Tasty Asian Stew - II
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Tasty Asian Stew  I and Asian Beauty's Dark Desires
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Ever since that trip to St. Croix, Kris Jennings put in her request to fly only within the national routes that her carrier handled and elected to pass-up the more coveted international routes.  She merely put the reason for her request as 'family concerns' which was understandable with the job requirements, especially on long overseas flights.

Kris wanted to remain as close to home as possible and to spend more time with her loving husband, or so she tried to convince herself.  She desperately tried to put that horrid memory out of her mind, concerning the St. Croix trip, but flashbacks continued to haunt her.  As she sat before her make-up table in the master bedroom, tears welled up in her eyes as she recalled how she had been drugged and violated by the evil hotel manager.

She knew that the drug had made her lose her inhibitions but still Kris was ashamed she had done while under its influence.  'God, to be raped and violated is one thing!  But why did I beg for more?  Even if it was the drug, how could I do those horrible things?  How could I carry on a normal conversation with my husband while another man 'ate' me out?  How could I tell Bill 'I love you, honey!' at the very instant that I'm climaxing with another man's tongue in me?' she wondered.
That potent drug had changed her life forever Kris realized.  Breathing hard, squeezing her thighs tightly together, Kris shuddered as she fought the urgent need.  'Oh, God!  It’s the same feeling I had on the trip back from that awful place!  Why did I have to want it so much?  Surely the drug had worn off by then!' she told herself.

Her head slumped, tears running down her cheeks as Kris recalled how the plane's maintenance worker had seen the look of need in her eyes as he merely her pushed up against the back of a passenger's chair and took her there.  Though quick and fast, it had quelled that horrible itch between her legs and she had creamed heavily in a most satisfying orgasm.

It had been months now that she was flying the domestic routes, giving her more time at home with her husband.  But Kris had to admit, their love life was just not cutting it.  Closing her eyes, touching herself, she knew that she need more - much more!  'Oh, God, what I need is a big black cock between my legs!' she moaned to herself, rubbing herself through her shorts and panties.

The next week, on a return flight, Kris saw her sorority sister from college and they greeted and hugged each other.  She and her sorority sister, Sherilyn Cho, had been very close during college and still emailed or called each other at times.  But with her flying and marriage, she and Sheri had been out of contact since Sheri's wedding to Jeff Kim.  With passengers now crowding in due to the boarding process, they agreed to meet outside the gate once the plane landed and catch up on old times.

Ten minutes after the passengers had departed, the crew made their departure and Kris looked about for Sheri.  Seeing her wave, they once again embraced and hugged to greet each other.  As both of them only had carry-on luggage, they headed off to the restaurant and bar in the airport itself so they could catch up from the last time they had gotten together.

Kris learned that Sheri was now a personal assistant to a high-flying and flashy sports agent and that she was just returning home from a meeting with a client and getting his contract renewed.  She found that her friend had moved into a new home following her wedding.  Then her friend relayed that things seemed to fall into place when her neighbor introduced her to sports agent, who hired her that night while attending her neighbor's party.  She envied Sheri who seemed very quite happy with both her job and personal life.

Kris and Sheri had been very close in college, even sharing a room in their senior year of college.  Each knew that the other's lips were sealed on anything they discussed and that made their relationship was like that of true sisters.  Over a bite to eat and some drinks, Sheri could sense that her good friend from college needed someone to confide in.  Sheri reached over to touch her friend's hand, asking "Kris …………..is everything all right?  Do you need to tell me something?"

Seeing Kiss sniffle and tears forming in her eyes, Sheri knew she had guessed right.  Moving over in the booth, putting her arm around her friend to comfort her, she asked Kris to tell the whole story to her.  Sheri listened as Kris blurted out her awful experience on her trip to St. Croix, how she had been drugged and raped by the hotel manager.  She continued listening as Kris blubbered out how she had actually ended up enjoying it all and what occurred later on her return flight from the vacation isle.  Kris relayed her innermost feelings, how she could not get the images out of her mind and what she now craved for most.


Learning that Kris' husband was out of town on a business trip and not scheduled back till tomorrow, Sheri insisted that Kris come to her home and spend the night as Jeff was also out of town for a dental convention.  Arm around her weeping friend to comfort her, Sheri told her that she truly understood her feelings.  "Don't you worry, honey!  I know just the people to help you with your problem!  Let me make a quick call!" Sheri advised.

Getting her cellphone from her purse, Sheri dialed her neighbor's number, then spoke "Hi, Rachel!  It's Sheri!  Oh, I'm at the airport right now and about to head on home!  I'm with an old college friend here and she's got a bit of a problem.  Can you and your husband come on over for a drink tonight?  Yeah, something only Rex can help with!"

Puzzled, Kris asked her friend "How can your neighbors help?  Are they into psychiatry or marital counseling?"  Kris got a reassuring pat on her hand from her friend who advised "Yeah, you could say they specialize with the type of problem you're encountering right now!"

As Kris had never been to Sheri's new home, they rode together in Sheri's car, leaving Kris' in the employee parking lot.  Kris was so thankful that she had bumped into her friend on the flight back and so appreciative of her being so understanding of her problem.  "I sure hope your neighbors can help me with my problem!  I've been going crazy ever since that awful trip!  So tempted to just go down to a bar in the seedy side of town and getting picked up!  God, I feel so awful!  I just can't shake those wicked thoughts!" Kris blurted out.

A half-hour later, Kris looked about the spacious home and how her friend had it so nicely set up, "Wow, so beautiful!  You've always had that touch in decorating, Sheri!"  Then the doorbell rang and her friend went to answer it, Kris then heard Sheri say "Hi, Rachel!  Where's Rex?"  Then a woman's voice responded "He'll be over in a few minutes!  He had to make a couple phone calls to resolve a business deal!"

Kris stood up as Sheri entered with her neighbor, a beautiful blonde woman in her late 30's who obviously kept herself trim and fit.  Kris was then introduced to Rachel Johnson and shook the woman's hand in greeting.  As Rachel had brought a bottle of white zinfendel with her, Sheri got an opener and then began to pour each of them a glass of wine.

As Kris was hesitant to tell her problems to a stranger, she merely sat there fidgeting as Sheri relayed what happened on that St. Croix trip to Rachel.  Kris was surprised that Rachel calmly listened and showed no 'shocked' expression when told of Kris being violated and how it had affected her ever since.  She felt a bit relieved when Rachel nodded her head in understanding, then advising her "You poor dear!  You shouldn't go on tormenting yourself!  It's not something you can help once you've been taken to such heights of ecstasy!  It's something you'll always crave more for once you've soared to such heights!"

Rachel advised "I wonder what's keeping my husband!  He said just a few minutes!  Men!  Always trying to get more business!  Don't worry, Kris!  I'm certain my husband will be able to solve your problem!  Let me give him a call to get his ass over here!"

As Kris and Sheri sat sipping their wine, Rachel had gone into the kitchen to use the phone.  Then they overheard Rachel say "Rex!  You said you'd be over in a few minutes!  Hurry up and get your ass over here!"  Rachel continued talking to her husband on the phone but now her tone of voice had dropped substantially and nothing further could be heard from where Kris and Sheri sat.

Finally, Rachel returned to join them, advising "My husband will be right over!"  Then Rachel patted Kris on the knee and added "Don't worry, Kris!  He'll be able to help you with your problem!"  Then more wine was poured and Kris felt so much better, knowing that someone could help her.

A couple of minutes later, the front doorbell rang again and Sheri went to get it, knowing it must be Rachel's husband.  Then Kris heard Sheri's voice "Hi, Rex!  Come in and meet my good friend, Kris Jennings!  She's really in need of your help!"  As footsteps indicated the approach of Sheri and Rachel's husband, Kris looked up and she softly gasped as she viewed Rex Johnson.  She then heard Rachel's voice "Kris, meet my husband Rex!  Honey, this little sweetie here is Kris!"

Rex Johnson smiled widely as he observed the shocked expression on the face of Sheri's friend.  When his wife had called and told him that he was needed right away, he followed her instructions and took off the long sleeve shirt that he had already put on.  He had come over with just his pants and shoes on, baring his broad muscular chest and arms.  He knew that with Rachel being a stunning blonde, Sheri's friend would never have guessed that Rachel's husband was black.

Kris panted nervously as Rachel's husband extended his hand and saying "Hi, Kris!  Nice to meet you!"  Instinctively, she extended her hand and felt it enveloped in his much larger one.  Instead of her hand being released after the handshake, Kris found herself being pulled up from her seat.  Then Rex Johnson had turned, pulling her along with him.  Stunned and stumbling a bit, she looked back at the smiling faces of Sheri and Rachel.  Then she heard Rachel say "Don't worry, sweetie!  Rex is an expert in solving the problem you have!"

Pulled along, Kris felt her heart pounding in her chest, not that of fear but that of anticipation.  All she could do was to follow this muscular black man into what appeared to be the master bedroom.  Then the large black hands began to help her undo the buttons to her uniform.  Instead of making any type of protest, Kris found her hands helping this man whom she had just met get her clothing off.

Downstairs, Sheri opened another bottle of wine and refilled Rachel's glass as well as hers.  Then they could hear loud groans coming from the master bedroom.  Then they heard Kris moan loudly "Oh, Goddddddd ……………….oh, God, yessssssssss …………………..oh, yes ………………ohhhhhhh, so biggggggggggggg!  Oh, yessssss ………………..fuck me …………..fuck me ………………..fuck meeeeeeeeeee!"  Both Sheri and Rachel giggled as they could hear the loud squeaks of the bed along with the thumping of the headboard against the wall.

"Yeah, baby ……………….oh, yeah ……………so tight ……………..so fuck'n tight!  Is this what you need to solve your problem, sweetie?  Is my big black cock your problem solver?" they heard Rex ask demandingly, followed by loud squeaks of the bed and more thumping of the headboard.  "Is this what you want, sweetie?  Tell me what you want, Mrs. Jennings!  Oh, yeah ……………..squeeze me ………………squeeze me with your tight little cunt!  Oh, yeah ………………..oh, yeahhhhh!" Rex muttered.

Then Kris could be heard "Yes ………………yessssssss ……………..this is what I need!  This is what I want!  Oh, yessssss ………………fuck me with your big black cock ……………fuck me out of my mind!  Oh, yes …………….so good ……………so good …………..so gooddddddddd!  Fuck me …………..fuck me …………fuck me!  Oh, God, yessssssssss!"

Back downstairs, Sheri told her friend "Thanks so much for getting Rex to help Kris out, Rachel!  She was in real bad shape!"  "Oh, no problem at all!  I know Rex is enjoying himself!  Your poor friend must really have been torturing herself after that ordeal in St. Croix!  I'm surprised that she hadn't given in to the temptation already!  From the sounds of things in the bedroom, I think she'll soon be cured!" Rachel replied.

Kris panted, fingers clawing at the broad back as her legs wound tightly around the pumping black butt.  "Oh, God …………..yes ……………deeper …………..deeper …….harder …………..harder ………….fuck me harder!" she begged, arching up to get the lengthy shaft deep into her.  "Oh, so good ……………….so good ………………oh, yesssssss!  Ahhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….oh, God ……………I …………………I'm cummingggggggggggggg!" she screamed.

"Oh, baby ……………….oh, baby …………………..oh, yeah ………………..what a fuck!  Oh, baby ………………hope yer on the fuck'n pill cause I got a fuck'n load for ya!" Rex groaned as he continued to pump his thick cock into the convulsing beauty.  In and out, in and out, then he got a good grip on her hips and buried his cock all the way.  Cockhead deep in her womb, Rex groaned "Oh, baby ……………..here it cums, Mrs. Jennings …….ahhhhhhhhhhh ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, baby!"  His muscular body covered hers fully as he collapsed upon her, cock belching out spurt after spurt of his hot thick jizz, fill her womb to the brim.

In the living room, Sheri smiled at Rachel, telling her "I think Kris just got the cure she needed to take care of that itch between her legs!"  Rachel just laughed in response, adding "Yeah, a shot of Rex's penicillin is a sure cure for her ailment!  But knowing Rex, he'll keep her overnight to be certain that she gets all the treatment that's needed!  Your friend won't get much sleep tonight!  In fact, neither will we with all the noise coming from the bedroom!"

Early the next morning, the smell of bacon and eggs permeated through the air as Kris blinked her eyes upon awakening.  Looking up at the ceiling, then about the strange room, Kris then realized where she was and that it was not a dream that had taken place.  She then heard the shower going on in the master bath, along with a man's voice humming, she realized that Rex Johnson must be in there.

Raising her left hand up, Kris let her fingers touch her right breast and nipple, grimacing from the obvious bruise from all that sucking upon it during the night.  Squeezing her thighs together, she shuddered from the wet squishy mess between her legs.  Reaching down with her right hand, she shivered at the feel of the copious amount of slick fluid oozing out of her slit.

Then Kris was startled by the knock upon the open bedroom door.  Looking in that direction, she gasped upon seeing the smiling faces of Sheri and Rachel peering in at her.  "C'mon, sleepyhead!  Breakfast is ready!  There's a robe in my closet if you want it!" Sheri advised.  She was flush with embarrassment as Sheri and Rachel turned to leave her alone.

Slowly getting up and sitting on the side of the bed, Kris looked down upon her blue uniform that lay scattered on the bedroom floor.  Reaching down, she reached for her lacy white panties, then put one foot in followed by the other.  Standing up, she pulled up her panties, feeling the crotch become immediately wet from the leaking juices that she emitted.  Kris bypassed her uniform and padded her way to the closet, then put on the blue robe that was hanging.  Slowly Kris made her way down to the kitchen where Sheri and Rachel awaited her.

Shyly, holding the robe tightly around her, Kris entered the kitchen where the other women were sitting at the table having coffee.  "Got a cup here for you, Kris!" Sheri advised.  Pulling up a chair, she nervously looked at the smiling Rachel, feeling embarrassed at the fact that she had sent the entire night being fucked silly by the woman's husband.  She flushed a bit but was put at ease by Rachel, who asked "My brute of a husband didn't hurt you any, did he, sweetie?"  Kris could only shake her head 'no'.

Moments later, heavy footsteps could be heard approaching the kitchen.  As Rex entered with a greeting "Hi, ladies!" Kris could feel herself flushing up once again.  Then she watched as Rex leaned over to his wife and gave her a passionate kiss.  When the kiss ended, Kris looked away but was suddenly startled as Rex leaned over to plant his lips over hers.

Kris put her hands up to fend him off but found herself helpless in putting up much of a defense.  Here she was, kissing the man who had given her the fuck she needed so badly, all while his wife sat just across the table from her.  She could not help but to part her lips as the pressing tongue sought entrance into her mouth.  Kris shuddered as her robe was parted and large hands molded themselves around her bared breasts, then rough fingers were kneading at her sore and bruised nipples.

Sitting there as she panted for breath, robe open for all to see, Kris watched as Rex then moved to give Sheri a deep kiss.  Then she heard the masculine voice advise "I gotta run!  Got to finalize that business deal!  Anyway, I know you ladies want to be alone and talk!  I'll leave through the back since I didn't bring a shirt!  Can't have the neighbors talking!"  Then he was gone as Kris quickly closed her robe, totally embarrassed at what had just taken place before Sheri and Rachel.

Then Shelly patted and rubbed her friend on the back, telling her "Don't be embarrassed, Kris!  Rex is a real stud and has that effect on women!"  Shelly then went on to tell Kris of how she got hooked on it, how she now just craved having a big black cock between her legs.  She gave her all the intricate details that had taken place, how she had fought at first to preserve her dignity, but eventually became consumed with pleasure.

Shelly then went on to tell her friend that she had figured a way for Kris to get all the satisfaction she needed without letting on a hint of suspicion to her husband.  Kris listened with interest as Shelly explained that she was just overworked with 'entertaining' so many clients coming into the city, much less flying about the country to handle those accounts.  Thus, with Kris flying about the country, Shelly advised that she could be assigned all the accounts that were in the cities that she flew into.

After getting dressed, Kris treated Shelly and Rachel to a lunch at a fabulous restaurant before being dropped off to pick up her car at the airport.  It was the least she could do for the women who had her feeling so good at this time.  Shelly advised her to think over her proposal and that she was sure that her boss would be all for it, especially since he'd save money on the airfare and travel time.

When Shelly had mentioned that it only require an interview with her boss, Marv Simpson, Kris heard Rachel giggle and look her way.  Kris got the full message when Rachel added "Honey, that man is built like a big black stallion!  You'll have no problem with that interview!  Just as a hint, he just loves a gal with a 'good head' on her shoulders!  Shelly here found that out right away in my backyard, within an hour after meeting him, with her husband not more than twenty yards away!"

That night, embracing her loving husband in bed, Kris could not help but to compare him with the much bigger and muscular Rex Johnson.  Rex was also so much thicker and longer in the main department, that being the meat pumping between her widespread legs.  With her husband quickly depleted, leaving her wanting for more, Kris decided that she'd call Shelly the next day and set up the appointment with Marv Simpson.

That Friday, on her day off and her husband at work, Kris drove off for her interview.  Pulling into the parking lot of the plush hotel, she took the elevator up to the 10th floor and located the room where her interview would be held.  Wearing a nice white dress and heels, she wanted to look her best for the interview.  Knocking on the door, she was then greeted by the tall flashy sports agent.

Remembering what Rachel had hinted about, Kris licked her lips as she smiled and began to unzip her dress.  Providing the sports agent with a seductive striptease, she then moved to him and began to unbutton his shirt.  Moments later, she was kneeling before him, showing him what a 'good head' she had on her shoulders.  In the back of her mind, she had to agree that Marv Simpson was indeed built like a stallion and at that moment she was eating it all up.

Marv Simpson couldn't believe his good fortune!  Indeed the business was getting bigger and he needed more help.  He was so grateful that Shelly had referred this sweet little beauty to him.  It would certainly save him a lot of money on airfare and travel time for an employee.  He would certainly pay this beautiful stewardess well for the accounts that she 'entertained' and signed up.  Marv knew that his clients would certainly love her too, especially with that beautiful 'head' on her shoulders.

"Oh, baby ………………yeah …………..oh, suck it like that!  Yeahhhhh ……………oh, baby ……………….eat it …………………swallow it all!   Ahhhhhhh …………….Godddddddd!" Marv groaned, arching up into the head that he held tightly against him.  He was amazed as he looked down, seeing her beautiful brown eyes staring up at him as she continued bobbing her head up and down, not spilling a drop of his hot jizz.

A half-hour later, Kris wrapped her legs around the virile sports agent, moaning "Ohhhhhh ………………oh, God ……………..yesssssss!  Oh, Godddd ………you're so bigggggggggg ………………..so much bigger than my husband!  Ohhhhh, so goooood ……………..fuck me ………………..ohhhhh, yessss ………………..fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  Kris raised her arms up to embrace the muscular lover, shivering with pleasure as inch after lengthy inch of the horse-sized cock was stuffed up into her horny snatch.

Marv's cock twitched and throbbed in the constricting confines of her tight little pussy as he was determined to stretch her out good, moving in circular motions to widen her permanently.  Grasping her hips tightly, he lunged into her, enjoying her grimace of pain but knew she was really enjoying being roughly taken.  "Oh, baby!  Ahhhhhh, gonna stretch ya out real good for your hubby!" he moaned.
It was a wild and fantastic fuck for Kris, begging for the sports agent to "Fuck meeeee …………….ohhhhh, fuck me with your big black cock ………….fuck me out of my mind ……………….ohhhhhhhh, yessssssssss …………yesssssssssss!  Ohhhhhh, yesssssss ………..fuck me ………….fuck me!  Oh, Godddd …………..shoot it in me  ………..fill me up with your hot cum!  I want it …………….I want it ……………….ohhhh, cum …………..cummmm in meeeeeee!"

That weekend, Kris handed her husband a beer as she sipped on a soda pop.  She had never taken much of an interest in sports before but today she sat with her husband as this was the first preseason basketball game on television.  As Chicago was playing, she took a great interest as she would be flying into that city the next week.

Her husband gave out a whooping cheer when the tall center stuffed the ball into the hoop over the defender.  "Did you see that, honey?  Barry Williams just stuffed that ball in and creamed the defender doing it!  Man, that guy is a real stud!  The guy's 6'8" and must be at least 250 pounds of solid muscle!" Kris heard her husband exclaim loudly.  'A stud, huh?  We'll see just what kind of stud Barry Williams really is when I meet with him next week to get his contract renewed!' she said to herself.

End of Story.