Teenage Stud - V
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Miles Shepard, now at the age of 18, had grown up in an upper middle class subdivision of Clarke County.  From being a skinny little kid, he had developed into a muscular young man that all the girls at school found handsome and with whom they wanted to go out with.  All the girls drooled over him, including pretty 16 yr. old Julie Benson who lived right next door to him.  Being the stud on campus, Miles certainly took advantage of the situation and needless to say took advantage of many a young beauty.

Ever since the male hormones began stirring as he entered his teenage years, Miles couldn't keep his eyes from peering out of his bedroom window, right into the home of where Julie Benson lived.  Every night, when the bedroom lights went on next door, Miles went upstairs to his room, telling his parents that he needed to study.

The way in which the homes were situated, young Julie's bedroom was down on the ground level, immediately across of Miles.  Being so young, Julie often failed to draw the blinds or did so haphazardly, not realizing that she could be observed from the outside.  Julie's young body had just started developing, catching the leering eyes of the boy next door.  Often she provided the lurking teenage boy next door with an eye-popping view as she slipped out of her clothing to prepare for bed.

For years now, it had became a ritual for Miles as he watched his next door cute little neighbor budding into womanhood.  Once little Julie's bedroom light was switched off, then he would retire into his bed, playing with his stiff pecker.  Then one evening, Miles actually had a lot of homework to do, though he did take a break to reenergize himself by watching cute little Julie strip off her clothing.  At midnight, he turned to the window as a light had flicked on across the way.

Switching off his bedroom light, he peered out of his window and looked over to the Benson's home.  It was the light coming from the bedroom of Julie's parents.  The drapes had been drawn but he noticed a slight gap between the slits of the drapes and then some movement behind it.  Stumbling over the corner of his bed, Miles searched for the high powered binoculars that his father had given him for football games.

Returning to his darkened window, he peered through the binoculars and began to adjust the lens.  His jaw dropped in awe at the view he got.  With the Benson's bedroom situated at an angle from his bedroom, the slit in the drapes angled to the area where the Benson's walk-in closet was located.  He had always admired the beautiful Mrs. Cheryl Benson but she was so matured and elegant in the way she dressed that he was always tongue-tied around her.  She had always been so friendly to him but it just seemed that he could never get over her loveliness.  Whenever his mom chatted with Julie's mother, Miles always sneaked peeks at the lovely woman who was always so nicely dressed in her appearance.  When she did appear in shorts, he could not take his eyes off her long flawless ivory legs.  She was a true goddess in his young eyes.

Through the binoculars, Miles looked at the back of the long ivory legs, then moved his sights up so see that Mrs. Benson had a pair of green shorts on along with a white blouse.  Then he panted for breath as the beautiful woman was now facing him, her hands fumbling at the button of her blouse.  His breathing paused as he tried to keep the binoculars steady but his heart was beating madly in his chest.  He was now perspiring in anticipation, praying that she would not continue to disrobe before his spying eyes.  He could hardly breathe as he saw her blouse being removed and he could clearly see the beautiful woman in her white bra.

Then his lewd wish that she would take off her shorts came true as the zipper was being undone.  Miles' heart felt like his heart would burst from his chest as he watched the trim manicured fingers moved to her waist and began to push both her shorts and panties down the sexy white legs.  For a few seconds, Miles got to see the soft golden curls of the sexy goddess next door as the long sexy legs stepped out of the tiny garments.  Then the lights went dark leaving Miles with a stiff boner, stiffer than he'd ever been before.  Lying in bed, he stroked his stiff boner as he mentally pictured the sight that he had recently observed.  With just a few strokes, he began to spurt his thick cream high up into the air, feeling some of the hot juice land upon his stomach.  He had experimented and jerked off in the toilet while looking at pictures from a Playboy magazine before but never had he spurted such a large quantity and never had he cum in such a manner.

From that fateful night, watching the cute little girl next door undress no longer interested Miles.  Now it was her beautiful mother that filled his mind constantly.  He just hoped that the slit would stay in that position, allowing him a forbidden view with his binoculars.  When he did manage to get the opportunity to view the lovely goddess disrobing near her walk-in closet, Miles would lay in bed and masturbate to the woman of his dreams.

Now, after several years of voyeurism, Miles still looked for the beautiful Mrs. Benson each night but he began to practice his art of seduction with the more than eager young girls at school.  It was a great thrill as he went about seducing beautiful girls, enjoying the way they squealed as he gave them the fucking of their life.  When he sped up the jackhammer like thrusts, lunging into the tender young pussies, he would then spurt a huge load of pent-up cum into their hot twats.  But as he was letting his potent cum, it was the beautiful Mrs. Cheryl Benson that he thinking of.

As a sophomore in high school, Julie was like all the other girls, hoping that the handsome neighbor of hers would pay attention to her.  Although she did keep her blinds closed, she made sure to leave a large gap open at the top, a gap that would allow Miles to look down from his bedroom and right into hers.  Julie was still a virgin but she would eagerly surrender her prized gem to the handsome stud next door.

The development of the little skinny boy into the handsome muscular hunk next door had not gone unnoticed by Cheryl Benson either.  Just this past weekend, she had seen Miles over the weekend while he mowed his back lawn without a shirt on.  Cheryl had stared down at her young neighbor from her bedroom window and could not help the automatic clenching of her thigh muscles, wondering what it'd feel like to have the handsome hunk deep inside her.  She gasped as she realized just how awful her sinful thoughts had been.  'My God!  How can I have such wicked thoughts!  God, I've never looked at another man other than Dave since we began dating in high school!  And worst of all thinking of my good friend's teenage son in such a nasty way!' she chastised herself.  She tried to shake her mind clear but she could not dismiss that one last thought of 'God, if that handsome young man ever put his hands on me, I just don't think I could find the strength to resist!'

Cheryl Benson, now at age 39, stood at 5'4", a trim 117 lbs with curves that turned all the men's heads.  Although her natural beauty was an immediate attraction to the opposite sex, Cheryl at times in her life felt rather embarrassed and tried to dress very modestly.  She never did flaunt her sexuality but her beauty and personality had the men flocking about her.  But with her religious upbringing and her love for her husband Dave, she had always meant to be faithful to the wedding vows that they had exchanged at the alter fifteen years ago.

With Julie always making it a point to bump into him at school, Miles knew that she was dying for him to ask her out.  In the past few years, he had closely watched her fill out into a stunning young beauty.  However, with her two years younger than he and being his next door neighbor, he was very hesitant to ask her out on a date.  But as they were next door neighbors, he often gave her a ride to and from school and a few times invited her to join his gang of friends at the pizza parlor or picnics and such.

Each night, Miles continued to stay up late in hopes of getting a glimpse of the beautiful woman next door.  Then as he anxiously awaited one night, he muttered "God, I've just got to find a way to get close to her!"  He smiled as the potential solution came to mind.  With cute little Julie anxious for him to ask her out, often hinting about it, what better way for him to spend time at the Benson home and be near the real woman of his dreams.  To make things even more appealing, young Julie had really blossomed out in the past year and he knew a lot of guys at school who were quite eager to get a date with her.

The next day, Miles put his plan into operation and it worked like a charm.  Julie was so happy and excited when he asked her out on a date with him that weekend.  She had heard so many rumors of Miles being that real stud and thus Julie was scared of what he expected of her.  Though she knew that she would give in to him if it meant the only way to keep him, her religious beliefs stood in the way.  Her mother saw to it that she had been brought up in the same religious upbringing, which caused her to be hesitant at the thought of losing her virginity in her high school years.

That evening at dinner, Julie excited announced to her parents that Miles had asked her out on a date.  It was not just to join the group at the pizza parlor or a picnic like before but an actual date with Miles alone.  Her father had always liked Miles and his parents and thought Miles was turning out to be a fine young man.  Cheryl could not say anything negative, especially with Miles' mother her good friend.  It was just that Miles had grown into such a confident and handsome young man, more so she recalled just the effect he had upon her the other week.  Hearing Julie tell how all the girls at school were anxious to get a date with Miles, Cheryl certainly knew effect that handsome teen had on her.

After that first date, Julie was madly in love with Miles and expressed that fact to her mother.  Then instead of her having to chase Miles constantly at school, he sought her out and now they had become an 'item' at school.  As they both enjoyed the same music and lived right next door to each other, they spent time together at each other's home until dinnertime came around and both parents returned home.  Julie was quite surprised that Miles never attempted to make any advances upon, nothing more than holding hands and light kisses.

A couple weeks later, upon getting back from school, Julie turned on the stereo and told Miles to make himself at home while she took a quick shower as she was grimy from PE that was her last class for the day.  Miles did make himself at home, nervously sneaking up to see the upstairs for the very first time.  Knowing where the master bedroom was located, he quickly made his way there.  Panting for breath, he walked into the open double doorway and went over to the drapes that had allowed his viewing pleasure each night.   Swallowing nervously, he carefully parted the slit in the drapes a bit more to expand his view into the room.

Hearing the water pipes, he knew that Julie was still in the shower, giving him some additional time.  He surveyed the part of the bedroom that he was familiar with, the area near the walk-in closet where the beautiful Mrs. Benson often bared her sweet sexy body.  Quickly, he then made his way to the nearby master bath.  There he observed the clothes hamper that he slowly opened.  At the top of the pile of clothing was the object of his search, the pair of lacy pink panties that he had watched sliding down the long ivory legs last night.  He nervously grasped the silky item, then raised it up to his face, pressing it against his nose.  He inhaled deeply, the sweet fragrance of the woman he dreamt of sent a shiver through his body.  This was a prize he'd treasure forever.

That evening, Mrs. Benson had come home late, having gone to the mall to look for a gift for coworker's bridal shower.  Darkness had already set in when she arrived home, then she went straight upstairs to get into something more comfortable.  In the clothing she had worn to work, she was still neatly dressed in a white blouse, black skirt, black nylons and 3" black heels.  She was exhausted, from working and shopping for the gift, as she slowly made her way to the chair next to the closet.  Just prior to sitting, she reached up under her skirt to push down the top of her black pantyhose to her upper thighs, then sat in the soft padded chair.

Slipping out of her heels, Cheryl then slowly rolled and pushed her black hose down her legs and off her toes.  Standing up, she then pulled the tucked-in blouse from her skirt and began to unbutton it.  Unbuttoning the top of her skirt, she let it fall to the floor.  She reached for a halter top and shorts hanging in her closet.  Then she left her bedroom, turning off the light to join her family downstairs.  Unbeknownst to Cheryl, she had put on quite an exciting show for the lustful teen next door.  The pink panties that she had worn the day before was had been wrapped tightly around the pulsing cock of the boy next door, causing him to spurt his load onto his bedroom wall as he watched her sexy legs being bared from her pantyhose.

That Saturday, Miles was over at the Benson's listening to some music with Julie in the living room.  Miles had gotten several glimpses of Julie's beautiful mother when she had passed through the living to do some cleaning of another room.  Then Mrs. Benson appeared in the room to inquire from her daughter "Julie, did your dad leave for the tennis club already?"  Upon getting the response that her husband had just left, Miles observed Mrs. Benson give a sigh of disappointment shucks "Oh, no, guess I'll just have to put off redecorating the spare room till later!"

Miles then quickly inquired "Can I be of any help, Mrs. Benson?"  "Oh, no!  I just wanted my husband to get down some items down from the storage above the garage!  It'll have to wait as its quite heavy!" she replied.  Then Julie came to his aid, adding in "Oh, mom, Miles is even stronger than dad!  It'd be no problem for him!"  "Oh, Miles is a guest, honey!  I don't want to trouble him!" she replied.  But Miles stood up from the living room floor and insisted on helping, telling Julie he'd be back once he helped her mom.

Going out into the garage through the kitchen door, Cheryl felt a shiver rush throughout her body at the thought of having this handsome teen so close to her.  Nervously she explained that she needed to get some boxes that were located in a large storage area in the top of garage, that the access was through a trapdoor type entrance.  She watched as the handsome teen pulled the cord that would bring down the folding ladder to ground level.  With the ladder in position, she hesitated then she stammered a bit in telling Miles that she really couldn't trouble him with this and that it could wait.  But at the handsome teen's insistence, Cheryl nervously stepped up onto the ladder and made her way up with Miles following close behind.  Before this Miles was always tongue-tied when she spoke with him but now she was acting like a teenage girl, stammering in nervousness in being so close to this handsome young man.

Miles felt confident, feeling her nervousness and enjoying her stammering when he had moved close to her.  With her in a loose blouse, shorts and tennis shoes, he licked his lips as he gazed upon her flawless long legs that were inches from his face as they ascended the ladder.  How he wanted to scoot up quickly, to bury his face between her legs, wanting to smell the same fragrance that had been captured in her pink panties.  Only now, he wanted to breathe in her sweet fragrance less any panties and to bury his face in her soft golden fleece.

Once up in the crawl space for storage that had about of 4 ' of height from the ceiling beams, both were crouching and leaning forward so as not to bump their heads on the wooden beams.  Cheryl pointed out two boxes that she wished to be taken down.  Then she knelt down to remove an item covering another box.  She tried to open that box to view its contents but was having a bit of difficulty in opening the taped lid.  Suddenly, she froze, unable to move as she felt the handsome teen crouching right behind her, just a mere inches from her.  Closing her eyes, heart pounding, she nervously began panting for breath in need of composing herself.  Then she shivered as a large hand closed over her right hand.

With a couple of years under his belt in laying the groundwork with beautiful young girls, Miles could see that the reaction he was seeing in the lovely Mrs. Benson was really no different.  He had noticed the way she stammered and shivered when he had brushed up against her as he had lowered the ladder.  He now noticed how nervous she was in being alone with him up in the storage attic.  Now was the time for him to make his move on the woman of his dreams.  He had pretended to look at was in the box by overlooking her shoulder, had crouched immediately behind her and was slowly narrowing the few inches that separated them.

As the hand covering hers began to caress her, Cheryl felt another hand now touch her left arm and it too began to touch her with caresses.  She could not move at all, not wanting this young man touching her yet enjoying the intimate touches of this handsome teenager.  With the teasing caresses on her arms, Cheryl moaned softly, her head leaning back to rest on the muscular chest of her teenage neighbor.  She was now helpless in the arms of the handsome teenage stud, her head rolling from side to side on his chest now desperately wanting to touch her even more, but she knew better and moaned softly "Ohhhh …..........….please …......……this ……......…this is wrong!  Please …..........…...please …….........……Miles, please ….........…….you …..........…….you must stop this!"

Miles smiled as he continued to caress the soft skin of this beautiful woman, not paying any attention to her token resistance.  Edging closer, his head now pressed against hers, he dipped a bit to tease her earlobe with an exploring tongue.  "Ohhhh, Mrs. Benson, I love you!  I wait up each night just to get a glimpse of you before you go to bed!"  Then his left hand slipped from her arm onto her midriff, touching her through her blouse.  Hearing a moan come from the result of his touch, his right hand slipped from her other arm onto her bare thigh and he heard a loud gasp in response.

Helpless to stop the young man, Cheryl could only moan and sob "Please ………..........…please ……...….Miles …......…..I ……...........…I must be true to my husband!  No one ……......…..no one other than my husband ……….....has ever touched me like this!  Please ……..........oh, please ….........……..please …...........….Miles!"  She gasped as the hand on her midriff moved slowly, fingers making their way between the buttons of her loose blouse.  Then she felt the exploring fingers touch her bare flesh, pushing down and going under the cup of her loose bra.  "Ohhh …........……..oh, Goddddddd ……...........…….noooooo ……..........….oh, please!" she groaned as a finger touched her already stiffened nipple.

Cheryl shook as the hand on her thigh began to move upward, up to the elastic top of her shorts.  Crawling forward to get away, it only served to distance her body from the shorts that were tighty gripped by the young teen, her shorts now tangled at her feet.  Then the youthful hands were caressing her calves, then up her thighs, a finger inserting itself into the leg band of her silky panties.  She shuddered as the exploring finger traced the outline of her juicing slit, then pressed down into her womanhood.  With her nipple being flicked and her sensitive clit being rubbed, Cheryl could only lean back into the teen behind her and arch up into his teasing fingers.  "Ohhh ….........…..ohhhhhh ……..........….ohhhhh, ysssssses!" she groaned loudly as her body shook an shuddered in an intense orgasm that far surpassed any she had experienced before.  Her mind drifted as her body continued to shudder in its climax, then from what seemed very far away, she heard a familiar voice tell her "I love you, Mrs. Benson!  I dream of you every night!  I want to make love to you!"

Moments later, Cheryl opened her eyes and nervously looked about, looking down to see the hand upon her inner thigh with an unseen finger gently massaging her clit.  The horror of the act she had just committed consumed her, sending a shudder of shame and humiliation throughout her body.  She quickly pushed the groping hands away from her and scrambled on her knees to get away from the handsome teen.  Reaching the opening, she quickly tried to descend the steep ladder, the tangled shorts on her feet causing her to slip and nearly falling to the cement floor.  Making it down safely, pulling up her shorts, she rushed into the house and managed to slip upstairs without her daughter noticing her.

Ten minutes later, Julie entered the garage to see her handsome boyfriend working up a sweat as he carried a large box down the steep ladder.  When Julie inquired if her mother was around, Miles advised her that her mother must have gone in the house a while ago.  As it was getting late, he told her he'd head on home and asked her to let her mom know that the boxes she wanted were right next to the kitchen door.

Upstairs, Cheryl had thrown herself down onto the king-sized bed, sobbing in disgrace.  'Oh, my God, what have I done!  How could I let a teenager touch me in such a way!"  The entire event was played back in her mind, detail by detail as she sobbed in shame.  Then she remembered what had been whispered in her ear, that he stayed up late each night just to get a glimpse of her.  Nervously she got up from the bed and slowly walked over to the closed drapes.  She took a deep breath as she observed the gap between the drapes.  She looked at where Miles' bedroom was situated and where he could see into her bedroom.  'Oh, my gosh!  I often change near the closet.  He ….........……he must have seen me without any clothing on!' she worried.  Quickly she pushed the drapes together, making sure there was no openings.

Over the next week, Miles stayed up as usual but was disappointed each night as he observed the Benson's drapes pulled tight.   He would have to go to bed dreaming of that day in the Benson's storage attic.  He had made the woman of his dreams have a climax by his mere touch.  But now she had not said a word to him in over a week, obviously upset with him and being sure to stay up in her bedroom if he was over to visit with Julie.  He now felt that his aggressiveness had ruined it all, leaving him with only the memory of being close to her once in his life.

For the past few months, Dave Benson's business had picked up substantially, requiring him to spend more and more time working.  He was exhausted when he arrived home each night.  In his need to sleep, he did not realize that he was leaving his beautiful wife unfulfilled and in desperate need of sexual relief.  In the few times they had sex, it had brought Dave great satisfaction as he spurted his cum into the protective condom and he then quickly dozed off into a deep sleep.  However, he had not realized that his lovely wife had been left high and dry without coming close of getting the relief she needed.

Ever since that eventful day in the storage space, when Cheryl went to bed with her husband, it was not Dave who she thought about in the darkness of the night.  Her mind always played flashbacks of that brief time her defense had collapsed.  Under the covers, she let her hands wander about her body, pretending that it was the lustful teen hunk touching her so intimately.  That seemed to give her the relief and satisfaction she desperately needed, allowing her body to relax and she would soon fall asleep still thinking of the boy next door.  Still, it only deepened the shame and humiliation of her illicit act.

For two weeks after that eventful afternoon, Miles continually awaited for the Benson's bedroom light to go on.  But he was to be disappointed that he could not get a glimpse of the beautiful woman next door.  As this was a Friday night, he had been out on a date with Julie, going to a movie and then to get some pizza.  Julie had to get up early in the morning to meet with some of her girlfriends for a social outing followed by shopping at the mall.  On the date with Julie, Miles learned that her parents would be home late as her father had some type of office party.  Taking Julie home early so she could get some rest, they had arrived back even before her parents.  He told Julie he'd get up early also and give her a ride to where she was to meet her friends.

Back at his home, Miles was downstairs getting a coke when he saw the Benson's car drive up into the garage followed by lights going on in their living room.  He could picture the beautiful woman of his dreams but only wished that he could see her again.  Ever since that fateful day in the storage space above the garage, he had only gotten glimpses of her as she went to and from her home.  He felt so bad in having gotten her upset with him on that day.  Still, it was a day that he'd never forget.  When the bedroom light went on, he did not rush up to his bedroom as he normally did, figuring that the drapes were kept tightly shut as usual.

Across the way in the Benson's home, Dave Benson decided to pour himself another drink and take in the late night news.  Meanwhile, his lovely wife was making her way upstairs to their bedroom.  At the top of the stairs, Cheryl having had a couple of drinks at the party nervously bit at her bottom lip, entering her bedroom without turning on the light switch.  Slowly she made her way to her bedroom window, peeked out to where the teenage boy's bedroom lay.  Swallowing deeply, she hesitated, then arranged the drapes so there was a large gap at the middle with the drapes were drawn together.  Then she went back to turn on the bedroom light and closed the door.

Slowly making his way up to his room, Miles sipped on his coke.  He closed the door to his dark bedroom then made his way over to his window and glanced over to the direction of the Benson's bedroom window.  His mouth dropped open and blinked twice as he saw a large patch of light coming through an opening between the drawn drapes.  Grabbing his binoculars, Miles peered through the opening and saw that it gave him a view of part of the closet area along with the chair situated right next to the closet.  His cock twitched, hoping that he would have the opportunity to again view the woman of his dreams.

His heart beating wildly in his chest, Miles stared through his binoculars in anticipation.  Then there was a movement, first a shadow, then the lovely woman was right in the middle of his viewing.  He realized that Mrs. Benson was looking at his direction, right through the opening in the drapes.  She was still dressed in the elegant black dress that she had worn to the party.  He watched as she sat down onto the chair, then slowly cross a sexy leg over the other.  He watched her slowly remove her high heel and drop it to the carpeted floor.  Then the same procedure followed for the other heel.

Miles was getting a hard-on as never before, watching as Mrs. Benson slowly pushed her skirt up over her crossed leg, till her ivory white thigh could be viewed above the top of her smoke-colored hose.  He watched as the clips of her garter were undone, then the dark hose was slowly being rolled down her sexy white leg, off her beautiful foot and manicured toes.  A moment later, he watched the same ritual being done to reveal her other sexy leg.  He stared as the lovely beauty then stood up, looking in his direction, hands going up to he back of her neck as she unhooked the top of her dress.  Then the dress was being unzipped, peeled from her shoulders, falling into a puddle around her.  Miles licked his lips as he viewed Mrs. Cheryl Benson clad only in a black bra and panties.  Soon the bra and panties joined the dress onto the carpet.

Desperately, with one hand, Miles fumbled with the button and zipper of his shorts.  He needed to free himself of his clothing, letting his stiff cock throb freely in the open air.  He was panting for breath at the scene unfolding before his very eyes.  He realized that the elegant and faithful wife next door was putting on a show just for him, for obviously she was aware that he was watching her.

Nervously, Cheryl slowly sat back in the chair, lifting her legs from the heap of clothing.  She was totally naked, having done a seductive striptease, knowing that she was being observed by the handsome teen next door.  She had never before done anything so wicked in her life.  Lifting one leg up high, she rested her calf on the arm of the chair.  Then she did the same with her other leg, leaving her obscenely spread wide open for her admirer to view.  She pointed her sexy toes towards her admirer, then as he had done to her in the storage room, the fingers of her left hand moved up to flick the nipple of her right breast.  Similar to what Miles had done, her middle finger of her right hand moved to find her sensitive clit.

First staring out to the opening in the drapes, Cheryl seductively licked her lips as she touched herself.  Then she closed her eyes, pretending it was the teen next door that was again touching her in this manner.  Faster and faster she fingered herself, the sensations building within her as her toes curled and then she arched up.  Her body shuddered as she climaxed in an orgasm and then she sat panting in exhaustion, still with her legs spread obscenely for her teenage admirer.  The heavy footsteps coming up the stairs brought her back to reality, causing her to jump up from her chair.  Quickly she gathered her strewn clothing and rushed into the bathroom before the bedroom door opened.

The next morning, as Julie hopped in his car, Miles saw that Mr. Benson's car was pulling out of driveway.  Taking Julie to meet with her friends, Miles learned that her father was off to spend the day with his friends at the tennis club.  As he dropped Julie off, Julie advised him she'd catch a ride back with one of her friends' parents and that she'd be home about mid-afternoon.  On the drive back home, he pulled off the side and parked his car.  He got out of the car and ran into the florist where he purchased a single long stemmed red rose.

Back at home, Miles parked his car and saw that his parents had already left to visit his grandparents.  With him always next door visiting Julie, his appearance at the Benson's front door would not arouse any unnecessary suspicions.  He rang the doorbell and when the front door opened he greeted the surprised Mrs. Benson.

Cheryl nervously reached out to accept the beautiful rose from the handsome teen, then stepped back, allowing him entrance into her home.  She knew that Miles had just taken her daughter to meet her friends, knew that it was not her daughter that he had come over to see.  "Thank you, Miles!  It's beautiful!" she commented as she looked up into the eyes of the handsome teen.  Then she stood on tip toes and tilted her head a bit as the young man's lips descended upon hers.  In the foyer, they exchanged a passionate kiss, tongues teasing each other in heated passion.

Moments later, the Benson's marital bed was occupied by the beautiful young wife and the teenage hunk from next door.  The bed had already been made and now the two caressed each other's naked body upon the cool bedspread, touching and exploring each other as they continued their passionate kisses.  Cheryl moaned loudly as a sensitive pink nipple was captured between the teen's nursing lips, her body arching up as a flicking tongue teased her hardened bud.  "Ohhhhhhh, Miles …………….ohhhhhhh, yes ……………..ohhhhhhhhh, yesssss!" she moaned.

Then as she felt her teen lover tracing his lips downward, Cheryl panted for breath, knowing what he intended on doing.  She arched up as the handsome teen nuzzled his face into her soft curls, feeling his tongue moving about in search for her most private treasure.  "Oh, Miles ….........…I ……..........I'm afraid ……….I've never……….....….never ……………......…….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddd!" she groaned as his hot mouth clamped over her slick jewel.  Never had she ever experienced the sensation of being eaten by her lover, never had her husband attempted on pleasing her in this manner. Lifting her knees, she planted her heels into the bed, arching her hips up into his slurping mouth, giving herself entirely to him.  "Ohhhh, God …..........….God, yes …….........….ohhhhhhh, I'm cummingggggg ….......……ohhhh, Miles …......………..yesssssssss!" she groaned, her body arching up high to feed her young lover the sweet love nectar from between her thighs.

Miles gazed down at the woman of his dreams, seeing golden fleece matted with his saliva and her love nectar.  She looked so beautiful with perfect breasts and perfectly formed pink nipples.  Then he shuffled up kneel between her widespread thighs, placing his throbbing cockhead up against her moist slit.  He leaned forward to push his thick cockhead forward, pushing it into her tight slit.  His cockhead was enveloped in her tight hot box and Miles pushed forward again, his thick cock managing to slide in a few more inches.  Panting from the unbelievable pleasure he leaned forward further, feeling the extreme tightness gripping him, trying to prevent him from gaining further entrance.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Miles ………….…..ohhhhhh …........…. it hurts ……..........….it hurts …........……you're ………...........you're too big ….........……..ohhhh, Miles, it hurtssss!" Cheryl moaned.  Spreading her thighs as wide as possible, trying to ease the pain, Cheryl then arched up to capture more of the thick throbbing shaft.  "Oh, God, Miles …..........…I ……..........…..I've never had anything so biggggggg ……..........……..ohhhh!  Ohhhhh  …........….it's soooo deep …........……oh, never so deepppp …….........…ohhh, honey, yesssss ….......…..fuck me …….........fuck me!" she moaned.  "Ahhhhhhhhh ……..............……..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………........…oh, Godddd!" she groaned.  She felt Miles' long thick cock push deeply into her, deep into her womb, far deeper than her husband had ever been.

This was far beyond Miles' wildest dreams, never having experienced such a fantastic fuck.  Lifting up till only his cockhead remained, he slowly pushed his throbbing cock back into her hot juicing slit.  Then Miles began to speed up the fuck, bringing squeals and moans of pleasure from the beautiful wife, squeals of delight that were so familiar to those of all the young girls who had sampled his thick boner.  Then he felt her long trim legs wrap themselves around him as she arched herself up to capture more of his cock. He began thrusting harder and faster while she was arching into each of his plunging thrust.

As their passionate kiss ended, Cheryl felt her body shudder and spasm, causing her to moan "Oh, Miles …………………oh, God, Miles ........................yes ….......………yessssssssssssss ….........……I ………..........…I….......…….I'm cummingggggggg!"  Her body arched up into the air, lifting her teen lover's muscular body up with her.  Then she felt her young lover thrusting harder and faster into her, burying his throbbing cock deep into her womb.  Then she heard her lover groan loudly "Oh, Mrs. Benson …......……..ohhhhh, I love you!  Ohhhhhh  ……........…….you're so tight …......…..so tight ……...........…oh, God ………........…ohhhhh, Goddddddd!"  She clasped her legs tightly around him, feeling spurt after spurt of his thick hot seed spurt deep in her fertile womb.

Three more times that day, the Bensons’ marital creaked and swayed under the wild mating of the beautiful wife and her teenage lover.  For years, Cheryl had her husband put on a protective rubber so she wouldn't get pregnant.  However, on this day, she did not give any thought of the consequences of this illicit mating.  Each time she reached an unbelievable orgasm and her fertile womb was filled to the brim with her young lover’s hot potent cum.  Each time as she arched up, wrapping her legs tightly around the muscular thighs, she begged him “Oh, yes …….......…fuck me ……….....…fuck me ………......…..yes, cum …........……cum in me …….......cum deep in me ………........……shoot it in me ………….……..oh, Miles ….........….yes ….....……give me your baby …........…..I want your baby ………….ohhhhhhhhh, yesssss!”

After their last fuck session, the two lovers dozed off in sheer exhaustion.  Then they were startled at the slamming of a car door, they heard Julie's voice yell out "Bye!  Thanks so much for giving me a ride home!"  Both were in a panic as they scrambled from each others arms and began to put their clothing back on.  Julie had gone into her room downstairs but the door to her room remained open.

Peering down from the top of the stairs, Miles watched as Mrs. Benson stood at the entrance to her daughter's bedroom, chatting with her about her outing with her friends.  He saw that her body was positioned to prevent a view of the stairway from inside the bedroom.  With the hand leaning against the doorway, he saw Mrs. Benson's fingers move to gesture that he should make his way down the stairway.  Nervously, he made it down the stairway and quietly exited the backdoor and made a dash across the yard through the short shrubbery that separated the two yards.

In the Benson home, Julie told her mother of the fun time that she had and asked about her day.  Cheryl hesitated in her response, then teasingly told her daughter "I had a terrific time, too!  After all, it's not very often that I can get rid of both you and your father at the same time!  And I spent the entire time in bed!"  Cheryl tried to hide her blush when her daughter commented "That flower arrangement in the foyer is just beautiful. That red rose in the middle really makes it stand out!"

From that day on, each evening Miles was treated to an erotic striptease as he peered through his binoculars.  Neither could wait until a rare opportunity arose in which they could again be alone together.  But those opportunities would be quite rare with either Julie or her father always seeming to be around.  When he was over visiting Julie, the two lovers would have to be satisfied with quick stolen kiss whenever Julie went to the bathroom or his going to the kitchen for a cold drink.

Dave Benson looked at his lovely wife, concerned about the rather worried look on her face.  He knew she had been under the weather for nearly a week now, complaining of queasiness in her stomach each day.  He saw the tears in her eyes as she sat before the mirror, then gave her a hug from behind and inquired "What's the matter, honey?"  Looking at her husband's reflection in the dresser mirror, Cheryl couldn't lie "I ……I think I'm pregnant!"

Dave was stunned at the news but hugged his beautiful wife and reassured her "I'm sorry, honey!  I guess the condom I used last time was faulty!  But don't worry, honey!  Business has been so good, we can afford to have more kids!  It'll be good to have a little one again!  I know you've always wanted a big family!  With Julie leaving the nest for college soon, we'll have room for even more kids!  For me it's great, I won't have to wear those crummy rubbers anymore!"

In early fall of the next year, Dave Benson adjusted the baby seat in his wife's car as she planned on spending a week at her parents.  He knew that her parents were getting too old to make the drive up and they wanted so badly to see the new addition to the family.  He was glad his wife managed to take off for a week to spend the time with her parents, taking along little baby Adam.  He felt so proud, always wanting a son, telling everyone how much he looked like his 'Dad'!

Little Adam Benson certainly did take after his 'dad', a spitting image at that age.  Cheryl watched as her husband tucked in the baby, kissing him goodbye.  She shivered when her husband told little Adam "See ya, kiddo!  Show your grandparents the good looks you inherited!"  As her husband headed back to the house, Cheryl waved goodbye to Dave.  Looking over at her beautiful little baby, she whispered "Yes, Adam, you're handsome like your daddy!  You're even named after your daddy!"

With everything packed Cheryl started up the car when Julie came running up.  "Mom, instead of me mailing this to Miles, can you deliver it for me!  Please!  It's cookies I baked and it'll be really fresh if you could drop it off!  The college is just a few miles from Grandma and Grandpa's place!  Here's his address and phone number in case you can't find it!  He told me that he lives in a light green two-story apartment building a few blocks from campus!"  She smiled at Julie and told her she'd manage to find the place make the delivery right away.

Cheryl didn't tell her daughter that she didn't need the paper with Miles' address and phone number.  She knew exactly where Miles 'Adam' Shepard lived, in fact, she had already been up to his apartment.  Last month on her single day visit to her folks, it had been a very quick visit with her folks, with most of her time in that campus town being spent on the bed in Miles' apartment.  She looked forward to this longer trip, especially wanting the baby to see his 'real' father before going to his grandparents.  With the baby being cared for by his grandparents, it would be an ideal time to hope that this baby would grow up with a younger brother or sister.

One evening during the next week, Miles picked up the ringing phone as he sat up in bed.  Answering the phone, he felt a shudder of pleasure go through him, enjoying the feel of the soft hand gripping his throbbing cock.  He looked at the lovely Mrs. Benson lying naked next to him as she handled his manhood.  He smiled at her as he began talking into the phone "Hi, Julie!  How are you?  Thanks so much for having your mom drop off that package of cookies!  They're delicious!  Yeah, I got to see your cute little baby brother!  Thanks for calling me ahead of time to let me know your mom was stopping by.  It gave me enough time to get my apartment cleaned up and get myself presentable before she arrived!"  It was such a turn-on talking to his girlfriend while her beautiful mother handled his cock and as her pointed began flicking up an down his pulsing cockhead.  Just as he was saying goodbye to Julie, Miles arched up into the stroking fist and sending geysers of hot cum across the face of Julie's beautiful mother.

The next evening following dinner with her parents, Cheryl left the baby with them, telling them she was going to spend some time with a friend.  Twenty minutes later, she lay naked with her legs wide spread on the single bed in the one bedroom of her neighbor's handsome son.  Between her trim white legs, the wife's young teenage lover bobbed his head up an down, tonguing the stiff sensitive clit.  "Oh, Miles …….....……Miles …….......……oh, lover ….....……..don't stop .......……….I'm so close!" she begged.  But stop he did, as he lifted himself up with the lovely wife pulling at this arm to get him to relieve her of her agony.

Miles smiled at the distressed beauty and reached over and grabbed her purse on the floor, dragging it over to the bedside.  He looked at her puzzled face as he retrieved her cell phone and begin punching in the numbers, laughingly telling her "It's your turn to squirm on the phone tonight, Mrs. Benson!  Isn't it time you checked in with your husband to tell him how you're doing?"

"No, Miles!  No!  Shut it off ……................….quickly!" Cheryl blurted out upon realizing what number was being dialed.  She reached out to grab the phone away from him but Miles held it out away from her reach.  They could both hear the first ring of the phone on the other end.  "Don't you have a Caller I.D. on your home phone, Mrs. Benson?" Miles inquired with a big grin, know full well that the Benson's home phone had that feature.  Just at the end of the second ring, they heard the voice of Dave Benson "Hello!  Hello! Cheryl …...............................?"  Then Miles handed her the phone.

With the Caller I.D., her husband knew the call was coming from his wife and there was no choice for Cheryl to answer it or to call back immediately.  "Hello, Dave!  I …............…I think we had a bit of a bad connection but now I can hear you fine!  How are you, honey?" she spoke, her hips arching up into the teenager's face as her free hand clasped the back of his head tightly to her.  Listening to her husband on the line, Cheryl covered the mouthpiece as she emitted a moan of pleasure.  It was such a wicked sensation to be talking to her husband on the phone while a handsome teen had his face buried between her thighs.  With her husband still talking to her, Cheryl placed her hand over the mouthpiece.  She tried to stifle her moan as she shuddered in an orgasm, the flicking tongue literally driving her up the bedroom wall.

Fortunately for Cheryl, her husband was quite excited over a new business deal and just had to tell her all about it.  Trying to recuperate and regain her senses, she felt the muscular hands push at her hips, turning her till she was on all fours.  Hand still over the mouthpiece, she panted in fear, feeling her teenage lover scoot up behind her.  She shivered as she felt the thick cockhead nuzzling up between her open thighs, searching for her moist slit.

On all fours, Cheryl felt so wicked as she chatted to her husband on the phone.  She realized that her teenage stud was paying her back for the night earlier, letting her feel the thrill of wicked sex while she was on the phone with her husband.  After four days straight of taking the teenager's long thick cock, plus the slick juices now coating her love slit, Cheryl shivered at the thick throbbing shaft slowly but easily pushed itself deep into her.  She couldn't help herself as she began to push back and ride the invading shaft.

Miles enjoyed the thrill of fucking the beautiful wife of the man talking to her on the phone.  He had his hands upon her trim hips as he fucked her doggie style, keeping his strokes slow and constant, wanting to plunge his cock in harder but knew she'd then be moaning loudly into the phone.  With the phone being held up to her right ear, Miles bent over her, teasing her left ear with his exploring tongue.  With the phone conversation coming to an end, Miles sped up his thrusting cock, moaning softly into her left ear "Oh, Mrs. Benson, I love you!"  As his cock spurted deep into her fertile womb, he felt her cunt muscles squeeze tightly around his spurting cock, then heard her respond loudly into the phone "I love you too, honey!"

Just over a month later, in the privacy of the Benson's bedroom, Dave enjoyed the passionate kiss his lovely wife was giving him.  She seemed so happy at the moment, delving her teasing tongue into his mouth, something that he was normally the one to initiate.  He was inquisitive when Cheryl whispered into his ear "Honey, are you ready for a surprise?"  He looked at this lovely wife as she continued "You remember how you didn't want to go back to using a condom after Adam was born …........……how we were going to try and time things!  Well, I guess that method has flaws!  Um hummm, yes, Dave ………...........you're going to be a 'daddy' again!"  There had been a number of times that they had refrained from lovemaking, his lovely wife telling him that timing just was not being right, something that she never told her teenage lover.

Several years later, Julie was working as a flight attendant for a charter airline and Miles had just graduated from college.  Julie was so excited as she looked at herself in the full length mirror as her mother helped her adjust her bridal veil.  "Mom, I never thought I'd be telling you this but I'm really going to be walking down the aisle as a 'virgin'!  I actually managed to keep Miles at bay for all these years!"  She was so happy that Miles had been agreeable to have her little brothers involved in their wedding, Adam being a 'junior usher' while little Mike being the ring bearer.  Miles was happy to have the two young boys involved, in fact he thought it would be quite appropriate that his two 'sons' be a part of the wedding party.

End of Story.