Teenage Stud - VI
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Evelyn Slater swallowed deeply as she watched her teenage daughter leave with her date for the evening.  She had requested that Traci always introduce a new date and her daughter always complied with that.  Evelyn was always impressed with the clean-cut boys that she dated.  Her daughter had told her that this new boy had just transferred in from the big city and that he seemed so much more matured that the boys that grew up in the area.  She had just arrived home from her job as assistant manager at the bank when the doorbell rang.  Having just taken off her blazer, she answered the door in her crisp baby blue blouse, navy blue skirt and matching navy blue heels.  From her teenage years she had always made men's heads turn and more so as she matured into a beautiful woman.  At times she even felt embarrassed from the attention from nearby males but just dismissed it as it being men's natural hormones.

Ryan Nesser had made the move to this suburban community with his parents, hating to leave all his friends behind.  The girls here seemed so naïve and innocent, so different from the more aggressive girls in the big city.  At the age of 18, a senior in high school, he had scored with a lot of chicks from his old neighborhood where the girls were loose and free with sex.  Now it had seemed that the only sexual relief he'd be getting would be from his own hand.

Having met Traci Slater in one of his classes, she had seemed like a very nice girl and he asked her out to the movies.  Traci was cute and sexy, a popular girl in school with long blonde hair.  But Ryan knew she just wasn't the type to put out, probably intent on saving herself till she got married.  'Shit, I thought that was only in story books!' Ryan muttered to himself when he had pulled to the curb fronting Traci's home.

Walking up to the front door of Traci's home, he cussed under his breath "Fuck, having to meet the parents of a date?  Unbelievable!  What am I doing in this fucking hick town?"  "Oh, well, might as well get it over with!" he muttered as he rang the doorbell.  He had put on his leather jacket that was the fad in the city, although things in this suburb seemed to be much more conservative in the way everyone dressed.

When the door opened, Ryan's mouth nearly dropped open in awe as he gazed upon the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on.  Regaining his confidence, he introduced himself and extended his hand out to shake that of Mrs. Slater.  She introduced herself as Traci's mom as she extended her hand.  Once he made contact with her soft manicured hand, it was like a jolt of electricity coursing through each of them.  With hands joined and each staring into the other's eyes, it was as if time had frozen.  Finally Traci's arrival jolted things back to reality to both her mother and her date.

The evening was nice, as Ryan and Traci got to know each other better.  But at times, Ryan's mind drifted off, thinking back to the sight of her gorgeous mother and the electricity that shot through him as he held her hand.  He could see where Traci got her beautiful looks from and knew in a few years, she would mature into a beautiful young woman like her sexy looking mother.  'God, her mother's so fucking beautiful!  I almost creamed in my pants just by touching her soft manicured hand!  Man, I'd give anything to crawl into bed with her!' he moaned to himself.

When Traci got home that evening, her mother was still up and just about to go to bed.  She couldn't help but to tell her mom what an exciting date she had with the handsome Ryan.  Evelyn listened to her daughter continue on about the handsome teen that she had met earlier that evening, still remembering that jolt of electricity that had bonded them for that moment in time.  As she continued to listen to her daughter talk about her date, Evelyn could not stem the clenching of her cunt muscles as she pictured the handsome young man, causing her distress at the thoughts going through her mind.  'How can I think of such things!  I'm happily married to Dave and that teenager is the boy my daughter is interested in!  God, I must be getting depraved!' she chided herself.

The next morning, Traci got a call from Ryan.  On their date the night before, they had talked about going for a ride with Traci showing him around the area.  However, the day was expected to be faced with a sudden heat wave and not quite practical for a ride into the countryside.  She told Ryan to hold on for a moment as she covered the mouthpiece, then asked her mom who just walked into the kitchen "I know you and Dad were going to relax in the pool today.  It's so hot!  Would it be okay if I invited Ryan over for a swim?" she asked with a pleading face.

At the mention of the handsome teen, Evelyn swallowed deeply, then nodded her head to Traci.  "If …...........…if you want, we can put some burgers on for lunch!  There's more than enough!" she volunteered as she checked the refrigerator.  Then she overheard her daughter tell Ryan to come on over for a dip into pool and lunch, then heard the conversation end with Traci saying she'd see him in an hour.  When her daughter left the kitchen, she couldn't help but to close her eyes while picturing the handsome teen, her cunt muscles again clenching at the thought of seeing the handsome teen again.  But as the thought passed, Evelyn felt so guilty again.

An hour later, Evelyn was in the master bedroom when she heard the doorbell ring.  She knew it was her daughter's handsome date but she just could not stem the thoughts of the handsome teen from flooding her mind, nor the clenching of her cunt muscles again.  'God, how can I be thinking such thoughts!  He's young enough to be my own son!  That plus I've never before had such thoughts of ever being unfaithful to Dave!  Why am I thinking such thoughts!' she chastised herself.  Then she heard laughter and splashing come from the pool area.

Nervously, Evelyn walked over to the window and peeked out from a side angle.  She bit her bottom lip and felt a shudder course through her body as she eyed the muscular teen about to dive into the pool.  Then for the first time ever, she unconsciously unbuttoned the top of her shorts, her right hand slipping down into her shorts.  Her fingers wandered over her lacy panties, pressing down over her moistening slit.  As she stared out the window at the handsome teen, her body shuddered in an orgasm as her finger rubbed her sensitive clit through her now sopping wet panties.

Taking deep breaths, she tired to calm herself from what her illicit thoughts had done to her body.  Dave was already out in the backyard, getting the grill ready, dressed in shorts and a shirt.  Evelyn told Dave and Traci earlier that she'd be joining them shortly.  Opening her dresser drawer, she got out the one piece swimsuit that she normally used when they had any guests not wanting to look too sexy.  She hesitated a moment, then put it back into the drawer and instead reached for her sexy red bikini.

Swimming about in the pool, Ryan's mouth dropped open when the sliding door opened and Mrs. Slater appeared in her sexy red bikini as she sat on the wall and draped her sexy legs over it.  Her body was flawless, so ivory white with long sexy legs, her manicured fingers and toes making her look that much more sexy.  He heard Mr. Slater greet his sexy wife "Hi, honey!  Wow, you haven't worn that sexy bikini in a while!"  Ryan saw her blush as she told her husband "I was going to wear my black one piece suit but found it was slightly torn at the seams!  Anyway, I wanted to sunbathe a bit and this will give me a better tan!"  Ryan wondered that just maybe her other swimsuit was not torn at all, that maybe she put on that sexy outfit for his benefit.  After that long moment of holding her hand last night, looking into each other's eyes, he knew she felt the same electricity shooting through her also.

For a while Traci's parents joined them in the pool to cool off, then they got out to put the burgers on the grill.  Ryan couldn't help but to steal glances as the beautiful Mrs. Slater, wishing he could peel the red bikini from her sexy body.  His cock twitched in seeing her sunbathing in that skimy bikini.  How he wished he could hold her in his arms, imagining how soft and sexy her body would feel.  As he stared at her from the pool, he knew he'd have to stay in the pool a bit, at least until his stiff cock eased back down.

As they sat at the redwood table, Ryan was seated next to Traci but directly across from her lovely mother.  When Mrs. Slater got up from the table to get some condiments from the kitchen, she returned with them and sat back down.  In doing so, as she crossed her legs, her foot made contact with him.  It was the same jolt of electricity like that of the night before when all they could do was to stare into each other's eyes.  He saw her blush and utter an "Oops, excuse me!" to him.  He knew her foot had touched him accidentally but wondered what she would do if he boldly made the next move.

Staring at her lovely face, he could see that she was purposely avoiding his eyes, nervously looking away from him.  Ryan decided that if he was going to make a move and determine if he read her correctly, now was the time.  If he was wrong, he could merely excuse himself and make it seem that he had bumped her accidentally.  With that thought in mind, he boldly moved his right leg out slowly, inch by inch until he made contact.  Once the contact was made, staring intently at her beautiful face, he saw her flinch and gasp slightly.  But she made no attempt to move her leg away as his foot caressed her from her foot up to her soft calf.

Mr. Slater began to clean the grill as his wife took some the dishes to the kitchen.  Traci and Ryan began to gather up the remaining dishes to take it into the kitchen.  As Traci placed the dishes onto the sink, she excused herself saying she had an upset stomach and rushed off to the bathroom.  Evelyn nervously scrubbed at a dish as the water began filling the wash basin.  She stared down at the dish in her hand, quite aware of the handsome teen setting some dishes down next to where Traci had placed hers.

Evelyn could see her husband in a distance taking care of the hot coals and the dirty grill.  She closed her eyes, praying that the handsome young man would leave the kitchen and go back out into the patio, leaving her alone to do the dishes.  Her heart was pounding, her breathing labored as she fought to control her emotions.  She breathed a sigh of relief as she heard Ryan's footsteps moving away from her and then hearing the opening and closing of the kitchen door.

Then Evelyn gasped loudly as firm hands grasped her by her hips, feeling a muscular body rub up against her back.  Then the strong hands and fingers slowly caressed her hips, moving slowly down her outer thighs.  She shivered as the exploring hands made their to her inner thighs, teasing and caressing her as they inched up toward the vee of her bikini panties.  "Ohhh …........…...please ……..........……please ……..........……this ……...........this is …...............…..wrong!  Please ……...........………..please, stop!" she stammered, though she knew she was helpless to stop the touch that was driving her crazy.  Her body seemed to just melt at that point, she groaned and her head tilted back to rest upon the broad muscular teenage chest.

The exploring hands moved back over her hips, caressing her trim belly, then up to cup her breasts covered by only her thin red bikini top.   “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………….....…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……...............……please .......................pleaseeeeeeeeeee!” she groaned loudly as the bold teen easily found her sensitive nipples and began to use his thumbs to flick at the budding stems.  She could only nod in response as he nuzzled her ear and asked her "There's nothing wrong with your other bathing suit, is there, Mrs. Slater?  You wore this sexy bikini for me, didn't you?  You wanted to look sexy for me!  You've been dreaming of me touching you like this, haven't you?"   Before she knew it, her bikini top was lying on the kitchen tiles as the arrogant teen mouthed her breasts.

A moment later, Evelyn was alone in the kitchen after having quickly retrieved and donned back on her bikini top, leaning against the sink as she panted to catch her breath while adusting her top back into place.  She knew it would not have ended there had they not hear the running water from flush in the bathroom, soon followed by the opening of the bathroom door.  Just how far it would have gone right there in the kitchen was left for speculation, but Evelyn knew that she was powerless to have stopped the young man even with her daughter and husband so nearby.  'My, God!  If he hadn't stopped right then, we'd have been caught in the act!' she realized.

When her daughter and handsome teenage friend left to meet with some other friends, Evelyn breathed a sigh of relief.  She felt so guilty at what had occurred in the kitchen of her own home, with her husband and daughter so nearby, but for some reason she was just helpless by the mere touch of that handsome young man.  With her husband going indoors to watch a game on television, she took another dip into the pool to cool off her body, hoping to cool down her hot pussy.  In the privacy of the pool, she slipped a hand into her bikini panties and shivered as a finger made contact with her sensitive clit.  Closing her eyes, she thought back to the memories that took place in her kitchen.  A moment later, her body convulsed in a shudder of pleasure with the image of the handsome teen in her mind.

Over the next two weeks, Ryan had stopped over numerous times in hopes of seeing the lovely woman of his dreams again.  However, whenever he was there, she had remained in her bedroom.  He knew that she was purposely avoiding him, knew that she was afraid of what might happen if they were ever alone again.  Each night, he had gone to bed with the picture of her in his mind, jacking off to the memory of her soft body in his hands.

On Monday morning, Evelyn was busy at work, keeping her mind engrossed solely on the job and not letting her mind wander to the weekend when she kept herself cooped up in her bedroom.  But from her bedroom window, she had found herself staring out to the pool where her daughter entertained her now 'boyfriend' Ryan.  She had peeked out the window to look at the handsome and muscular teen, touching her body where his hands wandered when they had been alone in the kitchen.  Her body had shuddered in a mild orgasm just from the thought of him touching her again.

At 11 a.m. she answered the phone, freezing upon hearing the familiar masculine voice "Hi, Mrs. Slater!  I've missed seeing you for the past two weeks!  I want to be alone with you again!  I want to touch you again!  I want to feel your naked body up against me!"  "No ……….no …………never ………I ……..I ………." Evelyn stammered into the phone.  "What time's your lunch hour?  I've checked into the Evergreen Motel a couple blocks away!  I'm in Room 205!" came the confident reply.  "11:30!  But I can't ………….I won't do such a thing!" she replied, but before she finished the phone went dead and the dial tone buzzed in her ear.

Sitting at her desk for the next twenty minutes, she could not even concentrate on any business.  She told herself to just remain there and not pay any attention to the demands of her male caller.  Knowing it'd take over five minutes to get there, she just told herself to sit at her desk and let time go by.  When she didn't show up, he'd certainly get the message.  Evelyn bit her lip to keep her will power but as it neared 11:25, she quickly got up from her desk and made a beeline out, telling her friend that she had to cancel out on lunch as she had to meet a client and may be back late.

Hand poised at the door of Room 205, Evelyn hesitated nervously, telling herself to leave immediately.  She looked about, knowing it would not be good if anyone she knew saw her entering a motel room in this small community.  Breathing hard, she found herself knocking upon the door against what her rational mind was telling her not to do.  Then the door opened and before her stood her daughter's boyfriend, clad as he had been in her kitchen a couple weeks ago, dressed only in his tight blue shorts without any shirt on.

Not wanting anyone to see her outside the motel door, Evelyn nervously stepped into the open door.  "Ryan ………….I …………I feel so ashamed at what took place two weeks ago!  I ……..I shouldn't even have come …….but …….I just wanted to explain to you ……..that ………..that it's not right!  I ………I should never have put on that bikini!  I ……….I should never have allowed ………allowed what happened in the kitchen that day!" she stammered.  Then some reality set back in as she gazed at the muscular and handsome young stud clad only in a tight pair of shorts.  Swallowing deeply, she realized that she had to get out of there or all would be lost.  Turning to the door, she frantically tried to open it but found it locked.  She fumbled at the lock but suddenly froze to the spot.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………………!” Evelyn gasped as she felt familiar hands upon on her trim hips.  Panting for breath, heart pounding, she closed her eyes as the caressing hands moved over her skirt, slowly pulling up her knee length lavender skirt.  Then the roving hands were touching her bare thighs, teasing as he had done to her in her kitchen.  With the heat wave continuing, she had eliminated her normal use of a pantyhose, the intimate caresses sending shivers throughout her body.

“Ohhh, Ryannnn ………………..pleaseeeeeeeee, noooooo!” she stammered, shivering uncontrollably as the roving hands touched her panties. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh …………oh, my Godddddd!” Evelyn groaned and shuddered in an orgasm as a thick finger pushed the crotch of her panties into wet slit and made contact with her sensitive clit.  “Oh, noooooooooo ……………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned as her body shook uncontrollably.  Never had she ever achieved such an orgasm just by a mere touch of her body.

Eyes still closed, Evelyn leaned her head back onto the muscular chest as the wandering hands moved up slowly.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, noooooooooo ……..Godddddd, please …………………ohhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned, feeling the strong hands move back to her hips.  Before she knew it, her lavender skirt was laying in a puddle around her white heels and her matching blazer lay on the floor behind her.  Then the hands returned to her bare flesh, now roaming under her crisp white blouse, caressing her trim belly then up to cup her breasts.  Just like that day in the kitchen, the bold teen easily found her sensitive nipples and began to use his thumbs to flick at the budding stems, covered this time by her thinner lace bra.   “Ohhh ……..oh, Ryan ……………..please …………please!” she moaned as her sensitive nipples rose to attention.

As she leaned back against Ryan's muscular body, she felt him fumbling at the buttons of her blouse.  'Oh, God!  I've got to stop him!' her mind registered.  But as the buttons were being undone one at a time, she could not move a muscle to stop him.  A moment later, her blouse had been unbuttoned and it lay upon her blazer on the carpeted floor.  Seconds later, her lacy white bra also had fallen to the floor.  Evelyn threw her head back and moaned loudly “Ohhhh, Ryan …………….ohhhhhhhhhh ………..stop ………..stoppp!” as her lacy white panties were being eased down her trim hips to slither down her legs to fall upon her heels.

The next thing Evelyn knew, she was being cradled in Ryan's muscular arms and being carried to the bed.  It was a sight to behold, the lovely blonde mother naked except for her white heels with her fallen panties dangling from a heel, in the arms of her daughter's boyfriend.  As she lay upon the bed, Evelyn moaned at the unbelievable event taking place “Ohhhhhhhhh ……………please …………..oohhhhhhhhhh!” Her hips arched up as Ryan’s hot mouth clamped down on her golden treasure, her eyes rolled as the withering tongue dipped into her honey pot and teased her sensitive clit.  Planting her heels into the mattress, she grasped his hair as she arched up in response to the unbelievable pleasure.  “Ohhhhhhhhh, God ……God ……………ohhhhhhhh ….………I …………I …… I’m cummmminggggg!” she moaned, body shaking uncontrollably in the most mind-shattering orgasm ever experienced.

Moments later, the two lovers were exchanging a deep passionate kiss, tongues teasing each other.  The lovely Mrs. Evelyn Slater was swooning and like putty in the hands of this handsome teenage boy, a boy young enough to be her own son.   It was so wicked, having always been so faithful to her loving husband, now she was naked in the arms of her daughter’s young boyfriend.  She panted and shivered as she felt the fumbling taking place between their bodies.  'Oh, God!  What am I doing?  How can I cheat on Dave like this!  And ………and with Traci's boyfriend!' she sobbed to herself.

Evelyn couldn't believe the size of the hard prodding bar of flesh that threatened to tear her apart.  Feeling the thick cockhead pushing at her tight slit, she was in a panic "Ohhh ………..Ryan …….you're too big!  It ……….it won't fit!"  Afraid but unable to suppress her desire for this handsome teen, she crossed her legs over his hips and locked her heels around him, her lacy white panties dangling from between her heels.  Her arms encircled his neck as she pulled him down so they could engage in another passionate kiss.  She shivered as she felt his cockhead rubbing up and down her slick groove to lubricate his thick cock in hopes of allowing the penetration.

Ryan pushed forward with all his might, finally able to force his thick cockhead into tight resisting slit, then he thrust again and speared her deeply.  "Ohh ………….uhhhhhhhhhh …………….uh, Ryan, ohhhh  ……………you're …………you're too ………..tooooo biggggggggg!" he heard her cry out as he stretched her widely from his ramming thrust.  Withdrawing till only an inch remained, he then slammed forward again with all his might, burying his cock deep into her womb.  It was the wildest fuck Ryan had ever experienced, never before getting into the pants of such a beautiful and well-respected woman.  He just loved the way she moaned and squealed as he banged her hard.

"Uh …..uh …..uh …..uh ……uh …..oh ……ohhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhh, God!" Evelyn chanted as she was being fucked out of her mind, fucked by her daughter's muscular boyfriend.  "Oh, Ryan ……Ryan ……………oh, God ……………oh, fuck me ……….fuck me, Ryan ……………..yes ………….yes …………..oh, God ………..I ……I'm cumminggggggg …….I'm cummingggggg!" she groaned, feeling  the long thick manhood that was embedded deep in her womb.  "Oh, God!  Oh, God!  Yesssssssss ………….yesssssssss!" she screamed as she felt the thick cockhead expand, then explode its hot cream directly into her fertile womb.

At 2:30 that afternoon, Evelyn sat down behind her desk, feeling so ashamed and guilty for the sins she had just committed.  Her vows of faithfulness to her husband were now shattered forever.  'Oh, God!  Why did I go there in the first place?  I'm now a despicable adulteress, no better that a slutty whore!  And worst of all, to cheat on Dave with Traci's boyfriend?  How depraved can I get?' she wondered to herself.  Still, she knew that if Ryan called her to come back to the motel that very instant, she would pick up her purse and drive right over.

Evelyn's mind drifted back to an hour ago, when she was still entwined with her teenage lover, still joined as only a husband and wife should be.  After she had recovered from their first lovemaking bout, the reality of what had just taken place set in as she tried to push the muscular teen from her.  "Oh, Ryan ………Ryan, I'm so ashamed ……….how could I do such a thing with you!" she had sobbed.  But with his pushing his cock deep into her womb again, she gasped and again wrapped her arms and legs around her young lover.

Never had Evelyn felt the pleasure of lovemaking three consecutive times without ever breaking apart from her lover.  She couldn't believe the stamina of her young stud.  After he had cum in her, his cock naturally dwindled in size but he always remained in her.  And then she could feel his manhood regaining its strength, expanding between her clenching cunt muscles, commencing their second round of passionate lovemaking.  She was couldn't get enough of her handsome young lover, begging him “Oh, fuck me ……yes, fuck me ……………..ohhhh, yes …………yes, deeper ………cum in me ………yessss, cum in me …………..ohhhhhhhhh!”

Three times they had intercourse on the motel bed without ever breaking their intimate embrace.  She had three full does of her teen lover's thick spunk splattering deep in her fertile womb.  Only now did the consequences of her illicit mating cross her mind.  Evelyn sighed deeply, realizing that this was indeed her most fertile time of the month, groaning to herself "I didn't even think about it then ……I ……let him cum in me …….I begged him to cum in me!  Oh, my God ……..this is my worst time!"  With her cycle always being on time, she had always timed it with her husband, making sure he wore a condom if it was the dangerous time of the month.  Now, her fertile womb was filled to the brim with the potent seed of her daughter's boyfriend.  She would not be able to douche until she got home, but by then it would be too late anyway.
Throughout the remainder of the week, Evelyn felt so ashamed and guilty at what she had done, unable to concentrate on her work.  All her thoughts were focused on her handsome teen lover and the soaring heights that he took her to.  She often touched her belly, wondering if she was now carrying her young lover's child.

On Saturday morning, at the breakfast table, Traci asked if they could do some burgers again for lunch as she wanted to invite Ryan over for a swim.  Evelyn shuddered at the thought of having to face the handsome young man again, although she longed for his touch she knew she was mere putty in his hands.  "Well …….I ……….I don't believe we have any burgers left in the freezer!" she stammered in reply to her daughter, hoping that would dash her daughter's plans of inviting him over.

"Oh, honey, I was planning to run down to the hardware store this morning and its right next to the grocery store!  I'll pick up some burgers to put on the grill again!  With this heat, a nice dip in the pool and lunch out on the patio would be terrific today!" Dave spoke.  This brought a loud cheer from Traci and a shudder of despair for her lovely mother.  "I …….I guess I'd better stitch my tear in my black bathing suit.  The pink one is just too revealing!" she stammered, needing to cover up for her previous lie.

As Ryan and Traci swam in the pool, he knew the beautiful Mrs. Slater was staying in her home as long as possible, afraid of facing him again.  When he observed her finally coming outside with food in her hands, dressed in the one piece bathing suit, he knew she was trying desperately to put up all her defenses to his presence.  He could see that Mrs. Slater was busying herself with the lunch, not wanting to take a dip into the pool and avoiding him other than the brief greeting that she had given him when she came out from the house.

At lunch, Evelyn again found herself seated across from the handsome young teen.  When she felt his foot touch hers under the table, she gasped slightly, then quickly turned herself to the side and drew her legs under the bench.  She nibbled at her food, hiding the fact that she was panting to catch her breath, making small conversation to hide her nervousness.

Traci had earlier made plans to meet her girl friends at the mall and Ryan had volunteered to drop her off, then pick her up when she was done.  Then, as they ate, Mr. Slater advised his wife "Since you wanted to putter in the garden, I'm going out to the country club as there's a touring pro putting on a clinic for the members.  I'll be home for dinner." As Ryan stared at the lovely Mrs. Ryan, he could see her cheeks color up in nervousness.

As Mr. Slater began cleaning up the grill, Mrs. Slater took the leftovers to the kitchen while he and Traci cleaned up the patio table.  Ryan slowed his gathering of the dishes, timing it right so Traci went ahead of him.  He waited for Traci to come back outside before entering the kitchen with his load of dishes, letting him be alone with her beautiful mother.  Putting the dishes down, his hands were then around Mrs. Slater's trim waist as he nuzzled at her ear, whispering "I'll be right back after I drop Traci off at the mall!"  He heard her panting for breath, then her response "Don't …...…..don't come ….....….I ….....……I can't …….......I won't ……!"  But he could tell there was no conviction to her words at all.

Once everyone had left, Evelyn nervously changed from her bathing suit to do some puttering in the shady part of the yard.  She put on a lacy bra with a light blue blouse over it, along with a pair of shorts and tennis shoes.  She told herself that she had been firm when she had spoken, that the handsome teen would heed her words.  She busied herself in puttering and pruning some small shrubs that were located in the shade, trying to put everything else out of her mind.

As she was pruning a small shrub, Evelyn froze suddenly when she felt two strong familiar hands upon her shoulders, caressing her upper arms to slide down to cover her petite hands.  Feeling the soft nibbling at the neck and the hands now moving onto her trim hips, she moaned loudly "Don't …....……..please ……......…I ….....…..we ……........can't …….....….it's wrong!"  Then she shuddered as the familiar hands moved from her hips, sliding up under her blouse, caressing her bare skin.  She tilted her head back, panting to catch her breath as she leaned back onto the muscular chest behind her.

"No ……...…….no, Ryan ……....……please!" she moaned as she felt his hands move up to the bottom of her lacy bra.  She closed her eyes and moaned as her bra was pushed up, feeling his hot hands now covering and fondling her breasts.  She shivered as her sensitive nipples becoming hard in arousal from the stimulation of being tweaked and flicked by his exploring fingers, causing her to plead "No, Ryan ….....….please ….....…….please …….......you must stop!"

Moments later, the beautiful wife and handsome teen stood in front of the Slaters' marital bed, with the lovely wife being stripped of her clothing.  Then she shamelessly went about disrobing her muscular young stud.  Ryan leaned down to kiss the soft pink lips of his girlfriend’s mother, delving his tongue between her lips, then their tongues began to tease and play with each other.

A moment later, the lovely wife was stark naked, crawling up onto the middle of her marital bed.  There, Evelyn lay back, her trim arms and legs spread wide to welcome her handsome young visitor.  “Oh, Ryan ……..please, please ……………….I need it …………….please!” she begged.   Heart pounding in anticipation, panting for breath, she was his for the taking!

There on the Slaters’ marital bed, the two lovers tightly embraced in a deep passionate kiss. Leaning up, Ryan reached down to grasp his pulsing cock, fitting it into place.  Rubbing his cockhead up and down, parting the soft golden mound, the tip of his manhood nuzzled at the warm slick entrance.  Pushing forward, he shivered at the pleasure coursing through his body as his pulsing cockhead was enveloped by the beauty's hot slick cuntlips. He knew he had her completely when her trim white arms and legs tightly encircled him, trying to grasp him tightly to her.

“Ohhhhh …….........…yesssss …...............…..yesssssssssss …............………….ohhhhh, yes …...........put it in!  Awwwwwwwwwww ……………..yesssssssss ………..........……….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Evelyn groaned as her young lover pushed himself into her.  As her lover began to fuck into her, the lengthy strokes began to slam harder and harder, making her delirious as she arched up to meet his every stroke.

“Ohhhh, Goddddddd ………............…….yesssssss ……......…..ohhhh …............…..ohhhhhh …...........…I ……............…I'm cummingggg!” came the scream from the woman of his dreams as Ryan slammed his pulsing cock deep into her womb.  This was the ultimate thrill for Ryan, making the lovely woman scream and convulse in a mind-shattering orgasm with his cock buried in to the hilt, having her commit adultery on her marital bed.  Grasping her trim hips, he stabbed forward to bury his cock even deeper, groaning "Oh, Mrs. Slater!  Oh, I'm going to cum …….......…………..going to make a little baby brother or sister for Traci!"  "Ohhhh …….......................I'm cummminggggg!" he moaned, body convulsing as his cock exploded, sending streams of his hot juice into the beauty's womb.

Twice more that afternoon, the Slaters’ marital creaked and swayed as never before.  The headboard thumped madly against the wall from each lunge by the handsome teen.  Time after time, the lovely Mrs. Slater arched in an attempt to capture more of the long thick cock, begging for him to “Fuck me …………fuck me ……..........……yes, fuck me …………..........…..ohhhh, yes …....…............…cum in me ..........…...........…give me your cum …….............………cum in me ………………..oh, Ryan ….........….yes …..........……fuck your baby in me ……...........ohhhhhhhhh, yesssss ............................yesssssssssssssssssssss!”

As the lovely Mrs. Evelyn Slater clutched her handsome young lover, arching up in her climax resulting from their third coupling, they were both startled by the sudden ringing o Ryan's cell phone.  "Oh, no …….no ……..don't!" she pleaded as Ryan leaned over to retrieve the cell phone from his jeans.  They both knew it was Traci call for Ryan to pick her up.  It was so wicked a situation as Ryan answered the phone "Hi, Traci!  Did you girls buy out the stores already?"

Ryan smiled upon seeing the horrified look on Mrs. Slater's beautiful face, knowing she was so humiliated at being fucked out of her mind by her daughter's boyfriend while he chatted with her daughter that very moment.  He purposely prolonged the phone call with Traci, all the while speeding up the unbelievable fuck with her lovely mother.  Finally he concluded the call with "Okay, I'm cumming right now!"  At that very instant, he unleashed his large build up of hot spunk into the womb of his girlfriend's beautiful mother as her arms and legs clutched at him desperately.

From that weekend, the two lovers just could not get enough of each other, meeting at least once a week for a quick tryst at the Evergreen Motel to take the edge off their lust for each other.  On gym days, Ryan could take off right after class, skipping study hall, rushing down to meet his secret lover who anxiously waited for him at the motel.  Whenever Ryan stopped over on the guise of visiting Traci, the two lovers had to use great restraint from touching each other.  However, there had been times when they had given in, sneaking an embrace or a quick kiss.

Then there was that one time when Traci was showering and Mr. Slater was taking a dip in the pool, leaving Ryan at the television set while Mrs. Slater in the kitchen.  When Evelyn felt those familiar hands on her hips again, she could only put up a token plea as she was pushed forward onto a counter, her feet no longer able to touch the floor.  Then she felt her shorts being unbuttoned and being pushed off her hips.  A moment later, her shorts lay at her feet upon the floor along with her lacy peach panties, pleading softly "Oh, God ……............…Ryan ……................…noooo, we can't!"  She groaned loudly and shivered as the thick cockhead pushed relentlessly between her gushing slit.  It was a quick but most satisfying fuck for both of them.

A few moments later, they were all out on the patio having the sandwiches that she had just prepared.  Sitting on the redwood bench, Evelyn clenched her thighs tightly together, trying to prevent the hot flow of spunk from escaping her well-filled slit.  She did not want her white shorts to become discolored, making it evident that she had wet herself, especially since her lacy peach panties were in the jeans pocket of the handsome teen seated across from her.

Months later, Ryan stopped over at the Slaters' as he normally did, on the guise to visit with Traci but really to see the woman of his dreams.  He saw Mr. Slater carrying some tarp to lay down upon the carpeting.  Inquiring, Ryan learned from Traci that her father was painting the spare bedroom.  When her parents were out of range, Traci leaned over to him and giggled "Guess what?  I'm going to have a little baby brother soon!  They've apparently been very careful for the past fifteen years, but now they finally slipped up!"

Going into the bedroom, Ryan picked up a spare paintbrush and began painting.  Hours later, a new coat of paint had been applied to the baby's bedroom.  Mr. Slater thanked him for all the hard work he put in and for giving up most of his Saturday.  Traci was changing in her room, with Mr. Slater in the garage cleaning the paintbrushes, the lovely Mrs. Slater took his hand and pulled him to an area blocked by the refrigerator.  There he received her special 'thanks' with an intimate kiss, her tongue playfully licking his lips "You're so thoughtful and helpful!  I'm so proud that you helped paint 'your' son's room for him!"

End of Story.