Teenage Stud – II
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
netscape composer
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

 As a senior in high school, Kurt now limited his dating to girls in the junior or senior levels.  It seemed that parents of the girls in this age group did not make as much of a fuss or scene when they learned that their daughters had been loose and promiscuous, especially if they got themselves pregnant while in high school.  Parents of any younger girl would be calling for the head of the bastard that knocked their daughter up.  Thus Kurt thought it wise to keep his hands off the younger girls no matter how attractive they were.  Fortunately, the gals he knocked up loved him so much that they simply would not reveal his name as the responsible party, thus far anyway.

 Then one afternoon, Kurt was lounging on the bleachers watching the tryouts for the girls’ soccer team.  He laughed to himself as he gazed at the sight of the young teen beauties.  Now at the age of 18, these gals sure did look young, telling himself to stay away or he’d soon have irate parents after his head.  Yep, he couldn’t blame parents of girls this age wanting to string up the guy sneaking his cock into that tender piece of meat and knocking her up.

 Just as he was about to get up and leave, his attention was caught by a set of parents approaching with a young boy.  Keeping his seat, Kurt watched as they walked up the bleachers to find a seat.  Seeing the way the couple was dressed, it was apparent that they had just come from work and that one of the girls was their daughter.  Licking his lips, Kurt stared at the beautiful woman with long flowing red hair.  He took in the way is beautiful woman was smartly dressed in a white blouse, yellow blazer, matching yellow skirt and heels.  Her lily-white complexion made his cock twitch in his pants.  ‘Man, I’d give anything to get between her soft white thighs!  God, that’s pure eating stuff!’ he thought silently.

 Staying to the conclusion of practice, he watched a girl with honey colored hair approaching and waving at her family.  “Guess her hair takes after her father’s side!” he assessed as he watched the family prepare to leave.  The teenage girl was fairly attractive, but definitely one he would ordinarily stay away from in view of her age.  ‘Man!  All I need is for a parent to yell statutory rape with their under 16 year old daughter getting knocked up!  But if there’s any way for me to meet the pretty Mrs., I’m gonna have to get her daughter introduce me to her!”

 It was easy for Kurt to approach the young freshmen during a lunch break at school.  Nicole Wells, along with all her witnessing classmates, were in absolute awe that the most handsome senior in the school would approach her.  She readily accepted a date with to go to school’s football game that weekend.  Kurt made arrangements to pick her up at her home an hour or so before the game.

 Kurt arrived at the Wells luxurious home just as Nicole’s parents were getting home.  Nicole brought him over to introduce him to her parents.  On the introduction to Mrs. Well, Kurt noticed that she was appeared a bit nervous, swallowing deeply as if to calm herself.  He felt her try nervously to pull her hand away from the handshake that he purposely held a bit longer than customary.

 Mrs. Megan Wells knew that her daughter would be going on a date with an older boy from school.  She herself began to date her husband Byron when she was a freshman and he a junior.  Thus she felt that one additional year of age difference really should not be a major factor.  But she certainly was not prepared for meeting anyone the likes of Kurt Reynolds, not with his well-tanned muscular body along with his maturity.  Megan realized that this was not a mere boy but instead a ‘man’ that young Nicole would be going out with.  She indeed had felt nervous the way this ‘man’ looked at her, the way he held her hand as he had.  She would certainly need to try to discourage this relationship and have a good talk with Nicole when she got home from her date.

 Kurt knew he would have to take his time with young Nicole, not wanting to scare her away.  At least not until he copped her cherry and got into the sweet panties of her beautiful mother, which was his ultimate goal in dating her.  Although he knew he could get farther, Kurt ended the evening with a soft kiss and very light petting.  Then he walked young Nicole up to her front door.

 Talking to her daughter late that evening, Megan could see that she was not getting through to Nicole, not the way she was swooning from her date with handsome Kurt Reynolds.   Megan decided that she’d have to continue the conversation on a different day.  Nicole’s constant mentioning of how handsome and matured Kurt was, Megan could not help but to admit that the young man she had met certainly made her knees go weak also.  ‘How can I stop Nicole from seeing this young man any further?  God, he even had my heart fluttering when he held my hand.  If he tried the put the make on me, I don’t think I could resist the temptation myself!’ Megan pondered.  Then as if she snapped out of it, Megan chastised herself for even thinking such a thing.  This bothered her immensely for she had never had any illicit thoughts of being with anyone else since she and Byron began dating twenty years ago.

 Two weeks later, having another rather tame date the prior week, Kurt was watching the soccer practice again.  Nicole’s brother had walked over from the middle school with some friends.  But as practice was about to end, Kurt was disappointed in not seeing any sign of the woman of his dreams.  He knew that Nicole was going out with the girls who made the soccer team to celebrate the end of the tryouts and they wouldn’t be getting together this evening.

Right after practice, Nicole ran by to give him a hug for being there to watch her.  Nicole called out to her brother and asked him to take her backpack home with him but her brother told her he was going straight to his friend’s house and spending the night.  Nicole looked disappointed in having to carry her heavy backpack filled with books.  Kurt smiled and told Nicole that he’d take it and drop it off at her house.  Nicole hugged and kissed him, telling him that her mom should be home a bit after six as she was to drop her dad off at the airport and then stop by the grocery store.

As Megan Wells was getting the two sacks of groceries from her car, she was then startled.  “Hi, Mrs. Wells!  Nicole asked me to drop her backpack off for her.  Here, let me help you with that heavy sack!” exclaimed Kurt Reynolds, grabbing the sack from her arms.  Taken by complete surprise, Megan nervously walked to the door leading to the kitchen as her daughter’s boyfriend followed her.  As shivers went through her body as she heard the garage door closing, obviously Kurt had pressed the remote next to the doorway.

Shivering badly, Megan offered Kurt a coke out of courtesy as he had assisted her with the groceries.  But she was shaking at the thought of being alone with this young ‘man’ in her own home.  Making cold drinks while Kurt sat on a counter stool, Megan bit her bottom lip as she handed Kurt the coke.  Gathering her thoughts, she nervously addressed the young man sitting before her “Kurt!  I must talk to you about something very important.  I know that you and Nicole have been dating for the past few weeks.  But ……..but don’t you think Nicole’s ……a …….a bit too young for you!”  As Megan could not talk any sense into Nicole, she thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bring an end to the relationship.

Megan gave a slight gasp when Kurt unexpectedly stood up, his 6’2” frame towering over her.  She took a step back as Kurt approached her.  Another step back and her shoulders bumped into the door of the food cabinet.  She was now looking up into the dark glaring eyes of this muscular young man, unable to say anything for the moment.

Panting for breath, Megan stood frozen to the spot, unable to move back any further.  Kurt smiled at the nervous mother of his girlfriend “You’re so right, Mrs. Wells!  Nicole is far too young for me!  I actually prefer a beautiful mature woman!  A woman, just like you, Mrs. Wells!  Do you know why I asked Nicole to go out with me in the first place?  Well, it was the only way I knew how to meet you, Mrs. Wells!  It’s not Nicole that I wanted to be with!  It’s you, Mrs. Wells!”  Stepping forward, closing the short space between them, Kurt leaned down and placed his lips on the bright red lips of his girlfriend’s mother.  The lipstick tasted so sweet to Kurt as he delved his thick tongue between those lips, his tongue meeting and teasing the pointed one that came forward to meet his.

Megan could offer no real resistance at all, her hands initially came up to repel the advances but merely offered a token resistance with her hands merely resting on Kurt’s muscular forearms.  Eyes closed, she tilted her head back and let her tongue teasingly play with his.  She was his for the taking!

The deep kiss, teasing of tongues, had the lovely Mrs. Megan Wells swooning and completely at the mercy of this teenage boy, a boy young enough to be her own son.   It was so wicked, having always been so faithful to her loving husband, now she was in the arms of her daughter’s young boyfriend.  She was actually returning his kiss, sucking at his thick exploring tongue as it searched about.


She felt the slight fumbling between their touching bodies, but Megan’s mind could not register as to what was exactly taking place at the moment.  In a moment the deep kiss was broken and Megan tried to clear her mind and take hold of herself.  But by now her blouse had been unbuttoned, its bottom pulled from her skirt and it lay on the kitchen floor with her lacy white bra upon it.  Eyes closed, Megan threw her head back and moaned loudly “Ohhhhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhh!” as her sensitive pink nipples were being suckled once after the other, bringing her nipples to stiffness.

The prim and proper Mrs. Megan Wells was oblivious to what was taking place other than the sexual pleasures coursing through her body.  She just had to feel the muscular teenage body rubbing against hers.  She was now unaware of what she was doing, rubbing her hands under Kurt Reynolds’ tee shirt, pulling his tee shirt up and off so she could press herself against his bare skin.  Then her hands went between their bodies to fumble at his belt buckle, the tightly buttoned jeans and its zipper.


The normally well-kept Wells’ home was now strewn with clothing in a trail from the kitchen to the master bedroom.  A woman’s blouse and bra on the kitchen floor along with a man’s tee shirt, to be followed by a pair of men’s jeans in the dining room.  In the hallway, a woman’s yellow skirt could be observed followed by a pair of white high heels strewn about.  At the doorway of the master bedroom, a pair of well-endowed jockey shorts lay on the plush carpet.  Then a pair of white pantyhose followed with a lacy pair of pale yellow panties just beyond it.

On the Wells’ marital bed, the two lovers were tightly embraced in a deep passionate kiss.  Kurt Reynolds’ heart was pounding in anticipation of nailing this beautiful bitch.  He was finally going to nail this prim and proper wife, going to destroy her ‘faithful wife’ status and make her an adulteress.  Mrs. Megan Wells was panting in anticipation, clenching her thigh muscles tightly to stem the flow of her love juices, totally forgetting her wedding vows to be ‘faithful’.

Leaning up, Kurt reached down to grasp his throbbing cock, wanting desperately to plunge it into the woman of his dreams.  Rubbing his cockhead up and down, parting the soft red fleece, he nuzzled the tip of his cockhead at the warm slick entrance.  Then Kurt was taken by total surprise as Mrs. Wells squirmed about and fought madly to get away from this menacing cock.  “Noooo ……no …….a condom ………..you don’t have a condom on!  You ………you’ll get me pregnant!” came the frightened plea.

It took all of Kurt’s strength to stymie the physical panic that the lovely wife was in.  “Nooo …..nooooo ………..you can’t …………please, please …………..ohhhhh, I want it but you need to put on a condom!  The bed stand ……….it’s in there ……..condoms ………please!” Megan pleaded hysterically.  Seeing the frightened panic on the her face, Kurt thought it best to placate her fears “Okay, Mrs. Wells, I’ll wear a condom so you won’t get pregnant!”  Reaching over, Kurt retrieved a foil packet from the nearby drawer, but hell if he was going to put the damn thing on himself.  “Okay, Mrs. Wells, here’s the condom!  Put it on if you want me to wear the damned thing!” he ordered gruffly.

Megan lay on her back staring at the foil packet in her hand.  It was such a simple thing but it brought out the true innocence in this lovely ‘faithful’ wife.  She had always made sure her husband had on a condom as they did not want to add to the family size.  She had first gone on the pill but allergic reactions resulted to the alternative of condom use.  In the past ten years, she would not let her husband make love to her unless the protective condom was worn.  But in all the ten years, Byron was the one to open the packet and put it on himself.  This simple task was something totally foreign to her.

Panting, Megan tore open the foil packet and for the first time ever handled the oily rolled up rubber.  She had to look at it carefully to determine the way it would unroll.  Then to try and get it onto the throbbing pole waving near her hands.  She had helped strip her daughter’s boyfriend of his clothing but she had yet to handle his cock.  Swallowing to calm her fears, she gingerly reached out to grasp the teenager’s manhood.  She could not help but to compare it to her loving husband’s, noting that the cock throbbing in her hand was far longer and thicker than her husband’s.  Finally, after fumbling about for awhile, she managed to get the potentially dangerous cock fully sheathed in the protective rubber.

Holding it firmly in her hand, Megan squirmed up on the bed so the throbbing cock could put out the fire between her thighs.  As she placed the cockhead at the entrance to her womanhood, more love juices began to flow in anticipation, stimulated further with the cockhead rubbing up and down her moist slit.  As Kurt pressed forward, he got the response he hoped for.  “Ohhhhh ………yesssss ……..yesssssssssss …………….ohhhhh, put it in!  Awwwwwwwwwww ……………..yesssssssss ……………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Megan groaned as the long shaft slipped into her hot pit.

 “Ahhhhhhh, yes, Mrs. Wells!  Oh, baby, you’re so damned hot!  Gonna give you the fucking of your life, Mrs. Wells!  Gonna teach you what fucking is all about!  Feel it baby ………..feel a ‘real’ man for a change!” Kurt taunted as he slid his lengthy cock all the way in till his nuts banged against her soft ass.  He began to fuck the delirious beauty with long slow stokes, causing the lovely Mrs. Megan to arch up into his every stroke.  He knew he had her completely when her trim white arms and legs tightly encircled him, trying to keep him tightly to her.

 The way this ‘faithful’ loving wife was hunching back at him, Kurt knew she was about to have the long awaited orgasm that she craved.  This was the time for the coup de grace.  On a slow backstroke of his cock, with only the cockhead enveloped by the hot pussylips, Kurt froze in mid-air.  Megan desperately clutched at his body with her arms and legs, trying to draw him back into her.  Holding still, Kurt exclaimed “I can’t feel a damned thing with this fucking condom on!  Gotta get the damned thing off!”

 “Nooo ……..nooo ……..no, you can’t ……….noooo, you’ll get me pregnant!  Please, please …..put it back in ………I need it so badly!” Megan desperately pleaded, trying to pull him back down with her arms and legs.  Holding her head firmly, Kurt stared into her emerald green yes and smiled “Don’t worry, Mrs. Wells! I’m not going to take the damned condom off!”  He saw the sigh of relief cross her pained face, then laughingly told her “You’re gonna take it off for me, Mrs. Wells!”  Kurt loved the pained horror on her beautiful face as she pleaded “Oh, please ………I can’t ………..I’ll get pregnant ……please keep it on!”

 Desperate to satisfy the need between her thighs, Megan hunched herself up and down, trying to capture more of the pleasure giving cock but to no avail.  She groaned in total defeat, releasing one hand from around his neck to reach down between them.  Tears in her eyes, Megan reached down and began to shuck at the top ring of the condom, getting it to slowly slide down the throbbing cock.  Easing herself back a bit, the cockhead slid out of her clasping pussy, allowing the protective condom to come off the thick teenage cock.  She then arched herself back up to capture the cockhead again in her slick lips.  As her arm rose to embrace her teenage lover again, she let go of the now useless rubber, letting it fall to the bedroom floor.

 “Ohhhh, Goddddddd …………….yesssssss!” Megan screamed aloud as the now unsheathed cock slid deeply into her fertile womb.  This was the moment of the conquest that Kurt waited for.  He loved the thought of having this loving faithful wife rolling off the protective condom so he could fuck her on her marital bed.  He loved to taunt this innocent wife, taunt her by calling her by her marital name while his thick cock lay buried deep in her belly.  Grasping Mrs. Wells by her trim hips, he stabbed forward to bury his cock, groaning at the exquisite moment of this unbelievable fuck.

 Then Kurt began to speed up the fuck, withdrawing and plunging forward faster and faster, all the while taunting the lovely wife.  “Like this teenage cock in your pussy, Mrs. Wells?  Ohhh, you’re so tight, Mr. Wells must be a pencil dick the way your pussy’s squeezing at me!  Oh, you’re one hot bitch!  Gonna shoot my cum deep in your pussy!  Gonna knock you up with my baby, Mrs. Wells!  Ahhhhhhh …….here it cum, Mrs. Wells!” he groaned as his cock exploded out its hot thick cum.

 Laying on her back with her teenage lover heavily upon her, Megan began to sob feeling so disgraced at having violated her marital vows.  After 17 years of not looking at another man, she had let a teenage boy seduce her, to make matters worst it was the boy her own daughter was dating.  Tears flowed from her eyes as she still had her arms and legs tied tightly around the muscular body upon her, his long thick cock still buried deep in her as she lay in the middle of the bed that she shared with her husband.

 Making love with her husband was always a one-time event, after which they would each go to sleep.  Megan began to breathe heavily, her eyes widened at the feel of the thick cock within her begin to pulse and throb back to hardness.  With legs and arms still tightly wound around the muscular body, she began to hunch back at the cock that slowly began to thrust in an out of her love slit.

 Twice more that evening, the Wells’ marital creaked and swayed under the physical lunges of the muscular teenager.  Each time it ended with Megan’s womb being flooded to the brim with the teenager’s hot and thick baby-making juice.  Each time she arched up to get the pleasure giving shaft deeper into her, begging her teenage lover to “Oh, fuck me …………yes, fuck me ……………..ohhhh, yes ………cum in me ……give me your cum ……………shoot your cum in me ………………..oh, Kurt …….yes ………give me your baby ……..ohhhhhhhhh!”

 Dozing off from exhaustion, Megan awoke in a startle to a well-lit bedroom.  Looking down at her naked soiled body she knew it was not a nightmare that occurred.  She realized that she was now alone.  Looking over at the clock, it was approaching midnight, the time when Nicole would be returning home.  She prayed it was not too late that Nicole had not arrived home early.

 Quickly getting out of bed, not putting on any clothing she rushed about picking up her trail of clothing that led all the way into the kitchen.  She breathed a sigh of relief that Byron nor Nicole had come home to witness the telltale signs of her seduction.  Swallowing hard she desperately looked about but no clothing was in sight.  Still her lacy bra and panties were no where to be found, leaving her to the conclusion that they were souvenirs claimed by her teenage lover.  Then she heard a car door slam at the curbside, signaling Nicole’s return home.

 Throughout the next week, the lovely Mrs. Wells was in a rather depressed state, ashamed at what she had allowed to happen in her own home.  She felt so guilty, unable to face her husband at the thought that after 17 years of marriage she had violated her marital vows, that she had given her self to a teenage boy.  To make matters worst, it was the teenage boy her daughter was dating.  She told herself that such an event could never be allowed to happen again, that it was merely a moment of weakness and that she did have the resolve to resist any further temptation.  But she knew deep down that if Kurt merely touched her or pressed his muscular body up against her, all her will power would be lost.

 The next Friday night, Megan did not want to be home when Nicole’s date picked her up, not wanting to be confronted with the source of her infidelity.  With Nicole going out at 6 p.m. and her son spending the night over at his friend’s, she and her husband didn’t need to rush home.  Megan and Byron decided to have a late dinner out near home but first they’d stop for a few things at the nearby strip mall.  Then Byron would drop her off at home so she could get ready for their night out while he made a quick stop at the automotive store so he could do some car repairs over the weekend.

 At 6:30 p.m., Megan entered her home while her husband did his errand in buying some automotive parts.  She breathed a sigh of relief to see that Nicole had already gone out on her date.  At least she would not be confronted by the object of her disgraceful fall from grace. Going into the kitchen, she got herself a glass of ice water, trying to calm herself.  As she walked into the living room, a shudder went through her body as she heard the front door open and Nicole call out “Hi, Mom!  My skirt got caught on a fence and tore badly.  I need to change quickly as we’ll be missing the start of the game.  Can you get a glass of ice water or coke for Kurt while I change?  Thanks, Mom!”

 With Nicole rushing off to her room, yelling back to her boyfriend “I’ll be done in about ten minutes, Kurt!”  Megan looked towards the entrance of the front door to see the tanned muscular teenager grinning and slowly approaching her.  Heart pounding, Megan was speechless, unable to move as the teenage boy neared.  Just a foot away from her, Kurt took the glass of ice water she had been drinking from and put it to his lips for a drink from her glass.  “Hi, Mrs. Wells!  Have you missed me?” Kurt inquired as he edged even closer to brush up against her body.

 Panting for breath, panting in fear, the fear of her own weakness.  She stepped back in fear, trying to distance herself from the object of her weakness.  Arms outstretched behind her back, Megan tried to feel her way into the kitchen, away from this self-assured young man.  Staring up into Kurt’s smiling face that took pleasure in seeing her discomfort, she could say nothing as he continued to follow her through the doorway of the kitchen.

 With her back against the front of the icebox, she was unable to back away any further.  As the large hands enclosed over her trim hips, she finally raised her hands to the well-muscled arms to resist further advances.  Finally she found her voice “Pl ……Please …………what we did last week was all wrong ………….I’m so ashamed of myself!”  But as Kurt bent and his lips touched hers, she arched up and opened her lips to admit his thick exploring tongue.

 Ten minutes later, Nicole came hurrying out of her room “Let’s hurry, Kurt!  Have you seen my Mom?”  “Yeah, she’s in the kitchen” he replied.  “Bye, Mom!  Got to run!” Nicole called out.  “Thanks for everything, Mrs. Wells!  I really enjoyed it!” Kurt yelled out as he closed the front door behind him.

 In the kitchen, Mrs. Megan Wells stood on wobbly legs, leaning against the refrigerator for support.  She tried to blink back the tears of shame that flowed down her cheeks.  She clenched her thighs together, her swollen cuntlips contracting, trying to stem the flow of the teenage cum that filled her to the brim.  She sobbed as cum overflowed from her flooded love tunnel to slowly flow down her inner thighs.  She couldn’t believe her total lack of willpower to resist the teenage temptation.  She had let him fuck her standing up in the kitchen, lifting her up to the level of his cock, plunging his thick cock deep into her love slit.

 Closing her eyes in shame, Megan’s thoughts still centered on the forbidden thrill she had obtained from this illicit fuck with her daughter’s boyfriend.  He had literally nailed her to the door of the refrigerator, plunging in and out as her back rested on the cold metal door.  She thought back as to how she lifted her legs high to encircle her teenage lover, crossing her high heels around his humping buttocks in an attempt to draw him deeper into her.  The orgasm that shook her body was unbelievable, made even more astonishing when the pulsing cock within her exploded its hot love juice that sent a soothing comfort throughout her body.

 As the shameful fuck concluded, Megan’s long trim legs untied themselves from her teenage lover to stand unsteadily upon the kitchen floor with her back leaning against the refrigerator for support.  She could only stare at the grinning teenager as he picked up her lavender panties from the kitchen floor, put it to his face to inhale its fragrance, then put it into the pocket of his leather jacket.  With the two teens having departed, she made her way to her bedroom and sat in the chair.  It had been so wicked at what she had done, yet so exciting that Megan closed her eyes and cupped her breasts, fingering the swollen nipples that the young teen had eagerly suckled upon.  Thinking of what had occured, she leaned back as she touched herself, dreaming of the orgasm that had rocked her earlier.

 Sitting in the bleachers next to Nicole, Kurt smugly thought of the awesome fuck he just had with the beautiful Mrs. Megan Wells.  ‘God, I nailed her right to her fucking refrigerator while her daughter was changing in the bedroom!  Shit, that was fucking awesome!  Nothing could be more fucking exciting than that!  Well, nothing with the exception of popping her daughter’s precious cherry on the same night!’ he thought to himself.

 Two hours later, overlooking the city from the lovers’ lane vantage point, Kurt Reynolds had his arm around the idolizing young teenager.  Kurt gave no consideration for this lovely young thing, his only goal was to put another notch onto his belt.  He caressed her right arm and shoulder as she leaned against him, then he bent down to give her a soft kiss, his tongue protruding to trace her soft pink lips.

 It wasn’t long before the soft kiss turned into more passionate ones, leaving the innocent young girl swooning under the most handsome boy in high school.  Her youth and innocence was just no match for this well experienced teenage stud.  In no time Kurt had the little teenage bitch completely naked on the back seat of his car, squirming like crazy as her tender pussy was eaten for the very first time.  Kurt loved it as the little bitch moaned, mewling and squealing as her very first orgasm had her young body convulsing uncontrollably, emitting the sweet honey into his hungry mouth.

 The delirious Nicole was now unaware of where she was or what had made her go so crazy out of her mind.  Suddenly her lips were being forced apart by a hard rubbery substance, forcing her to part her teeth to admit the hard rubbery instrument.  Unconsciously her pointed tongue touched and licked at this foreign object being fed to her, feeling it swell and pulse in her mouth.  “Ah, yeah, baby!  Ohhhh, baby, get the taste of your sweet Mommy!  Ahhhh, yeah, baby ……….here it cums ……………eat it all!”  Nicole did not know what was happening, not making any sense of what her boyfriend was saying as she suddenly was forced fed the hot slimy liquid that shot into her mouth or she would choke on it.

Moments later, Nicole embraced the large muscular body that was descending upon her.  But she was not prepared for what was about to take place.  She had been brought up very conservatively by her loving parents and had been thought it was not proper for a young girl to engage in sexual activities before being married.  She had every intention on living that type of life but being with the most handsome boy of the school, all her good intentions fell to the wayside.

 At this point, Kurt had no intention on slowly introducing this young innocent girl to the joys of sex.  He knew she would certainly be a virgin and he was determined to pluck her precious cherry.  He was not going to show her any mercy, in fact he was going to give it to her real hard, wanting to hear her cry out when he copped her prized cherry.  Grabbing his pulsing cock, he shucked it to rigid hardness, then nosed it into the soft fleece.  Now his cockhead teased the outline of the puffed slit, nudging forward into the slick entrance.

 Not giving the delirious Nicole an opportunity to gather her thoughts, Kurt grasped her trim hips and slammed forward with a brutal thrust.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhh ……………..aggggghhhhhhhhh!” came the shrilling cries of the young teenager.  Raising a bit, Kurt slammed forward again, bringing more cries of pain “Nooooooooooo ………….ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Then Nicole began sobbing, realizing through her pain and shock that the maidenhood that she had sought to protect had now been destroyed.  Destroyed forever, not taken in an act of love but merely to satisfy the teenage stud’s lusting urge to add her to his list of conquests.

 Lying heavily upon the sobbing young beauty, Kurt twitched his slowly deflating cock in the hot mixture of blood and cum.   Slowly his cock would return to full life at which time he would take the now sobbing teenager to the heights never before experienced in her young life.  He would make love to her, teaching her what can happen with a well-experienced stud, who would give her a mind-shattering orgasm.  Once that was achieved, Kurt Reynolds would have another young beauty that would drop her panties for him at his mere whim.

 He had to help the still sobbing and devastated Nicole, as she could not believe she had surrendered her well-protected virginity.  Seeing that she had all her clothing on, all but the pink panties, Kurt needed to get dressed.  Looking down at this semi-erect cock, he saw the streaks of red on it, red from Nicole’s plucked cherry.  Grabbing the pair of pink panties, he wrapped the crotch of the panties around his wet cock to wipe the blood off.  Once that was done, he stuffed the pink panties into the right pocket of his leather jacket.

 Taking Nicole home, Kurt pulled up to the curb and noticed the garage door and light on.  Mr. Wells was lying on the garage floor tinkering under his car while Mrs. Wells was holding a portable light above the opened engine compartment.  Nicole greeted her parents, telling them she was quite tired, then bid them and Kurt good-night.  Nicole then rushed to her bathroom, desperate to cleanse herself of the bloody mess between her sore aching thighs.

 Having worked on cars for many years, Kurt had become excellent in auto repairs.  “Can I be of help, Mr. Wells?” Kurt asked loudly as he swaggered up next to Mrs. Wells.  From under the car, Mr. Wells advised that he had planned to do the repairs over the weekend but got anxious and started on it tonight which obviously was a mistake.  Kurt could feel the nervousness of Mrs. Wells as he brushed against her, his hand caressing hers that was holding the light for her husband.  Bending over the hood of the car, looking down into the engine compartment, it was obvious that Mr. Wells could not see much beyond the bottom of the engine block from his position.  Observing his fact, Kurt blatantly reached out with his left hand to caress the tight little ass of the lovely Mrs. Wells.  He saw her bite down on her bottom lip to prevent a gasp, her eyes blinking back tears.

 After Mr. Wells explained the problem, Kurt had a good idea what the solution was.  “I’ve repaired that on my car before.  Let me take a look at it, Mr. Wells.  Can you put the light right there and hold it at that angle for me, Mrs. Wells?” Kurt advised, telling that to Mrs. Wells so she didn’t run off into the house when he got under the car.  Once under the car, the problem was exactly what Kurt suspected and it was obvious to him that Mr. Wells was really an amateur in auto repairs.

  In only a couple of minutes, the repairs were done.  Crawling out from under the car, he advised Mr. Wells “Why don’t you take it for a quick spin and see it everything’s working right.  You need to get it on the freeway and up to the 55 mph limit to be certain we’ve got the problem solved.  I’ll stick around till you get back and make any adjustments if necessary, Mr. Wells!”  Byron Wells was quite appreciative of this young man that had taken only minutes to solve the problem while he had been at it for over an hour.   “Thanks, Kurt!  Guess I’d better do it while you’re still here or I’ll be at it all weekend if I have to do it myself!”  Getting into the car, Bryon Wells backed it up and headed out on the test run, leaving Kurt and a very nervous Mrs. Wells together in the garage.

 “Mr. Wells is sure an amateur at car repairs, isn’t he, Mrs. Wells? Otherwise, he’d have known that just driving around the block would determine if everything is okay or not.  Well, we have twenty minutes for Mr. Wells to get back from the freeway.  What can we do in twenty minutes, Mrs. Wells?” he quizzed, looking at her shivering body as he approached her.  In a moment he had the beautiful Mrs. Wells backed into the corner where the storage closet would prevent anyone from observing them from the street.

 Pushing Mrs. Wells to her knees, he brought her captured hands to the top of his jeans, then released her hands.  Kurt watched the nervous woman unbutton the top of his jeans, pull down the zipper and then pulled the tight jeans over his broad hips.  He watched her pant in anticipation as her manicured fingers pulled at the elastic of his jockey shorts, slowly pulling it down over his hips.  He saw her eyes widen and lips part as his cock sprang out in front of her lovely face.

 “Ahhhh ……..yes ………….that’s it, Mrs. Wells …………..ahhhh, yes, stroke it with your soft hands ……….ahhhhhh!” Kurt moaned, trying to control the mad pulsing of his cock.  “Taste it, Mrs. Wells!  Put it in your sweet mouth, Mrs. Wells!” he groaned softly.  “I’ve never ………..never ……..!” Megan muttered, unable to complete her sentence.  Kurt couldn’t believe his ears at what he heard, knowing he would be the first to introduce this mature sophisticated woman in the art of cock sucking.  He entwined his left hand into her hair should she later attempt to repel his advances, then stepped forward to rub his leaking cock onto her pink lips.

 “Open your lips, Mrs. Wells!” he ordered as he pushed his hard rubbery cock between her slightly parted lips and teeth.  “Ohhhhh, yeah …………..that’s it, Mrs. Wells ………….suck on it ………….that’s it ………..ahhhh, yeah!” Kurt groaned as he began to fuck into her beautiful face.  He put his other hand onto her head, not wanting her to pull away, knowing she would try to do so with what he planned on next.  “Ahhhh, yes, Mrs. Wells!  Yes, you’re going to learn how to suck a cock just like your daughter did earlier tonight!” he taunted.  Looking down, he felt her head try to pull back, her head tilting up with eyes wide in disbelief of what she had just heard.  “Yes, Mrs. Wells, little Nicole learned how to suck cock tonight!  Gave her this same cock flavored with her mother’s love juices on it!  And little Nicole gobbled it all up!”

 “Do you like the taste of cock, Mrs. Wells?  Tasty, isn’t it?  A bit different taste from what little Nicole feasted on but you should like the special flavoring on it now, Mrs. Wells!  Coated it with a very special cherry sauce for you, Mrs. Wells!” Kurt taunted, tightening his left hand’s grip on her red hair.  With a thick cock in her mouth for the very first time, Megan could not seem to comprehend what Kurt was saying.  Then it hit her, she tried to push at his hips to get away but she was being held tightly by the hair.  Kurt laughed as her eyes reflected her horror “That’s right, Mrs. Wells!  That cherry flavor is Nicole’s sweet cherry juice!  Busted little Nicole’s precious cherry tonight, see!”

Megan looked up to see Kurt pull out a pair of pink panties from his right pocket of his leather jacket.  She recognized that it was indeed Nicole’s.   As the pink flag was unfurled, she saw the crotch of the panties covered with blood.  Kurt let Nicole’s pink panties drop onto her mother’s horrified face, placed his right hand back behind her head and began to fuck her face in earnest.  What a delicious sight this made, fucking Mrs. Wells beautiful face with her daughter’s blood stained panties upon it.  This was such a unique and stimulating fuck that Kurt couldn’t back any longer, his cock erupted spurt after spurt of his love goo into Mrs. Wells sucking mouth.

As Byron Wells drove up his driveway and into the garage, he waved at the awaiting Kurt.  Getting out of the car, Byron saw his lovely wife appear from the garden area just outside from the garage.  “Thanks, Kurt!  The car’s working great!  Purr’s like a kitten!”  He shook the young man’s hand in appreciation for all he had done while his wife slipped behind him and into house.  He had not noticed the distressed state his wife was in, merely thinking she had been walking among the plants till he returned.

Megan was fortunate her husband was preoccupied with his car.  Thankful that she could get into the house as he talked to the teenage boy.  She had been so horrified at what hat taken place while her husband test drove his car.  She probably would have enjoyed her first attempt at sucking a cock, sucking her teenage lover’s cock, but she became so disgusted at the thought of sucking the cock that had just stolen her daughter’s virginity.  Just before her husband’s return, she had been forced to swallow the awful tasting goo, after which she had rushed out to the side of the garage to cough up the slimy filth.

 Leaving the Wells residence, with trophies of both the Wells’ women in each pocket of his jacket, Kurt would never forget this eventful evening.  For that matter, neither would Nicole nor Mrs. Megan Wells.  He laughed loudly thinking back to when he was leaving as Mr. Wells approached him, shook his hand to tell him “Thanks so much for all you’ve done tonight, Kurt!  You’re a real pro!”  If only Mr. Wells knew all that he had done that evening, especially to his lovely wife and daughter, he would not be thankful at all.

 As Byron Wells closed the garage door and light, he went up to the master bedroom happy that the car repairs were already done.  In the bedroom, Byron playfully grabbed his lovely wife as she came out of the bathroom, giving her a deep passionate kiss.  Breaking the kiss, he made a face at his wife “Ouuuu ….don’t like the taste of that mouth wash!”  He liked a different brand of mouthwash while Megan preferred another, thus he shuddered at the taste.  But he should be lucky his lovely wife did use the mouth wash, otherwise he’d have shuddered at the aftertaste of a teenage stud’s salty cum.

 Having had two drinks over dinner and being happy with the car repair, Byron was in a rather feisty and playful mood, snuggling up to his lovely wife.  Megan felt so ashamed at having betrayed her loving husband.  Although she was not in the mood for lovemaking, especially viewing her infidelity this evening with the lusty teenager, Megan felt she owed any pleasure to her loving husband that she could give him.  She returned the kiss passionately, then watched as Byron reached over to get out a protective condom.  She continued to watch as her husband tore the packet open and began to cover his hardened cock.  She could not help but to compare the difference between what her husband was now doing versus how she was forced to sheath the teenage cock on her own.

 With her husband’s cock covered in its protective rubber, Megan could not help but compare his every movement with that of the muscular teenager.  She couldn’t shake comparisons going through her mind, that her husband was smaller in every way conceivable.  Weight, height, build, length of his cock, thickness of his cock, and mainly how effectively he used his hardened cock.  Without any foreplay, Byron pushed his rubber coated cock into his lovely wife.

Having been stretched widely this very afternoon, Megan was frightened that her widened slit would be a telltale sign of her infidelity and give everything away.  Desperately, she crossed her legs around her husband and arched up into him, something she had never done before, wanting him to think she was as tight as ever.  But her aggressive action caught her husband totally by surprise, not expecting his prim and proper wife to act in such a manner, causing Byron to groan and spurt his love into the tip of the protective condom.

A moment later, Byron lay on his side of the bed snoring soundly while Megan lay on her side not believing all the differences between her husband and her teenage lover.  Megan just could not believe how her life had changed in less than a month’s time.  Happily married for over 17 years with two wonderful children, having never looked at another man, yet she had so easily succumbed to a young teenage boy.  Tears in her eyes, she hated herself for committing the unforgivable sin of adultery, yet she knew that just a touch again from the muscular teenager and she’d melt into his arms.

 A month later, Megan tried to console Nicole, knowing she was down as she had not heard from Kurt Reynolds in over a week.  She understood that of course Nicole was bitter at her loss.  She was happy that Kurt and Nicole’s relationship had fallen apart.  But Megan felt so guilty in the part she played towards Nicole’s loss.  Especially since just this afternoon, Megan had taken off a few hours from work and driven to the Stargate Motel, where she rented a room and spent the entire time in bed with Nicole’s former boyfriend.  Megan knew she just did not have the willpower to hold off the handsome teenage stud.  At work, she had gotten a phone call from him in the early afternoon, at which time he told to rent a room at the Stargate Motel so he could fuck her tight ass.  She had made no objection to his demands, merely taking off from work to meet her young lover, even though she feared the very thought of being fucked in the ass for the first time ever.

Megan thought back to that afternoon and how she had performed that seductive striptease for her teenage lover, wishing to satisfy his every desire.  She had slowy let her dress fall from her shoulders onto the floor, stepped from the fallen garment, then walked to the bed where her admirer sat taking in the performance.  Lifting her right leg, placing her black heel between his crotch, she let him peel her heel from her foot, then she rubbed her nylon covered foot over his throbbing crotch.  Then her left heel was removed in the same manner, leaving only her black nylons and garter belt to cover her.  Moments later, she had stripped the young teen of his clothing and straddled him, fitting his thick cockhead between her slick cuntlips.

 A week, Nicole seemed to be getting back to her old self.  But she was still upset at losing Kurt. “Mom, I know I shouldn’t say this but I sure wish the girl he’s seeing now is not careful and gets herself pregnant by Kurt!” Nicole stammered as she left the kitchen.  Hearing this, Megan blinked back tears, unable to reply to Nicole’s vicious comment.  This vicious comment had hit home as Megan had been deep in thought, contemplating just how to solve her problem.  At the very moment of Nicole’s comment, Megan was wondering just how she would explain to her husband that she was pregnant.  As her husband would never suspect her of being unfaithful to him, the faulty rubber reasoning should be believed without question, never believe that the baby she was carrying was the product from her teenage lover.

 Seven months later, the Wells greeted another member into the family.  The healthy seven pound baby boy was named Ryan Wells.  Byron wanted the baby named Brian after him but his wife said she loved the name Ryan, that she had seen the name somewhere and it always stuck in her mind.  No one, including Nicole, suspected where Megan had seen the name of Ryan.  In one of her memorable interludes at the Stargate Motel, she had read it on the driver’s license of Kurt ‘Ryan’ Reynolds.

End of Story.