Teenage Stud - XVI
(m/f, n/c)
Black Demon

Standard Disclaimer!  This is a fictional story
intended for adults only!

Standing at 6'2", 185 lbs and with the physique of a true athlete swimmer, Ryan Sanders had all the young teenage girls at his high school drooling.  Being the top swimmer on the high school team, even some of the mature faithful mothers watching in the stands had to keep their thighs clenched tight to keep from wetting their panties.  Knowing from his early teenage years that the opposite sex was quite attracted to him, Ryan aimed to take advantage of that factor and sought out every opportunity to get into a gal's panties.  At the age of 14, he scored with an older girl, the sister of a guy on the swim team when he had stayed overnight to catch a ride with them to the meet the next day.  The gal was a bit of a tease, sixteen and on the high school cheer leading squad, and he gave it to the little minx like a pro.  From that point on, beaming with confidence, Ryan had gotten a bevy of young beauties to drop their panties for him and he gained the much needed experience to become quite a talented young stud.

But deep down in his mindset, Ryan's main attraction was to older more mature women, married women with children in particular.  Desire for such women, lusting for faithful wives, perhaps played a bit part of Ryan's conniving young mind .........................but then why did he want to first seduce them into bed with him, then to demean and degrade them before the relationship ended?  What played an intricate part of Ryan's confused mind was the fact that his mother had abandoned him at an early age, his father unable to cope with things and caring for him, that he ended up being raised by his grandparents.  Hating his mother for abandoning he and his father, leaving to take up with a younger guy, Ryan sought to get even with women like that .................................he was going to be that younger man to seduce them, making them do his bidding, even if it was degrading and demeaning to her!

  Mrs. Anne Harding (age 41) and  Mrs. Georgia Nichols (age 40)

It was at the age of 16 that Ryan got to make his fantasy come true for the very first time, seducing the mother of a teammate when sleeping over at their beach house for the night, taking advantage of her loneliness as her husband was away on a business trip once again and couldn't make it to the meet nor to the beach house.  With the swim meet over that day and his buddy Josh exhausted, Ryan deviously added a couple of sleeping pills into the cup of hot chocolate prior to handing it over to him, allowing the chance to be all alone with Mrs. Harding.  With Mrs. Harding a doting mother to Josh and a seemingly dedicated wife to Mr. Harding, it made her the perfect kind of woman for Ryan to make his fantasy come true, and to sate his pent up lust.

With Mrs. Harding doing the dishes in the kitchen, it gave Ryan the perfect excuse in being a gentleman in going to give her a hand in drying the dishes and helping put them away.  An 'accidental' touch of his and upon hers, the visible trembling detected and her freezing at the touch, told Ryan all he needed to know.  Pulling her petite body to him, his lips descending upon hers, then his hands were up under the blue blouse that she wore.  Calming her fears of her son catching them in the act, Ryan whispered in her ear that "Josh won't get up till morning ......................not with the sleeping pills I put in his hot chocolate ...............................cause I wanted to be alone with you!"  Unable to resist his pulling her down the hallway into the master bedroom, Ryan soon had the attractive mother and wife just as he wanted ........................on the bed that she shared with her husband ................................naked with her hand wrapped around his cock and guiding it into place!

The conquest was even better than any of his fantasies, gettin to cum like crazy up in the bitch, hoping to knock her up in the process.  Their affair continued throughout the entire summer, then Mrs. Harding was overcome with guilt, that of having cheated on her husband and discovering that a 15 year old had gone and knocked her up.  Having learned of her religious beliefs, Ryan chuckled to himself in knowing that Mrs. Harding would soon be lying to her husband and convincing him that he had done the dirty deed, and as expected she was wanting to end their sordid affair.  Agreeing to end to affair 'after one last time', getting Mrs. Harding to rent  a motel room so they could meet just one more time, Ryan aimed at making it quite a memorable one for her.  After having fucked her twice and her needing to get home soon, it was then that Ryan had her up on the bed on all fours, at which time he clamped a hand over her mouth and screwed her up the ass.  Her muffled screams and attempt to get away from him made it all the sweeter for Ryan, thrusting up into her as hard as he could, making her squeal out in pain as he sodomized her.   
At the age of 17, Ryan scored once again, this time with the mother of a girl that he had begun dating.  Upon his picking up Cassie Nichols at her home to go to the movies, Ryan got to meet the lovely Mrs. Georgia Nichols, and feeling her tremble while holding his hand upon meeting her was all he could think about when with her daughter that night.  Over pizza after the movies, it was through Cassie that Ryan learned that her mother was a realtor, pretty much working every Sunday showing homes for sale or on scheduled appointments during the weekdays.  With that knowledge and learning what firm Mrs. Nichols worked with, Ryan went online to the real estate firm and check out the homes that she personally listed.  With the day off from practice following a swim meet, Ryan could relax that day, giving him the perfect opportunity to make a call as 'Mr. Ryan Thomas' to schedule viewing a vacant home listed my Mrs. Nichols at 4 p.m.        

With the house furnished and ready for immediate occupancy per the online info, it would be the ideal spot to meet up alone with the unsuspecting woman, and so much better than a hotel room.  It all worked out perfectly for Ryan, with the stunned beauty at a loss for words when he brazenly told her that he had called to set up the appointment just so that he could be alone with her, then pulling her into his arms for an intimate kiss.  "But you're old enough to be my son!" were words that made Ryan smile, for he was about to make doting mother and faithful wife his personal little bitch, and he soon had the beauty panting in heat as he thumbed her swollen nipples.  "Oh, Ryan ...........................Ryan ...................................ohhhhh, my Godddddddddd!" was what the once faithful wife squealed out when he stuck it to her, then the feel of her wrapping her legs around him had Ryan spurting his potent cum into her still fertile womb.

From that point on, Mrs. Nichols became his personal little whore, ending her house showing early each Sunday to meet up with him at some motel or to fuck at the open house if it was vacant.  And of course the time would come where the guilty Mrs. Nichols wanted to break things up with him, her guilty conscience getting the best of her, with Ryan knowing and ready to move on to some new game.  But there would be a steep price to pay for her wanting to end their affair, for that one last meeting with her young lover would mean suffering a more demeaning and degrading episode of raunchy sex.  Having agreed to one last fling to appease Ryan after telling him that the affair needed to end, her supposed open house on Sunday was not one advertised, for she would be entertaining her young lover for an afternoon of sex at the vacant house.

Although wishing that she had never entered the affair with the handsome young stud, though needing to follow through with having sex with him one last time so he'd keep quiet about it all, Georgia Nichols would find out what was in store for her an hour after Ryan showed up at the vacant house.  Dozing a bit after a mind-shattering orgasm, the lovely Mrs. Nichols would awake to the heavy movement atop of her body and being fucked for a second time, but to her horror she'd open her eyes to find an older black man atop of her and slicing his much thick tool into her sex, and to her horror her young lover was standing off to the side and cheering encouragement "Give it to the bitch, Amos ..................................show her what it's like to get fucked by a big black cock like yours!"

This latest episode that Ryan had concocted, would terminate his conquest of a doting mother and faithful wife, with his tossing a hundred dollar bill onto the bed when the day was over and advising that "That's your share of what Amos paid to get himself some 'tender white' meat!  And as you want to end our relationship, this is the ideal way so I won't keep dreaming of you ...........................cause I don't like sticking my cock in some whore who got fucked and cummed in by some black 'John'!"  Sporting a raging hardon from watching the reluctant bitch getting fucked by the high school janitor who paid him $200 after showing him a picture of her, Ryan stood on the side of bed wanking himself off, then spurted his hot cum on her stunned face.  As for getting Amos hot for the bitch after showing him a picture of her, Ryan got his custodian buddy to agree to $200 bucks to bed her, assuring him there was not chance of her screaming 'rape' as she did not want anyone knowing that she was having an affair on the side.

Upon making 18 years of age, getting himself a part-time job as a lifeguard at the country club, Ryan was also armed with a fake ID putting him at 21 years old.  It was at a bar when he spotted the beautiful Mrs. Holly Glasser, a classy woman whom he had the hots now for a couple of years, ever since having watched her at basketball games when her daughter was on the high school team.  As he drank his beer at the bar, Ryan had his eyes focused on the group of women sitting in the center booth, each having a couple of drinks before bidding one another goodbye.

Going to as many high school games in various sports to show his support for his peers, such also used provided him the opportunity to scope out some beautiful mothers and faithful wives that he'd like to get to know better.  Back when he was 16, Ryan had spotted the parents of Jenny Glasser cheering their daughter on when she played on the high school girls basketball team.  Jenny was a senior back then, graduated that year and had headed off to college on the east coast, and he had not seen the gal's beautiful mother since then.  Leaving a moment after the women left, Ryan got to seen the white BMW that the lovely beauty drove off in, noting that there was a familiar country club emblem on the rear mirror.

With the country club having a spa that was popular for the women members, Ryan wondered if the blond beauty took in its services, and he could find out from a worker there whose daughter he was giving swimming lessons to.  Contacting Mitch Zellows at the spa, Ryan got the confirmation that he was looking for, that Mrs. Holly Glasser did indeed visit the spa on a regular basis.  Telling his buddy that he wanted to be an apprentice there, to service the lovely Mrs. Glasser on her next visit, he had to wait for Mitch to stop laughing as he clearly assessed that "Your hormones are in overdrive, my friend!  Just because her husband's unit got called up and gonna be away for awhile, she's true blue, so you're wasting your time on her, Ryan!"

'Damn, her hubby must be in the Guard ..........................the unit that got called up a week or so ago and probably going to be away for a year's time!' Ryan surmised, recalling the news as it had a big effect on the community back then.  'Jeez, that little sweetie's soon gonna be hot to trot ...........................and ripe to be plucked!' he chuckled to himself while picturing the blond beauty in his mind.  According to Mitch Zellows, Mrs. Glasser's next appointment had been made at the time her last one was concluded, with the next scheduled for that next Saturday.  He had made a deal with Mitch, of Mitch teaching him the ropes ahead of time, then get  introduced to the beautiful blond at her next appointment, giving him the perfect opportunity to literally get his hands on her sexy bod.  Free swim lessons for Mitch's daughter, and his buddy gets to keep the earnings from the spa treatment as well as any tips from the beauty ......................but it was all worth the opportunity to Ryan.

Arriving at the country club to meet up with some friends for a luncheon, Holly then planned on relaxing a bit at the spa, getting herself a nice massage.  Luncheon over and bidding her friends goodbye, Holly then saw that it was the perfect timing for her appointment being just minutes away.  She was surprised when Mr. Zellows introduced her to Ryan Sanders, a young and very handsome apprentice, then was being handed a glass of white wine by the young man. 
On the day she and her girlfriends met at the bar for some drinks, the handsome young man sitting at the bar and glancing over in her direction had not gone unnoticed, but Holly was not about to violate her marital vows at that point in time.  She was certainly going to miss the loving male companionship that her husband provided, for his unit had just deployed to the Middle East, in fact it was just hours earlier that the planes took off and she and some of the wives figured it best to meet at the bar for a few drinks and get their support group organized.

Having had two glasses of wine over lunch, Holly took a gulp from this new glass of wine as she was tingling all over at the thought of having this handsome young hunk's hands roaming all over her body.  Unbeknownst to Holly, the wine would only serve to make her hotter and climb the walls, for the deviant teen had laced it with a very potent aphrodisiac.  Having gone onto the cot with her bra and panties on, the teen had draped a sheet over her back, and his fingers made her shiver as he undid the clasp to the back of her bra.  Trembling in nervousness as she began juicing, Holly reached over for the glass of wine and to her detriment took another large gulp.

Fingers moving about her body in a caressing manner, delving under the waistband of her panties, Holly sucked in her breath as her asscheeks were being kneaded.  Only her husband had touched her body in such a manner, causing Holly to close her eyes and imagine that she was with him once again, gasping as a thick finger was between her legs and tracing the outline of her sex.  "Oooooooh ........................oh, Godddddddddddd .................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as a thick finger slipped between her slick swollen lips, then it was slicing between her juicing cunny.  A hand was now on her wrist and guiding her arm back some, then her fingers came into contact with her 'husband's' rigid erection.  Having wanked her husband off many a time, Holly began jerking on the throbbing piece of meat, feeling it swell up even more and get even longer.

With the potent drug doing the job even better than expected, Ryan stepped up some, then pushed the beauty over onto her side.  Moving his hand to the back of her head, he pulled her forward a bit so he could rub his swollen cockhead up against her pink lips.  As her lips parted to admit his swollen cock, Ryan sucked in his breath while panting out "Oh, damn ........................ohhhh, so good ..................so fuck'n good!  Lick it, bitch ..............................lick my cock!"  Ryan couldn't believe his luck, thinking 'That drug is sure a potent one .............................not even an hour and she's sucking cock like a two-bit whore!'  Gritting his teeth as he sucked in his breath to keep from cumming prematurely, he was determined to give her his load, panting out "Oh, yeah .....................suck it .........................eat it all!  You're a real talented cocksucker, Mrs. Glasser!"  Having set up two hidden camcorders ahead of time, he would then have the goods on this lovely lady.

Cumming in the beauty's talented mouth, Ryan held the back of her head firmly to keep her from pulling away from him, spurting thick cum into her sucking mouth time and time again.  It was as if the drugged beauty was now cum drunk when he got done between her succulent pink lips, as a drool of cum was flowing out from the corner of her mouth and about to drip from her chin.  With Mrs. Glasser falling  onto her back while licking at her lips, Ryan moved back to the foot of the massage cot to spread her sexy legs wide, then got up onto the sturdy cot to nuzzle his face into her soft golden muff.  Tongue snaking up into her slick juicy groove, he began feasting on her charms as she arched on up to feed him her sweet honey.  Moments later, Ryan had moved further up between her sexy legs, fitting himself to her sex as she panted out "Oh, yes .............................fuck it to me!  I need it so badly ..............................give it to me ............................give it to me good!"

With a three hour limit in using that particular room at the spa, one that was located at the far end of the complex, it was time for Ryan to get the drugged beauty dressed and out of there.  Having signed out a golf cart earlier that day, Ryan had it parked next to the side entrance from that room, then he'd take the keys from the beauty's purse and take to her car in the parking lot.  But first to ring the intercom button three times, signalling to Mitch Zellows of their departure, and to make a call to his buddy working at a nearby motel and telling him to have a room ready for his arrival.  Collecting the camcorders that he had set up, Ryan then helped the beauty dress before escorting her outside to the golf cart.  As she was in no condition to drive or even make a fuss, Ryan looked over at the dazed beauty as he made the drive to the motel.     

The sunlight entering the motel room that next morning had Holly blinking her eyes awake, then she was startled to find herself in bed with the handsome young stud that she had met at the spa.  Flabbergasted as she drew the sheet up to cover her nakedness, Holly realized that she had violated her marital vows with this handsome young stud, and had sinned by committing adultery with him.  She could remember only bits and pieces of had happened, that of being seduced at the spa, having had sex with the young stud .............................but she could not recall how she got into this strange room!   Hand sliding down beneath the sheet, Holly's fingers slid over her sex, feeling it all wet and messy .............................bringing her fingers up to view the evidence of her infidelity!  Seeing the thick glob of cum covering the tip of her two fingers, Holly cringed in horror, and there was no deny the stench of semen wafting up to her nostrils.  Holly was horrified, realizing the potential consequences of having sex with a male other than her husband ............................unprotected sex and having allowed him to fill her up the brim with his potent seed! 

Then the handsome young man was sliding his hand up her leg, bending over to kiss her on the lips, and Holly could not find the strength or willpower to fend him off as she had consumed even more of the aphrodisiac hours earlier.  It had been added to the wine she consumed during the night and was till in her system.  "Oh, God .........................this can't be happening ..........................this is so wrong!  You .........................you're young enough to be .................my son!" Holly panted out as the young stud slid atop of her.  "Ohhhhhhhhh, my Godddddddddddddddd!" she swooned as his thick cock slid up into her gripping groove.  It was so wrong of her to be with this handsome young man, her husband had only recently left with his unit on deployment, but it was feeling so unbelievable to me made love to once again.  Finally it was time to check out of the motel, both of them sexually fulfilled, and this time Holly was the one driving her car and instructed to drop the young stud off a few miles away near the mall.     
With her renting a motel room for their meetings, as she did not want the neighbors seeing him paying her a visit, the lovely Mrs. Glasser dared not piss him off as he had the goods on her infidelity.  Now that he had her under his thumb and afraid of the consequences, Ryan knew that he could do things that she would certainly object to but would end up doing his bidding.  With two of buddies on the high school's basketball team, showing them a picture of the lovely Mrs. Glasser had them willing to keep the upcoming Saturday night's game to within six points.

That Sunday afternoon, after giving the blond beauty a mind-shattering orgasm, he then timely opened the door to admit his two buddies who had kept the score to a five point difference, allowing Ryan to collect on the bet he had placed with his bookie.  Needless , to say that Mrs. Glasser was scared shitless when the two black dudes stepped into the motel room and began shedding their clothing, but Ryan had a hold of her arms to keep her from scrambling off the bed. 

Both his buddies were a bit older than him as each had been held back a year in elementary school, with 6'8" Jamal Jones the team's center and 6'5" Sam Harding a forward, both very big and very  black with cocks in proportion to their size.  "No, please .........................please ...........................not with them!  I don't want to have sex with them!" the beauty pleaded, but Ryan only chuckled at her plight as the ball players were anxious to collect what he had promised to them.  "Oh, God ..............................it's too big ......................too big!  Please ..................................take it out!" she pleaded when Jamal slid his 12" cock up into her.  Ryan smiled, commenting "Wish Mr. Glasser was back here to see how his lovely wife keeps busy!"

For Holly, it even felt worst when she was made to kneel on the carpeting before the towering 6'8" basketball player, cringing and grimacing as he rubbed his filthy black cock about her face, then she was forced to open her mouth to admit it in.  Dazed from the lack of air when the bastard had his lengthy cock all the way down her throat, Holly remembered the awful feeling of having her nose rubbed up into the short kinky black hairs, and when the bastard came ....................................he had pulled out till just his cockhead was enveloped by her lips, bloating up her cheeks with his filthy goo before being forced to swallow it all down or choke on the filth.  It was no better when it came to her sucking off the shorter of the two, for the bastard named Sam had her licking at his flaring cockhead before he shot off right in her face. 
When that Sunday afternoon sex session came to a conclusion, Holly was beside herself, not believing how low she had stooped to since her husband's unit had deployed just over six weeks earlier.  With photos of her adulterous affair at the spa used to blackmail her into more sexual encounters with the young stud, Holly would not allow him to come to her home for fear of the neighbors gossiping, thus she had paid for the motel room where they'd meet up.  And on this day she was made to submit to two of his black buddies, feeling so degraded at having to spread her legs for those black bastards, and then she was made to straddle Jamal while Sam took her from behind before Ryan made her suck him off at the same time.  It was only at the end of the fuck session that Holly came to learn that Ryan was only 18 years of age and still a high school student along with his two black buddies whom she had fucked.  "But I saw you drinking at the bar!  You're not 21?" she asked, then learned of his phony ID.

Weeks later, Holly once again found herself in a rather demeaning and degrading situation, this time Ryan showed up with a much older man ...........................a man who was even older than her own father!  Forced to do a sexy striptease for Ryan and the old boy, Holly was told to help the old fellow off with his clothes, then she was told to  straddle him, guiding his amazing hardon up into her.  "Damn, Ryan ......what a birthday gift!  This sure is the last thing I'd have expected from you when you told me you had a birthday surprise for me!" Holly heard the old boy exclaim as he arched his hips up to skewer more of his cock up into her.  Then she heard Ryan exclaim from behind that "You've always been good to me, grandpa ..............................and I know that you ain't had any nookie for quite some time now!" 

With the old boy pulling her down for a kiss, Holly found herself being held in that position as the old boy suggested "C'mon, Ryan ............................let's have fun together .......................get in back of this sweet thing!"  Holly then found herself being sandwiched between the old geezer and his grandson, finding that the old boy was quite energetic and although his cum wasn't very thick ...........................it was quite plentiful as if he had pissed up in ................just as his devious grandson flushed her bowels out with a hot enema!  It would be an afternoon that would be etched in Holly's mind for quite some time, as grandfather and grandson would change up on their positioning to give her a dual fucking: old boy doing her doggie style while she sucked his grandson off; her straddling Ryan's cock while his grandfather stood above him with legs spread wide as he fucked her face.  Holly had to wonder if she'd be able to get her life back normal, for surely continuing these sordid weekends would quickly bring an end to her marriage. 

End of Story.