Tasty Asian Stew - IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

The thought and fear of an airliner being taken over was always a constant worry for both crew and passengers of every flight, especially in these days of world turmoil.  Of course, the crew went through many hours of preparing for such an emergency but so many variables existed that the element of surprise and the unexpected was of great concern as to how each person would react.  Such was the case for the crew of Trans Eastern Air's Flight #415.

Scheduled for this flight was young and pretty Michelle Whang, age 26, now in her third year with the airline since graduating from Concord State University.  Engaged to Mel Bradshaw, her handsome fiancé whom she had met at college, Michelle was looking forward to making this trip overseas to view the resort where she wanted to spend her honeymoon.  She had heard so much about it from her co-workers that she just had to check it out before making a final decision.

With the passengers putting their belongings into the overhead bins before being seated, Michelle and another flight attendant were busy chit-chatting.  Michelle was quite happy to get this flight as normally the more senior flight attendants got the route since it paid quite a bit more in overtime, due to the need to stay overnight, then making the return trip.  In fact she was the youngest and most junior flight attendant on this aircraft, with all her co-workers on the flight being in the upper 40's or early 50's.

The co-worker she was talking to spotted the sparkling diamond ring that Michelle was now sporting, given to her by her fiancé over the weekend when he got down on his knees to propose to her.  At the insistence of her co-worker, Michelle smiled and proudly held out her left hand so her friend could gaze upon the shiny rock that adored her finger.  Then another flight attendant stopped by to admire the new piece of jewelry that sparkled her hand.

Though passengers streamed through the aisles to find their assigned seats, the conversation did not escape the attention of Rashid Niles as his cock strained against the confining fabric of his pants.  Staring at the lovely 5'3" beauty in her black and white uniform, accented with her black cap and heels, Rashid could only envy the guy to whom she was now betrothed.  'Damn, what babe!  Wish I could get a piece of ass like that!' Rashid commented to himself.

Then Rashid turned his attention to the man entering the cabin and made a brief nod to acknowledge him.  Slowly, one by one, Rashid maintained his concentration till all five of his cohorts were aboard.  Taking a deep breath, Rashid told himself to keep calm and not to show any nervousness so as not to attract any suspicion.  Their bold plot to hijack the airline was being done for political reasons and to gain the release of their religious leader who had recently being incarcerated.  They planned on having the plane land in a country where they could gain asylum and/or at where they could at least not be detained to make their escape.

Once the passengers were all squared away and the plane was lifting off the ground, Michelle thought back to the wonderful weekend that had just concluded.  Mel had taken her to an elegant new restaurant, then as they had walked along the plush gardens in the bright moonlight he had gotten down onto his knees and proposed to her.  This was the moment she had dreamt of since meeting her handsome boyfriend in their junior year of college.  She sucked in her breath as he slipped on the perfect fitting ring with the large and brightly shining diamond atop of it.

Michelle had readily exclaimed an excited "YES!" when Mel asked "Will you marry me?"  Sealed with a passionate kiss, Mel had then escorted her into the restaurant for an elegant dinner.  Holding hands throughout the night, kissing briefly from time to time when the waiter left them alone, Michelle could not believe that her dreams had come true and that she would soon be Mrs. Mel Bradshaw.

Following dinner, there was no way Michelle could nor intended on turning her loving fiancé away at the door when he escorted her up to her condo.  The passionate kissing and intimate touches nearly had Michelle giving up on her resolve to remain chaste and pure till her wedding night.  Only with great resolve, with Mel's hand under the silk blouse she had worn and cupping her left breast over her lacy white bra, did she manage to push him up and remove his caressing hand.

Panting in need and desperation, Michelle stammered "Mel ……….honey ………..please …………we must stop …………..now!"  Seeing the disappointed look on her fiancé's face, she held his hands in hers and kissed him on the cheek, telling him "Honey ………I'm sorry …………..you know I want to ……………….you know you'll be the very first …………………..but I want it to be very special ……………..on the night I become your wife!"

Ushering her now disappointed fiancé out to the door of her condo, knowing that she would not be able to maintain her resolve if he touched her any further, Michelle sent the disappointed young man on his way.  Still panting for breath, Michelle decided that a cold shower was in order just to calm her down and get her mind off 'sex'.  Closing her eyes, squeezing her thighs together, Michelle reached up to slip her hand into her blouse and pretended that Mel was touching her once again.  'Oh, why did I send Mel away!  I should have let him make me a 'woman' tonight!' she sighed.

After taking that much needed cold shower, Michelle prepared herself for bed and slipped in under the blankets.  Still, she could not help but to touch herself once again, wishing that she had let her fiancé slip his hand under her bra to touch her bare breast.  Never having allowed Mel that privilege, Michelle feared that if she let him go just that extra step, she would lose total control and be unable to put up any resistance from that point on.  She shivered a bit in thinking 'Will Mel be gentle?  Will it hurt real bad the first time?"

Hearing the 'ding' of the buzzer sent from the cockpit, Michelle and the other crew members unbuckled their seatbelts and proceeded to move about the cabin.  Going about their duties, checking on the needs of the passengers, everything seemed quite normal on this flight.  The passengers were merely chatting and doing just ordinary things as in prior flights.

Proceeding down the aisle, Michelle observed an elderly gentleman looking back at her and smiling, then observed him waving her to come over.  Going up to the portly old man and inquiring if she could be of assistance, the man extended his hand out to her and said "I just wanted to say 'Hi'!  I'm Pete Daniels!  I work with your boyfriend Mel!  He mentioned to me that you were with Trans Eastern and I recognized you from the picture Mel keeps on his desk!"

The name was quite familiar to Michelle as it bore the name of the firm that her fiancé worked for, that of Daniels Electronics.  Mel had often mentioned the name of Pete Daniels, the owner and chief executive of the electronics firm.  Extending her hand out to shaky his pudgy one, she returned the greeting "It's so nice to meet you, Mr. Daniels!  Mel's often mentioned your name!  He's always so impressed with the way that you manage to run such a large company and still get to know all your employees!  Is this a business or pleasure trip for you?"  Chatting with the man for a moment, learning that he was on a business trip, Michelle then had to tend to the needs of another passenger up front.

But before she moved on, Michelle smiled to Mr. Daniels and held up the back of her left hand to show him her sparkling diamond, advising "Mel's no longer my boyfriend!  He's my fiancé!  He proposed to me over the weekend!"  As her fiancé's boss once again extended his hand, this time in congratulations, Michelle's hand was engulfed in the pudgy hand of the old man.  Unknown to Michelle all of this was taken in by a man seated behind her fiancé's boss.  And that man was …………… the devious and dangerous Rashid Niles!

For Pete Daniels, at the age of 65, it had been a real pleasure in meeting the lovely Ms. Michelle Whang.  Actually, the twitching of the hardon that he had in his pants told the real truth ………………that it was a fucking dream come true!  When Pete had first gazed upon the photo on his employee's desk a month ago, he couldn't take his eyes off the beautiful stewardess as she posed in her sleek black and white uniform.  'Damn, what a fucking saucy little bitch!' he recalled commenting to himself as his cock hardened in his pants.
An hour into the flight, as the crew was now preparing the meals to be served, Michelle was at the rear of the aircraft with her back to the cabin as she was put ice into a bucket.  Suddenly, there appeared to be a loud disturbance up front with what sounded of people scuffling followed by a woman's scream.  Dropping what she was doing, Michelle quickly turned and began to rush up front to be of assistance.

Suddenly, just as she passed the wall separating the galley from the cabin, a strong muscular arm encircled Michelle's neck as a sharp item pressed up against the side of her neck.  "Be calm!  Be quiet and ya won't get hurt!" the deep masculine voice from behind instructed.  Frozen with fear, body trembling, Michelle looked forward to see that two other flight attendants were being held captive as she was.  The remaining attendants were further up front and out of sight but Michelle presumed that other hijackers were holding them captive as well.

The training that she had gone through began to play back in Michelle's mind, recalling how the instructors advised repeated that if hijackers took over control that they should not endanger any of the passengers unnecessarily.  Until such time that they could get assistance from the ground or regain control of the aircraft, the crew was to play along and give in to the demands until help arrived.

Then the man holding her captive began to yell out instructions to the passengers, telling them "Remain in yrr seats and ya will not be harmed!"  Then the man advised her "Move!  Move up to the middle of the plane!"  Next, the man was yelling out orders to his cohorts and Michelle surmised that the man holding her was the leader of the group.  Trembling in fear, Michelle could only wonder what was in store for them.

Brought forward and held in the galley way of the plane's mid-section, Michelle and the other attendants watched as the first class passengers were herded into the back of the plane.  The first few rows behind the mid-section were also cleared with the passengers made to sit in the aisles.

Then the hijacker holding her led her up front through the empty first class section and the phone located at the back of the locked cockpit.  The hijacker pushed Michelle toward the chair and instructed her to 'Sit!'  Then the man handed her a note, instructing her to phone the captain and read the note to him.  Glancing at the note, Michelle saw that she was to advise the captain of the hijacking and that no one would get hurt if he did as they instructed.

Making the call and getting the captain on the line, Michelle managed to stammer out the fact they were being hijacked and read the note to him.  Then the hijacker grabbed the phone out of her hand and began talking to the captain.  Shaking with fear, Michelle listened as the hijacker advised the captain that he was in control and gave him instructions to relay to the proper government authorities.

Glancing down the aisle toward the back of the plane, Michelle saw that the women were being herded into the rear of the plane with two hijackers now brandishing guns.  How they managed to smuggle the guns onto the plane was a total puzzle to Michelle, especially with all the precautions now being taken.  Obviously, there was a security breach somewhere along the line.

With women passengers weeping loudly in the background and children crying, Rashid advised the captive beauty to "Put a movie on that will stop the children from crying and calm the women down!"  As she indicated that she had to go to the movie control, he told her to proceed as he kept a hold at the back collar of her uniform.

Now that the plane was under his control, Rashid could take in the beauty before him as she fumbled nervously with getting a movie set up.  Moving forward, pressing up against her shivering body, he put his face up against her hair to inhale the sweet fragrance of her intoxicating perfume.  As the movie started up, he delved his wet tongue into her earlobe and chuckled as the sexy young stewardess shuddered in response.

Looking towards the back of the cabin, embarrassed to see that the passengers had just witnessed her being accosted by the devious hijacker.  Michelle observed that the men were under heavier guard with hijackers training automatic weapons at them.  Then the leader advised the male passengers that should any of them make a sudden move, the ones to pay would begin at the back of the plane.  As the men's heads turned towards the cowering women and children, it had the desired effect of rendering them docile and harmless to the hijackers.

Hours went by and the movie had ended, putting everyone a bit more on edge as children began crying once again.  When the leader asked if any other movies were available, Michelle checked and found the prior month's movie still available but was considered a children's movie.  She saw the man shake his head in disgust and then advised "Put it on!"  Complying with his request, Michelle started the movie.

With the movie starting, Michelle saw the leader staring at her with a gleam in his eye as he stepped towards her.  Shuddering in nervousness from the leer on the evil man's face, Michelle stepped back till she bumped into the galley partition as the hijacker reached up to caress her face.  All Michelle could do was to press herself back into the wall, hoping she could disappear right through it as the man commented "Such a pretty little thing!"  Then as the leader's face neared to obviously kiss her, Michelle turn away and shuddered in fear.

Rashid loved the look of fear and horror on the face of the young sexy stewardess, then reached down to grasp her left hand to draw it up between them.  With the large diamond sparkling from the overhead light, he commented "Such a lovely gem yer man has given to his bride-to-be!  But tell me sweetie, does he perform as a 'real' man in bed for a saucy little siren like you?"  With the lovely beauty turning to see him bend toward hand, Rashid felt her attempt to pull her hand away but held her in a tight grip.

Looking up into her frightened brown eyes, Rashid then lewdly stuck out his tongue and lathered her engagement ring with a thick coat of his saliva.  He loved the fact of knowing that the shiny diamond had just recently been placed on her finger and now he was soiling it with his spit.  Seeing her cringe of disgust, Rashid smiled and thought 'If you're disgusted now, my sweet little thing …………………..just wait till your shiny diamond is soaking in my cum!'

Finally, Michelle managed to pull her hand free and frantically wiped the back of her hand against the side of her black skirt, trying to get the man's spit off her brand new engagement ring.  'Oh, God ……………..this man's a filthy pig!' she shuddered but dared not speak her thoughts out aloud.  Then she froze in sheer horror as the leader held her tightly at the elbow and moved her toward the aisle, whispering in her ear "Now that we have the woman and children entertained, we need to have some 'adult' entertainment to satisfy the men!"

As the leader pushed her forward, indicating that she should move up into the emptied first class section, Michelle fearfully looked about for her fellow flight attendants.  Her heart began pounding as she found only herself being ushered forward.  She swallowed, wondering what the intentions of this evil man was, cringing at his reference to 'adult' entertainment.  Soon, Michelle found herself seated upon a small brown sofa located in the plush first class section that the airlines had remodeled recently in its planes.

Clutching her hands in fear as she sat upon the sofa, watching as the leader turned to yell out to one of his followers "Bring old fatso up here!  The guy in the brown suit ……………..the guy who was sitting in front of me ……………….the one with the curly white hair ……….sitting on the floor!"  Upon the appearance of Pete Daniels, followed by a gun toting hijacker, Michelle feared for her safety as well as Mr. Daniels'.

"Welcome ………………welcome, my fat American friend!  I overheard that this pretty little thing's hubby-to-be works for ya!  Come ……………sit here in the front row!" Rashid instructed.  Smiling as the obviously scared and nervous man moved up to the front row and sat himself down as instructed, Rashid's depraved mind began to play out various scenarios that would quite entertaining ……………..for both he and his followers.

Sitting across from one another, Michelle looked at Mr. Daniels and saw him sweating like a pig, his pudgy body wheezing in total fear.  The once confident and jolly fellow, who had earlier introduced himself to her, now appeared so meek and mellow ………..so scared and afraid!  Then the gruff voice of the leader addressed the frightened Mr. Daniels, asking "Hey, Fatso!  Ya ever seen a purty little thing like this before?  Don't ya envy the lucky bastard who's gonna marry her?  Ever dream of getting a chance to see this purty little honey ………..all naked in da buff?"

Michelle observed her fiancé's boss swallow hard at the lurid and vile suggestion as she fingers gripped the edge of the sofa tightly.  'Oh, God ………….how can he make such a vulgar suggestion ……………….and to Mel's boss!  God ……………I feel so humiliated …………………I could just die!' Michelle shivered in disgust.  'Oh, my God ……………….he …………….he wouldn't ………………he wouldn't dare make  ………………make me take off my clothes in front of him!' she worried.

Scared out of his wits, afraid of being killed by the hijackers, Pete Daniels was dripping wet with perspiration and his shirt was now drenched with sweat.  Fortunately the hijacker told him to take off his coat so he would be more comfortable.  Staring ahead at Mel Bradshaw's beautiful fiancee, his cock continued twitching after the hijacker's suggestive comment.  Shaking with nervousness, Pete didn't know if he was supposed to answer the hijacker's lewd questions but couldn't find any words.  Swallowing deeply, he worried 'How do I answer his questions if he presses me to answer?  Do I lie or what …………………how can I tell the truth with her sitting right there?'

Rashid chuckled in seeing the man sweat like a fat pig and enjoyed tormenting the man as well as the pretty stewardess.  'Hmmm, I wonder what her fiancé would say if he saw his fat pig of a boss's big sweaty body crawling all over his purty bride-to-be?  I bet this fat old pig would just love getting his old cock up this sexy young thing!  Yeah, maybe I'll let him get his nuts off in her …………………….but only after I make her scream with my baby maker!' he chuckled.  Moving up behind the sweating man, Rashid bent down and whispered in his ear "Would ya like to stick yer fat cock up the bitch's tight little twat?"

With the scared man not saying a word, Rashid looked up at the sexy beauty seated a few feet away, fidgeting as she tried not to look at them.  Holding the sharp blade of the knife up to the man's throat, Rashid spoke loudly "Don't ya think a purty bride-to-be and the man she's gonna marry needs to get off to a good start?  Like giving the guy a bonus or a promotion and a big raise so it'll go toward their wedding!  How about ya taking care of the limo for the bride and groom?  Sounds good to you?"  With the man not saying anything, Rashid grabbed him by his hair and pushed his head to nod back and forth in a 'yes' gesture.

Then Rashid smiled at the frightened beauty and added "See, ya've now got yer limousine taken care of fer ya big day!  And bossman here is gonna help yer future hubby out with some extra bucks!  Since he's being so nice, don't ya think ya should be nice to him in return?"  Then he leaned close to Pete Daniels' ear once again, telling him exactly what was wanted from him, ending with the threat of "Do it or I'll slice yer fuck'n throat open!"

Faced with the threat from the hijacker who held the sharp knife at his throat, afraid of being killed, Pete Daniels stammered out "I'll give Mel a promotion and a big raise …………….if ………………if …………..you're nice to me by ………by turning around in your chair ……………and ……………show me your panties!  Show me your sexy little ass!  Please …………….please, Miss Whang ……………….show …………show me your panties!  Show me your sexy ass!"

Michelle knew that Mr. Daniels was being forced to make such lewd demands from her but it still felt so degrading to hear it from her fiancé's boss.  Seeing the knife held at his throat, Michelle shuddered at the thought of what would happen if she refused to do as she asked.  'What will happen to Mr. Daniels if I refuse?' she asked herself.  Feeling faint and nauseated, Michelle told herself 'I must do it!  I can't be responsible for any harm coming to Mr. Daniels!'


Slowly, Michelle shifted upon her seat, then move to kneel up upon it and slowly bent over the back of the chair, lifting her butt slowly up in the air.  Blinking back the tears, Michelle shivered in shame as she put herself on display to Mr. Daniels and the hijacker, along with his cohorts who were peering from their stations at the mid-section.  Her fingers dug into the back of the chair upon hearing the hijacker's voice "Ahhhhhhh ………….beautiful, isn't it, Fatso?  Wouldn't ya love to get a piece of that beautiful piece of ass!"

Advised that she could resume sitting back down on the sofa, Michelle pulled down at the skirt of her uniform as she got down off her knees and sat with her legs tightly together.  She could feel her face being flush from embarrassment, keeping her head down, ashamed to look up at Mr. Daniels.  But in keeping her eyes from looking up, her field of vision caught sight of the large lump that now appeared near the upper thigh of Mr. Daniels' pants.  'Oh, God!  He got excited from looking up under my skirt and seeing me in the skimpy pair of panties!' she realized.

"Don't she have purty legs, fatso?" Rashid asked loudly.  As there still was no voluntary response from the scared man, Rashid gruffly added "Ya better answer me, fatso!  Otherwise, ya'll soon be breathing from the hole in ya fuck'n neck!"  To add emphasis to his threat, he pressed the point of his knife up further against the man's neck.

"Y …………..ya ………….yes …………..yes ……………she has real beautiful legs!" Pete Daniels stammered out.  Hearing the man whispering into his ear once again, Pete looked at the beautiful but frightened fiancee of his employee.  Then, following the hijacker's instructions, he advised "Please …………….show me your sexy feet!  Take your black heels off for me ………………..please, Miss Whang!"


Seeing the knife at Mr. Daniels' throat and the trickle the knife had caused, Michelle reached down and slipped of her left heel and set it back onto the floor.  Then she followed suit by removing her right heel.  Feet flat on the floor, knees tightly together, Michelle wondered just what horrors lay ahead.  With the hijacker holding the knife at Mr. Daniels' throat, keeping him from moving, she then heard the hijacker command her to "Come on over here and give the bossman a thrill, sweetie!  Let him help you take off the nylons yer sexy legs!"

No man had ever been allowed to touch her in such an intimate way, not even Mel.  Hesitant, frozen upon the couch, she looked up at the frightened Mr. Daniels as he pleaded "Please ……………please …………let me help you with it!  Please don't let him kill me!  Please ……………please, Miss Whang ……………he'll kill me if you don't!  Please …………..I'll give Mel a promotion and a big raise!  I'll pay for your entire wedding expenses …………….please ……………just let me take off your nylons!"

There was no way that Michelle could let this hijacker kill anyone, much less Mr. Daniels, even if he looked like a pitiful wimp at the moment.  'God, here I am being forced to undress and save this man ……………who's more of a shriveling wimp ……………fat and sweaty like a damn pig!  But he's Mel's boss …………….I can't let him die if I can help it ……………..or anyone else for that matter!' she told herself.  But it gave her an odd feeling to know that at that very moment, she had his life or death in her control.

Slowly, pushing herself up from the sofa, Michelle forced herself to move over toward Mr. Daniels and the hijacker.  Feeling like a little tart at what she was about to do, staring at the growing hardon in Mr. Daniels' lap, Michelle was rather pissed to see the man getting excited from her humiliation.  'Damn, him!' she cursed to herself.  'I ought to make him pay for having to save his measly life while he gets his jollies making me perform like some cheap little whore!' she cussed.

Now inches away from where Mr. Daniels was seated, Michelle looked down to see a small vee space between Mr. Daniels' legs where she could place her foot down.  Raising her leg, she moved her foot forward between Mr. Daniels' legs.  Why or what made her do it, Michelle had no answer.  Instead of placing her foot on the opening of the chair, she placed the sole of her nylon foot right upon Mr. Daniels throbbing hardon, eliciting a loud groan "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Goddddddddd!"

It gave her a sense of satisfaction that instead of this man taking pleasure in her humiliation, she had somehow been able to turn things about.  Though she had never done such a thing, she had learned about the birds and the bees as she grew up and especially from her rather carefree sorority sisters in college.  Rubbing her foot in this weasel's crotch had him panting and sweating even more so as he fought to keep from moving against the knife but also arch up against her pressing foot.

The pressing and rubbing the beauty's nylon foot over the throbbing bulge had Pete Daniels going out of his gourd.  He reached up to caress her sexy nylon covered leg, moving his hand up to pull down the waistband of her pantyhose.  But she edged away from him a bit, making it impossible to reach her waist and not get sliced by knife pressing at his throat.  "God …………….oh, God ……………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Pete groaned as his cock began spewing up its pent-up load.

Then his limp arms were grasped at the wrists by the sexy beauty as she moved closer and placed his hands upon the waistband of her pantyhose.  Petite foot pressing down upon his now shrinking cock, he was told "My pantyhose does need to be removed now, Mr. Daniels!  After all, you've gotten it all wet and messy, you naughty old man!"  At this point, after having such a fantastic footjob, it was worth being put down by this sexy beauty but it certainly made him feel like a foolish and immature pup.  Hearing the laughter coming from the hijacker behind him, Pete Daniels flushed a beet red in humiliation.

Pantyhose removed and in the hands of her fiancé's boss, sanity returned to the totally embarrassed Michelle as she looked at large wet stain at the front of his pants where her foot had been resting.  She could not fathom what came over her to do such a shameful act, humiliating Mr. Daniels in the process.  Now panting and shaking in shame, Michelle stepped back slowly until the back of her knees bumped into the sofa she was sitting upon earlier.  Sobbing in remorse, Michelle buried her face in her hands as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Rashid bent down once again and whispered "Ya gonna let a bitch like that put ya down?  Ya wanna get back at her ……………..show her yer're a strong he-man …………….not the woosie she's made ya out to be!  Gonna give ya a chance to get back at the sexy little bitch ……………….yeah, ya gonna get a chance to put her in her place!  Ya can help me hold her down while I 'ruin' the fucking bitch!  Then, I'll let ya have a go at her ……….stick yer cock up her twat …………..show her yer're a 'real' man!"

Eyes closed, hands covering her face as she wept in shame, Michelle was startled as both of her wrists were suddenly grasped by a pair of strong hands and pulled away from her face.  Expecting to see the evil hijacker before her, Michelle instead found that it was Mr. Daniels grasping her wrists as he angrily sneered "You fucking little bitch!  Acting so innocent at first …………….so prim and proper ………………..but you're really nothing but a fucking tease, aren't you?"  Then Michelle found herself being dragged down from the sofa onto the carpeted floor of the plane.

"What ………………what are you doing?  Mr. Daniels ……………..what are you doing?" Michelle frantically asked as her fiancé's boss pinned her arms up over her head.  Then to her shock, she heard Mr. Daniels address the hijacker "I've got her!  Teach this bitch a lesson!  'Ruin' the fucking bitch!"  Heart pounding with fear, absorbing Mr. Daniels' comments, Michelle realized that her fiancé's own boss was encouraging the hijacker to 'rape' her!

"No!  No!  Please!  Mr. Daniels …………..please ……………..please let me up!  I ……………I sorry for what I did!  I'm sorry I embarrassed you!  Please …………don't let him rape me!  Please …………I …………..I …………..I'm a virgin!" Michelle sobbed pleadingly.  "Please …………….please, Mr. Daniels ……………I ………..I've been saving myself for Mel!  Please ………………please don't let him rape me!" she cried as she saw the grinning hijacker step forward while undoing his belt buckle.

Michelle gasped, jaw dropping and eyes bulging as she observed the hijacker's pants being unbuttoned and unzipped.  "Oh, Goddd ………………………….nooooooooooo!" she shuddered as his underwear was pulled down, giving Michelle her very first viewing of a man's penis.  'Oh, God …………………oh, God ………………..there's no way …………….there's no way I can take a monstrosity like that!' she shivered with fear.   Then, from above, Michelle heard Mr. Daniels chuckle "Oh, baby ……………look what's gonna pop that precious little cherry of yours!  Damn, that sure as hell's gonna 'ruin' you good!"

Placing a knee over each of the beauty's arms, Pete Daniels reached forward and cupped the breasts of his employee's fiancee, the bitch that had embarrassed him by making him cum in his pants.  After squeezing her mounds through the thick white jacket of her uniform, Pete then unbuttoned the large brass buttons and pulled open the front to reveal the hidden treasures that were now only encased in a lacy white bra.  Cupping her mounds again, Pete thumbed at her rising buds, feeling them stiffen and poke back at him.

"Oh, pleaseeeeeeeee …………………please stop …………………….please, Mr. Daniels ……………don'ttttttttttttt!" Michelle sobbed as the man teased at her stimulated nipples.  Only her fiancé had been allowed such liberties, touching her with just her bra on, but now his own boss was threatening to take even more liberties.  As she feared, the pudgy fingers were now pushing her lacy cups down, baring her pinkish-brown nipples for viewing.  For the very first time ever, Michelle was having her bared nipples toyed and caressed as each pointed up stiffly, causing her to softly moan "Ohhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Then her attention was drawn back to the hijacker who was now kneeling down and grasping the waistband of her black skirt of her uniform as well as her lacy white panties.  Michelle pressed her legs and butt down onto the floor, praying that it would prevent the man from stripping off her clothing.  But her attempts were futile as she was stripped naked by the hijacker who pulled her skirt and panties down over her legs and tossed the garments aside, baring her charms to the evil men.

Michelle could only sob and shudder in shame as the hijacker pushed her legs wide.  She then steeled herself, knowing the inevitable was going to happen, that she was about to be raped and ravished.  But what happened next caught her totally by surprise as the hijacker knelt forward, spreading her thighs further apart and buried his face in her crotch.  "No …………..ahhhhhhhhhhh …………………ahhhhhhhhhhh ……………Godddddddd!" she shuddered as the hijacker's wiggling tongue began to wiggle itself into her slit.

Pete Daniels bent over some so that his face was now directly over the beautiful stewardess's, looking directly into her frightened eyes.  Then he commented "I didn't realize Trans Eastern served such a fantastic lunch on its airplanes!  From the looks at how eagerly this man is eating his lunch, he obviously made the right choice in order some 'tasty Asian stew'!"  Leaning back up, Pete enjoyed watching the sexy beauty wither about, mewling incoherently as she was being eaten out.

For Rashid, this dish was indeed a tasty Asian stew as he lapped up the delicious soupy liquid that flowed into his mouth.  Having heard the beauty proclaim her innocence and having her virginity intact, he rightfully concluded that he was having the honor of being the very first man to eat her out.  As she tossed about beneath him, Rashid knew he was giving her unwanted pleasure when the beauty began to arch her mound up into his face, offering up her juicy twat for his eating pleasure.

"Hmmm …………………….hmmmmm ………………..hmmmmmm ……………..oh …………..ohhhhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhh ……………..ahhhh ………….ahhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Michelle screamed out as she planted her feet flat on the floor and pushed her mound up into the slurping mouth of the hijacker.  For the very first time in her young life, Michelle was experiencing the joys of a mind-shattering orgasm.  As the man's experienced tongue flicked at her sensitive clit, Michelle's mind soared into outer space.

Reality set back in as Michelle lay captive on the floor of the airplane with her fiancé's boss fondling her bared breasts while the black hijacker was about to 'ruin' her.  She prayed for darkness to overcome her.  But the taunting from Mr. Daniels caused her to weep and sob uncontrollably as the hijacker pushed the bulblike cockhead up against her never before penetrated womanhood.  "Rip her open!  Bust her fucking cherry!  'Ruin' the little bitch!" she heard Mr. Daniels encourage the hijacker.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………………..noooooooooooooooooooooo!  Oh, Godddddddd ………………………stopppppppppppppppp!" came the shrill cry of the beautiful and innocent young stewardess as Rashid slammed his half of his foot long dong into her.  Rearing back a couple of inches, getting a firm grip on her shapely ass, he slammed forward with all of his might, burying his cock fully into the now hysterical beauty.

"Noooooo ……………nooooooooo ……………….stoppppppppppp …………….stop ………………..oh, stop ………………….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!  It hurts …………….it hurtsssssss ………………..so baddddddddddd!" Michelle sobbed, feeling as if she had just been torn in two.  The thick black bone deep within her was slowly being withdrawn, then there was the feeling of wetness between her thighs followed by the excited voice of Mr. Daniels "Damn, will you look at all that blood from her busted cherry!"  Michelle could only sob and weep in shame as she no longer could give the man she would marry her most prized possession.  It was now broken and destroyed forever.

Adding insult to injury, Pete Daniels chuckled and taunted the agonized beauty "Not so high and mighty now, are ya?  Think Mel's gonna want you now, huh, bitch?  Now that you're ………..fucking …………'ruined' for good!  Serves you right, you fucking bitch!  Bleed, baby ………………..bleed!"  Laughing out loud, not caring of his predicament but just wanting to get back at the uppity little bitch, he crowed "Hurts, huh, bitch?  God, I sure as hell hopes he knocks you up!"

Pete Daniels just laughed in response to the beauty's pleas and cries "Please ……….oh, please ………………stop him, Mr. Daniels ……………..stop him …………………it hurts ……………….it hurtsssssss so baddddddddd!"  With the black rapist spread-eagling the beauty, Pete enjoyed seeing the sexy stewardess getting her just payback for what she had done to him.  With his knees still pinning her arms securely, Pete then unzipped himself and withdrew his shriveled old cock that was saturated with cum.

Holding her head steady, as she utter a groan of pain, Pete Daniels then dipped his cum-coated cock between her lips and uttered out "Ahhh, bitch ……shut up with that whining!  Make me cum in my pants and then have the nerve to laugh at me, huh, bitch!  Well, for that, its only fitting that you clean off the fucking mess on my cock!  Ahhhhhh, yeah!  Suck it, bitch!  God, I wish Mel Bradshaw could see his prim and proper fiancee now!"  Seeing the look of disgust on the beauty's face, the shuddering of her body as he slipped his cum coated cock into her mouth, Pete laughed "What's the matter honey!  The taste too rich for you?  God …………….you look like you're going to puke!"

Pete envied the physique of the hijacker, his muscular black body but especially how well endowed he was in the manhood department.  He stared at the lengthy black prong, streaked in red from his bloody conquest as it sliced in and out of the weeping beauty.  Now the hijacker's upper arms pushed up behind the back of the beauty's knee, causing the raped stewardess's legs to flail about helplessly in the air.

Tilting the beauty's head back towards him, Pete shivered upon feeling the delirious beauty begin to suck upon his cock like a vacuum, now apparently oblivious to what she was actually doing.  Feeling her pointed tongue lap over his sensitive cockhead, Pete felt his cock twitch in response and begin to swell up in her sucking mouth.  While holding her held tiled back, pushing in and pulling out slowly, Pete Daniels began to face fuck his employee's beautiful fiancee.

Then the hijacker shifted positions, pushing the trim flailing legs up further, when Pete was instructed "Fatso, grab her ankles and hold her legs up so I can ram it to this purty little bitch!"  This time, Pete didn't mind being insulted by the hijacker as his hands moved up to grab the trim ankles of the pretty stewardess.  Holding the beautiful Michelle Whang by the ankles, cum soaked cock stuffed in her virgin mouth, Pete held the young beauty in a ninety degree angle as the hijacker grasped the sides of her waist and prepared to slam home the salami.

"Give it to her!  Slam it in!  Ruin the fucking bitch!  Knock her up with a little black bastard!" Pete encouraged the hijacker as he thrust back and forth into Michelle's mouth.  Pete smiled as he watched the hijacker slam forward, sending his cock barreling into the petite body.  It was quite a sight for Pete as he watched the entire length of the big black cock disappear up into the once tiny hole, crotch hitting crotch with a 'Whup ………….whup ………whup ……….…whup ……..whup!'

At this point, all Pete had to do was keep still as it felt like Michelle was going down on him, giving him the best head ever.  But of course, the innocent beauty wasn't doing it purposely to please him.  Instead, each time the hijacker slammed brutally into the captive beauty, it caused her to slide forward a few inches.  As the cock withdrew from her ravaged cunt, Michelle slid back down a bit with her mouth withdrawing back a few inches, providing Pete with an excellent header.

Looking down, seeing the whites of the gurgling beauty's eyes, Pete Daniels was happy that he had cummed earlier or it have been all over for him at this point.  It was an exquisite headjob and he was tempted on feeding her the pentup load that again filled his balls.  But the hijacker had indicated that he could have a whack at this bitch and Pete would love nothing better than having a chance to be the one to knock her up.  "Oh, baby …………..the only way you'll feel anything after the wedding is if Mel shoves the fat end of a baseball bat up your twat!" he taunted.

"Mmmmpppfffff ………..………mmmpppfffff …………………mmmpppfffff ………………mmmpppfffff!" came the sputtering from around Pete's cock as the beauty was pounded by her rapist.  Then he could feel an unusual trembling course throughout her petite body as he held her by the ankles.  Pete saw her entire body tremble and quiver, then realized that she was climaxing in a mind-shattering orgasm brought on by the big cock sawing in and out of her raped slit.

Holding her steady, Pete then heard the hijacker exclaim his pleasure "Ahhhhhhhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhhhhhh …………………Allahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  With the lengthy black cock fully buried in the petite beauty, seeing the hijacker's muscular black body quiver, Pete knew that he was now in the throes of emptying his potent load into the bride-to-be's fertile womb.  "Knock her up!  Knock the little bitch up!" Pete cheered the man on.  Then he looked down upon the beauty's fucked out face and taunted "Oh, baby …………….you might be walking down the aisle with a little black bastard in your tummy!"

Moments later, as the hijacker leaned back and began to pull his dwindling but still lengthy cock from the raped beauty, Pete's jaw dropped in awe as he watched the copious amount of pinkish goo oozing out of the ravaged hole.  Pete chuckled as the thought 'Yeah, it’s a fucking hole now and not a slit!'  It was obvious that the pinkish goo was the mixture of the hijacker's thick cum and the juice from beauty's ruptured cherry.

Easing his cock slowly out of the beauty's sucking mouth, Pete stood up and moved around to gently place the beauty's trim legs spread-eagled down onto the carpeted floor.  Now standing before the prone beauty, between her widespread legs, Pete quickly began to shed his clothing.  Peeling the shirt off his flabby body, he tossed it aside, then pulled off his shoes and socks.  Next, he began to unbuckle his belt.

Sobbing, glad that her ordeal was finally over, Michelle blinked back the tears then shuddered as she observed Mr. Daniels flabby body being revealed before her.  'Oh, God ………………he plans to rape me too!' she realized.  Then the man's fat pudgy body began to settle upon her, covering her petite body with his fat sweaty one.  "Please …….please ………….haven't you done enough to me!  Please ……………..please don't rape me, Mr. Daniels!  You ………….you'll go to jail if you rape me!" she threatened.

Rubbing himself over the squirming beauty, Pete took pleasure in the agony he was putting the pretty bitch through, responding to her threat "Think so, huh?  Think again, bitch!  All I have to claim is that the hijackers forced me to fuck you!"  Getting his cock in position, he nuzzled at her ear, tonguing her as he whispered "I just wanna help you out, sweetie!  You're filled the brim with black-baby cum!  You don't wanna end up carrying a little black bastard, do you?  You ain't got a douche with ya so I'm just gonna use my cock to pump it outta you!  Then, I'm gonna refill your twat with my own potent jizz!"  He laughed and added "Better pray I'm the one who knocks you up, bitch!  Then Mel won't know the baby's not his!"


Easily slicing through her torn and widened slit, Pete realized how small he was in comparison to the hijacker as he could barely feel her cunt around his cock.  "You liked teasing me with your sexy legs, huh, bitch!  Rubbing me with foot and making me cum in my pants!  C'mon, bitch ……………..wrap those sexy legs around me so I can feel your fucking cunt!  Wrap those sweet legs around me …………………or I'm really going to enjoy telling Mel every little detail of how his precious bride-to-be got busted wide open by a big black cock!"  Pete smiled as he heard the beauty sob in response, then felt her legs wrapping around his ass.

Still pinning the beauty's arms above her head, just in case she decided to fight and scratch at him, Pete enjoyed the feel of her trim legs move up to encircle his ass.  "Oh, you sweet little bitch ……………….so fucking good ………………so fucking 'ruined'!  Ah, baby ……………..ahhhhhhh ……………….pumping all that cum and cherry juice out of you!  Gonna cum ……………..gonna cum in you ……………..gonna refill that twat of yours!  Ahhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh ……………..yeahhhhhhh!" he groaned as his cock unleashed its hot potent load.

For Michelle, she could only sob in shame as the man she had humiliated earlier took his revenge upon her agonized body, humping his fat pudgy body up and down upon her.  "Mmmmm ……………..mmmmm ………………ohhhhhh!" she moaned as her fiancé's boss grunted out his lust, his flabby body rolling upon her as his fat cock sent spurt after spurt of its seed into her fertile womb.  Tears flowed as the evil man laughingly taunted "Now you've got a 50-50 chance of not getting a little brat with kinky hair!"

After he was done, Pete lifted his exhausted body from the sobbing beauty.  Then, following the lead hijacker's orders, Pete happily got the raped beauty up onto all fours.  Holding her firmly in position at her shoulders, he prevented her from crawling forward, away from the next hijacker who had come to take his turn.  Pete thoroughly enjoyed hearing the bitch whimper and scream bloody murder as the hijacker brutally shoved his thick black cock up her cherry ass.  Moments later, as the buggering continued, Pete stifled the beauty's whimpering as he taunted "Cut the whining, bitch!  Here, suck on my cock again!  It's cherry flavored now!"

Later, after each of the hijackers had gotten his turn, the leader gave Pete instructions.  Given the role of traffic director, Pete Daniels had the male passengers move up from the mid-section to the first class cabin where he directed the lined up men into position.  Though the men appeared nervous and scared at first, once they saw the entertainment that 'lay' up ahead, their excitement was soon jutting out before them.  With so many male passengers lined up around the first class cabin, there was no way that a one-on-one situation could be allowed.  Thus, Pete had them proceed forward in groups of five.

Of course, the source of entertainment was the pretty Ms. Michelle Whang, who was stationed up at the front of the first class section.  On all fours, she was made to straddle the man with the biggest boner of the group, while the second got a blowjob.  The third guy would have the honor of buggering the bitch.  Numbers four and five got hand-jobs where they could shoot off on the young beauty.

Once each man had been entertained, they got dressed and were then escorted back to the mid-section of the airplane.  Each was told that if he wanted to be entertained further, he should just raise his hand and ask to use the bathroom.  With many of the men being fathers and husbands, their wives and children held in the rear of the plane, Pete Daniels was quite surprised at the number of men coming back for seconds or thirds.  Demand swelling for more, men were going back in groups of two, three or four as this would be the first opportunity for many to participate in a gangbang.

One man in particular amazed Pete, a man he recalled seeing at the airport's check-in line.  The man had caught Pete's attention in passing due to the white collar that he wore over his black shirt, that of a priest.  After disrobing that first time, the man had obviously hidden his telltale collar and just wore his black shirt and pants thereafter. On the priest's first entertainment session, he had gotten to bugger the sexy little beauty.

When the priest had appeared the second time, Pete had gone up to him and whispered "What's your pleasure this time, Father?"  Pete saw the man blush at being recognized at his occupation but he was then surprised upon hearing the priest respond "I thought it'd be nice for her to at least have the chance to give birth to a holy baby!"  Then, on his third appearance, the priest advised him "I think its time for her to have communion!"  Pete chuckled as the priest stood before the kneeling beauty, fingers wrapped in her long silky hair as he gave her communion, pumping his throbbing cock between her sweet lips till he spewed his holy seed.

With the plane about to land in a country granting the hijackers asylum, the entertainment finally concluded with the pretty stewardess allowed to clean up as best as possible in the cramped bathroom.  Pete Daniels then tried to figure out how many men she had serviced in the past six hours.  With so many men coming back for seconds or thirds, including himself in buggering the bitch and later shooting his load down her throat, Pete concluded that his employee's fiancee must have easily had over a hundred fifty loads of cum shot in or upon her sexy body.

'Damn, she'll either turn into a frigid little bitch that never wants to see another cock or she'll be one hell of a nymphomaniac!' Pete concluded.  But in seeing how she had responded to all the men over the past few hours, he suspected that the latter would be the case for the lovely Michelle Whang.  He just hoped Mel Bradshaw would be able to satisfy the little minx.  'Hell, I certainly aim to get more of the little bitch!  If she wants me to keep my lips sealed around the man she's gonna marry, she'll have to make it worth my while!' he chuckled.

End of Story.