Teenage Stud – IV
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
Mrs. Meredith Atwater
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Meredith Atwater as rather upset with her teenage daughter’s friends.  The group of friends that she began hanging around with since she entered high school was older than she, a ‘rougher’ bunch than she had hung around with during middle school.  She shivered at the thought of the rugged young man that her daughter was now dating.  He was a senior at the high school, eighteen years of age and three years older than her daughter Kasie.  What made her shiver was the remembrance of when she herself was back in high school and had a crush on the most rugged boy in the school, a boy similar to Derek Thomas that her daughter was now dating.

Although she could not blame her daughter for the ‘wild’ streak that was identical to hers at that age, Meredith had to somehow get Kasie to away from that boy’s influence.  She had talked to Kasie several times about it but Kasie kept ignoring her.  As Kasie had not done anything wrong, there was really nothing Meredith could do but to try and talk sense into her daughter, trying to tell her it was all wrong for her to be dating such an older boy.

Having seen and met Derek Thomas, Meredith took a dislike for the young man immediately.  Perhaps it was his bold self-assured manners that bordered on being arrogant that Meredith took an instant disliking to.  But deep down she knew it was because this young man reminded her so much of the old boyfriend she had in high school.  Upon seeing this self-assured young man with long unkempt hair, Meredith had gone weak at the knees, as flashbacks of her old flame haunted her.

Meredith knew there was only one thing one Derek Thomas’ mind, that being to bed young Kasie or any other female that fell under his spell.  She remembered so well how she was unable to resist the advances of her old flame, surrendering her virginity to him in her freshman year of high school.  She recalled that once she did surrender herself to him, it became a Saturday night ritual when he would fuck her all night long.  Not that she complained about it, loving the mind-shattering orgasms he took her to each time they fucked.  Her parents also tried to curb the relationship, just as she was doing to curb Kasie’s wild ways.  But it was only when her boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle accident did she return to the conservative girl she had always been before.

When young Kasie asked her mother why she didn’t want her to see Derek, all she could get was that he was so much older than her.  Meredith had never revealed her ‘wild’ streak during her high school days, having met her loving husband in college, years after the death of her first love.  Although she was no longer a virgin, she had appeared rather conservative and naïve to John Atwater who asked her to marry him as they were about to graduate.  So many of the wild sexual acts that Meredith had performed and immensely enjoyed with her high school lover were never to be enjoyed by her loving husband.  She was afraid to let herself go again and did not want to reveal that ‘wild’ streak simmering deep within her.

Derek Thomas was well experienced in his ways with young teenage girls and had often scored on some chicks that were in college. His handsome rugged looks made him look more like he was in his early twenties and had all the girls flocking over him.  He was always kept busy with the young beavers that came his way that he did not have to go far to find a willing young girl to spread her legs for him.  He normally didn’t bother meeting a girl’s parents, telling the girls to meet him if they wanted to go out with him.  Thus many girls merely told their parents they were going out with a bunch of friends and sneak out to meet him for a date.

Once Derek gave Kasie Atwater a ride home, he was introduced to her beautiful mother, so young in appearance that Derek couldn’t believe this woman could have a daughter Kasie’s age.  Derek’s experience with women told him immediately just what an effect he was having upon this beautiful woman.  He could feel her shiver as he shook her beautiful soft hand, one so perfectly manicured.  Upon seeing the effect he was having upon her, he deliberately held her hand much longer than customary.  Once he released his grip, he smiled as Mrs. Meredith Atwater quickly withdrew her captured hand, loving the effect that he had upon the lovely woman.

 Never had Derek seen such a beautiful sophisticated woman.  He guessed she was in her mid- thirties considering Kasie’s age, about 116 lbs and 5’4”.  He especially loved her long trim legs, beautiful light brown hair and flawless white skin.   If he had known Kasie had such a beautiful mother, he wouldn’t have objected coming over to pick her up and stand the scrutiny of questioning by her parents.  He’d be certain to pick her up from here on out and he certainly looked forward to meeting Mrs. Atwater again.  Just looking at her beautiful features, Derek’s hormones went into overdrive and his cock quickly rose to bulge the crotch of his jeans.  ‘Man, I’d sure would like to get between her long sexy legs and throw her a fuck!’ he muttered to himself.

That night when he was out with Kasie, he learned from that her mother didn’t approve of her hanging out with him and the gang, saying it was because they were so much older than she was.  Derek had to hide his smile and hold back his laughter, as this was really ‘good’ news to him.  Now he had just the topic in which he could approach Kasie’s beautiful mother with, knowing how uncomfortable she was when he first met her.   He chuckled to himself, knowing that Mrs. Atwater was aware of his main goal, that of relieving her beautiful young daughter of her precious cherry and to make her a slut.

Derek learned a lot from Kasie about her parents, how her dad loved to watch college football games from the first game and throughout each Saturday on the big screen television in their den.  While her dad was captivated by the football games, her lovely mom would take the time to putter around in her backyard garden, loving the flowers and shrubs.  He recalled how nicely groomed the backyard had been quite impressed by it.

In bed that night, Derek spotted a throbbing hardon as he could still picture Mrs. Atwater as he hand seen her early that evening.  She looked so damned sexy in her white blouse and black skirt, along wtih nylons and heels.  Then his mind went into overdrive as his mind slowly slipped that black skirt from her along with removing her blouse, picturing her in just her black undergarmetns, black nylons and 3" heels.  He licked his licks upon picturing her beautiful perfect ass bared before him.  How he wanted to step up between her soft cheeks, grasp her hips in his hands as he fitted himself to her, then thrust his proud manhood into her hot slippery sleeve.  Shivering, he began stroking his aching cock, spurting a huge stream of cum with her image in his mind.

As the week went by, Kasie’s birthday was coming up on Saturday so Derek told her they’d go out and celebrate that night.  Kasie told him that’d be perfect as her girlfriends were making a ‘girls only’ picnic to celebrate her birthday and her parents would be taking her to dinner on Sunday night.  He offered to pick Kasie up and drop her off at the picnic and she readily accepted, saying she’d get a ride home with one of the girls who had just gotten her license.

Purposely arriving early to pick Kasie up, she invited him in while she finished getting ready.  He peered into the darkened den, lit up only by the large screen television, the drapes drawn to shut out the daylight.  Kasie’s dad had the den wired up for surround sound to make it sound like a movie house.  With Mr. Atwater oblivious to anything but the game, he then wandered toward the kitchen and peered out into the backyard.  His mouth dropped open at he beautiful sight before him.  There was Mrs. Atwater, dressed in a blouse and shorts, bending over at the waist to tend to a plant.  The long white legs and beautiful tight ass had Derek so horny that he had to rub his aching cock.

When Kasie came out of her room, she and Derek headed on out.  In the car, Derek gave her a passionate kiss and wished her a ‘Happy Birthday!’  Derek intended on giving her a birthday present she’d always remember him by, as no gal ever forgot who got her precious cherry.  Having picked up some wine, he intended on getting her a bit tipsy that night and then make a woman out of her.  He dropped her off at the picnic area, telling her to call him on the cell phone when he should pick her up, adding that he had an important chore that needed taking care of during the afternoon.

With her radio on to some soft music, Meredith was enjoying the beautiful day as she puttered about the flowers and shrubs, while her husband was relaxing in the den.  She enjoyed being in the warmth of the sun with some shade provided by the leaves of the overhanging oak tree.  As she began to transplant some colorful flowers from the pots into the ground at the base of the oak tree, a large shadow suddenly appeared and blocked all the sun, startling her.  Turning to see who it was, she gasped aloud as her daughter’s rugged but handsome boyfriend was standing before her with his rather arrogant but self-assured cockiness.  A cockiness that Meredith took offense to but deep down excited her as it reminded her of her first boyfriend.

“Hi, Mrs. Atwater!” Derek greeted the beautiful mother and grinned widely in his self-assured manner.  Startled, Meredith stumbled a bit, then stood up.   “H ….Hi, Derek!  Wh ……what are you doing here?  I ……I thought you were driving Kasie to her picnic?” she stammered.

Taking a step to close the gap, Derek smiled at the obviously uncomfortable beauty.  He knew he was definitely having the desired effect he wanted upon her, enjoying her discomfort.  “I already dropped Kasie off at the picnic, Mrs. Atwater.  I came back because I wanted to talk to ……..you!”

With less than a foot between them, Meredith took a step back to put some distance between them but then her back met the trunk of the large oak tree, preventing her from retreating any further.  “Wh …wh …what did you want to talk to me about?” she asked nervously, now frightened.  Frightened by the rugged young man standing before her, but more frightened by the sexual stimulation she was feeling, the twitching within her loins.

“Kasie told me that you didn’t approve of her going out with me!  I just wanted to talk to you about it and maybe help clarify things for you!” he advised, smiling confidently as he closed the gap between them again.  “Can you tell me why you don’t like me, Mrs. Atwater?  Are you afraid of what I might do to little Kasie?  Are you afraid of me, Mrs. Atwater?” he questioned, taking the offense and putting the lovely mother on the defensive.

“I ….I ….it’s …..it’s just of the age difference that I was concerned with.  It’s ….it’s nothing to do with you personally!” Meredith stammered in her nervousness, looking at the handsome rugged teenager that towered over her in his 6’3” 220 lb. frame.  “I …..I ……” her voice trailed off as the teenager moved even closer to her.  “Ohhhhhhh …………” she moaned, her eyes closing as the teenager’s large rough hand came up to caress her bare arm.  She seemed to lose all the willpower and strength within her body, dropping the sharp sheers she had in her hand.

With his other hand, Derek tilted the beautiful face upwards as his lips descended upon her soft pink lips that opened readily to admit his thick searching tongue.  In response to his searching tongue, he felt the darting response of her pointed tongue dallying with his.  It was to be a long breath-taking French kiss between teenager and his girlfriend’s sophisticated mother.  The once limp arms of the stunned wife now raised up to caress the muscular forearms of her tormentor, caressing him as well as holding on to him for support as the long passionate kiss continued.

When the kiss finally ended and their lips parted, Derek watched the panting beauty’s eyelids flicker open to gaze up unbelievingly at him.  “Get down on your knees and give me a kiss, Mrs. Atwater!” he commanded, watching her stunned and horrified face as what he wanted from her registered in her mind.  He knew he had her completely in his grasp the way she had responded to his kiss, absolutely certain now as the beautiful woman began to sink to her knees before him.

Meredith looked up pleadingly to the rugged teenager, wishing he would leave, as she was too weak to disobey his commands.  Then her gaze moved downward to focus on the bulging crotch inches away from her.  She knew very well what he was demanding of her, something that she had not done for twenty years, bringing back memories of her dead boyfriend.  She had never gone down on her husband, not wanting him to discover the ‘wild’ streak in her and discover the talents she had as an accomplished cocksucker.

Without any verbal communication, Meredith grasped the top of Derek’s jeans and undid it, then pulled the zipper down.  Next she fished out the prize that she was looking for, caressing the thick growing cock in her tiny fists, pumping it inches before her face.  Looking towards the house, she then pulled him toward the shrubbery to give some protective covering from the window, then pulled him down to lay on the ground.   As pre-cum formed at the tip of the pulsing cock in her fist, she bent forward and stuck her pointed tongue out to lick the oozing cockhead.  Retrieving the thick cream with her tongue, she then savored the salty taste of the teenager’s jism.  Then she bent forward again to envelope the thick cockhead within her pink lips.

“Awwww ………..Mrs. Atwater ……………awwww, yeah!  Yeah, baby, that’s the way …….suck it ………suck it!” Derek groaned.  It was unbelievable, never had be experienced such a great suck.  He wound his hands in her long brown hair as he began to fuck her beautiful face.  His 10” cock was full buried down her gulping throat and then he would withdraw till only his cockhead remained between her tight sucking lips.  Then he would slow let the length of his pulsing cock slide through her hot mouth and into her throat, till his balls bounced against her chin.

Then Derek laughed aloud as he taunted the lovely beauty “Ohhhhh, Mrs. Atwater, imagine if your husband gets bored with the game and looks out the window wondering where you are!  This shubbery ain't hiding much, ya know!  Wonder what he’d say seeing his beautiful wife sucking off his daughter’s boyfriend?”  The taunting comments snapped Meredith out of her stupor but Derek was prepared for her reaction, holding tightly onto her hair to keep her from spitting out his cock.

Meredith was now frantic, reality setting in after the taunting comments.  She swallowed hard, shivering at the thick mixture of her saliva an the teenager’s leaking cum that slithered down her gulping throat.  The hands were tightly wound in her hair, preventing her escape from this demeaning position on her knees.  In her subservient position, she could only manage to look to the side towards the den where her husband was watching the game.  She prayed he would be too preoccupied with the game and not look out the window or he would have a show far more exciting than a lousy football game.

As the thick cock sliced in and out of her sucking mouth, Meredith closed her eyes as it brought back the memories of her teenage cocksucking days, a desire of which she had suppressed for so many years.  She didn’t care if her husband was a mere 20 yards away, she had to satisfy the urge of sucking a cock again, bobbing her head now in earnest to devour the teenager’s thick pulsing stem.  Then the cock was buried deep down her throat, strong hands holding her firmly to the muscular teenage body, hearing the teenage boy above her groaning in his pleasure.  Then the cock began belching thick streams of liquid goo, all of which she eagerly gulped down her contracting throat.  As the cock exited her mouth, Meredith licked at her lips, not wanting any of the precious fluid to escape.

Reality of what she had done in her own backyard, so dangerously close of being observed by her husband, Meredith stumbled to her feet.  "You're a great cocksucker, Mrs. Atwater!" she was told.  Upset, she turned slapped the taunting teenager hard across his arrogant face.  The sneer of madness that formed on the teenager’s face now had her frightened as she was suddenly pushed hard up against the oak tree, his lips upon her as his tongue dipped into her cum flavored mouth.  The wickedness of it all had her swooning, her tongue dallying with his again.

It was this very arrogant manner in which this teenager had forced himself upon her that turned her on the most, unlocking her pent up passions lurking deep within her.  As the kiss broke, Meredith felt his large hands groping her asscheeks through her thin shorts and panties, then the hands tighten on her ass and lifted her up.  Her back pinned against the sturdy oak tree, her feet dangling and unable to touch the ground, her chin on the teenager’s shoulder as she looked straight ahead to the family den.  Desperately her arms wrapped around the muscular shoulders to gain support.  Then she felt the button of her pink shorts pop, hands at the waistband of her shorts began to push her clothing down.  Along with her shorts, the lacy white panties were caught in the teenager’s thumbs and pushed over her trim hips.  A moment later, both garments lay stretched apart on her white tennis shoes.

Panting as she stared ahead at the window, knowing that should her husband open the blinds, he would be treated to something more exciting that the game he was now watching.  The wickedness of the situation, the chance of being caught, only made the turn-on that much more stimulating.  She felt hands between their bodies, realizing that the brash young man was now grasping his long thick cock and rubbing its pulsing head up and down her juicing slit.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ……………!” she moaned as the thick cockhead pushed into her slimy quim, her cunt muscles clenching down upon the invading cockhead.  “Oh, Goddddd ……………….yessssssss!  Yes …………..ohhhh, fuck me …………..fuck me ……..hard!” she groaned.

“Ohhhhhhhh ……..I ………I………..yesssss ………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she panted as the thick cock sliced into her sloppy wet cunt.  She was getting the fucking that she had dreamt of for so many years, wanting to be taken roughly by a rugged ‘man’ and this arrogant teenager fit the bill.  With her shorts and panties slipping off her left foot, she wrapped her legs around the teenager’s tight butt, her garments now waving up and down her right foot as the fuck began.  Meredith could believe the audacity of this young man, first making her suck him off and now literally nailing her to the old oak tree.  All of this taking place right in her backyard, just yards from where her loving husband sat watching his football game.

Meredith’s soft ass brushed up hard against the bark of the oak tree, obviously to be bruised the way the teenager slammed his thick cock into her his all his might, as Derek was determined to give it to the bitch as hard as he could.  Derek laughed to himself, hoping there’d be a time out in game, that Kasie’s dad would gaze out into the backyard to see his beautiful wife getting the shagging of her life.

“Ohhh, yes, Derek, yesssss ……………….oh, yes, yes!” Meredith panted.  Then the consequences of this illicit fuck dawned upon her “Oh, oh, Derek ………….no, noooooo ……….don’t cum in me ……….don’t cum in me ……………..you’ll get me pregnant!” she begged.  But in spite of her begging, her legs tightened around him as she met him thrust for thrust.

“That’s your fucking tough luck, bitch!  You know you want it ………..you know you want me to shoot my cum in you!  Tell me bitch, tell what you want!  Tell me you want me to knock you up!” Derek taunted, pumping and slamming hard into the wanton beauty.  Then to make his point, he suddenly stopped in mid-stroke, keeping perfectly still.

“Ohhhhhh …….ohhhhh ……….wh ………what are you doing?” Meredith frantically asked, her arms and legs clutching desperately at the arrogant teenager.  “Oh, God ……….oh, God ………..damn you ……………damn you …………….fuck me, fuck me …………yes, yes ……….I want your cum ………shoot your cum in me ………………..knock me up!” she begged.  “Ahhhhhhhhhh, yessssss………!” she groaned as the fuck recommenced.

“Ohhh, yeah!  Gonna pump you full of my seed, Mrs. Atwater!  Gonna knock up my girlfriend’s beautiful mother.  Gonna give my girlfriend a little baby brother or sister to play with!  Oh, you beautiful bitch, her it cummmssssssssss …………arrrrghhhhh!” Derek grunted as he dumped his pent-up load deep in the squirming beauty, deep in her fertile womb.

“Ohhh, yes ….........….. yesssss ………….ohhhhhhhh, I’m cumming!” Meredith moaned as her body began shaking uncontrollably in convulsions.  Her eyes closed as she sighed and panted, oblivious to everything but the clenching and unclenching of her cunt muscles around the thick cock that was spurting its hot soothing cream deep within her.

Moments later, Derek’s dwindling cock slipped out of the sloppy confines with a loud plopping sound.  Meredith groaned in despair, clenching her cunt lips in an attempt to keep the pleasure giving shaft within her.  But instead her actions only served to expel the slick dwindling instrument.  She groaned again and shivered as she felt the thick love juices ooze out of her well stretched pussylips.  As she was being lowered to the ground, her legs were to weak to hold her up and Meredith’s back slid down along the trunk of the oak.

Making his way out of the Atwater’s backyard, Derek buttoned his jeans and zipped up his fly.  Glancing back, he couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of the sophisticated beauty leaning against the oak, panting to catch her breath.  The sight of the prim and proper Mrs. Atwater was so different at this moment, with her flawless milk white legs wide spread and her red aggravated pussylips clenching to squeeze out the thick cum that began to puddle in the dirt.  Then the voice of Mr. Atwater calling out to his wife startled both Meredith and Derek.  Standing out of sight at the edge of the house, Derek chuckled as he watched the startled wife scrambling on her hands and knees to hide behind the tree.  What a sight it would make for Mr. Atwater if he came out at this very moment, seeing his lovely wife’s milk white ass up in the air covered with dirt, shorts and panties tangled around her tennis shoe.

Going out into the backyard, Sam Atwater wondered just where his wife had disappeared to.  He scanned the backyard but could not see his lovely wife, hidden by the large tree, scrambling to pull up her panties and shorts.  He called out again, then heard her response and then viewed her appearing out from behind the large oak tree.  He approached his lovely wife, noticing that she was a bit flush and perspiring, hair a bit frazzled.  He asked if she was okay and was advised that it was just the heat that was getting to her.  He told her that he had come out to keep her company for a bit as game was about over and one team was getting blown away.  Had he come out sooner, he’d have been able to watch his daughter’s boyfriend get blown away by his beautiful wife, something he’d often tried to get his wife to do from him but with no success.

Sam looked at his wife’s beautiful pink lips, glistening brightly in the sunlight, and couldn’t resist giving her a loving kiss.  Meredith was taken by surprise as her husband grasped her in a hug and planted a deep kiss on her lips.  She shivered as his tongue licked her lips and tried to penetrate her tightly clenched teeth, frightened that he would discover why her lips had glistened in the sunlight and taste the aftermath of the teenage cum that still coated her mouth.  But the wickedness of the situation made it that much more exciting, causing her to unclench her gritting teeth and allow her husband’s probing tongue to get a taste of a real ‘man’.

With the way their home was situated, no house overlooked their backyard and thus allowed them all the privacy desired.  With his lovely wife now returning his passionate kiss, Sam pushed her back against the oak tree, rubbing his crotch into his wife’s belly.  Then he reached down to the front of his wife’s green shorts, only to pull away and look down “What happened to your button, honey?”

Flustered, Meredith stammered “Guess …...............guess I must have put on a couple of pounds!  When I crouched over earlier, it popped off.”  Then she had to change the subject “Isn’t another game starting up soon, honey?  Would you like me to make some lunch?”  She watched as Sam bent down to retrieve the dark green button that lay in the dirt.

Sam laughed as he held up the loose button “Look what I found for you!  Hey, you’re right, next game starts in about fifteen minutes so a quick sandwich would be perfect.”  “But I wouldn’t mind lunch right here in the backyard, be naughty and let me eat you out!” he kidded, knowing his prim and proper wife would never allow such a nasty thing to happen.  He’d have been in for quite a surprise and quite a filling meal had Meredith allowed him to get his wish.

As Meredith stood before the kitchen counter making a couple of sandwiches, she closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down.  She just could not believe what she had allowed to happen with her daughter’s arrogant boyfriend.  She sighed in relief, knowing just how close it had been to have Sam catch her in the throes of being well fucked by the teenage stud.  The crotch of her panties was sopping wet, never had Sam filled her with so much spunk as compared to what her daughter’s boyfriend had dumped into her.  She shivered at the thought that the thick seed could be taking root at this very instant.

With eyes closed, Meredith’s mind traveled back to when she was in the throes of her orgasm, remembering now what the teenager had whispered in her ear.  She had not paid attention when her body began convulsing but now she recalled clearly what Derek had said “Love my thick cock, Mrs. Atwater?  Feel how thick and long it is!  That’s gonna be Kasie’s birthday present!  Gonna give Kasie her present when I take her out tonight!”  Meredith would have to talk to Kasie today, try to have her preserve her virtue, yet how could she reveal Derek’s evil intentions.

  That afternoon, after Kasie returned home quite happy from the picnic celebrating her birthday.  Meredith slowly got into the subject that Kasie was growing into a young lady now that her 15th birthday was here.  Then she broached the subject of the birds and the bees, bringing Kasie to roll her eyes with a ‘Yes, Mother, I know!’ attitude.  Meredith could only pray that her young teenage daughter did not inherit the ‘wild’ streak that see possessed and had let loose when she was the exact age as Kasie.

That evening, with the football games over, Sam began to start the grill for dinner.  As he put on the steaks, the doorbell rang and Kasie called out for her mother to let Derek in as she needed a few minutes to get ready.  Meredith hesitantly went to door, opening it for the smirking teenager.  In the foyer, Meredith was panting for breath as she looked up pleadingly to the muscular teen.  “Please …….please don’t touch Kasie …………please leave her alone!” she whispered.

Derek merely smiled as he looked down into the pleading eyes, stepping forward causing his girlfriend’s mother to back up into the foyer wall.  He reached forward to grasp her hands, pulling them forward to rest on his bulging crotch.  “Feel my cock, Mrs. Atwater!  Feel the cock that’s gonna pop Kasie’s cherry tonight!” he commanded.  Meredith swallowed, panting for breath as her fingers squeezed hard at the thick bulge in his pants, feeling the pulsing monster beneath twitch and grow under her touch.  She felt the large teenage hands cup and obscenely fondle her asscheeks.

Tempted to fuck his girlfriend’s mother right there against the foyer wall, he groaned at the stroking of her manicured fingers, his cum beginning to ooze and threatening to explode in his pants.  When they heard the opening of Kasie’s door and the sound of her hurried footsteps, they broke apart their illicit embrace.  Just before Kasie’s arrival, Derek whispered to the flushed and embarrassed mother “I’ll bring Kasie home at midnight.  Be up an waiting and I’ll have something to show you!”

Kasie rushed to the front door seeing Derek talking to her mother.  Then they were off quickly, leaving Meredith with tears in her eyes as she watched her daughter leave hand in hand with the devious teenager.   Meredith blinked back the tears, knowing that her innocent young daughter would not be so innocent when she returned home that night.

Derek had told her that he had a special treat for her 15th birthday, thus Kasie was so excited as they drove off.  For this special occasion, Derek had borrowed his friend’s apartment for the evening, ordering take out barbeque rib dinners from a classy restaurant.  Doing so, he could dine alone with the innocent Kasie and open the bottle of wine he had his older friend buy.  Once he plied Kasie with a bit of wine, he knew her defenses would be down and she would be his to plunder.

Everything went according to Derek’s plan that evening.  A bit of smooching and petting on the couch and now he had the starry eyed teenage beauty cuddling with him on the large king sized bed.  Lights dimmed for the romantic atmosphere, Derek had unbuttoned Kasie’s blouse and pulled down her thin bra to reveal her well developed breasts.  Once his lips descended and sucked upon the sensitive nipples, all was lost for the innocent Kasie.  Never had she experienced such sensual feelings, the wine had her feeling so lightheaded, her thighs clenched together to quench the heat between her thighs.

 Soon Derek had the innocent young girl stripped of all her clothing, nibbling at her sensitive nipples and fingering her tight little snatch.  Meanwhile, in her alcohol induced state, Kasie was trying to focus on the thick pulsing cock of her boyfriend’s, never having handled it in its bare state before.  Derek was quickly out of his clothing and then he nosed his pulsing cock into her soft little bush.  His cockhead pushed against the outline of her puffed slit, pushing forward into the tight slick entrance.

 Grasping her trim hips firmly in both hands, Derek thrust forward with all his might, bringing a piercing scream from the innocent Kasie.  “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ………………..ohhhhhhhh ……….noooooooo ……………..aggggghhhhhhhhh!” Kasie cried out loudly, trying to push at Derek’s chest, trying to stop him from hurting her further.  Raising up a bit, Derek slammed forward again, then began to pump faster and faster into the sobbing teenager.  “Nooooo ……noooo ………noooo ……….ohhhhh ………….ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Kasie sobbed, the knifing pain shot though her as her precious maidenhood was gone forever.

 Hearing a virgin’s screams and pleas always did something to Derek, causing him to fuck harder and harder at young innocent, wanting them always to remember how she lost her precious little cherry.  “Ahhhhh ……….yeahhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned as he cock throbbed and exploded, belching out his thick streams of cum into Kasie’s innocent body.  As he lay upon the sobbing beauty, his cock slowly returned to its long thick powerful state.  This time he would take young Kasie to heights never before experienced in her young life.  Once his lust was sated, he picked up her pink panties and used it to wipe the bloody mess covering his cock.

 At midnight, Derek drove up and parked at the curb fronting the Atwater home.  He got out and gentlemanly opened Kasie’s door for her, helping her up so she could walk gingerly.  It had taken some time for the bleeding to stop, but she was filled to the brim with the mixture of her blood and the thick cum that had been deposited in her womb.  Kasie had stuffed some tissue into her widely stretched quim, trying to stem the flow of the bloody mixture.

 As Kasie fumbled to find her keys, she was stunned she heard the doorbell ring.  She had wanted to get into the house without being noticed, but her own boyfriend had rung the front doorbell.  Then the door opened, Kasie gulped upon seeing her mother standing there.  No words were exchanged as Kasie quickly but gingerly walked to the bathroom, wanting desperately to cleanse herself.

 At the doorway, Meredith was speechless, praying that the devious teenager had not touched her daughter.  But the dazed condition Kasie was in and the way she walked told her otherwise.  She stared up at the arrogant young man, who smiled gloatingly at her.  She looked down to the movement of his hand reaching into his back pocket.  Meredith gasped loudly as she recognized her daughter’s pink panties were being withdrawn.  Tears formed in her eyes as she saw the red bloodstains covering the crotch of the panties, knowing now for certain of her daughter’s fate.

 Derek snickered “Hope little Kasie’s on the pill!  Otherwise Mommy and daughter may be having babies on the same day nine months from now!  I want to fuck you again, Mrs. Atwater, but I’m too pooped out right now!  Next time, I want you to spread your beautiful legs for me upstairs!  Upstairs, in the bed you share with Mr. Atwater!”   With that, Derek turned and headed down the walkway, whistling and twirling the pink panties around his index finger.

 Meredith didn’t know what to do, wanting to go to her daughter and comfort her but how could she do it and not reveal her knowledge of the loss of her virginity.  Nervously she waited till Kasie stepped out of the bathroom and asked if she could get anything for her.  But Kasie declined, wanting desperately to get into the comfort of her soft bed.

 Derek knew that Mr. Atwater always dropped Kasie off near the high school as it was on his way to his place of employment.  Through careful inquiry from Kasie, he learned that her mother was a legal secretary and didn’t start till 8:30 a.m., thus leaving a half-hour later than Kasie and her dad.  His thoughts of Kasie’s beautiful mother had the stirrings in his loins going again.

 Having made breakfast for the family that morning, seeing Sam and Kasie off, Meredith began to dress appropriately for her job as a legal secretary.  She chose a black dress and black nylons for this day.  Just as she slipped into her 3" heels and had her hand on the doorknob leading out to the garage, she heard the front doorbell.  Walking to the front door, she wondered who could it be.

  Meredith opened the door and gasped loudly, speechless as she stared at her daughter’s arrogant boyfriend.  Derek smiled at the shocked beauty “Good morning, Mrs. Atwater!  Do you remember what I told you the other night?  You remember, don’t you, Mrs. Atwater?”  Meredith couldn’t think clearly, barely able to breathe as she bit down on her bottom lip.  Letting go of the front door, she stepped back until her back met the wall, watching as the arrogant teenager stepped in and locked the door behind him.

Rubbing the crotch of his bulging jeans, Derek smiled and quizzed “Do you remember what I said don’t you, Mrs. Atwater?  You remember, don’t you, Mrs. Atwater?  Tell me what I want, Mrs. Atwater, or have you forgotten?”

For a moment there was no response from Meredith, the silence deafening.  Then she stammered “You ….......................you …................…..you want to make ……............…make love to me ….................…upstairs!” She was so humiliated at having to tell this arrogant teen that she did in fact remember his comments to her.  But yet, she was powerless to refuse this young man no matter how he sought to abuse her.  She flushed when he corrected her choice of words “Wrong, Mrs. Atwater, totally wrong!  I didn’t say I wanted to make ‘love’ to you, I said I wanted to FUCK you!  Wanted to FUCK you in the bed you share with Mr. Atwater, isn’t that right, Mrs. Atwater?”

“Better call your boss and tell him you won’t be in for work today!  Right now …................…bitch!” he ordered.  Meredith’s head slumped in despair, unable to argue with this assertive young man, as she gazed down at the yellow panties at her feet.  Stepping out of her panties, turning to walk to where the nearest phone was located.  Behind her, Derek bent over to pick up the fallen garment, inhaled its sweet fragrance and stuffed it ino his back pocket.

“Please …….........…..please, Derek ……..........…..it’s not right ……...........….you …............you must go!  I ….............I must go to work!” Meredith stammered out her desperate plea, knowing very well she could not resist this young man.  “What ...........……what we did last week was so wrong ............….it …..............it mustn’t happen again!” she said in an unconvincing voice.

Dialing the phone to her workplace and listening to the rings, Meredith took a deep breath as Derek came up immediately behind her, his rough hands caressing her bare thighs and slowly edging their way up under her skirt.  “Hel …..........hello …......…Mr. Nau  ….........Naughton, please!” she managed to get out, distracted by the rough fingers caressing her inner thighs.  “Mr. …….........…..Mr. Naughton ……....…….this …......….this is Meredith!  I ….........I’m sorry but I ….....……I won’t be able to come in today!  I ….....…I’m so hot and …..........flushed ….....……I …............…I think I’ll need to stay in bed today!” she stammered.   She certainly was not lying about being hot and flushed, having been pulled onto the sofa with Derek fingering her clit and delving his fingers deep into her gushing gash.  Meredith would certainly be in bed the entire day, but not to get some rest, anyway not with a thick teenage cock stuffed up her twat.

Meredith barely was able to hang up the phone, panting as Derek nuzzled at her neck and his wet tongue dipped into her earlobe.  She groaned at the sensations this teenager was giving her, shivering as he nipped her ear with his sharp teeth, hearing him taunt her “You gonna strip naked for me so I can fuck you good, aren't you, Mrs. Atwater?  Give me a good show, Mrs. Atwater!  Show me what I'm gonna get right in the bed you share with Mr. Atwater!”  With Derek getting up and removing his shirt, she leaned back on the sofa, kicked off her heels, then shamelessly began to put on the show that was demanded of her.
Derek knew just how this sophisticated looking bitch really wanted it and he was going to give her what she wanted.  It was sex that she wanted and she wanted it – Rough!  He grasped her breasts, squeezing them hard, then he began to flick the stiffen nipples of the groaning beauty.

She cringed at his taunting, knowing full well he wanted to humiliate her, listening to his insulting comments “Grab my cock and take me to your bedroom, Mrs. Atwater.  Tell me you want me o fuck the hell out of you, right on the bed you share with Mr. Atwater!  Tell me you want me to fuck you and knock you up with my baby, Mrs. Atwater!  Tell me you want me to fuck your right where your husband makes love to you!”  Meredith couldn’t believe she was followed this teenager demands to strip off her her clothing and now she was leading him to her bedroom, all the while continuing to stroke and pull at his long thick cock.  She wanted to push this arrogant youngster away for her, push him out of her home, but instead she found herself leading the young teen into the master bedroom.

 With Mrs. Atwater lying upon the king-sized bed, Derek began rubbing his thick cockhead up and down her juicing slit.  Meredith groaned and pleaded “Please, oh please, Derek …………………..please ………..........…please put it in! “Ohhhhhhhhh …...........…yesssss ....................ohhhh …….............…argggggghhhhh ....................God, yes, oh God...........................yes .....................yes ……...........deeper ……..........…deeper!  Yes ….......…yes …..........…..ohhhh, its so big ........................ fuck me …..................…fuck me hard!  Oh God, fuck me …............…….fuck me ……….......….please!  Yes ….........………yes ……..shoot it in me …………….fuck me, Derek ……...............….knock me up with your baby!”

 Through out the entire day, the Atwater’s bed creaked and groaned from the constant rocking, swaying to and fro from the violent action.  Never had it been put to through such strenuous and unending use.   Upon the marital bed lay the beautiful wife but on this occasion her husband had been replaced by a more capable teenage replacement.  The bed shook and rattled in each love-making frenzy, with the lovely wife begging her teenage lover to ‘knock me up with our baby’!

 At 4 p.m., the activity in the Atwater’s master bedroom finally ceased.  The beautiful wife lay on her marital bed, arms and legs wound about her teenage lover, who’s cock remained deep within her.  Throughout the day, they had sucked and fucked endlessly.  When they did fall asleep, they fell asleep in each other’s arms, still joined together as only a husband and wife should be.

 Oblivious to the time, with her lover’s cock finally slipping out of her slick quim, Meredith looked over at the dozing teen who had fucked her brains out.  She licked her lips and slipped out of bed to get them a couple cans of coke.  She was a bit hungry and thirsty as all she had for lunch was the two loads of cum that she had sucked out of her teenage lover.

 Meredith threw on her robe and made her way to the kitchen.  However, once she exited her bedroom door, she saw the trail of clothing that had been shed along the way to her bedroom.  She began picking up the scattered garments, then searched for the scattered buttons from her blouse.  Completing the task, she had a can of coke in each hand and the bundle of clothing between her arms when she heard noise towards the front door.  Glancing up at the clock, Meredith became frantic as she realized how late it was and that it was Kasie returning home from school.

 Just as the front door opened, Meredith hastily opened the nearby closet door and threw the discarded clothing to the back of the closet.  She then had to explain to her daughter that she had stayed home from work, using the same excuses she had given to her boss.  Kasie told her that she indeed looked flushed and perspiring, but Meredith knew this was due to the sudden rush of fear that had come over her when Kasie had nearly caught her.

 When Meredith told her daughter she was getting a can of coke when she heard her coming in, Kasie asked why she was holding two cans.  Looking down at the two cans in her hand, Meredith quickly covered herself by saying one was for her and handed it to Kasie.

 “I’m so worried about Derek!  He never showed up at school today and he never told me anything!” a worried Kasie told her Mom.  “Mom, did Derek call here for me today?” she asked.

 “N …….no …….but I believe I missed getting the phone once!  I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about!” Meredith advised.  As her daughter walked up the stairs to her bedroom, a shiver of fear went through her body as she realized that her bedroom door was wide open.  She bit her lip and prayed that Kasie did not look to the left where the master bedroom was located.  It would not be good for her daughter to see her boyfriend lying naked on her mother’s bed.  She sighed a breath of relief as her daughter, deep in thought, merely turned right and went into her room.

 Quickly retrieving the clothing from the closet, Meredith rushed upstairs and locked the bedroom door.  She looked at her daughter’s boyfriend lying naked on the bed she shared with her husband, shame setting in for this illicit affair.  She shook Derek awake and told him he had to get dressed and slip out of the house as Kasie had come home.

 Derek smiled at Kasie’s beautiful mother who was evidently flustered at this point.  He grabbed the bundle of clothing in her arms and threw them onto the floor.  Then he grabbed the lapels of her robe and pulled her down onto the bed with him.

 “Oh, please …....….no, Derek …….....…no …........….Kasie ….......…..Kasie’s home!” Meredith begged.  “Ohhhhhhhhh ………..........mmmmph!” she moaned as her robe was opened and a sensitive nipple was captured in his hungry mouth.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ……………!” she moaned loudly as she was mounted and penetrated by the lustful teen.

 The thought of Kasie being across the hall from them made the fuck all the more sickening, yet exciting.  Suddenly, the two lovers froze at the knocking at the door.  “Mom ……............Mom, are you okay?  I heard you moaning!” Kasie called out, giggling the locked doorknob.

 “I …............I’m fine …......…Kasie!  Just …........…just a stiff muscle!” Meredith replied loudly so Kasie would hear her beyond the locked door.  She certainly was not lying to her daughter, not with the long stiff muscle that was pumping between her widespread legs.  She then gritted her teeth and pulled her husband’s pillow over her face to stifle her groans, body shuddering in an orgasm as her daughter’s boyfriend fired a load of hot cum into her fertile womb.

 “Would you like me to massage the muscle, Mom?” came Kasie’s reply.  “Ohhhhh …........….oh, no problem Kasie …….........…….thanks for offering but I feel the tightness easing up right now!” Meredith advised, feeling Derek’s thick cock now beginning to whither between her clenching cunt muscles.

End of Story.