wife as Archie stabbed forward, plunging forward another three inches.  “Oh, God ……………you’re killing me ………….it’s too big ……………….please!” Melissa pleaded, sobbing from the pain and humiliation of the rape.

    The video recording was capturing the entire rape and defilement of the beautiful stewardess on her marital bed, along with all her screams and pleas.  This actual rape on film would surely bring a hefty profit on the underground market.  The foreign markets would even bring more showing a beautiful woman being raped and plundered by a muscular black.  The fight and struggle, along with the sobs and tears, would make this vividly clear that the beauty was in fact actually being raped on film.

    Archie had to do it now or chance popping his load, with his cock less than half way in.  He grasped the trim white hips in his large black paws, reared back and slammed forward with all his might.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………arggggggghhhhhhhhh!” came the expected shriek of pain  Rearing back slowly till only his cockhead remained, Archie slammed forward again, burying his 12” muscle deep into the sobbing beauty.
“Awwwwwwwwwwwwww……………………….owwwwwwww!” Melissa sobbed, never having been penetrated so deeply before, with her husband having only have the size and girth of the monster cock she now was experiencing.  Archie grasped the flailing legs and pushed them above the young wife’s flailing head, so he could bury his throbbing cock deep into her womb.

    With the sobbing wife in such a position, Archie began nuzzling and tonguing her sensitive ear.  He wanted to taunt the distress wife even more.  “Oh, baby, you’re sweet pussy is tight as a glove.  Hubby’s going to drown in this canyon I plowed open for him.  Oh, baby, you’re tight as a fucking virgin!” Archie exclaimed as he began to fuck the young wife with long withdrawals and plunging back slowly with long deep strokes.  All this being captured on film, the beautiful white feet showing the tiny toes curling as they rested on the broad black shoulders.

    For ten minutes, Melissa tried desperately to push away her vile attacker.  But the long repeated strokes deep into her womb began to bring unwanted effects.  Her body was betraying her, the long thick cock was now being clasped and unclasped by her tightening vagina.  “Oh, God, nooooo ………..……..nooooo ……………..don’t let me respond!” she shouted aloud.  But her petite white hands no longer pushed at her attacker but instead wrapped themselves around the attacker head, as she hunched up to his thrusts.

    “Oh, God ……….oh, God……….……ohhhhhhh!” Melissa moaned loudly, as she tried to hunch up hard against the invading black shaft.  “Oh, God …………………I’m cummmminngg!” she screamed as her body convulsed.  Archie held the tight asscheeks, pulling the young wife to him and sinking his cock deep in her womb, feeling the young beauty shake and convulse in an orgasm she would never forget.  For three minutes, Archie held still as Melissa’s petite body finally began to relax and the beauty eased back down to the bed.  Archie eased his cock back out till only his cockhead was enveloped in the slick sheath.  He grasped her sexy feet and buried his face in her soft soles, lapping at her soles and sucking her tiny toes.  He then let the trim white legs fall back to the bed, on both sides of him.

    For a moment, the young wife dozed from the sheer exhaustion of the climax.  She awoke feeling the stimulation of the long shaft withdrawing and sliding back into her womb.  Then realization of what happened hit her.  “Oh, God, what have I done?  Raped by a black man!  And I came on his black cock.  How can I tell the police or my husband I was raped” she thought to herself.  And now her body began to respond again, against her mental will to just lay there and let it be over.  As the long deep thrusts began to speed up, Melissa realized that her black rapist was intent of spewing his filthy seed deep in her womb.  “Oh, God, he’s going to make me pregnant on my wedding anniversary!  And Bill wanted to make love to me tonight to make a baby!” she thought despairingly.

    “Please, oh, please ………………….please have mercy!  Please …………please don’t cum in me!  I ………….I’ll get pregnant, please!  Please, I want to have a baby from my husband!” Melissa pleaded.  But this only served to stir Archie’s lust on, with faster and faster strokes of his long black shaft.  “Oh, baby!  Oh, baby!  You’re sweet and tight.  Gonna fill you full of my nigger seed!  Gonna fuck a black baby in you, Mrs. Weber!   Oh, baby, here’s your anniversary present ………………urgggggggghhhhhh1” Archhie groaned, as his black body convulsed and shook.  Holding the trim white hips tightly, Archie buried his 12” cock deep into the fertile womb and exploded his slimy jism.

    “Oh, noooooooooooooooooooooooo ……………………….!” Melissa groaned as she felt the throbbing cock explode deep within her.  The explosion caused Melissa to convulse in another unwanted orgasm.  Never had she experienced an exploding cock so deep within her.  It was so hot, scalding hot.  Never was so much baby making juice deposited in her womb.  Her petite body responded on its own, hunch up to get the entire cock in her, her trim white legs crossed over the quivering black ass and squeezed him closer to her.

    Fifteen minutes later, Archie’s heavy body remained on the lovely wife, his cock slowly deflating but still throbbing.  “Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Weber!” Archie taunted.  This brought tears and sobs from the beautiful white wife.  “Look at the time, Mrs. Weber!  Isn’t hubby coming home at 6?  It’s 5:15 now, only 45 minutes for home to come home to his beautiful wife!” he clued.  “I’ll be a nice guy and let you get dressed for your anniversary dinner, Mrs. Weber!” Archie grinned as his softening cock exited with a pop, bringing a groan of shame from the lovely wife.

    Melissa looked at the clock.  It was now 5:30 p.m. and her husband was due home in a half-hour.  She looked at the soiled bedding.  But worst was her soiled body, as she felt down to touch her mushy vagina lips.  She groaned as her fingers came up sopping wet with the slimy goo.  She sobbed as it was obvious she was filled to the brim with a nigger’s potent cum.  Her thighs hurt but she forced her self up, wanting to hide the evidence of the rape.  She couldn’t tell her loving husband that his precious loving wife had been ‘ruined’ by a black.  That she could be caring that black man’s child.

    Stripping the bedding and opening the windows to remove the stench of raw sex.  Melissa then douched twice, hoping to kill all the hazardous seedlings.  Then she stayed under the hot shower for a half-hour, trying to cleanse her body of the filth.  She had heard the garage door opening when she stepped out of the shower, indicating her husband’s return.  She had to put on a good front to keep him from suspecting that something was wrong.  She put on a lacy white bra and matching panties, to go under her elegant evening dress.  Then her sheer white hose and 3” white heels.  A strand of pearls around her neck and she was a beauty to behold.  But deep down, Melissa wondered if she could keep from breaking down, so ashamed of being raped by a black.

    The Cliffs was a new restaurant that overlooked the entire city, with a balcony on the outside to each side of the main dining room windows.  This provided the dining guests to view the city while they ate and allowed others to wander on the balcony in the fresh air, with a beautiful view.  Inside, the restaurant was set up beautifully with a large bar area and the main dining room

    The drive took a half-hour from the Weber’s home.  Melissa was relieved that her husband was caught up in a new project at work and he chatted on about it.  The drive allowed her to compose herself further.  She knew she had promised her husband an exciting time, a wild time in bed to try and expand their family.  But how could she let him make love to her now.  Not when she still had a nigger’s cum deep in her womb.

    Appetizers and dinner were fabulous.  The view was fantastic.  Melissa looked at her loving husband with teary eyes, wishing she had the nerve to tell him his precious wife was now 'soiled' goods.  But she knew she could never reveal the truth to him.  She tried to think of an excuse that she could use to put off her husband when they returned home.

    Just as dinner was completed, the anniversary couple had just order after dinner drinks and dessert. A waving motion at the bar caught Melissa’s attention.  As Bill was facing his wife, this went unnoticed by him.  Melissa looked up and gasped softly, swallowing hard to keep from screaming.  There at the bar was the very rapist that had just attacked her in her home, in her marital bed that she shared with Bill.  She bit her lip as the black figure at the bar pointed at a videotape in his hand and made a gesture pointing directly at her.  Then it hit her, the rape had been put on film.  She blinked repeatedly to keep from crying on the spot.  Then the black figure gestured for her to come to him.  She saw him get up an exit the door to the balcony.

    Melissa excused herself to her husband saying she needed to go to the women’s room to freshen up.  She steeled herself as she open the door to the balcony.  She observed several couples leaning on the railing while looking at the city.  To the left, behind a giant potted plant was the man who had raped her that very day.  She slowly approached him.  “What do you want of me?  Why are you here?” she fearfully asked.

    “Good evening, Mrs. Weber!  Happy Anniversary!” Archie replied, “I had to rush off this afternoon so you could dress for dinner!"  Archie grasped the frightened wife by the elbow, turning her to face the city lights.  “I’m hard again, Mrs. Weber!  Need to have your beautiful hand jerk me off!  Jerk me off with your left hand, Mrs. Weber!  I want to see your wedding ring sparkle when I shoot off!” Archie demanded.  “Oh, God …………you can’t be serious!  Out here in public?” Melissa gulped.  Archie respond by unzipping his fly and his black shaft waved about between the railings.  “Would you like your husband seeing a copy of this tape?” Archie asked.

    Melissa sighed, leaned over the railing, she clasped the familiar black shaft with her left hand and began pumping.  “Oh, yeah, Mrs. Weber!  Way to go!  Make me come, then you can go back to your husband!  Oh, your wedding ring sparkles in the moonlight, Mrs. Weber!  What would Mr. Weber say if he knew you were outside jerking off a black man right under his nose?” he taunted.

    Archie was panting as he observed the pretty white hand stoking his oozing black cock.  Melissa cringed as the slime dripped onto her slim fingers and began to coat her palm, making the pumping action increase due to the slick fluid.  “Oh, yeah, Mrs. Weber!  Agggggg………ahhhhhhh!” Archie grunted as his cock fired upon the city.  Then he grasped Melissa hand, forcing her to rub his swollen cockhead, soiling her entire hand and drenching it with the cum still oozing out of his cock.


    Then Melissa broke away, rushing to get back into the restaurant before she was missed, but first to wash the filth from her hand.  Just as she reached the bathroom door, her husband approached from the other way.  “Hi, honey!  Just came to make sure you were all right.” Bill spoke.  “Let’s take a quick walk on the balcony!” Bill spoke, as he led her by her left elbow.  As her husband’s hand was sliding down her arm, Melissa quickly wiped her hand onto her dress.  In a moment, Bill was holding his wife’s left hand.  If only he knew that the pretty hand he was holding had just jerked off a long black cock a minute earlier.  That lovely hand was soiled, at the very instant, with a nigger’s cum.  Then he held her hand to his cheek.  Melissa cringed, praying he didn’t smell the strong odor of male cum on her hand.  As Bill kissed her, she felt a large hand caressing her ass as footsteps moved on by.  With Bill’s arms around her, it was certainly not Bill’s hand on her ass.

    That evening, Melissa could not put off her husband.  She felt guilty in denying him.  But more so in letting make love to her, letting make love to her while a nigger’s cum lay deep in her womb.  Her husband came quickly, as he normally did when he had several drinks.  Melissa lay on the bed, her mind could not help but to wander back to the afternoon’s mind shattering climaxes.

    Three weeks went by and Melissa became increasingly frustrated.  She could no longer reach any satisfaction in love making with her husband.  She chastised herself for thinking of the climaxes achieved during her rape.  To make it worst, she had closed her eyes pretending she was being raped again as her husband was making love to her.

    On the next scheduled flight to Chicago, it called for an overnight stay.  Lucky for Melissa that her parents were always willing to handle the children on her overnights.  As Melissa began to serve coffee to the passengers, she noticed a familiar face in the back.  His black muscular body and wide grin left no doubt.

    Archie only smiled at the beautiful stewardess.  He saw the beauty a bit nervous as she served him his coffee.  A moment later, the beautiful stewardess returned “Here’s a napkin for you, sir!”  Archie thanked her, then looked at the napkin “We’ll be checking into the Sherwood Inn, near the airport.  Please call me on the house phone!”  Archie smiled knowing he was going to enjoy the entire evening.

End of Story