Target: Beautiful Married Women - XIX
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon

Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier stories entitled: 'Target: Beautiful Married Women 1 - 18'
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A Summer Conquest!

Looking at the entry that he had made next to young Billy Andrews lovely mother, it was written: Mrs. Jill Andrews and off the right, the notes read 5/3 65 SBR GBJ SN.  For Skipper, these cryptic notes had him laying out plans at night, thinking of just how he'd go about seducing another supposedly faithful wife.  In this case, he'd stare at the picture he'd taken of the lovely Mrs. Nadine Miller while pretending to make a call on his cellphone.  Downloading the picture taken after practice was over, he'd stare at her picture time and time again, reviewing his notes that told him the following: that Mrs. Jill Andrews was 35 years old, 5'5”, short brown hair, great lips for a blow job, and 'SN' meant that he aimed to nail her soon! Just looking at her picture, he knew she was the faithful wife, thus making it making this conquest an even greater challenge!  Skipper just loved a good challenge and in seeing how rather naive she was, he'd bet his last buck that her hubby never got the pleasure of having her sweet lips on his dick.  Not only did he plan on seducing this faithful wife this summer, and soon, he planned on making a talented cocksucker out of her!

Mrs. Jill Andrews

Indeed, Mrs. Jill Andrews was model wife and mother, complete dedicated to her husband of thirteen years and a devoted mother.  So, when the other women (mothers of Billy Andrew's teammates) saw the notorious womanizer taking a shining to Jill Andrews, they all had a chuckle amongst themselves with on of them commenting "That Skipper Harmon is in for a long dry summer if he thinks he'll get into Jill's panties!"  That was the synopsis that each and everyone of them had come to, for there was absolutely no way they figured that the prim and proper Jill Andrews would ever enter into an affair with another man, much less a college jock the likes of the stud who was making a play for her.  And when the women got to kid around with Jill when soccer practice was going on, Jill would blush when one her friends in this rather tight knit community would whisper "That young stud got his eyes on you!"  But Jill just laughed it off with "Yeah, right!  Maybe he had a crush on some high school teacher and I remind him of her!  And besides, I am truly a happily married woman!"

Skipper got the opening he was looking for that next week.  Having brought an ice cooler filled with pop that he had purchased before, distributing it out to all the kids that next day when camp was done and they were headed on out, he overheard Billy Andrews ask his mom "Hey, mom, this brand of root beer is really great!  Can you pick some up the next time you go shopping?"  "Good, huh!  Sure, I'll put it on my shopping list!  In fact, I'll be going to the Myer's tonight after I drop your dad off at the airport!" Billy's mother replied.  Then another camper, apparently a classmate and friend of Billy's called out "Hey, Billy ...............wanna come over tonight and play the new Xbox game that just came out?  My mom says you can sleep over!"  "Can I, mom?  Can I?" Billy was pleading with his mother.  To which she replied "That's fine, but you'll have to shower as soon as you get home and pack up some clothes for the night!  We drop you off at Timmy's right after dinner, when we head out to the airport!  So you need to be ready to leave by seven tonight!"

Having heard all that and knowing the roughly where the Andrews' lived, Skipper figured that the beauty would shopping at the Ralph's Supermarket that was closest to where they resided.  'And she'll be all alone at home tonight!' he mused.  Knowing that it took forty minutes to get to the airport, then doubling that time, it would mean she'd be getting back about 8:20 p.m.  And in knowing the car she drove, Skipper would be in the parking lot and waiting for her to arrive.  With a Starbucks next door to the market, he'd be waiting right outside for her to exit the market with her groceries.  Looking at her picture once again, Skipper felt his cock swelling up in anticipation, anxious to put another notch on his belt upon seducing yet another so-called 'faithful' wife.  'Damn, I'm gotta fuck her tonight!' Skipper told himself.  'I just gonna fuck her tonight!' he then added.  Showering, putting on some after shave, he planned on getting to Ralph's a bit after eight and await for the unsuspecting beauty to arrive.

Having waited just over ten minutes, Skipper looked at his watch and figure that she should be arrive at any moment as it was not 8:21 p.m.  A minute later, Skipper was smiling widely as the car he was waiting for had just turned into the parking lot.   His eyes followed her car, watching her park her car in an empty spot right next to the cart return area, then  he watched intently as she got out and locked her door before heading towards the entrance to the supermarket.   'Perfect!  There's an empty stall just two parking spaces beyond her car!' he analyzed while starting up to move his car there.  That done, Skipper proceed with his plan to buy a cup of mocha and wait for the lovely woman to exit the market with her groceries.  He planned on trailing a bit behind, making it seem like a coincidence that he happened along at that instant and assist her in unloading the groceries from the cart to her car.  And if the plan worked out as he hoped, he'd be sampling some new pussy tonight.

"Hi, Mrs. Andrews!" he called out just after she unlocked her car trunk and had put in the first bag of groceries from the cart.  "Skipper!  What brings you here?" she responded with.  "Oh, had to drop off some things at a buddy's place nearby and stopped for a cup of mocha!" was Skipper's answer.  "Here, let me give you a hand!" he advised and put his cup down atop in he empty spot in the child's seat area of the cart.  Grabbing a bag of groceries from the cart, he then passed it off to the unsuspecting beauty as loaded it up in the trunk.  That done, as she was in the process of closing her car trunk, Skipper pushed the cart into the return slot, leaving his cup of coffee in it.  As she used her remote to open the car doors, Skipper was the perfect gentleman on the spot with "Here, let me get the door for you!"  Door opened for the beauty as she stepped forward.  And as expected, she turned to thank him for his help, Skipper moved forward to take her in his arms and give her a kiss on the lips ...................a rather intimate one where his thick tongue delved between her soft pink lips and teeth.

Seconds later, with the frightened beauty panting heavily after breaking off the unexpected kiss, Skipper apologized "I'm sorry, Mrs. Andrews!  It's just ..................just that I've dreamt of doing that every night since meeting you!"  His slight stammer was all planned, making it seem true, that it was something that was just spontaneous and not a pre-planned move.  "Skipper .................I'm a married woman!  I thought you respected me!  For your information, I've never kissed another man intimately nor intend to have an affair outside of my marriage!  And besides, I'm way older than you!" she scolded him.  "I'm sorry, Mrs. Andrews, I just couldn't resist!"  he advised while closing her car door after she got inside.  "I'm sorry again!" he added and held back his smile as she nodded at him in acceptance of his apology.  He merely stood in the same spot as she backed her car out of the stall and proceeded out of the parking lot, knowing full well that she'd be looking at him through her rear view mirror.

Indeed, while panting heavily in the car as she drove, Jill Andrews was looking at the handsome college jock through her rear view mirror.  Jill felt her heart thumping madly in her chest, her hands were shaking with nervousness as her tongue moved about her mouth, guiltily recalling Skipper's tongue touching hers and how she had responded with flicking hers against his exploring one.  It had not been an attempt to push his tongue out of her mouth but one of an instinctive response to the handsome young man's unexpected kiss.  She indeed had been captivated by the handsome young stud, but never did she entertain any romantic interlude nor that of stepping outside of her marriage for a brief fling.  Driving that five blocks to her home, Jill could not get over how slick her pussy had gotten, right to the point where she was wetting the crotch band of her panties at this point.

Prior to his arrival at the parking lot of the supermarket, Skipper had driven by the Andrews home to scout out where the lovely beauty would be returning to after grocery shopping.  Once her car had disappeared out of the parking lot, Skipper got into his car and proceeded to where the beauty lived.  Knowing exactly where she lived, he headed on out to the location, parking at the curb in front of the home.  He could see a light on in the back area of the home, which he believed as the kitchen area.  Surmising that she had taken her groceries in from the car, now located in the  closed garage, Skipper planned on giving her a few minutes to unload the groceries before ringing the front door bell.  With her alone in the house, he figured that she'd surely look through the peephole to see who it was at the front door.  'So, will she open the door or not in seeing it's me out front?' he wondered.  'She does, and she'll be fair game for me tonight!' he told himself.

In the kitchen while unloading the groceries, Jill wondered as to who could be at the door a this hour.  Turning on the lights to the living room as she walked to it to the foyer, Jill then turned on the outside light so she could see who it was.  Seeing Skipper Harmon through the peephole, Jill hesitated for a second, then turn the deadbolt and opened the door.  Looking at the handsome young man through the locked screen door, Jill knew she should talk to him through the screen door and not unlock it.  But it was as if her body was not being controlled by her mind as she flipped the lever.  With Skipper opening the screen door and stepping forward, Jill could only pant nervously as she stepped back into the foyer.  Speechless, Jill could only stand there as the screen was closed by the handsome young man, with the front door soon to follow, the she watched as he flipped the switch turning off the outside light.  And then she was in his strong muscular arms once again, his mouth covering hers like in the parking lot, and her pointed tongue was dallying with his thicker one. 

Swooning as the kiss continued, Jill was oblivious to the fact that the cagey young stud was guiding her towards the hallway, her trim petite body shivering with excitement as the feel of his large hands squeezing at her ass cheeks through the navy blue slacks that she wore.  Before she realized it, Jill was standing in the master bedroom near the bed while she looked down as the handsome college jock deftly began undoing the buttons down the front of her blouse.  The tucked in portion had been pulled out from her slacks and now the white blouse lay on the carpeting behind of her as the shoulder straps of her bra were being pushed off her shoulders.  Lacy bra cups pushed on down, baring her titties, Jill sucked in her breath as the bold young man captured her left nipple in his mouth and suckled upon it, making her swoon out "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .....................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned again when he moved over to suckle its twin. 

Another intimate kiss ensued, with Skipper now working her slackds down over her trim hips while she in turn slid her hands up under his tee-shirt to run her fingers caressing up his muscular body.  Then she help pull his tee shirt up and over his head.  It was when Skipper hand his fingers in the waistband of her panties when Jill panted out "Oh, God .........................what are we doing ...............................we can't  ...............................we can't do this!"  But then the panties were atop of her fallen slacks, with both garments now in a pile around her ankles, with Skipper's fingers grasping her soft ass cheeks while grinding the front of his jeans up against her belly.  Although she knew she shouldn't, Jill pulled her left foot out from the crumpled clothing, then put her foot back down upon her panties and slacks as she pulled her right foot out of them.  Then it was not the rough jeans rubbing up against her belly but the young stud's thick fleshy prong that was jutting outright and poking at her belly, which made Jill reach on down to grab hold of it, guiding it downward to rub in her soft brown curls. 

To her surprise, Jill felt Skipper's strong hands lifting her right up off the ground.  Still holding the thick throbbing cock in her hand, bring it up to an upwards tilt as she was lifted up high off the ground.  "Guide it in for me, Mrs. Andrews!" she was then told.  Unable or not wanting to disobey her young lover, she did as he asked, guiding his cock to the right spot an rubbed it up and down her slick slit.  "Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!" she gasped as the tall teen arched up a bit, getting this bloated cocked to be enveloped in her tight gripping cunny.  "Ohhhhh, Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!" Jill screamed out as the handsome stud body slammed her upon the soft mattress as his long 10+ inches sliced right up into her, reaching far beyond the six inches that he husband had ever gotten.  "Ohhhh ...................................ohhhhhh ..........................ohhhhhh ....................ohhhhhhhh!" she panted out as the young stud proceeded to give her the fucking of her life.  Her hands caressed his broad muscular back as she wrapped her long trim legs around his humping ass. 

The way in which the seduced beauty was moaning and clasping his body as he stuck it good to her, Skipper knew that he was giving her the best ever fucking of her entire life.  "Ohhhh, Mrs. Andrews, you're absolutely fantastic!  Just like I've dreamt each and every night!  Ohhh ....................ohhhhh're so damned tight ..................................gonna cum soon, Mrs. Andrews!" he announced, getting a real charge out of calling her by her marital name.  But what he had just told her brought some reality back into her senses, getting her to come to realize just what could result from this illicit mating, causing her to panic and try to push him off and pant out "Oh, Skipper're not wearing anything'll bet me pregnant!"  "Oh, Mrs. Andrews .......................please .............don't make me pull out'll spoil it all!" Skipper panted out as he continued slicing in and out of her clasping cunny.  Upon feeling her legs tighten around him, that gave Skipper the answer he wanted, that she was not going to make him pull on out and that he could now cum in her. 

"Ohhhh, Skipperrrrrrrrr ....................................Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .................................ooooooh, so good ...............................sooooooo good!  Fuck me ...........................fuck me ..............................fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" the supposedly faithful wife screamed out as her body convulsed in spasms, indicating her mind-shattering orgasm that rocked her petite body.  "Ohhhh, Mrs. Andrews ......................................I'm getting near .............................................I'm gonna cum ..............................................I'm gonna cum in youuuuuuuuuuuuu ....................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .........................................ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he groaned out loudly, ejaculating spurt after spurt of hot baby roe far up in her fertile womb, filling her to the brim with his hot cum.  Finally, with his cock twitching out the last of his potent baby jizz, he exhaustively collapsed down upon the lovely beauty.

Five minutes later, after having come back down to earth after her mind-shattering orgasm, Jill was trying to blink back the tears of guilt and shame as the heavy weight of her young lover had her pinned to the bed.  Not only was he on her, but his somewhat dwindled cock was still long and thick ...................and in her!  Jill was unable to move as his heavy body lay upon her, and all she could do was to look up at the ceiling of the master bedroom of her home!  'Oh, God .......................what have I done?' she asked of herself.  'An adulteress!  A cheater!  And worst of all, upon the very bed that I share with my husband!' she told herself.  If her husband had done that, made love to another woman on their bed, divorce would definitely be the answer.  There was no excuse for what she had done, and Jill asked herself 'Why did I open the door when I saw it was him out front?  And then opening the screen door for him?  Surely you knew what was going to happen, especially after what happened in the supermarket's parking lot!  You knew very well he was going to kiss you intimately again!  You wanted it wanted him to kiss you again!  That's why you allowed him to come inside! she analyzed.

That next day, Jill Andrews was in deep thought, coming to a resolve that she would never again allow that handsome young stud into her home.  She knew that if she did allow him in, he'd be wanting more, wanting to make love to her right upon the sacred marital bed that she shared with her husband.  There was no denying that the handsome young stud had given her the fucking of a lifetime, not once but twice that night, followed by another fantastic romp in bed when the awoke in the morning.  Jill was determined to be strong, to resist any further temptation, knowing that Skipper Harmon would want to see her again, to come on over when no one else was a home, probably telling her he wanted to see her .............just to talk!  Shivering with shame, feeling so guilty, Jill swallowed nervously as he recalled how the young stud loved calling her by her marital name, obviously giving him a thrill when he moaned out "I'm cumming ...............................cumming in you, Mrs. Andrews!"  She trembled at the recollection, for indeed him calling out her marital name made it all seem more sordid and illicit, especially when him making love to her on the bed that she shared with her husband.

Jill indeed had maintained her resolve, refusing each time that Skipper called her on her cell phone and asking if there was a time he could come on over.  "No, absolute not!  You and I know very well where it all end up if I allow you to come over!" she'd reply.  But her resolve never again to be alone with Skipper Harmon in her home did not include seeing him elsewhere.  When given his address and told to come over to his bachelor's pad, her resolve to not seeing the handsome young stud again other than to pick Billy up at camp dissolved rather quickly, and Jill would end up making the drive to see her young lover again.  Head over heels for the handsome young stud, Jill threw her morals right out the window, doing things that would normally be appalling to her just to please him.  Like that first time over to his place, after that first intimate kiss, Jill found that Skipper loved having her down on her knees ...........................getting her to unzip him, to pull his manhood on out ............................for her to suck on it! 

When not with her young lover and reflecting her illicit affair, Jill just could not believe the horrid and sordid things she had allowed herself to do in order to please the handsome young stud, just so he would give her the fucking that she needed. so badly.  Sexual acts that Jill had always considered depraved and sick, refused to even consider doing with her husband, yet they just did not seem so despicable when she was with Skipper.  Taking his cock in her mouth and sucking it, letting him put his face between her legs so he could eat her out, learning what '69ing' was all about, getting on all fours to be taken up the ass and sodomized ................all those sexual acts just seemed so natural when she was with Skipper!  The affair lasted just over two months, ending once Skipper left for college, with Jill making a resolve to never again be unfaithful to her unsuspecting husband.  But she would always remember her affair with the handsome young stud, especially with her belly beginning to bulge with his baby as the year came to an end.

Another Summer Conquest!

Next to a picture he had taken under the guise of using his cell phone to make a call, next to the picture of the beautiful blond, his notes read: Mrs. Nadine Miller,2/3 64 LBL NLL ES .  All that was his secret code that only he could decipher should it fall into the wrong hands.  He certainly did not want it getting around that he was making notes on all these beautiful women, and his intent on seducing them into bed.

Mrs. Nadine Miller

Looking at the picture of Mrs. Nadine Miller again, Skipper's notes told him the following: that she was 32 years old, 5'4”, long blond hair, nice long legs, 'end of summer' as she take a while to work on.  Skipper's read her as being one who would definitely be wary of his coming on to her, that he was a womanizer at heart, that all he wanted was to get into her panties and sample the treats of another man's wife.  And as such, Skipper would play the part of not being attracted to her beauty, to merely smile and wave when he saw her, but he'd deliberately go about talking to the other mothers who had come by to pick up their kid(s) from the camp.  He wanted her dying to get him to notice her, to give her some attention, and when that took place .........................he aimed to get her into his bed and nail her good!

Indeed, Nadine Miller was not accustom to being ignored the way in which her son's coach seemed not to notice her existence, other than to just wave to her as another parent.  Men always paid attention to her, though it was more of a game to Nadine, enjoying the attention she got but with no intention of cheating on her husband.  Perhaps it was because she always had gotten the attention from back in middle school, becoming a cheerleader in high school, modeling some while in college, then marrying her husband who was a college jock the  likes of the handsome Skipper Harmon.   She was unaware that Skipper was playing a mind game with her, that he indeed had noticed her and found her attractive, but that he was looking for a weak spot to which he could exploit in allowing him to get into he panties.  

Towards the end of summer, after her son's camp had come to a close, it was then that she came into contact with the handsome Skipper Harmon once again.  It was a Saturday, when she was at a strip mall to do some shopping, the return to her car had her sighing in despair as she looked at the left front tire.  Totally flat, but little did Nadine realized it had been flattened shortly after her arrival, when Skipper happened to be in the next row and spotted her pulling on into the parking space.  When she had gone into the fabric store to look for some material, the handsome young jock had bent down by the front of her car to put a pin into the air nozzle on the left front tire, allowing the air in the tire to quickly escape.  "Mrs. Miller, how are you?  Oh, my gosh, it's really gone flat!  Let me give you a hand with that!" came the comment from a familiar voice.  Looking up at the familiar voice, the handsome young college jock had indeed remembered her and was now her savior in her distress.

With the spare tire a much smaller one furnished by the manufacturer, Skipper advised with authority that "I live just a couple blocks away and got all the equipment in my garage to take care of everything!  Get in your car and follow me!  I'll take it slow!"  Looking in his rear view mirror, Skipper smiled to himself, glad that he had happened upon the blond beauty at the strip mall.  'Sure glad I went to the automotive store there for a case of oil!  This is gonna be my lucky day!  Thought I had blown it all with this sweet little bitch when camp was over and I hadn't gotten to put the moves on her!'  Getting him over to his place, figuring he'd fix her tire and make the change, then he aimed on getting her up to his bachelor's pad.  And once that was accomplished, Skipper felt confident that he had read her right from the start, and he work his way right into her tight little panties.

For Nadine, she was quite excited in seeing the handsome young stud once again, especially in that he indeed knew who she was after all.  With the garage door rising and Skipper parking off to the side outside of the garage, she followed his instructions in pulling up into the middle of the garage to give him room to work on her car.  Getting out of her car, she watched as the handsome stud wheeled his jack under the front of her car to lift it up.  Then he was working on her flat, using an electric pump to inflate it back up.  That done, the smaller spare tire was being removed and then the original tire was being put back on.  Jack being lowered, spare put back in her trunk, Nadine was a bit puzzled and asked "Do you think it'll be okay and not leak again?  There might be a nail in it, something to have caused it to go flat in the parking lot!"  To her surprise, the garage door began descending as Skipper stepped towards her, then he was kissing her intimately on the lips.  Kiss ending, Nadine then learned from the devious jock that "I deliberately let the air out of your tire while you were shopping so I could get you alone here!"

Nadine was just putty in the arms of the muscular college jock, shivering with nervousness and excitement when he pull her blouse out of her jeans and slid his hand on down the back of it to caress her bare ass.  Pulled by the hand, Nadine found herself following Skipper up the stairway that led to his bachelor's pad.  Inside the stud's pad, pulled into his arms once again, another intimate kiss ensued.  She had desired the handsome jock's attention throughout the summer, but Nadine had not intended on letting things get this far, not allow him to undo the front of her jeans as he was currently doing.  Panting for breath, Nadine was unconsciously but instinctively undoing Skipper belt, undoing the top button of his jeans just like hers had been undone.  It was as if she was a young teen on ad date with  her boyfriend, exploring one another sexually, with Skipper's hands in her panties grabbing her ass while her trim  fingers went down inside the front of his jockeys to grasp his long thick manhood in hers. 

Once they had both stepped out of their jeans, Skipper guided the blond beauty over to the bed where they began baring themselves of all their other clothing.  Minutes later as they now lay upon the bed, Skipper' cock swelled up to the touch of the soft trim fingers that encircled it while guiding it up against her slit.  He had certainly played this  bitch right, ignoring her throughout the summer and now with him showing some attention, the lovely Mrs. Nadine Miller was his for the taking.  And take her he did, hearing her squeal out "Ohhhhhhh, Skipperrrrrrr .......................................ohhhhhh, you're so biggggggggggggg!"  Sliding in her tight cunny a couple of inches, he then withdrew till just his cockhead was enveloped before skewering back down to bury his cock another couple inches further down.  Back out again, then skewering forward, he did this again and again till his 10+ length of meat was fully buried up in her hot and tight little twat. 

Skipper was aimed at  giving her the fucking of her life, determined to having her wanting even more, to have her make side trips from her job as regional sales representative for a large costume jewelry firm that covered the town where State College was located.  She'd be making unnecessary overnight trips to service her accounts there, just so she could get more of his attention, in which Skipper planned on giving her in bed when she came to town.  But first to complete the mission he had set out, Skipper began pumping faster and faster at blond beauty, enjoying hearing her pant out "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes ...........................................yessssssssss .........................oh, yessssssssssssssssssss ....................................fuck me ...................................fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee ..............................fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  Skipper did just that and soon heard her screaming out "Oh, Goddddddddddddddddd .................................I'm there ..............................I'm thereeeeeeeeee ................................I'm cummingggggggggggggggg ..............................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  At that instant, Skipper popped his nuts in her, ejaculating his plentiful hot cum in her, whispering into her ear that "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I've dreamt of this all summer!   Want to make us a beautiful little baby!"

And Yet Another End of Summer Conquest!

But not all of Skipper's dreams had been fulfilled that summer, as he never got the change to get near first base with the likes of one beauty.  Looking at the photo  taken and his notes, Skipper could only look at her picture and shrug while reading his notes associate with Mrs. Deanne Lennon: 3/4 65 SBL DEFINNFLW                                      

Mrs. Deanne Lennon

Looking at the photo  he had taken while pretending to be making a phone call on his cell, it was one taken of the beautiful blond when she had come up pick her young daughter up after just having gotten in from her job as a flight attendant.  His notes read:  Mrs. Deanne Lennon, age 34, 5'5" tall, short blond hair, definitely and innocent and faithful wife!  There was no way he could come on to her and get even to first base, not in how innocent a faithful wife she seemed to be.  So, Skipper had just chalked things up that this one would definitely get away!  But as if the devil looked after his own, wanting to  interfere with a perfect marriage, for it was Mr. Darin Lennon himself who gave Skipper the insight as to how he could go about making time with his beautiful wife.

It happened the week before Skipper was to head back to college when he happened to bump into Mr. Lennon and young Kathy at the  mall.  Greeting them and chatting a bit, Skipper then learned that the guy's beautiful wife was now on the route serving State College.  "In fact, she's on her way there right now for an overnighter!  Fortunately the overnighters are spread out among the crew and Deanne only has it for Wednesdays!  If you're on her flight, she'll upgrade you to 1st Class if there's an opening!" he was told.  "Oh, great!  Hey, I'm already booked for next Wednesday night!  Hopefully there'll be an opening!  Those seats in coach are pretty tight, especially for anyone over 6' tall!" Skipper responded with, although he had just winged it and had not even gone online to purchase his ticket as yet.  And as he had hoped, Mr. Lennon replied "I'll let my wife know and have her be on the look out for you!  Hopefully there'll be an available seat up in 1st Class!"

Online that night, Skipper checked out the schedule for Midwestern Air, recalled as to the timing of his conversation with Mr. Lennon and checked as to the last flight out to the town where the college was situated in.  'Yeah, this has got to be the one!  Last flight out is 7:30 p.m.!  It was about 8:10 when I was talking to her husband and there's no other flights leaving there after this one arrives!  This has got to be the one with the crew laying over for the night!' Skipper concluded.  He booked his flight, then began plotting things out for that coming week, determined to be alone with the innocent blond beauty after the flight set down.  Picking up his cell phone, he called his buddy who was to be on campus already.  His buddy had been given a key to his car there, using it if he needed it and also to just run the engine from time to time.  So, instead of having his buddy pick him up at the airport as would normally be the case, he asked a favor "Mike, I've got the spare key so can you leave my wheels there in the public parking for when I get in!  Have Brady follow you with his car so you've got a ride back!"  When asked as to why and what's up, Skipper chuckled "Two's a party and three's a crowd ......................if you know what I mean!"

Skipper was no fool, knew that his charm and good looks would only get him so far, and that was especially true for beautiful Mrs. Deanne Lennon.  Realizing this factor, it was not beyond Skipper's pride to obtain a little bit of help.  So now, it was just a matter of using his charm to persuade the lovely Mrs. Lennon to accompany him to dinner or drinks, getting her alone with him.  So he placed a call into the Horny Toad Tavern, lining things up for that next week Wednesday in hopes that he could persuade the blond beauty to accompany him there.  This was Skipper's favorite hang out when attending college, especially with is teammate Leroy working part-time as a bartender, giving him a free ride and meals and drinks.  Also, Leroy knew just what to put in those special drinks, know what the nod meant when Skipper gave it to him.  Yes, a dash of some very potent aphrodisiac would certain pave the way for Skipper to get the beauty accompanying him into the bed of the Horny Toad Motel located right next door.

At 6:30 a.m. that next Thursday morning, Deanne Lennon sat in the hotel lobby waiting her her crew members to come down and check out so and await for the  shuttle to take them to the airport.  Blinking back the tears, Deanne kept asking of herself 'How could I let it happen?  How could I let it happen?'   Having seen her  daughter's handsome young coach board the plane, with a seat still available up in 1st Class, she upgraded the young man.  She had expected to see him on the flight, told to expect him last week by husband.  'Why did I agree to go out to get something to eat and drink with him?' she asked herself.  As he was still in college, she had not wanted him to pick up the tab but had been told ahead of time that it was just unspoken side benefits for being the starting quarterback at State.  Surely against the rules governing college sports but she did agree to accompany the handsome young man, telling members of her flight crew that "I'm going out to eat with an old friend!  I'll meet up with all of you down in the hotel lobby at the regular time!"

'God, what happened?  How did it all happen so fast?' Deanne wondered.  They had ended up in a dive called the Horny Toad Tavern, sat at the bar where Skipper introduced her to his bartender friend.  They  ate a meal, consumed a couple of drinks called the Horny Toad Special, then things got blurry and the next thing she knew ..............................she was alone with Skipper Harmon in a motel room next to the tavern!  In the arms of the handsome young stud, unable to put up any resistance and in fact wanted to feel his touch, she found Skipper expertly undoing the buttons to her flight attendant's uniform and soon the garments lay upon the carpeting of the motel room.  Deanne felt sick at what she recalled next, that she was lying naked on the bed and reaching up, grasping the long fleshy tool and pulling down the handsome jock between her widespread legs.  "Ohhhhh, Skipper ...................................Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrrr .................................Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ............................................ohhhhhhhhhh, Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" she recalled crying out as the first cock, other than her husband's, skewered deep up into her.  Closing her eyes, Deanne then recalled how she then caressed his broad muscular shoulders, wrapping her legs around him and locking her ankles together in order to pull him deeper into her ......................far deeper than she ever had it!

'How could I have cheated on Mike?  For what ................illicit pleasure?  Adulteress!  A slut!  Whore!  How could I have done such a thing?' she asked of herself, chastising herself for being so stupid in going out with the handsome young stud in the first place.  But there was no denying one thing, that being it was the most fantastic night of her entire life.  Not once, not twice, but three times she had spread her legs for the horny young stud.  Each time he had her mewling out with pleasure, screaming out in fact as she soared into outer space each time, shuddering  as a mind-shattering orgasm rocked her body each time.  And then early this morning, when the 5 a.m. wake-up call came, she had again willing spread her legs wide when Skipper pushed her knees apart.  And fuck again they did, with her panting out "Ohhhh, Skipper .....................................oh, so good good ............................yes ...........................oh, yesssssssssss ................................fuck me ...........................................fuck me!"  Another wild orgasm as she squeezed her entwined legs together, getting her young lover to give her every drop of his hot love juices. 

Four loads of hot potent loads had been ejaculated deep up in her fertile womb, for no protection had been used nor had she douched out the young stud's baby juice.  Crotch band of her panties damp, slit slick and oozing out some co-mingled fuck juices, Deanne felt nervous, wondering why she kissed him so intimately in the hotel parking lot before getting out of his car and promising to see him on her next Wednesday night layover.  'My God, I've got to break this madness off before it goes too far!' Deanne told herself.  'Going too far?  It's already gone too far've gone to bed with him ...............................made love to him .............................four times!  God, what if he gets me pregnant?  What am I going to do?' she thought to herself. 

End of Story.