Teenage Stud - XI
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff of the earlier
story entitled:  ‘Teenage Stud 9’
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For eighteen year old Brandon Miles, the move his family made from the colder east coast city in Virginia to the warmer climate in Springdale certainly was more to his liking, especially with the many homes in the area having swimming pools.  With more sun and warmth throughout the year, coupled with the multitude of pools, that meant a lot more of checking out lovely beauties in swimsuits and bikinis.  With his star status as a football jock at the halfback position, that aided him in quickly making friends at the new high school and getting himself invites to their homes for cookouts and parties.

There were indeed quite a few cute and sexy gals that he had managed to meet in the few months since coming to Springdale, many of whom were pining away for him to ask them out on a date.  All the girls began thinking that Brandon was just too shy to ask them out on a date as he’d merely hangout with the popular group of guys and gals and wouldn’t hesitate to attend and even volunteering each time to help out at a party being thrown.  But what really piqued Brandon’s interest sexually was not a pretty young high school teen, for he was much more excited in bedding a beautiful ‘woman’!

Looking more mature than belied his age, along with being handsome and muscular, Brandon’s sexual exploits had commenced at the young age of fifteen when had had stayed over a buddy’s place due to a snow storm, where he had succeeded in seducing the lovely 37 year old Mrs. Stephanie Wells.  With her husband unable to make it back home also due to the heavy snow that day, Brandon had awaited to hearing his buddy’s snores coming from the room across the hall before getting up and boldly making his way to the closed door of the master bedroom.

Mrs. Stephanie Wells

With the doorknob turning on the unlocked door, Brandon had smiled widely at trembling beauty as he stepped into the room, closed the door and then locked it behind him.  He heard the audible gasp emitted by the beauty upon his entrance but her still parted lips did not utter another sound as he approached the king-sized bed.  Her blue eyes were focused upon him and her head turned and tilted upwards towards him as he came to the side of the bed, leading up to the passionate kiss he planted on her lips as he then proceed to tongue her while pushing the negligee straps off her shoulders.

Having nailed quite a few teeny-boppers starting before his fourteenth birthday, this had been his first conquest of a lovely mature woman, and naturally one would not forget such a ‘first’!  Hearing her moan as he sucked on her beautiful titties was quite exciting for him, but that was nothing compared to when he proceeded nuzzle his face in her golden fleece and eat out her tasty snatch.  For Brandon, nothing could be more exciting than to seduce a beautiful married woman, other that scoring right there in the very bed she shared with her unsuspecting husband as he did on that occasion.  Just mere token resistance of "No, Brandon ...........we can't ...............it's wrong ................I'm married!"  But for Brandon, that was just the feeble excuse for her to use in trying to convince therself that she did try to halt things.  The fuck was fabulous, especially in calling out her marital name as he humped her, knowing she'd always remember the fuck he threw to her while mouthing out "Squeeze me with your hot cunt, Mrs. Wells!  Squeeze me, bitch!"  The aftermath had made it even better in seeing the look of guilt in the face of the now unfaithful wife and hearing her realization of “Oh, God, you didn’t use a condom!”

Yes, the upper 30’s and early 40’s age of the mothers of his teenage peers were just what Brandon desired.  And in thinking back to his first conquest, Brandon recalled how his rather stunned buddy later told him that he was going to be a ‘big brother’ come early March as his parents were apparently starting a second family with his mother making the announcement over dinner the night before that she was indeed pregnant.  And in counting backwards that nine months from due date as to when conception had taken place, Brandon smiled to himself in knowing that he indeed might be the very one responsible for knocking up his buddy’s beautiful mother.

Over the next two year stint since that first conquest of a beautiful married woman, quite a few of his high school buddies and some of the girls he had dated or hung around with found themselves becoming ‘big brothers or sisters’ to a little baby brother or sister.  Now just several months after having moved to Springdale, Brandon’s very first score in this new city found herself in the very same predicament of having been seduced and impregnated by the handsome high school jock after her daughter had introduced her new high school friend.  The lovely Mrs. Diane Lawson, librarian at Springdale’s Public Library, had provided more that reading material for Brandon at the library that resulted in her getting ‘knocked up’!

Mrs. Diane Lawson

Ever since her pregnancy was announced, Mr. Lawson began spending more and more time at home, thereby lessening the opportunity to bed the lovely Mrs. Lawson again.  But in looking at it as ‘mission accomplished’ in knocking up a once faithful wife, Brandon had not wasted any time as he had made detailed notes previously as to which of his high school classmate’s beautiful mother would become his next conquest.  There were quite a few beauties that were on his list, all equally attractive and faithful wives, with it just being the right set of circumstances that would have that one unsuspecting beauty’s marital vows come into jeopardy next.

Of course, waiting for the right set of circumstances to arise might just result in a very long, long wait.  This Brandon knew very well, and thus he was more than willing to help put the right circumstances into play.  Such would be the case for Mrs. Adrianne Peterson, whom he got to meet when invited by one of the cheerleaders of the pep squad for a cookout at her home.  Putting on the charm and acting like a true gentleman, Brandon certainly did impress both Mr. & Mrs. Peterson upon being introduced to them by their daughter Allie.  One look at Allie’s lovely mother, who was quite conservatively dressed in a beige dress, he easily assessed that she was indeed one true blue wife that had never contemplated on cheating on her husband.  But if Brandon had his way, that description of ‘never’ would soon be changed on sudden notice.

Mrs. Adrianne Peterson

For 39 year old Adrianne Peterson, being a doting wife to husband Carl as well as a caring mother to her 17 year old daughter Allie, everything else was secondary to her.  Having met Brandon Miles at the cookout at their home, Adrianne had to admit that the high school jock her daughter pined about and hoped to be asked out on a date by was indeed quite a handsome young man.  And when the young stud took his shirt off to go for a swim, Adrianne could not help but to take a second glance of the prime male physique on display before catching herself and turning away to get the food ready in the kitchen.  She had no illicit thoughts of the handsome jock, but instead worried of her daughter dating such a handsome hunk.

At the cookout, Brandon learned that Mr. Peterson was a sales rep for a national jewelry company and that Mrs. Peterson was the swim instructor at the local 'Y'.  For Brandon, swimming came second nature to him as he spent his earlier summers surfing everyday or whenever the chance permitted.  As his mind churned, a set of circumstances or scenarios came about that might just lead to him getting to be alone with the lovely beauty, and that would be all the opportunity needed to get into her tight little panties.  Using the guise of just wanting to get an even tan as he lounged about with his classmates, and when Mrs. Peterson was by the ice cooler, Brandon got up to get himself a cold pop.  And once near the lovely wife, he knew she'd ask "Aren't you going in for a swim?"  Pretending to look about before he answered, Brandon then whispered out "To tell you the truth, Mrs. Peterson, I'm a very poor swimmer and don't want them to make fun of me!  I wish I could find a place to learn how to swim without making an ...............a fool of myself!"

And of course, that led to Mrs. Peterson advising "Why don't you enroll at the 'Y'?  I'm the swim instructor there and I promise that you'll be swimming like all your friends are in no time at all!"  "You are?  Really?  Are there many onlookers at poolside?  For some reason, I get all tense and freeze up when people are watching and I'm flailing around in the water!  It’s just so different from playing football where it all comes naturally to me!" Brandon responded.  When told of parents naturally coming to watch their children swim, Brandon purposely gave twinge of nervousness before asking “Do you give any private swim lessons by any chance?  Maybe here in your pool?”

“Football season is about over and with no practices, I’ll have the afternoons free, though I’d hate for Allie to see what a klutz I am in the water!” Brandon added.  “Oh, I’m sorry, Brandon!  I’ve never done any private tutoring for one and basically keep my work as a swim instructor at the ‘Y’!” Mrs. Peterson advised.  “Oh, shucks!  There goes the chance I was hoping for to finally learn how to swim!  And to have a beautiful swim instructor teaching me how would have just been too much to hope for!” Brandon sighed and turned away in disappointment as went back to poolside to join the others, hoping that he had turned on the lovely beauty, especially after having purposely made contact with her hand upon taking the can of pop that she had handed him.

Indeed, following that touch by the handsome young jock, Adrianne trembled as her heart fluttered with excitement.  ‘My God, one touch and I’m trembling like a little school girl again!’ she panted.  But now her mind was racing and Adrianne began to wonder ‘Perhaps I could give him a few lessons here!  With me getting off at 2:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, that might work out!  Of course, I couldn’t charge him for the lessons, not with him being Allie’s classmate and all!  And it would help him from getting embarrassed in front of all his friends.  But then again, it wouldn’t seem appropriate for me to have him come here to the house for me to teach him to swim!  Maybe have him wash and polish my car in exchange, or mow the lawn?’

At poolside, Brandon would glance often towards the lovely woman and smile as he gazed at her beauty.  She had turned away quickly the first two times, embarrassed at him catching her looking at his masculine physique.  But the third time was the charm as the nervous beauty briefly returned his smile before busying herself with preparing the food.  ‘Damn, she dresses quite conservatively but I sense a wild and wicked nymph hiding under that prim and proper exterior!’ Brandon surmised.  Then he promised himself ‘And I’m just the guy to make that little nymph go wild crazy!  Once I get her alone and put my hands on that sexy body, we’ll see how well she swims my cock stuffed up her tight little twat!’

With the cookout coming to an end that night, Brandon first went up to thank Mr. Peterson for hosting the event and then went up to thank his beautiful wife.  Holding her trembling hand in his, he smiled at the beauty as he looked into her light green eyes while thanking her for her hospitality.  Then his wish came true as she stammered out “Perhaps we can work out a few lessons here!  Allie will still be busy with the pep squad as basketball season is now underway and she won’t see you learn how to swim!”  As other teens were approaching to thank her for hosting the cookout, the conversation ended with her telling him to “Call me at the ‘Y’ and we’ll work out the details!”

That first Tuesday, following the end of the football season, Brandon looked forward to that afternoon and his first swim lesson.  Opening the side gate and going back to the pool as he had been instructed over the phone, he licked his lips in seeing the lovely beauty taking a lap while waiting for his arrival.  As he had anticipated, the prim and proper wife wore a very conservative black swimsuit with white polka dots, naturally a one piece outfit and not a sexy bikini as that would certainly not be appropriate while instructing a teen the likes of him.  Advising that he had his trunks on beneath his jeans, Brandon had to keep from smiling widely when the so-called prim and proper wife got a look the skimpy pair of Speedos that he wore along with how well filled out it was.

Seeing the handsome jock take off his t-shirt, Adrianne trembled with nervousness at seeing the ripples of the stud’s muscles.  In the water, she squeezed her thighs together as she watched him undoing the button to his jeans.  ‘Why did I agree to give him swim lessons?  And I never mentioned this to Carl?  Why didn’t I?  Right now, it feels as if I’ve already cheated on him ………………….like I’m involved with another man!  I ………………I just can’t go through with this!’ she thought just as the zipper to the front of the teen’s jeans were being pulled down.  Eyes bulging and jaw dropping, Adrianne lost her train of thought as he gazed upon the long thick bulge being outlined by the skimpy fabric.

Brandon put on a real good act in floundering about when the beautiful swim instructor told him to swim the width of the pool’s shallow side so she could assess his problems.  Then she was demonstrating on the type of motion his strokes should have, followed with her soft smooth hands on his wrists and forearms as she moved his arms to show him the strokes that he should end up having.  Then she was telling him how to kick his legs, demonstrating it for him and Brandon got a hardon looking at her long sexy legs and pink soles as she kicked for him.  As he deliberately put on a poor demonstration of kicking, the feel of her soft hands on his muscular calves had his nuts churning, wishing that she would put her hand on the middle leg he was now sporting.

A better swim demonstration by Brandon was put on this time as he made it across the width of the pool again.  And when she was about to demonstrate how it was to look in continuous fashion by going the length of the pool, Brandon waited till she dove forward to make his move. As she plunged into the water and moved smoothly through it, Brandon was gliding right through it right in her wake.  At the three quarter mark where it was over six feet deep, Brandon grasped her by the ankles and pulled her underwater.  As the stunned beauty turned to face him, Brandon felt her tremble as he kissed her underwater, daringly darting his thick tongue between her parted lips.

Stunned by the handsome jock who apparent swam very well as he had caught up with her before pulling her underwater, Adrianne could not put up any resistance as he proceeded to French her.  Nor was she able to keep his fingers from grasping the thin straps of her swimsuit and pulling them down over her shoulders.  Surfacing finally as the kiss ended to allow them to breathe in some air, Adrianne spread her arms out and rested her elbows in the tiled drainage canal running along the inner edge of the pool as the confident teen pulled down the top of her swimsuit and took a pink nipple into his mouth.  “Oooooooooohhhhhhh!” she swooned loudly as the teasing tongue had nipple swollen hard.  “Ooooooooohhhhhh!” she shivered as the other nipple got the same treatment by the handsome stud who was busy working the swimsuit down over trim waist.

Working his lips and tongue way down as he slipped beneath the surface, Brandon expertly worked the bunched up swimsuit off down of off her feet, then draped her long trim legs over his broad shoulders as he moved in for the kill.  Feeling the shudder and rocking of her petite body when he clamped his mouth over slit, Brandon correctly guess that the prim and proper wife never before felt the pleasure of having a guy eating out her juicy snatch.  Juice she did indeed, immediately in fact, creaming copiously as she swooned above the water with her body convulsing from a mind-shattering orgasm as the wiggling tongue up in her cunny literally had her climbing up the pool’s wall.

Dazed with her head back as she gazed at the blue sky above, Adrianne was limp and exhausted from the unbelievable climax that her young lover had tongued her to.  She shivered with excitement in feeling his muscular body pressing up against her, sandwiching her body between his and the swimming pool wall as her wide spread legs were pulled in to wrap around the stud’s waist as he fitted himself up against her.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………..Brandonnnnnnnnn …………………ohhh …………………………so big …………………..so bigggggggggggggggggggggg!” Adrianne cried out as she wrapped her arms around the neck of her young lover.  This was only the second male cock to have the honor of exploring her tight slit.  And this one was so much thicker, longer, and way more powerful!

Just as Brandon had predicted, this so very prim and proper wife and pillar in the community went wicked and wild as he shoved his proud animal up into her hot juicy little cunt.  With her trim arms wrapped around his neck and sexy legs tightly wrapped around his waist, he heard her loudly pant out “Ohhhhhhhhhhh …………………….fuck me ……………………..fuck me …………………..fuck me …………………fuck me like the whore I really am!  Ohhhhh …………………….yes ……………………..harder ……………………..harder …………………….fuck me harder ………………….treat me like a slutty whore!”

A half hour later, dozing with the back of her head resting on the concrete at the edge of the pool while her body was buoyed by the water, Adrianne was startled awake by the voice of her husband calling out from the kitchen “Honey, I’m home!”  Fear coursed throughout her body as her body tensed immediately as she began sinking beneath the surface of the water.  Realizing the state of undress that she was in, Adrianne quickly swam down to the bottom of the pool to retrieve her bathing suit.  Frantically, as this was a first for her, she proceeded to pull on the swimsuit while underwater.

Making it back up to the surface and putting on a nervous but fake smile, Adrianne then waived towards the kitchen and called out “Hi, honey!  I’m out here ……….just relaxing a bit!  I’ll start dinner in a few minutes.  With her husband going up to the master bedroom to change from his work attire, Adrianne breathed a sigh of relief at not having been caught naked in the pool with her black swimsuit lying at the bottom of the pool, a factor declaring that something was surely amiss.  Adrianne then tried to scrape off the white threads that she had observed sticking to her swimsuit when she had retrieved it from the pool.

These were not ordinary white threads as they served as evidence of her infidelity, for they were threads of sticky male cum soiling the garment ……………….cum that had evidently escaped from her well-fucked cunt and had sank down to the bottom of the pool and glued itself to the fabric of her swimsuit!  With her husband out of sight, Adrianne once again slipped beneath the surface, then wickedly pulled the crotch of her swimsuit aside at one leg hole.  With her free hand, Adrianne then inserted two fingers into her well-stretched cunt, watching in amazement at the copious amount of thick white cum threads began floating about some before their weight took them down to the bottom of the pool.  Then, she worriedly wondered ‘Will Carl use the diving board today as he normally does?  Will he notice something unusually drifting about at the bottom?’

Before getting out of the pool for a quick shower to wash off the chlorine and get dressed before starting dinner, Adrianne closed her eyes to reflect back upon letting herself be so easily seduced by the handsome teenage jock.  ‘My, God, I must have come across as an easy mark for him!  I didn’t even put up any resistance at all!  Once he touched me, pulled me down and kissed me, I couldn’t get enough of it …………………so shameful!  And the shameful way I responded, begging him to give it to me hard!’ she recalled.  Adrianne then shuddered in recalling that unbelievable moment, that of when he was cumming in her, and how she had screamed out “Cum ……………………….cum in me, Brandon ………………yesssss ……………cum in meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh …………………yessssssssssssss!”

It was only then that Adrianne realized ‘Oh, my God ………………..he did it in me …………….he ejaculated in me ……………………he came in me!’  Now the timing of her monthly cycle came to mind and Adrianne immediately knew that she was in deep, deep trouble.  Normally refraining from sexual intercourse during the dangerous part of the month, using her hand to if necessary to sate her husband if he happened to be horny and needed relief, condoms were used if and when they made love to prevent any accidents from happening during the rest of the month.  To make matters worse, douche was on the list for the next time she went to the drugstore, with none remaining in the cabinet at this critical time.

The next day at work, exhausted after a sleepless night, Adrianne picked up the phone when advised by the secretary that the call was for her.  “Hello!” she answered.  Adrianne then froze upon hearing the familiar male voice say “Hello, Mrs. Peterson, I really enjoyed that swim lesson that you gave me yesterday!  Is my swim lesson on for tomorrow or shall we just cut the charade?  I’d much rather us going straight upstairs and fucking on the bed that you share with Mr. Peterson!  Y’know, getting to fuck a beautiful married woman on the bed she shares with her husband is the ultimate turn-on for a guy like me!”  “Bastard!  Don’t you dare come to my home again ……………ever!” Adrianne fumed as she slammed the phone down.

On Thursday, the next day, the thought went through her mind to merely go shopping at the mall once she got off of work and then return home after 5 p.m.  ‘Is he going to show up today?  Do I dare go home after work?  If I did go home, can I just not answer the door if he comes?  What should I do?’ Adrianne asked of herself.  Both her head and heart were pounding as each minute ticked by at work, as Adrianne came to the conclusion that she should not go home after work but instead go to the mall look for a gift for her husband as they would be celebrating their anniversary that weekend.

At 3:15 p.m., instead of walking the mall to kill time, Adrianne nervously looked at the clock on the wall of the living room.  Then a shiver coursed throughout her body as the doorbell chimed loudly.  ‘Don’t answer it!  Don’t answer it!  You know it him!’ Adrianne instructed herself as she neared the door.  Hearing the chime ring again, her fingers of one hand undid the security lock while her other hand turned the doorknob.  Seconds later, the handsome jock was in the foyer of her home and the front door was locked behind of him.  Then he was giving her a deep passionate kiss, the kind of loving kiss that only a husband and wife should share.

His hand was caressing her arm, tracing his fingers down to touch her fingers as he then told her to “Lead me to your bedroom, Mrs. Peterson!”  Mentally reluctant but not physically so, Adrianne then clasp his hand and stepped toward the stairway.  But the handsome young jock did not budge as Adrianne found her being pulled back as the arrogant teen unzipped himself and proceeded to pull out his manhood.  Once her trim fingers were molded around the thick pulsating flesh, Adrianne was then told “Okay, whore ……………………lead me to the bed that Mr. Peterson thinks belongs to only him and his goody-goody little wife!”

That afternoon, the Peterson’s bed rocked back and forth like never before.  Treated like a whore, the back of her ankles resting on the young stud’s shoulders, Adrianne found herself bent in two as she got the pounding and fucking that she craved ……………….all with her husband’s pillow tucked up under her ass!  Would she be wicked later that night, doing what her young lover was ordering of her ……………………..that of not changing her husband’s pillowcase so he could inhale the scent of their commingled fuck juices that leaked out of her fucked out cunt!  “You’re going to do it, aren’t ya, bitch!  You’re gonna be that wanton wicked little whore ya are and let hubby get a whiff of you fucking around on him, aren’t ya?” she was told while getting the fucking she needed so badly.

Looking at the remade bed after her handsome stud had departed, Adrianne trembled and swallowed deeply for she had not changed her husband’s pillowcase nor the bedsheet, both of which had been fuck stains on them.  Then Adrianne wondered to herself “You knew what would happen if you came home straight from work!  You also looked at the drugstore on the drive home and didn’t turn in there!  You didn’t buy the douche that you knew you were out of!  Do you want to get yourself knocked up by the arrogant young bastard?”  Perhaps the fact that she had merely showered to rid her body of the smell of sex, without any attempt of ridding herself of the potent baby goo in her womb, provided the answer to that question.

Now Adrianne pondered about what her young lover had told her prior to departing, that “I learned from Allie that it’s your anniversary this weekend and Mr. Peterson is taking you out for a fancy dinner to celebrate!  Make an excuse in the afternoon, like going out shopping or something, then get us a room at the Gateway Motel near the mall so we can celebrate your anniversary with a FUCK!  Jeez, it’s gonna be sweet fucking you on yer anniversary day …………………….then sending you back to hubby so he can take you out to celebrate ……………………with your twat filled with my jizz!”  ‘That arrogant bastard thinks I’m going to rent a motel room and be unfaithful on the very day of my anniversary!  What kind of depraved whore does he think I am?’ she asked of herself while at the same instant telling herself not to use a credit card but to use cash in paying for the motel room so no evidence would exist.

End of Story