Target: Beautiful Married Women - II
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  'Target: Beautiful Married Women – I’
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Reminiscing once again as he lay upon his dorm room bed, Skipper Harmon thought back to the past summer and the end of his freshman year of college coming up in just another month.  He was dying to get back home, away from this small college town atmosphere, where he could once again enjoy life to the fullest.  He longed to see the familiar faces in the suburb where he lived with his parents, also to see the many new faces that came to join the neighborhood while he was away in college.  In particular, Skipper was rather anxious to see the new faces of the nine youngsters that were born recently in March and April.

Skipper could not resist getting a hardon, knowing that there was a good chance that he might very well have fathered those babies after having seduced the once faithful and beautiful wives of the unsuspecting husbands.  He chuckled at the thought of those cuckold husbands acting so proud that he had fathered a newborn, getting up in the middle of the night to help care for them, when in actuality he was taking care of a crying baby that was actually fathered by someone else.

Those once innocent and faithful wives had succumbed to Skipper’s charms and the handsome young teen loved nothing better than to notch another conquest onto his belt.  Notching up another conquest of a beautiful faithful wife of another man was what Skipper lived for.  But to do that plus knocking up the lovely wife, with her becoming the mother of one of his babies, that was the ultimate conquest for him.  Skipper now anxiously looked forward to the end of the school year so he could return home and resume his mischievous activities.

He knew that each of his conquests would now be riddled with guilt, that each would be a bit reluctant to let him into their panties once again, especially with each still cradling the consequences of her earlier indiscretion in her arms at the very moment.  But Skipper just chuckled to himself, confident of his prowess and ability to once again get into each of their panties.  By this same time next year, each of the dopey husbands would be dead weary of having to continue to get up in the middle of each night to feed another crying baby or to change its smelly diaper.

Having dreamt last night of the first four to pop their bellies this spring, Skipper now had the images of the other four beauties that had succumbed to his charms, trying to imagine how each must have looked recently with their bellies bulging at the magic nine-month mark.  Smiling, Skipper planned on personally delivering a gift-wrapped toy for each of the newborns when he got home and planned on shaking the hand of each proud father.  After all, it was the least he could do for his own son or daughter and to thank the man for taking care of his little baby.

Now Skipper began reminiscing again as the image of the lovely Mrs. Kristi Hamaguchi, the former Miss Kristi Kato, his sister’s closest and best friend from high school days.  From when Skipper was in middle school and Kristi came over to their place to visit and study with his sister, he couldn’t take his eyes off the petite beauty and always hung around home instead of going out with the guys.  She was so sweet and beautiful that often Skipper would have to rush to the bathroom and wank off to her image.  ‘So fuck’n nice legs ………………so trim, feet so petite and cute!’ he thought, always wishing that he could nuzzle his way up very slowly, then put his face up into her soft little furry bush.

Mrs. Kristi Kato

But with Kristi his sister’s age and in high school at the time, Skipper knew that the sexy beauty merely looked upon him like a little brother instead of a guy she’d consider going out with.  Being five years younger than the sexy babe, Skipper had been forced to accept the fact that she’d never go out with him on a date.  Kristi and his sister ended up going to the same college, rooming together in the same dorm and pledging with the same sorority, again living together in the sorority house.  Then, even after they graduated from college together, Kristi and his sister shared an apartment together.

Once Kristi and his sister had headed off to college, it was only on rare occasions that he would once again get to feast his eyes on the petite beauty.  As he himself was busy in sports and high school, Skipper had kept occupied and given up on his fantasy of being with the lovely gal.  Then additional disappointment came when he learned from his sister that Kristi was getting married to a fellow she had met in college.  And of course, Kristi had moved out of the apartment upon getting married, lessening the chance to see his sister’s cute friend even more.

By luck or chance, Skipper had stopped in at his sister’s place to say ‘hi’ and chat a bit before heading out to meet up with the guys.  When he told his sister when he was headed for, his sister asked if he minded dropping Kristi’s last few boxes off at her new home which was located in the direction he was headed.  Just the mention of Kristi’s name had Skipper’s cock give a lurch in his pants, especially giving him the opportunity to learn of her new address and getting to see her once again.

With his sister calling to see if Kristi would be at home, Skipper’s cock hardened in learning that Kristi was home that day as her newlywed husband was out for his usual 18 holes of golf each Saturday.  Eagerly loading up the boxes onto the back of his pickup, Skipper headed out to Kristi’s new home.  As he drove along, picturing the young newlywed in his mind, Skipper couldn’t help but think how lucky her damned husband was in getting sweet Kristi to marry him.

Just as he arrived at the location, Skipper had to wait for the van from ‘Waterbed World’ to back out of the driveway.  The wheels were churning in his devious mind as he pulled into the driveway to see ‘kute little Kristi’ waving at him.  So petite and cute, the innocent and conservative Kristi always turned Skipper on.  He greeted and congratulated her on the new house and upon getting married, receiving a slight hug of affection as she tiptoed to greet him, giving him a rock-solid hardon in the process.

Though he had seen and laid upon a waterbed before, Skipper feigned it being the first time he had ever seen one.  With Kristi inviting him to give it a try, Skipper told it felt great and seemed like he was just floating on a wave.  Moving a bit to create a ripple like wave action, he had patted the side for Kristi to feel the action.  The unsuspecting beauty, who had always treated him like a younger brother, fell for the ploy and was soon lying upon the bed just a couple feet away from him.

With him slowly and confidently making his move upon the succulent beauty, Skipper heard her gasp slowly and remain immobile as he covered her soft pink lips with his, then felt her lips part to admit his probing tongue.  Seconds later, they were French kissing as he placed his right hand on the outer part of her bare left thigh.  Caressing her thigh down to her knee, Skipper’s hand then slipped down a bit and began to slide up between her inner thighs.

Though Kristi had always treated her best friend’s younger brother like she would her own, the development of the handsome young teen had not gone unnoticed by her.  Average built teen male when she had first met the younger Skipper when he was in the 5th grade, Kristi had seen the rather tall and gawky teen develop into a handsome muscular young man who would become the hometown hero in leading the team to the State football championship.

Caught totally by surprise as the handsome Skipper made his move on her, Kristi found herself unable to move as his lips descended down upon hers.  Once his large hand was placed upon her thigh and began caressing her, she shuddered and began creaming and creaming as never before, as her love juices began to ooze out of her pussylips.  As his hand began moving up between her inner thighs, her juices were seeping out of her quivering slit into the crotch panties.  When his searching fingers slipped up inside the inner leg of her shorts to touch her panties, the crotch was already sopping wet.

Pushing his finger against the wet crotchband of her panties, feeling her pointed tongue dallying with his, Skipper knew he had overwhelmed all the defenses of this innocent young wife.  After much practice and using the sexual expertise gained, his nimble fingers quickly got her shorts unbuttoned and zipper pulled down.  Skipper soon had the beauty’s shorts and sopping wet panties drawn down over her trim hips and down off her sexy legs.  Middle finger pushing in and out of her juicing slit, Skipper could not believe how this lovely beauty was creaming on his finger.

Totally disarmed by this handsome young stud, Kristi did not realize that her blouse and bra had been removed till she felt the pleasure of Skipper sucking upon a tender nipple and then began feasting upon the other, getting both buds to stiffen to attention as he tongued and nipped at them with his sharp teeth.  Unable to think straight, nor much at all for that matter, Kristi was about to become intimate with only the second man in her young life.  Right or wrong played no part at the moment, only the tingling and unbelievable pleasure of being touched by the handsome young teen matter at this instant, just three weeks after surrendering her virginity to her husband on their wedding night.

Head now between her soft thighs, delving his tongue between her slick juicy lips, Skipper enjoyed feeling the young bride’s fingers entwined in his hair as he commenced to eat her out.  As she wiggled about the bed, panting “Skipper …………..Skipper ………Skipper ……………Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” came her screech as he feasted upon the constant flow of her sweet honey.  With her hips arching up into his face, Kristi moaned “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………Godddddddddddd!”  At that instant, feeling her quivering thighs around his face, Skipper knew he had just eaten her out to a mind-shattering climax.

Cockhead rubbing up and down her juicy slit, getting it all wet and ready, Skipper leaned forward into the delirious young wife.  “Ohhhhhhhh ………………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh!  Skipper …………… …………………..its too big ………………….you’re too bigggggggggg!  It …………….it won’t fit!” he heard Kristi pant in fear.  Grasping her trim hips, Skipper pushed himself back and forth slowly, edging his thick lengthy cock into the innocent beauty.

For the past few years, ever since meeting her now husband, Kristi had been totally captivated by the man she had just married.  Though there were many other man trying to woo her attention, Kristi would have none of that, intent on being true to her one and only love.  But now, just three short weeks after getting married and surrendering her virginity to her beloved husband, Kristi was lying upon her new marital bed that was just delivered with her legs spread wide and about to be penetrated by the handsome young Skipper.

“Godddd …………………oh, Godddddddddddddd!” Skipper heard the lovely beauty scream out as he shoved a good three inches of his thick cock up into her tight snatch.  There was much more of it to go but Skipper knew that he was stretching her out as never before, almost like fucking a true virgin.  ‘Damn, her husband’s sure got a fuck’n pencil for a dick!’ he thought.  Another shove, another wail of pain, again and again, then Skipper was in her up to his balls.

Skipper knew that her inexperienced husband had never seen his beautiful wife in the throes of passion that was now engulfing her innocent young body.  Slicing his lengthy cock in and out of the disheveled beauty, Skipper had the young wife clutching at tightly at his back with her sharp fingernails digging in as her trim legs wrapped around him, locking her heels to pull him even deeper into her.  As he took her to another mind-shattering orgasm, Skipper had to let go as his cock burst like a balloon in her, filling every crevice in her womb with his hot sticky seed.

Still embraced as Skipper kissed her lips lightly, Kristi felt his thick cock twitch back to hardness deep within her, causing her to moan in despair “Oh, Skipper ………… ……….you ……………………….you didn’t wear ………………..a condom!”  With Kristi and her husband not wanting to start a family right away, the use of a condom was the decided choice to prevent such an event from happening.  But for the next twenty minutes, embraced in each other’s arms and joined as only a husband and wife should be, the worry would have to wait as her handsome lover sliced in and out of her once again.  Then all was quiet as they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Three hours later, with two more fantastic fuck in the interim, Skipper then got back into his clothes totally exhausted from his conquest of another once faithful and innocent wife.  As he departed, Skipper gazed upon the lovely beauty lying prone upon her new waterbed with legs spread wide and cum oozing out of her well-fucked slit.  Only now, the lovely young wife was very quiet and quite despondent upon realizing that she had just been unfaithful to her husband.  Kristi turned away from him, ashamed at what she had done, sniffling as she was now overcome with guilt.  For Kristi, the guilt was obviously quite bothersome in view of the fact that she had only given her vows to be faithful a mere three weeks earlier.

Hearing that Cheryl Mullins had returned home the other week, Skipper dropped by her parents’ home where she was staying, bringing a gift-wrapped toy for the new baby.  At the door, he was greeted by Cheryl’s attractive mother and was invited in to see the baby.  For Skipper, before he had tired of teeny-boppers and set his eyes on sophisticated beauties, he had eyed up Mrs. Darlene Mullins from the very first time Cheryl had introduced her beautiful mother to him.

At the age of 37, Darlene Mullins stood at 5’5” and kept her trim figure at 117 lbs.  A former airline stewardess before starting her family, Mrs. Darlene Mullins was now a legal assistant for a large prominent law firm.  She had taken the day off as her daughter had to go in to the high school and take a test to get her GED.  Not expecting anyone this morning, Darlene had dressed in just a blouse and a pair of shorts.

Mrs. Darlene Mullins

Both Darlene and her husband had been quite upset with their daughter, learning that she had gotten herself pregnant at the start of her senior year of high school.  Though her daughter would not reveal the name of the baby’s father, Darlene secretly suspected that Skipper Harmon was the culprit who impregnated Cheryl.  Prior to Cheryl dating Skipper, her daughter basically went out in large groups, with the same happening after Cheryl and Skipper went their separate ways.  Also, the gossip around town was all about how the hometown hero went around knocking up all the girls he could.

Darlene could not blame young daughter for falling head over heels for the handsome young stud, especially him being the hometown hero and all.  Darlene knew that if she was again her daughter’s age, she too might let her guard down and allow the handsome Skipper Harmon liberties not normally permitted others.  Holding baby John up in her arms, she showed the cute baby to his handsome teen father.  Then Darlene looked up at Skipper, down to the baby, back up at the teen and said “My, Skipper ……………………………baby John has your smile!”

Nervous at Mrs. Mullins comments, realizing that she had indeed guessed right that he was baby John’s father, Skipper shifted from side to side.  Invited to hold the baby as Mrs. Mullins handed the child over to him, Skipper got to hold his baby boy for the very first time.  Then he listened at Mrs. Mullins relaying how upset Mr. Mullins had first been but now really enjoys coming home to play with his grandson.

Continuing to cradle his son in his arms, Skipper looked over to Mrs. Mullins who had gone to the kitchen to warm a bottle of milk for the baby.  He looked at the lovely woman, took in her long sexy legs as she stood barefoot next to the stove.  She had certainly unnerved him for a second with her mention of the similar smile that the baby had with him, making Skipper wonder how she would react if he managed to turn the tables on her.

With Mrs. Mullins sitting on the sofa chair with the bottle of milk, she held her arms out for Skipper to place the baby there.  Doing so, Skipper then edged himself around the back of the sofa, just behind the woman’s right shoulder.  Then he asked “What about you, Mrs. Mullins?  Were you upset that Cheryl got pregnant?  What if you found out who the father was?  What would you do to him?”

Caught in a rather awkward position at the moment, having just sat down onto the sofa to feed the baby, Darlene shifted uncomfortably on the sofa.  And now the handsome young teen was standing just behind her, a bit off her right shoulder.  Not just an ordinary teen but the handsome young stud she suspected in knocking up her daughter.  “I ……………I …………………..of course I got upset …………….especially with Cheryl having to drop out of school to have the baby!” she stammered.  “I …………….I never thought what I’d do …………..or even say if I found out who got Cheryl pregnant!” she added.

Leaning over on purpose, his face just over Mrs. Mullins’ shoulder, Skipper reached out on the pretense of touching baby John.  Stroking the baby’s cheek as he sucked upon the bottle, Skipper’s finger traced its way up along the bottle being held by his young and beautiful grandmother, deliberately making contact with her hand.  Letting his finger trace its way up her thumb, up the back of her wrist, Skipper then slowly traced his finger up her shivering arm.  He heard her suck in her breath as his finger moved up onto her blouse at her upper arm, tracking its way up to the top of her shoulder to loop down towards the jutting mound of her breast.

“You know that you called it right in saying little John has my smile, don’t you, Mrs. Mullins?  You know that I’m John’s daddy!  You know that I’m the guy who got into Cheryl’s panties and knocked her up!” Skipper blatantly said, shocking the once confident woman into speechlessness.  Finger now at the top edge of her breast, Skipper bluntly told her “You know what I want to do right now, Mrs. Mullins?  I’d like to get into your panties and knock you up!”

Panting for breath, unprepared for Skipper’s cocksure manner, Darlene was at a total loss as the teen’s finger traced its way to the tip of her breast, then shivered as Skipper began to caress her budding nipple to stiffness.  Looking down as the baby sucked on the milk bottle, Darlene could only shudder as both of the teens hands were now unbuttoning her blouse.  Blouse unbuttoned at the top, Darlene was totally helpless and unable to protest as Skipper pushed the top of her lacy bra down to bare both breasts.  Her entire body quivered as Skipper cupped both breast in his hands, flicking at her stiffening nipples with his thumbs.

She gave a gasp of horror and revulsion upon hearing Skipper suggest “Look at the little guy go at it!  Bet little John would much rather suck on a real nipple for a change!”  Repulsed at the suggestion but Darlene took the bottle from the baby and then cradled little John up to her left breast.  She shivered as the baby took her nipple into his tiny mouth, suckling upon her in search of some nourishing milk.  Darlene closed her eyes and gasped, throwing her head back as the lurking teen bent over her and took her other nipple into his mouth.  Both nipples being suckled upon, one by her grandson and the other by the baby’s father, Darlene was lost in a sea of emotions.

Baby now in the playpen, feeding on its milk bottle, Darlene found herself being led by the elbow by confident teen, right towards the master bedroom.  Bared breasts hanging out of her blouse, nipples still wet with saliva, Darlene soon found herself in the bedroom that she shared with her husband.  Seconds later, the unbuttoned blouse lay upon the bedroom carpet with the lacy bra lying upon her blouse.  Pushed down upon the bed, hips at the edge, Darlene could only lay there and watch as Skipper grasped the top of her shorts and panties, roughly stripping them down over her trim hips and down her legs.

Hips still at the edge of the bed, Darlene swallowed as Skipper’s hands clasped the back of her ankles, lifted and then held her legs up high with feet pointing to the ceiling.  Seconds later, the confident Skipper shuffled forward a bit, resting the bloated cockhead of his thick jutting cock up against her.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she shuddered loudly as the muscular teen leaned into her, spearing half of his cock into her juicing slit.  As the cock sliced in and out of her now clasping cunt, Darlene heard the confident teen tell her “Just think, Mrs. Mullins ……………… nine months you’ll have your own little baby sucking on your pretty titties!  Oh, yeah ……………..ooohhh, so tight ………………going to knock you up with you own little baby!”

Creaming copiously as the thick cock sawed in and out of her, Darlene now knew why all the young girls dropped their panties so willingly for this handsome stud.  She had to admit that this was indeed the best fuck ever thrown to her.  So much so that when Skipper stopped to make her beg for more, she went and pleaded with him so shoot his thick cum into her, to indeed give her a cute little baby like he gave Cheryl.  She shot off into outer space and was about to descend back to earth when she went further into outer space as Skipper’s hot cum blasted into her fertile womb.

Baby well-fed and asleep, Darlene dozed in exhaustion as she too had been well-fed.  After a second lovemaking bout, the teen hunk had pulled her head towards him and had her learn how to do a blow-job, an act that she had performed partially on her husband but never before completed.  Only this time, the blow-job was completed in her sucking mouth as Skipper held her head tight and blew his copious wad down her gulping throat.

Awakening a bit later, cum still oozing out of her well-stretched slit, Darlene merely put a pad in her panties to absorb the overflow.  She did nothing to rid herself of the teen’s thick spunk, wickedly thinking how incredible it’d be to have both mother impregnated by the same handsome stud.  Seeing how cute her grandson John turned out, Darlene wondered and certainly hoped that the outcome of this adulterous affair would be equally as good or even better.

Not only did his sister have beautiful girlfriends but many women friends of his mother had caught Skipper’s attention.  Returning home one day, with his mower in the back of his pickup, he greeted the lovely Mrs. Pauline Tabor who was just about to depart from his home.  “Hi, Skipper!” she greeted him and he responded “Hi, Mrs. Tabor!  Nice seeing you again!”

As his mother had apparently told her friend of his summer yard work to earn some extra money for college, his cock lurched when Mrs. Tabor asked “I hear you’re doing yard work to earn some money for college!  I’m working on my garden this week!  Can I hire your services to come over to do a little digging and help me seed my garden?”  To this request, Skipper readily replied that he’d be over the next day.  But Skipper did not relay his added thoughts of ‘I sure don’t mind seeding your garden!  Yeah, seed it and fertilize it to make sure it bears fruit ………………in nine months!’

Standing at 5’4”, the lovely 35 year old red-haired Pauline Tabor was happily married and a mother of two middle-school aged boys.  Still maintaining her trim sexy figure, weighing about 115 lbs, she had caught Skipper’s eyes a long time ago.  With no prior opportunity to make a move upon the lovely woman, Skipper had not anticipated that such a golden opportunity would ever present itself.

Mrs. Pauline Tabor

Skipper inquired and learned from his mother that Mrs. Tabor had cut back a bit on her job during the summer, scheduling her work hours in order to transport her boys to the numerous sporting events and practices they attended during the school break.  With Mrs. Tabor working as a librarian with the state, apparently many state workers shared jobs at times, a rather new concept to help families out with raising of a family.

Knowing the Harmons for years, Pauline had watched young Skipper grow up before her eyes.  She could understand why all the girls were flocking all over him, having witnessed it for herself several times when coming across the handsome teen at the mall or pizza place where a lot of the teens hung out.  Pauline herself had felt her own heart flutter at the sight of the handsome hunk and even chided herself for letting such a thought enter her mind about her good friend’s young teenage son.

Just wanting to help Skipper Harmon out, giving him an extra side job while planning on giving him a good tip to help him out towards college, Pauline did not know the danger she had put herself into.  It would prove to be quite dangerous for her, seduced by the handsome son of her good friend, violating the vows of being her marriage and that of being faithful to her husband.  Even more dangerous in that the seduction by the handsome young stud would end up leaving a growing bulge in her tummy that would lead to starting a second family.  With twins seeming to run in her family line, the number of Tabor children was soon to double in quantity.

Quite nervous in working so close by the handsome young man, the hero of the community, Pauline had been unable to stem the oozing flow of her juices into the crotch of her panties.  Wearing a blouse, shorts and tennis shoes, Pauline perspired under hot sun as the garden was dug up and eventually seeded.  Looking down at the ground as she planted the seeds, Pauline could not help but to steal constant glances at the muscular and glistening body of Skipper Harmon.  With his t-shirt drenched and dripping with perspiration, she could not object nor did she want to when Skipper pulled off his shirt.

Everything completed, Pauline went inside to get them some iced tea, bringing out a picture of the refreshment with glasses and a bucket of ice.  About to down her glass of iced tea, Pauline quivered as Skipper moved about and ‘accidentally’ brushed his hairy leg up against her.  Pauline swallowed, feeling her heart thump madly and her pussy creaming into her panties, she advised “Help yourself to more, Skipper!  Thanks so much for your help!  I’m so grimy, I really need a shower!”

Entering her home, having given Skipper an envelope containing the money owed plus a good tip, Pauline thanked him once again and left him out on the back patio.  She breathed a sigh of relief upon entering the safety of her home, thankful that she had gotten hold of herself, chastising herself for letting her thoughts get carried away with the handsome Skipper so close by.  ‘My, God …………………..I’d have melted if he even touched me!’ Pauline realized as she headed off to the master bath for a cold shower.  But upon entering her home, Pauline had forgotten to take the safety precaution of locking the sliding patio door.

Under the cool spray of the shower, Pauline could not get the image of the handsome Skipper Harmon out of her mind.  ‘Shame on you, Pauline!  He’s young enough to be your own son!  And he’s the son of one of your very good friends!  Shame on you ……..……..get your nasty mind out of the gutter!’ she scolded herself.  Then she froze, hearing a noise from the entrance to the bathroom.  None of her family was supposed to be home at this time of the day.  She thought ‘No one’s here …………………but Skipper!’

Her heart thumped in her chest as she tried peering through the frosted panes of glass surrounding the shower stall.  Someone was obviously in the bathroom with her, the fuzzy glimpse of a body that she could make out through the frosted panes.  A cold chill shot throughout her body as it appeared through the frosted glass that the person in the bathroom with her was now taking off his clothing.  Holding the washcloth up in her folded arms as she backed up into the corner of the stall, Pauline could not breathe as the looming figure neared the shower stall.

Shivering with fright as the shower door opened suddenly, Pauline was looking at the large muscular and totally naked body of the handsome Skipper Harmon.  Panting for breath, embarrassed as the teen took in her nakedness, Pauline stammered out “Skipper ……………….you …………you must …...…….must leave!  It ……...……its ……...……not right!  You …..……… shouldn’t see me like this!”  She tried desperately to keep her eyes focused on his face, keeping her eyes locked on his, trying desperately not to let her eyes drift down towards that large waving mass of flesh jutting out from between his legs.

Washcloth taken from her clutching fingers, hands drawn down by the confident teen, Pauline found herself grasping Skipper’s manhood with both hands.  Yet inches still jutted out beyond her grasping it like a baseball bat.  ‘My, God!  It’s so big!  So long!  So thick!’ she thought as she pulled upon his stem.  Pauline swooned, throwing her head back as Skipper delved his head into the spray of the cool shower to capture a breast in his mouth, tonguing and nipping at her budding nipple.

Knowing that she was his for the taking, Skipper stepped forward into the shower stall, grasping the lovely Mrs. Tabor by her soft asscheeks and lifted her up.  Telling her to guide him in, Skipper then lunged and literally nailed her to the shower stall.  “Skipper …………..Skipper …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………oh, Goddddddddddddddd!” came the shuddering response as he plunged deep into her tight slit.  Her arms were now wrapped around his neck, her trim legs wrapped around his waist with feet locked, Skipper then lunged in and out of the beautiful wife and mother.

Exhausted, depleted of all her strength, Pauline found herself with her back up against the back of the shower stall.  Legs still tied around the handsome teen, arms now resting limply on his shoulders, she was still impaled against the wall as the cool water continued beating down upon them.  Then it occurred to her ‘Oh, my God!  Skipper did it in me!  He’s not wearing a condom!  He shot it in me!’  Squeezing her cunt muscles around his still thick and rigid shaft, Pauline shivered upon feeling the thick mushy cum that now filled her.

The ever confident Skipper soon revived and carried his latest conquest, whom was forced to keep her arms and legs wrapped around him to keep from falling, out of the shower stall and into the master bedroom.  Still dripping wet from the shower, he fell upon the skewered beauty, right upon her marital bed.  They were still joined as only a husband and wife should be on their marital bed.  Then he began to fuck his mother’s good friend once again, stopping in mid-stroke just as she was about to orgasm.  And it felt so great in calling the once faithful wife by her marital name, making known her infidelity, humping in and out of while mouthing "Ohhh, Mrs. Tabor ...............................I knew you'd be hot for it ...................................I just knew you'd be hot in bed!"

Frantic for the handsome teen to continue, Pauline found that the handsome teen had a devilish streak in him as he demanded “Tell me you want me to fuck you on your marital bed, Mrs. Tabor!  Tell me you want my baby-making jizz to fill your hot twat!  Tell me you want me to knock you up, Mrs. Tabor!”  Arching up to try and get him to continue, Pauline became desperate, then begged “Fuck me ……………………fuck me, Skipper!  Make me cum!  Knock me up, you bastard!  Fuck your baby in me!”  Only then did the fabulous fuck continue and Pauline got just what she had been begging for.

Several weeks before his scheduled departure, Skipper found himself being pulled aside by Pastor Hawkins after the Sunday sermon that he attended just for the sake of pleasing his parents.  Skipper had looked upon Sunday mornings as a total waste of time but wanted to keep his parents happy.  The only thing that he did throughout the entire hour-long sermon was to eye up the pretty babes that attended.  Often his eye would take in the sight of lovely Mrs. Gwen Chilton, but this was a succulent beauty that Skipper knew was totally unapproachable not one that be susceptible to his charms.  Certainly not the pastor’s pretty wife!

Eyeing up the beautiful Mrs. Gwen Chilton every Sunday, Skipper knew he was only getting his balls churned up for nothing.  But as Skipper listened to Pastor Hawkins’ asking him to fill in a week or so until the church’s caretaker recovered from a serious illness, Skipper’s mind began to work over time as he glanced over to the lovely Mrs. Chilton as she talked to other members of the congregation.  He looked at the lovely sophisticated 33 year old beauty, always dressed so nicely, long trim legs nicely accented with her 3" heels.  Learning that he’d be paid a higher amount than what he’d make otherwise, plus being near the pastor’s lovely wife, Skipper could not refuse to be of help to the pastor and the church.

Mrs. Gwen Chilton

This would certainly be a challenge as he’d never really had gotten a chance to talk very much to the pastor’s pretty wife.  It seemed that Mrs. Chilton made it her role to see to it that the women of the congregation felt comfortable and made it her point to assist them in their every need.  In fact, a couple of times Skipper felt as if Mrs. Chilton had glanced at him with a wary eye over the past few months or so.  He had learned that the pastor’s lovely wife helped out a lot at the local hospital and did a lot to assist young mothers, putting to use the nursing degree that she had obtained in college.

With Mrs. Chilton setting up a child rearing class at night during the past year, Skipper had wondered if the lovely woman knew about him, especially since he was the culprit that had created such a boom in the birthrate in the community.  With quite a few high school girls pregnant out of wedlock, the majority due to Skipper’s prowess, he wondered if somehow the pastor’s wife had gotten wind of him being the main culprit.  ‘Did one of the gals spill the beans to her, that I’m the one who knocked her up?’ he wondered.

Indeed, Gwen Chilton had cast a wary eye at Skipper whenever the handsome young man was at church.  Though she had no proof that he had fathered most of the babies, she suspected that he was the one responsible for putting a large number of the high school teens that had come to her classes in order to learn about childcare.  Gwen had indeed tried to pry it out of the girls, telling them that they should name the father of their child on the birth certificate and force him into marriage or at least to provide some support for her and her child.

But for some reason, those gals remained steadfast in protecting the name of the father, even though he had obviously been in it just for the physical pleasure.  Teaching the young mothers various techniques in caring for the child, then purposely leaving them alone with the child, Gwen would then peek in to see if what she had taught them had been relayed properly and that the young mother was performing it right.  Since the classes began, there had been nine childbirths, five boys and four girls resulting.

Gwen was peering in on young Melody Kerns and baby Tom when she got the first hint on who the baby father really was.  As she watched from the corner of the open window while Melody changed the baby’s diaper, Gwen smiled in seeing that what she had taught the young mother was indeed working as Melody kept the child cooing while talking to him as the diaper was being changed.  Gwen began to suspect Skipper Harmon, the handsome teen football star at that point, after hearing Melody Kerns playing with her son and saying “C’mon, ‘Little Skip’ ………..time to change your diaper!”

That was Gwen Chilton’s first hint as to who was the culprit behind this rash of pregnancies.  Then basically the same thing occurred when she peered in on Diane Adams and her young son Tim.  Only this time, Gwen heard the young mother actually refer to her baby as ‘Little Skipper’.  Though conservative and quite religious, especially with her husband being the pastor of the church, Gwen could not help but think in her mind ‘It’s that handsome football jock, Skipper Harmon!  He’s obviously using his star status to get into as many panties as he can get and ‘knocking up’ all these star-struck gals in the process!’

Gwen was taken aback when her husband advised her that he had hired Skipper Harmon to fill in the next two weeks, till the caretaker returned.  She was going to object but then thought that it might just give her the opportunity to talk some sense into the young man.  Gwen wanted to get him to see the error in his ways, that he couldn’t or shouldn’t be attempting to put a notch on his bedpost without using some sort of protection to at least spare his conquests the potential consequences.  ‘Hopefully I’ll be able to talk some sense into him and put a stop to this rash of pregnancies!’ she concluded.

On his fourth day at the church, the pastor was scheduled to be out all afternoon making hospital calls.  The Pastor had asked Skipper to help his beautiful wife move items used in the room that she taught prenatal and child-caring needs into to a larger room located at the end of the hall connected to the church’s recreation room.  Going to the classroom, Skipper saw a number of single mattresses to be moved, mattresses that were apparently used for the breathing techniques of soon-to-be young mothers.

With Mrs. Chilton out at a women’s committee luncheon, Skipper took his time in moving the items over, setting everything up in similar fashion to the small room from where he had taken the items.  He was unsure as to where Mrs. Chilton wanted the mattresses laid out or stacked upon on another and had it stacked in two piles about 3’ high alongside one another to form the size of a king-sized bed.  Looking at his work, Skipper thought that only one thing would make the layout better, that of having the lovely beauty stretched out naked on the mattresses.  Rubbing the growing bulge in his pants, Skipper told himself to quit fantasizing or his balls would be aching for days.

At 1:30 p.m., while in the classroom, Skipper saw Mrs. Chilton’s car drive up into the parking lot.  Seeing the beauty with long honey-brown hair, his cock twitched and grew as he feasted his eyes on her trim figure as she got out of the car dressed in a nice gray dress and 3” black heels.  ‘Damn, so fuck’n beautiful!  I just gotta get her in the sack!’ he thought.  Knowing that he at least had to try, Skipper went outside to intercept the beautiful woman.  “Mrs. Chilton!” he called out.  Getting her attention, he asked “Could you take a look at the new classroom and see if everything’s set-up properly?”

Smiling nervously, Gwen walked over towards the handsome teen, swallowing deeply as her heart began thumping madly.  ‘Why are you feeling this way?’ she asked herself.  ‘Gwen, you’re not one of those young high school girls who got charmed out of their panties!  Why are you so jittery just looking him?  Is it because you’re wondering just what kind of stud he really is, knowing how many young gals he’s made mothers of?’ she wondered.

Going into the classroom after the handsome Skipper Harmon, Gwen surveyed the room and was impressed with the good job he had done in moving everything over and setting things up like the other room.  She turned to look as Skipper advised “I took the poster down from behind the other classroom door and put it up here!”  Gwen did not realize that it was the devious ploy of the teen in saying that, closing the door in the process to show her the poster but turning the lock also.

Turning back to look at the entire classroom, Gwen suddenly felt a nervous chill course throughout her body, caused by the handsome young man having stepped up close behind her.  His nearness was much too close for this type of interaction, able to hear his breathing just over her shoulder.  “Sk ………………Skipper ………………I …………….I …………!” Gwen stammered without being able to finish her sentence, feeling so weak physically, panting and shivering uncontrollably as she felt Skipper’s large hands upon the back of both her elbows.

Sensing the beautiful woman’s inability to protest his advances, Skipper felt quite confident in having the sophisticated beauty melting like putty in his hands, just like all the others he’d managed to seduce.  Bending down, leaning in towards her ear, Skipper whispered “You know, don’t you, Mrs. Chilton?  You know I’m the main reason you had to start up these classes, don’t you?  You know I’m the father of most of the babies ………………..that I knocked up most of those high school gals!”

“Skipper ……………you …………… must learn to use some protection ………… …………….in order to protect the girls from getting pregnant!” Gwen stammered out.  “In ………………in fact …………………you ……………… should ………….should refrain from ……..……such sexual activity!  You ………… should wait till you get married!  Think of all the girls involved ……………….all these unwed mothers ……………how their lives are changed from it all!” she further advised.

Caressing both of her bare upper arms of the succulent beauty, Skipper felt her go weak as he moved up even closer as she was now leaning against him for support.  Face up against her soft silky brown hair, Skipper moved his lips, then his tongue touched and teased the edge of her ear.  He then began teasing her earlobe along with the earring that dangled from it.  Next, Skipper whispered in her ear, telling her “Don’t worry, Mrs. Chilton!  I promise not to knock up any more high school girls!  Besides, I’m headed out of town in another week!”

Letting his hand drift down slowly as he continued to caress the shivering beauty, Skipper added “But really, these young high school girls don’t interest me anymore!  They’re just too ……………….young …………….for me!  I much prefer a beautiful …………………sophisticated woman ……………..someone like ……………………you, Mrs. Chilton!”  He felt her tremble against him as his hands made contact with hers, continued to nipple at her ear, then drew her hands back between them as whispered “Feel me, Mrs. Chilton!”  Placing her petite hands over his bulging crotch, Skipper gave his cock a twitch, getting the desired response as the lovely woman squeezed back against his pulsating cock.
At this point of the game, getting the trembling woman to touch and feel his ever-growing cock, Skipper released her hands and encircled the petite beauty to cup her breasts and knead her stiffening nipples through her fabric of her dress and thin bra.  Then he was pinching at her stiff sensitive buds, flicking and making them with his thumbs.  “You want me, don’t you, Mrs. Chilton?  You want me to make love to you, don’t you?” he whispered in her ear.  “You want me don’t you?  Squeeze my cock if you want me, Mrs. Chilton!” he taunted.  Feeling the trim fingers squeezing upon his hard cock signaled her answer.

Though much older than this confident teen, Gwen was quite inexperienced when it came to sex, having only been with her husband, surrendering her chastity on her wedding night.  She did not know what had taken place from the time her hands were drawn back to touch the handsome teen till this moment as she lay prone on her back.  Gwen swallowed, trembling in both fear and anticipation, she found herself naked upon the stacked up mattresses and staring up at the face of the smiling teen above her.

Shivering as Skipper took one nipple into his mouth to nurse upon it, then doing the same to the other, Gwen was squiring about in anticipation of what was to come.  She was taken by surprise upon hearing Skipper ask “Have you had it any way but the missionary position?  Bet the pastor only knows the missionary position!”  Blinking her eyes, trying to comprehend the question, Gwen then shook her head ‘no’.  Hands upon her trim hips to turn her about, Gwen was at a total loss as she found herself kneeling upon the mattresses on all fours, her breasts cupped in each of the teen’s fondling hands as his manhood bumped up against her sex.

“Skipper …………………..oh, God …………………..Skipperrrrr ………………..its too big ………………its too bigggggggggggg ……………….please ……………..stop!” Gwen pleaded frantically upon feeling the thick bulb pressing up against her.  Some sense of rational went through her mind, realizing that she was about to commit adultery with this handsome teen, causing Gwen to reach out and grasp the top edge of the mattress in hopes of scrambling away and saving herself.

But Gwen was absolutely no match for the strength of Skipper’s muscular body and arms, as her hands lost their grip on the top edge of the mattress to find herself being pulled back suddenly, right onto the thick fleshy prong.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………..oh, God …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………it hurts …………..oh, Skipper ……………………you’re tearing meeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she wailed out as the thick cock skewered up into her wet but very tight slit.

Getting fucked out her mind while on all fours, Gwen was delirious, yet realizing she was committing adultery while doing it just like animals mating.  Still, there was no denying that this was the most pleasure and excitement she'd ever derived in lovemaking as nothing she had experienced before could compare to this handsome stud fucking into her from behind.  Cream and cream she did on the thick fleshy pole, causing her to scream “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………ohhhhhhhhhh ……………………..oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!”  She had a mind-shattering orgasm that reached even another high as she felt the teen’s hot jizz explode deep within her body.

Hours later, having experienced another fantastic and new lesson in lovemaking, Gwen learned what it was like to skewer herself onto the teen’s thick fleshy rod.  Humping herself up and down onto the pleasure giving shaft, Gwen found herself shivering with excitement as she bounced up and down faster and faster, then shuddered and creamed in another orgasm just as Skipper once again shot his thick baby-making jizz up into her fertile womb.  Gwen realized that this was a most dangerous time of the month for her but did not give it another thought as she just lay there enjoying the most fantastic experience in her life.

Totally fucked out, Gwen awoke in a total panic upon hearing the knock upon the door.  “Gwen ………………are you in there, honey?” she heard her husband’s voice come from the other side of the door.  Gwen thought she was about to have a heart attack, unable to move her legs that were still widespread upon the mattresses, cum oozing out of her well-fucked slit.  Heart pounding, she watched as Skipper donned his clothing quickly and literally dove out of the window.

Some relief set in upon realizing that this newly built classroom had a brand new door and lock, that she had the only set of keys as she had not given one to her husband as yet.  Then she heard Skipper’s voice call out “Hi, Pastor!  I’m not sure where Mrs. Chilton went but I believe she went to the store with one of the women from the congregation about a half-hour ago!  With everything moved into the new classroom, she felt it best to lock it up – never know these days, kids will steal from anywhere – even from a church!”  Then Gwen heard her husband and Skipper talk about Skipper’s upcoming college venture and the voices began fading as they moved away from the classroom.

As it was now spring, nearly nine months after coming to college, Skipper learned of Kristi Hamaguchi’s cute little baby girl from his mother upon calling home to chat with his parents.  With Kristi’s husband having a Caucasian mother and Japanese father, Skipper knew that Kristi would not have to explain the baby’s light brown hair to anyone.  A day later, reading the email from Cheryl Mullins whom he kept in contact with periodically, Cheryl wrote that baby John now had a new playmate named Jim.  According to Cheryl’s email, “Baby Jim is actually little John’s uncle!  It certainly is hilarious that John will actually be a year older than his Uncle Jim!”

It was getting quite interesting each time Skipper called home or got a call from his parents.  This time, his mother relayed to him about her good friend Pauline Tabor, that she had just given birth to twin baby boys.  The next day, getting the latest tribune sent in the mail by his parents, Skipper smiled upon opening up the section containing the Sunday services.  There it was announced that Pastor Chilton and his beautiful wife had just celebrated the arrival of the newest member to their family and congregation, with the paper naming baby Julie Chilton as the new arrival.

End of Story.