Target: Beautiful Married Women - XX
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon

Disclaimer:  This story is fictional and intended for
Adults only!
This story is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of prior stories entitled:  'Target Beautiful Married Women - 1 thru 19'

Freshman Year:  Before Fall Classes Commenced

Skipper Harmon's summer exploits have been well covered to date, with many a once faithful wife finding herself in quite a predicament after having succumbed to the charms of the handsome young college jock.   No longer a faithful wife after having violated her marital vows, she was an adulteress, and more likely than not found herself pregnant with her young lover's baby.  Each was so much in love with her handsome stud, no thought of an abortion would come to anyone's mind, with each impregnated beauty merely wondering how she should go about pulling the  wool over her husband's eyes in having him believe that he had been the one to do the deed.  Some, after seeing the positive result of the home pregnancy test, would entice her husband in bed as soon as possible in figuring that she'd be able to dupe her cuckold hubby into thinking the baby was early should he have been keeping track of time.  And there would be those who would employ the tactic of chastising her husband for: failing to use a protective condom; using a faulty condom; or failing to pull out in time. 

But what happened when summer came to an end and the handsome young jock headed on back to State U. in preparation for the upcoming football season?  Was his lust for beautiful married women sated where he could wait till he got back for the winter break?  Was he able to rein in his raging hormones and go without sex for three to four months?  How long would or could Skipper Harmon go without a pair of trim sexy legs wrapped around his humping ass?  Well, the answer was ......................not very long!  Just a few weeks after arriving on campus for his freshman year to attend the football camp, after having scoped out the small campus town surrounding the college, things had just fallen into place when he got an email from one of his high school classmates who would be driving down with her mom a few days before school was to commence.  Taryn Schroder had been one of the cheerleaders in high school and part of the gang that he had hung around with.  According to the email, Taryn's dad was off on a European buying trip for his company and thus it was just she and her mom making the drive down to State U.  And the thought of Mrs. Schroder accompanying her daughter to State U.'s campus, Skipper felt the familiar stirrings in his loins as he pictured the beautiful Mrs. Marilyn Schroder in his mind.  'Damn, she's sure hot!  Never could make a move on her back home, but now she'll in all probability be staying here overnight after driving all that way!  Now, if I plan things out right, this might just be the opportunity I've been hoping to get over the past couple of years!' he mused.

After corresponding by both phone and email Taryn, things were working out perfectly as their arrival time on campus would be after the day's practice was over with.  As Taryn had made her visit to State U. as part of a senior class field trip to visit the campus, both she and her mom weren't that familiar with the town, and in fact Taryn had asked if he could recommend a hotel for her mom to stay at over night as it'd be safer for her to make the trip back the next day.  Having made fast friends with some of the players on the squad, in particular the newer ones and redshirt freshmen, Skipper got to know Kobe Thompson who was a redshirt center.  Taking snaps from Kobe, they became fast friends as they'd probably be entering games together as a platoon when the first team came out unless one went in for an injured player.  Kobe had showed him around the town as this was his second year on campus, and most importantly Kobe pointed out the motel that he worked at as a part-time job with his schedule adjusting to the football schedule.  According to Kobe, it was the best motel in this small college town with the owner being an alumni and big booster for State U., thus he was assured favorable work schedules and some perks.  Some of those perks included free stay for Kobe's parents when they came to campus for visits or games and Kobe was allowed to discount any of his friends motel bill by 50%.  And Kobe had offered to pass that discount on to Skipper should he ever need a room there.               

Emailing Taryn that he had connections with one of the boosters who owned the best motel in town and could get a 50% discount by using his name and could arrange for an early check in if need be.  Getting some brochures from Kobe, Skipper then sent them to Taryn to give to her mom and advised that he's put in a reservation for her mom under his name for the night she'd be staying over, also advising of the early check-in availability.  'Hmmm ....................yeah ..........................yeah .........................this is gonna work out perfectly!' Skipper thought to himself after getting an email from Taryn saying that her mom wanted to thank him very much for the help and wanted him to join them for dinner when they came in that day.  With Taryn relaying that if he knew of a nice place for dinner, to pick it and make the reservations if he could, and advising that it was her mom's treat.  'Perfect!  With them getting in mid-afternoon, the timing will be perfect to get Taryn's things unloaded and up to her room, have Mrs. Schroder follow me to the motel, let her check in and refresh herself before I pick them up for dinner!' he figured.  'Yeah, I'm a mile from Taryn's dorm, then the motel's a quarter mile beyond that!  I'll make reservations at the nice Riverfront Grille that's several miles east of the motel!  With the motel being nearest to the restaurant, it'd naturally be the first stop on he way back, perfect for mother and daughter to say their goodbyes before I drive Taryn back to her dorm!  But instead of going back to my place after dropping Taryn off, I'll be headed on back to the motel to visit her beautiful mother to keep her from getting lonely!' Skipper chuckled.

Everything had worked like a charm that day, meeting up with Taryn and her mom when they arrived, then leading the way to the campus where Skipper helped unload the filled SUV and getting everything up to the dorm room.  Then Taryn hopped in his car so he could show her around, but first to lead the way to show her beautiful mom where the motel was located.  Licking his lips as he took in the lovely beauty who had dressed in a long sleeved pink blouse, white slacks, and white flats for the long drive.  Once at the motel, Skipper advised that "You must be exhausted from that long drive, Mrs. Schroder!  Figured want to rest some so I made reservations at the restaurant for 8 o'clock!  I've already checked with them and your room is ready!  Just give them your name and it's all set up with a 50% discount!  I'll give Taryn a quick tour, then let her get some rest too!  We'll be back to pick you up about 7:40!"  The day went quite smoothly, just as he had hoped and planned, licking his lips in seeing the beautiful woman in a dress and heels when they returned to pick her up at the scheduled time.  Over a nice dinner together, Skipper had learned that Mrs. Schroder was planning to drive up Ferndale early the next day to visit one of her old friends from college and spend a couple days there before heading back home as she had taken off work till that next Monday.  Parking at the entrance to the motel, he had watched Taryn and her beautiful mother hugging each other goodbye, then Skipper played the gentleman in extending his hand to her and thanked her for dinner and to express how nice it was to see her once again.  Dropping Taryn off at the dorm so she could get settled in, Skipper then headed on back to motel.

Mrs. Marilyn Schroder

For Marilyn Schroder, she could understand why her daughter had gotten so excited when Skipper offered to meet them on arrival and to help her unload her belongings to get her set up at her dorm, knew that Taryn had a crush on the handsome young man.  She had met Skipper when he had come to pick Taryn up a couple of times before meeting up with their gang of friends.  Taryn would tell he how handsome he was, to which Marilyn could not disagree for she would certainly swoon too if she was back in high school.  But now having turned 40, happily married now for twenty years and never being unfaithful to her husband, the thought of having an affair at this stage seemed so ridiculous to her.  However, over dinner that night, she did think 'I sure hope Taryn remembers our mother-daughter talk that we had over the summer!  Taryn said she learned all about the birds and the bees from her classes back in middle school!  There's no doubt in my mind that she'd go all the way with this handsome young stud!  Gosh, I guess I would too if I was in Taryn's spot!'  Quite impressed with the place that Skipper had selected for their dinner, she had picked up a free postcard at the counter on the way out.  Her thoughts then went back to just fifteen minutes earlier, when her daughter and Skipper dropped her off and said their goodbyes, recalling how she shivered with excitement at his strong masculine touch when they had said goodbye.  'My gosh, he had me feeling like a giddy teenager!  Shoot, if I was a teenager once again and alone with him on a date tonight,  that handsome young stud would surely have gotten in my panties!' she chuckled to herself.

Puzzled by the knock on her door, Marilyn cautiously went to the door that she had double bolted after entering, then inquired with a "Yes?"  She was then surprised to hear Skipper's voice replying "Mrs. Schroder, it's me Skipper!  You forgot your postcard on the backseat of my car!"  It was a ploy devised on Skipper's part after seeing his prey pick up the postcard from the front counter as they were leaving the restaurant.  The postcard in his hand was the the one he had grabbed on the way out, figuring that she'd bite on it without realizing that she had put the one she got into her purse.  Not realizing that it was just a ploy, thinking it was so kind of Skipper to drive all the way back to the motel to give it her, Marilyn undid the deadbolt and then the door lock.  Opening the motel room door, Marilyn felt herself getting weak at the knees as she gazed up at the handsome young stud who held the postcard in his hand.  "Th ..........thank you, Skipper!  But needn't have driven all the way back because of the postcard!"  Then Marilyn got the shock of her life when the handsome young stud advised "I didn't!  I just want to see you again, Mrs. Schroder be with you!"  As she reached up to take the postcard that he held, Marilyn sucked in her breath as Skipper let it flutter to the floor as he grasped her hand in his and pulled her to him.  "Skipper!  I ..............!" was all she could utter before his lips closed over hers.  Then she was shivering at the feel of his tongue dipping in between her lips, unable to keep from moving hers up to meet his exploring one.  Seconds later, the motel room was once again closed, only the handsome young stud was in the room with her ..........................still kissing her intimately.

Before she knew what was happening, deft fingers had expertly pulled down the zipper to her summer dress and the garment was being worked off her shoulders.  Panting once the kiss ended, unable to put up any resistance with her summer dress now puddled around her 3" white heels, Marilyn lifted her head up as Skipper's lips descended down upon hers once again.  Shivering with pleasure, cunny squeezing in anticipation, nipples hardening as she felt the handsome young jock's fingers undoing the clip to her bra.  Unable to control her hand, which seemingly had a destination of its own, Marilyn shivered as her fingers felt the long hard boner that the handsome young jock was sporting beneath his pants.  Never in her life had she touched another man in such away, other than her husband and that was only after they were married.  Fingers molded around his manhood, all that she could think of was that 'He's so BIG!  So much bigger than Bob's!  Huge!'   Squeezing it hard, Marilyn felt it throb in response when she let go the pressure, then she squeezed it once again.  Cock throbbing in her hand .......................another squeeze .......................throb ......................squeeze ...................throb .......................squeeze ...................throb.  "Unzip me, Mrs. Schroder!  Feel me in your hand!  Squeeze me in your hand!" the young stud whispered in her ear.  Intrigued by the suggestion, unable to resist the temptation, Marilyn hands were at his belt buckle.  A moment later, she was shivering with nervousness as her fingers were grasping the thick sticky bar of flesh, then pumping at it to make it grow even longer.  Panting nervously, thumbing his cock head and pisshole, Marilyn then felt the leak of slick pre-cum juice and began rubbing it about the pulsating cock head.

This was just what Skipper had been dreaming about since hearing that Taryn and her mom were driving to State U., the beautiful Mrs. Schroder stroking his dick and his hands in her panties felling her up her soft round ass.  Having worked her panties on down, with the lacy wisp now around her heels, Skipper grasped her ass cheeks and lifted her some and pulled her to him.  With her standing on the tips of her white heels, he drew her to him even more, for now the cock she held in her hand was now rubbing its leaking head in her soft golden curls.  Initiating another intimate kiss, with the beautiful woman off the ground and firmly in his grasp, Skipper then made his way towards the bed.  Lacy pink panties first slipped off her left heel, then off her right to end up on the carpeting, just as Skipper got her up onto the bed as she pulled him down onto her by his cock.  "Ooooooooooooooooooh ........................................Skipper ................................Skipper ...........................................ooooooooooooooooooh, you're so biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!" he had her squealing upon skewering in the first four inches of his meaty cock.  With her legs waving in the air, Skipper made sure he had a good grasp of her ass cheeks, then skewered another thick four inches up into her hot gripping snatch.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my Goddddddd bigggggggggg's so bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg goodddddddddd ........................oh, so gooddddddddddddddddddddddd!"  And then, for last three inches, he sliced right up into her and had her crying out "Oh, my Goddddddd Godddddddddd ....................................ohhhhhh, fuck me ................................fuck me Skipperrrrrrrr .........................................fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..............................fuck me goodddddddddddddddddddddd!"

"Ooooooooooooooh, so good!  So gooddddddddddd!  Oh, Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .............................yes ..............................yes ........................oh, yesssssssssssssssssssss!" Marilyn panted out as the handsome young stud gave the the fucking of her life.  As he began jackhammering her with the stiff lengthy tool between his legs, Marilyn was in 7th heaven as she wrapped her legs around his humping ass and locked her heels together.  'Oh, my God ...............................oh, my God this is what fucking is all about!  All these years .....................................and it takes this young stud to show me what fucking is all about!' her mind raced as she arched up to get his stiff dick fully up into her snapping cunt.  Shivering first with pleasure, the more so in the wicked feeling she got as Skipper sliced in out of her slit while calling her by her marital name.  So wicked, making this illicit fuck all the more exciting as her young lover panted out "Oh, Mrs. Schroder ............................oh, so good ...........................better than in my dreams!  Squeeze me, Mrs. Schroder .........................squeeze me!  Oh, yeah ............................just like that .........................just like that ................................squeeze me with that hot little cunny of yours!"  And squeeze him she did, squeezing him tight with her cunny like a snapping turtle, wanting squeeze all the juice out of him.  With her handsome young lover giving her so much pleasure, Marilyn wanted to please him as well, wanted to have him cum her!  But that was as far as her thinking went, no thought of the possible consequences, especially with this been the most dangerous time of the month for her.

For Skipper, it couldn't get any better than this: seducing a beautiful married woman;, having a faithful wife violate her marital vows; and fucking the bitch without any safety precautions.  Humping at her, hearing her pant and moan out in pleasure, Skipper smiled in triumph as the once faitful wife cried out "Oh, God .......................I'm there ...............................I'm cumminggggggggggggggggggg ...................................ahhhhh ................................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Having sent her over the edge, Skipper then pumped away, then announced that "I'm cummingggggggggggg ..........................cumming in you, Mrs. Schroder!  Oh, yeah ........................................ squeeze it .................................squeeze all the cum outta me ............................................yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Both lovers soar into outer space conjoined as one unit, exploding together before falling back to earth .........................arms and legs falling away ......................leaving them joined in one spot, but now that fleshy bar was now weakening and threatening to slip away.  Prior this his drifting off due to the exhaustive fuck session, Skipper twiched his cock in the tight sleeve in which it was captured, wanting to let out every last drop of baby juice so it could do its job ..............................that of impregnating this beautiful and once faithful wife!

It was twenty minutes after Marilyn had swooned in her mind-shattering orgasm and drifting off to sleep that she blinked her eyes as she awoke.  Blinking her eyes rapidly, looking up at the unfamiliar ceiling, Marilyn found it difficult to move nor breathe as she tried to figure out where she was at the moment.  Suddenly reality set back in, causing her to suck her breath in as she gasped out in horror, coming to realize that the handsome Skipper Harmon was lying atop of her.  Naked, other than for her high heels and jewelry, Marilyn blinked back the tears as the horrors of her sinful behavior set in.  Then, as she tried to move and get out from under the young stud, her eyes widened in horror .......................for not only was Skipper Harmon lying naked upon her but he was still 'in' her!  Cunny instinctively squeezing at the still very thick cudgel in her cunny, causing a throbbing response to take place, which in turn had Marilyn's body shuddering but then her cunny once again squeeze upon the throbbing manhood.  A throb came in response followed by another squeeze, continuing with each respond becoming harder and more intense till the young stud began to stir awake.  Minutes later, strong hands were once again grasping her ass cheeks as another wild fuck session commenced.

Dosing once again after another mind-shattering orgasm rocked her body, Marilyn came to with Skipper smiling at her, still upon her body and in it too.  "Skipper, you need to let me up!  I ......................I need to get to the drugstore before it closes!  You didn't wear any!  And ........................and ............I'm not on the pill!" she stammered out in nervousness.  Marilyn shivered as her handsome young lover's descended down upon hers once again for another intimate kiss.  Then, upon breaking the kiss, Skipper was nuzzling at her ear and whispering "I want to get you pregnant, Mrs. Schroder!  I want to make a baby with you!"  Before she could argue or utter any response, the battle was lost when she felt his excited manhood noticeably expand within her at the prospect of him impregnating her with his baby.  Her cunny squeezing back upon his throbbing hardon certainly was not the appropriate response, not if she wanted to get up and douche out all his baby making juice.  Nor was her wrapping her arms and legs around him once again the thing to do, for than only initiated another fuck session.  Once this fuck session was over, the two lovers would fall asleep for the remainder of the night, waking in each other's arms when the sun peeked through the drapes.

That next morning, after getting another sensational fucking from her young lover before he departed to football practice, Marilyn was on her cell phone to the friend she was to visit.  "Hi, Bev!  Called to let you know that something came up and I won't be able to make to over to see you on this trip!"  Marilyn advised her old friend from college, her very best friend with whom each trusted with one another's most private secrets.  "Oh, no, I'm fine!  Wonderful, in fact!" Marilyn responded to her friend's inquiry if everything was okay.  And when her friend Bev prodded her for more info, Marilyn responded with "Remember that time you were to visit me three years ago but suddenly had to cancel out?" she asked.  After Bev responded, she inquired "And do you remember later confessing the real reason you had cancelled out?"  "Uh-huh do remember!  Let's just say that my excuse is the exact same!" Marilyn advised, knowing that her friend's lips were sealed.  After hearing a number of excited questions from Bev, she advised "Mmmm, yes to all of that!  A real hunk!  A jock in fact!  I promised I'd be here waiting for him after he gets done with football practice!"  After fielding more questions, she advised "He's young but he's taught me what sex is all about, that's for sure!"  "How long?  Well, I have to report back to work Monday morning, so till check out here late Sunday morning!" Marilyn told her friend.

On her drive back that Sunday, Marilyn began reflecting back on the past few days.  They certainly had been the best days in her life as far as she was concerned, learning so so much from the young stud who was less than half her age, young enough to be her own son.  And the things she had done, both with and to him, they were things that Marilyn had never in her life contemplated ever doing until now. She had turned to putty each time Skipper touched her, unable to refuse any of her handsome young lover's requests, doing things that she had refused to do even for her husband.  'My, God ..........................he even made a 'cocksucker' out of me, something that I refused to do for Bob and had sworn I'd never do such a nasty thing!' she thought while running tongue on the roof of her mouth, then licked at her lips as she recalled how slick they had gotten after Skipper had ejaculated his entire load in her mouth.  So much did she love the male essence in her mouth and on her lips, she had gone head first under the sheets to see if she could wake her handsome young lover up without the use of her hands.  Giving him head certainly woke Skipper up as he was already rising to the occasion, so much so that Marilyn then got to learn what the number '69' really meant.  Once Skipper had clamped his hand tightly over her mouth, to which she was later grateful for, as she would certainly have emitted a loud shriek when he shoved his manhood up into her virgin ass.  The thought of taking it up her ass made her cringe and shudder, but Marilyn knew full well that she couldn't refuse Skipper, no matter what he wanted of her.

Two Weeks After Fall Semester Begins               

Coming out of the weight room, following an hour long workout, Skipper heard balls bouncing and being slammed in the adjacent gym.  Hearing a female voice yelling out instructions, Skipper decided to take a peek in the gym.  Peering in, he then observed the women's volleyball team practicing as the coach called out instructions to them.  'Damn, she sure looks like a real hottie!' he thought, thinking more so with the head between his legs rather than the one atop his shoulders.  Such was evident by growing lump under his jeans.  Seeing a few spectators watching from the bleachers, he walked on in and casually stretched out in an empty section to watch the practice.  All the spectators were watching the players, some of which were quite attractive, but Skipper's eyes were only focused on one person on the volleyball court ......................................that of the beautiful volleyball coach!  What made his interest in her was the sparkling diamond ring and wedding band on her finger.  'Hmmm, this'll certainly be a first for me, that's for sure!  But she's one little sweetie that I can't wait to get into bed with!' he thought excitedly before adding in 'And I'll give her some other kind of balls for her to play around with!'  Mind in overdrive at this point, Skipper had to come up with some kind of ploy that'd get them alone together, a difficult task in view of her status as a coach at the college and he being an athlete on the football team.

Mrs. Allison Zane

For 31 year old Allison Zane, she had noticed the immediate change in all the girls' playing attitude when the handsome young jock came into the gym to find a seat up in the bleachers the check out the volleyball practice.   Having starred as volleyball player back in her days at State U., being able to come back and teach a course in sports medicine along with getting the head coaching job for women's volleyball was just a dream come true.  Glancing over to the bleachers to see what had brought about the change in the girls' mindset, she saw the handsome Skipper Harmon looking on.  Allison immediately recognized the handsome young jock, as had the girls on the team, for his picture had been all over the local papers as the top recruit to commit to State U. and there was talk that he might just be the starter as a freshman.  The first thought that had gone through her mind was 'Uh-oh, who's that stud taking an interest in?  That's all I need!  He gets one of the girls all ga-ga over him, then volleyball becomes secondary, next thing she'll be knocked up and have sit out a year!  But there's denying that his presence sure got the girls playing their butts off!'  Then Allison's thoughts went back to her college playing days, realizing that 'I guess I did the same thing too, back then!  Yeah, I'd have been trying to impress a handsome stud if he was the likes of Skipper Harmon!'  Chuckling to herself, thinking that it was quite funny, Allison wondered 'Now who's panties is that handsome young stud looking to get into?'  She'd have been utterly shocked and appalled to have learned that Skipper Harmon was looking to get into her own panties.

Married with a 5 year old daughter, brought up in a conservative Christian atmosphere, Allison had done what many young women were unable to do in day and age ..............................remaining a virgin till her wedding night seven years ago!  Very much in love with her husband, Allison had never been tempted to stray, wondered how anyone could give her solemn vows in marriage and later breech such a commitment.  She was a bit concerned for her players although they were young women and supposedly capable to take care of themselves, but still, they were like sheep wandering about in the midst of a wolf the likes of Skipper Harmon, wondering if she should perhaps have a talk with the girls on her team.  'No, they're in college now, young women who should know the facts of life!  They should have learned about the birds and the bees way back in middle school!' Allison told herself.  Picturing her players at practice today, along with the handsome young jock up in the stands, she wondered about 'Who's panties is he looking to get into?  Is he going to be satisfied once he does?  Or does he have more sinister motives, only being satisfied by achieving a more dastardly deed ........................getting her knocked up?'  If Allison had only known how accurate her thoughts o that moment had been, that of Skipper's intent and motives, but she needn't have been worried about her players for it was she who he was after.

After having had a steady diet of tasty pussy to eat and tight cunny to fuck throughout the summer, going two weeks without any had Skipper going stir crazy.  Having seen the beautiful volleyball coach a week and a half ago, all he could think about since then was finding a way to get into her tight little panties.  He had managed to take in the ending portion of a couple volleyball practices, always getting himself a raging hardon each time he looked at her, with those night following practice ending up with the need for a handjob to ease the tension.  But he had made some headway buy hanging out in the gym and adjoining weight room, getting to learn when she normally headed on home after practice and what car was hers.  All he needed now was to devise some sort of plan that seemed innocent enough but to get them alone together.  Having come up with other scenarios over high school years, he had become quite creative at this, and thus far the majority of his devious schemes had succeeded.  With confidence in his ability to adapt and improvise as the situation arose, adding in the normal naivete of a faithfulness of such a mature woman, Skipper was hoping to soon be sampling some of her sexy and succulent charms.

With the season opener approaching soon, Allison was till trying to figure out her starting line-up, and thus her mind was clearly focused on her team.  Her husband Bill was quite understanding as it was like this each season, thus he advised her that he drop their 5 year old daughter off at his parents for the weekend.  As she was so preoccupied, Allison was happy that Bill always headed out to the coast with two of his buddies for marlin fishing at this time of year, thus giving her a lot of space during this time of the year.  As such was the case, with Allison not needing to pick up her daughter and not being expected home at any particular time on this day, these by chance factors would be key elements leading to her vulnerability in being seduced by the like of the handsome young jock that was watching and waiting for her.  It had been quite an intense afternoon practice and the girls really put out a good effort, especially with the determination of the starting lineup to be made soon.  Still, even with that at stake for each player, Allison noticed an increased effort being put out once that handsome Skipper Harmon came walking in and taking his usual place up in the bleachers.  'Gosh, I hope the handsome stud comes out to every game too!  Then I'll have the girls playing at a 110%!' she mused.

Practice over with, players having departed as she did some paperwork in her office, Allison decided to take the rest on home along with a videotape of today's practice to see if she had missed anything.  Having had an exhausting day, she unlocked the driver's door and got inside, turned the key and put the car in reverse.  Looking back to see if it was clear for her to reverse, she took her foot of the brake and began to move back.  But the clunking sound and the way in which the moved just that two feet, things just did not sound good.  Cutting the engine and putting the car in park, Allison got out and sighed in despair as she saw the left front tire totally flat.  "Hi, coach!  Everything okay?" she heard a male voice come from behind.  Turning and seeing the handsome young jock who had been observing her practices, her heart skipping a beat, Allison shook her head replied "A flat!  Just what I needed!"  With the handsome stud moving pass her to kneel down by the flat tire, she then saw hold up a pin after pulling it from the tire tip, then heard him laughingly comment "Looks like someone's pissed at you, coach!  Old trick to flat a tire with just one small little pin!  Just need to put your spare on for now, then put air back in and tire!  Put the trunk, coach, and I'll change the tire for you!"

Not having much experience with fixing tires or cars, normally leaving that for her husband or driving it in to be serviced, Allison was very grateful for Skipper to have stopped and for offering to help.  Little did she suspect that he was in fact the culprit in having flattened her tire with the pin in the tire gauge trick.  In watching the handsome young jock jack up her car to change her tire, she couldn't help but notice and think 'Gosh, he's so handsome!  Very well built and quite strong ..................look at those muscles!'  Standing off to the side of the vehicle, Allison commented "You're Skipper Harmon, the highly recruited high school quarterback, aren't you?"  With the handsome young man looking up at her with a smile, he replied "Oh my, you heard about me?"  Allison chuckled "Well, your picture's been in all the local papers the past few weeks along with all that hype for he football program!"  Then, she asked "Do you like volleyball?"  "Not especially!" was his response.  Chuckling a bit, she responded with "Saw you in the stands several times when the women's volleyball team was working out!  Sooo, if you're not really a volleyball fan ................................someone or something else is bringing you out to the practices!"  Allison smiled with the handsome young looked up with a big grin on his face as he responded with "I guess you caught me there, coach!"  

Tire changed and spare put in the trunk, Allison first introduced herself, extending her hand out to shake his while advising "I'm Allison Zane, women's volleyball coach!"  She thanked him as Skipper told her he was glad to help and gave a wave goodbye as he headed on off on his way, to which she thought would be to his car in the student parking lot.  Back in the car behind the wheel, Allison breathed out a sigh of relief in that the tire problem had been taken care of.  Exhausted, too tired to go home and cook for herself, she decided to just go to the drive-thru nearby and pick up a burger and some fries and looked into her purse to get her wallet out in advance.  Backing the car up, she proceeded on out of the faculty lot, making a right turn onto the road leading out of the campus.  Making the turn, she then observed Skipper Harmon walking along the side of the roadway, making it quite obvious that he did not have a car parked in the student parking area as he had already walked on past the entrance.  Slowing and pulling her car up alongside, Allison hit the button to lower the front passenger's window, she then leaned over to call out "Skipperrrrrr!  Where are you headed?"  With the handsome jock leaning down, she was advised that "Home to my apartment ..................about a mile from here!"  "Come, jump in!" she invited.  Once the handsome stud got in, Allison then headed on out of the campus.

After learning where his apartment was located, Allison advised "I was going to pick up a burger and some fries first the drive-thru at the edge of campus!  Too exhausted go home and cook for myself tonight!  Let me treat you as a 'thank you' for coming to my aid in fixing my tire!"   "Well, thanks!  I won't turn down any food  ............................not after today's practice!" came his reply.  "So tell me, which one of my players do you have your eye on?  Since you really helped me out tonight, l'm willing to introduce you to her ............................but that's it're on your own after that!" Allison offered.  She wanted to laugh when the young stud pleaded ignorance, telling her "You've got me all wrong!  I wouldn't impose that upon you!"  Her remark had unwittingly reviewed reviewed the fact of her being alone that night, that apparently no one would be waiting for her to get home.  Innocent and a bit naive, she thought nothing of his seeming inquiring innocently "Family not home tonight?"  "No, husband's off on a fishing trip and my little girl's with her grandparents!  A good break for me, kind of a planned one each year, as it's always my toughest in evaluating the players and finalizing the starting lineup!" she advised.  "Well, as you're buying me dinner and don't have anyone to swap the tires back ................................if you stop at the service station on the way to my apartment, I'll put air in your tire!  There's a better car jack at the garage in the apartment building and I'll be able to switch back in no time!  It'll save you few bucks taking it into a service station tomorrow along with a ton of waste wait-time doing it!" she was advised.  It certainly made a lot of sense, especially as she didn't have much spare time this weekend, and thus agreed.

Coming out of the drive-thru with food and drinks, Allison proceeded in the direction pointed out by the handsome young jock.  Then she again prodded him with "C'mon, Skipper, you can tell me who you've been eying up each time you come to my volleyball practices!  I'll even tell her what a gentleman you are and pave the way for you, though I know you don't need any help in that category!"  She turned to look over at him, saw him appearing rather shy as he didn't comment on what she just said, fooling Allison into believing that Skipper really wasn't that confident a womanizing stud that the players on her team had all been whispering about.  Little did she realize how coy the young stud could be, using every ploy possible to disarm her defenses, deviously having her think of him as a harmless young man with very polite mannerisms as he put on the act of a perfect gentleman.  Then the subject was changed with the service station coming up on the right as Skipper was directing her where to go so he could fill the tire up with air.  Popping the truck as Skipper to get the tire out, Allison looked over to the young man putting air in her tire, had to admit that he sure was a handsome young stud and chuckling to herself 'If Iwere about ten years younger, I'd have been hoping I was the cause for his coming by to watch my volleyball practices!  My goodness, if I was ten years younger, I'd be throwing myself at him!  Shoot, I just have to find out who's the stud is after ........................who's panties does he wants to get in!'

As they both sipped on their soft drinks while heading to his apartment building, Skipper eyed up while she concentrated on her driving.  With her right hand holding her cold drink, her left hand was atop of the steering wheel, and the sparkle of her diamond ring had a direct correlation to the rising of his pulsating cock hidden beneath his jeans.  Again, Skipper began thinking with the pulasating head between his legs, as the sight of a sparkling diamond atop the ring finger of a beautiul woman was like waving a red flag in front of a bull.  'Hmmm, now how should I play it to entice this mature and succulent little beauty up into my lair?  With her being a college coach, warning all her female players of the do's and don'ts of college life and lusty male jocks wanting to get in their tight little panties, it's going to be a bit of a challenge to get her to come up to my pad!' he realized.  'Yeah, can't just invite her on up!  She'll have her guard up on that aspect!  Gotta make it a challenge somehow!  Challenge her ......................that's what I've gotta do!' he figured.

Being an instructor and college coach at State U., Allison was a bit wary of her current situation but giving Skipper Harmon a ride to his place was the least she could do to repay him for coming to her aid.  Besides, she told herself that 'He's merely assisting me with changing of my tires!  We'll be outside of the complex at all times and I certainly won't get enticed in going up into his bachelor's pad!'  But after that thought ended, Allison couldn't help but think 'But if I was back in my college days, this handsome young stud wouldn't have to coax me much into going up to his place!'  Though she had no intention whatsoever of this leading to anything other than her giving  him a ride for his helping her out, Allison couldn't help but wonder 'Is my lipstick all worn off?  Does my hair make me look like a wreck after that lengthy practice session?'  Also, just his masculine presence had her squeezing her thighs together, making Allison wonder just what it would feel like to have a handsome young stud like Skipper Harmon holding her in his strong arms.  A shiver coursed through her entire body at the thought of it, then Allison chided herself for having such a naughty and illicit thought.       

As the lovely beauty watched while he jack her car up to swap the regular tire back on, Skipper merely chuckled when she again pried as to which of her players he was interested in.  With the spare tire being put back in the truck had him closing it shut, Skipper then asked her to "Come on up and we can have our burgers there!  I've got some pop and cold beer up there!"  Just as he had expected, the beautiful volleyball coach responded with "I don't think that's a very good idea know with me being a coach and instructor being a player and student at State!  People would get the wrong idea!"  Prepared for that arguement, Skipper countered with "But you're not coaching the sport I'm playing nor teaching any courses that I'm in!  Besides, who's going to know?  Anyway, I was hoping that you could give me a woman's aspect on decorating my apartment, getting it away from just looking like a pure bachelor's pad!"  Seeing her hesitant and thinking, Skipper then added in "C'mon!  Come on up and I'll spill the beans as to who I've been eying up at the volleyball practices!"  Finally, he threw down the gauntlet in asking "You're not afraid, are you?"

The bachelor's pad had already been set up just as how he had wanted it, but using that ploy always seemed to get a woman to drop her guard some.   And for this lovely beauty, making that challenge to her did the trick as she followed him on up to his unit that was far from that of a typical college student.  Instead of cheap unmatching furniture, Skipper's unit had been furnished with very nice and rather plush modern items, and such had the beautiful volleyball coach emitting a "Wow!" upon entering the unit.  Going to the refrigerator, he got two beers and opened them wtihout asking what she preferred, thereby eliminating her having to think twice and put up another barrier that she shouldn't be drinking an alcoholic beverage with a student going to State U.  With him handing it to her, Skipper saw her hesitate a bit before reaching out to take it from him.  As she looked about, telling him that the place was fabulously done and no improvements were needed, Skipper slowly and cautiously moved up closer behind of the amazed beauty while she continued to take in his nicely furnished bachelor's pad.

Allison was certainly impressed with the set up of Skipper's bachelor's pad, then heard him say "To answer your question as to who I've been eying up at the volleyball practices, I've only had my eyes on!"  Frozen to the spot, her mind still trying to grasp what she had heard, Allison then shivered upon feeling the handsome young stud nuzzling at her neck and her left hand being taken in his.  Panting and shivering as her ear was being nibbled, her heart was thumping in her chest as she felt Skipper toying with her diamond ring and wedding band, with such action seemingly serving to ask her silently she wanted him to continue .........................and make out with her!  Her inaction told Skipper all that he wanted to know, for soon she was tilting her head up to the left, and seconds later her lips were covered by his.  Lips parted by the stud's tongue pushing between them, then her tongue was meeting his, tangling and dallying with one another.  Unable to move any other part of her body, Allison put up on resistance as the handsome young stud began pushing her sweater off.  Turned by the jock to face him while still having their lips locked together, Allison found herself unable to move nor put up any resistance as Skipper got her sweater off her shoulders and off her arms. 

Forty-five minutes later, Allison blinked her eyes as she tried to focus them, her mind jumbled as she wondered just where she was.  From her lying position on her back, Allison observed her what looked like the light blue workout outfit that she wore to practice, her white tennis shoes that were partially covered by the brown sweater that she had worn.  Then  Allison swallowed deeply, for between the shoes and pile of clothing to where she lay, was the pair of pale lacy yellow panties that she had been wearing.  Moving her left hand, she felt the muscular flesh of the handsome young stud who lay upon her.  Squeezing her cunny, Allison felt another muscular part of the handsome jock ..........................for it was still embedded in her ...............................causing her to shudder as it responded to her squeeze with a hard twitch!  Sighing in despair, blinking back the tears that began to flow, a flashback had her recalling just how easily the handsome young man had seduced her into his bed.  'Oh, God could I have been so stupid gullible .............................coming up into his apartment?' Allison asked of herself.

As her mind played it all back, Allison recalled how Skipper had so expertly stripped her of all her clothing and how she went about undoing the front of his jeans so that she could slide her hand down into his well-filled jockeys.  'Oh, my God ...........................he was so BIG thick HARD LONG!' Allison shuddered while recalling how she had spread her legs wide for Skipper while guiding his throbbing manhood down to her juicing slit.  "Ohhhh, Skipper ...................................Skipper ......................................ohhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssss ....................................ohhhhhh, so good goodddddddddd .........................................yes ..........................................yes ......................................fuck me .....................................fuck me ................................fuckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she recalled having so wantonly cried as as the young stud stuck it to her.  And fuck her he did, so good in fact that there was no denying  to Allison that it was the best fucking of her entire life, so good that she had screamed so loudly that "I'm there ...............................I'm there .................................I'm cumminggggggggggggggggggggggg!"  It had been a mind-shattering climax that the handsome jock had fucked her to, sending her into outer space, and then Allison had felt it cum spurting far up in her .............................saturating her fertile womb with his baby juice!

Cringing, then grimacing, Allison shuddered as she felt him stirring upon her body ............................and in her as well!  Feeling his manhood swell and throb in her cunny, Allison tried with all her might to will herself not to respond in any manner.  But her resolve in not responded lasted just mere seconds as she squeezed her cunny around the pleasure giving tube of flesh.  And then, just like the second before the young bastard had ejaculated deep in her, Allison again heard him pant out "Squeeze me, Mrs. Zane .....................................squeeze me with that hot cunt of yours!"  And just as she had done earlier, Allison squeezed at his throbbing dong, causing an alternating throbbing of cock and squeezing of cunny to commence.  Throwing caution to the wind, Allison clutch at his muscular biceps with her hands and crossed her long trim legs around her young lover's hips as she welcomed the fucking of his long, rock-hard dick, crying out "Oh, Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .................................ohhhhh, fuck meeeeeeeeee ......................................fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ............................................fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  All thoughts of her loving husband and young daughter were temporarily erased from her mind as the only thing that matter was the fact that this young stud was making her skyrocket into space once again.  "Ohhhh, Skipper ............................Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .................................I'm there .................................I'm there ............................cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!" she cried out.  And then in distance, she heard her young lover pant out "I'm there too, Mrs. Zane ................................gonna cum ...................................gonna cum in you ...................................................make us a beautiful little baby!"

That next morning, Allison rushed on home, needing to take a quick shower and put on some clean clothes in order so she could make it to the morning practice that she had scheduled for that day.  She certainly did not want to show up wearing the same clothes that were worn the previous day, making it quite a give away that she had not made it home to change.  'Oh, God ...........................what have I become?' she asked herself while recalling the events of the night before.  'An adulteress!' was the answer she came up with, as attested to by her mushy cunny that had been given another hot volley of her young lover's sperm before leaving his apartment.  Shivering, Allison recalled how she had meekly complied when Skipper nudged her, getting her up on all fours so he could fuck her doggie style.  'So crude!  We went at it like animals!' she chided herself, yet there was no denying just how fantastic fucking in that position had been.  Never before had she been taken so wantonly and wildly as with this  handsome young jock.  With her husband, the missionary position with the lights out was the M.O.  Swallowing deeply, her stomach queasy, Allison guiltily recalled doing what her husband had always wanted of her, something that she called dirty and vulgar ...........................but it didn't seem that way when Skipper pushed her down onto her knees, tilted her head back some so he could push his throbbing hardon into her mouth!  It seemed even more depraved and illicit an act, especially when she heard Skipper calling her by her marital name, his moaning out "Suck me, Mrs. Zane ..................................suck me!  Ahhhh, eat it it it allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!"  And she had please her young lover by looking up at him as his love juices spurted into her eagerly sucking mouth.

End of Story.