Sweet Sexy Shopper - Stalked!
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Jake Granville, a.k.a. ‘Big Jake’ because he was such a large man, but in his younger days he had earned the nickname of ‘Big Jake’ because he was especially well endowed with a super-sized cock.  Unfortunately, those days were in the past as he was now well past his prime.  Now he was just barely making ends meet as a custodian at the Hillcrest Mall, basically passing unnoticed and considered just a harmless, doddering old codger.
But Jake didn’t mind as it was an impression he encouraged and was quite comfortable with.  After all, when it came to Jake's effort and production on the job, the expectations by the higher ups at Hillcrest Mall were not very high.  All in all it was a rather cushy job, paid the bills and most important of all allowed Jake the opportunity to indulge himself in his favorite pastime ………………girl watching!
Dressed to impress, a virtual procession of teen-aged girls and young women of all races came to Hillcrest Mall for shopping or browsing.  Black, white and Asian ……………….. short, medium and tall ………………..blondes, brunettes and redheads all passed through the mall, paying little if any notice to the old black custodian as they went about their business.
Often Jake would pretend to be doing his job while watching and following an attractive beauty.  His mind hard at work, fantasizing about having the sexy young beauty all to himself ………………make her his play toy …………………..his fuck toy!  Each night he’d head on home with the picture of the young beauties he’d gotten to follow that night, head full of images that he would fantasize of and beat off to.

Then one night fate dealt the old codger an unexpected ace.  Jake had noticed the lovely young blonde the moment she entered the mall, looking so nicely dressed in a pink outfit and wearing 3” white heels.  The young sexy beauty really turned him on.  From the moment he spotted her, his old cock had begun to stir in his pants as he surreptitiously followed her as she shopped.  Undeniably attractive, there was a hint of innocence about her that Jake found especially sexy.

Stylishly dressed, the beauty’s tight little butt swayed invitingly under her tight skirt, her trim legs and the click of her 3-inch high heels on the tile floor had Jake totally mesmerized.  Even more mesmerizing was the sparkle of her diamond engagement ring, and Jake caught himself wondering what it must be like to be the lucky guy she was betrothed to.  How Jake wished that he was the lucky bastard who would soon climbing into bed with her each night.

As far as Jake was concerned, this young beauty was special ……………the real deal.  Casting caution to the wind, he dared to move in close enough to catch a whiff of her perfume but then he instinctively backed off as he noticed two young teen-aged girls approaching from the opposite direction, noting suspiciously that the two girls had drawn a bead on the unwitting young blonde.  As they passed, Jake reversed his direction and began following the two young girls, hoping to eavesdrop and discover why they had been eyeballing the attractive young blonde.
Streetwise and with an unerring sixth sense when it came to reading other people, Jake’s suspicions were quickly confirmed.  The two girls, obviously high on something, were laughing as they contemptuously discussed their intentions to rob the woman, noting that she was alone and nicely dressed, thus quite likely to be carrying enough cash and credit cards to make her an attractive choice to rob.  “Shit, Miss Goody Two Shoes looks so damned naïve and innocent ……………….bet she ain’t even heard of ‘the other side of the tracks!’ one of the gals commented on the easy mark they had chosen.

Then he overheard one of the girls reminding the other that when they had followed the blonde in from the parking lot, the cell phone conversation they had heard portions of was enough to discern that the woman's fiancé was out on a fraternity campout, and that she had stopped off at the mall to do some browsing for her upcoming wedding.  To Jake, it was obvious that the girls were wagering that with their intended victim's fiancé out of town and with her at the mall all alone, there was little chance anyone would miss her -- or find her -- until after the girls had pulled off the robbery and were long gone.
As the two girls discussed their strategy to rob the unwitting young beauty, Jake, pretended to be simply going about his business, moving in close enough to overhear the details of their scheme -- at least enough to have a pretty good idea of how the plan would go down.  The two teens, obviously high on drugs, seemed oblivious to the fact that Jake was within earshot, or perhaps they just considered him to be a doddering old fool without a head on his shoulders.
In any case, they had underestimated Big Jake and had underestimated his cunning and resourcefulness to deal himself in on the scam.  In any case, as long as the old janitor wasn't entertaining thoughts of interfering with their plans to rob the young woman, the girls couldn't have cared less that the old man was listening in on or about any plans he may have for the woman after they made their getaway.  By the time the robbery went down, Jake had things pretty well figured out, having overheard enough of the details of the plan to anticipate cutting himself in for a little dividend ………………………….the bonus payout, a dividend of a lifetime!

Big Jake knew he could never score any other way. Thus, he planned on setting himself up by letting the robbery go down just as planned.  If all went well, he’d then swoop in and help himself to the leftovers ………………………..in this case, a freebie!  His only real fear was that the two drugged-out teens might either be too wasted to effectively pull off the robbery as planned or perhaps they'd lose their nerve at the last moment and simply abort their plan.
Big Jake felt a wicked thrill course through him as he noted the young beauty making her way out the exit toward her car. Unbeknownst to the young beauty, she was being followed by the two girls.  As for Jake, he had clocked out early, complaining of lumbago, a tried and true excuse he used whenever he wanted to clock out early or skip a day of work altogether.
The plan that he had overheard was the girls catching the unsuspecting young woman by surprise as she was getting into her car, overpowering her in the process and shooting her up with a syringe that would leave her too dazed and woozy to fight off her attackers or give chase.  Jake had overheard one the girls chortle that she'd be sure to shoot the bitch up with a powerful enough of a dosage that she'd be lucky if she even remembered her own name or what fucking day it was.  Then they'd quickly shove the drugged beauty into the car and out of sight, one of the girls would subdue the victim while the other rifled through the woman's purse and grabbed any cash and credit cards.
Now at the age of 22, Jennifer Mills had blossomed into quite a beautiful young woman.  At her 5’6” stature, with long blonde hair and strikingly long flawless legs, her shapely 36-23-35 figure had all the male heads turning wherever she went.  But having had quite a conservative upbringing by a church-going family, Jennifer was quite naïve and innocent when it came down to down-to-earth comprehension of the real world when it came to crime and dishonesty.  So trusting was Jennifer, crime was what happened to others or what she saw on television.

A senior at Hartford University, all Jennifer could think about was the upcoming wedding to her true love Mark Brown.  She looked forward to graduation day first and then the big event of their wedding.  Church reserved a year in advance, as well as the ballroom at the elegant Regents Hotel, Jennifer was trying to make a final determination as to the color scheme for her bridesmaids’ gowns.  Having narrowed the selection down to a baby blue or light lavender, she had wanted to take one last look at the fabric before making the decision.

Glowing with happiness, mind only on the color scheme for her wedding, Jennifer was totally oblivious to the young girls from the other side of the tracks and that she was their intended prey.  Having dinner at the sorority earlier, on what was called ladies night where everyone dressed nicely as if going to a fancy restaurant, she did not have time to change and make it out to the mall before closing time.  Having picked out the lavender fabric as her choice, Jennifer was so elated as she proceeded out of the center of the mall to where she had parked her car, not paying any attention to the two teenage girls walking nearby.

Jake took up a position a safe distance away and watched the robbery go down as planned, his old cock lurching in his pants as he watched.  If the robbery had failed, Jake would simply have slipped away into the night.  But things went just as the two girls had drawn it up as Jake could overhear muffled sounds of a brief scuffle, then silence.  Then, less than two minutes later he heard the slamming of a car door, followed by footsteps of the two assailants as they made their escape.
Just to play it safe, Jake waited a couple of minutes and then started toward the car. Slumped in the front seat was the naïve young beauty moaning but obviously out on her feet.  As a precaution, Jake tapped on the driver's window and called out to her, inquiring if she was okay.  With no response from the woman, Jake opened the door and reached in, nudging her and again asking if she was okay.  With the door open, the dome light illuminated the inside of the car and Jake took a moment to access the situation.  The woman's skirt was hiked up and Jake licked his lips as his gaze was riveted on the woman's trim white legs.

As he continued to access the situation, he noted that the woman's watch and jewelry including her diamond ring were missing, obviously taken during the robbery.  But the victim's purse and some of its contents were strewn about the passenger side floorboard, among the debris he spotted a set of car keys and the syringe used during the attack.  He also found the woman's wallet, which he correctly surmised had been rifled through, with money and credit cards stolen.  Except for a few nonessentials, some photos and the woman's driver's license were all that remained.  He quickly noted the woman's name and her address.  Jake chuckled aloud as he also found a package of condoms.
Jake's mind was racing but his reverie was suddenly interrupted by the ring of a cell phone.  He guessed that the cell phone belonged to the unconscious beauty and surmised that it had apparently been dropped during the scuffle, slipping unnoticed between the driver's seat and passenger's seat.  Jake's cock lurched, wondering if the caller on the other end was her fiancé, phoning to check in with the lovely gal he’d soon be marrying.

‘Hmmm! Jake thought to himself ‘If her fiancé could only see her now, sprawled enticingly in the front seat, flashing her sexy trim legs clear up to her lacy white panties!  And with ‘Big Jake’ gett’n his hardon ready to fuck the beautiful bride-to-be!’  Then the phone stopped ringing, the call automatically transferred to voice mail, and a plan quickly came together for Big Jake.  He scooted the unconscious beauty over to the passenger side and climbed in behind the wheel, fired up the car and headed for home.

He remembered what he'd overheard one of the girls say about the drug ---- that the bitch would be lucky if she could remember her own name or what fucking day it was!  ‘Well, it’s yer fucking day all right, sweetie!’ he chuckled as he sped out of the parking lot.  Once out of the parking lot, Jake reached over to place his hand on her left knee, then slid his hand slowly up the hem of her skirt, caressing her soft ivory thigh and commenting “Oh, my God ……………………..ain’t nothing better than some tender white meat!  So soft and purty!  Damn, this is fuck’n eating stuff!”

Sliding his hand up to caress her soft silky panties, Jake smiled as he found and traced the beauty’s sex through the thin garment.  Then, wiggling his index and middle fingers up under the legband of her panties, Jake was then feeling up her fleshy gash.  Pushing his middle finger into her slit, Jake pushed it in a couple inches and then sought to find and diddle her sensitive clit.  Pumping his finger in an out several times till it became slick, he then withdrew his hand from under her panties in order the suck the sweet honey juices off his fingers.

On the way home, Jake looked at the time as he was passing the video store.  Realizing that they would soon be closing, he pulled in and parked in the far off corner of the near empty parking lot as he did not want anyone to see the unconscious beauty in the passenger seat.  Looking about to make sure no one was observing him, he leaned the beauty gently down so her body was over the console and her head on the driver’s seat.  A frequent customer there, he knew the employees and quickly rented two camcorders and purchased a dozen tapes.

Hustling back out and looking about to make sure no one was around, Jake then proceeded to his car.  Opening the trunk of his car, he then put the camcorders and tapes into it.  Looking around again, he then opened the driver’s door.  Smiling as he lifted the beauty’s head up some, he did not push her up fully so she’d be sitting in the passenger’s seat as before.  Instead, Jake slid into the driver’s seat and locked the door as he then laid the beauty’s head onto his lap.

Looking about and seeing no one around, Jake quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardening cock.  Cock still a bit flaccid but now throbbing in anticipation, Jake grabbed it in his fist and began beating it against the beauty’s face.  Feeling the air of her breathing on his throbbing cockhead, Jake pumped the underside of his cock back and forth over her soft cheek.  Leaning back against the driver’s seat while using his free hand to grab her long silky hair and pull her head back some, Jake shivered with pleasure as he fitted the bulblike fleshy dome between her pink lips.

Sucking in a breath of air as he started up the car, Jake was on the verge of losing it right then and there.  It sure was tempting to cut loose the stored up jizz that had his black balls ready to bust.  Looking down as the nearby street light dimly lit the interior of the car, Jake clutched the wheel tightly with both hands to keep from cumming.  Stemming the urge, Jake panted “Whew ………………..nearly gave ya a nice creamy facial that time, sweetie!  But don’t wanna waste it right now ……………………..at least till I’s can git it all on tape!”

Jake looked about to scan his nearby neighbors as he pulled up into the dilapidated single carport of his rental home, making sure that the coast was clear.  Opening the side door to the rundown rental, Jake decided that it’d be best to keep the carport dark as he unloaded the video equipment.  Double checking to see that the beauty was still unconscious as she lay across the front seat, Jake then proceeded inside to get the video equipment set up.  Before turning the camcorders on, aimed at the entrance from the carport, he rummaged through the closet.

He smiled as he found the stack of winter clothing, then pulled on the ski mask, perfect for his initial plan of making one tape that he could sell on the black market, one that would not come back to haunt him.  ‘Play it smart, guy!  Don’t git yer face in the tape ……………………not if ya don’t want the cops to come busting in one day and charging ya with the rape of the sexy young babe!’ Jake told himself.  ‘Damn, this fuck’n babe’s a really looker ……………………not like the two-bit whores ya find in the ordinary XXX flicks!  Bet guys are gonna be willing a lotta dough to see a prim and proper beauty really git herself raped!’ he chuckled.

Not wanting to have to edit the film any more than necessary, he departed out the back door and made his way back to get his prize from the front seat of his car.  In the darkness, he moved to the rear of the car and surveyed the surrounding homes to make sure no one was paying any attention.  Pulling the unconscious beauty out of the car, Jake slung her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  Reaching in with his free hand, he grabbed the beauty’s purse, then proceeded to make his grand entrance before the cameras.

Right arm over the back of the soft white thighs as he entered, knowing the audience would love the beginning scene of a white bitch falling captive to a ski masked assailant, Jake tossed the purse he was holding onto the small old desk.  Then, using his free hand, he flipped up the back of her skirt to bare the beauty’s lacy blue panties.  Rubbing his hand over her soft panty covered buns, Jake then placed a kiss on her sweet little ass.  Using his free hand to slide under the legband of her panties, he began caressing her soft asscheeks before gently placing her upon the bed.

Though the drugged beauty was supposedly out for quite some time, Jake figured that it would be even better viewing for the audience to have the young beauty handcuffed to the bed and strung up like a side of beef.  Going to his drawer full of goodies obtained through a mail order catalog, Jake selected a pair of handcuffs and two ropes with ankle straps attached.  A wanna-be-police officer from his younger days but unable to pass the lie detector test, especially when asked if he had committed any prior crimes, his ‘No’ answer set off all the bells.  A couple of burglaries that he had gotten away with, along with the rape of a cheerleader that went unreported, there was no way that Jake could have passed the test.

Camcorders turned off, Jake then placed them into a better position to capture the upcoming rape scenes.  Cameras in place and turned back on, Jake then moved to the bed, first taking the beauty’s limp left arm and raising it up over her head.  Handcuff secured around her left wrist, handcuff going around the center bar of the headboard, he then raised her right arm and secured that wrist.  Looking at the overhead light fixture, Jake hoped that it would be strong enough to withstand the weight and pressure should any struggling take place later.
Getting up on a chair to pass the ropes through the top of chain holding the fixture, Jake smiled as he lowered the dangling attachments that would soon be secured around the beauty’s trim ankles, then tossed the excess rope to each side where he’d secure it to a heavy object.  Back down on the floor, he then proceeded to lift the beauty’s sexy left leg and wrapped the strap around her ankle.  The other ankle secured, Jake then went to secure the other ends and in the process slowly hoisted the sexy legs high into the air and spread her wide.

Cock throbbing in his pants, it was quite tempting to just crawl up between the unconscious beauty’s widespread legs and ravish her.  But he had to think of the paying audience, wanting to make it intriguing and spice it up some instead of a ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ kind of flick.  Recalling the condom that he had found on the floor of the car and having put it back into her purse, Jake then emptied the contents right onto the bed.  Going to one camcorder, he zoomed in on contents, then went to sift through the items.

Naturally Jake would eventually find the foil packet once again and hold it in perfect position for the close-up camera shot.  Then he noticed an unsealed envelope with a card in it.  Taking the card out and opening it, Jake felt his cock give a twitch as he read what was written in a birthday card apparently for her fiancé.  The envelope was addressed 'Happy Birthday, Mark!'  Inside, the card read ‘Happy Birthday, Honey!  Here’s a little something for you to practice with for our wedding night, especially since your favorite saying is ‘Practice makes perfect!’  Love, your anxious bride-to-be, Jenny!’  Looking at the card and envelope carefully, there was a slight indentation, a round one that apparently was the outline of the condom.

Placing the open birthday card down onto the bed at an angle where the viewers could read the contents themselves, Jake licked his lips as he thought ‘No fuck’n way!  She can’t be a fuck’n virgin!  Not in this day and age!  Jeez …………………….ain’t had me no sweet cherry in over forty years ………………………..not since I grabbed that cute little white cheerleader and dragged her off in the bushes!’  Contemplating his next move, Jake decided on saving the big event for when the young beauty came out of her drugged state, as it’d sure be a turn-on for the audience as well as himself to hear her scream when he popped her precious little cherry.

Unzipping himself, slowly pulling out his still mighty and meaty black shaft, Jake intended on putting on a show for the buyer of the rape flick.  Fisting is black tube, Jake looked over at the lovely beauty as he smiled happily as his old but still trusty cock rose to the occasion.  Making his way over to the other side of the bed, wanting the cameras to get it all on tape, he then knelt upon the bed on the side of the beauty’s face as he continued to fist himself.

It would be quite an erotic tape for the viewer as the masked assailant fisted his big black cock over the face of a very beautiful white babe.  With his captive unconscious, Jake let go of his cock and put his hands on his hips, but was now letting the underside of his sticky cock slide over her beautiful facial features.  Having capped his load several times since kidnapping the young beauty, Jake knew that he was about to lose it all if he continued any longer.  ‘Can I’s hold off once more?  And f or how long?’ he asked of himself.

Thinking about it as he continued to fist his meat, Jake thought ‘Why do things the regular way?  Git outta the box!  Sure, no fun watching the grass grow ……………………but bet guys would sure enjoy watching cum dry on a beautiful bitch’s face while she’s out of it and at her kidnapper’s mercy!  Yeah …………………..glad I’s was able to hold back in the car ……………………..this time I’s can blast off right in her beautiful fuck’n face!’  Looking at pretty Miss Jennifer Mills all tied up and widespread, Jake licked his lips in anticipation.

“So sexy legs ……………………….so fuck’n nice ……………………….flawless …………………….long, ivory white legs ………………………………..oh, sweetie!” Jake said aloud, shivering with pleasure as he reached out to caress her soft smooth legs.  A fetish for sexy legs and feet, this was certainly an opportunity he could pass up, especially since ‘cherry popping time’ would be hours away.  Hand up to her trim ankle, moving up to her shiny white heel, Jake slowly began to peel it off her foot.

Putting on a show, as well as immensely enjoying himself in the process, Jake stuck his tongue out of the mouth hole of his ski mask to lick the undersides of the beauty’s tender pedicured toes.  Then he proceeded over to her other bound leg, going through the same routine.  Quickly unzipping himself, Jake undid the binding of one ankle, then the other as he brought the soft pink soles together around his throbbing hardon.

Having held off before, Jake was quickly at the point of no return and about to spurt his cream all over the beauty’s sexy feet.  But he decided to save that pleasure for later, this time was for the rape flick and he redid the binding around each ankle before going over to the side of the bed for an angle where all would be captured on film.  Grabbing the stem of his cock, he then slapped the beauty right in the face with it.

Just inches away from her beautiful face as he beat his meat, letting the underside of his cock slide over her nose and mouth, Jake gritted his teeth as he tried to hold back as long as possible.  But the time had cum ………..literally!  Shuffling up quickly, till his knees were right next to her head, he knelt up and aimed his meaty black cannon.  “Ah ………………….oh, baby ………………………here’s I cum ………………….ah, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Shit! Shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!” Jake announced just as his cannon exploded.

Right smack at the bridge of her nose landed the sticky goo that quickly splattered and covered her closed eyelids.  Jake’s second spurt hit the center of her forehead and up into her silky hair.  Holding firmly onto his jerking cock, Jake then managed to aim the remaining spurts right onto her pink lips and nose.  “Ah, yeahhhhhh!” came Jake’s satisfied moan as he pulled at this now dwindling cock to get out the last drop.  Then he used the underside of his meat as a paintbrush to give the unconscious beauty an even creamy facial.
Admiring his cummy art work on the young beauty’s face, Jake squeezed out the last drop from his spent peter, chuckling as it landed perfectly as an eyedrop.  For the benefit of the viewing audience, he announced “Sweetie, bet ya’ve never had such a creamy facial before, heh, heh!  Let’s see how it dries on yer beautiful face – be back every fifteen minutes or so!” After getting off the bed, he then turned off the camcorders, intending to turn them back periodically to do a fast speedup for the viewers of cum drying on the beauty’s lovely face.

Forty-five minutes later, on his third return to the scene of the crime, Jake was hot and horny as he gazed upon the still unconscious beauty with her face glazed over with a film of his cum.  Then he was startled by the ringing of the clam-shell shaped cellphone that had been a part of the contents from the purse that had been dumped onto the bed.  Opening it up, without hitting the receive button, Jake saw that the caller ID indicating that it was from a Mark Brown.  It also was the most modern of cellphones, one equipped with a camera.

‘Hmmm, wonder if that’s her punk checking in on his purty little prize?’ Jake pondered.  Recalling the enveloped addressed to 'Mark', he realized 'Yeah, it's the fuck'n punk she's engaged to!'  About to toss it back onto the bed as it continued ringing, Jake remembered reading a recent article in the newspaper indicating how the system in tracing the location of a cellphone call was still in development and how a lost person could not be found without being able to give out any physical reference points to the operator.  Technology was in development but still a couple years away in tracing cellphone calls.

Without turning on the camera, Jake answered the phone with a gruff “Yeah?  Wadda want?”  He wanted to laugh when there was a short pause and a male’s voice responded “I ……………..I’m sorry …………………I must have the wrong number!”  “Who ya looking fer?” Jake asked.  Another pause, then the male’s voice responded with “My ………………….my fiancée ………………Jennifer Mills!”  “Yer fiancée …………a little cutie, about 5’4” with long blonde hair ………………..am I right?” he asked.

Upon hearing the young man’s rattled response of “Yes ………..yes!  Who is this?  Where’s Jennifer?”  Jake advised “Ya got a camera phone like yer honey?”  Upon hearing the answer ‘yes’, Jake then advised “Turn it on punk!”  With that, Jake turned it on and held it if front of him so the punk could see his ski masked covered face and bared black chest as he announced “I’s the guy who’s jist creamed all over yer sweetie’s purty face!  Wanna see the facial I’s gave her?”

For Mark Brown, a cold chill coursed throughout his body as the masked man appeared on the screen of the cellphone.  “What …………………what have you done to Jenny, you bastard?” he yelled into the phone.  But then the phone went dead with the click of the phone.  Frantically Mark redialed the number and prayed for it to answer.  Then the phone answered and the gruff voice advised “From now ya address me as ‘Sir’, sonny boy ………….or ya’s never gonna see that purty little gal again!  Got that?”

“Ye ………………..yes!” Mark replied.  “Yes, what, sonny boy?” came the reply.  “Yes …………..yes, sir!” Mark stammered.  “Please ……………….please …………..where …………………where’s Jenny!” he sobbed out in fear.  Then Mark learned that he had to comply with several instructions provided by Jenny’s captor before he could see Jenny.  With his cellphone focused for the man to see, Mark tore out the hotel phone, then had to strip naked and sit on the bed.

As he gazed into the viewer of his cellphone, Mark gasped out loud “Oh, God ……….oh, God ………………Jenny ……………………Jenny!”  It was quite obvious that Jenny had been rendered unconscious and her beautiful face was covered in a sticky white mess as the man’s taunting laughter could be heard “How’d ya like that creamy facial I gave yer purty fiancée?  Gonna make her skin soft as a baby’s fer ya wedding day!  Talking about a baby ……………………..I’s gonna knock her up with one soon!  So, call back in an hour and ya’s can watch it all!  And don’t git any funny ideas ……….cause the cops can’t trace this call!”

Before Mark could protest or utter a plea, the phone connection was cut off.  He redialed the number but it went unanswered.  With Jenny in the hands of a kidnapper who was intent on raping her, Mark thought of immediately calling the police.  But what could they do as Mark had read the same newspaper article several weeks ago involving the tragic case where a lost person could not be found as the phone company had not developed the system of triangulating the spot of where the cellphone signal was coming from.  Calling in the police would only provide an audience to Jenny’s upcoming rape by her black abductor.

Exactly an hour later, Mark called and to his relief, the phone was answered by Jenny’s abductor.  Forced to scan the room hotel room to assure the man the police had not been called, Mark then had to scan the hotel telephone cord still out of the socket and that he was still naked on the bed.  Then mark saw the ski-masked face as the man advised him “Yer purty bride-to-be is still out of it!  But we’s can’t let yer phone call go to waste, can we?  I’s went and promised ya a show and I’s always keep my promise!  So sit back and enjoy the show!”
Camcorders back on, Jake positioned the cellphone so that it to would provide an excellent view for the distraught fiancé so he could see the captive beauty bound with arms and legs widespread.  Then he stepped up between her raised legs and began to beat his throbbing black meat while announcing for the benefit of the taping and Mark Brown “Ya look so prim and proper, sweetie!  Hope I’s didn’t wrinkle yer dress too much!  But, I’s take care of that ………………..with a little starch job, heh, heh!”

Stroking his once again aroused cock, Jake chuckled “Wish that boyfriend of yers was here in person to see his purty little bride-to-be all strung up and what I’s got in store fer ya!  Ya’s look so damned purty all dressed up like that …………………ah, yeahhhhh!”  Gritting his teeth, trying to make it last as he wanked himself, Jake groaned “Oh, baby ……….ah …………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………………ah, yeahhhhhhhhhhh!”  Then a geyser of cum arched up into the air, landing in a splattering mess upon once beautiful pink outfit, with the skirt and blouse clearly displaying the filthy wet as the fabric began absorbing the liquid.

Staggering off the bed, Jake turned off the bed, turning off the camcorders and picking up the cellphone to tell sobbing fiancé “I’s seen yer phone number listed here in the cellphone’s address book!  I’ call ya back when the big event’s gonna take place!  Looking at the birthday card she wrote to ya, sounds like she’s been saving her precious little cherry fer the big wedding day, huh?  Let’s see if she’s really cherry, huh?”

Hours later, Jennifer was stirred awake by a whiff of ammonia under her nose, then feeling her clothing being yanked and torn from her body.  Attempting to pull her raised arm down to protect herself, Jennifer found herself chained to the bed.  “Please …………….no ………………….stopppppppppppp!  Stop …………………….you’re insane!” she cried out as her assailant tore open the front of her outfit, then he was holding up her bra that had easily given way to his grasp.  Next, her panties were being grasped and the wisp of clothing was being waved above her by the masked assailant.

Jennifer shuddered as the vile man caressed her inner thighs.  Then she realized that the man was not wearing anything but the hood, that he was naked from the neck on down.  Eyes riveted upon the monstrous black penis jutting out from between his coal black legs, Jennifer shuddered, then began sobbing “Please …………….oh, please ……..….no ………………..please …………………………..pleaseeeee don’t rape me!  Please …………………………no, please ………………….I ………………I’m a virgin!”

Pulling at the handcuffs, struggling against her leg bindings, the chuckling from under the mask had Jennifer shuddering in fear.  Lifting her head, she peered down between the vee of her strung up legs, wondering what the vile man had in store for her and he had knelt down at the foot of the bed.  Then she threw her head back and tried to find a way to crawl up the bed as she felt the evil man’s hot breath right upon her sex.

'Oh, God ……………….what's he doing?  He’s an animal …………..smelling my sex ……………….as if he’s about to devour me!' she thought.  But the last thing she ever expected was to have the vile man actually clamp his open mouth upon her sex.  "Ahhhhhhhhh ………………………..ooohhhhhhhhh, God …………………oh, God …………………ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..nooooooooooooooooo!" she screamed out as the hot open mouth clamped down upon her sex and his wiggling tongue in her snatch had her climbing the walls.

Never in her young life had Jennifer experienced such pleasure ……………………sheer unbelievable pleasure that sent tremors throughout her innocent body.  Ankles pressing down onto the straps binding her, Jennifer arched up and as her body convulsed as a mind shattering climax shook her to the core.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo …………………….ahhh ……………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jennifer cooed as her assailant slurped up her sweet honey.

Moments later, the wiggling tongue lapping at her slit was replaced by an object far more blunt, something thick and rubbery hard.  Opening her eyes to see the masked assailant a foot above her and fumbling between their bodies, Jennifer then realized that the man was guiding his manhood up against her entrance, and that he was going to rape her soon by shoving his thick black penis up into her.  As the bloated cockhead became slick with her juices, Jennifer shuddered in fear, pleading “Please ……………….please, mister ……………………please don’t rape me!  I beg you ………………please don’t rape me!”

But Jake just chuckled as he continued to guide his cock up and down along the length of her slick slit, getting himself well lubed with her juices, then taunted her with “Oh, sweetie …………………..yeah, keep that honey coming ………………….ya want me to git my ‘ol black magic all juiced up and ready …………………..ready to pop that precious little cherry of yers!   Gonna make a woman outta ya ………………….teach ya how to please that man of yers!”

"Please ………………………please ………………………..please, no …………please, I beg you ………………….please don't rape me ………………please don't rape me!" Jenny sobbed in despair as she pleaded for mercy.  All those times in putting Mark off, forcing him to keep himself in check so that their wedding night would be a memorable one in which she would surrender her virginity to him, had been for naught.  Her wedding gift for the man she loved was about to be destroyed forever as the blunted dome was pushing its way into her innocent body.

Placing his large hands firmly on the beauty's trim white hips, with cockhead in place, Jake purposely lunged just a bit forward, causing the innocent virgin to scream “Nooooo …………………stoppppppppppppppppp ……………………please!”  The setting was now perfect, hearing the screech of pain emitted by the anguished beauty and in having stopped just as his cockhead bumped solidly against the barrier of her precious hymen.

Then, rearing back and pulling out till just his cockhead remained enveloped, Jake lunged forward with all of his might, spearing right through the barrier of her hymen, causing the beauty to scream out "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………..aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………nooooo ……………….oh, noooooooooooooo ………………….stop ………………………it hurts ………………………….it hurtssssssssssssssssssss ……………….stop, pleaseeeeeeee!  Oh, God …………………..oh, God …………………………let me dieeeeeeeeeeee ……………………let me die!"

Feeling his cock surrounded by a hot sticky fluid, Jake looked down between their joined bodies on the next backstroke.  He smiled with delight upon seeing his bloody cock emerge from the ravished folds of the raped beauty, then slammed right back into the tight confines to buried his boner up to the hilt as his swollen black balls banged against her soft white ass.  Lubed by all the bleeding, Jake then sped up the blood-fuck as the once innocent gal could only sob in the shame of her defilement.

With the volume of the cellphone turned down, Mark’s pleas for the vile rapist to stop went unheard by both Jenny and her attacker.  But all the sounds from bedroom where Jenny was held captive was being transmitted over to him.  Mark had heard everything, from his fiancee's pleas to her anguished cries as her rapist brutally robbed her of her virginity.  With the attacker climbing off of Jenny’s pain racked body, Mark stared ahead as the rapist walked up to the cellphone, giving Mark a close up of the lengthy blood-streaked black cock that had just raped Jenny of her prized possession.  He watched as the man then began to use the torn panties to wipe off his bloody cock.

Then Mark heard the rapist chuckle and whisper “Enjoy the show, sonny boy?  Show me yer pecker, Mark ………………..got a hardon from watching yer purty bride-to-be getting raped?”  Mark sucked in his breath, not wanting to comply but knew that his refusal would only anger the man.  Indeed he had sported a raging hardon upon viewing Jenny’s defilement. But that had now shrunken back to weenie size, totally depleted as he had spurted his jizz high into the air at the moment the rapist was spewing his vile seed into Jenny’s once innocent young body.  Complying with the man’s orders, Mark displayed his shruken cock and the cum stained bed.  He then heard the man laugh then whisper into the phone “Call ya back in about a half hour fer round two with that sweetie of yers!”

End of Story.