Teenage Stud – III
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
Mrs. Robin Hughs
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

 At the age of 19, Jimmy Walker was going to enjoy his senior year of high school, especially since he began dating the cute and popular Kathy Hughs.  This was now mid-summer and he’d been dating Kathy for three months.  Whenever they were alone, they did a lot of kissing and intimate petting but Jimmy could not get her to go all the way.  At times he got so horny that when he dropped Kathy off from a date, he’d drop in at the hangout where a lot of his buddies were along with some of the wild loose chicks.  With his good looks and muscular physique, it was easy for him to score quickly to ease the tension in his cock.

 Kathy was very much in love with Jimmy, after all many of the girls considered him the hunk of the junior class.  She was quite surprised that Jimmy asked her out the first time, knowing that he normally hung out with the wilder party crowd.  Having been brought up in a very conservative family and upper middle class environment, Kathy just did not feet comfortable in such a wild party crowd.  She and her friends loved to get together but in a more conservative way.  She loved the way Jimmy touched her but she was determined not to let their physical intimacies go beyond the touching and petting stage.  Dating Jimmy steadily for several months, she had no idea that he was going elsewhere to satisfy his teenage lust.

 On their first date, Jimmy met Kathy’s father and they got along well as her played some baseball in high school like Jimmy was currently doing.  Thus, the little common thread eased the tension of meeting a parent’s scrutiny for the first time.  Kathy later told him that her parents made it a point to meet any of her dates and that he was fortunate that his mother had a community meeting to go to as her mother liked to ask a lot of questions to the boys picking her up.

 A month later, when summer vacation began, Kathy invited him to come in for a cold drink.  Although no one else was home, she advised him that they had to stay in the living room as her mother had laid out strict rules that no boys would be allowed into her room at all, regardless of who else was home at the time.  With no one at home, Jimmy and Kathy were kissing and petting in the living room when they heard the garage door opening to signal her mother had returned home from work.  Jimmy smiled as he watched Kathy jump up at the sound, straighten out her clothing and move to the other side of the sofa.

 The door connecting the garage to the kitchen opened and the click of high heels could be heard.  As he had never met Mrs. Hughs but having heard from Kathy how strict she was on her dating, he expected to see a stern gruff looking woman to appear.  His mouth dropped slightly at the sight of a beautiful woman stepping out into the living room.  “Hi Mrs. Hughs!  I’m Jimmy Walker!” stated without waiting and held his hand out to greet her, all the while taking in the lovely beauty that was approaching.  He took in her long reddish blonde hair, elegantly dressed in a navy blue outfit, crisp white blouse, with navy blue stockings and heels.  His mouth was watering at the sight of her ivory white skin, looking so soft and flawless.

 Robin Hughs was quite impressed with this mature looking teenager who had stood to greet her and how he introduced himself.  She swallowed slightly as she extended her hand out to meet his, shivering as she felt his strong masculine grip.  In all her eighteen years of marriage, she had never felt his funny feeling going through her body especially between her clenching inner thighs when she met a member of the opposite sex.  She could see why Kathy was head over heels in love with this well-mannered and muscular teenage stud.  She smiled and greeted him, her hand still being held by his, causing her to go weak in the knees.  Once her hand was released, she nervously made her way to her bedroom.

 “Wow, Jimmy! You must have really impressed my Mom by the way you introduced yourself!  I was expecting the usual fifty questions grilling!” Kathy advised.  Jimmy smiled upon hearing this, knowing he must have created some stirrings within the beautiful mature woman, especially the nervousness he felt in her hand and the slight trembling of her lips.

 Since that meeting, Jimmy wanted to spend as much time as he could over at Kathy’s house, especially if her mother was to be home.  Over the last six weeks, he ogled the beautiful Mrs. Hughs at every possible opportunity, his cock twitching madly in this tight pants or shorts.  Whenever he had the chance, he wanted to get right next to her, knowing it bothered her to have him so close as her breathing would become labored and she would fidget nervously.

 Jimmy was sitting on a sofa chair as Kathy was sitting on the carpeted floor at his feet.  As they sat and watched TV, they greeted Mrs. Hughs upon her arrival home.  It was hot outside and Mrs. Hughs came in sipping a glass of ice water, then took a seat across the room from them.  They all chatted a bit as the early evening news was about to come on.  Kathy told her mom that she and Jimmy would be going out for burgers a bit later, wanting to rest a bit first since she earlier took an antihistamine for her allergies.  Mrs. Hughs told them that was fine as Kathy’s dad had called her at work and would be working late, so now she could just snack and not prepare dinner.

 Seeing his girlfriend’s beautiful mother sitting directly across from him, eyeing up her trim sexy legs as she dangled a heel, Jimmy’s cock was pulsing madly in its attempt to break out of the confines of his shorts.  Then he noticed that Mrs. Hughs’ eyes were glued to his bulging crotch, noticed her swallowing hard to calm herself.  With Kathy sitting below him and looking at the TV, she would be unaware of the exhibition he was about to give her beautiful mother.

 Jimmy shuffled a little to face the television set, which allowed him to give Mrs. Hughs’ a view up the leg opening of his shorts.  Though he feigned watching the TV, he was really looking off to the side viewing the reaction of Kathy’s nervous mother.  He saw that she was slowly sipping water from her glass, intently starting at his crotch, though obviously trying to hide that fact.  Then he slowly ran his left hand along the outline of his hardened cock, grasping it through the material of the shorts to give Mrs. Hughs an indication of its thickness.

 Seeing Mrs. Hughs squirming in her seat, rubbing her thighs together, Jimmy knew he had her about hooked. To set the hook, he pulled up the leg of his shorts to let his pulsing cockhead slip out of its confinement.  He thought Kathy’s mother was about to drop her glass of water when she saw the bulb like cockhead that he possessed, seeing how the white her eyes widened in disbelief.

 Finally Robin caught hold of herself, quickly getting up and going into the kitchen.  She leaned over the sink, holding onto to it to steady herself till she could regain her composure.

 Meanwhile, the medication was making Kathy feel quite drowsy.  She thanked Jimmy for volunteering to get her a glass of water, as he told her it should help.  Jimmy merely used this as an excuse to go into the kitchen where Mrs. Hughs had rushed off to.  Robin was still trembling when Jimmy came into the kitchen and stood next to her to get a glass of water for her daughter.  As she moved to get aware from this lewd teenager, she found Jimmy moving immediately behind her.  Just before she exited the kitchen, she gasped and froze upon hearing Jimmy’s comments from behind her “Did you enjoy the view, Mrs. Hughs?”  Panting in fear, having been caught staring by her daughter’s boyfriend, Robin rushed out and quickly made it to her bedroom.

Jimmy returned to the sofa and found that Kathy was about to doze off from the effects of the medication and had her come up onto the sofa.  Minutes later, he could hear the slight sounds of water echoing through the pipes of the home.  With Kathy now sound now asleep on the sofa, it obviously had to be her mother in the master bath trying to calm herself with a cold shower.  He swallowed hard at the thought of seeing Kathy’s beautiful mother in the buff, the thought causing the lump in his jeans to twitch in excitement.

Making his way down the hallway where Mrs. Hughs had rushed of to, his cock began to pulse in anticipation.  Pressing his ear to the door, he listened carefully and could make out the sound of a shower going.  Slowly he turned the doorknob, finding it unlocked he opened the door slightly and peered in.  He now could now determine for certain that it was the shower on in the master bath.

Jimmy surveyed the bedroom and observed the large king sized bed, covered in an obviously expensive white bedspread.  On the bed lay the emerald green dress that he had seen Mrs. Hughs come home in.  Scattered on the floor was the pair of matching green heels and a pair of white pantyhose lying near them. Certain that she was in the shower, he stepped into the bedroom and made his way towards the bed.  Slightly showing from under the green dress was a lacy black garment.  Lifting the dress, his cock twitched as he observed the lacy green bra that she had worn with the dress.  He couldn’t resist the temptation to touch, then to bring it up to his face to in hale the sweet fragrance of the lacy bra.

Hearing the shower stop and the shower door open, Jimmy pulled off his tee-shirt and sat upright at the top of the bed.  Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Mrs. Hughs was toweling herself dry, putting on a black lacy pink panties, then merely slipped on a white robe without tying the front.  Turning the corner of the bathroom and stepping into her adjoining bedroom, Robin gasped at the sight of her daughter’s boyfriend sitting on her bed without his shirt.  Then realizing that he was starring at her body, she quickly grasped the lapels of the robe and drew them together.  “Wh ….what are you doing in here?  Wh ….why are you here?” she stammered.

Looking down to his moving hands, Robin gasped upon seeing that Jimmy had her lacy green bra in his hands, caressing the soft silky item.  Watching the beauty’s stunned face, Jimmy held up the lacy bra “This feels so sexy, Mrs. Hughs!  But I was hoping to find your sexy panties, was it a matching pair of green ones?  Did you like looking at my cock Mrs. Hughs?  Did I make you cream in your panties?  I like the sexy black panties that you have on now, Mrs. Hughs!”

Robin was frozen to the spot, unable to move nor speak, trembling as she watched her daughter’s boyfriend get up from her bed and begin to approach her.  She was panting for breath as this muscular young boy approached her.  She was helpless when his hands came up to hers and removed them from the front of her robe.  This tanned muscular teenager had her melting at his mere touch, knowing just exactly how she had felt when she had stared at his throbbing cock.

After she had witnessed his deliberate display of himself and confronting her in the kitchen, Robin had rushed to the safety of her bedroom.  She had not locked the bedroom door, never expecting the young teenager to be so bold.  Panting to catch her breath, she had quickly disrobed and went into the bathroom to calm her nerves with a cold shower.  And how right this self-assured teenager was that she had been wearing a matching pair of lacy green panties, which she did not dare take off until she got into the bathroom.  Once in the bathroom, Robin had to peel the sopping wet garment from her hips which she then used it to sponge at her leaking love slit, before soaking her juicy pair of panties.

Once in the shower, she let the cool spray of water hit her, trying to calm herself from the wicked sensations coursing through her trembling body.  But the illicit thoughts remained no matter how she chastised herself.  Closing her eyes, with the hard teenage cock fresh in her mind, Robin’s left hand raised up to caress her sensitive nipples while her right hand moved to touch her slick oozing gash.  Never had she ever resorted to such a sinful act to relieve her tensions.  Now the teenager responsible for her sinful act was less than a foot away from her, right in the privacy of her own bedroom.

A moment later, the long white robe was pulled over her shoulders and fell in a heap behind her.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………….no …….no …………ohhhhhhhhh!” Robin moaned as the hot teenage lips closed over a pink nipple, than immediately began to stiffen from the teasing tongue.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..!” she moaned again when the other nipple was engulfed in the hot sucking mouth, her body swayed as the confident teen moved her slowly to the king-sized bed.

“I want those sexy panties that you have on, Mrs. Hughs!  They’re mine!” Jimmy declared.  Robin could not move at all, totally helpless at the touch of this deviant teenager who was now reaching down to touch her trim hips, inserting his fingers into the elastic waistband.  She felt her panties slowly being pulled over her hips, baring her body for the first time to someone other than her loving husband.

The next thing Robin knew she was laying upon the cool sheets of her marital bed, the covers pulled down.  “Ohhhhhhh, Goddddddddd …………ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned loudly, her long hair whipping from side to side.  Unconsciously, she spread her legs wide and arched up.  “Ohhhhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhhhh!” she moaned.  Never before had she felt such a pleasure, the pleasure of being literally eaten by a lover, the teenager’s long tongue wiggling in her sensitive slit.  Feet planted on the bed, she arched up and screamed “Ohhhhh, yes …………ohhhhhh, God ……..I ………I’m cummmingggg!”  Mouth open, gasping for air, Robin’s body shook and convulsed from the most powerful climax she had ever experienced.

Crawling up upon the soft petite body of the beautiful Mrs. Hughs, Jimmy’s tongue licked his way up to her stimulated nipples, nursing each one in his hungry mouth.  Then further up he crawled to give her a deep passionate kiss, knowing she wanted this as her slender arms crossed over her neck to draw him even closer.

Lifting his hips up a bit, Jimmy reached down with one hand to grasp his pulsing cock, then ran his cockhead up and down through the soft curly fleece till he found her slick gash.  Pushing forward a bit, he groaned as his cockhead penetrated the tight gash and was then enveloped in the hot clasping lips of her womanhood.  With the passionate kiss continuing as his invading tongue was met by Mrs. Hughs’, the arching up of her hips to accept his thick cock, Jimmy was going to give this once ‘faithful’ wife the ride of her life.  He was going to feed it to her slowly, drive her up the wall till she screamed and she’d be his forever.

Never had Robin had anything of this size stretch her so widely, having only experienced her loving husband, but he had nothing compared to what Jimmy was trying to fuck into her.  Fear and panic set in as Robin broke the kiss and yelled out “Ohhhhhhhhh ……………owwwwwwww …………….oh, nooooooo ……….stopppp ……..stop …………you’re too biggggg …………..oh, Jimmy, you’re too big!”   With her hands she then tried push at the Jimmy’s muscular shoulder, trying to push him off her and to preserve her fidelity to her husband.

“Oh, please ……..stop …………pleaseeeeee ………..ohhhh, no Jimmy!” Robin sobbed as the thick cockhead repeated twitched within her, driving her out of her mind.  With short pumping motions, Jimmy began to fuck the beautiful mother of his girlfriend, something he had been dreaming of for over a month never believing his dream would really come true.  The building sensations between her thighs caused Robin’s body to betray her.  Jimmy felt the hands that were pushing at him now moved up his arms and around his shoulders.  Then Jimmy groaned and slid his cock deep into the slick folds as he felt the long trim legs encircled his ass and began to squeeze at him.

Robin sobbed her body began to reacted to the stimulation brought on by the now long deep trusts of her teenage lover. “Oh, God …….ohhhhh …….ohhhhhhhh, Jimmy ………..ohhhh, you’re so big  ……….!” she groaned, her long trim legs wrapped tightly around Jimmy’s humping ass, just as a mind-shattering orgasm shook her to the core.  Never had her husband ever brought her to such a height.

As reality set back in, tears flowed from the corner of her eyes as she realized the awful sin she had just committed.  She had just committed adultery with none other than a young teenager, the teenage boyfriend of her daughter’s.  She had soiled the sanctity of her marital bed with this infidelity.  She sobbed as she lay in the now soiled bed, naked with arms and legs wrapped around the teenage seducer, who’s thick cock still lay deeply embedded in her fertile womb.

The cock that had taken her to such unbelievable heights now caused her to sob in shame as it twitched deep within her.  Then the horror struck her, as the teenager lover upon her was beginning to slowly piston his hard cock into her again, intent on spewing his potent seed into her fertile womb.

 As Jimmy began to hammered away in earnest, determined on planting his potent seed in this beautiful woman, her sudden pleas only stimulated him greater hardness.  Robin realized her teenage lover was about to cum in her, without the safety of a condom,  and did her best to buck him off.  “No …….no …….Jimmy please ……no …….don't cum in me .....please ……..pleaseeee …………..you’ll get me pregnant!”

This sure as hell beat fucking those teenage sluts that put out for anyone, this was certainly a classy fuck, a fuck to remember.  He was fucking a real woman for the first time, a real woman with class.  Nothing beat seducing a sophisticated ‘faithful’ wife, getting her to drop her panties and in bedding her on her own marital bed.

Jimmy wanted Mrs. Hughs to remember this fuck forever, remember her first infidelity.  “Oh, Mrs. Hughs ……….you’re so fucking tight ……….oh, baby, I’m going to stretch you good ………..ohhhh, gonna cum soon …………….I want ….to make you a little baby!” he panted.  Grabbing her trim hips firmly, Jimmy slammed forward one last time, unleashing a torrent of hot cum.  "Ohhhh .......yes, Mrs. Hughs ………..here cums my baby-making juice!  Gonna give you something to remember me by, gonna knock you up good, Mrs. Hughs!" Jimmy groaned as his cock exploded out torrents of his hot potent seed.

For the first time in her life, Robin had convulsed in wild orgasms twice in one love session.  With her loving husband, Robin at times could not reach her peak as her husband petered out too quickly into his condom.  Physically exhausted, her arms and legs unwound from around her teenage lover.  “Ohhhhhhh …………..awww, nooooo!” she moaned as the still thick cock suddenly slipped from her slick clenching lips.

Jimmy began to get into his clothing, looking at the lovely Mrs. Robin Hughs lying widespread on her marital bed, with his cum drooling out of her well fucked slit.  Then to taunt her “You’re so sexy, Mrs. Hughs!  I just what Mr. Hughs would say if he came home right now, seeing his beautiful wife lying naked in bed with a teenager’s cum pouring out of you?”  He laughed as the humiliated beauty turned onto her side, her back to him as she sobbed in shame.  With that, he bent down to pick up her black panties and put them into his pocket, then left the room.

Getting back to the living room, he sat on the sofa just as Kathy was coming out of her medicated sleep.  Stretching her arms out, Kathy seemed to be rejuvenated and now hungry for food.  With that they were headed out to the burger stand for a bite to eat.

 Meanwhile, Robin was feeling so guilty at the sin she had committed, slowly making her way to the bathroom.  She just couldn’t understand what made her give in so easily to this teenage boy, a boy that her daughter was dating.  The memories of this most fantastic fuck lingered heavily upon her, but she had sacrificed eighteen years of faithfulness to her loving husband.  Dipping a finger between her puffed vagina lips, she sobbed loudly as she withdrew her finger that was covered in the teenager’s potent spunk.  She prayed that her douche would not be too late to prevent the potentially dreadful consequences of this illicit mating.

As the week went by, Robin was in a state of mixed emotions.  She chastised herself for not putting up a better fight and repelling the lustful teenager.  She felt so ashamed at having betrayed her husband of eighteen years, during which she had never looked at another man.  Yet she couldn’t forget the unbelievable heights of passion and ecstasy that this muscular teenage boy took her to.  She knew deep down that just a mere touch from his teenage stud and she would not be able to rationalize further, that at his whim she would readily drop her panties for him.

Whenever Kathy had Jimmy over, Robin went to the safety of her bedroom, being certain to lock her bedroom door to prevent a recurrence.  But just the sight of the handsome young boy had her squeezing her thighs together to stem the flow of her love juices.  In the bedroom, she could not help but to touch her sensitive breasts and clit, dreaming that it was the masculine teenager’s hands upon her.

One afternoon, locked away in her bedroom, Robin heard footsteps approaching down the hallway.  Frozen to the spot, unable to breathe, she merely stared at the doorknobs.  She shivered as she watched the doorknob turn slightly and giggle, not allowing entrance to the party on the other side.  She knew that Jimmy was attempting to get into her bedroom again.  She sighed in relief as the giggling of the doorknob stop, followed by footsteps going back down the hall.  She was so thankful she had taken the precaution of locking her door.  But then, she secretly wished that the door hand not been locked, allowing the teenage stud to put out the fire between her thighs.

After a week of successfully avoiding the lusty teenager, the hot itch between her thighs was driving her up the wall.  She definitely did not want another adulterous encounter to take place, wishing she could get the memories of that eventful day out of her mind.  But why did she tell Kathy this Saturday morning that they’d be cooking out in the backyard and told her to invite Jimmy over for dinner.

When Kathy told him her mother had invited him over for the cookout, Jimmy knew the real reason why he was being invited over.  He knew that his performance last week had accomplished what he wanted, that now the beautiful Mrs. Hugh had gotten over her remorse and guilt, now wanting to experience more of the heights he had taken her to.

Going over to the Hughs’ home he was warmly greeted by Mr. Hughs while Kathy’s mother merely said a meek ‘Hi, Jimmy! How are you!’ before quickly disappearing into the kitchen to prepare the food.  He knew the turmoil going through her mind, knowing Mrs. Hughs was upset with herself for giving in to the need for wanting to see him again and was frightened of her own weakness.

As Mr. Hughs started up the grill, Jimmy and Kathy lounged in the backyard, then Mrs. Hughs started to bring out the food to be cooked on the grill.  Mrs. Hughs had dressed in a simple short yellow blouse and a short denim skirt.  Jimmy couldn’t stop eyeing her long sexy white legs and sexy feet as she walked about barefoot.  His cock throbbed, knowing the pleasures that could be obtained between those long sexy legs.

They all sat about the outdoor table, eating a leisurely dinner, but Mrs. Hughs was rather quiet throughout it all.  Just a few comments here and there but Jimmy knew exactly what was going through her mind, especially when his foot touched her leg, he watch the shiver run through her entire body.  When Mrs. Hughs shifted her body to move her legs, far away from where he could reach her under the table, the torment going through her mind.

With her husband and daughter home, Robin breathed a sigh, knowing that her will power would not be tested any further.  Praying that it would not be tested anyway.  She chastised herself for having even told Kathy to invite him in the first place, not understanding what made her do it.

As Mrs. Hughs took the first batch of dishes into the kitchen to been washing, Mr. Hughs began to clean the grill, while Kathy and Jimmy began to gather up the other dishes.  Then the phone rang and it was one of Kathy’s girlfriends.  Jimmy signaled to Kathy to go ahead and talk to her friend, that he’d do the clean up.

In the kitchen, Robin thought she would be safe, she had just turned on the hot water when the phone rang.  Then she heard the heavy set of footsteps behind her.  Looking up just above the short window curtains, she could see her husband at the far end of the yard emptying the coals while Kathy was sitting on the lounge chair chatting on the cordless phone.  Her eyes closed as the dishes were set down on the nearby counter, she prayed that Jimmy would merely go back out into the backyard, leaving her alone to do the dishes.

Robin gasped as large firm hands grasped her by her hips, then the rough hands and fingers slowly made their way up and under her short blouse.  Her body seemed to just melt at that point, she groaned and her head tilted back to rest on the broad muscular teenage chest.  Then she felt her loosely fitted lacy bra being pushed up to bare her breasts.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh …………!” Robin groaned loudly as thick thumbs began to flick at her stiff sensitive nipples.

Five minutes later, Jimmy smiled as he walked back into the backyard, wiping down the table and going over to see if Mr. Hughs needed any help with the grill.  In the kitchen, he had left Mrs. Hughs leaning against the kitchen sink, panting to catch her breath and to gather her thoughts.

It took Robin several minutes to gather herself, realizing just what she had allowed to happen, right in her own kitchen with her husband and daughter only yards away.  The self-assured teenager had taken advantage of her obvious weakness, he had touched and fingered her till she orgasmed against his exploring fingers.  ‘Oh, God! The bastard took advantage of my weakness for him, but he didn’t have to leave me standing here like this. What if Kathy or my husband came in after he walked out?” thought Robin.  Jimmy had fingered her to an orgasm and left her standing weakly at the sink with her lacy white panties in a puddled at her feet.

On Monday, Kathy met Jimmy and she was quite excited.  She had previously told Jimmy of the usual summer trip up into the mountains to spend a week at their cabin on the lake.  How she loved to go out on the small rowboat with her dad in the early morning where they’d catch enough trout for dinner before coming back in.  “Jimmy, my Mom must really like you.  She came out from her side this morning and told me to see if you’d like to join us on the trip.  I had been thinking how to go about asking her if I could invite you.  She took me totally by surprise when she came from her side with the idea.  I never thought she’d go for it.  Of course, she won’t let us sleep in the same room together but she said you could sleep on the bed in the loft.” Kathy explained.

  Heading out early that Saturday morning, Mr. Hughs started up the Explorer for the near three-hour drive.  But after an hour into the drive, it was obvious that Mr. Hughs was getting drowsy behind the wheel due to lack of sleep, having worked late at the office the night before in preparation for this vacation.  Jimmy offered to drive and Mrs. Hughs encouraged her husband to get some rest, that he should go into the back seat where it was more comfortable, that she was wide awake and would show Jimmy the way to the cabin.  To Mr. Hughs, this rationale certainly made sense, knowing that Robin did not feel comfortable driving on the road to the cabin due to the excessive number of curves.

Kathy had already been dozing from the long drive and soon her father was fast asleep.  Assured that father and daughter were fast asleep, Jimmy saw the nervous Mrs. Hughs scoot over a bit closer to him.  Looking straight ahead to the roadway, Robin bit down on her bottom lip, uncertain that she should show her desperate need.  Then Jimmy noticed her left hand slowly moving towards him on the seat, the view block of what was happening blocked by the high front seat.  Then the soft manicured hand was resting on his lap.

Jimmy was going to let Mrs. Hughs do all the work, let her get over her doubts and inhibitions, merely spreading his thighs a bit to encourage her.  Jimmy had to take a deep breath himself as the soft hand tentatively began to move a bit, edging slowly to his bulging crotch.  As the soft hand caressed his caged cock, he had to stifle a groan of pleasure as the slender fingers began to grasp at his throbbing ache.

Glancing to his right, he saw Mrs. Hughs look back towards her daughter and then her husband.  Seeing that they were fast asleep, Jimmy watched as Mrs. Hughs slid over another few inches.  His cock was pulsing even more as the slender fingers began shucking up and down his cock through his jeans.

Head turned towards the back to keep an eye on the sleeping occupants, Robin nervously reached over with her hand and fumbled with the tight zipper.  Finally it was undone, her hand reached in to fumble with the opening of the jockey short to finally reach her throbbing prize.  Fishing out the throbbing teenage cock, Robin turned her head back to face the roadway, all the while her left hand went to work with her pumping action.

Though facing the roadway, Robin’s eyes were obviously focused down and to her left, watching the teenage cock in her hand swell even more.  Minutes of this shucking motion, which sped up faster and faster, she saw the pink cockhead turn a shade of purple.  She realized that Jimmy was about to cum and it would be very, very soon.  Desperately trying to reach down with her right hand, she just could not reach her purse that had slid to far corner of the passenger compartment.  She wanted to get the tissues in her purse but she could not without letting go of the pulsing cock.

Robin realized that another minute and Jimmy’s cock would be spurting its love juice all over the steering wheel and dashboard.  Staring at the hypnotic swaying of the thick cock, her mouth watered and she licked her lips, deep in thought.  Taking a glance into the back seat, Robin hesitated, biting down on her lip.  Then she did the unthinkable, something her husband had begged for many a time but which she absolutely refused, saying it was too filthy a thing to contemplate.  Bend down, she leaned over, stuck her pointed wet tongue out and licked at the now oozing cockhead.  Her very first taste of cock and she wanted more, opening her mouth wide she enveloped the throbbing purple head.

Jimmy just couldn’t believe this prim and proper woman would ever have gone so far and to chance such a thing with her husband and daughter asleep just a few feet away.  ‘Oh, God, her mouth is to wet and warm …………..God, don’t let me cum too quickly!’ Jimmy prayed silently.  In his wildest dreams, he never expected her to go down on him, at least without him forcing it into her lovely mouth.  Looking down at the beautiful woman, he thought she would merely suck on his cockhead a but instead was really giving him a hell of a blowjob, sucking it like a lollipop.  This was the best blowjob he’d ever had and he had many a blowjob from the wild teenage sluts he had met.

Trying to keep his eyes on the roadway, it was quite difficult to do while also trying to fuck his cock into the hot sucking mouth.  Jimmy’s body shook uncontrollably, he gritted his teeth tightly, his hips lifting slightly off the seat as he exploded his hot love juice into the hot wet vacuum.

Robin swallowed again and again, drinking all the hot thick cum this teenage stud could produce.  Finally, the cock began to dwindle and shrink in her still sucking mouth.  Minutes later, the now shrunken cock slipped from her wet lips.  Carefully, she put the now tamed animal back into its cage and zipped it close.  Sitting up, Robin then slid back over towards the front passenger door.  Just as she reached her new position, a yawn came from the back seat, it was Kathy awakening “How much longer to the cabin, Mom?”  With eyes glancing to his right, Jimmy saw Mrs. Hughs swallow deeply twice before answering her daughter, needing to clear her mouth of her thick nourishing drink.

Getting to the cabin, the feasted on lunch then they all had a great time frolicking about the lake.  The checked out all the equipment, threw out some fishing lines, then relaxed in the sun.  A couple of good sized trout were caught just at sunset and that served as dinner.  Following dinner, Kathy told Jimmy that every morning she and her dad would normally get up early and paddle out to the best fishing spots and stay there till they had enough for dinner.  When 6 a.m. was mentioned as the takeoff time, Jimmy told Kathy that he wasn’t an early riser and would pass for sleeping in, telling her that it best anyway that she go out alone with her dad as customary and that it’d be great bonding between them.

 At 6 a.m. sharp the next morning and each morning thereafter, Kathy and her dad headed on out to catch dinner, leaving Mrs. Hughs and Jimmy to sleep in.  Jimmy and Mrs. Hughs were definitely planning to sleep in during the morning, but only sleeping in the same bed together.  Once the front door closed, Jimmy crept up to peek out.  Once the boat was in the water and headed out into the lake, Jimmy headed up to the Hughs’ bedroom.  Entering the couple’s private bedroom he saw the beautiful Mrs. Hughs with a fear of apprehension on her face.  He reached out to grasp the blue nightown that she and on an slowly drew it down her milky-white body.

The relationship of Kathy and Jimmy grew after that week at the lake.  They were steadies throughout high school and then they both commuted to the nearby state college.  Kathy told her Mom that she couldn’t be happier, that Jimmy had shed his wild oats and hardly ever saw his old friends and that he really liked just being around her and the family.  She told her Mom that she was surprised that Jimmy really respected her and did not press her at all in the sexual area.

Robin was glad to hear all of that, especially how close she was to Jimmy, how much she herself was in love with this young man.  Whenever they had the chance, they consummated their love for each other in the Hughs marital bed.  But when it was just not feasible, Robin would rent a room at the Stardust Motel where she and Jimmy could vent their lust for each other.

With her handsome young stud, it was no holds barred when it came to sex.  Lovemaking with her husband had always been in the prone position, but with her young stud always sporting a rigid boner for her, Robin just loved to get up in the saddle and ride home the derby winner. And each was just a fantasic ride culminating with her young lover's cum gysering up in her fertile womb.  

After that first afternoon together, Robin never douched out her teenage lover’s spunk, wanting in fact for him to impregnate her.  But that never happened in their now six year relationship.  Now after six years, both Kathy and Jimmy were about to graduate from college and a month later, the wedding would take place at a nice hotel resort.

The night before the wedding, they all checked into the hotel since it was quite far from where they resided.  Mr. & Mrs. Hughs had a room, Kathy and her maid of honor sharing another, while Jimmy took the bridal suite since it had a master bed.  The wedding and reception went off without a hitch and then the bride and groom headed up to the bridal suite.  Kathy was so happy, still not believing that after this long courtship, she would be giving her virginity to Jimmy.  As her period was like clockwork, she had chosen this weekend for the wedding when she would be most fertile.

Nearly to the day, nine months after the wedding, both Jimmy and his now father-in-law nervously paced the floor of the hospital’s maternity ward.  Within hours both were proud parents of healthy baby boys.  Mr. Wells could not believe that after all these years a damned rubber leaked and impregnated his beautiful wife.  Now he was a father again but now in his 40’s.

Jimmy smiled and congratulated his father-in-law when the good news came of the birth, a few hours before Kathy gave birth.  Both mother and daughter were put into the same semi-private room to celebrate this unusual event.

Robin was so shocked when she had discovered that she was pregnant.  Shocked when Kathy broke the news to her before she had the opportunity to tell her of her own condition.  But to give birth on the very same day, that was quite an unusual event.  Perhaps not if one knew that mother and daughter were impregnated on the very same day, by the very same young stud, on the very same honeymoon bed.

Jimmy thought back to the eventful night when he took Kathy up to the honeymoon suite.  He claimed her prized virginity and knocked her up in the process.  But what was just as memorable was what took place during the very early morning hours when he answered the knock on his door.  Answering the door, he anxiously let in his visitor and escorted her to the honeymoon bed.  That morning, the honeymoon bed was given a good practice run for the evening events, with the bride’s mother giving it a through test.  Mrs. Robin Hughs had spread her long trim legs to welcome Jimmy into the family.  Little did Robin realize that instead Jimmy would be putting her in the family way from this illicit mating.

End of Story.