Teenage Stud – I
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

 At the age of 18, with his handsome features, Kurt Reynolds had no problem in getting a date with any girl in the high school.  His hobby of weightlifting and outdoor sports really helped produce his well-tanned muscular body.  Standing at 6’1”, 190 lb. and sandy brown hair, he was the dream of all the girls in school and gotten the well- earned reputation as the school’s stud.  Kurt just loved to put on the charm, always getting the date he wanted, always getting his way when alone with the lovely girl.

 Kurt just loved to date the sweet naive young beauties that attended the high school.  He just couldn’t wait to introduce the innocent teenager to the joys of sex, loved the challenge of getting into their sweet panties.  He especially enjoyed hearing the little beauty scream when he plucked her precious little cherry.  He laughed to himself as he tried to recall the number of young little bitches that he had scored with.  Even funnier to him was trying to count the number of chicks that he had gotten knocked up over the past three years.

 Thinking back to exactly one year ago, Kurt recalled the exciting adventure that led to finding the one thing that was more challenging and exciting than claiming a young innocent beauty for the first time.  This all began when he started dating sixteen year old Karen Fuller, a young slim beauty with long blonde hair.

 On his second date with lovely Karen Fuller, he had picked her up at her home and was introduced to her parents.  Kurt shook hands with her father and then he saw her mother come in from the kitchen.  Kurt was astounded by the beauty of Karen’s mother, who must have been in her mid-thirties in view of Karen’s age.  At 5’4”, 118 lb., Mrs. Fuller sexy figure nearly had Kurt drooling onto the floor.  She was so sophisticated and elegant in her appearance with her shoulder length blonde hair, looking like a goddess to his young eyes.  Kurt was introduced to Mrs. Fuller and shook her soft hand with bright red fingernails that were obviously professionally manicured.  He could not but feel nervous, swallowing hard as he felt the twitch in his pants as he touched her hand.

 Driving up to the nearby lovers’ lane, Kurt got Karen to join him in the back seat of his car.  Applying his usual charm and experienced technique, Kurt was soon the first to suck on her tender pink nipples, sucking them to stiffness as Karen moaned from the exquisite pleasure.  Quickly Kurt managed to dispose of the sweater and bra.  With Karen withering about on the seat, Kurt reached down to slip off her tennis shoes and socks, then set up to strip off the skirt and panties.  Kurt smiled as he looked down upon this innocent beauty that would soon be his new conquest.

 Fingering Karen had the little innocent girl moaning and squirming about, indicating that this was obviously the first time anyone had touched her protected jewel.  Mounting the petite little blonde, Kurt placed his rock hard cock at her slick entrance.  With a well-measured thrust of his hips, he speared the squealing virgin.  “Ohhhhhhhh ……………Kurt …………………it hurttssssssssssssss!” Karen screamed.  Drawing back an inch Kurt, grasping Karen’s trim white hips, he slammed forward with all his might.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeee ……………argggggggggggggghhhhhh!” Karen squealed, her body shivering from the pain emanating from her thighs.  Karen began to sob in pain as the rupture of hymen signaled the end of her innocence.

 Kurt loved the taking of a beauty’s precious cherry, chalking yet another notch onto his trusty ‘gun’.  Without any consideration for his innocent partner, Kurt humped away without any tender compassion, wanting merely to sate the need to blast his potent cum into the squirming young beauty.  Once his cum had been deposited deep into the beauty’s womb, Kurt would lay upon the sobbing beauty, letting his cock recover and grow again to its full powerful state.  Then Kurt would make love tenderly to the young beauty, bringing her to a mind-shattering orgasm, at which time he would spurt his seed for a second time.  This strategy always worked and had the little bitch coming back for more of only what his cock could do for them.

 But with Kurt, it was always a story of ‘lov’em and leav’em’!  Once he broke in an innocent beauty and bedded them a few times, the other side was always greener pastures.  Once he had the little bitch, he knew she was his for the asking, anytime he wanted it.  It seemed that what he couldn’t or shouldn’t get was what turned him on the most, the thrill of the conquest was what he was after.  After several weeks of boffing the once innocent young conquest, the excitement dropped enormously for Kurt as his attention turned to find a new challenge to conquer.

 The next Friday Kurt arrived at Karen’s home to pick her up.  Just as Mrs. Fuller pulled into the driveway, Karen opened the window to yell down that she’d be down in about five minutes.  Kurt watched the garage door open to allow Mrs. Fuller to drive in.  He took a deep breath as he saw the car door open and Mrs. Fuller’s long trim legs slide out, legs encased in smoke colored nylons and 3” black heels.  “Hi, Mrs. Fuller!” he called out, pleased to see her smile at him and give a return wave.

 As Kurt mulled about, he looked up quickly when he heard a gasp and “Ohhhh!” come from the garage.  He observed Mrs. Fuller at an open storage cabinet reaching upwards, trying to keep some items from falling.  Running over to help, he reached up high to grab the item that was about to slip from Mrs. Fuller’s hand.  In doing so, Kurt brushed up against the sophisticated and beautiful woman.  His hand came into contact with hers as he could not help the urge to press himself up firmly against her.

 Taking a deep breath to inhale the fragrance of her intoxicating perfume, Kurt heard Mrs. Fuller panting for breath as he pressed up against her.  Both Kurt and Karen’s mom remained frozen to the spot, unable or unwilling to move.  With his crotch pressed up tightly against Mrs. Fuller buttocks, Kurt could not prevent the throbbing of his hardening cock.  The slight gasp by Mrs. Fuller indicated that she obviously felt his hardening bone.  Kurt placed his left hand on Mrs. Fuller trim hip as his cock throbbed against her.  His face now pressed to the right side of her head, loving the feel of her soft golden hair.

Kurt couldn’t resist turning a bit, sticking out his wet tongue and tracing the outline of her ear, then his tongue darted into her ear.  Pushing the falling back onto the shelf, he brazenly brought his right hand down to her hip, then let both hands slid up over her blouse to cup her ample breasts.

 What seemed like time frozen for a while, neither of them were able to move from the compromising embrace.  The sound of a door opening brought Kurt out of his trance and quickly brought the falling can down and held it out “Here you go, Mrs. Fuller!”  “Th …....Thank you, Kurt!  You …..............You’re so helpful!” came the stuttered response.  “Sorry to keep you, Kurt!  Let’s head on out!” Karen cried out.

 Kurt and Karen headed out to watch the high school basketball game.  Then it was off the lover’s lane.  On the way Kurt inquired and learned from Karen that her mom’s name was Meg and that she was 37 years of age, giving birth to Karen after just one year of marriage.  He also learned that her mom and dad began dating from the start of high school and got married once they graduated from college, that Mr. Fuller was the only one her mom had ever dated.  He learned that Karen’s parents never fought and that they were still madly in love with each other.  Now Mrs. Meg Fuller was the top interior designer with a major firm in the city and well respected by everyone in the profession.  In chatting, he learned that Meg Fuller was the head of the Women’s League and also president of the school’s PTA.

 Learning all he could of Mrs. Meg Fuller from her daughter, it was a fact that she had only had one lover in her life, that being her husband …………..up till now, anyway!  Such a beautiful mature woman, a married faithful wife, something that Kurt knew he couldn’t have.  That made him all the more determined to have her!  But first things first, off to lover’s lane to nail Meg Fuller’s lovely daughter again.

 Meanwhile, at the Fuller’s home, Meg Fuller was beside herself at what took place in the garage.  Her husband Michael always spent Friday evenings out with the boys from work, not to return till after midnight.  It had been hours since the episode in the garage but Meg could still feel the hardening throb against her buttocks.  Closing her eyes, she could still feel Kurt Reynolds’ body pressed up against her, his right hand caressing her outstretched hand while his left hand rested on her left hip.  Trying to calm herself, Meg took a deep breath, wondering why her thoughts were on Karen’s boyfriend, shivering as she recalled the pleasure shoot through her body as Kurt licked at her ear.  She chastised herself for such wicked thoughts, never having thought of ever being with anyone but her husband Mike.  But she just could not shake the wicked thought of wondering what it’d feel like having that tanned muscular body of Kurt Reynolds upon her naked body.

 A week later, Kurt was to pick Karen up at 6:30 p.m. when she arrived home from volleyball practice.  They’d go to the boy’s basketball game and then he knew Karen would have no objections to him heading out to their spot at the lover’s lane.  After the fucking he give her the last Friday night, he knew would have no problems in getting young Karen to drop her panties for him, anytime he wanted.

 As Mrs. Meg Fuller drove up into her driveway, she was surprised to see Kurt Reynolds leaning against his car.  Nervously, Meg politely returned Kurt’s wave to her, driving her car up into the opening garage.  As she put the car into park, Meg’s mind raced before recalling all the events that took place a week ago.  She told herself to forget being polite and to press the button on the remote, closing the garage door behind her, knowing she could not trust herself being alone with this young man.

 Exiting her car, garage remote in hand, Meg turned to face the rapidly approaching Kurt Reynolds.  “Hi ……Hi, Kurt!  Ka …….Karen won’t be home from volleyball practice for another hour!”  “Hi, Mrs. Fuller!  Another hour?  Oh?  I thought Karen said she’d be back at 5:30!  Guess I’ve got a whole hour to kill!” Kurt responded.

 At this point Kurt was in the garage standing only a foot away from Karen’s beautiful mom.  He stared into her baby blue eyes, watching her lips tremble in fear and anticipation.  Reaching out to her hand, Kurt took the garage remote from her.  Pressing the button, the garage door began to move downward, closing the interior garage from the neighbors’ view.  Kurt placed the remote on top of the car’s roof as he stared into the eyes of the lovely Mrs. Meg Fuller.  He had learned from Karen that Mr. Fuller was always out with the guys on Friday nights and now he was alone with her beautiful mother.

 Mrs. Meg Fuller was frozen to the spot with this muscular young stud standing immediately beside her.  She was panting to catch her breath, her thigh muscles clenching, trying to stem the flow of love juices from seeping into her panties.  She was now literally speechless, body shivering at being so close to this muscular young boy.  As the handsome teen moved in closer, Meg panted for breath as his lips neared hers.  Then his lips were kissing her and Meg could not resist opening her lips to his probing tongue.  She gasped as her hand was being grasped by that of her daughter’s handsome boyfriend, a teen young enough to be her own son.

 Meg was beside herself, unable to think or rationalize at all.  After that episode last week of Kurt being pressed up against her, Meg’s thoughts had gone wild.  What made it worst was the wicked and illicit thoughts that plagued her throughout the week as she tried to sleep each night.  She had often wondered what it would feel like to be stark naked with Kurt Reynolds’ muscular body upon her.  Each time she had pictured herself with arms and legs spread wide and embracing the tanned muscular body, arching up to get his throbbing hardness deep into her.  Since dating Mike from high school, never had a thought of making love to anyone but Mike entered her mind, but in the past week it was all she could think about.  Her wicked thoughts of her daughter’s young boyfriend over the past week, added with the young man so close to her now, had Meg’s body trembling.

 Unable to help herself, Meg looked downward to watch as Kurt’s fingers slowly began to unbutton her white blouse.  Then her blouse was pulled from her skirt, pushed off her shoulders to flutter to the dirty garage floor.  Then the shoulder straps of her lacy white bra were pulled over her shoulders, followed by the strong hands peeling the lacy material to bare her milk-white breasts.  “Ohhhh ……ohhhhh, Kurt …….stoppppp!” Meg moaned as one pink was suckled to stiffness and then the other.

 Moments later, the lacy bra had been unfastened to drop onto the garage floor, soon to be followed by Meg’s black skirt.  The next thing Meg knew, she was laying on the leather seat in the back of her Jaguar.  Her black heels, smoke colored pantyhose and black panties were strewn about on the dirty floor.  With the automatic garage light having now gone off, the interior of light of the Jag served to display the beautiful charms of the well-respected Mrs. Meg Fuller.

 As the muscular young body descended upon her, Meg pushed up with all her might.  “Ohhh, please ………….no, don’t …………..I’ve never …………pleaseeee ……………ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddd!” Meg groaned as the thick throbbing cudgel spread her moist quim.   “Ohhhh, Goddddd ………….yesssssssssssss!” she moaned, spreading her legs wide and crossing them over the buttocks of her young lover.

 Kurt couldn’t believe the exquisite feeling of actually fucking an experienced married ‘woman’!  The thought of getting a faithful wife to disregard her marriage vows for a teenage boy had Kurt’s cock rock solid.  The way Mrs. Meg Fuller responded to his cock, he knew this beautiful faithful wife was now his for the taking.   He was going to give her a fucking she’d never forget, letting his cock slowly slice through her moist but tight slit.

 One mind-shattering orgasm and a half hour later, the lovely Meg Fuller was again moaning loudly for Kurt to “Fuck me ……..fuck me hard ………….ohhhhhhhhh, yes ………….yes, cum in me again!”  Kurt was only too happy to oblige as he held her hips tightly to him as he spurted his thick potent load deep into her fertile womb for a second time “Ahhhhh, yessss, Mrs. Fuller …………here it cums …………….ohhhh, here’s my hot baby juice, Mrs. Fuller  ……….........I'm gonna knock ya up good!”  The way in which Mrs. Fuller’s body clenched and contracted, legs and arms tied tightly around him, Kurt knew she was having a wild orgasm.  He was certainly right for Meg Fuller had never before experienced such a feeling in all her years of marriage.

 Finally Kurt pushed his body up, groaning as his dwindling but extra sensitive cock slipped from the tightly gripping cunt lips of his girlfriend’s beautiful mother.  He smiled as he looked down at the sprawled body of this elegant woman and once faithful wife.  What a fantastic fuck!  What a thrill it was to nail a happily married ‘faithful’ wife.  The thrill of this conquest was made that much more special when he had taunted the lovely wife as he fucked into her, loved it when he called her by her marital name.  It added more spice to the conquest as he had taunted Meg Fuller “Ohhhhh ….............…….Mrs. Fuller ….............……you must be starved for cock!  Oh, what would Mr. Miller say if he drove in right now!  Does Mr. Miller have a cock to compare with this?”

 Getting back into his clothing, Kurt pressed the garage remote to raise the door.  The daylight and automatic garage light lit up the interior of the garage.  He smiled as he glanced at the items of women’s clothing strewn about the garage floor.  He again glanced into the rear seat of the luxury Jaguar, grinning smugly at the beautiful milk-white body laying widespread upon the leather seat.  He laughed to himself, wondering what people in the community would have to say of the well respected community leader with her legs spread wide with a teenage boy’s cum pouring out of her well fucked pussy.  Picking up the lacy black panties, he stepped out of the garage and pressed the remote to close the door, sliding the remote back into the garage before the door closed shut.

 Moments later, Karen was dropped off by another volleyball player.  “Hi Kurt, sorry to keep you waiting!  Let me run up to my room and get a sweater!” Karen yelled out.  Shortly, Karen came back out and got into Kurt’s car.  “Wonder what happened to my mom?  Normally she’s home already.  I hope she’s not laid up in her car somewhere” Karen pondered out loud.  Kurt clenched his jaws tightly to keep from laughing out loud, thinking ‘Baby, she’s not laid up in her car!  Laid out in her car would be more like it!’

They were headed out to the basketball game, of which Kurt was glad the game would take a couple of hours, he certainly needed to recuperate a bit after that unbelievable fuck session.  He couldn’t wait to get the stiffness back into his trusty cock.  This would be quite a day for him, the unbelievable first time of nailing both mother and daughter on the very same day.

 The next Friday, Karen was quite disappointed.  Kurt had obviously given her the brush off with the feeble excuse of being tied up and not being able to go out that night.  Karen knew better, telling herself that she should have listened to her friends’ warnings that Kurt had a history of loving’em and leaving’em.  But she could never forget the joys and heights this stud had introduced her to.  Karen was certainly disappointed but she had been aware of the drawbacks of giving in to Kurt, thus she knew she’d get over it by going out with her gang of friends.  As her mom had just gotten home, Karen called out “Going out with the gang tonight!  Bye, Mom!  See you later!”

 As Karen met with her friends, they all tried to cheer her up.  Karen was certainly disappointed, knowing that Kurt was probably going out to be with another girl.  But disappointed would be putting it mildly if Karen knew exactly where Kurt was at that very moment.  Shortly after Karen bid her mother goodbye, Mrs. Fuller would be opening the front door to admit in her daughter’s boyfriend.

On this evening the marital bed of Mike and Meg Fuller would be well occupied, only not by husband and wife, but by wife and her daughter’s stud of a boyfriend.  Kurt couldn’t believe the fantastic thrill of seducing and fucking a faithful wife on her marital bed.  The thought of having this beautiful woman violate her wedding vows on her own marital bed made this the most powerful cum he had ever experienced.  Having this sophisticated beauty wrap her trim arms and legs around him was something he’s always remember, especially when she begged him to “Cum in meeee ……..ohhh, yessss ………shoot it in me ……………give me your baby!”  Kurt definitely complied with her request, squirting his potent cum deep in her womb time and time again.


 It seemed that time flew by and Kurt stumbled into his clothing, needing to leave before Karen or Mr. Fuller returned home.  He bet the Fuller’s marital bed never had so much activity on it in one night.  Three times he laid it to the once prim and proper wife.  He laughed thinking what a shock Mr. Miller would have if he came home early, seeing his wife’s trim white arms and legs encircling her tanned young stud as he humped away.

Kurt suspected that this was the first time Meg Fuller ever sucked cock, seeing the way she choked and gagged when he shot his load into her mouth.  Fortunately, he had his fingers entwined in her soft golden hair, preventing her from removing her mouth off his spurting cock.  He loved it as he watch her swallow his entire load then once he released her head, Mrs. Fuller scrambled to the edge of the bed and began coughing out the slimy goo into the waste basket.  He suspected that her beautiful milk-white ass was cherry, but with time running out he’d have to wait till next week to find out.

 Six weeks later, Mike Fuller was enraged with is daughter.  “How can something like this happen to our daughter?  We’ve done everything possible to bring her up as a decent girl but look what happened!  Damn, how can she be so stupid and get pregnant in high school?  Why won’t she tell us who got her pregnant?  You’ve got to have a serious talk with your daughter, Meg!” Mike yelled.

 Meg could only nod in agreement, not wanting to say anything to stir her husband up any further.  However, Meg knew who was responsible for getting her daughter pregnant.  Mike wanted her to give a good lecture to Karen, even though it was obviously too late at this stage.  Meg just couldn’t find it in herself to give her daughter a lecture, not at this time anyway, not with all the other things on her mind.  Viewing Mike’s frame of mind, Meg decided it was best to wait a few weeks to break the news to him that she too was pregnant, telling him that one of the condoms he used was obviously faulty.

 Months later, just a day apart, Karen gave birth to a healthy baby boy that she named ‘Kurt’.  The following day, Meg also gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  Mike wanted to name the baby after him, giving the baby the more formal name of ‘Michael’.  But Meg advised him Michael was a rather old fashioned name.  Mike gave in as Meg was rather insistent, thus he went along to please her, especially since it was his use of a faulty rubber.  Thus, Mike told his wife that the name she picked was fine with him.  ‘Curtis’ it would be!

 Kurt Reynolds had always wanted his conquest to remember who gave them the best fuck of their lives.  In this case, Kurt would always be remembered by Karen and Meg Fuller, for he certainly gave them each something to remember him by.  With little ‘Kurt’ and ‘Curtis’ named after their father, Kurt Reynolds would be remembered the rest of their lives.

End of Story.