Target: Beautiful Married Women - XV
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation of the earlier
stories entitled: ‘Target: Beautiful Married Women – 1 thru 14’

Looking at the list his mother had given to him, Skipper saw that one of the Christmas wreaths were to be dropped off at the Bennett’s home on Oak Street.  He wondered if Mrs. Joy Bennett, one of his mother’s good friends, would be home.  With the address and phone number provided on the sheet of paper, Skipper called the Bennett’s home and was disappointed in hearing Mr. Bennett answer.  Identifying himself and advising that’d he be making the delivery that day, chatted with Mr. Bennett a bit and learned that his daughter Jill was spending the holidays at her college roommate’s home in Boston.  Skipper was delighted to hear that Mr. Bennett was about to head off to the country club for a luncheon but that Mrs. Bennett would be home till noon.

Actually in viewing the old weather, with the wreaths part of a fundraiser and all tagged by the Women’s Club, each could be left at the front door and not be personally delivered to someone in the home.  Being just a block away when he had made the call, Skipper pulled up to the corner of the nearby side street and waited.  Garage door opening up and out backed Mr. Bennett’s car onto the street, then off he drove off leaving the beautiful Mrs. Bennett home alone.  Skipper certainly remembered the sophisticated blonde beauty and had been in the Bennett’s home before as he was friends with their daughter in high school.

Although he had looked for an opportunity earlier, things just had not panned out in being alone with the lovely Mrs. Bennett.  Either hubby, Jill, or their son Billy was always present and Skipper could not make a move.  With Billy a freshman in college and playing basketball, tournaments were always on tap for the holidays and that meant he wouldn’t be home much for the holidays, thus the way was paved for him if he worked things right in getting himself invited into the Bennett’s home.  Once in, Skipper felt quite confident that his seductive skills would take care of the rest.

Mrs. Joy Bennett
For 43 year old Joy Bennett, she had always been the true and faithful wife to her husband John, never before dreaming of being with any other man.  She had met the handsome Skipper Harmon before, both at his parents’ home as she and his mother were good friends and also due to Skipper’s friendship with her daughter Jill.  Having heard of Skipper’s reputation of being a stud, she had worried about Jill for awhile, but was quite relieved that her daughter was more the academic type and preferred to concentrate on her studies than going out with the party bunch that Skipper was associated with.

Answering the doorbell, Joy looked up at the tall handsome Skipper Harmon as he greeted her with a “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Bennett!  Brrr, it sure is cold out!”  “Merry Christmas to you too, Skipper!” Joy responded as she looked up at the handsome young man.  ‘My gosh, he’s gotten even more handsome since I last saw him!’ she thought to herself.  “Boy, that’s a really nicely decorated Christmas tree, Mrs. Bennett!” the handsome stud advised as he looked toward the living room.  Tingling, she told the handsome stud “Come inside, Skipper!  Let me get you some warm cider!”

Gaining entry into the beauty’s home, Skipper continued staring up at the nicely lit and decorated tree, he asked “How long did it take you to decorate it so nicely like that?  It’s just beautiful!”  With Mrs. Bennett turning to look in the direction that he was, towards the Christmas tree in the living room, Skipper then added “There’s one thing that stands out even more beautiful than the Christmas tree, Mrs. Bennett!”  “What’s that, Skipper?” she inquired.  “You!” Skipper advised as he nuzzled at the neck of the now trembling beauty who was frozen to the spot.

“Oh, God!  Skipper ………………this is wrong!  We …………….we need to stop!  My ………………… husband ……………………will be coming back any moment!” Joy advised, unaware of what her husband had told him in the phone call.  As the handsome stud nibbled at her earlobe, she heard him whisper “He’s out at the country club, isn’t he?”  Arms down at her sides moved back to push the handsome young man away from her, Joy silently gasped as her right hand came into contact with the large bulge that she felt through the pair of jeans being worn.  Though her mind told her not to, Joy’s womanly instincts had her trim manicured fingers squeezing at the mighty bulge.

With his hands on the black embroidery of her white blouse, Skipper could feel her trim and sexy body tremble in nervousness.  Seconds later, with his arms encircling her trim waist, his deft fingers were expertly unbuttoning the front of her blouse.  “Skipperrrrr!  Oh, Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrr!” the beautiful wife moaned as he thumbed her budding nipples through her thin lacy white bra.  Expertly undoing the hook of her bra in the back, Skipper hung the lacy garment on a branch of the Christmas tree as he turned the sexy beauty around so he could mouth her sensitive pink nipples.

A moment later, Joy found herself panting as she looked up at the ceiling of her living room, her finger running through the wavy brown hair of the handsome young stud as he suckled her breasts and teased her sensitive nipples.  Then she was lifting her hips for him as strong hands were in the process of pulling her black slacks and lacy white panties over her trim hips.  The next moment, the handsome stud was pulling back a bit to a kneeling position and Joy felt her black heels first been peeled off her feet, then her pants and panties were soon pulled away from her legs.

In no time, the handsome young jock had stripped his clothing away and he was grasping her right wrist and guiding her arm between their bodies.  Joy gasped as her trim fingers came into contact with the throbbing bone of flesh that her fingers instinctively encircled.  Also, she instinctively began to shuck at the pulsating boner and mentally began to compare the size of this young stud to that of what her husband possessed, which Skipper Harmon easily had beat.  Pulling at the throbbing cock, Joy guided the stud to her opening, then proceeded to rub it up and down the length of her slick slit.

Joy gasped loudly as the handsome young stud speared her with his thick cock, then heard him exclaim “Oh, Mrs. Bennett ………………’re so tighttttttttt!”  Hearing Skipper call out her name, Joy shuddered at the realization that she was committing adultery at that instant, and with her good friend’s son!  But she could not resist squeezing her cunny around the pleasure giving shaft that was so much thicker and longer than her own husband’s.  Nothing else matter at that instant but the pleasure between her loins and the feel of the muscular young stud atop of her.  “Oh, Skipper ………………Skipperrrrr  …………………yes ………………..yessssssssssssss ………………..fuck me, Skiper …………………..fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Joy cried out as she wrapped her trim legs around her young lover.

Nailed into the carpeting of her living room floor, Joy Bennett got the fucking of a lifetime, a fucking she’d never forget.  She could not believe the stamina of the handsome young stud as she had climaxed not one, not twice, but three times as he kept his pulsating boner buried deep in her before exclaiming loudly that “I’m gonna cum, Mrs. Bennett!  Gonna cum ………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  And when the hot blast of cum scalded her innards, Joy came a fourth time.

Limp arms and legs still entwined around her young lover, it was only when he pulled his cock out of her did the guilt and shame come rushing in, causing Joy to blink back the tears at the realization of her infidelity after more than twenty years of marriage and faithfulness to John.  For another twenty minutes, after her young lover had departed, Joy just lay there on the carpeting, totally exhausted from that truly fantastic fuck session.  Looking up at the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, Joy swallowed deeply in seeing the new ornaments hanging from the tree, those being her lacy white bra and panties.

Dressed once again as she blinked back the tears in her eyes, Joy then was horrified as she observed a large wet and matted spot on the white carpeting.  With a towel and bottle of carpet cleaner, she then proceeded to clean the carpeting of the telltale evidence of her infidelity.  Finally done, Joy stepped back to make sure everything looked right and no evidence remain of her tryst with her young lover.  But what evidence she had not cleaned up was that thick potent spunk that remained deep in her fertile womb.  ‘My, God, he didn’t use a condom!’ she realized but did nothing about it, not even with a bottle of douche available in the medicine cabinet.

Delivering two dozen wreaths from the lengthy list he had been given, Skipper found that he had pretty much covered the northernmost suburb.  Trying to be efficient and not backtrack, he planned on covering one subdivision at a time so as not having to waste both time and gasoline.  He only planned on backtracking if he knew to whom that delivery recipient was and what might be in store for him if he played it right, that of course being some prime pussy like what he had early that morning.  Thinking back to that first delivery when he seduced the lovely Mrs. Bennett, he wondered if she’d take him up to that suggestion he made to her before departing, when he whispered in her ear “I’ll be here till New Year’s Day!  Call me when you’ll be alone ……………….so we can make love in your bedroom next time!”

Having met most of his mom’s friends through parties at the house and get-togethers for the Women’s group that she’d often host at their home, Skipper had a mental list of all the beautiful ones, his MILF (Mothers I’d Like to Fuck) list!  And in this upcoming subdivision, he recognized the name of Mrs. Donna Wells.  Calling the number on the sheet, the Wells’ teenage daughter Cori answered.  Explaining that he had a delivery to be made, Skipper learned that Cori about to head out with her friends but that her mother should be back shortly as she had taken her father out to the airport to catch a flight.

Passing the Wells’ home, with a couple of inches of snow on the ground, Skipper observed the set of tire marks made apparently from when Mrs. Wells took her husband to the airport.  Having improvised a plan since making the phone call, he made a deliver two blocks down then headed back towards the Wells’ place.  Approaching the home, Skipper observed young Cori Wells hurrying towards the car that was parked at the curbside.  As the car pulled out from the curb as he passed by, Skipper noted that there were no new tire marks in the snow that covered the driveway.

After making several deliveries a few blocks beyond the Wells’ home, Skipper then made the run back to survey the area.  Approaching the home, his cock twitched with excitement upon seeing fresh new tire marks in the snow that led up to the garage.  Pulling up to the curbside and parking the delivery van that he was driving, he then carried a wreath up the driveway for the lovely red haired beauty.   Being away in college, Skipper had not seen the lovely beauty in quite awhile but he certainly remembered meeting her when his mother had a group from the Women’s League over for a potluck luncheon the other year.

Mrs. Donna Wells

For 38 year old Donna Wells, a paralegal with the weekend off, she had enjoyed that quick lunch with her husband before dropping him off at the airport terminal for that company meeting at the home office in New York.  As Cori had gone out with friends, Donna planned on finishing up wrapping the Christmas gifts in order to get that out of the way.  Shivering and glad to be out of the cold winter air, she had just put on some hot water to make some chocolate when the door bell chimed.  Looking out of the peephole and seeing a male holding a wreath, Donna realized that it must be the delivery of the wreath purchased through the Women’s Club.  Opening up the door, she was greeted by a cherry “Hi, Mrs. Wells!  Merry Christmas!”

The way the young man greeted her, Donna looked up at his handsome young face that looked somewhat familiar, then placed him as she asked “Skipper?  Skipper Harmon?”  “You remembered!  It’s been awhile since we met!  Brrr, it sure is cold out today!” came the cheery response.  Being the son of one of her friends and whom she had met earlier, she politely invited him in with “Come on in and warm up a bit!  I’ve already got a pot of water boiling for some hot chocolate!  Join me in a cup and tell me how college is treating you!”  Little did Donna suspect that the handsome college jock had other ideas on how to get warmed up, that being by rubbing his naked body upon hers and getting his cock up into her hot and snug cunt.

Complimenting Mrs. Wells on the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, Skipper cock was rising in his jeans as he gazed at the lovely woman, for she was even more beautiful than he had recalled.  Now it was just how he’d make his next move and get her in his arms.  As the whistle on the kettle sounded, Mrs. Wells excused herself as she headed towards the kitchen.  Skipper was really turned on as he gazed at the beauty in her gold top and jacket, black slacks, and 3” black heels.  Then he spotted the mistletoe hanging from the kitchen doorway, the perfect excuse to take her into his arms.

As she turned off the stovetop, Donna’s mind could not get over how handsome a young man her friend’s son had turned out to be.  She had heard some rumors of this good looking jock and began wondering just how true they were.  Scuttlebutt had it that Darlene Mullins’ two cute little boys were not from hubby but from the handsome young stud out in living room.  Apparently someone had seen Darlene enter a motel room with the young stud. Tingling and shivering with nervousness, Donna wondered if she made a terrible mistake in inviting the handsome young man into her home.  ‘Nonsense!’ she chided herself for even thinking such a thing.

Finding that she was nearly out of chocolate, Donna moved to the doorway to ask if coffee would do.  Nearing the doorway, she saw the handsome young man approaching as she spoke “Skipper …………..would coffee be ………..!”  But that was all she got out as she was pulled into his strong muscular arms and given a passionate kiss.  Kiss broken, her wrist was captured in his strong hand as she tried to slap him across the face for being so arrogant.  Then she was told that “You’re so beautiful, Mrs. Wells!  I couldn’t resist the tradition, especially with the mistletoe right above us!”  Panting, Donna lost the fight as the handsome stud gave her another kiss, this time his thick tongue delved between her parted lips.

A moment later, the gold jacket lay upon the kitchen floor near the doorway as the buttons down the back of her blouse were being expertly undone.  “Haaaaaaaaaaaaa ………………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Donna panted out when her breasts were bared to the cool air before being suckled by the hot mouth of the handsome young stud.  Lifted off her feet by the strong young man, Donna could only pant out helplessly as she found herself being placed in a wooden chair in the kitchen as her black pair of slacks along with her lacy white panties were being drawn over her trim hips.  Black heels slipped off her feet, she was then stripped of her slacks and panties.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………..oh, Goddddddddddddddddddddd!” Donna squealed, her trim fingers grasping at Skipper’s wavy hair as his hot mouth clamped over her sex.  “Oh, Skipperrrrrrrrrr ………………………………ahhhhhhhh ……………….ahhhhhhh ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried out as her entire body shook and shuddered in the throes of an unbelievable orgasm.  Then, as she began drifting back down to earth, Donna became aware of the handsome young stud having stripped off all of his clothing and was guiding his thick cockhead up and down her juicing slit.

“Skipper, we can’t!  This is so wrong!  My husband ………………………my husband might be home soon!” Donna blurted out in hopes of ending this right at this instant.  But to her dismay, she learned that Skipper knew the truth as he replied “Didn’t you just come home from dropping Mr. Wells off at the airport?”  “Ohhhhh ……………….oh, God ………………you’re so biggggggggg!” she panted out as the thick cock penetrated her with three inches of solid muscle.  “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh!” Donna cooed as she was skewered far deeper that ever before.  Then the stud was giving the fucking of her life as he sawed in and out of her clasping cunny.

Later, with the handsome young stud out of her literally and having departed from her home, Donna was filled with guilt and remorse.  ‘Adulteress!   You’re an adulteress!’ she chided herself.  Recalling what had transpired, Donna shuddered in remembrance of how she had screamed out her climax, even shamelessly begging Skipper to “Fuck meeeeeee …………………oh, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  Guilt, yet excitement coursed throughout her petite body in recalling how Skipper had exclaimed “Oh, Mrs. Wells ………………………I’m cumming ……………………….cumming in youuuuuu ……………………deep in you!  Filling you with my hot seed, Mrs. Wells!”

‘Oh, God …………….he didn’t use a condom!’ Donna realized.  She also realized then that ‘He planned it all …………………planned on seducing me ………………..making love to me without a condom!  He must get his kicks out of seducing other men’s wives ………………………impregnating them with his baby …………………… he did to Darlene Mullins!’ With her husband leaving for the weekend, Donna realized that she was out of douche as that was on the list to pick up the next day at the drugstore.  ‘Should I rush off to the store now and hope it was still timely, or did I dare take my chances?’ she wondered.

That next day, a Sunday, Skipper continued on with the deliveries as quite a bit of wreaths had been sold in the community.  And if things were to be as fruitful as the previous day, with his spiel down pat in getting an invite into the home, he’d be introducing one or more once faithful wives into a new status that they could never change back, that of being unfaithful and an ‘adulteress’!  For Skipper, there was no greater thrill than the thought of seducing another guy’s beautiful wife and getting her knocked up with his baby.

The next faithful wife to fall into Skipper’s clutches was Mrs. Trish Chambers, a good friend of his older sister and just recently married.  He had not recognized the name on the list for deliveries due to her new marital name, having known her only as Trish Downing.  He had met Trish on several occasions, once when he had picked his sister and her up at the mall, and a couple times when she had come over to visit with his sister.  He had always checked her out but there had been no opportunity to get close to her, especially with her being older and having a boyfriend, the guy to whom she had eventually married.

Mrs. Trish Chambers

Taken by surprise when he made the delivery, the lovely young blonde greeted him with “Skipper!  How are you?  Haven’t seen you in quite awhile!”  “Trish!  Omigosh, I didn’t realize it was you!  You’re even more beautiful that I remember!” Skipper replied.  “Flattery will get you everywhere!” came the laughing response.  Immediately, Skipper went into his routine of “Brrrr …………………… sure is cold out today!  Don’t know how my mom got me to volunteer delivering wreaths for the Women’s Club!  But I guess with the proceeds going to charity it’s for a good cause!”  And his charm worked once again with the blonde beauty inviting him in to warm up.

Again, he used his ploy in using her nicely decorated Christmas tree as the initial talking point.  Once he learned of hubby being at work due to the Christmas rush at retail stores, that was all Skipper needed to hear before making his move.  Once he got the young unsuspecting wife to turn towards the tree with him asking about the decorations, Skipper then began to touch and caress the only ornament in the house that interested him.  “Oh, Skipperrrrrrrrr ………………… …………………I ……………………I’m married!” came the panting rebuff.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came the moan as he nibbled at her earlobe.

“Oh, Trish ……………………I’ve dreamt of this for years …………..ever since I first met you when giving you a ride home from the mall!” Skipper advised.  Turning her to face him and to give her a deep passionate kiss, it also allowed Skipper to begin undoing the buttons to her blue print blouse.  Deftly getting her blouse off, bra undone, he was soon sucking at her tender pink nipples.  Slacks and panties pushed down to her black heels, he then had the young wife lying prone on the leather couch as she slipped off her heels and remaining clothes.

With her trim legs draped over his shoulders, Skipper proceeded to eat out the lovely young wife, causing her to squeal “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………..oh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!”  Then she began convulsing uncontrollably as her slit became quite juicy as she climaxed in his slurping mouth.  “Ahhhhhh ……………………ahhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhh!” came her pants as she squirted her love juices time and time again.

Then he parted her pink lips with his thick boner, causing her to scream out “Skipper ……………………….you’re too biggggggggggggggggggggg!”  “Oh, Goddddddd!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” came her cries as he shoved his bloated cock far up into her too tight slit.  And from the feel of things, Skipper knew that this lovely young wife had never before experienced a cock as thick or as long as his.  He then couldn’t resist calling her by her marital name, panting “Ohhhh, Trish ………………….oh, you’ve got me even more turned now that you’re married!  Ohhh, I want to give you the best fucking you’ve ever had ……………….Mrs. Chambers!”

Pulling out from the curb, Skipper had left yet another beautiful wife guilt ridden and filled with remorse.  He had given her the thrill of a lifetime with his well-hung cock up her twat but once he pulled out and reality set back in, the beauty would be in shock as to her infidelity and having committed adultery in her own home.  And along with the others, Trish Chambers too would be left wondering if her one indiscretion had put her in the family way.  She and her husband had hoped to start a family, trying to time things right over the past few months but without success.  The timing for this month was certainly right at this moment, but not the seed that had just been injected deep up in her fertile womb by the young stud.
Having gone over the list of wreaths for delivery, Skipper had noted that one was to be delivered to Mr. & Mrs. Dan Norris on Hemmeter Drive.  He knew the Norris’ as Mr. Norris was a friend of his father’s and he had met both of them a couple of times as his parents did socialize with them.  Also, the husband belonged to the same indoor tennis club with his dad.  In fact, he recalled that morning of his dad telling his mother that “I’ll out a few hours from two o’clock!  Gonna have a game with Dan Norris at the tennis club!”  ‘Hmmm, wonder if Mrs. Norris will be at home alone?  Their kids are married and living in different cities, so if she’s home, good chance she’ll be alone!’ Skipper surmised as he pictured the sophisticated brunette beauty in his mind.

At 2 p.m., Skipper drove up Hemmeter Drive to the address given on the delivery sheet.  And as luck would have it, the lovely 41 year old Mrs. Laura Norris appeared at the front door wearing a frilly white blouse, a black skirt, and black heels.  His ruse work perfectly once again, getting him an invite in with his “Brrrrr …………………… sure is cold out here today!”  Commenting on the nicely decorated tree, making inquiries as to how she had gotten it done so beautifully, that had put her in perfect position as she froze right to the spot once his hands were on her trim waist.

“Skipper ………………….we can’t!  My husband ………………………my husband will be back any minute!” came her panting rebuff to his advances.  Skipper easily stifled any rebuttal about her husband when he advised “The tennis game with my dad just started, Mrs. Norris!  Mr. Norris won’t be back for awhile!  We have hours being alone together!”  Pulling the pins from her silky black hair, it unraveled to her shoulders as he tongued her earlobe before whispering “I love it when you let your hair down like this!”

Blouse unbuttoned and stripped from her arms, Skipper began suckling at her budding nipples right through her lacy white bra.  Then, with her bra gone he began nipping at her tender pink buds.  Skirt, panties and heels were soon lying in disarray on the living room floor.  As for the sophisticated beauty, Skipper had her on the cool white leather sofa moaning as he grasped her left ankle to hold her leg high and wide as he stuck it to her, causing her to squeal “Oh, Skipper …………………’re so biggggggggggggggg!  Oh, Goddddd ………………………give it to me!”

She turned out to be one hot number, and Skipper suspected that it also turned her on when he panted out “Oh, you’re fantastic, Mrs. Norris!  I want you to be my bitch!”  “Oh, yes ………………yes …………… it ………………do it to me!  Fuck me ………fuck me, Skipper ………………….make me your bitch!” she panted out as he sawed in and out of her hot juicy slit.  But once she climaxed and he filled her with his hot jizz, upon pulling his spent cock out, guilt and remorse obviously set in as she moaned out “Oh, God …………….what have I done?”

It was now Monday and just a dozen or so deliveries to be made, which Skipper figured to be completed in a couple hours or so.  That name near the bottom of his list caught his eye, that being the name of Mrs. Trudy Evers on Barton Street.  ‘Mrs. Trudy Evers!’ he thought, recalling that name from high school.  It had been several years now since last time he saw her, recalling that she was the one handing him his diploma before shaking the principal’s hand in congratulations.  She was new that year, her first year at the school, coming in as the Vice Principal.  ‘Damn, she was a looker!’ he recalled, though he had not formally met her on a one-on-one basis.  ‘Hmmm, maybe today we’ll be formally introduced to one another!’ he mused.

At the age of 45, Trudy Evers and her husband had seen their two children through college and they were both working in the careers of their choice.  The kids would both be home for the New Year’s so she was quite excited about that.  With her husband at work in the law firm that he was a partner of, Trudy looked forward to just relaxing and unwinding during the holidays with school out for the two week period.  She had not been expecting anyone as she got up to answer the doorbell.

Mrs. Trudy Evers

Opening the door, Trudy found that it was the wreath being delivered from the Women’s Club.  She was then caught by surprise by the handsome young man delivering the wreath when he greeted her with “Hi, Mrs. Evers!  I recognized you ……………from the high school!  Don’t think we ever met formally but I was a senior when you came in that year!  Skipper ……………Skipper Harmon!”  With his hand extended, Trudy extended hers to greet him as she certainly did not want to offend a former student.  Immediately her mind registered the name of Skipper Harmon, the star and ‘stud’ of the high school football team.

Unbeknownst to Trudy, the handsome young man’s ruse worked perfectly as she invited him into her home to warm up with a cup of hot coffee.  Although she had not met the young man before, his reputation certain had gotten her attention during her first year at the high school.  She recalled that he was the culprit suspected of putting quite a few teenyboppers in the family way from even before she arrived at the school.  Several girls had transferred out to finish the school year elsewhere or be home schooled due to pregnancy, but none would reveal the true identity of the baby’s father.

In fact, Skipper did get wind of the Vice Principal’s inquiries from several of the gals he had knocked on up.  ‘I wonder if she knows I’m the one responsible for knocking up five of’em that year?’ he mused.  Invited to sit and chat out in the closed patio while he sipped on the cup of coffee to warm up, he looked at the sophisticated woman and couldn’t help but wondering what it’d be like to have her!  He nailed a lot of women, teachers included, but never the VP of his high school.  Cock twitching in his jeans, Skipper was eager to take on the challenge before him.

“So, Skipper, what have you been up to since you graduated from high school?  I do know you’re at State on a football scholarship!” came the inquisitive questioning.  “Oh, nothing much, Mrs. Evers!  I’m finally getting a chance to relax now that the football season is over!  Hope to get together with some old friends!” he replied.  Then Mrs. Evers chuckled as she advised “I believe it was ‘you’ being the cause that added to my workload that first year I was there!  All the extra work in assisting those girls in transferring to another school because they foolishly got themselves pregnant!  But I could never prove that it was you being the one responsible for putting them in that condition!”

As she obviously knew the truth, it was time to act as he gazed at the sophisticated blonde beauty sitting across from him in the red patio chair.  ‘She sure looks delicious in that navy blue Christmas sweater and light blue pants!’ Skipper thought.  Then to disarm her completely, he advised “Well, that seems so long ago!  But I found that young gals, even my age, doesn’t interest me much!  I much prefer older, more sophisticated women ………………….like you!”  Seeing her lips part as she gasped audibly from his frank statement, Skipper was quickly out of his chair as he entwined his fingers in her long blonde hair to tilt her head up, then he was giving her a passionate kiss and inserting his exploring tongue between her pink lips.

Before she knew it, Trudy had been pulled up from the red patio chair and the handsome college jock unbuttoned the front of her sweater and pulling it from her arms.  She could only pant helplessly as the young stud, who was less than half her age, expertly unhooked and removed her bra.  She moaned as Skipper suckled and nipped at her breasts, and she was unable to put up any type of resistance.  Her white flats were removed from her feet, then her light blue pants were stripped from her legs along with her lacy baby blue panties.

Lying prone atop of a heavy white plastic lounge chair, Trudy then had her brains fucked out as the young stud sliced his thick cock right up into her.  Then the truth came out as Skipper confessed that “You called it right, Mrs. Evers!  I’m the one responsible for knocking up those five girls during my senior year!  Yeah, they all told me how you made each of them feel guilty by telling them that it was foolish on their part for letting me fuck’em without using any condom!”

Slicing in and out of her tight cunny, Skipper gave it to her good on the patio chair, asking her “Are you gonna feel guilty when you tell hubby that you’re pregnant …………………knocked up by a former student from your school because you didn’t make me put on a condom before fucking you?  Or are you going to keep quite like the girls did as to who went and knocked you up?”  That quip got the lovely high school VP realizing her dilemma she panted out “No, Skipper …………………..pull it out …………………..pull it out …………………’ll get me pregnant!”

Slowing down his strokes, letting his cock slide over her ultra-sensitive clit on each downward stroke, Skipper then had the blonde beauty going out of her mind as she began arching up into his thrusts.  As she squeezed her cunny around his plunging cock while arching up to him, Skipper knew that he had her broke when she panted out “Ohhhhhhh ……………………Skipperrrrrrrr …………………..deeper …………………..deeper ……………….faster ……………………faster …………………….I’m so nearrrrrrrrr!”  Slowing even more now, he asked “You want me to cum in you, Mrs. Evers?  You want me to knock you up like I did to those high school girls?”

“Yessssssss ………………………….yes …………………shoot it in me!  Shoot your hot cum in me!  Knock me up ……………………knock me up ……………………give me your baby!” the beauty panted out in total defeat.  And Skipper proceeded to give her what she was begging for, slicing deep and hard into her slick cunny.  “Oh, Godddddddd ………………….I’m cumming …………………I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggg!” the blonde wife squealed as she convulsed in her uncontrolled climax.  Burying his cock deep in her, Skipper then unleashed a torrent of his hot jizz deep into her fertile womb.

As Skipper reflected back to that joyous first half of his recent Christmas vacation, he then smiled as he reflected upon the week before the New Year as it turned out to be quite a fun-filled time.  To his surprise, each and every one of the seduced beauties had called the cellphone he had given them before departing, telling him when she would be home alone that week.  To each he posed the very same question “You know that this time I’m gonna throw you down on the bed that you share with your husband and fuck the hell out of you, don’t you?  Is that what you want me to come over for?”  And each had come back responding with “YES!”

Quite confident of his prowess by now, having notched his bedpost with each seduction of a once faithful wife, Skipper goal was to break the bitch completely and have her ready and willing to drop her panties for him at the snap of his fingers.  Each had been a nervous wreck when that day she had given him as to the all clear came, each trembling with second thoughts.  But once he touched the lovely beauty, she was putty in his arms and put up no fuss at him stripping her naked and bedding her in the very bed that she shared with her loving husband.

Boning the beautiful bitch in her marital bed was quite a thrill, especially in calling her by her marital name as he told her “I’m going to knock you up good right in the bed that you share with your husband!”  And to add insult to injury, he stopped in mid-stroke till she begged him to “Fuck me …………………….fuck me, you bastard ……………give it to me ………………… it …………………do it …………………shoot it in me …………………..knock me up …………………..give me your baby …………knock me up on the bed I share with my husband!”

And Skipper had gladly obliged at that point, giving the beautiful wife a thorough fucking and cumming in her time and time again over the hours they had alone together.  In a couple of weeks, each would again be a nervous wreck, wondering if her infidelity had gotten her into trouble.  Of course, with each one being married, the finger would be pointed at hubby for having done the deed!  And if any one of them had escaped, Skipper would have a few days off to get back there before spring practice began.

End of Story.