Tasty Asian Stew – I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
Having been with the airlines now for just over five years, the lovely Mrs. Kris Nakashima Jennings finally had gotten enough seniority to get a chance to bid on the route to this island paradise.  This was her first trip and she wanted to make the most of it, wanting to see the sights of the beautiful tropical paradise.  She wanted to take it all in then when her husband could take some time off, she would show him the beautiful island.

The former Ms. Kris Nakashima had met the love of her life in her junior year in college and now she was the loving and faithful wife of Bill Jennings.  Both at the age of 27, they had dated from when they first met and gotten married three years ago.  They both were employed shortly after graduation and had saved enough for the home they had recently purchased in a new suburban community.

With her great grandparents having immigrated to the United States, Kris was of the third generation, born and educated on the west coast.  But many of the oriental traditions were followed in the Nakashima family, particularly the children's conservative upbringing with respect for one's elders.  Of course there was a heavy emphasis on education and Kris was a member of the national honor society throughout her high school years.

Having been accepted into the nearby state university on an academic scholarship, Kris graduated in just under four years in the school of travel industry management.  She had thoughts of continuing on for a graduate degree but she had met Bill and fell madly in love, with thoughts of marriage in a few years.  In fact, she had initially decided on going for her master's degree until that eventful career day on campus.  She had happened along the booth of a national airline and was intrigued at the thought of seeing the country and various parts of the world.

The company recruiter was also quite interested in Kris as she was fluent in English, Japanese and Spanish.  With the airline having routes to the Far East and South America, her foreign languages were a big plus.  The recruiter had a brief interview with her and gave her all the information on benefits that the job provided.  Kris loved the blue uniform that a stewardess was wearing to represent the airline at the career fair.  She had always wanted to travel and see the country as well as going abroad.  With marriage in the near future, Kris felt that if she were to do any traveling, the time would be before she and Bill started a family.

Naturally Kris had entered into the marriage as a virgin bride, having only experienced light petting and kisses since having met Bill in college.  On their wedding night, Bill had admitted to her that he too was quite inexperienced.  They would have to learn how to please each other, fumbling about initially due to the combination of excitement and their inexperience.

With her love for Bill, not knowing any better due to inexperience, Kris thought their fumbling in lovemaking was just normal for two inexperienced in lovemaking.  Bill always got easily aroused and came rather quickly, making Kris wish that his stamina would build to have him lasting longer.  It seemed that just as she was getting excited, Bill was already done and falling asleep next to her.

On this trip headed to the island of St. Cruz, Kris was servicing the passengers in the back of the plane along with fellow stewardess Sheila Nelson.  With Shiela in her 40's and having been on this route for many years, she had taken the young Kris under her wing.  Knowing the scenic area of St. Cruz well, Shiela had made a list of places that  Kris would enjoy by taking a sightseeing tour.  With the crew all veterans, they all had already taken the tour several times already with most planning to spend the two-day layover just lying in the sun.

Kris was quite excited, looking forward to when she could show Bill the beautiful sights.  This was the last leg of the work week and it ended perfectly with the flight being a charter to the island.  That would give the crew a two-day break with another crew taking the plane back out on its next trip scheduled in a few hours.  It was an added benefit that the company had arranged, giving their employees a nice break at times at a beautiful vacation spot.

With the crew members in line to check in, Kris told her fellow crew members to go ahead as she was going to check out the tour desk and that she would see if anything was still available for the late afternoon.  She also advised them not to worry about her if she didn't meet them for meals as she would probably be out and about sightseeing during the two days.

The arrival of the flight crew did not escape the attention of the hotel owner, especially the sight of the young brunette that was now checking out the brochures at the tour desk.  Going behind the front desk, he looked at the names of the expected flight crew and found that only a Kris Nakashima Jennings had yet to check in.  Gazing at the stunning Asian beauty in her blue uniform, he licked his lips and felt his cock give a mighty twitch.

Leopold (Leo) Williams, now at the age of 50, had never seen such a lovely Asian beauty such as this.  Judging by her name on the crew list, this beauty was obviously married to some lucky white boy and he envied that fortunate fellow.  Seeing the lovely stewardess turning to leave the excursion desk, pulling her flight bags behind her, Leo told the desk clerk to take a break as he would take care of checking in the next guest.

"Good afternoon, Miss!  With rest of the flight crew registered, you must be Ms. Jennings?" Leo greeted, extending his hand out to greet the lovely beauty.  Feeling her gloved hand in his, her hand felt soft and petite as he wished he could touch her soft skin.  'Hmmm, soon my precious little beauty ………..soon!' he told himself.  Asking if this was her very first visit to St. Cruz, he smiled in learning that it was indeed as he had suspected.

"As this is your very visit to our little paradise, you shall have one of our best suites for your stay!  All of our guests are served a complimentary hot beverage of their choice in the evening.  Just pick up the phone and place your order and it shall be at your door within ten minutes!  May I suggest our very special brew of tea!  You will find it quite soothing and tasty!" Leo advised.

Kris thanked the kind man and began making her way to her room, passing on a bellhop as she merely had her flight bags in tow.  She had merely assumed that the man at the front desk, who had mentioned being the hotel owner, was just making the normal pleasantries that he would with any guest.  Opening the door to her room, she looked about the beautiful room and took in its splendor, realizing that she must have indeed been given a special room.

This was indeed quite a special room, one that Leo had never put a crew member in before, one reserved for beautiful female guests.  Although there had been many beautiful stewardesses checking into the hotel, Leo had always refrained from putting them in this particular suite.  It was a room that had been built with specially several miniature cameras that were hidden from the naked eye.

The airline contract that he had managed to garner was just too much to risk should a crime be committed against one of the crew members.  Though tempted often in viewing the exquisite charms of the lovely beauties, Leo had always refrained until this lovely morsel had caught his attention.  He knew he was risking a lot but he was now obviously thinking with the wrong head.  Calling the regular desk clerk back to resume checking in other guests, Leo quickly scampered down the hall to his personal room, one adjacent to the one just entered by the lovely beauty, rushing to turn on his cameras and large screen television.

Intently, Leo watched the large screen as the lovely beauty first pulled off her white gloves then reached up to undo her cap.  He swallowed hard in anticipation as he watched the young beauty reach up to undo the button of her blue uniform skirt, licking his lips as she bent over to step out of it.  With the skirt draped over the chair, he observed the young beauty begin to undo the buttons of her white blouse.  'Damn, she's looks so fuck'n sexy like that!' he groaned loudly.


Clad partially in her uniform, black heels and hose along with her lacy white bra and panties, Kris did not know the enticing sight she made before the man watching in the room next to hers.  One heel after the other was removed, then Kris slowly rolled down each of her black hose to reveal to trim and flawless legs.  Standing again, she then removed her jacket and blouse to drape them over the chair.  Opening up her bag, she then pulled out the pair of shorts and a blouse to wear on the afternoon tour.  Finally, slipping on her sneakers, she rushed out the door and down to the excursion desk again in order to make it in time for the last tour of the day.

Seeing his prey hop on the tour bus, Leo went to the excursion desk and learned that the particular taken would be going through part of the countryside and stopping at a nice restaurant on the beach.  Inquiring further, he found out that the tour would be returning to the hotel at about 9:30 p.m. to drop off the passengers that had boarded from this location.

Kris just loved the sights, taking a few pictures that she would show Bill upon her return home.  It was such a paradise that she knew would always be memorable, especially when she would return to see the island with Bill as a second honeymoon.  She wished that Bill were here to enjoy the beauty of this island paradise, thinking it be fun to be out at night to snuggle closely under the stars, then make passionate love together.

At the far end of the tour destination, Kris enjoyed getting out to do a bit of shopping for souvenirs in the small village.  On the return trip, the shuttle bus would be stopping at the beachfront restaurant that would be servicing delicacies of local food.  The bus was filled with tourists, many elderly couples making their tour of paradise and she got to chat with a few of them, recognizing some from the flight over.

It had been quite a day for Kris as she was now feeling the effects of the long flight plus the interesting tour that was about to come to an end.  Hopping out of the shuttle bus, Kris happily made her way into the hotel lobby.  As the phones were a bit antiquated without the capacity for messages being recorded, she stopped at the front desk to check for her messages.  At the front desk, she was greeted again by the hotel owner.

"Oh, yes!  A call just came in from Mr. Jennings!" Leo advised, handing her the message.  He saw the smile on her face in hearing that her husband had called for her.  Inquiring as to how her tour went, Leo smiled in learning that she had enjoyed it very much but that the flight and tour combined was a bit too exhausting.  Then he commented "I'm going to have a pot of that special sent to your room immediately!  It will really calm the nerves and make you feel so much better!"

Leo smiled as the young wife thanked him for being so kind and thoughtful, then took in her every movement as she made her way to her hotel room.  Calling his employee to take over the front desk duties, he then went into the back room and poured the hot water into the teapot that he had prepared just before the return of the tour bus.  He instructed the desk clerk to have a bellhop deliver the tea to beauty's room immediately.

Making his way to down the hallway and entering his room, Leo turned on the large screen television to see the love beauty on the telephone with her husband.  He observed her untie a tennis shoe, then remove the shoe.  The other shoe was next to follow as the petite beauty now stretched her bare legs out as she lay down upon the bed while talking to her husband.

Then came the knock at her door and Leo watched the lovely beauty put the phone down on the bed to get the tray from the bellhop.  He watched as she set the tray down on the nightstand, then picked the phone up to resume her conversation.  He smiled as he watched her pouring herself a cup of tea and pedsip at the hot liquid while listening to her husband on the phone.

Ten minutes later, Leo heard the young wife tell her husband "Guess we shouldn't talk too long!  I heard the phone rates are really high calling from here but half the cost if you make the call from there!  Call me tomorrow night at this time and I'll make certain to be here!  I'm going to finish this delicious tea and then take a nice hot shower!  Okay, bye, honey!  I love you!"

Grinning as the beauty finished a cup of the special brew and began pouring herself another cup, Leo pulled on his rock hard cock, knowing that it was going to be quite an eventful night.  As the petite beauty finished her second cup of tea, he watched as she got up from the bed to unpack her clothing, then selecting a pair of pink panties and a satin pink nightie.

As she was about to disappear into the bathroom, Leo switched to the camera covering the bathroom.  Licking his lips in anticipation, Leo watched as the white blouse was pulled from her yellow shorts, then the soft creamy skin being reviewed as the blouse was being removed.  A moment later, the yellow pair of shorts was sliding down the flawless legs, leaving the beauty clad only in her lacy white bra and panties.

Withdrawing his aching cock from his trousers, Leo stroked his pulsating cock as he watched the lovely wife reach behind her back to unclasp her lacy white bra.  He gasped as the thin protective garment was drawn off her shoulders to bare an identical pair of perfectly shaped breasts capped twin Hersey kisses.  Then he watched as the lacy white panties were being drawn down her trim hips to reveal the soft dark curls of her sugar bush.  "Oh, baby!  I just gotta bury my face in that soft clean bush of yers!  Gotta get a taste of yer sweet honey!" he panted loudly.

Switching to another camera in the bathroom, he watched as she lathered her sexy curves then cleanse herself under the hot spray of the shower.  After drying herself, Leo watched the beauty step into her pink panties, then slip on her satin pink negligee.  He could see her eyelids fluttering and knew that she would soon be hallucinating in her sleep with a burning itch between her sexy legs, an itch that now caused the young wife to put her fingers over her panties and rub at her agonizing gash.

Putting on the bedroom camera again, Leo saw the beauty tossing and turning on the bed, rubbing that itch between her legs.  Soon he observed her nod off into a deep hallucinating sleep, knowing that the special brew would have her in never-never land.  "Oh, baby!  Yer mine now!  Sure want to see the look on yer face in the morning when ya wake up with my big black cock buried in yer tight little snatch!" he laughed.

Going to his special doorway, Leo slid the specially designed sliding door along its tracks.  From the other side of the doorway, it appeared to be a one-piece wooden wall of the closet.  Moving the clothing that the young beauty had hung-up earlier, Leo quietly opened the closet door and gazed upon the drug-induced young wife as she lay widespread upon the bed.  Having seen her consume two cups of the potent tea, he knew that she was now totally under the influence of the drug.


Looking at the lovely beauty, Leo licked his lips as he unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop to the floor.  Unbuckling his trousers, he then stripped off his pants along with his underpants.  Feeling his cock growing rapidly, he shucked at the throbbing shaft that he intended on 'ruining' the sweet little beauty lying before him.  "Oh, my sweet little beauty, I shall give ya a little present for ya to remember yer first visit to this island paradise!" he chuckled.

Reaching out with his large callused hands, Leo touched and caressed the beauty's soft creamy legs, causing his cock to become rock hard.  Hands now up at the waistband of the silky red panties, he pulled it down slowly to provide a tantalizing view of the beauty's soft dark curls.  A moment later, having drawn the silky garment off the soft sexy legs, Leo drew the flimsy garment up to his face to inhale its sweet fragrance.

Kneeling upon the foot of the bed, parting the beauty's trim legs wide apart, Leo edged forward and licked his lips in anticipation.  Closing his eyes, he let the soft curls tickle his face as he breathed in the sweet aroma.  Then he buried his face in her soft muff, his tongue darting out in search of tight little slit, licking at the entrance to the beauty's womanhood.  Burrowing his thick tongue into her parted lips, Leo licked between the slick folds.

"Mmmm …………….mmmmmm!" came the soft moan from the drugged beauty.  Leo smiled as he slurped at the thick honey that was now oozing from her juicing honeypot, wondering if her loving husband had ever enjoyed his tasty little wife.  It always amazed him as to the powerful effects of the drug, how it made women hallucinate and how hot they became after consuming it.  The drug was derived from the roots of an extremely rare plant that was only found deep in the valley of this tropical paradise, a well-kept secret that only the islanders knew of.

"Ohhhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhhhhhh, Bill ………..Bill!" Leo heard the young wife groan as he tongued her slick slit.  'God, the little bitch thinks I'm her fuck'n husband who's giving her tonguing of her life!' he thought as his tongue flicked rapidly, lapping up all her sweet juices.  He smiled as he heard the delirious beauty mumble "Ohhhhhhhh ……..ohhhhhhhhhhhh, honeyyyyy ……………ahhhh …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Feeling the soft thighs clamp up against his face, Leo nuzzled his face in her sweet muff as the sexy young beauty then arched her trim hips up into his face.  He heard her groan loudly  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………ohhhhhhhhhhh, Bill!  Yes, oh, yes …………………yesssssssssssssss …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Feeling the tremors that shook the soft sexy body beneath him, Leo realized that the innocent young wife was now in the throes of a wild earth-shattering climax.   Eagerly he slurped and feasted on the sweet honey been emitted by the trembling young beauty.

As the beauty's tense body finally relaxed to slowly settle back down upon the bed, she then dozed off again from the effects of the potent drug.  Leo came up for air as he looked down at the naïve young beauty, slurping and licking at his slick lips.  Moving up further, he eased her pink negligee up to expose her trim belly, then up further to bare her twin beauties.  One after the other, Leo took the tender nipple into his mouth to tongue and lick at the tender buds, enjoying feeling them harden in his mouth.

Sitting back up to pull the negligee over the beauty's arms and head, Leo took in the exquisite sight of the naked little beauty.  Fisting his cock, Leo rubbed his sensitive cockhead through the soft dark curls, laying the length of his cock on top of her mound.  With his balls bouncing against the edge of her ass, he looked down to see his cockhead at the top of her creamy belly.  "Oh, baby!  'Ol Leo's gonna fuck his cock all the way up yer little belly, honey!  Soon, my sweet little beauty, something else is gonna be making that little belly of yers swell up like a watermelon!" he laughed.

Moving back down a bit, getting into position with hand on cock, Leo guided his cockhead up against her pouting lips.  Spreading her legs wide, Leo leaned forward, pushing the tip of his cockhead just into the entrance of the tight little beauty.  Pushing forward again, he forced his thick cockhead into the drugged beauty and heard her delirious moan of pain "Ohhhhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Hallucinating from the effects of the potent drug, everything seemed so far-far away with her only thoughts being on that irritating itch between her legs.  Feeling the thick insertion between her pussy lips, her hazy mind told her that it was her loving husband about to make love to her.  "Ohhhhhhhhhh ……………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Billlllllll!" she moaned softly as she spread her trim legs even wider to allow him to enter her.  "Ohhh, Bill ……………you …………….you're so biggggggggg ……….tooonight ……ohhhhhh, honeyyyyyy!" she moaned.

Seeing how delirious the young wife was, Leo grinned widely as he decided to see if he could pull off playing the part of her husband, though he knew from how tight she was that he was certainly more endowed.  "Ohhh, honey ……………….you've got me so hot for you ………………….I'm so big for you tonight!  Spread your legs for me, honey!  Oh, yes …………..wider ……………wider ………………ohhhh, baby!" he groaned as her movements allowed him to push himself a couple inches into her resisting slit.

"Ohhhhhhh, Bill ……………..please ……………….please be gentle!  Ohhhh, Bill ………..you're stretching meeeeeee ……………..ohhhhhhh, it hurtssssss!  Bill!  Bill!  Stop ………….stop …………….it hurts …………….it hurts!  You ……………you're hurting meeeee!  Aieeeeeeeeeeee!" she sobbed pleadingly, eyes still closed tightly as her head tossed slowly in anguish from side to side.

Having buried half of his lengthy pole in the innocent young beauty, Leo thoroughly enjoyed having her think that it really was her own husband doing her, enjoyed hearing her pleas of anguish as he stretched her tight pussy.  Getting a firm grasp under her tender asscheeks, he then thrust forward brutally, his cock kniving into the now struggling young wife.  He smiled in hearing her scream "Aieeeeeeeeee …………ahhh ……..ahhhh ………ahhhhhhhhhhh ……………stop, Bill …………….stoppppp!"

Buried to the hilt in the shuddering beauty, Leo held still to allow her to get accustomed to his thickness, enjoying the feel of her fingernails digging into his shoulders as she trembled under him.  Holding the soft sexy body tightly against him, Leo could sense the  trembling of the tender body begin to ebb.  Soon he felt her widespread legs close against his body, clutching at his sides.  Then he felt her arch up even closer to him as she wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her heels behind him.

"Ohhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhh ………………..ohhhh, Bill!" Kris moaned, her mind in another world from the unbelievable sensations as her lover scratched that awful nagging itch between her legs.  She and Bill engaged in lovemaking often but never had she been taken to such heights of pleasure that now coursed throughout her body.  Her arms and legs tightened around her lover as she moaned “Ohhhhhhhhhh, Bill ……….yes …………….yesssssss ……………………ohhhhh, you're so deep in me!  Ohhhhh ………………ohhhhh, honey …………….yesssss …………..yeessssss …………deeper ……………stroke it deeper!  Oh, Bill …………………ohhhhhhh  ……….I ………….I ………………..I’m cumminggggggg!”

Never had Leo ever experienced such a fabulous fuck as the taking of this drugged little beauty who thought it was her loving husband giving her all this pleasure.  He wished her unsuspecting husband were here at this moment, seeing his beautiful and precious little wife being 'ruined'.  Firmly gripping the soft asscheeks in his hands, he then began to shag away delirious beauty, moaning “Oh, sweetie …………..gonna cum ……….gonna fill yer little belly with my hot seed!  Ohhhhhhhhh …………here it cums ……..oh, baby, here it cumssssssss!   Ahhhhhhhhh ………………..cumminggggg …………………ah, baby ……….yeahhhhhhhhhh!”

Moments later, still fully embedded in the raped beauty, Leo felt her arms and legs fall limply off the sides as she slipped again into a drug induced sleep.  Knowing there was no need to rush, Leo rested upon the soft sexy body, hoping he had impregnated the naïve little beauty.  He smiled with pleasure at the thought of sending this innocent young wife home from this island paradise, with a precious little momento for her and her husband to treasure.

During the night, trice more to be exact, a mere touch of her drug enflamed clitoris ignited that burning itch between her thighs.  That burning itch immediately had innocent young Kris arching up desperately to scratch that irritating itch.  Each time Leo gritted this teeth, feeling the innocent beauty's cunt muscles squeezing tightly around his throbbing cock, he gripped the mattress with all his might, desperate to hold back the unleashing of his pent-up lust prematurely.

Having mastered the use of this potent drug, Leo well knew the effects it would have on a woman like this.  He knew that it would keep a woman's clit enflamed for days even after the hallucinating effect wore off, knew that the most faithful of wives would do anything to scratch that nagging itch between their legs.  Even in the young wife's drug induced sleep, once Leo touched her ultra-sensitive clit, he soon had her fucking back at him like a bitch in heat.

It was now early morning and the hallucinating effect of the drug had nearly worn off as Kris began to stir from her sleep.  Eyes still closed as she felt the heavy body resting upon her, she caressed the broad muscular back, thinking 'Oh, Bill …………..you were so awesome last night!'  With that thought, caressing his back, she clenched her cunt muscles around the shaft that had taken her to the heights never before obtained.

Head next to the sexy beauty, feeling his dick being clasped by her tight cunt muscles, Leo knew that the young wife was now awakening and had not yet realized that she had been raped.  He twitched his cock in her hot pit and felt her cunt muscles squeeze back in response.  Again he twitched and again he got a responsive squeeze.  Smiling, he now lifted his face and chest off the lovely beauty and looked down into the face of the still dreaming beauty.

Cock growing within the tight clasping confines, Leo gave a twitch of his throbbing cock, causing the beauty to moan loudly "Ohhh, Bill …………yesssss!  Ohhhhh, you're so biggggggggg today!"  He knew that the drug still had her hotter than hell and once her clit was stimulated like now, she would crave a solid fucking.  He then felt her hands clutching at his arms as her knees squeezed his hips in trying to draw him back down onto her body.

Panting in heat, desperately wanting to extinguish that burning itch between her thighs, Kris planted her feet on the mattress to arch up in order to skewer herself back onto its thickness.  However, all but the thick cockhead was being from her as the body lifted higher above her, driving Kris was in a frenzy.  Feet planted on the bed, she arched up even higher to fuck herself onto the lengthy pole.  "Please …………..………Bill ………….please ……………put it back in!  Oh, honey ……………..I need it so badly!  God, honey ………………..please ……………fuck me ………………fuck me!" she panted desperately.

Wondering why her husband was not responding to her pleas, Kris blinked as she opened her eyes and tried to focus them.  What she saw made her gasp in absolute horror "No ………nooooooo ………………God, noooooooooooo!"  Opening her mouth to scream, a large of the hotel owner clamped over her, stiffling her scream "Mmmmpfffffffff ……………….mmmmphfffffffffff!"  Her assailant was obviously prepared for her, easily grasping both her wrists in his free hand to pin her arms above her head.

Kris shuddered in horror as the evil man moved above her, sliding his raping cock deep into her.  The slicing of the thick length served to rub and agitate her inflamed clit, causing Kris to shiver from the now unwanted pleasure.   Through the shock of it all, she now realized that the pleasurable sensations throughout the night had not in fact been due to her loving husband but by this evil man who had raped her repeatedly.  It then hit her that the tea she had consumed had been laced with a potent drug that rendered her helpless.

Unable to help herself, tears formed in her eyes as she shamefully squeezed her cunt muscles onto the raping shaft.  Kris could not understand what was happening to her, ashamed at the horror of being raped yet wanting to again feel the exquisite pleasure that it had given her earlier.  She was ashamed at herself, unable to control her body as pressed her feet down onto the mattress time and again as she arched her hips up to fuck herself onto her rapist thick pole.

Leo just smiled, keeping his body perfectly still, letting the innocent young wife pump herself up and down on his throbbing tool.  Sensing that all the little beauty could now think of was getting off on his cock, he released his hand that covered mouth.  "Ahhh ….ahhhh ………ahhhhh …………ahhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhhhh!" came the panting from the raped beauty.  Then he slowly released his grip on her wrists and was not at all surprised as her hands came forward to clutch at his shoulders in an attempt to draw him closer.

"Please ………………please ………………oh, God ………………I …………….I'm burning up!  I ……………….I ………………please ………………….please ………..I ………………I need to …………..cum!  Please ……………..please make me cummmm!" Kris pleadingly panted as she continued to arch up onto her rapist pole.  Though not hallucinating from the drug any longer, Kris was delirious with the need to quell that nagging itch between her legs, desperately squeezing her cunt muscles over and over again around the thick instrument of pleasure.

Knowing that he had her right where he wanted her, Leo eased his pulsating cock into the beauty as she clutched desperately at him.  He wished her luv'n husband could see his precious little wife at this very moment, how she was degrading herself to obtain sexual satisfaction.  At that thought, Leo lunged forward, burying the length of his cock into the gasping beauty.

"Yes …………oh, yes ……………….oh, please ……………..deeper …………deeper ………………fuck it deeper!  Please …………….please …………….make me cum ……………..make me cum!  Please ……………shoot it ……………shoot your hot cum in me ………………..cream me ……………….squirt your cream in me!" Kris begged desperately.

Buried into the hilt, Leo felt the beauty's trim legs again cross over his ass to lock him tightly to her.  Slicing his lengthy cock in and out of the sex-crazed beauty, he knew how desperate the naïve young wife was in need of an orgasm and he certainly aimed to please.  In her right mind, Leo knew she would be appalled at the thought of having another man spill his potent seed in her.  But with her clit so enflamed, Leo knew that the consequences of their illicit mating were not being contemplated in her mind.

Now, with slow steady strokes, Leo felt the soft sexy body desperately humping back at him.  He knew she would do anything to achieve a climax, thus he taunted her "Pretty Mrs. Jennings want Leo to cum in her?  Cream her?  Shoot my hot cum in her snapping pussy?  Want my nigga cream in ya, huh?  Want Leo to fuck a little black baby in yer tummy?"

"Oh ……….ohhhhhh …………….yes ……………yes …………….fuck me ………..fill me with your hot cum!  Please ………….please …………..shoot it in me ………….give me your hot cum ……………please, I need it ……………….so badly!  Oh, please ………screw me ……………….screw my brains out …………………..yes …………yes …………..deeper ……….deeper!  Fuck your black baby in meeeeeee!" Kris begged.

Feeling the throbbing cock expand even further within her, Kris squeeze her legs tightly together, then she got her wish as the cock exploded within her.  "Yessssssss ………..yesssssssss ……………..cum in me!  God ………………I ……………….I'm cummingggggggggg!  I'm cummmingggggggggg!" she screamed as the hot scalding balm flooded her raped slit, soothing the nagging itch between her legs.

Holding her tight asscheeks in his hands, Leo dragged the beauty tightly up against him, burying his cock deep in her fertile womb.  "Oh, sweetie …………………oh, baby ……………….take it all …………………take all my hot cummmmmmmm!  Oh, Godddddddddddd ……………ahhhhhhhhh!" he groaned as his cock expanded and exploded time and again.  Spurt after hot spurt, he hosed down the shuddering young beauty, applying the soothing balm to make the itch go away.

With Leo placing orders for food with room service, he had them leave the food cart at his doorway.  Hearing the knock on his doorway to announce the arrival of the food cart, he went out to retrieve it once the bell hop had departed.  Leo ordered nothing but the best, knowing that besides her insatiable sexual appetite, one other side effect of the drug left young wife with an appetite for food. Once they dined while remaining in bed, the young beauty was again in desperate need to satisfy the craving between her legs.

The next morning, Kris met the rest of the crew down in the lobby.  They all expressed their concern for her as none had seen hide nor hair of her since they had arrived.  Kris could only blush, telling them "Oh, I took in quite a few tours that I was never back in time to meet you folks for meals!"

The flight back to the continental U.S. was quite an agony for Kris, her mind in shambles as she could not concentrate on her duties, not with that nagging itch between her legs bothering her again.  Her thoughts kept drifting back to events that took place once she had returned from that tour.  She knew she should be horrified at having been raped repeatedly by the evil hotel owner but that irritating itch had her craving for more.

'How can I ever face Bill again?' Kris wondered.  She felt so guilty and ashamed in being raped and 'ruined', her body possessed by another man.  But what bothered her most was what had taken place the night before at 9:30 p.m. when the phone rang.  Nervously reaching for the phone, she dropped the phone to the carpet and in reaching for it, she rolled off the bed as she was pulled down by the muscular black arms.   'How could I have done such a thing?' she asked herself, feeling so guilty.  'How could I carry on a normal conversation with my husband while another man 'ate' me out?  How could I tell Bill 'I love you, honey!' at the very instant that I'm climaxing with another man's tongue in me?' she wondered.

With it now being three hours since having a cock between her legs, Kris desperately squeezed her thighs together to quell the nagging itch that had once again returned.  She didn't know how she would survive the day as it would be another four hours before she would get home with a stopover scheduled in the next forty minutes.

Upon arrival of the plane for its scheduled stopover to drop off some passengers and to refuel, everyone deplaned so the interior of the plane could be cleaned up a bit.  As the crew began to deplane, they were advised of there being a shortage of ground personnel to clean the plane.  Sheila advised that she'd stay back but being the newest member of the crew, Kris insisted to Sheila that she'd stay back and give a hand in getting the interior cleaned, asking Sheila to bring back a tall mocha when she returned.

At first, Kris was not going to argue with Sheila as she desperately needed to go to the restroom to rub that nagging itch.  But her mind quickly changed in seeing that there was only one person from the ground crew to do the interior cleaning.  It was not that she felt sorry for the person but because that man somehow resembled that hotel owner that had scratched her itch so well.

Antone Miller, at age 52, had been pissed that he had to clean the interior by himself.   However, once he had observed who insisted on remaining behind, he felt a twitch in his loins.  Antone had seen this lovely beauty on several occasions before but never on this particular route.  He had always admired this innocent beauty from afar but today there was a different look with an aura about her.  It was a look and aura that Antone had seen before and knew exactly what caused it, the look of a bitch in heat that only a big black cock could satisfy.

Starting from the back of the plane, Antone cleaned as fast as he could, seeing the lovely brunette doing the same from the front of the aircraft.  He saw her look up in his direction several times and observed her nervously bite down on her bottom lip.  As they both hurried along with the folding of blankets and picking up the trash, the gap between them narrowed considerably as they approached the center of the plane.

As they neared each other, now just a row apart, Antone saw the beauty noticeably take her time folding the blanket in her hands.  He could see her panting for breath as her body quivered in nervousness.  Now he was standing immediately behind the shaking young beauty, loving the feel of power that the nearness of his body had over her.

Hearing the innocent beauty gasp loudly as his hands closed over her trim waist, Antone let his hands feel their way down over her trim hips and over the outside of her thighs through the skirt of her uniform.  "Ohhhhhh …………..ohhhhhh ……….ahhhhhh!" he heard her moan softly as his hands now slipped under the blue skirt of her uniform.  Seconds later, his hands were pushing down the top of her dark pantyhose and lacy white panties.

Pulling the white blouse from her blue skirt, Antone soon had his hands up under her blouse as he pushed up the cups of her lacy white bra.  With the lovely beauty bracing herself with her hands at the top of the passenger seat, Antone saw the sparkle of her diamond ring and wondered just how a lovely young wife could be so much in need of a cock.

Fingers flicking at her stiff nipples, cockhead probing at the entrance to her oozing slit, Kris could only moan in heat "Ohhhh ……………..ohhhhhh ……………please ……..yesssss …………..please ……………….put it in!"  Desperate to extinguish the hot spreading itch, she begged "Oh, God ………….please ……………….please fuck me ……………..please ………hurry …………hurry!"  As the thick cockhead penetrated her slick cuntlips, Kris swooned "Yes …………..yes ……………..ohhhhh, Goddddd ……….yes …………….fuck me ……………fuck me hard!"

Five minutes later, hearing the rush of air as the doors to the gateway was opened, followed by the sounds of footsteps approaching, Kris quickly pulled the cups of her bra down and pulled up her panties and pantyhose into place.  Tucking in her blouse, she then buttoned the front of her uniform jacket as she awaited the arrival of the flight crew.  She thanked Sheila as she was handed a cup of that needed coffee, hoping the hot liquid would soothe her shattered nerves.  But it really was the hot liquid that had been injected between her legs serving as a soothing balm that gave her the much needed relief.  She prayed that she could make it home in time without the need to have that nasty itch scratched again.

End of Story.