Target: Beautiful Married Women - XVII
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation of the earlier
stories entitled: ‘Target: Beautiful Married Women – 1 thru 16’

Back in college after returning from spending the holidays in his home town, Skipper smiled widely as he reflected back on the action packed fun vacation that he just had.  Weeks ago, upon returning home, he had certainly gotten the Christmas holiday season off to a big 'bang', and had actually felt a bit 'petered' out before even having been back for a full week.  Not wanting to leave things to chance when he had gotten back, from his college dorm Skipper had lined up a daily dose of sweet nookie beforehand to sate his lusty cravings.  But with an unbelievably successful run in seducing a number of lovely beauties that had merely been on his 'wish list', Skipper even had to resort to using that famous blue pill at times.

He had gotten back on Sunday, had a nice dinner and spent time with his family, as he knew full well that he’d be quite busy and see very little of them till it was time to head on back to college.  After the first few days back for the Christmas holidays, as Skipper reflected, things had really begun picking up steam and the vacation back home really promised to be a fruitful and productive one.  Both Monday and Tuesday had been a real good start as he had hoped, getting to renew acquaintances with two lovely beauties, one on each day …………… their marital beds!  For most guys, such would be quite a remarkable feat and memorable accomplishment.  But not for Skipper, he went and topped it off by adding another new notch on his belt each day ………………….that by seducing another supposedly prim and proper wife!

Getting up horny with a raging hardon that Wednesday morning, Skipper was certainly glad that he had planned well in advance, having called the lovely Mrs. Evelyn Fuller before he left from college to let her know that he would be making the wreath delivery to her that morning.  Skipper knew that she’d be staying home that morning, especially when he asked what time would be good or him to stop by and she responded with “My husband leaves for work at 7:40 every morning!”  Although she had said she'd be off to work also, he suspected she’d be calling into her workplace to give an excuse as to her being sick or something, not telling them the truth of expecting a young stud to pay her a visit and fuck her brains out ………….right in the bed that she shared with her loving husband!  It had been quite awhile since he’d last seen her, at the end of that summer just before he had headed back to college, seeing her with her family at the supermarket ……………….sporting that little bulge he had put in her belly!

Skipper prided himself in that particular conquest, his very first seduction of a lovely ‘soccer mom’, after getting her to volunteer to be the team mother of her son’s soccer team.   Using the ploy that he had forgotten the game schedule at home, which was needed for the ‘team mom’ to make the refreshment schedule for the parents, Skipper asked if she mind stopping on by his place as it was on her way home.  Once practice was over, with her son accompanying her, it eliminated any nervousness of her going to the home of a young man that she had only just met.  In having the latest hot video game set up in his garage for the young boy to play, then asking the beauty for a woman’s input of his bachelor’s pad, he got her to accompany him up the stairs where they would be all alone together.

It had been a very successful seduction, with the prim and proper beauty turning to putty once in his arms and only putting up feeble resistance in stammering out that she ‘was married and that her son was right downstairs in the garage’!  It had been a summer long affair, with Skipper not to be denied in having her finally give into him, right on her marital bed before he left to go back to college.  That following summer, it was Mr. Fuller to be seen at the soccer field for his son’s practice or games, with the lovely Mrs. Fuller at home taking care of the three month old baby – his baby!  Skipper knew that she was using the baby as reason for passing on making it to the older boy’s soccer games, correctly suspecting that she felt guilty of the affair the past summer and afraid of it continuing.

Seeing Mrs. Fuller’s name on the list when it had come in, Skipper made the call to her home, and smiled to himself in hearing her suck in her breath to be followed by a bit of silence after he had identified himself.  Explaining that he would be delivering the wreath she had ordered from the Women’s Club, Skipper then broached the topic of his getting to see her once again with “It’s been so long!  I can’t get you out of my mind!  I wish I could see you again, Mrs. Fuller!  I haven’t seen you since leaving for college the other summer!”  Skipper cooed.

Mrs. Evelyn Fuller (see Target - 5)

On the other end of the line, Evelyn Fuller was trembling and stammering as it had been nearly a year and half since her illicit affair with the handsome young stud had ended when he headed back to college, leaving her with his little baby growing in her tummy.  Evelyn had been filled with guilt all throughout her pregnancy, the lengthy labor and childbirth, but even more so when her loving husband held the baby in his arms and commented that how cute he was and turning to her and asking “Isn’t he handsome just like your daddy?”  Evelyn had recalled smiling back then and thinking to herself ‘Yes!  Little Matthew is handsome like his daddy!  Looks exactly like his daddy – like a young handsome Skipper Harmon!’

Wednesday morning had arrived and Evelyn wondered if the handsome college jock would be coming by at 8:30 that morning as he said he would, especially as she had told him over the phone that “Just leave it at the door, it’ll keep!  I have to be at work then!  I won’t be at home when you get there!”  Since getting that phone call, the image of the handsome bastard continued to fill her mind at night while lying in bed next to her husband.  ‘I can’t see him again!  It’s ended!  I managed to avoid him all of last summer, using the excuse of staying home to care for the baby – sending my husband out to watch the older boy’s soccer games!  I can’t let it start up again!’ she reminded herself each night.

Early that morning, with her husband to drop off the older boy while she took the baby to the sitter, it was then that Evelyn got on her cell phone and called into work and got hold of a co-worker.  She then advised of not feeling well and would be taking the day off as sick leave.  After dropping the baby off, Evelyn then turned around to head on back home, body trembling with nervousness for she knew very well what being home when the handsome stud arrived would lead to.  Thinking of the handsome stud coming to her home once again, Evelyn clenched her thighs together as she stepped on the gas as her love juices were seeping out of her cunny to wet the crotch of her panties.

Driving up right at 8:30, Skipper smiled widely in seeing movement at one corner of the blinds, knowing that his hunch of the bitch staying home that morning was right and that he was definite going to score.  Playing it cool, acting as if he believed that she wouldn’t be home that morning as she had told him, Skipper placed the wreath at the door without ringing the bell.  Taking three steps away from the doorway, all while keeping an eye on it, he then heard the click of the lock and saw the doorknob turning.  As the front door opened slowly, he was right there waiting and just loved the combined look of both fear and desperation on Mrs. Fuller’s beautiful but frightened face.

Leaving the wreath at the foot of the door, Skipper stepped forward, putting his hand over hers that hand been clasping the end of the door.  As she stepped backwards into the foyer, Skipper followed and closed the door behind him, locking it in the process.  No words were exchanged at all as the beauty backed away till she bumped into the foyer table behind of her.  “Skipper ………no ……………we can’t ……….we ………!” she stammered out in a meek protest.  “You want it as bad as I do, don’t you, Mrs. Fuller?” he asked.  A few seconds of silence as the looked into one another’s eyes, then Skipper was taking her into his arms for a passionate kiss.

For having avoided him that past summer, Skipper was determined to give it to the haughty bitch she would never forget ………….right there in the foyer of her home!  Sliding his hands down over her trim hips, he grasped hold of her dress in his fingers and began edging the garment up her thighs and bunched it around her trim waist.  Hands on her soft asscheeks, he lifted her and placed her atop the edge of the table.  Fingers in the waistband of her lacy white panties, Skipper expertly worked them down, sliding the bottom out from between her ass and tabletop.  With her panties now dangling from a heel, Skipper unzipped his jeans and pulled out his boner, then stepped forward between her sexy legs.

Then, with cock in hand, Skipper proceeded to rub his bloated cockhead teasingly up against her flowering cunny.  As she tried to slide her butt forward atop the tabletop in order to have his boner slipping up into her juicy quim, Skipper deliberately edged back some to thwart her attempted maneuver, causing her to beg “Skipper ……………please ………………please …………………..let me have it ………………….I want it ……………………I need it!  Please ……………’s been so longggggggg!”  Continuing to run his pulsating dong-head up and down the length of her pink slit, Skipper was determined to break her in again …………….once and for all!

“Oh?  You deliberately avoid being around me the entire summer, not bring our baby out to the field for me to see him, and now want me again all of a sudden?” Skipper questioned the panting beauty.  “Oh, Skipper …………….I’m sorry ……………….I’m so sorry!  I didn’t mean to upset you!  It ……………it’s just that I was feeling so guilty about our affair ………………..having to fool my husband into thinking that the baby was his!  Please ……………..please forgive me!  Please, Skipper, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!”  “Only if you beg me to knock you up again, bitch!  And because you were a real bitch to me, I’m going to treat you like a bitch!  And I’m going to fuck you like the fucking bitch you are, Mrs. Fuller!” he growled in reply.

“Yes ……………..yes ……………..I was a bitch to you!  Fuck me like a bitch, I deserve it!  Fuck me ………………..fuck me ……………fuck me, plesssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she cried out to him.  Hands at the back of her butt, Skipper then pulled her butt forward to the edge of the tabletop while rearing back and slamming forward with all of his might to lance the full length of his boner up into her snatch.  “Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….oh, Skipperrrrrrrrr!” Mrs. Fuller sobbed from the brutal impalement.

Then Skipper took mercy upon her by letting his cock remain still till she got accustomed to his length and thickness, then began to fuck by slicing in and out in a slow constant speed, causing her to moan “Oh, yesssssssss ………………..yesssssssssss …………..oh, fuck me, Skipper!  Knock me up with your baby again!”  With her cunny juicing from her excitement, the fuck speed increased from the lubricant and soon the lovely wife had her legs wrapped around his waist as mewled “Ohhhhhh ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhh …………….I’m cumming ………………cumminggggggg ……………cumminggggg …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  “Cumming, Mrs. Fuller …………… it is!  Gonna knock you up good again, bitch!  Argggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!” Skipper groaned as he emptied his hot potent cum into her milking twat.

A bit later, with his strength revived, Skipper scooped the petite beauty off the foyer table while cradled in his arms.  A large puddle of their commingled fuck juices remained on the table top, just a quarter of an inch before the gooey liquid would spill over onto the tile floor of the foyer.  Knowing the way to the master bedroom, Skipper carried the beauty across the living room and down the hallway to the bedroom she shared with her unsuspecting husband.  Dumping her unceremoniously onto her marital bed, he stripped her naked there, then Skipper growled out for her to “Get on your hands and knees, Mrs. Fuller!  I’m going to you how a bitch is treated!”   Get on your hands and knees, Mrs. Fuller!  I’m going to you how a bitch is treated!”

“Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Stop …………….oh, Skipper, stop …………….it hurts ……………………it hurts ………………..oh, it hurtsssssssssssss!” she cried out in pain as Skipper held her hips firmly in place while shoving his boner up into her virgin asshole.  Hearing the beautiful wife whimper in pain as he proceeded to shag her cherry ass, Skipper knew she’d never forget this fuck and how he reamed her fucking ass out!  “That’ll teach you for avoiding me, Mrs. Fuller!  You going to avoid me again?” he growled out while slamming his cock up into her rectum.  “No ……………….no …………………….no, I won’t!  I promise ………………..I promise!” came the panting whimper of a reply.

An hour later, after a frenzied copulation on the Fuller’s marital bed, Skipper eased his dick out of Mrs. Fuller’s well-fucked cunny.  Standing and getting dressed next to the bed, Skipper smiled the beautiful wife as she swallowed and desperately asked him “When ……………how ……….can we meet again?  When do you have to leave for college?”  Skipper then threw a smirking look over to her and snidely remarked “How do I know you’ll show?  I’ve only got a week and a half or so left of my vacation!  Every moment is precious ……………..can’t go wasting it on a bitch like you who might just go back into hiding and not give me the time of day!”

Skipper know now that he had the pretty Mrs. Fuller right where he wanted her, hot and horny for the salami between his legs, as evidenced by her reaching out to grab his jeans and beg “Please ………….please, Skipper ……………..please let me see you again!”  He certainly intended on banging the bitch again before heading on back to college, but he wasn’t about to let on as yet, wanting to see her beg for it.  Turning, he headed out of the bedroom, heard her getting out of the bed and could hear her bare feet running after him.  Letting her catch up to him, he turned and smiled as the bitch rubbed her naked body up against him, telling him “Please …………..I won’t stand you up …………..I won’t avoid you like before!  How can I prove it to you?  Please, I’ll do anything!”

“Anything, Mrs. Fuller? Anything?”  Skipper asked.  “Yes, yes ……………..anything!  Just say you’ll see me again …………..fuck me again …………..before you leave!” she begged frantically while grasping the sleeve of his jacket.  It would be good to see if that was really true, but there seemed to be no way to test her proclamation, till Skipper glanced at the soiled top of the foyer table.  With a motion of his head nodding towards the foyer table, he then instructed Mrs. Fuller to “Clean up our mess we made on the table ………………….with you tongue, bitch!”

The look of disgust coming over her face was just priceless for Skipper.  With hours having passed, the gooey fluid had dried some on the outside of the puddle and congealed even more in the middle, making the fuck juice overflow a real sticky mess.  But the bitch was apparently determined to do his bidding and bent over to begin licking up the slimy filth.  Skipper smiled in seeing her raise a hand up to clutch her belly and saw her petite body shudder in revulsion, but the beauty kept on licking up the mess.  And when she was about done, he advised “There’s some that fell on the floor, Mrs. Fuller!”

He watched as she blinked back the tears of shame when she looked up at him to see if he really meant what he had said of her licking it off the tiles.  And then she slowly got down onto the knees to do it for him.  Seeing the naked beauty on her knees before him, Skipper felt the jumpstart that the scene provided as his dick rose to the occasion, and so he added “Since you’re already on your hands and knees, crawl on over here and suck my dick off, bitch!”  Five minutes later, after getting a good head-job from the beautiful wife, he used his fingers entwined in her hair to pull her head back off his throbbing bone, then proceeded to give her a hot creamy facial.

Spent dick back in his pants as he zipped on up, Skipper then taunted Mrs. Fuller with telling her “Damn, you look so beautiful like that ……………….all covered with my cum!  And since you were really true to your word in being willing to do ‘anything’ for me, I’ll call you next week and let you know when we can ‘FUCK’ again!  You do want me to call you next week, don’t you, Mrs. Fuller?”  As he opened the front door, the beautiful Mrs. Fuller was still kneeling naked on the foyer tiles telling him “Yes …………..yes ………………thank you …………………..thank you, Skipper!”

Leaning back in his chair, Skipper's mind then picked up from where he had left off in reflecting back earlier, to when he had made the wreath delivery to the beautiful Mrs. Nadine Burns that Wednesday afternoon.  Having seen the lovely blonde's name on the delivery list when he had first gotten it, his cock had stiffened and balls had churned in excitement at the prospect of nailing the married beauty.  Remembering her from that youth soccer camp that he had helped out on a while back, Skipper remembered having thought of putting a move on the beauty but had backed off at the last moment in figuring that she was too uptight at that moment and that the timing was just not right.

For thirty-three year old Nadine Burns, she had certainly noticed the handsome young college stud when he was showing her little girl how to head the ball.  And in seeing the good looks and physique of the handsome Skipper Harmon, her thoughts had drifted on back to high school days when she had a crush on the team captain of the football team who was two years ahead of her.  It had been a secret crush that no one else knew about, not even her closest of girlfriends, one that Nadine had harbored within herself and fantasize about while lying in bed.  But that high school crush had subsided many years ago, reviving itself following that soccer camp, only now the image of her young daughter's handsome young coach filled her mind at night.

In making that call to the beautiful Mrs. Burns on her cell phone that day, hearing the surprise and excitement in her voice upon identifying himself and asking when would be a good time to deliver the wreath to her home, Skipper had sensed over the phone that he might just be able to put a star of achievement onto his Christmas wish list.  She had not asked how he had gotten her cell number, apparently not realizing that all she had provided on the purchase was her home address and home phone.  Skipper had remembered she worked at Beck's Realty from back when he wanted to make a move on her, that he had called for her there and told that she was out showing a home and given her cell phone number.

Hurrying the prospective buyers a bit, saying that she had a bit of an emergency to tend to and that they could come on back for a second look later, Nadine closed up and hurried on home to get there to greet Skipper Harmon when he delivered the Christmas wreath.  On the drive home, it then dawned on Nadine as to 'Why didn't I just tell him to leave it at the front door?  It being a Christmas wreath and to be hung outside, the cold certainly wouldn't harm it any!'  With the image of the handsome young college jock flashing through her mind causing her body to tingle with excitement, there was no denying the fact that the prospect of seeing him once again had her giddy like when she had been in high school.

That high school crush on the handsome jock of long ago, compared to her husband being quite the opposite as he was more of a bookworm and having fallen head over heels for her in college, had Nadine feeling like a young teeny bopper each time she saw the young handsome Skipper Harmon.  And when the handsome young stud did look her way, Nadine could not help but to feel giddy and shiver with nervousness.  Feeling like that shy young girl back in high school, she would manage a trembling smile and a wave to him but only if accompanied by her young daughter at the time.  The very same feeling had just come over her upon receiving Skipper’s call, causing Nadine to not wonder why she needed to be home when he delivered the wreath, just knowing that she was anxious to see him once again.

Home a half-hour before Skipper Harmon’s scheduled arrival, Nadine hurried to have some hot cider prepared and ready so she would have an excuse to invite the handsome young stud into her home.  Heart thumping in her chest, Nadine nervously fiddled with some branches of holly to make the Christmas decorations that she had planned on doing that week.  Getting out some wide red ribbon for a bow, she laid out some branches, tips of Christmas tree branches and a basket filled with pine cones onto the dining room table.  Nadine had finished her first decoration when the doorbell rang, causing the bow that was about completed to totally unravel in her trembling fingers.

Mrs. Nadine Burns

Seeing the lovely Mrs. Burns clearly trembling in nervousness as she played with part of a Christmas decoration in her hands, Skipper knew that she was his for the taking as she asked “Would ………………..would you like to come in for a cup of hot cider?”  Seeing the lovely wife in her green pullover and black pants with short black heels, Skipper felt his cock twitch with excitement as his balls churned and tightened in his jockeys.  As he followed the beauty towards the dining room, Skipper learned that she was in the process of making some Christmas decorations and observed the greenery and basket on the table top.

Commenting on how beautiful the decoration was of the first she had completed, Skipper then asked how she did it.  “Oh, it’s easy!  I’ll show you!  Tell you what, you find a couple pine cones that’s near identical in size while I get us some hot cider!” Mrs. Burns advised.  When the beauty returned with cups of hot cider and cookies on a tray and setting the tray down onto the dining room table, he was asked “Did you select the pines cones, Skipper?”  With the beautiful Mrs. Burns bending over to set the tray down, Skipper then reached out with both arms as he responded “Sure did!  These two are just perfect and identical in size!”  His arms hand gone around the petite beauty’s trim body and his hands were now cupping her perfectly formed titties through her green pullover and thin lacy bra.

Stunned by the brazen tough of the handsome young jock, Nadine could only tremble in nervousness, unable to move or utter any objection to his touching her so intimately.  As her breasts were being cupped and Skipper’s thumbs caressing the pointed tips, Nadine sucked in a deep breath, closing her eyes in shame as her budding nipples responded to his touch.  Seconds later, Nadine found herself in the embrace of the handsome college jock and in a deep passionate kiss with his thick tongue exploring her mouth.  Her mind told her that she be pushing him away, slapping his face for making such an advance upon her, but instead Nadine reacted by participating in the passionate kiss.

Everything seemed to be such a blur from that instant on for Nadine, in Skipper’s muscular arms one second, then finding herself kneeling before him and about to do the unthinkable.  But yet she put up no fuss at all, doing his bidding to please him, something that she had out and out refused to do for her own husband Mark.  Instead, her hands had instinctively reached forward as her trembling fingers fumbled with the zipper of his jeans.  Zipper undone, she had then reached in to search to extract his big manhood that was bulging beneath his pants.

Then Nadine found herself pulling his thick bloated penis out into the open, her mouth watering at the sight of the pulsating stem of flesh.  With the pressure at the back of her head pulling her forward, Nadine made no attempt to refuse, instead she opened her pink lips to admit the bloated cockhead into her mouth.  Her petite body shuddered revulsion once Nadine realized exactly what she was doing, something that she had always considered so vulgar and degrading, that of kneeling before a male and sucking upon the deviant bastard’s manhood.  But in sucking upon Skipper Harmon’s pulsating penis, it no longer seemed such an obscene sex act to perform as Nadine avidly went at the task to please her handsome young lover.

“Oh, Mrs. Burns …………………..oh, yeah …………………….oh, that’s it, that’s it ……………….oh, so good ……………… good ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Nadine heard the handsome young stud groan with the pleasure she was administering to his big pulsating cock, causing her to gobble even more of him down into her throat.  Then she was further encouraged upon hearing “Oh, yes …………………..that’s it, Mrs. Burns …………………..oh, you’re so beautiful ……………………..making my dreams come true …………………….oh, how I’ve dreamt of this for so long!”  Hearing that Skipper had been dreaming of her doing this to him, Nadine began bobbing her head faster and faster, all while sucking harder and harder.

Moments later, Nadine heard and complied with his request for her to “Look up at me, Mrs. Burns!  I want to pretty blue eyes …………………..when I cum in your mouth!”  Now, upon looking up as handsome young bastard gloated in triumph, Nadine was overcome by a wave of shame at the disgusting thing she was doing while on her knees.  Trying to pull away and take her mouth off his now leaking manhood, her mouth now sticky from his leaking fluid, Nadine found it impossible as Skipper now had both hands clutched at the back of her head.  Desperately placing her hands on his thighs, Nadine tried to push him away but to no avail.

Then he began sawing in and out of her mouth, faster and faster till he announced “Ohhhhhhh, Mrs. Burns ……………………cumming …………………….I’m cummmminggggggg!  Swallow it …………………………………swallow it all …………..ooohhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh …………….yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  With her eyes widened in horror, Nadine felt the expansion of his bloated cock within her mouth and realized just what was about to take place.  And then it happened, totally stunning Nadine as hot creamy semen gushed into her mouth and filling it to the brim.  Shuddering as she was forced to swallow, eating a mouthful, but her mouth was quickly filled once again.

With the spurting of Skipper’s cock finally ceasing and being withdrawn from between her lips, Nadine was then in a stupor as she remained on her knees with her lips parted.  And from between her parted lips came a continuous overflow of the young stud’s slick sperm.  She had swallowed so much of it but the quantity had just been so plentiful that much had escaped from the corners of her mouth when Skipper had continued face fucking her that the entire front of her green pullover was covered with the stick white stuff.  Then, the zipper in back of her green pullover was being undone by the brazen young stud.  Next, she complied and raised her arms up as he assisted in getting the soiled garment off and over her head and was unhooking the back of her lacy white bra.

Seconds later, after being scooped up in the arms of the handsome young jock, Nadine gasped and threw her head back as Skipper pushed up the already loosened bra up to mouth a pink nipple.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she gasped as her young lover suckled upon her breast and nipped at her budding nipple.  The next thing that Nadine came to realize was her lying upon the king-sized bed in the master bedroom with her black heels being peeled off her feet.  Then the confident young stud had unbuttoned her slacks, pulling down the zipper and peeling the garment off her trim hips, taking her lacy white panties down along with it.

“Ohhhhhhh ………………..ohhhhhhh ……………………ohhhhhhhh, Skipperrrrrrrrrr!” came cry of ecstasy from the beautiful blonde wife as Skipper clamped his mouth over her sex and wiggled his talented tongue up into her slick slit.  For Skipper, this sure had to be far sweeter than the cider that had gone untouched and remained on the dining room table.  ‘Sure hotter than the cider is right now!’ Skipper mused as he proceeded on eating out the succulent beauty as she squirmed about on her marital bed.  Feeling her trim fingers clutching at his hair made Skipper even hungrier as he ate her, enjoying the arching up of her trim hips to feed him her juicing pussy and especially hearing her cry out “Oh, Skipper ………………Skipper ………….I …………….I’m cumminggggggg ……………oh, God ……….…………oh, my Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!”

When the beautiful wife of another man shuddered uncontrollably in a mind-shattering climax, Skipper slipped off the king-sized bed to admire her succulent charms as she remained limp in the aftermath of her orgasm.  Then he began to get out of his clothing in preparation of giving the kind of fucking that she’d never ever forget.  Fisting his now revived boner, he knelt up upon the bed and spread her trim sexy legs wide before shuffling up between them.  Cock in hand, he rubbed it up on down the beauty’s juicy pink slit, causing her to realize just what would soon be taking place on the bed that she shared with her loving husband.

“Skipper …………… ……………, we can’t!” came her feeble attempt to stop him, something that he had no intention of doing at this point.  As she bent her knees and planted her feet flat on the bed, Skipper knew that she was about to try and push herself up the bed to escape, thus he grasped her trim hips firmly to prevent her from doing so.  Leaning forward with cock in hand pressure behind his hips, his fleshy lance finally pushed itself between the folds of the tight pink slit, causing the beautiful Mrs. Burns to cry out “Ohhh, Skipper …………………you’re so bigggggg ………………too biggggg  ………………….stop ……………….it’s too big for me!”  But there was no stopping Skipper at this point as he got a good grasp on her trim hips and skewered his lengthy cock up into her petite body.

Two hours later, Nadine blinked back the tears of shame, trembling in the curled up fetal position while her mind played back her seduction by the handsome young jock.  ‘Oh, God …………….how could I let such a thing happen?  How could I give in so easily?  One touch by the brazen bastard and I was all his for the taking!  An adulteress!  How does that sound?  A bitch!  Nothing but a cheap little whore!’ Nadine chided herself while recalling how she had wrapped both arms and legs around the young stud when he shoved his magnificent ‘thing’ all the way up into her tight little snapping snatch.

‘My God, the headboard never banged against the wall like that before!  Hell, it never even banged against the wall before now!  So that’s what ‘fucking’ is all about!’ Nadine realized.  ‘But why?  Why did I have to stoop so low as to beg him that way?’ she asked herself in reference to when Skipper had come to a dead stop while his boner was in mid-stroke up in her clasping pussy.  “Why are you stopping?  Why are you stopping?” she had asked while arching up to get him to continue.  “Beg me, Mrs. Burns!  Beg me to cum in you ……………… knock you up with my baby!  Tell me, I want to hear you tell me to give you my baby!” he had responded to her while twitching his stiff boner.

“Yes!  Yes!  Fuck me ………………cum in me ……………..give me your baby …………………..knock me up with your baby!  Now fuck me, you bastard!  Just fuck me!” Nadine recalled begging.  And then the sensational fucking recommenced, causing Nadine to use her bare heels to spur her young lover into giving it to her good, chanting “Oh, yes ……………….oh, Skipper ………………..fuck me …………………fuck me …………………fuck it to mmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Oooooooh, so good ……………so good …………………… damn gooddddddddddddd!”  With the young stud jack hammering his thick boner in and out of her cunny, sending her up into outer space, Nadine then felt him stiffen and shudder.  And then he was cumming, ejaculating his hot potent roe up into her unprotected womb, but Nadine didn’t want him to stop and begged him then to “Shoot it …………………shoot it up in me ……………………knock me up with your little baby!”

As her eyes drifted down to her alarm clock, the time suddenly registered in Nadine’s mind, causing her to realize that if she didn’t hurry she’d be late in picking her little girl up from school.  Jumping up out of bed, Nadine began to scramble about in search for her clothing.  Getting into her bra and hooking the clasp, she was frantic as her panties were no where in sight, meanwhile a dollop of her lover’s thick spunk oozed out of her well-fucked slit to plop down onto the carpeting.  She grabbed a bunch of tissues from the nearby box to wipe up the carpet and then another bunch to hold up between her legs to capture any more of the leaking goo.  Getting a new pair of panties from her drawer, Nadine made a mental note to resume the search for the pair that Skipper had stripped off her and to use some carpet cleaner on the matted spot.

Returning home after picking up her daughter, little Becky was quite excited to see that the Christmas tree had indeed been flocked with a layer of artificial snow, something her mommy had done earlier that morning.  With her daughter busy looking at the wrapped Christmas presents that had been laid out under the tree and checking the labels to see which were for her, Nadine had gone into the master bedroom to search for her missing panties.  Her heart was thumping in fear, wondering if and actually now hoping that Skipper Harmon had taken them as a souvenir, for she dreaded that it be eventually found somewhere in the house by her husband.  Nadine recalled having her lacy white panties stripped from her along with her black slacks, when Skipper then balled it up and held over his face as he inhaled its fragrance.

Nadine searched everywhere in the master bedroom, behind the dresser drawers and nightstands, even up on top of the drapes.  She then prayed that it was in Skipper’s possession, even it was currently decorating his mantel as proof of his successful seduction of her, so long that it was not found by her husband in a place it didn’t belong.  Sitting on the still rumbled bedspread while deep in thought, her young daughter came into the bedroom advising that “The Christmas tree looks so beautiful with the snow you sprayed on it, Mommy!”  Nadine just nodded in response, not really paying much attention to what her daughter was telling her.

But Nadine was snapped back to reality when young Becky held up her green pullover, the one that she had worn that morning, and commenting that “Mommy, you got your pretty green top all covered with snow too!  Look at all the white flakes falling from it!”  Nadine felt so guilt, actually getting caught following her very first infidelity, but was so thankful of her daughter being too young to realize that it had not been artificial snow covering the front of her green pullover.  ‘My God, how careless can I get?’ she wondered, deciding that she had better make a tour about the house for her missing panties and see if anything else was amiss.

After getting home late that afternoon and jumping into the shower, the phone rang and Skipper answered to hear his buddy’s voice on the line telling him “Hey, man, where the hell ya been?  Was expecting to hear from ya by now!”  “Aw, shit, Greg ……………I’m sorry but you know how it is ……………you know me ……………just trying to get in some bitch’s tight little panties!” Skipper chuckled out in reply.  “What’d ya doing for dinner tonight, buddy?  Julie told me to give you a call as we’re planning to put some steaks on and we got an extra for you if can make it over, my friend!  C’mon over and we can watch the game after dinner!  The ‘Tip-Off’ tournament starts tonight!” he was told.

Having agreed to the dinner invite, Skipper cock twitched at the fact that Greg Foster’s beautiful wife had been the one suggesting that his buddy call and invite him over for dinner.  The beautiful Julie Foster had initially been placed off-limits by Skipper himself, that being due to her hubby Greg being his best friend.  But having earlier heard the confession from her sister that Skipper had been responsible for seducing and impregnating her, Julie had set out to teach him a lesson by teasing him to no end and leaving him hanging high and dry.  However, Julie’s plan had eventually backfired on her, with Skipper literally eating her alive and then seducing her up in his bachelor’s pad one day.

Mrs. Julie Foster (see Target -12)

Putting on some clean clothes, Skipper then went to his drawer for a couple of some of those special blue pills that he kept  for those special occasions – just in case!  After all, this would be some undertaking, especially after banging the shit out of two sweeties earlier that day.  But Skipper was determined to give it the old college try.  And if he needed some help to pull it off, the potent blue pill would have the boner up and ready for action.  Still, this was quite a task for any guy to undertake, but Skipper liked the challenge that lay ahead.

Arriving at Greg and Julie’s place, Skipper greeted his good buddy and got a mere token hug from his beautiful wife.  From what he had gathered earlier, Julie had been the one telling her hubby to invite him over for dinner, thus Skipper figured ‘Now the bitch is getting cold feet!  I’ll get her …………..tonight!  She’s wanting it, just feeling scared and guilty about it ………………so I’ve just gotta be patient and play it right!’  Although he had been a bit nervous about biting off more than he could chew, his cock was once again doing the talking, telling him to ‘Bring on this haughty little bitch again!  I’ll get rock solid once again and bone her good, make her scream with pleasure, just like the summer before!’

Cute little eight month old Jake crawling around the living room while playing with his little when Greg Foster mentioned that “This little guy sure keeps us on our toes!  But he sure is a cutie, and handsome just like his ‘daddy’!”  With the baby’s beautiful mother having heard that comment while preparing he meal in the kitchen, Skipper observed the lovely wife and mother looking nervously at him, it basically confirmed what he had all along suspected …………………that he was little Jake’s real ‘daddy’!  All along, from when Greg had called him at college to make the proud announcement to him, Skipper suspected that he had been the one to the nasty deed.  In fact, in doing the calculations, it was almost nine months to the day when he had fucked Julie in the swimming pool just before departing back for college.

After the second beer, with Greg off to the bathroom and Skipper advising that he get them more beer from the frig, the haughty wife told him that “What we did was so wrong!  I’ve felt so guilty since then, especially after learning that I was pregnant and then leading Greg to believe he was the one who did it!”  Taking her in his arms, letting his arms drop so his hands could cup her asscheeks, Skipper tried the woo her in saying that “Ah, Julie …………………you know want it again ………..Greg told me that you suggested that he call and invite me over tonight!”  “No ………………no …………….there’s no way ……………I don’t want to!  Besides, Greg is right here with us!”

Getting a white pill out of his pocket and sliding it on the countertop towards her, Skipper advised “Okay, you’re right …………………..unless you put this little pill in Greg’s beer later tonight …………………….if you do want ‘it’ again!  Within twenty minutes, he’ll be in la-la land and sleeping like a little baby till tomorrow morning!”  Then, pulling Julie into his arms and covering her pink lips with his, a deep passionate kiss ensured with their tongues busy playing with one another as if to renew acquaintances.  Only when the sound of the bathroom door opening did the kiss break off and then Skipper was stepping out of the kitchen to hand Greg a fresh beer.  So now, it was all in Julie Foster’s hands, more so the little white ‘roofie’ that he had provided her with!

It was a nice dinner, with baby in the high chair being fed as they ate, then the little Jake was in the playpen when the game on television started.  As they each had a cold beer in hand watching the game, Skipper glanced of to the kitchen as Julie had advised that she’d do the clean up and wash the dishes while they enjoyed the ballgame.  As he and Greg tanked up on the beer like in the past, Skipper was advised by his buddy that there’s a guest bedroom where you can crash tonight!  Don’t want you getting into an accident on your way home with too much to drink!”  With the invite to sleeping over, he’d either end up with him sleeping all alone in the guest bedroom with hubby and wife in the master bedroom, or he’d once again get lucky and have Julie Foster’s trim sexy legs wrapped tightly around his waist as he fucked her good in the master bedroom!

Later, when baby Jake began getting a bit cranky and given a bottle of milk, the young tyke was fast asleep soon after finishing the bottle and mommy was putting then him into his crib.  The ball game was now far into the second half with eight minutes left in a very close game and the lead changing hands with each basket.  Then Julie arrived in the den with fresh cans of beer for each of them, cans that had already been opened as she served it to them.  Glancing up into her lovely face as he handed the empty can to her while taking fresh can, his fingers caressed the top of hers and touched her wedding band and diamond ring.  Skipper smiled widely, figuring that hubby’s can of beer contained the dissolving pill that she had dropped into it after opening the top in the kitchen.

Figuring that the ‘roofie’ would take fifteen to twenty minutes to have hubby out cold, Skipper got the small blue pill from his coin pocket to pop into his mouth so that he could get ready for the big occasion, not wanting to leave anything to chance.  Like others, Skipper had been intrigued of the advertising warning users to consult a physician if erection lasted more that four hours after taking a pill.  From Skipper’s prior experience, though disappointed that the effects for him didn’t reach the four hour mark, he was satisfied that it kept him good and hard for roughly a three hour period.

With the fresh can of beer in his hand, Skipper held it up with arm outstretched and told Greg “Here’s to you, good buddy!  Can’t believe you’re already married and a family man!   Who’d have believed all this four years ago?”  As they clinked can tops to toast one another, Skipper took a large gulp of cold beer from his can while his buddy did the same, thus speeding up the process for the potent ‘roofie’ to take effect.  And like clock work, with three fourths or more of the beer can gone and fifteen minutes lapsing from the first gulp, Skipper noticed his buddy’s eyes drooping and head nodding from sleepiness.  Glancing over towards the lighted kitchen, he observed the lovely Julie Foster anxiously looking over at them.

Five minutes later, Greg’s head had slumped down and a slight snore could be heard by Skipper who then looked towards Julie in the kitchen and waved her over.  As she nervously made her way to the den, all the while looking at her husband to make certain he was asleep, Skipper then reached out to clasp her petite hand to pull her closer.  Then she whispered “Is he asleep?”  “He sure is!” Skipper replied.  As she tugged on his hand to get him up and out of the den, Skipper held firm and then advised her that “There’s two more minutes on the game clock!  Time enough for you to give me a good blow job!”

The stunned look on the bitch’s pretty face, with mouth open in awe and disbelief, was just priceless for Skipper.  “But ……………..but, Greg …………..he ……….he might!” came her stammering.  To which Skipper replied “Not if you slipped that ‘roofie’ in his beer!  He won’t be getting up till the sun comes up!”  With the bitch looking off to the side at her drugged hubby, Skipper tugged on her hand, getting her to slowly kneel down on the carpeting next to the edge of the sofa.  He then guided her hand to the top of his zipper, saw her free hand follow, all while her gaze remained on her sleeping husband.  “You get any more practice since I taught you how to suck cock the other summer?” he asked tauntingly and chuckled as she responded by shaking her head ‘No!’  Skipper smiled in triumph upon learning that he was still the only guy ever to feel the true pleasure that her pink lips could offer.

For Julie, although she initially had all the intentions of merely having her husband’s best friend over for dinner that night, it just seemed that she could not resist the handsome Skipper Harmon once he touched her.  Having gotten down his zipper and fished out the thick fleshy boner out into the open, she began shucking it with her closed fist, finding that her thumb could barely touch the tip of her fingers when at the base of the stud’s bloated cock.  Mouth watering, running her tongue over her pink lips, she then watched as the domed cockhead bloat up and watched as his pisshole seemed to wink at her just as she heard Skipper’s voice telling her to “Go on, suck it, bitch!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh, Julie ………………that’s it …………….that’s it ………………..just like I taught you ……………………..lick it like that!” Skipper moaned out with pleasure as Julie bent forward to give him head.  And ‘lick it like that’ referred to Julie flicking the tip of her pointed tongue over his sensitive cockhead and then using the tip of her tongue to tease his flaring pisshole.  Then, grasping the back of her head with both hands as he fucked up into gulping mouth, he then yelled out loudly “Hey, Greg ………….wake up, man!  You gotta see your beautiful wife giving some fucking good head!”  And as expected, the comment had the scared beauty trying desperately to get up and her mouth off his cock, but Skipper hands held her firmly in place as he fucked her beautiful face.

Holding her head down by force, keeping her from pulling away, Skipper was really enjoying this blowjob as he fucked up his throbbing cock up into her beautiful face.  “Oh, Julie ……………….yeah ………………… it …………..…………eat it, bitch ……………gobble it all up!  Ah, yeah ………………………..Greg don’t know what he’s missing!  He ain’t got a clue what a great cocksucker he’s got for a wife!  Oooooooh …………………………..ooooooooooooooh, yeahhhhhhhhh ……………………suck it, bitch ……………………….suck itttttttttt ……………………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..arrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Skipper groaned as he shuddered uncontrollably while ejaculating into Julie Foster’s gulping mouth.  Then, just before he was finished cumming, he pulled her head on back to allow his last spurt to splatter her face.

That next morning, Greg Foster blinked his eyes awake as rays of sunlight from a window caught him right in the face.  Looking about to find himself on the sofa, Greg found a blanket covering him and realized that he must had fallen asleep while watching the game with Skipper and that Julie must have put the blanket over him.  ‘Oh, what a hangover I got!  Haven’t drunk so much beer like that in quite awhile!  Damn, sure hate having to go into work today!’ he sighed as he got up from the sofa.  Going down the hallway, Greg observed his good buddy sleeping in the guest room as the door was open, apparently too wasted to make the drive on home.

Opening the closed door to the master bedroom, Greg observed his lovely wife fast asleep under the sheets and covers on her side of the bed.  ‘Damn she sure looks so damn beautiful!  How did I ever manage to land her as my wife!’ he thought, once again wishing as always that he had the nerve to quietly make his way over to where her head lay with cock in hand and rub his bloated cockhead up against her succulent pink lips.  In his dreams, Julie would then part her pink lips and allow him to slide his cock between them and then begin sucking him in earnest.  Sighing in dismay, Greg dared not do such a thing for fear of his beautiful wife becoming totally outraged for perpetrating, what Julie referred to ‘disgusting sex act’, upon her while she slept.  ‘That’d sure piss her off!  Not a good way to enjoy the holidays!’ Greg told himself.

His cock having gotten hard at the thought of his beautiful wife sucking on his dick, Greg looked at the clock and then thought ‘I could slide into bed behind her, pull down her pajama bottoms and panties, then slip it right up into her!’  Then Greg sighed in dismay as ‘Julie will get pissed if I do that without wearing a fucking condom!  ‘Not until next year!’ is what she said.  Guess I’ll just have to wait another couple of weeks cause I hate using a damn rubber!’  It was a good thing that Greg had done what he had wanted to do, for he’d have been shocked because his so-called faithful wife’s cunny was choking to the brim with two loads of Skipper’s raw potent cum, even leaking out some to soak the crotch of her panties.

End of Story.