Target: Beautiful Married Women - XI
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation of the
earlier story entitled: ‘Target: Beautiful Married Women – I thru X
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Heading on home for spring break a couple days before classes let out, now in his third year of college Skipper Harmon wanted to be certain to get in way early before the wedding rehearsal that was set for 7 p.m. that night, especially since he was asked by his good friend Greg Foster to be his best man at the wedding.  Friends from high school, they were still close, using email to correspond between their respective colleges until they hooked up during breaks and summertime.  Skipper had been busy emailing and calling all the guys to give Greg a bachelor’s party on Friday night, just before he tied the knot the next day.  Having seen Greg during the early part of last summer, his buddy had gotten himself quite busy when he had begun dating Julie Wesson, middle of the three daughters of Councilman Wesson.

Skipper knew that Councilman Wesson had three daughters from his first marriage but had never met them before as the councilman and his first wife had divorced with the girls having spent most of the time with their biological mother and then they were abroad at some fancy and rather exclusive boarding school for a number of years.  In fact, Skipper had done some odd and end jobs for the Councilman, cutting his lawn and then cleaning the large pool in the backyard.  According to Greg’s last email, as both their families still attended the same church, Pastor L. Hawkins Chilton or Pastor Hawkins as they referred to him would be performing the wedding ceremony.  As the pastor’s wife, the lovely Mrs. Gwen Chilton always played the organ for Sunday services, Skipper presumed that she would be playing the organ music for the wedding that Saturday.  Thus, being from a small town, Skipper basically knew all involved other than the bride and her sisters Wendi and Rachel, assuming that both sisters would naturally a part of the bridal party.

During the long drive home, wanting to hit town about noon so he could some things accomplished before the rehearsal, Skipper couldn’t help but to ponder the rather amusing setting that would be taking place that night.  First was the lovely Mrs. Eileen Foster, Greg’s mom, whom he had seduced when sleeping over one night following an off-to-college party that the Fosters’ had for their son and friends.  Pulling the then 38 year wife and mother into a darkened spare bedroom that was empty, right next to the master bedroom where her husband lay sleeping, she was unable to resist his deft movements in getting the straps of her dress down over her shoulders.  After kissing her passionately, the lovely wife had pleaded “Skipper …………….Skipper …………………..please, this isn't right ……………please ……………you must stop ……………now!”  “Please, Skipper …………..……you ………………you're young enough to be my son!” she had worried as he drew her hands down between their bodies, with Skipper then whispering in her ear “Is that ‘man’ enough for you, Mrs. Foster?”  Skipper then heard her gasp in astonishment as she instinctively squeezed her fingers and found just how ‘big’ he was.

(Mrs. Eileen Foster - see 'Target' story #1)

Nibbling at her earlobe, caressing her semi-nude body, the lovely Mrs. Eileen Foster was totally lost and under his control as Skipper whispered with authority “I want to make love to you, Mrs. Foster!”  After stripping her sexy body, his muscular chest was rubbing up against her soft flesh as he grasped her other hand and drew it down to his manhood.  Nuzzling up against her, Skipper took great pleasure in calling her by her marital name, telling her “Show me that you want it too, Mrs. Foster!  Put it in for me, Mrs. Foster!  Guide me into your horny twat!”  “Ohhhhh ………………..ohhhhhhhhh, Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” she had moaned as he speared into her, getting her to beg “Oh, Skipper ………………… it ……… it to me …………………….fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  Skipper recalled panting out “Oh, Mrs. Foster, you’re so soft and sexy!  Sooooo tight!  Want my baby, Mrs. Foster?  Want me to knock you up?  Gonna cum in you, Mrs. Foster!  Gonna knock you up with my baby!”  And never would she get over responding “Yes ……………oh, yes …………give me your baby ……………fuck your little baby in me!  Knock me up, Skipper!”

Skipper recalled mowing Councilman Wesson’s lawn, but figured the councilman who was in his mid-forties and up for re-election had given him the token job more of political move to show the voters that he was a part of the community and doing his part to help the local sports hero earn some money before heading off to college.  Then came the added odd job from the councilman, that of cleaning his pool, which led to his meeting Mrs. Lori Wesson (see Target #1), the 33 year old beauty who had become the councilman’s second wife.  Invited by the lovely brunette to take a dip in the pool, the wife had trembled when he took in his arms for a passionate kiss.  Only after undoing her bikini top, sucking at her titties while stripping away her bikini panties was there a protest as Mrs. Wesson then tried to push him from her while pleading “Please …………………please ……………I ……………..I’ve never cheated on my husband before!”  Confident and cocksure of himself, he had held her butt tightly as he edged under her a bit, then speared right up into her tight cunny.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh ……………………….ahhhhh, God ……………….ahhhhhh …………………oh, Godddd …………………you’re so bigggggggggggg!” she had screamed as he skewered his lengthy cock up into her.  “Oh, Mrs. Wesson …………….you’re so tighttttttttt!  Damn, you’re skinning my cock!  Ohhhhhhhh …………………….I hear the Councilman doesn’t want you to work so you can start raising a family!  Can I be of help in any ……………..way?” Skipper taunted as he thrust up into the quivering beauty.  Skipper chuckled upon recalling how he had jostled the delirious beauty up and down in the water, taunting “You want some help getting in the family way, Mrs. Wesson?  How would you like me to help you out?”   After thrusting up into her once again, the once faithful wife responded “Oh, Skipper ........................oh, so deep!  Oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!  You bastard ……………..fuck me ………………..fuck me, you bastard!  Cum ……………..cum in me …………………give me your little bastard!”

Having emptied his balls, Skipper recalled chuckling “Tell the Councilman you earned him my vote …………..that’s for sure!  Got to make sure he stays in office and earn those big bucks to take care of our little kiddie!”  Finally recovering to a point where he could feel his cock beginning to revive a bit, Skipper untied the beauty’s arms and legs from him, then turned her about in the water.  As Mrs. Wesson was in a fucked out state,  she had grasped the drainage rail that ran along the edge of the pool to keep from sinking.  With her hanging on the pool’s edge, body floating limply on the water, Skipper then moved up between her legs, spreading them further apart in the process.  In total awe from the fantastic fuck, the lovely wife finally realized what his intent was as she panicked “No ………………no ………………just what do you think you’re doing?” “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………………………stop …………………stoppppppppp …………………it hurtsssssssssssssssss!” the lovely Mrs. Wesson wailed out loud as he proceeded to bugger her.

Thus, having nailed both the mother of the bride and mother of the groom, the evening promised to be a rather exciting one for Skipper.  But it’d be an even more interesting one if the rehearsal would be a complete and full rehearsal with the pastor’s wife playing the organ, especially since Mrs. Chilton had been the first one to suspect him of creating the need for the child-rearing classes due to the number of young unwed mothers, some still in high school.  Her glances at him with that stern look on her face had told Skipper that his secret was out and that he had to nip it right in the bud.  It was at one of the initial child-rearing classes that Gwen Chilton began to suspect Skipper Harmon, the handsome teen football star, after hearing Melody Kerns playing with her son and saying “C’mon, ‘Little Skip’ ………..time to change your diaper!”  Then basically the same thing occurred when she peered in on Diane Adams and her young son Tim, only this time, Gwen heard the young mother actually refer to her baby as ‘Little Skipper’.  She knew then that ‘It’s that handsome football jock, Skipper Harmon!  He’s obviously using his star status to get into as many panties as he can get and ‘knocking up’ all these star-struck gals in the process!’

When the pastor’s beautiful wife had asked to speak with him privately, Skipper knew that his gig was up with his beauty.  Entering the room with her and secretly locking the door behind him, Skipper deliberately stepped up close behind of her, knowing that she could hear him breathing just over her shoulder.  “Sk ………………Skipper ………………I …………….I …………!” she had stammered but was unable to finish her sentence as his hands had moved up to touch and caress the back of both her elbows.  Having sensed the beautiful woman’s inability to protest his advances, Skipper felt quite confident in having the sophisticated beauty melting like putty in his hands, just like all the others he’d managed to seduce.  Bending down, leaning in towards her ear, Skipper whispered “You know, don’t you, Mrs. Chilton?  You know I’m the main reason you had to start up these classes, don’t you?  You know I’m the father of most of the babies ………………..that I knocked up most of those high school gals!”

“Skipper ……………you …………… must learn to use some protection ………… …………….in order to protect the girls from getting pregnant!” Gwen Chilton had stammered out.  “In ………………in fact …………………you ……………… should ………….should refrain from ……..……such sexual activity!  You ………… should wait till you get married!  Think of all the girls involved ……………….all these unwed mothers ……………how their lives are changed from it all!” she had further advised him.  Caressing both of her bare upper arms of the succulent beauty, Skipper felt her go weak at the knees as he moved up even closer as she was now leaning against him for support.  Face up against her soft silky brown hair, Skipper darted his tongue out to touch and tease the edge of her ear.  He then began teasing her earlobe along with the earring that dangled from it.  Next, he whispered in her ear, telling her “Don’t worry, Mrs. Chilton!  I promise not to knock up any more high school girls!  Besides, I’m headed out of town in another week!”

As he continued to caress the shivering beauty, Skipper had added “But really, these young high school girls don’t interest me anymore!  They’re just too ………….young …………….for me!  I much prefer a beautiful …………………sophisticated woman ……………..someone like ……………………you, Mrs. Chilton!”  He then had her trembling against him as his hands made contact with hers, continued to nibble at her ear, then drew her hands back between them as whispered “Feel me, Mrs. Chilton!”  Upon placing her petite hands over his bulging crotch, Skipper gave his cock a twitch, getting the desired response as the lovely woman squeezed back against his pulsating cock.  Cupping her breasts and kneading the stiffening nipples through the fabric of her dress and thin bra, Skipper then pinched her stiff sensitive buds, flicking and making them harden with his thumbs.  “You want me, don’t you, Mrs. Chilton?  You want me to make love to you, don’t you?” he had whispered in her ear.  “You want me don’t you?  You want to experience what all those girls got being with me, don’t you?  Squeeze my cock if you want me, Mrs. Chilton!” he taunted and the trim fingers then signaled her answer.

With the older but quite naïve wife of the pastor trembling in both fear and anticipation, Skipper soon had her naked upon the stacked up mattresses.  Taking one nipple into his mouth to nurse upon it, then doing the same to the other, he had her squirming about in anticipation.  Skipper then took her by surprise by asking “Have you had it any way but the missionary position, Mrs. Chilton?  Bet the pastor only knows the missionary position!”  Turning her about, he had her kneeling upon the mattresses on all fours as he cupped her swollen breasts, as his jutting cock bumped up against her slit.  “Skipper …………………..oh, God …………………..Skipperrrrr ………………..its too big ………………its too bigggggggggggg ……………….please ……………..stop!” the pastor’s wife had pleaded frantically at that instant as she tried scrambling away from him.  But the petite beauty was no match for the strength of Skipper’s muscular body and arms, as he easily pulled her back, right onto his thick boner.

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………..oh, God …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………it hurts …………..oh, Skipper ……………………you’re tearing meeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she had wailed out as his thick cock skewered up into her wet but very tight slit.  "Skipper're not wearing a condom!" she panted out to him.  Fucking the pastor’s wife out her mind while on all fours, slicing in and out of her from behind, Skipper felt her quiver and begin to cream on his throbbing bone.  And then he had her screaming out “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..……………ohhhhhhhhhh ……………………..oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!” just as a mind-shattering orgasm racked her petite body just as he exploded and began ejaculating a torrent of hot jizz deep in her fertile womb.  Thus, with this seduction, Skipper’s secret would remain so as none of the unwed mothers would reveal the identity of their babies’ father.  But it had not ended here as Skipper paid her another visit during his first summer break, seducing her once again, and again knocking her up!

Shortly after checking in at the motel on the day of the rehearsal, then meeting his best buddy the groom who had stopped by to make sure he got settled in, they walked across the way to The Horny Toad Tavern for a quick bite to eat.  The groom showed him a picture of the matron of honor, his good buddy's crush on his future sister-in-law, and over lunch learned of his buddy's hots for the blonde beauty.  Skipper told him “Well, buddy …………I sure wouldn’t feel a damn bit guilty with getting you to part with fifty bucks ………….………in exchange for your beautiful future sister-in-law’s panties ……………………the one she’ll have on at the rehearsal tonight!  With you arranging for me to take her home after the rehearsal dinner, I’m gonna strip off those long sexy legs of hers, right here in this very room!"

All you’ve got to do is to tell her that you’ve also asked me to take her on home after the rehearsal dinner!  You tell your pretty bride-to-be that you'll be dropping her off at home then meeting up with me for drinks since I just got back into town!  On the way out, we'll go to the front desk and get you a key ....................that way you can let yourself in and hide away in the closet before I bring your future sister-in-law in ............................I'll take her out for a few drinks, so you text me once you're squared away in the closet!”  But Skipper's devious mind was churning away as usual, causing him to smile widely at the thought that 'What a fuck'n fantastic wedding present it'd be for my good buddy ............................making his wish come true!  Later, I'll fill him in my new plan where we both switch places with me in the dark, and then he'll get to screw his wife's beautiful older sister!'

Picking up some needed items and meeting up with some high school buddies, Skipper made it back with just enough time to shower and change, then headed off to the church for the rehearsal of which dinner was to follow afterwards.  Upon his arrival at the church, Skipper smiled in seeing several youngsters playing outside near the sandbox and swing set adjacent to the church.  Greeting everyone, Skipper shook hands with his buddy and kidded him about no long being a free man after Saturday.  Then Greg introduced him to the beautiful bride-to-be and Skipper was impressed with the lovely young blonde beauty.  Looking about the room, Skipper knew everyone else there, adults anyway.  Greeting everyone, he could see each of the women he knew swallowing nervously as he took their hand in his.  Completing the scenario was the pastor’s wife who nervously got up from the organ to greet him where her husband was standing next to the parents of the bride and groom. 

Both the groomsmen and bride’s attendants he knew from before, then he was being introduced to Wendi Wesson, the bride-to-be's youngest sister who was nineteen years old and in her sophomore year of college.  Now, only the bride’s older sister was running a bit late as someone was to drop her off at the church.  Then came a sweet voice calling out “I’m sorry I’m late, everyone!”  Turning to look at the hurrying blonde beauty, quite attractive like to the bride-to-be, Skipper watched all the three sisters in a group hug.  Skipper was then was introduced to the Matron-of-Honor Mrs. Rachel Sinclair.  As she was the matron-of-honor and he being the best man, that’d mean that they’d be paired up at times, other than at the reception dinner when the bride and groom would be between them.  Seeing the diamond ring and wedding band, as well as her part in the wedding, immediately Skipper began thinking with the head between his legs. 

As the rehearsal was already behind schedule, Skipper observed the pastor’s lovely wife go out to the side door and heard her call out “Okay, children, time to come on in and go to your places!”  Two boys and a girl came running into the church, with one boy holding Mrs. Chilton’s hand and going with her to sit at the organ, while the other boy and girl went to where the gals in the wedding party were located at the entrance to the church.  He looked at the boy holding the hand of the pastor’s wife, her cute little young son of about three years old, the son that Skipper had knocked her up with when seducing her years earlier in the child-rearing classroom.  He later learn that the younger of the Chilton's children had a babysitter caring for him during the rehearsal, but had just wanted to say 'hi' to his mommy.  Taking that opportunity, walked up to the organ with the young boy sat with is beautiful mother and wife of the pastor, greeting him "Hi, little guy!  I'm Skipper!  What's your name?"  "I'm Nick and this is my Mommy!" came the reply, to which Skipper shook the boy's hand and replied "Nice to meet you, Nick!  And you have quite a beautiful Mommy!"  Skipper could see the beautiful Mrs. Chilton visibly tremble from his comment and nearness.  

As the guys waited off in the side room before proceeding out towards the steps near the altar when the ceremony began, Greg Foster nudged him to advise “That’s my kid brother Mikey, the ring bearer!  Never thought the ring bearer for my wedding would be a little 3 year old kid brother of mine!  But he’s a real fun character and always looks up to me!”  Skipper smiled as he looked at Greg’s cute kid brother, the little boy whom Mrs. Foster gave birth to nine months after Skipper had seduced her in the spare bedroom after the off-to-college party.  As far as Skipper was concerned, this gathering couldn’t get much better.  But it did when Greg advised him “Ain’t it great, my kid brother as the ring bearer and Julie’s little step-sister as the flower girl!”  Skipper smiled as he looked over at the bride’s step-mother, the councilman’s lovely wife whom he had seduced in the swimming pool that summer when he was the pool boy, where he indeed had helped the politician and his wife with starting their family together.  Nudging Greg, Skipper asked him to “Fill me some in about Rachel!  She’s sure a looker!”

Knowing Skipper very well, Greg chuckled in reply “Hey, bud ........................I know we got a bet and you think you got it all figured out in getting her into the hotel room, but don’t go getting too overconfident!  I tell you, she’s just way too strait-laced for the likes of you!  She’s three years older than Julie, in fact she’ll be 25 on Monday, and ………………..I gotta tell you, she’s happily married and not one that’s going to stray!”  “So where’s the hubby?” Skipper inquired.  "Off to Afghanistan with the National Guard unit that was just called up less than two weeks ago!” Greg responded.   "I know that look!  Shit, man, I’m telling you!  You’re wasting your time cause she ain’t one to put out!  Too fuck’n in love with that hubby of hers!  I don’t care if he’s away for over a year, Rachel will never spread her legs for another guy, not even for the infamous Skipper Harmon!  Lemme tell you, there just ain't no way in hell she'll put out for anybody!”

With Skipper so insistent and telling him "Just make sure you get situated in the closet and you'll see me in action!"  Greg chuckled “Shit, I hope you're not setting me up with one of your practical jokes, you'll be laughing your head off at my expense stitting by myself in a small closet space!  Damn though, she’s got real nice long legs and I sure as hell would like to get between them!”  “Hey, when do you have to head on back for spring ball?” Greg inquired.  After learning that Skipper would be headed back early Monday morning, Greg nudged his best man again, whispering “A buck gets you ten that you don’t score!”  With Skipper giving him a devious smile and offering a handshake, the deal was on.  "You got the extra room key from the front desk earlier, just make use of it and text me when you're ready, as I'll be across the way getting that little hottie ready for some action!" Greg was told. 

In the back of Skipper’s mind he was concocting up something more interesting as he thought to himself.  A moment later, Skipper whispered to his good buddy  “Jezz, Greg ………………..I just can’t take your hard earned ten bucks!  I’d feel guilty robbing you like that, especially with all the wedding expenses you’ve got!”  “Yeah, right ……………..…just admit that you lost your touch!” the groom chuckled.  Skipper then advised “Well, buddy …………I sure wouldn’t feel a damn bit guilty with getting you to part with fifty bucks ………….………in exchange for your beautiful future sister-in-law’s panties ……………………the one she’s got on right now, the one I’m gonna strip off those long sexy legs of hers!  All you’ve got to do is to tell her that you’ve asked me to take her on home after the rehearsal dinner!”

For Greg Foster, he was all game in pairing up his ‘best’ man with his beautiful but too goody-goody future sister-in-law, thinking that ‘If Skipper manages to get in her fuck’n panties, she wouldn’t dare threaten telling on me if and when I make a move on her!’  And so, when the rehearsal was over and before the dinner, he planned on making it known that he had asked Skipper to taking Rachel home so Julie and the parents would all be relieved that she be escorted on home safely.  And as the wedding coordinator was at the front of the church spacing out the gals in the preliminary walk down the aisle, Greg saw Skipper get on his cellphone, then overheard him say “Leroy, you working tonight?”  A pause, then Skipper spoke again “Yeah, buddy …………………probably about 11 or so, after the rehearsal dinner that’s coming up!  Can you set me up like the last time?”

Another pause, then he heard Skipper advised into the cellphone “Great, buddy!  I already checked in earlier when I rolled on in!  Staying in the corner one like the last time ..........#8!  See you soon!"  Greg then saw Skipper look in his direction before adding "Oh, Leroy more favor, my buddy Greg will be stopping by about that time .....................can you put a couple brews in a paper sack for him to go!  Yeah, Greg's his name!  Thanks, buddy!” Greg saw that wide grin on Skipper's face was he approached, then listened as his best of friends advised "You tell that bridie poo of yours that you're gonna drop her off at home, then head out to meet me for some drinks as I just got in and we need to catch up!  You go to the Horny Toad Motel, use the key to get in Room #8, get yourself comfortable in the closet and text me!  I'll then close the tab at the tavern and that hot matron of honor will soon be on the motel room bed ..............................naked and squirming in heat!"

For bartender Leroy Johnson, he had taken off from college the day before Skipper, right after his P.E. course on ‘strength and conditioning’.  Having contacted his old boss early, it was all arranged for him to tend bar during the few days he had during Spring Break in order to earn a few bucks before heading on back for spring practice.  He remembered the last time he had helped Skipper out, setting things up when Jill Norris (see 'Target #7), that beautiful blonde reporter bitch from their college town wanted to interview him.  Chuckling as he thought back to how he had laced the unsuspecting bitch’s drink with a potent dose of ‘Spanish Fly’ that led to Skipper’s easy seduction of the supposedly faithful young wife, Leroy recalled also how he had managed to later blackmail the beautiful bitch into spreading her legs for the likes of him.

With photos of the beautiful newscaster holding her heels in hand as she snuck out of the ‘Horny Toad Motel’ the next morning, it was something she dared not have her husband see, especially with the date on the bottom of the photo being exactly nine months before the birth of her little baby girl. 
Knowing his football buddy quite well, Leroy knew two things that would be a certainty, that the bitch he was bringing to the tavern that night would be both: beautiful and married!  Leroy wondered who she was and just perhaps he could get the goods on her also, using it of course when his buddy Skipper lost interest in her and was on the hunt for another broad.  ‘Hell, I’ll take his leftovers any day!  Especially when they’re beautiful white bitches and rather unwilling to spread their sexy legs for a black buck like me!’ he mused.

Leroy just loved watching the blond beauty on the evening late new wrap up, then seeing her show up in the same outfit that he had seen her wearing on the newscast, but more so in seeing her taking it off for him in the Horny Toad Motel.  She had tried to pay him for the incriminating photos, but there was only one thing that Leroy would be satisfied with .....................her sweet pussy! 

After having heard snips of his buddy’s phone conversation and he had just been told, Greg looked towards the front of the church at his future sister-in-law, his cock rising up in his pants at the thought that 'Skipper's might actually get into Rachel’s tight little panties!'  ‘Damn, I sure as hell hope to see it actually happen!’ he thought.  “You’re really think you can it off, don’t you?  You actually got things all set up on the phone, didn’t you?”  Seeing his buddy’s knowing smile, Greg bubbled “Damn, this I gotta see for myself!  You ain't gonna live it down if I end up wasting my time sitting alone in the closet of a motel room for nothing!”  After the first dry-run of the men moving out towards the altar, with the kids and gals making the slow procession down the aisle in time with the organ music, they all returned to the starting position for a final rehearsal.  Excited and inquisitive, Greg peppered his good buddy with questions whenever time permitted during the rehearsal.

As the groom’s inquisitive questions resumed, it gave Skipper a rather devious thought as he told Greg “Hey, man …………..I was going down to Smith’s at the mall, planning on getting you that hunting knife you had you’ve always talked about for your bachelor’s party gift!  But I was just wondering, what would you like more ………….the hunting knife or a chance to nail for beautiful future sister-in-law ..............................tonight?”  Skipper’s outrageous proposal had his buddy speechless as his jaw just dropped wide open, then he began stammering “How ………………how ………………… …………….!  Fuck .............the fuck’n knife, man!”   Skipper then advised “With your ass hidden in the closet when I'm making out with the bitch, you'll know when the timing's right to switch places .....................I'll turn off the lights so she won't have a fuck'n clue!"  "My buddy, who I called is the bartender at the tavern!  He's gonna see to it that she's gets all hot and horny with a dash of ‘Spanish Fly’ that all she’ll be able to think about is getting a tongue or cock in her that she won’t realize we swapped places!”Skipper advised.

Given a ride by the ‘best’ man of the wedding, from the church to the rehearsal dinner that was being held at a swank restaurant, Rachel let it be known to Skipper that his reputation as a college jock and womanizer had well preceded him.  In fact, she even put it rather bluntly in telling the handsome jock that “Julie tells me you’re headed back to college soon after the wedding for football practice!  With that little time, I’m sure you had better make use of all your precious time …………………….maybe getting yourself hooked up while you’re back home!  I’ll ask Ron and Jen to give me a ride home!”  “Aw, you’ve got be pegged all wrong, Rachel!  Greg probably just filled your sister’s head with a lot of macho gibberish on some of the crazy shenanigans that I instigated when in high school!  Honest!” Rachel was advised by the handsome college jock.  It was just a front that Rachel had put on as she was nervous as hell in being alone with him, then she was challenged when he added “Or are you just afraid of yourself in being alone with me?”

Rattled at her bluff being called, Rachel fought to keep her composure and to maintain her charade of being so self-assured as well as a very faithful wife that would not be hit upon, she quickly responded with “Okay, suit yourself, buster!  But don’t say I didn’t warn you!”  Having reached the restaurant, Rachel had to admit to herself that Skipper was indeed handsome and came across as a true gentleman with his manners.  Swallowing deeply, she asked herself ‘Are you afraid of yourself in being alone with the likes of this handsome young college jock?’ Over dinner, with Skipper sitting next to her throughout the night, Rachel felt her heart thumping rapidly with sheer nervousness.  With Greg suggesting that she sit next to Skipper, she couldn’t make much of an objection, but it sure seemed as if her future brother-in-law was intent on getting her into the clutches of his ‘best’ man!  As the night progressed, her normal limit of one glass of wine during dinner turned into two, making Rachel feel a bit giddy after downing that second glass of wine.  Then, as the group left the restaurant and exchanging hugs and saying their goodbyes outside, Rachel trembled as Skipper placed his large hand on her trim waist as he escorted her to his car.

Little did Rachel realize that the groom, her future brother-in-law, was witness to this while exchanging winks with his ‘best’ man to wish him good luck.  As they neared the Horny Toad Tavern, Skipper boldly challenged Miss Goody-Two Shoes “What do you say we have a night cap at the tavern up ahead!  Or are you afraid that your prim and proper image would be destroyed if someone happens to see you with the likes of me while hubby’s off to war?”  After a bit of silence, Skipper chuckled out loud and looked at the flushed beauty, adding “Ahhh, the lovely Mrs. Rachel Sinclair is really indeed afraid of having her Miss Goody-Goody image tarnished!  I understand ………..………..people will think that you’re stepping out on hubby, huh!”  It was as if he had thrown down the gauntlet, for Rachel gave a rather haughty snap of the head with an ‘I accept your dare’ with a tort reply “Well, if you’re buying ……………..and want to waste your time as well as money, pull on in for a drink!”  But Rachel was doing all she could to keep the trembling from showing, not wanting this handsome college jock to know that he had bested her by calling her bluff.  Seeing the sign of the Horny Toad Tavern and Skipper putting his blinker on, all Rachel could think was ‘Oh, God, what a dive!’  Although she had never frequented the place, just the name of the tavern itself gave her the shivers.  Then, figuring that it would be highly unlikely for her to run into any of her or her husband’s friends here, Rachel thought to herself ‘Thank goodness the people we know don’t frequent this kind of place!’

Skipper, my man!  Good to see you here once again!  What can I get for you and the lovely lady!” Leroy greeted his college buddy upon seeing his arrival with the sexy beauty next to him.  And in doing the quick once over, it was just as Leroy had suspected upon seeing the sparkling diamond ring and wedding band on her finger.  “And as you know, if this is the lovely lady’s first time at this fine establishment, the first Horny Toad Special’s on the house for our new comers!” he added.  Hearing this, Rachel turned to look at Skipper, then gave him a bit of a snicker in replying “Oh, so you don’t even have to spend a dime if I take the special, huh!  Alright, big spender, I’ll go easy on you since you’re still in college and have that free special, but I’m planning on ordering a second drink that’ll cost ya!”  Having two glasses of wine already, Rachel intended on sipping this ‘special’ drink but planned on ordering another drink just to put up a good front and show Skipper that he wasn’t getting off with just a freebie.

“Guess you’re just to wise for me, Rachel!” Skipper replied while giving his buddy Leroy a wink.  With the rum over a 100 proof and drink laced with the potent ‘Spanish Fly’, he’d soon be getting the tight little panties off this goody-goody and so-called faithful wife.  And with her hubby off in the guard for a couple of weeks now, she ought to be primed and ready to go like that of lighting the fuse of a skyrocket.  ‘Baby, you’re gonna be rocketing off into outer space soon and seeing the stars light up!’ Skipper chuckled to himself.  After a bit of small talk, Skipper turned the conversation to that of her hubby and how long was his deployment going to be before he got back.  Just as he had hoped, the lovely wife got a bit sullen in thinking about her husband and that it was going to be a whole year before she got to see him again.  With hubby gone now for two whole weeks, it meant that her pussy was now in dire need of being petted and scratched.  And if all went well over the next hour before midnight struck, that hot little pussy would be purring.

Now, with three fourths of the spiked Horny Toad Special consumed by the lovely beauty, Skipper smiled in seeing the innocent wife shift about in her seat, obviously feeling that nagging itch brought on by the potent aphrodisiac.  And to get the blood in her petite body pumping even more, Skipper slipped off the bar stool and grasped her hand to take her to the dance floor.  Feeling her pull back in reluctance as anticipated, Skipper then challenged her with “What’s the matter?  Think I’ll make you forget all about your husband after one dance?”  With that doing the trick as she followed him to the floor with the slow dance music playing, Skipper loved the challenge upon hear her whisper to him “You’re so full of yourself, aren’t you?”  Pulling her slim and soft body up against him, a bit pissed at the way she had put him down, Skipper smiled as he wanted to tell her ‘No, that hot little twat of yours will be filled with cock real soon .................not by me but by your future brother-in-law who's got a bad case of the hots fer ya!  Later, I’m gonna make you scream like a fuck'n banshee cause I'm gonna stuff my cock up all the way up that tight little ass of yours, bitch!  Knowing that future brother-in-law and how he's got the hots for you, I would be surprised that he blackmails you into putting out for him in the future!’

Rachel trembled as she was pulled up against the handsome jock’s muscular body, feeling so weird at this point as she was unaware of the potent aphrodisiac in her system that had caused her sexual cavity to become so inflamed as it throbbed for attention.  Nipples hardened and irritated as it brushed up against the fabric of her lacy bra cup that was pressed up against Skipper’s chest, Rachel now wished that she had not been so bold as to take on the challenge and had insisted on being driven straight home.  Forehead perspiring as she sat herself back down upon the bar stool, her heart thumping madly, Rachel sucked upon the straw to drain the Horny Toad Special.  And upon her draining her glass, another glass of the delicious ‘special’ was placed before her.  After sipping a portion of her second drink, Rachel was certainly feeling the full effects of the alcohol as well as the potent aphrodisiac.

Feeling Skipper’s hand now at the small of her back caressing her, Rachel’s mind told to put a stop to it immediately …………….but his strong large hand upon her petite body just felt too good to stop!  “Skipper ………………….I ………………….I think I should be going at this time!” she said softly as the handsome young man had his face nuzzling up against the side of her ear, licking and then nibbling at her earlobe, causing her heart to flutter in nervousness.  As Skipper escorted her out of the tavern, arm around her petite body and large hand on her trim waist, Rachel trembled as the brash and confident young man was obviously feeling and toying with the outline of the waistband of her lacy panties through the thin fabric of her dress.  Swallowing hard, the fight seemed all drained out of her through what she thought was dancing so close to the handsome young stud, Rachel found it quite difficult to even breathe normally at this point.

From inside of Room #8 of the Horny Toad Motel, an anxious Greg Foster kept peering out of the closet slats in the darkened room.  Having stripped off his shirt and trousers, putting them into the corner of the closet, he had decided to keep the pair of jockeys on.  Figuring that if indeed he was in the closet while Skipper proceeded to seduce Rachel, he’d certainly be sporting a stiff boner and did not want to make any noise in the closet or when it was time for him to come on out and make the switch with Skipper.  In the motel room and hidden away in the closet, Greg sent a text message to his best buddy and just  hoped that Skipper wasn’t up to one of his practical jokes.  Then he sucked in his breath in hearing the door being opened and two people coming on in, and he could see that his buddy had his arm around Rachel’s trim waist.  Just seeing conservative Rachel allowing another man to put his arm around her waist like that, especially being only introduced to his buddy a few hours ago, Greg’s cock twitched in his jockeys as his hopes were soaring while thinking ‘My fuck’n dreams for the past nine months might just be coming true tonight!’

Having seen Skipper’s car parked in front of the motel room, Greg had parked further up along the way so as not to have Rachel recognize his car.  Watching intently, he observed them approaching the back Skipper’s car as Rachel moved toward the front passenger door with his buddy’s arm still around her trim waist.  ‘C’mon, Skipper!  Make your move!  Make your move!’ Greg’s mind was saying, wanting the action to commence.  It was as if Skipper had just heard his thoughts as Greg watched his good buddy pull Rachel into his arms and proceed to give her a passionate kiss.  Greg could see Rachel’s hands rise up and attempt to push at Skipper’s muscular chest, but it was now a foregone conclusion in Greg’s mind that very soon his future sister-in-law’s beautiful petite body would be withering about naked on the in the motel room bed.   ‘Damn, I don’t know how Skipper does it!  If he had bet me on this, even giving me odds, I’d swear Rachel would never let her guard down for a second!’ he thought.

Lean forward in his hiding place to peer into the dimly lit room, Greg could make out the entwined couple.  Greg then chucked to himself ‘Hope you’re not getting in harm’s way over there in Afghanistan, Harvey!  Unfortunately, your beautiful wife is right in harm’s way here at the Horny Toad Motel and about to get plundered!  Heh, heh, and I’m gonna get the fuck’n honors if thing work out right!’  His eyes already adjusted to the darkness of the motel room, Greg could see that Skipper had evidently unzipped the back of Rachel’s dress and was now in the process of easing the garment off her left shoulder to expose her flawless ivory white body.  A moment later, Skipper had edged Rachel right over to the foot of the bed and very near the closet where he was hiding.  In fact, if not for the closet door, he could reach out and touch the 3” beige heel that she had on her right foot.  Greg nearly let out an audible gasp of surprise when the black and white polka dot dress fell to the floor around her heels.   Seconds later, a lacy white bra fell to the floor with the strap just a few inch away from the closed closet door.  Greg then heard Rachel’s voice as she cooed “Ooooohhhhhhh, Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

Hearing the avid sucking and licking sounds, Greg smiled as his buddy was now licking Rachel’s hardened and sensitive buds.  Clothing, male clothing then began appearing scattered about on the floor.  Then suddenly Rachel’s heels disappeared as Greg heard the thud of the bed when Skipper took her down upon it.  “Ooooh, Skipperrrrrrr, Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” Greg heard Rachel coo while his buddy continued tonguing her titties.  As Rachel continued cooing Skipper’s name, he then heard Skipper breaking her down as he asked “What do you want, Rachel?  Tell me what you want me to do to you!”  “Oh, Skipper …………………please …………………….make love to me!  Pleaseeee!” he heard Rachel reply.  Then Greg froze when he heard Skipper’s voice telling Rachel that “You know that your future brother-in-law Greg has the ‘hots’ for you?  He was sure right about you, cause he told me that he suspected a hot little firecracker beneath that cool exterior you put on!  You got that poor boy all tied up in knots, you know!  He was betting me that hubby never ate ya out!  Has he, Rachel?”

“What ..............................what do you mean?  I ……………..I don’t know what you mean!” came Rachel’s stammering reply from across the closed closet door.  “Eat your sweet little pussy, honey!” came Skipper’s voice as some movement took place atop of the bed.  “No!  No, he hasn’t done such a filthy thing like that!” Rachel’s voice trembled.  Then Skipper’s feet and ankles landed wide apart on the floor as his buddy’s voice could be heard telling Rachel “I’m gonna eat you alive, sweetie!”  With Skipper getting off the bed, that was the signal from Greg to start edging his way out from under the bed.  Just as his face was out from under, the soft silky garment of Rachel’s lacy white panties fell to the floor in front of his hiding place.  With the folding door open a fraction of an inch, Greg pulled it open a bit more, enough to sneak a finger on out to latch onto the pair of fallen panties.  Inhaling deeply a few seconds later, tongue licking at the crotch band, Greg was ecstatic and still not believe that this was all a dream.  

Greg was a quite nervous and actually shaking a bit when Skipper reached over to turn off the lamp that was sitting on the nightstand next to the king-sized bed.  Without the lamp on, he couldn't see much and neither could the beauty on the bed, making the planned switch with his buddy possible without being detected.  He then heard Skipper's voice saying "Going to the bathroom for a minute!  Be right back, sweetie!"  With Skipper crouching down and pushing at the folding door, Greg then heard his buddy whisper out "When I get back from the bathroom, we'll swap places ........................that's my wedding present fer ya lying up there waiting on the bed!"  Light go on in the bathroom as he got out of his clothing, then Greg was anxiously waiting for his college buddy to return.  Door to the bathroom reopening, light turned off, Greg could hear his buddy's footsteps approaching.  Standing on up as Skipper crouched on down to slip into the closet, Greg then gave his boner a couple of shucks as he knelt up on the king-sized bed. 

With the switch deftly made, Greg shuddered as he sought to compose himself as his hands were now gripping Rachel’s trim ankles.  How many times he had stared at her trim and flawless legs, wishing that he could reach out and touch her petite feet and lovely toes that were always pedicured and sporting a bright red nail polish.  With both hands, he was grasping the backs of her beige heels, peeling them off her sexy feet and tossing them to the ground.  Taking the time to caress her soft pink soles, his aching cock throbbing to the occasion, his hands moved slowly up to her ankles and calves.  Hands at her knees, Greg then pushed the limp legs apart, pushing at the back the knees to raise her legs up before moving down between them.  Now the soft soles of her lovely feet were resting upon his back as Greg was just inches above her throbbing slit and inhaling the fragrance of her sweet honey.  That intoxicating fragrance had him lightheaded as he clamped his hot open mouth onto her gash, loving the feeling of her shuddering as her trim fingers tightened in his wavy hair to pull his head back as she squealed “Oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!” 

And then Greg found it, flicking his talented tongue on Rachel’s G-spot, sending his future sister-in-law into a crazed frenzy.  Feeling Rachel’s soft soles slide down upon his back, then using the toes and balls of her feet, she pressed down to arch up into his hungry mouth.  Trim fingers tightly grasping him by the hair, only now her hands were holding him to her mound as she panted out “Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss ……………………… meeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………… me, lover …………..………………eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Slurping up the sweet honey in her slick slit, Greg felt Rachel clutching at him desperately as she shuddered uncontrollably as she orgasmed in his mouth.  Finally she went totally limp in the aftermath, fingers loosening their grip as her arms and legs fell away as she lay splayed out on the bed.  Backing away and off the bed, Greg quickly stripped of his pair of jockeys and moved back upon the bed to get in the saddle.  Reaching over to grasp her limp hand, he drew it over to wrap around his throbbing boner.

Having grasped her left hand to draw over to him, Greg felt her diamond ring and wedding band, making his cock expand at the excitement of knowing he was about to bag a married beauty.  ‘God, no wonder Skipper’s so hot to nail a faithful married bitch!  What a fuck’n turn-on!’ he thought.  ‘Oh, Goddddddddddddddd!’ he gritted his teeth as his body shivered with pleasure as Rachel’s trim fingers grasped his pulsating cock and instinctively began shucking him.  Shuffling up some as she pulled him to her slit, Greg grasped her trim hips, then speared forward once he had been centered.  “Oooooooohhhhh ………………….you’re so bigggggggggggggg!” Greg heard her moan as he skewered himself into her tight fitting, smiling proudly at the remark, her tightness also telling him that he was far bigger than her own husband in the meat department.  “Oooooooh ……………………….yes, oh, yes ……………………yesssssssss ……………… me ……………………make love to me!” came her cries as he began to hump her in earnest.

Sitting in the darkness of the closet, Skipper chuckled to himself at the way his anxious buddy was nailing his bride-to-be’s married sister just two days before the wedding.  “Squeak ………….…squeak …..…………squeak ………..……squeak …………..…squeak ……………squeak!” came the sounds of the cheap old spring mattress as the fuck commenced.  He could now make out Rachel’s trim arms encircle her future brother-in-law, then her long sexy were wrapping themselves around Greg’s humping ass. And now, the tempo picked up much quicker, as Skipper heard the fucking upon the bed go “Squeak ………squeak …..…squeak …………squeak …….…squeak ……squeak!” ….…squeak …..…squeak …………squeak …………squeak ……squeak!”  “Ahhhhh …………….ahhhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!” he heard Greg groan out.  “Oh, lover ………………..lover …………………yes ………………….yes …………….cum in me …………………..cum in meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” came Rachel’s cries of joy.

Startled awake after having fallen asleep upon Rachel’s soft beautiful body, cock dwindled but still embedded, Greg was thankful that Skipper had gotten him up before Rachel discovered the switch.  He then heard Skipper whisper in his ear “Stay low at the foot of the bed and watch this!”  Just as he ducked down, the lamp next to the bed was turned on as Skipper was taking Rachel’s hand and telling her “C’mon, sweetie!  I’ve been dreaming of this the moment I laid my eyes on you!”  “My, God!  You’re hard again already!” Rachel gasped in amazement as she stared ahead at the jutting prong.  Pushed to her knees, she looked up in question, wondering just what Skipper wanted of her.  “Blow me, Mrs. Sinclair!  Gimme a blowjob!” she heard him say.  Rachel swallowed in nervousness, never having ever performed this act before, but she had heard about it from her sorority sisters in college.  Shaking her head ‘no’, Rachel thought it dirty and made it known in telling Skipper “I’ve never done such a filthy thing before!  And I don’t plan on starting now!”

“What a fuck’n typical bitch!  You enjoy getting eaten out but too fucking stuck up to return the favor!  What a fucking bitch!  Well, you’re going to learn that it’s a real turn on for a guy to have a beautiful bitch like you on your fuck’n knees with her mouth filled with his cock!” Greg heard Skipper growl out.  From his hiding place, Greg watched his buddy wrapping his fingers in her long silky blonde hair, then as Skipper stepped forward to rub his cock up against her nose to her forehead, with his ball sac bouncing off her chin as she tried to push him away.  Watching all this taking place from his hiding place in the closet, Greg smiled to see the haughty Rachel Sinclair naked on her knees and made to blow his good buddy.  With her kneeling up some as Skipper pulled her head onto his cock, the lighting allowed Greg to see between her parted knees, where he observed a thick string of cum oozing out of her well-fucked twat and about to fall onto the carpet.  It was his cum and a lot more of it had been deposited far up in her womb. 

‘God, I hope I knocked her up good!’ Greg hoped and prayed.  Ten minutes later, after Skipper had ordered her sternly to look up at him as he ejaculated in her mouth and throat, Greg was about to make a hasty exit while Rachel was kneeling over the bathroom sink trying to cough up all the spunk in her belly.  Congratulating one another on the well-hatched scheme, Greg advised “Thanks, man!  Best gift a guy could ever dream of getting for his bachelor’s party!”  Greg had to chuckle when Skipper handed him Rachel’s lacy panties and told him “But you still owe me fifty bucks for these!”

Panting for breath as she wiped her mouth with a wet towel, Rachel couldn’t believe the audacity of the young stud, making her kneel there like a whore and then ejaculate his semen into her mouth.  “You bastard!” she snarled upon her return from the bathroom.  But that was the wrong thing to do as the towel was snatched out of her hand as she was then flung down upon the bed, onto all fours.  And as Skipper took her roughly, lunging his manhood spear into her this time, Rachel screamed out “Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” as she could swear his cock was even bigger this second time around.  "Like that, bitch like me fucking you like a bitch!" Rachel heard him ask while shagging her from behind.  Gritting her teeth, Rachel shook her head 'no', but that turned out to be a mistake.  Cock pulled out of her, she then heard Skipper say "Okay, how about this then?"  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Rachel screamed out from the unbelievable pain, for this was the first time in being buggered.

That next night, picked up first before they drove over to Greg’s, Skipper had his overnight bag with him to leave at Greg’s where he’d spend the night after they got back from the bachelor’s party.  It’d be a typical bachelor’s party, with a lot of booze and of course, a stripper who’d be giving the groom a few lap dances.  And with one of the guy’s a light weight with the booze, one beer nursed throughout the night and then soda pop thereafter, thus he would be their designated driver for the night.  Needless to say, with all the toasting to Greg, he was wasted by the end of the night.  Dropped off at Greg’s home, Skipper assisted the groom-to-be up the walkway and was asking him for the key when the porch light went on.  With all the commotion, Mrs. Foster had apparently gotten up to help open the door for them, then locked up as Skipper helped his buddy to his bedroom.  Seeing the lovely Mrs. Foster barefoot with a white terrycloth robe tied around her, his cock rose to the occasion once again.

With Mrs. Foster then showing him to the spare room where he’d be staying, Skipper could sense her nervousness with him so close, for it was the room in which he had seduced her years ago.  As she was about to leave the room, he grasped her hand and pulled her to him, hearing her pant out “No, Skipper ………………we can’t ……………………my husband might get up …………………….and look for me!”  Pulling at the bow-tied belt of her terrycloth robe, he parted her protective garment, then was caressing her soft shapely body through her thin nightgown.  For Eileen Foster, she had been lying wide awake in bed as her husband was sound asleep on his side of the bed.  Her heart was racing as she looked at the time and wondered when the bachelor party would wind up.  Not that she still kept tabs of her son’s coming and going, just that she certainly recalled the last time his friend Skipper had spent the night over at their home, the night of off to college party years ago.  That being the night he had seduced her ……………….and impregnated her as well!

Pushing the door shut and locking it, Skipper pushed the robe from her shoulders, then eased the flimsy nightgown from her body and began sucking on her tender nipples.  A moment later, they were lying upon the bed in the classic ‘69’ position, with his tongue in her juicy slit while her head bobbed up and down on his boner.  The frantic eating of one another took the edge off as the lovely mother of the groom orgasmed in his mouth while he popped his nuts in hers.  Ninety minutes later, after two lovemaking sessions, Mrs. Foster was slipping into the master bedroom to get some much needed sleep in order to look her best at the wedding, not bothering to take the time to douche out her young lover’s spunk that could prove quite costly once again.  Body sated as she dozed off, she could feel the slickness of their commingled juices between her thighs, knowing full well that this was the most dangerous time of the month.  Rubbing her slick thighs together, she placed a hand over her belly, wondering how big it might be in a few months.

Everything went according to plan as the wedding ceremony went off without a hitch.  At the reception, dancing with the lovely matron-of-honor when the bridal party joined in following the initial one by the bride and groom, Skipper sensed the guilt and remorse of the lovely Mrs. Rachel Sinclair as she was acting rather aloof and back to her haughty attitude.  He suspected that she could not get over her infidelity with hubby just gone for a bit over two weeks.  And his hopes on nailing her again were dashed when she curtly told him that she had already arranged to catch a ride home with a close friend of Julie’s as she and her husband lived a mile from her.  With most females accompanied by a male for the wedding reception, Skipper just shrugged it off figuring that he’d had his share of good luck already. 

Pastor Chilton stopped on by, asking if he could make it to Easter Service in the morning, not pressuring him to attend church but the pastor indicated that he needed a big favor.  Apparently Pastor Chilton was to dress up as the Easter Bunny for the kids Easter egg hunt after the services but now needed to fill in for the pastor who was to hold a service at the hospital.  Skipper was trying to make up an excuse as to why he'd be unable to help out.  What really made up Skipper’s mind seconds later was hearing Pastor Chilton say “My wife suggested that I ask you, since you always seem to love being around and playing with the young children!”  Glancing over to table where the beautiful Mrs. Chilton was seated, Skipper saw her smile and wave to him, causing his cock to rise to the occasion.  He indeed enjoyed being around young children, but ‘making’ them was much better though, as the lovely Mrs. Chilton should know since the time he had seduced her in the child-rearing classroom at the church.  And the two young children of the Chilton’s were living proof of that feat.

Wedding reception winding down with the younger generation still present and dancing while the older folk had headed for home, Skipper watched the bride and groom head off up to the honeymoon suite, figuring that he'd just have to wait and hope for the best on Easter Sunday.  Looking about, he observed the parents of the bride, Councilman Wesson and his lovely wife getting ready to depart for home.  He then observed the Councilman appearing quite woozy, holding onto the back of a chair for support, obviously a sign of him having too much to drink on this big occasion.  Going over to assist, though the Councilman tried to decline in saying he’d be fine, Skipper used the excuse of “It’ll work out perfectly for me as I was going to have to catch a ride home since I came on the limo with the bridal party!  As you live just a block from me, it’ll be a short walk home from your place!”  With the Councilman seated in the front passenger seat, Skipper held the rear door open for the lovely Mrs. Lori Wesson, then held her at the elbow as she was about to enter.  But his firm grip on her arm and by not letting go, the beautiful wife looked up towards him, with Skipper giving her the all too knowing smile of his.

Sitting in the backseat while Skipper proceeded on driving them home, Lori Wesson fidgeted about in nervousness.  With Skipper having held her arm in that grip, that look of lust in his eyes, she knew all too well the devilish intentions he had for when they arrived at her home.  Being seduced by the handsome college jock when she was alone in the pool, with no one else around was one thing, but in her own home while her husband was soon to be dozing off in his drunken stupor was another.  ‘Absolutely not!’ she resolved, telling herself ‘Not in my home with my husband there, fast asleep in another bedroom, I must be firm and send this overconfident young stud on his way!  She wished that her son was not spending the night at his aunt's place, that way she could use the excuse of having to take care of him getting ready for bed and to tuck him on in!’

At the Wesson’s home, with the Councilman falling face first onto the bed and snoring immediately, Skipper had to admire the resolve of the lovely Mrs. Wesson as she firmly resisted his advances.  But when he grasped her hand and pulled her out the sliding door, he felt the beautiful wife tremble as he told her “Let’s go for dip in the pool!”  “We can’t!  It’s too late!  Besides, I don’t have my swimsuit and neither do you!” came the shaky reply.  Skipper just smiled and then replied “It’s never too late!  And do we really need swimsuits?”  With her 3” white heels, dress and undergarments scattered along the poolside deck, Lori shivered as she sat on the pool's edge and grasping the at the edge of it.  Head thrown back with her long silky black hair whipping from side to side, her long trim legs going up and down with her feet hitting the top of the water as her young lover’s head was just above the water, buried between her thighs and eating out her molten snatch.  “Nnnnnnn ……………mmmmmmmm …………………………ooooooooooooooooh ............................oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………..ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!” Lori shuddered as convulsed and gave Skipper the dessert he was after, her sweet and juicy honey.

After a hot splashing fuck session up against the side of the pool, Skipper was dressed and headed on home, leaving the fucked out beauty naked in the pool with stings of cum oozing out of her well-stretched snatch.  On the drive to the Wesson’s home, the Councilman had told him of the Easter lunch at their home the next day and had invited him over if he was free, thus now Skipper had to chuckle in thinking ‘Hope your guests don’t go diving down to the bottom of the pool!  Or they might be wondering about all the white strings of cum dancing about the bottom of it, evidence of some hanky-panky having taken place right there in the pool!’

Meanwhile, at the home of Pastor Chilton and his lovely wife, the pastor was fast asleep while Mrs. Gwen Chilton trembled nervously as she lay wide awake thinking ‘Why did you suggest to him that he should ask Skipper to help out with playing the Easter bunny?  You’re just asking for trouble!’  But now that it had been done, her thoughts went back to that very first time, when she was going to confront Skipper on his getting young high school girls into trouble.  But the confident young hunk had turned the tables on her, seducing her right in the child-rearing classroom that she taught the young girls, and she herself had gotten ‘knocked up’ as a result.

As Skipper sat through Pastor Chilton’s Easter sermon, his eyes were focused on the lovely Mrs. Gwen Chilton as she sat playing the organ.  Clenching his teeth to keep his wide smile from showing, Skipper devilishly thought ‘Those soft manicured fingers will soon be playing a different tune, and on a different kind of organ, one that you can even put beautiful lips around and blow on it!’  And when she was kneeling in the communion line, Skipper cock twitched as he mentally pictured her kneeling before him, getting an entirely different kind of communion.

And later that afternoon, Skipper’s only prayer during the service that morning had fully answered.  With the pastor off to hospital and the Chilton children going home with their grandparents, the setting was perfect.  Getting the lovely Mrs. Chilton to help unzip the back of his costume in the child-rearing classroom, he returned the favor by deftly unzipping the back of her dress, then proceeded to give her that second communion that he had imagined during the church service.  And after eating her to a mind-shattering orgasm, they made some fantastic ‘magic’ on one of the mattresses used for the classes, with pastor’s lovely wife getting fucked by the Easter bunny.

That next morning, there was just one last item on the agenda for Skipper before he headed on back to college for the first spring practice commencing that afternoon.  That last item, as his best man duties, was picking up the bride and groom from the hotel and dropping them off at the airport for their honeymoon trip.  Skipper was right on schedule when he pulled up to the front lobby and the newlyweds were just coming from the checkout desk.  But with news of the airport security code being raised earlier that morning, Greg advised him that they now needed to check in an hour earlier than initially planned.  With Julie’s wedding gown in a garment bag, the plan was to have it dropped off prior to going to the airport.  With the need to check in earlier, they asked if he would mind dropping it off at Rachel’s place on his way out of town instead.  “No problem at all!  I dropped her off the other night and remember how to get there!” he replied.

Expecting her sister to make a quick stop to drop her wedding gown off before heading to the airport, Rachel was caught by surprise upon seeing a smiling Skipper Harmon standing at the doorway carrying the large garment bag.  Her telling Skipper that she’d take the bag was met by a chuckling smirk by the confident and arrogant young jock as he merely stepped right into her home.  Garment bag tossed upon the sofa, she was then grabbed by the wrist and forced down to her knees onto the carpeted living room, and told “Now you get to practice and make perfect what I taught you the other night!  Only this time you’ve got to keep the protein down!”

Two hours later, as Skipper was pulling out of her driveway in order to make it to spring practice on time, Rachel had collapsed in exhaustion on the king-sized master bed.  The bed made in the early morning was now all rumpled as Rachel lay naked on her belly, sobbing in disbelief that she had now been unfaithful once again, this time in her own home and on the marital bed that she shared with her husband.  Never had the bed pounded against the wall in making love to her husband, causing her to wonder if dents in the bedroom wall had resulted to mark forever her infidelity in their bedroom. Sniffling back the tears, Rachel buried her face down into her husband’s pillow, the one that she had bit into to keep her screams muffled from the agonizing pain caused by Skipper brutally sodomizing her after getting her on all fours.  Then Rachel told herself ‘Skipper saw right through you!  You deserved all the pain in your ass!’  Indeed, Skipper had given it to her good, sodomizing her while taunting “You haughty little bitch!  Too fuck’n good for your own britches!  Now I’m gonna show you how a bitch like you should be treated!”

On the drive back to campus, Skipper could not believe how fantastic everything had turned out in going back to be the ‘best man’ for his buddy’s wedding.  Mothers of the bride and groom, the matron-of-honor, and the pastor’s lovely wife all had made his visit back a memorable one.  Of course, one would think the radiant bride herself would be the topping of the cake, but Skipper did have some loyalty to his good buddy and some morals also.  Picturing the lovely bride’s image in his mind, Skipper thought to himself “At least you had the decency not to put the make on her!  Well, summer vacation’s coming up in a few months!  That ought to be enough time!”

End of Story.