Tasty Asian Stew - III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Tasty Asian Stew  I and II
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On her trip back from Chicago, Kris Jennings was very happy that she had decided to take that part-time job her good friend had referred her to.  For Kris it seemed to be just a dream job that would provide her with a lot of added income, plus it was so much more fun and enjoyable that it didn't seem to be a job at all.  Since she would get assignments based on the cities she flew into or could arrange to get temporarily assigned to, Kris could not believe her good fortune to have bumped into her old friend just weeks ago.

Kris enjoyed the flight back home, even the moody passengers didn't faze her a bit today.  She was as happy as could be.  With the weekend off, she looked forward to just relaxing and doing some puttering in the garden, which seemed to have gotten out of control due to her depressed state over the past few months.  She especially looked forward to getting home to her husband as she and Bill were dining that evening to celebrate their anniversary.

Bill Jennings arrived home and was greeted by his lovely wife as she wound her arms around his neck and tip-toed up to kiss him.  He was so glad to see that Kris was getting back to being that happy smiling beauty that he had always known.  Bill had been a bit concerned as his wife had seemed a bit down and depressed ever since that overseas trip to St. Croix several months ago.

His wife had indicated that the international routes just seemed to be keeping her away from home too long.  Then Kris had switched to the domestic routes and now Bill had noticed her returning to her normal self in the past couple of weeks.  Holding her tightly to him, he returned the kiss, dipping the tip of his tongue between her lips and feeling hers come up to play with him.  Feeling the arousal in the crotch of his pants, Bill told his wife "Hmmm, you feel so sexy!  We could skip the dinner and spend the evening upstairs!"

Kris laughed as she broke away from the embrace, twirling on her black heels and displaying the black evening dress, advising teasingly "No way, stud!  Do I look that easy?  You've got to at least wine and dine me at a fabulous restaurant before I consider dropping my panties for you!"  She laughed, then molded herself up to her loving husband, giving him another kiss as she reached down to give him a squeeze through his pants.  Then Kris teased her husband "Oh, my!  Down, boy!  Not until you take me out for the dinner you promised!"

Deeply in love with her husband, Kris knew that Bill had been concerned over her depressed state ever since she had returned from the trip to St. Croix.  She had merely expressed how exhausted she was, along with wanting to be home more, as the reason for her state of mind.  There was no way that she could tell Bill that she had been drugged and raped by the devious hotel manager while on her stay.  Worst of all was the manner in which the drug had affected her, turning her into a raving nymphomaniac, craving to have a cock in her, preferably a big black one.

At the cozy booth in the plush restaurant, Kris snuggled up lovingly to her handsome husband, leaning her head on his shoulder and stroking his thigh.  She felt so bad at knowing that she had refrained showing much affection to her husband since that awful event, feeling unworthy and unclean of her husband's touch.  Kris was now determined to make it all up to him, to please him sexually in any way that he desired.

After an exquisite dinner and dessert, followed by an after dinner drink and coffee, Bill got the car and began the drive home.  Turning to his right, he bent a bit to place a kiss on his wife's upturned lips, enjoying the way her tongue came out to tease him.  He had never seen his lovely wife looking so sexy nor in such a wanton need for him.  Whatever caused this change, Bill hoped that it would have a permanent lasting effect upon her.  With her soft hand rubbing at his hardening cock through his pants, he stepped on the gas pedal to get home quickly.

By the time they arrived home, Bill was steeling himself so as not to cum in his pants.  Never had Kris been so playful, even pulling his right hand over towards her, then slipping his hand under her dress to have him touch her through her panties.  Bill had never seen his lovely wife so hot, moaning and squirming about as he fingered her through her panties, feeling the dampness forming at the front of the lacy garment.

Arriving home and entering the house from the door connecting the garage to the laundry room, husband and wife embraced for another passionate kiss.  Bill was pleasantly surprised as Kris pushed his coat off over his shoulders, indicating that she wanted him to get undressed.  Arms around her trim body, Bill reciprocated in pulling her zipper down the black of her black dress.

As his tie was taken off and Kris undoing the button to his shirt, Bill eased the dress from her shoulders and soon the black garment lay around her black heels.  Soon his shirt was off and his wife's trim fingers were pulling at his belt to undo it.  Bill then succeeded in undoing her lacy black bra and slipped the straps from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.  Bending down, he sucked a hardening nipple into his mouth, tonguing it as it began to stiffen even more, eliciting a soft moan from his wife.

"Ohhhhh ……………….oh, yessss, honey!" Kris moaned as her husband suckled upon her sensitive nipple.  "Ohhhhhhhhh!" she shivered as its twin was soon been given the same loving attention.  Belt undone, she unhooked the top of Bill's pants and slipped her hand down into his jockeys, searching and finding his throbbing cock.

As they edged their way out into the hallway, Bill stumbled a bit as he struggled to kick off his shoes and get his pants off.  Always having made love to his beautiful wife in bed, Bill was stunned to see Kris suddenly get down onto her hands and knees upon the hardwood floor.  'Damn, she looks so fucking sexy like that!' he muttered to himself as Kris was now dressed in only a skimpy pair of black panties, black hose and heels.

Bill couldn't believe his good fortune as his sexy wife turned her head back and goaded him "Like what you see stud?  Come and shag me like a true bitch!  Make me your little bitch!"  Bill certainly was not about this opportunity as he got out of his clothing, then got down onto his knees behind Kris.  Cock throbbing and jutting out like a lance, he reached for the waistband of the lacy black panties, pulling it down over her waist and letting it fall onto the hardwood floor between her knees.

"Want to be treated like a bitch, huh?  Going to make you my little bitch!  Gonna make you my little whore!" Bill advised as he got into the act of role-playing.  Never had he and Kris engaged in such sexual role-playing but it sure was a turn-on.  "You're my little whore, aren't you, bitch?  You'll do whatever I say, won't you, bitch!" he asked, making his voice deliberately gruff as he rubbed his cockhead up between her juicing slit.

"Oh, yes ……………I'm your little whore!  I'll do whatever you want me to!" Kris teased, aware that her husband was really getting into it.  She wondered how far she should allow this to go, even in role-playing.  Throwing caution to the wind, she let her emotions go in knowing that her husband would just think of it as role-playing and nothing else.  Then she moaned out "Ohhhh ……………fuck me …………….fuck your little whore!  Please ………….please ……………fuck me ……………..I'll do anything you ask ………….just fuck me!"

Bill shivered as his cockhead pushed between her slushy slits.  Hearing his wife moan softly, he teasingly taunted "You're my whore and you'll do whatever I say!  I just might put your sweet little ass out on the street!  What do you think about that, huh, bitch!"  "Answer me bitch!" he playfully demanded as he pushed his cock in an inch or so, holding her firmly in place, preventing her from backing up to get herself onto his cock.

It was just what Kris wanted to hear.  Now she could let herself go in earnest, knowing that whatever she said would be attributed to this sexual role-playing.  "Ahhhhh ……….oh, yes ……………please ………………….anything ………………anything!  I'll do anything ………………just fuck me ……………….please …………fuck me!" she moaned truthfully to her husband as she pumped herself back and forth on the small length of cock that he had given to her.

Though never expressing his fantasy, Bill had always wondered what it'd feel like to see his beautiful wife in the arms of another man.  Deep down, he knew that it would always just be a fantasy, especially with Kris being so innocent and naïve.  He chided himself for such thoughts, knowing that he'd be heartbroken if his faithful wife ever sought comfort in the arms of another man.

But this role-playing certainly aided in Bill's fantasy as he teased "Oh, you little bitch!  I'm going to put you out on the streets to earn some money!  You're going to put that sexy little ass of yours to good use!  You're going to hustle your ass to any bum or wino that's got fifty bucks on him!"  His cock throbbed and hardened even more as he heard his wife respond "Yes ………..yes …………….whatever you say!  Just fuck me  …….fuck me ………please!"

Kris was having fun, only wishing that her husband would fuck more of his cock into her, clenching her thighs together as tightly as she could.  Humping back and forth on what little cock her husband allowed her, through gritted teeth she added "Please ………please …………I'll sell myself to those bums and winos …………………….I'll even sell myself to a big black bastard!  Just fuck me ……………fuck me please!"

"You fucking little whore!  You're even willing to let a big black buck fuck you!" Bill moaned with pleasure.  He shuddered as he had just slid his entire cock up into the slick sleeve of his wife's tightly clenched cunt.  Closing his eyes, picturing his wife's creamy body covered by a muscular black stud had him fucking faster and faster into her body.  "Oh …………..ohhhhhhhhh …………………I'm cumminggggggg, ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Bill groaned out.  But in the his frenzy and excitement, Bill withdrew a tad too much, causing him to slide out of his wife's horny cunt and slide up her creamy butt and send spurt after spurt of jizz high up into the air.  Instead of blasting his hot load up Kris' cunny, much of of it lay in gooey splotches atop of her back. As he grabed his cock in a futile attempt to get it back in, it proved futile as his uncontrollable stem ejaculated time and time again, spurting his jizz up against Kris' butt and inner thighs.

Desperately humping back and trying to get her husband to reinsert his cock up her clasping cunny, Kris was frantic as she pleaded "No …………..no ……………oh, Goddddddddd …………...............not yet .....................................not yet ....................................put it back in meeeeeee!  Oh ………….no …………….nooooooooooooo ............……………..I need to cum toooooooooooooo!"  On all fours, head slumped in despair, Kris felt her husband's body slump down upon her, feeling his cock emptying its last remnants on her asscheeks.  Then as his cock began to wilt and slip from her, she felt his rather watery cum begin leaking out of her slit, feeling the watery liquid drip down her thighs and over her nylons.

Finally, Bill recovered sufficiently from the best fuck he ever had and picked up his clothing before heading off to the bedroom.  Kris also stood up, the lacy black panties sliding down her legs to her heels.  Stepping out of the cum splattered garment, she reached down for it, using the garment to wipe up the wet splotches soiling the hardwood floor.  Stand up, she chuckled in looking down at her husband's watery seed running down her inner thighs down her nylon sheathed legs, with some fluid actually seeping between her right foot and the black heel that she wore.

With Bill plopping himself down onto the king-sized bed in the master bedroom, Kris made her way to the master bath to prepare for bed.  Putting the soiled panties into the hamper, she looked down at the mess still running down between her legs, squeezing her cunt muscles to see more of her husband's watery cum dribbling down her legs.  Now cum was also beginning to enter her left heel.  She couldn't believe how thin her husband's cum was, commenting to herself 'God, its like water!  But, boy, that's the most Bill has ever cum in me!  Guess that role-playing about a black stud banging me really turned him on!'

Lying in bed that night, listening to Bill snore loudly from exhaustion, Kris was proud of herself for pleasing her husband in such a manner that gave him the biggest cum ever.  It didn't matter that she had totally faked having an orgasm!  Had she not clenched her thighs tightly together, she doubted if she would have felt much of her husband at all!  All of her movements, her shivering and quivering, had been a deliberate put-on for Bill's sake.  She had wanted her husband to think that he had given her a wild orgasm.  'If he only knew the truth!' she pondered.

Kris was wide awake, thinking back to the last weekend, when she happened to stop and watch part of the basketball game that Bill was so engrossed in.  Normally uninterested in sports, the game had caught her interest when she heard that it was the Chicago team playing, the city where she'd be flying into the coming week.  The same Chicago team of which one of it's player would be the first contract renewal she had received from the sports agency, the agency that Sheri had gotten her a commission based job with.  It was a part-time job, one that she did not want her husband to get wind of at all!

She recalled how ironic it was when the name of the first contract renewal was mentioned on television.  That player had made such a devastating play that Bill commented loudly "Did you see that, honey?  Barry Williams just stuffed that ball in and creamed the defender doing it!  Man, that guy is a real stud!  The guy's 6'8" and must be at least 250 pounds of solid muscle!"  'Oh, Bill!  He's a stud for sure!  And you were so right …………250 pounds of solid muscle!' Kris commented to herself.

Thinking back to the night before, while on the overnighter to Chicago, Kris could not help but to recall every detail of obtaining her first contract renewal from a well-known sports figure.  In fact, it was that sports figure Barry Williams that her husband had been impressed with on television.  She had taken Sheri's suggestion, that she not change out of her stewardess uniform but to show up wearing her uniform.  Sheri had advised her "Man, I bet every stud would give his left nut to nail a beautiful stewardess like you!  You show up in your uniform and he'll soon be eating out of your hand ……………or better yet, 'eating' out of your juicy pussy!"

Indeed, when Barry Williams had opened the hotel room door to meet with the personal assistant that Marv Simpson had sent to get his signature on his contract renewal.  He was quite surprised upon viewing the beautiful stewardess standing before him, not expecting to see such a young and innocent beauty working for Marv Simpson.  He had been expecting her, having received a call from her when she had landed, telling him that she'd take a cab and be right over.

Barry had no idea that Marv's assistant was also a stewardess but seeing her looking so sexy in her uniform, his cock was growing rapidly in his pants.  Seeing how young and naïve this beauty looked, Barry could not help but wonder 'Damn, Marv also made sure I signed my contract renewals by giving me some special incentive!  This young innocent babe looks like she'd scream rape if I tried to put the make on her!'

With brief introductions at the doorway, Barry took her small gloved hand in his and greeted her.  Opening the door to admit the young beauty, he saw her remove her white gloves and could not help but to see the sparkle of her diamond ring and wedding band on her left hand.  His hopes sunk quickly, causing Barry to cuss silently 'Fuck'n Marv!  Just because he got me a good deal the last time my contract came up, now he thinks I'll just sign up with him again!  Damn, I was sure hoping to get my fuck'n rocks off today!  Fuck!'

Kris knew that her appearance and looks had totally disarmed this star athlete, all the while taking in his physical attributes.  'Wow!  Bill had mentioned that he's 6'8" and pure solid muscle!  He's sure solid looking, that's for sure!  Bet he's wondering if I'll put out for him to get his signature on the contract renewal!  Think I'll play an innocent damsel and see if he makes the first move!' she giggled to herself.  To add some spice to the situation, she said "I've never been much into sports before!  Last week, my husband was so impressed when you slammed the ball in over the defender!"

Accepting a cold drink from Barry Williams, Kris sat at the dining room table and got out the contract.  Laying it on the table, with pen in hand, she advised "I believe all that's needed is your signature on the contract here!  The terms are the same for this renewal as the prior contract that's expiring!"  With the star athlete sitting just across from her, she held back her giggle as she saw the muscular man squirm a bit in his seat, knowing what was going through his mind at that very moment.  'Bet he's wondering if he should just sign it and not make a fool of himself by propositioning me, telling me he'd only sign it if I put out for him!'

'Damn, I should just call Marv and chew that fucker out!  There's no way in hell this pretty little thing would stand for me propositioning her!' he muttered to himself.  Pretending to read the contract before him, Barry secretly glanced up a bit to gaze upon her pretty manicured fingers, again taking in that large sparkling diamond and wedding band.  'Fuck, there's no fuck'n way!  She's so fuck'n innocent and naïve!  Fuck'n married on top of that!' he surmised.

Seeing the hesitation on the star's face, Kris gritted her teeth to hold back her smile.  "Is …………..is there a problem with the contract, Mr. Williams?" she stammered purposely.  "Is ……………….is there anything that I can explain to you?  I was told by Mr. Simpson that the terms had been agreed upon over the phone and that all I needed to do was to get your signature on the contract!" she added, showing a look of despair on her face.

Siting there, purposely looking dejected, Kris deliberately stammered "Please ……….Mr. Williams ……………..how can I convince you to sign the contract?  I ……………I really want to keep this job …………………this is my first assignment from the sports agency!  I don't think they'll give me another if I fail on my very first one!  Please ………what would it take to get you to sign the contract?"

Seeing his eyes light up and the smile forming on Barry Williams face, the look of lust on his face as he licked his lips, Kris stood up from her chair feigning a shocked look on her face.  Feigning a gasp, Kris spoke "Surely ………………surely you ………………you can't be thinking ………………that ……………..that I'd …………………I'd ………..!"  She left it like that, wanting him to make the next move.

Barry couldn't believe his fuck'n luck, now realizing that Marv Simpson had not failed to send him that special incentive.  And what a better incentive than this beautiful young stewardess!  'Damn, so fuck'n young and tender!  Fuck'n married too!  Jennings, huh?  Married to some puny white dude to top it off!  Damn, this is gonna be good!' he told himself.

"Well, Mrs. Jennings!  I'm not quite ready to sign this contract renewal as yet!  I'm sorry you came all this way …………….for nothing!" he smiled.  "By the way, how long have you been married, Mrs. Jennings?" he asked.  His cock gave a twitched when her heard her reply "Just ………..just about a year now!"  "You know what would make me sign this contract, don't you, Mrs. Jennings?" he quizzed.

"You look so beautiful in your blue uniform, Mrs. Jennings!" Barry commented to the young wife.  "I'd bet you'd look even more beautiful and sexy without it!" he added.  "You know what would get me to sign that contract, don't you, Mrs. Jennings?  You work for Marv Simpson …………………I'm sure he must have filled you in on what I expect, isn't that right, Mrs. Jennings?" he asked.  Barry smiled with confidence now as the young beauty bit her bottom lip and nodded a 'yes'.

"Married just a year and you're working for Marv Simpson, huh?  And I'm your very first assignment!  Your husband know you work for Marv Simpson, sweetie?" he plied, smiling as she shook her head for 'no'.  "Make yourself comfortable, Mrs. Jennings!  Sit on the bed there!" he advised, watching as the innocent looking beauty complied.  "You want something from me …………..something other than the contract ………….isn't that right Mrs. Jennings?" he asked, then saw her nod 'yes'.  "Tell me what you want ………..show me what incentive Marv's sent me to sign the contract, Mrs. Jennings!" he advised.

The game was over now and Kris was desperately clenching her thighs in anticipation.  Lifting her butt off the bed a bit, Kris reached up under the skirt of her blue uniform.  Lacy white panties sliding over her thighs, she then scooted up further onto the bed, kicking at the lacy garment that was caught on her left heel.  Reaching down with her right hand, she rubbed her at her agitated slit, her left hand sliding into her blouse to caress her sensitive nipple.  Then she stammered "Please ……………please ……………….prove to me that you're all muscle ……………..just like my husband said!  Show me that big muscle between your legs!  Please ………………I need it ………………..I need your big black cock up my horny little twat!  Now ……….please ………….now!"

Barry smiled widely as he began to disrobe, anxious to get it on with this innocent little bitch.  Watching the sexy beauty squirm on the bed, Barry stripped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes.  A moment later, he was stepping out of his pants and jockeys, his hand stroking at his long yet still growing cock.  Of all the beauties he'd laid eyes on, this innocent little beauty was the last he ever would have suspected to be cheating on her husband, so badly in need of some black cock.

So beautiful in her uniform, Barry knelt up upon the bed, not making any effort to strip off the young beauty's clothing.  It was really an added thrill for him to fuck a beautiful sexy stewardess with her uniform still on.  Scooting forward, he groaned with pleasure as her hand left her slit to grasp his throbbing cock, pulling him towards her and fitting his cockhead into the snug opening.

"Ohhhhhhh ……………….yes ……………….yes ………………I want that big black muscle ……………I want it right up in my horny cunt!" Kris begged, arching up to get the big cock into her.  "Ohhhhh ………………..so good …………….so goodddddddddd!  Yes …………….yes ………………I'm your incentive to sign that contract!  Make me earn it …………………..make me earn it ……………………yesssssssssss …………………oh, God ……………..yessssssssssssss!" she panted.  "Ohhhh …………..so big ………so big!  I love it ……………….yes, I love it …………………I love your big black cock in meeeeeeee!" Kris screamed with pleasure.

Covering the petite little beauty with his bulky body, Barry kissed her soft lips, feeling her tongue flick out as they played with one another.  Reaching down, he tore the buttons off her white blouse under her uniform, then bent down to suck upon her tender nipples.  "Oh, baby ………so tight ………………so fuck'n tight!" he groaned, pushing his cock into her tightly gripping cunt.

It had been a wild night in Chicago as Kris thought back fondly of the recent memory.  After that first session, she had stripped out of her uniform and mounted that big black stud, getting in the saddle and riding him as if in the derby.   She couldn't believe how much cum he had stored up in his balls, feeling her womb choking with his thick hot seed, spewing over and over again into her cunt.

Kris had thoroughly enjoyed her first assignment, that nagging itch between her legs quelled from all the hot soothing balm that had been applied to it.  She had loved it when Barry Williams had her get onto all fours, then took her like a bitch in heat.  That next morning, with contract in hand, Kris was dressed in her uniform preparing to get to the airport on time.  To thank her very first client, she got down on her knees to give him a long thank you kiss till he could no longer stand any more.  Later, Kris licked her lips and smiled at the thought that she had literally 'blown' the big man down.

The next day, Bill was watching Chicago play in Houston.  With Bill cheering on Chicago, Kris sipped a cold drink as she sat near her husband.  When the camera focused on big Barry Williams, Kris excitedly advised "Honey, that fellow was on one of my flights last week!  He sure is huge!  Pure solid muscle!  All muscle!"  Clenching her thighs tightly, she shivered and commented to herself "Pure solid muscle ……….right where it counts the most!"
Watching the game with interest, Kris watched as Barry Williams went up against the opponent assigned to guard him.  She made note of #88, the fellow nicknamed 'Bulldog Gaines' who was built of solid muscle like Barry Williams.  Then the announcer commented on 'Big Bulldog' being "Mean as a junkyard dog, 6'11" and 280 pounds!  Watch out for him or he'll eat you alive!"  Clenching her thighs together, Kris wondered 'Will he eat me alive when I see him in Houston next week?"

End of Story.