Sweet Revenge - II
(m/f, i/r, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a continuation
of the earlier story entitled:   Sweet Revenge  I
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Sitting at the table, John looked down at the plate of bacon and eggs that his lovely wife had just served him.  Looking up at Shannon as she stood at the counter to pour him a cup of coffee, John took in her beautiful petite form as she stood with her robe tied around her trim waist.  He stared at her lovely pink lips, the soft pretty lips that always felt so good to kiss.  Had he not witnessed it for himself, there was no way he'd ever believe that those pretty pink lips would admit a black man's cock.

As his lovely wife placed the coffee in front of him and sat down across the table, John could not believe how she could act so naturally, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.  What he had witnessed last night, without Shannon knowing of his presence behind the see-through mirror, was totally beyond belief.  He had watched as his innocent and supposedly naïve young wife had shamelessly grasped a stiff black cock in each hand, wrapping her trim fingers around the ebony shafts and proceed to pump her fists.

Putting on a fake smile as he looked at his lovely wife, John wanted to ask 'How could you?  How could you do something like that and then act as if nothing happened the next morning?  Not just one ………………….but three ………………..three well-endowed black studs …………………and you didn't lose a single drop when each guy blew his gooey wad in your mouth!  I've been begging you all these years to go down on me ……………………but you always give me that disgusted look and tell me it's too filthy to ask of you!  Damn, you didn't hesitate a second to start lapping the first guy last night, tonguing him, then gobbling him up!'

For Shannon, having earlier fallen into the trap that had been well-set for her, having befriended that woman Connie who had been kind enough to help her out when her car got stalled.  Tipsy from the wine, not knowing that the devious woman had drugged her drink, Shannon had unwittingly agreed to the impromptu audition.  With Connie contacting the man who supposedly was her modeling agent, asking him to come to the house, Shannon's inhibitions were compromised by the potent drug as well as the dose of 'Spanish Fly'.

Initially, Connie assisted her into various innocent poses, then little by little a bit more flesh was being flashed.  Falling under effects of the potent drug, the heat between her thighs from the 'Spanish Fly', she could only shiver with pleasure as the black man who served as both agent and photographer touched her body to position her.  Then Shannon could not fend off the man's advances and he had literally raped her on the bed that she shared with her husband John.

Weeks after the vile rape, Shannon found that her forced coupling with her rapist had all been captured on film.  The lurid photos showed her embracing her black rapist, with arms around his neck and toes curled as she spurred him deeper into her.  The ecstatic look on her face also would not have anyone believing that she was not enjoying the illicit fuck with the muscular black.  Shame, humiliation and fear had her accompanying the devious Connie to that warehouse where three black porn stars awaited her arrival.

Steeling her nerves with the potent drink followed by another, it did steel her nerves in preparation of what was to come.  Not knowing that her drinks were highly laced with the potent 'Spanish Fly', once the debauchery started Shannon couldn't get enough of the men, especially the big black dongs that they were packing.  Sucking and fucking, having her virgin ass brutally sodomized, she had taken on the three men in a wild gangbang with each man taking turns fucking and cumming in each of her orifices.

'Three cocks at a time …………………in my ass, up my cunny, and sucking one off in my mouth!' Shannon shuddered in recollection.  'And one or more of them jacked himself off right in my face after I passed out from all that fucking!' she swallowed, remembering how she looked in the reflection of the bathroom mirror when the gal Connie helped her get cleaned up before driving her back home.  She did not know that it was that man Carl, the man who had first raped her in her home, that had done the honors of spurting his load all over her face.  Nor did she know that her own husband had been forced to jerk the man off, then had guided the man's cock over her face to smear the gooey cream all about.

Once John had departed for the office, Shannon breathed a sigh of relief in hearing her husband's change of heart when she told him of meeting a gal who thought she had the potential to make it in the modeling business.  Telling her husband that she'd like to give it a try, get out into the world a bit and out of the house, Shannon had been surprised at John giving her the blessing to pursue it.

When John asked his wife if she needed to have an audition first, he took note of her swallowing deeply before answering "I ……………….I ……………….that gal Connie introduced me to her agent …………………and he felt I would be good at it!  I ………I guess that meeting somewhat served as an audition!  He …………he seemed to like me a lot!"  Having been furnished a copy of the 'audition' and viewing the tape after leaving the warehouse last night, John could only conclude 'Well, she certainly didn't lie to me ……………….that's for sure!'

Driving to his office, John knew that his wife would be working a lot from this day forward.  While watching her performance last night, the ex-con advised of how he planned to make Shannon a star …………………….a porn star of XXX rated movies that could only be distributed underground.  He recalled how Carl had chuckled and taunted him with "Damn, that purty little wife of yer sure looks naïve and so innocent looking!  She sure is gonna make the viewers cream in their fuck'n pants!  Man, they'll bust a nut watching that purty little thing getting 'raped' by a big black buck!"

Back in the bedroom, now alone as John had departed for work, Shannon opened her terrycloth robe to cup her breasts through her thin nightgown.  Eyes closed, Shannon thumbed her stiffening nipples as she thought back to the gangbang with the men groping at her breasts, either being fondled and suckled at by the man beneath her or being grabbed and groped by the man sodomizing her.

Having stripped off her panties before hoping up on the bed, she had her knees up and feet flat on the bed.  Shannon was now spreading her legs wide to fit the tip of the foot-long cucumber that she had brought with her from the kitchen, rubbing the blunt end up and down her juicing slit.  "Oooooooooooo…………………….……..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" as inch after inch of the thick cucumber began disappearing up into gaping hole.

The next morning, John got a call from his wife advising that she got a call for a modeling assignment and that she might be getting home a bit late that afternoon.  It was a call that he was expecting for the past half-hour, after the ex-con Carl had showed up with a tall 6'6" coal black monster named Marcus Steel.  The man was a rough looking thug who was anxious to break into he porn business, especially when told of the role he was being given and having seen a photo of the lovely beauty he'd be starring with.

John shuddered when the big black man exclaimed "Damn, that little bitch is sure purty ………………….and I's hear she's married to some punk whiteboy!  And that fool she's married to thinks she's fashion modeling!"  Then the grinning Carl asked "Ya got the script down pat, Marcus?"  "Ah, yeah …………………I's be hiding in bedroom setup, hiding in the closet!  Connie will tell her to change an outfit in the closet when she gets in, thinking she's all alone on the set!  When the time's right, I's make my move and give it to the bitch ……………….rough and hard!"

Driving up to the warehouse that Connie had driven her to the other night, Shannon noticed quite a few cars parked in the adjacent lot where she parked her own car.  Going into the warehouse, using the same entrance as the prior night, she was greeted by Connie.  Still a bit apprehensive at the thought of having sex with another man so soon after the gangbang, she nervously asked "You ……………you said it ……………today I would be with only one man!  Is …………Is he one of the men I was with the other night?"

Connie smiled at the nervous young wife, knowing what she really was inquiring about, then replied "No, none of them …………………….but he is BIG …………………..and BLACK!"  Seeing Shannon shiver at the thought of fucking another big black stud, Connie added "And if you think those other guys were well-endowed ………..…..your knees will buckle when you get a look at what this guy's packing between his legs!  He'll blast you to the moon with that cannon of his!"

Told that her co-star had not arrived as yet and for her to change into the dress that was in the closet next to bedroom stage, Shannon went through the door leading to the production stage.  Cameras covered with large dark canvases, Shannon looked about and concluded that no one else was present in the room.  Little did she know that a cameraman was covered behind both camcorders, a large audience watched her movements from behind the mirrored wall, as well as her horny co-star waiting in the closet.

With the soundproof room behind the mirrored wall spruced up with comfortable theater like leather seats, Carl had seen to it that his invited guests got treat of a lifetime with sexy pornstars serving them drinks before the entertainment began.  The audience in the room was comprised of the potential distributors for the XXX films to be produced, with just one exception, that of John Cumberland who was there to see his lovely wife star in her next film.

The audience had been there for nearly an hour at this point, watching as the initial scenes were shot, showing Marcus breaking in through a window in one setup, then making his entrance to the bedroom stage.  Another scene was shot in the bathroom, where a pair of panties was retrieved and Marcus then had them up to rub his face in it.  Then came a close up scene of the big man picking up a photo of the beauty that he was about to rape, a photo taken by Carl from her home on his initial visit, one depicting the beauty dressed in her wedding gown.

Seeing the garment hanging from a hangar in the partially opened closet, Shannon set her purse down on the nightstand and proceeded to undo the hook to the yellow dress she was wearing.  With her back to the closet, Shannon was unaware of the presence of her costar for the x-rated flick taking in the erotic sight of her beginning to undress.  For the audience behind the mirrored wall, it was quite exciting to see the naked black buck come out of his hiding place and sneak up on his unsuspecting prey.  With hardons raging throughout the audience, men rubbing at their crotches, Carl smiled knowing that his underground movies would have the distributors begging for his new line of hot flicks.

Caught totally by surprise from behind, Shannon could only utter out a muffled scream as a large black hand was clamped over her mouth.  Instinctively, she struggled against her assailant, then realized the actual filming had already begun as the cameramen were now out from hiding and focusing in on the action.  Having been given no idea what the script was all about, just knowing she'd have to submit to a big black stud, Shannon now realized that it was to be of her getting surprised and 'raped' on film.

In the grasp of the big muscular arms of her captor, Shannon began juicing heavily, wetting the crotchband of her panties.  "It's just ya and me, sweetie!  I know yer hubby won't be home fer hours ………………..so ya's and me can make some sweet music together!"  Pussy leaking, hand rubbing her titties up, Shannon was getting hot and into it all.  Now into the part, after the man threatened her if she dared to scream, she panted out loudly "Oh, please ……………………please …………………………please don't hurt me!  Please ………………………please don't rape me!"

"No ………………….no …………………..no pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!" she sobbed as her assailant began tearing her dress from her body.  For the entire audience, including her husband, it was such a fantastic performance at what appeared to be an innocent young wife being attacked in the safety of her own home.  They watched as she continued to struggle, trying desperately but feebly in her attempts to fight her attacker, only to have her dress torn to shreds and then she was tossed onto the king-sized bed.

Arms crossed to cover her bared breasts after her attacker had brutally ripper her lacy white bra from her, Shannon began whimpering so convincingly that now one would believe that she was a willing participant in the making of this XXX flick.  No one would ever believe that such a naïve and innocent looking beauty, one so petite as she would willingly want to have sex with such likes of this tall muscular black thug.  Her whimpers and sobs, along with her fearful expression, would have everyone believe this was truly an actual rape taking place.

"Please ……………………please don't rape me …………………please!  Please, I beg you ……………..please …………………..I've never been with anyone but my husband!" Shannon pleaded, playing the part of a reluctant rape victim.  With strong hands pushing her knees apart and the man getting up between her legs to position himself, Shannon began juicing in anticipation of what was to come as the blunted cockhead rubbed up and down her creaming slit.

"No …………………….no please ………………….please, you're way too big ……………………..way too bigggggggggggg!  Please ………………..you'll kill me with that!" she sobbed out.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………no ………………….nnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" she screamed out at the thick black cock stabbed up into her.

It was such a fantastic show that many audience members had taken the soft cloths that were been passed out to them by the hostesses.  Shortly following the raped beauty screaming out in orgasm, along with the assailant's body shuddering as it spewed out its thick plentiful seed.  Those who had taken a soft cloth were tossing the now wet and crumpled fabric into the basket held by the hostess, just like that of an airline hostess coming down the aisle to pick up the passengers' trash.

A bit later came the next fuck scene of the black rapist reviving, turning the petite beauty over onto all four and then he fucked her doggie style.  Everyone in the audience were completely spellbound as they watched the shagging of the innocent looking beauty.  The sight of the sparkles given off by her large diamond ring about the room provided an erotic scene, the fantasy of witnessing a big black rapist taking a white man's beautiful young wife right on her marital bed.

Taking Shannon out to an elegant dinner that night, John Cumberland ordered a bottle of champagne to toast his lovely wife after her first 'modeling' assignment.  Asking about how her first assignment went that day, he listened as Shannon advised "Oh, at first it was quite difficult to get things to fit properly, but as I got accustomed to things, the rest of the day just seemed to fly on by!"

All John could think of was that his lovely wife had not lied about her day, maybe stretched things a bit but not an actual lie!  From what he had witnessed that day, his lovely wife had indeed needed time to adjust to the big black man who had surprised her in the bedroom set.  Then it did get easier for her when the stud took her doggie style, evidenced by the whimpering of pleasure emitted as he took her to climax after climax.
John could not get over how normal his lovely wife appeared to be, especially after what she had undertaken earlier that day.  As she had dozed a bit following the shagging Marcus had given to her doggie style, Carl was busy in the soundproof room, telling the proposed distributors that they could each have a chance with the pretty lady if they gave their commitment that day.  With everyone wanting to get a sample of the 'rape bait' on the upcoming flicks, Carl sent in three guys at a time, depending on how fast their commitment was.

With men of all races in the audience, it was quite a sight to see the first gangbang session commence as the men arranged Shannon into a position where she could service them all at one.  John could only stare out in awe as the three men of all different races were about to enjoy his lovely wife's succulent charms.  With Carl busy taking in commitments and passing out the men's number in line, John found that all twelve distributors were going to get into the action.

First was the chink grasping her by the hair as he rubbed his cock against Shannon's pink lips and encouraged "Pretty, missee!  You suckee, suckee!"  Then there was the Spaniard, who had shuffled up from behind to caress Shannon perfect behind, "Ooooo, puta has such a pretty white ass!"  The third guy in on the action was a short fat Greek, the guy who had been sitting next to John, exclaiming "Gimme some sloppy seconds, sweetie!  Man, I ain't ever had anything so sweet and innocent looking as you before!"

When all the distributors had physically sampled the star of Fantasy Flicks, John remained in the viewing room and watched as the distributors milled around off stage partaking in the drinks brought around by the skimpy clad hostesses.  With Connie having assisted a fucked out Shannon off-stage to clean up, John heard Carl announce "Please stay for some drinks and shortly our beautiful star will be joining us!  Your earlier introduction to her didn't permit much of a chance to talk to the beauty and I'm sure you'll be quite impressed to meet her on a more social basis!"

Then the production room went totally silent as the star reappeared, dressed in an elegant off-white dress and matching 3" heels that Carl had Connie purchase for the occasion, especially knowing the dress she had arrived in would be torn to shreds.  John could only lick his lips, gulping down his drink as Carl announced to the audience "Here she is, guys!  Fantasy Flicks' beautiful star, the Sexy and Sultry Shannon!"

John couldn't believe his eyes as his lovely wife accepted a glass of champagne and was extending her right hand to each of the men as they were anxious to meet her on a more formal basis.  With Shannon sipping on her drink while being surrounded by men, it appeared as if she was at a plush social gathering rather an after-fuck-session party!  'My God!  It's as if she's meeting these men for the very first time ……………………yet all of them had her one way or another ………………..getting sucked off, fucking her in the ass or pussy!'

A bit later, John saw the short Greek guy in conversation with Shannon and had his pudgy hand around her waist.  He watched as the Greek had her a business card and bid her goodbye as Shannon bent down a bit to give him a kiss on the cheek, then she was nibbling at his ear.  As the Greek placed his empty glass on the hostess' tray, the man then entered the viewing room so he could get his coat.  John could only swallow as the man exclaimed "John, whadda ya doing in here!  Didn't you get in on the action?  Damn, that bitch is one sweet fuck!  Man, I can't wait till next week!  Made her a proposition ……………..and she took me up on it!"

So sweet and demure, John couldn't believe that the lovely woman he had married just a short while ago and now sitting across from him at the dining table could put on such a role of still being so prim and proper.  She had not only taken on that big Marcus stud twice but had later serviced another dozen guy that had been in the audience.  Some of those guys had her more than once, not caring about sloppy seconds, with it all coming to a conclusion when the last three guys shucked their meat over her face.  It certainly ended up in a creamy facial, with the men using their wickers to rub the protein about her saturated face.  And later, after showering away the cummy spend from her lovely body, she had reappeared looking so beautiful and acting as if she was meeting the men for the very first time.  Dressed so elegantly in the dress Connie had bought for her, the same dress that was currently wearing, John could understand why all the men wanted more.

Later that week, Shannon got a surprise visit from Connie and thought that it was to have her perform in yet another sex flick.  But she was totally caught off guard when Connie advised "Carl wants to make sure his 'star' gets compensated timely!"  Opening up the envelope, Shannon jaws dropped in seeing the wad of $100 bills, then heard Connie advise "Twenty-five hundred a flick!  Way more than seasoned porn stars but Carl says you're worth it!"  Shannon's heart was thumping madly in her chest for she had never expected to even see a dime, but now she was totally overwhelmed in seeing so much cash given to her.

For John Cumberland, seeing the spread of $100 bills that Shannon spread out on the table before him, he could only swallow and bite his tongue.  A total of five-thousand dollars ……………….the exact same amount in $100 bills he had given Carl Morton that morning to help pay for expenses he said was needed for the film production.  With Shannon exclaiming how thrilled she was to now actually contribute to the household, John was at a loss for words as he listened to Shannon tell him how much she loved her new found profession.

At the breakfast table on Friday morning, with his wife asking of his overnight trip that day, John knew that Shannon was wanting to make certain he'd be out of the house and more so out of town so she could entertain the little Greek bull.  "I'll call you about 7 tonight, is that okay?" he asked.  "Oh …………..I was thinking of going out with some old friends from college, so I might not be home till late!" came the response.

John had expected some excuse, recalling his inquiry with the Greek bull as to the proposition he had made to his wife.  The pudgy old man had been quite excited, telling him "I proposed a thousand bucks for an all nighter with her ………………an elegant dinner and then an all-night fuck session ……………….and she accepted!  Before I left her, she told me "Another five hundred and you can fuck me on the bed I share with my husband!"  Buddy boy …………………………….next Friday night, when her hubby's out of town on a business trip!"

Having already canceled his business trip, John planned on using a company car to return home with and park it on the street.  He was excited at the prospect of watching his lovely wife bring the Greek bull home with her, letting him again sample her charms, only this time it would be an all night session on their marital bed.  Having seen Shannon's calendar, this weekend was to have been the prime time for them to have intercourse ………………..the best chance for him to put a baby in her tummy.  John wondered if his lovely wife would make the Greek bull wear a protective raincoat …………………….but he suspected not!

End of Story.