Teenage Stud - VII
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

A tinge of nervousness coursed throughout her entire body at being near this handsome young man, a feeling that upset her terribly.  Melanie Haverly could not understand why this young man affected her so, especially viewing the fact that he was so much younger than her, a full twenty years younger than her.  Mark Fuller was a mere eighteen years of age, a year older than her daughter Cathy.  Worst of all, Mark was Cathy's steady boyfriend, yet his masculinity had Melanie swooning whenever the young man was nearby.

Happily married to Tom Haverly for twenty-three years now, never having thoughts of another man, Melanie was beside herself at the feelings being stirred within her body.  Now this handsome young teen had her feeling like a young teeny bopper again and she could not think straight whenever he was over visiting with Cathy.  Unconsciously, whenever Cathy advised that Mark would be coming over, Melanie made sure to have her long silky chestnut hair combed and in place and even changed her clothing.  She would put on a nice blouse and shorts or short summer dress, rather than just her regular lounging clothing that she would wear around the house.

The effect that he had upon his girl friend's beautiful mother had not gone unnoticed by the young and horny Mark Fuller.  Being the back-up quarterback on the high school football team and slotted to gain the starting position in his senior year, Mark always had girls flocking over him from years earlier.  Taking full advantage of his good looks and athletic ability, Mark had notched his first conquest just after his fourteenth birthday.  From then on, he embarked on the campaign of getting into as many panties as possible.

Cathy Haverly was a young beautiful teen that Mark had set his sights upon and had set his goal of getting into her tight little panties.  However, Cathy turned out to be a tougher nut to crack as she was quite conservative and had resisted at his previously successful techniques of getting a gal hot and into the sack.  With the lengthy time he had had spent on this conquest, he and Cathy were being looked upon as a 'couple' at the high school.  Mark was tempted to call things off but felt it would be too much of a blow to his ego if he gave up at this point.

Up until two weeks ago, Mark had never been inside the Haverlys' home, always meeting Cathy when she showed up with some of her girlfriends at the local hangout before the girls paired up with their respective boyfriends and going on out from there.  Thus, Mark had never met Cathy's parents for the first four months that they had been dating.  On this occasion, he had told Cathy he'd pick her up so they could head straight out to the rock concert that was being held across town.

Mark had told Cathy of his disdain of having to go under the scrutiny of meeting a girl's parents and had wanted her to meet him near her home on that day.  But as Cathy had told him that her parents wouldn't be home at that hour, her father working late and it being her mother's day to do some shopping after work, Mark had agreed to pick her up at her home.  With Cathy late in getting ready and Mrs. Haverly getting her shopping completed early, Mark groaned as the garage door was opened by a remote.  A white BMW then pulled up the driveway and into the garage.

Taking a deep breath, Mark sucked it up and put on a beaming smile in preparation of meeting Cathy's mother.  Walking towards the garage, he heard the trunk being opened.   Just as he turned the corner to the garage, the sight before him gave him an instant raging hardon.  With a grocery sack having fallen over, a few can goods had rolled to the back of the car trunk and with Mrs. Haverly trying to retrieve them, Mark was treated to a tantalizing view of her long sexy legs.

When Mrs. Haverly had retrieved the cans and stood straight up, Mark then said "Hello, Mrs. Haverly!  I'm Mark and I came to pick Cathy up!"  As Mrs. Haverly turned towards him, he immediately knew where Cathy's beauty came from.  This woman was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes upon, as if she came straight out of a men's magazine.  In her neat black dress and matching heels, he looked at the lovely face smiling at him as she extended her hand to greet him "Oh, hi!  It's so nice to meet one of Cathy's friends!"

At the age of 38, Melanie Haverly was enjoying the fruits of a happy marriage to her husband along with a lovely and considerate daughter, plus a successful career in an interior design firm.  She had a lot of guys after her from her high school days and even till this day, many a man would make a pass at her.  But she was still madly in love with her husband Tom and merely laughed off the attention lavished upon her by other men.

Melanie was happy to meet one of Cathy male friends but for some reason, a trembling shiver coursed throughout her entire body as she gazed up at this very tall handsome young teen.  Then, when she shook her hand, his powerful grip sent a nervous shudder through her body, one she had not felt since she had first met Tom many years ago.  She felt her knees go weak and her thigh muscles clench in response.  Melanie felt a warm flush of embarrassment come over her as the squeezing of her thighs caused her love juices to ooze into the crotch of her panties.

As Melanie stared up into the handsome smiling face, she could not find any further words as he continued to hold her hand in his.  She began to tremble as the handsome teen raised up his other hand to caress the back of her right hand that she had extended for a handshake.  No male had ever had such an immediate and pronounced effect upon her.  Her knees went weak and she just could not think rationally, the touch of this handsome young teen sending shivers throughout her body.

What took place in that short moment's span seemed like an hour for Melanie.  Fortunately, the sound of the front door opening and slamming shut, followed by Cathy's footsteps had the young teen releasing her hand before Cathy could observe what was taking place.  As the handsome teen stepped back out of the garage, she heard him say "It was so nice meeting you, Mrs. Haverly!"

Moments later, having gather herself and taking the sack of groceries into the house, Melanie could feel her heart pounding madly in her chest as she panted for breath.  She left the groceries on the counter, her hands trembling as she was unable to concentrate in putting the items away.  Making her way upstairs and into the master bedroom, Melanie could not understand the nervousness caused by the handsome young teen.  Stepping out of her black heels, she then unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.

Closing her eyes, she let her left hand caress the back of her right hand, just as the young teen had done in the garage.  Melanie then let her hands move to her waist, caressing her soft skin while picturing that handsome teen in her mind.  She shivered at the pretense of being touched by the young man, her hands moving up to the lacy bra covering her breasts.  Her body shivered again as her thumbs flicked at her stiffened nipples under the lacy garment, her thighs clenching as her love juices began to again ooze.

Panting for breath, guilt began to set in at what she had just done for the very first time.  Never had Melanie touched herself in such a manner, much less thought about another male in such an intimate way.  She could not believe that she had reached an orgasm with the thought of the handsome young teen in her mind.  'God, he's young enough to be your own son!  And worst yet, he's Cathy's boyfriend, the boy she's been talking about so much lately!' she chastised herself.

Back in the kitchen, Melanie did away with the simple dinner she had planned to prepare that evening.  Instead, she set about to prepare her husband's favorite dish.  It was the least she could do in her own mind, desperately trying to ease the feeling of guilt that filled her.  She threw herself into solely concentrating on the preparation of the elaborate meal, trying to block out any thought of what took place earlier.  However, the image of the handsome young teen continuously crept back into her mind.

In the Haverlys' bedroom that evening, the happily married couple was engaged in passionate lovemaking.  However, on this particular evening, Melanie Haverly's eyes were closed in the darkness of the bedroom.  With her arms around the neck of her husband, legs wrapped tightly around the humping buttocks, the only difference was her pretending it was the handsome young teen giving her the sexual release that she so desperately craved.  Later, with her husband asleep on his side of the bed, Melanie turned to face the other way, her eyes tearing in shame for her illicit thoughts while making love to Tom.

The next weekend, Tom Haverly was away on a business conference, leaving his wife and daughter at home.  Melanie had been invited out with her fellow employees for some drinks after work to unwind after a tough week, but she passed saying she already had made plans for that evening.  Once the work day had come to a close, she had quickly picked up her purse and briefcase to begin the drive home.

It had been a wet and windy day with the potential of more rain to come.   On the drive home, Melanie had to wonder why she had not joined her friends, especially since Tom would not be home and her daughter would be going out that night.  It had not been the bad weather that had deterred her from joining her friends.  With her heart pounding faster and faster as she drove, she knew exactly why she had passed on the invitation to join her friends.  It was because Cathy had told her that young Mark Fuller would be picking her up at their home.

Getting home before Cathy's boyfriend picked her up, Melanie nervously poured herself a martini to calm her nerves.  When the doorbell rang, Melanie took a large swallow of her potent drink as she heard her daughter come running down the stairs.  It was a quick "Hi, Mom!  Going out now!  Bye!" from Cathy.  As her daughter opened the front door, she saw the handsome Mark Fuller standing there.  She saw him looking directly at her from above Cathy's shoulder, then heard him say "Hi, Mrs. Haverly!"  "Hi ………Hi, Mark!" she stammered in return.

Shortly after Mark and Cathy left, the downpour became heavier and the winds picked up substantially.  Turning on the news, Melanie became a bit concerned as the newscaster indicated that caution should be used as flash flooding could occur and traveling over low bridges may become hazardous.  Of concern was the fact that the isolated subdivision where they lived, a small bridge had to be crossed over, under which a small river flowed.  That small river had overflowed once before in such a situation, causing Melanie concern for the safety of the teens.

Normally, one martini was the limit for Melanie but her fluster of the handsome teen along with the concern over the weather had her preparing a second martini.  With her daughter and boyfriend planning to go to a concert that night, Melanie worried that the bridge would be closed down, preventing any cars from getting into the subdivision.  As there was nothing she could really do, Melanie sighed and took her drink upstairs to her bedroom.  There, she changed out of her dress and heels and put on a loose halter top and shorts.

Back downstairs, Melanie picked on some leftovers as she sipped at her second martini.  The wind and rain continued and the newscast indicated there apparently would not be a let up of this enexpected storm.  It was only 10:30 p.m. and normally Cathy would not return till her curfew of 12:30 a.m.  Thus, Melanie realized it would be another two hours of worrying and she took another gulp of her drink, finishing her second martini.

Then at 10:45 p.m., Melanie was surprised to see car headlights pulling up into the driveway and parking there.  Going to the front door and opening it, she was relieved and happy to see Cathy running up the walkway followed by her boyfriend.  Both were drenched just by the short run from the driveway.  She listened as Cathy advised "Mark heard of the flash flooding and suggested we leave the concert early!  It was lucky that we did!  They were closing the road over the bridge and we were the next to last car allowed to cross over it!"

"Thanks for being so considerate, Mark!  Let me get you two some towels so you can dry off!  I'll get a fire started to keep you folks warm!" Melanie advised as she turned and rushed to get the towels for the soaking teens.  She had forced herself to turn away from the teens, having found herself staring at the handsome teen who was smiling widely at her as he began unbuttoning his shirt.  Grabbing two towels from the bathroom cabinet, she nervously returned to hand a towel to Cathy and her boyfriend, who now had unbuttoned his shirt to expose his muscular chest.  "I ………….…..I'll start a fire so you can get warm!" Melanie stammered as she forced herself to turn away.

Mark thanked her for the towel and could visibly see the effect he was having upon his girlfriend's beautiful mother.  As he watched her turn and walk to the fireplace, her long white legs and sexy bare feet had his cock stirring in his pants.  'Whew!  What sexy legs!  God, I just gotta get into her tight little panties!' he told himself.  Cathy told him she was going to change out of her wet clothing, then trotted off upstairs to her bedroom.

Looking over towards the fireplace, he observed Mrs. Haverly kneeling down with her shapely ass and long trim legs facing him.   He kicked off his sneakers and shucked off his wet jeans.  Reaching down to his shorts, he gave his twitching cock a squeeze as it grew further in size.  'God, how I'd like to strip off her shorts and give it to her doggie style right now!' he moaned to himself as he moved towards the fireplace.  He knew the effect he had upon her but still it was not the right timing, knowing he had to get her a bit more hot and bothered before literally putting the 'screws' to her.

Now only dressed in his shorts, Mark bent down next to his girl friend's mother and reached out to help her with the heavy log, saying "Oh, that looks heavy!  Let me help you with that, Mrs. Haverly!"  Purposely he brushed up against her arm and when he reached over, his hand was in contact with hers.  He heard the slight gasp that she emitted upon the contact and could make out her panting for breath.

"A fire will sure help in getting warm!  Do you know what my favorite way is to get warm, Mrs. Haverly?  I just love cuddling up under the blankets with someone soft and sexy!  It just turns me on and heats me up right away!" he whispered.  As the log was set into place, Mark kept his hands lightly on her soft petite hands, lightly caressing her.  With her breathing getting heavier and heavier, he knew just what the underlying meaning of his sentence meant.  Hearing footsteps coming down the padded floor he removed his hands and watched as Mrs. Haverly quickly stood up and made her way to the kitchen.

Starting the fire, Mark heard Cathy ask her mother "Mom, you make some great hot chocolate!  Can you make Mark and I a cup?"  "Ooo …….okay, Cathy!  I ……..I'll call you as soon as it's ready!" came the stuttered response of her nervous mother.  Mark knew that his girlfriend's pretty mother was just too nervous to carry the hot chocolate out to them.

With Cathy sitting next to the fireplace, shivering even though she had changed into dry clothing, Mark was anxiously awaiting to make his next move on her pretty mother.  Then from the kitchen, they heard her mom call out "The hot chocolate's just about ready!"  That was just what Mark had been waiting for, telling Cathy "You keep warm by the fire and I'll go and help your mom bringing out the hot chocolate!"

Hearing the heavy footsteps enter the kitchen behind her, Melanie froze in knowing that it was her daughter's boyfriend coming in to help carry the hot chocolate out and not her daughter as she had anticipated.  She shuddered as the footsteps neared and she then could feel him right behind her.  Breathing hard in anticipation, she closed her eyes to try and block things out.  Then she shivered as two strong hands cupped her hips over her thin shorts.

Feeling her shiver from his touch, Mark leaned forward to press his face up against her long silky brown hair and whispered "You must be cold, Mrs. Haverly!  I can feel you shivering!"  He heard her gasp out loud as he moved his hands up to touch her bare skin, slowly inching his way up under her loose halter top.  When he came into contact with the bottom of her bra cups, he slipped his thumbs up under the bra, then came into contact with her stiffened nipples.  Gently, he slowly caressed her nipples till they were hard as flints, then began flicking them with his thumbs.

If not for the support of the kitchen counter before her and the handsome teen standing behind her, Melanie's knees would have buckled in weakness and she would have slid down to the floor.  After her breasts were cupped in the teens large hands, she breathed a sigh of relief as his hands slipped back down and out of her halter top.  For a moment, she felt the young teen fumbling behind her then his hands encircled her waist again.

Melanie looked down as the teen's hands in front opened the cap of a small pill capsule.  Then she watched as he dropped two pills into one of the cups filled with hot chocolate.  She shivered as her ear was nibbled by the handsome teen, then heard him say "This will put Cathy in a deep sleep for at least eight hours!  Once she falls asleep, I'll come and snuggle up so we can keep each other warm!"  A moment later, she was left alone in the kitchen with Mark taking the cups of hot chocolate out to the den.

Finally regaining her composure and strength to move again, Melanie made her way out of the kitchen to go upstairs to her bedroom.  On her way, she passed the entrance to the den and observed Mark Fuller smiling at her while Cathy sipped at her hot chocolate.  Nervously, Melanie made her way upstairs and closed the door to the master bedroom.  Hesitantly, she looked down at her hand on the doorknob and the lock button next to it.

Moments later, having stripped off her clothing, Melanie let the hot shower beat down upon her shivering body.  She was not shivering from the cold but from the excitement the handsome teen had stirred within her body.  Closing her eyes, she let her hands run up to her breasts, touching herself while pretending it was the handsome young teen's hands upon her again.  Then she let a hand slip down as she ran a finger over her wet groove.

Dressing in a sheer negligee, something she had not worn in nearly a year, Melanie lay under the covers of the bed that she shared with her husband Tom.  She had not put on any  panties under her negligee, something she had never done before.   She was shivering in nervousness, bundling herself up in the warm blanket.  Her mind was a jumbled mess, feeling so guilty that someone other than Tom had touched her so intimately.  'God, how could I allow something like that to happen?  He ………..he's the same age as your daughter!  Worst, he's your daughter's boyfriend!' she chastised herself.

A short while later, Melanie could hear footsteps coming up the stairway, then saw shadows pass from the slit under her doorway.  Then she heard Mark's voice "Goodnight, Cathy!  See you in the morning!"  Then the light glimmering from under her doorway was gone, indicating that the lights had been turned off in the hallway.  Her heart was now pounding in her chest and her breathing became even more labored.

Minutes of silence followed and now Melanie was remorse with guilt over what had taken place earlier in the kitchen.  'Oh, God!  This is so wrong!  I better lock the door so nothing else happens!' she told herself.  Tossing the blanket from her body, she was about to get out of bed to lock the door when she heard a noise.  Then she distinctly heard the sound of the doorknob turn.  With the moonlight coming in through the living room windows, she could make out a person's shadow as the bedroom door opened.

Then the room was in pitch darkness again as the bedroom door was closed again.  Then she heard the door being locked as the button was pushed.  Melanie could hear footsteps on the carpet approaching closer and closer.  She extended her right hand out and whispered pleadingly "No, Mark …………this is so wrong!  Please ………please …….go back to your room!"

Melanie gasped loudly when her hand came into contact with a hot fleshy bar, her fingers instinctively closed around it.  She knew it was the handsome teen's cock that she was now grasping, only it was so much thicker and longer than her own husband's.  Reaching out with her left hand, she grabbed hold of the thick cock, putting her left hand at the base immediately below her right hand as if holding a baseball bat.

She could not help but to compare the size of this teenage boy to that of her husband.  Totally amazed, Melanie just could not believe the size of this teen.  She had her two fists grasping his manhood and still his cockhead protruded from the top.  With Tom, she was able to grasp his penis with one fist and cap his cockhead with the other and her fingers easily overlapped part of her closed fist.  She realized that that this handsome teen had fifty percent more length and thickness than her husband.  Throughout her thoughts, she had been unconsciously pumping the hard bar of flesh in her hands.

Then Melanie felt her fingers being pried off the throbbing shaft and she was forced to release the handsome teen.  A moment later, the king-sized bed sagged at the foot of the bed with the added weight of the young teen. The Haverly's marital bed was now occupied, not by husband and wife, but instead it was the beautiful wife and a handsome teenage stud. She felt hands caressing her legs and felt her them being spread wide apart.  Her negligee was being pushed up as the exploring hands caressed her inner thighs.  Now those exploring hands were slipping under her to caress her soft asscheeks.  "Ohhhhhhh ……………..ahhhh ……………ohhhhhhhh!" she moaned loudly as a hot wet mouth clamped over her womanhood.

Never had Melanie engaged in such a sexual act and this young teen was driving her out of her mind.  Moaning and withering about the bed, she reached down to wind her fingers in the teen's hair.  "Oh, God …………………yessssssssss ……………..yesssssssss ………..oh, God …………..eat meeeeeeeeeeeee!" she screamed, holding the head firmly as she arched up to feed him more of her love juices.  Now the flicking and exploring tongue was driving her crazy "Ohhhhh ……….Mark ……………Mark ………………I ……………….I'm cummminggggggg ……………….oh, Godddddddddddd!" she groaned as her body went into convulsions.

The two lovers caressed each other's body, touching and exploring as they engaged in a deep passionate kiss.  When the kiss ended, Melanie moaned loudly as a sensitive pink nipple was captured between the teen's sucking lips, her body arching up as his tongue teased her stiff bud.  "Ohhhhhhh, God ………….Mark ………….ohhhhhhh, yes ……………..yesssssssssss!" she moaned.  "Ahhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhh!" she groaned and shivered as her teen lover bit and nipped at a sensitive bud.

Shuffling a bit, Mark maneuvered himself into position, placing his throbbing cockhead up against the slick wet slit.  He leaned forward and pushed his thick cockhead forward, meeting resistance as he made inched his way into her tight slit.  His cockhead was finally enveloped in her hot tight slit, then he pushed forward again sliding home a few more inches.  He groaned from the unbelievable pleasure that this lovely happily married woman, his girlfriend's mother, was giving him.  'God, she's so fucking tight!  Tighter a hell of a lot of the teenage girls I've bopped.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Mark ………….…..ohhhhhhhh …….stop ………..it hurts ……….it hurtsssss!  You ………you're ………..you're too big ………..ohhhh, Mark, stop ………….. it hurtssss!" Melanie moaned.  Spreading her legs as wide apart as possible, trying to ease the pain, yet regardless of the pain, she then arched up to capture more of the thick throbbing shaft.  "Oh, God, Mark!  I ……I ………..I've never had anything so biggggggg ………before…………..ohhhh, Godddd!  Ohhhhh  ………..….it's soooo deep ………oh, never so deepppp before!  Mark ………ohhh, Mark ……………..yesssss ……..fuck me …….fuck me!" she moaned.  "Ahhhhhhhhh …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………oh, Godddd!" she groaned.  She felt the teen stud's cock push deeply into her, deep into her womb, far deeper than her husband had ever been before.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh ……ohhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhh, Mark!" Melanie swooned as the young teen commenced to fuck her out of her mind.  She was getting the fuck of a lifetime, fucked by her daughter's handsome boyfriend.  "Oh, Mark ……Mark ……………oh, God, yes ……………fuck me ……….fuck me, Mark ……………screw my brains out ……...yes ………….yes …………..yesssssss!  Oh, my God ………..I ……I'm cumminggggggg …….I'm cummingggggg!" she groaned, feeling the long thick manhood throb madly deep in her womb.  "Oh, God!  Oh, God!  Yesssssssss ………….yesssssssss!" she screamed as she felt the thick cockhead flared, then began spewing its hot potent cream directly into her fertile womb.

Passed out from the fantastic fuck she had just received, Melanie stirred back to consciousness fifteen minutes later, now frantic as the handsome teen was dozing upon her.  Not only was he dozing upon her body, making it impossible for her to budge, her daughter's boyfriend was still embedded deeply in her.  Instinctively, she clenched her muscles around the embedded cock, then felt it twitch back in response.  Again she squeezed her cunt muscles and again the cock twitched in response.  Again and again, faster and faster, she felt the teen's cock regaining its length and sturdiness.

Sensing that this activity had awakened her teen lover from his sleep, Melanie was amazed at his prowess for never had her husband fucked her twice in a row without even withdrawing his cock in between fucks.  "Ohhhhh ……………Mark …………..yes ………………yes ………….oh, yes ………….deeper …………..deeper!" she moaned as the teen stud stroked deeply into her.  The Haverly's marital bed had never before been put to such strenuous activity, the headboard thumping in time with the teen's thrust.

For Mark it was just an unbelievable fuck session.  He had always loved popping cherries of young teeny boppers but seducing a beautiful faithful young wife and mother was that much more enjoyable.  He had just enjoyed the challenging conquest immensely and the fuck was just fantastic.  It felt so good to call the beautiful woman by her marital name with his cock embedded deep in her as he gave her the shagging of her life.  He recalled the exciting moments earlier as he fucked her, pumping in and out as he mouthed "Oh, Mrs. Haverly, you're a fantastic fuck!  Gonna cum!   Gonna fill you with my hot cum, Mrs. Haverly!  Here it issssssssss!"

It was seven in the morning when Mark gave his girl friend's mother a loving pat on her bare butt, telling her "Time to get up, Mrs. Haverly!  After all that fucking, I need to regain my strength!  How about some making some bacon and eggs while I shower, Mrs. Haverly!  Or, we can keep fucking till Cathy gets up and comes looking for me!" he laughed seeing the shocked expression on her face as she realized that her daughter indeed could be getting up any time soon.  He watched as she scrambled out of bed to put a robe on, then made her downstairs to the kitchen.

Preparing bacon and eggs for breakfast, Melanie leaned back as her teen lover came into the kitchen to give her a passionate kiss.  A moment later, with Mark seated at the counter, Cathy entered the kitchen exclaiming "Boy, did I sleep like a log last night!  But the smell of bacon and eggs sure got me up in a hurry!"  Mark laughed and said "About time you got up, sleepyhead!  We've been up and waiting for you for quite a while!"

It felt so wicked at breakfast as Melanie sat at the table having breakfast with her daughter and her boyfriend.  After cooking breakfast, she had changed into the halter top and shorts that she had worn the afternoon before, minus the bra and panties.  Seated directly across the handsome teen, who's cum still dribbling from her well stretched quim, she felt guilty as she talked to her daughter seated next to him.  Even more so as they engaged in a game of footsy under the table.

At mid-morning Cathy and Mark were about to head on out to mall and meet up with some of their friends.  He knew Cathy loved his hotrod and always wanted to drive it.  Thus, as they were about to exit the front door, Mark advised "Oh, gosh!  I forgot some things that I took out of my wet clothing last night by the sofa.  Why don't you start up my car and warm it up, Cathy?  With all that water we drove through last night give it a several good reeves to get the engine going good.  I'll be out in a couple of minutes!"

Melanie watched as her daughter proceeded outside while her boyfriend closed the front door behind him, smiling widely as he approached her.  "What ……what did you forget, Mark?  Can I help you find it?" she stammered as the handsome teen came right up and gave her a passionate kiss.  Then she was taken by surprise as the strong teen turned her around and pushed her up onto the back of the sofa.  She reached out to brace herself with her hands, holding herself up with her hands on the seat cushions, her feet unable to touch the floor.

Melanie gasped as Mark grabbed the top of her shorts, yanking it down, causing the top button to pop off.  Seconds later, the shorts slid down her legs and off her feet to fall onto the carpet.  "Mark …………..Mark ………..what are you doing?  Cathy could come in an catch us!" she worried.  Her feet up off the ground, she was in quite a vulnerable position with the strong teen holding her at the waist.  "No, Mark ……………noooo ………….not there!  I …………….I've never done that before …………..please ……..don't …………………it'll hurt!" Melanie pleaded as she felt his blunt cockhead being fitted at the entrance to her ass.

His pants and shorts at his feet, Mark chuckled in learning that her ass was cherry.  He knew she wouldn't be able to take his thick cock up her cherry ass without screaming in pain, thus he had to be prepared.  Hearing his car start up, he waited for Cathy to do as he had instructed and reeve up the engine.  Just seconds later, clamping a hand tightly over Mrs. Haverly's mouth, he lunged forward with all of his might with no thoughts of being gentle at all.

"Ahhhhhh …………………mmmmmmm ………………mmpffffhhhhhhhhhhhhh" came the loud muffled shriek of pain from the beautiful woman he was buggering.  Mark laughed out loud, wanting her to remember 'when, where, and who' copped her cherry ass!  He was glad that he had clamped his hand over her mouth or her shrieks of pain would have easily been heard, even over the loud engine of his hotrod.  Now with one hand holding Mrs. Haverly firmly around the waist, the fingers of his other hand expertly  began to frig at her sensitive clit as he humped away at the beautiful woman.

Hands pushing against the seat cushions, feet up off the ground, Melanie shivered at the wickedness of the situation she was in.  She could not help but feel the thrilling sensations shooting throughout her body as the handsome teen rubbed her clit and now pumping in and out of her ruptured ass.  "Oh, God ……………ohhhhhhh ………….oh, God ………….Mark …………….Mark …………..I ……………….I'm going to …………….cummmmmmmm …………………..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned.  And cum she did as the handsome teen gave her ass a hot enema.

Using her shorts to clean himself off, Mark then pulled up his clothing and zipped up.  He smiled as he looked at the lovely woman, still in the same position with her head bent in shame and guilt.  Taking the small digital camera that he had in his pocket, he snapped a couple of shots.  Then he called out, "Oh, Mrs. Haverly …………..smile!"  It was a perfect snapshot that clearly captured Mrs. Haverly's horrified face along with the obscene position she was in.

Just out the front door, Mark leaned back in and yelled out loudly so Cathy could hear "Thanks so much for letting me spend the night with you, Mrs. Haverly!"  He knew that Cathy assumed he was merely thanking her mother for spending the night at their house.  Not that he had literally spent the entire night in bed with her mother, fucking her time and time again.

Arms collapsing on the sofa, Melanie remained in the bent over position that she had been forced into.  She was too exhausted and too sore to move a muscle.  She could not believe the audacity of her daughter's boyfriend in what he had just done her.  She shuddered as the pain in her ruptured ass shot through her.  She couldn't believe how brutal he had been in forcing his thick cock into her ass, just slamming himself into her.  Yet, she had to admit that she had reached a fantastic orgasm with his fingers teasing her while his cock ripped into her.

A half-hour later, Melanie finally recovered her strength to push herself back to a standing position.  She bent down to pick up her dirtied pair of shorts that the teen had cleaned himself off on.  Taking a step, she gasped in pain, a shudder coursing through her.  Gingerly, she slowly made her way up the stairway and up to her bedroom to get a new set of clothing.  As she made her way upstairs, she recalled what Mark had said to her just before he pulled himself out of her ass "Cathy's got band practice on Wednesday and doesn't get done till 5:30 when I meet her to take her home.  The Twilight Motel is only two blocks from school.  Rent a room and leave the room number under your windshield so I can meet you at three in the afternoon!"

Wednesday evening, sitting at the dinner table, Melanie felt so wicked at what took place that afternoon.  Her loving husband, whom she would never have thought cheating on just a week ago, sat across from her.  If he only knew that his loving faithful wife now sat across from him with her belly and cunt filled with a teenager's spunk.  To her side sat her daughter, who's boyfriend had fucked her senseless for hours and who's spunk she was filled with.

Playing with the food on her plate, Melanie thought back to the afternoon in the motel.  Moments after entering the motel room, her teenage lover showed up.  She had dressed nicely that day, wearing a navy blue dress and matching 3" heels.  She could picture the sight she made in that motel room, fully dressed while on her knees, unzipping the handsome young teen.  Her young teen lover then introduced her to the art of cock sucking, recalling how he had wrapped his hands in her hair as he fucked her face.  Before leaving the motel, she had to clean the front of her dress, wiping off the telltale cum stains that had escaped her sucking lips.

Two weeks later, Melanie was just a bundle of nerves, wondering when Mark Fuller would call or let her know when they could be together again.  She was desperately in need of sexual release, the type of release she had only achieved with the young teen.  She felt so guilty when she made love with Tom as she always pretended that it was the handsome teen in bed with her.  That, plus the fact that Tom just could not compete with the stamina of the young stud.  In the past two weeks, she had only gotten glimpses of the handsome teen and he had not made a play for her even when they had been left briefly alone when Cathy ran off to get her sweater.

This was all in the Mark's game plan.  In school, he had a reputation of loving 'em and leaving 'em, moving on to a new conquest.  But he had a sadistic streak, playing all his conquests to the hilt, keeping them on a string so they would do anything to please him.  Now that he had successfully bedded a beautiful and faithful married woman, he wanted to see if he could get her to do anything just for another session in bed with him.  Seeing how frantic Mrs. Haverly was when he picked Cathy up today, he knew it was time to make his next move.

On Wednesday morning, Melanie picked up her phone at the office and a thrilling shiver coursed through her body as she heard Mark Fuller's voice.  "It's Wednesday and Cathy has band practice again!  Same time and same place!" she heard him say, then the line went dead.  Happy at the prospect of seeing her teen lover again, Melanie canceled the meeting she had with a client that afternoon and rescheduled it for another day.

It was now 3:15 p.m. and Melanie anxiously awaited the knock on the motel room door, wondering where her teen lover could be.  When the knock came, she breathed a sigh of relief and ran to the door, greeting the handsome teen who immediately gave her a deep passionate kiss.  So engrossed in the embrace of her lover, Melanie was unaware of another person slipping into the room until she heard the door close shut.

Hearing the door close and sensing a movement behind Mark, Melanie opened her eyes and gasped, breaking the kiss.  "Mark ………Mark ……….someone's here ………in …….in the room!" she stammered in fright as her eyes stared at the big elderly black man grinning at her.  She was surprised that Mark did not respond as expected but instead held her tighter in their embrace.  She shuddered in fright upon hearing Mark whisper in her ear "Don't worry, Mrs. Haverly, it's only Amos!  He's the janitor at the school and when I showed him that picture of you, he told me that I wouldn't have to pay for this month's supply of weed if you would put out for him!"

"Mark …………Mark …………….how could you?  Let me go ……..let me go!  Let me go or I'll scream!" Melanie stammered in fright as she pounded on Mark's shoulders with her fists so that he would release her.  But this had little if any effect on the muscular teen who merely laughed at her plight, telling her "Go ahead and scream, Mrs. Haverly!  How are you going to explain why you were here in the motel if the police comes?  What's Mr. Haverly and Cathy going to say if they learn that you rented the motel room to meet me?"

Melanie cried and sobbed as she was dragged to the motel room bed, her zipper being undone and her dress stripped from her before Mark pulled her onto the bed.  Unknown to her, the black intruder was getting all the events recorded with a camcorder.  With Mark sitting on the bed above her, holding her arms securely above her head, she observed the elderly black janitor approach at the foot of the bed.  Her eyes widened in horror as the man began to disrobe, then she observed the proud manhood that he was fisting.  She shuddered in fear as it reminded her of the long black snake that she had seen in the woods one day, thinking 'God, it must be at least a foot long!'

"Please …………please, Mark …………..don't let him rape me!  I ……….I could get pregnant!  I ………..I want your baby!  I can't have a black baby!" Melanie sobbed.  Seeing the elderly man move to the bed, she kicked out with her heels to prevent him from getting close to her.  However, he had quick reflexes and soon had an ankle in each of his wiry hands, pinning her legs to the bed.  Then her navy blue heels were slowly removed by the evil black man, who's hands now caressed her legs and feet.

She had not worn nylons today, seldom wearing them as she knew her legs were an asset, especially when meeting men clients.  Melanie squirmed upon the bed as the elderly man reached up to her lacy white bra, pushing the cups up to bare her breasts, then he began to roll her sensitive pink nipples between his coarse fingers.  A moment later, her lacy white panties were being stripped off her legs and feet.  Now her intimate parts were totally bare before the teen and his evil black cohort.

Amos had a thing for beautiful white women, especially long trim white legs and sexy feet, a fetish that he had only satisfied by jacking off to magazine pictures thus far.  "Oh, God!  She's got such sexy feet!  You don't mind if I mess up her pretty little feet, do you, Mark?" he inquired.  Hearing the response of "Go for it, Amos!" he bent down to rub his face in the soft pink soles of the sobbing and squirming beauty.  He then tongued her soles and proceeded to suck on each of her tiny toes.

Melanie could not believe what was happening to her nor the fact that her teen lover would literal sell her to this evil black man.  She cringed as the evil man was now kneeling on the bed, the soles of her feet being forced around this lengthy black cock.  She couldn't believe that the janitor was now beginning to fuck her feet.  Then she realized that if she brought him off in this manner, maybe he wouldn't rape her, solving the horrible consequences of being impregnated by him.  Thus, she began to pump at his cock with her feet, determined to make him shoot his load.

Continuing to hold her ankles, Amos was beside himself at the exquisite pleasure of being brought off in this manner by such a beauty.  The dreams that he had for years were finally being fulfilled.  Slicing his long black cock between the soft soles, he withdrew each time so that his cockhead was enveloped between the soft soles, causing him to ooze his fuck juice.  "Oh, baby!  This is a fuck'n dream come true!  Oh, so fuck'n soft and sexyyyy!" he groaned.

Faster and faster, Amos fucked between the soft sexy soles, then he groaned loudly "Oh, shit ………….gonna cum …………gonna cum soon!  Ahhhhh ……………yeah ……………….oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  His cock belched out a lengthy spurt of hot cum, hitting a bulls eye as the farthest splotch hit the beauty's soft brown curls and began to disappear into the curly nest.  Like a firehose gone wild, cum splotches were all over the white thighs and calves of the squirming beauty.  Then he pulled back to let the remaining spurts erupt up against the soft pink soles, covering the beauty's feet with his hot cum.

With the elderly black having sated his lust, Melanie was happy when her daughter's boyfriend moved over her and maneuvered himself between her legs.  Soon she was wrapping her cum covered legs and feet around her teen lover, seeking the satisfaction that she had long been deprived of.  "Oh, Mark …………yes ………..yes ………….fuck me ………..make me your whore!  I'll do anything for you!  I'll fuck and suck anyone to please you!"

Melanie was surprised as Mark turned over, pulling her with him.  Now she was straddling the young teen and began riding up and down his lengthy cock.  Suddenly another pair of hands were on her hips, those of the elderly black man whom she had forgotten all about.  "Oh, God ……………oh, God ………………ahhhhhhhhhh ………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned loudly and the thick black cock penetrated her ass.

Throughout the remainder of the afternoon, until it was time for Mark to pick up Cathy, Melanie was double-teamed by the young teen and elderly black man.  She couldn't remember all the positions they had assumed, just that both took her simultaneously each time.  She did recall the two switching positions after the first time.  Then she had her first taste of black cock while Mark fucked her doggie style.  Then the black fucked her doggie style as she sucked off her teen lover.

Melanie was in shock when Mark got dressed, realizing that he was going to leave her all alone with the black janitor.  She heard him tell the janitor "You've got a full hour alone with Mrs. Haverly before she's expected at home!  Don't forget my supply of weed tomorrow, Amos!"  She couldn't believe the stamina of the elderly man, as it was obvious that  he was making the most of his opportunity to bed an attractive white woman.

Two more times the janitor fucked her senseless, spewing his hot potent seed deep in her fertile womb.  Then before he dressed and left, she had to please him one last time by satisfying his fetish for her sexy feet.  Only this time, he bent her knees up to her breasts as he fucked her between the soles of her feet.  Melanie found herself staring at the flaring cockhead, which looked like a fierce black snake about to strike.  Strike it did, spewing stream after stream of its hot white venom, right into her face.  She was covered in the smelly spunk when the old man departed, leaving her to shower and cleanse herself before driving home.  Without adequate time to wash and dry her hair, she decided to let the filthy goo dry first.

On the drive home, Melanie wondered just what was in store for next.  With Mark bartering her body for marijuana, she knew it would not end there.  She wanted to end this horrid relationship but knew she was too weak to turn down the demands of her teen lover, even it meant degrading herself by being forced to service someone like the elderly black janitor.  Plus, she realized that Mark had incriminating photos and now the video of the afternoon.  Stopping a block from her home, she pulled over to the curb.  Getting her hairbrush out and looking into the rear mirror, she began brushing her hair to get out all the dried cum flakes.

At that very moment, Mark was looking over the roster of last year's football team.  He would be taking over the reins of the football team and knew that it was essential to have the offensive line to protect him at all cost if he was to be successful.  He would have to see that they would do anything possible to protect him and decided that he also would have to take care of them in return.

Mark read off the names of the five offensive linemen as he looked at the roster: George Thompson (252 lbs.); Mike Foreman (263 lbs.); Cory Rashad (258 lbs.); Tim Gumbel (271 lbs.); and the biggest of them all was Issac Denton (310 lbs.).  He chuckled realizing that these were all big black brutes that no one would not want to antagonize nor meet alone in any dark alley.  'Yep, I'll get a couple kegs of beer and have them up at my parents' cabin for the weekend at the end of the month!  That'll give Mrs. Haverly enough time to dream up a reason why she needs to be out of town for the weekend!  It's gonna be one hell of a gangbang weekend!"

Having showered with all of the guys, he was proud of being able to measure up as a white boy.  But each of those big black studs had him beat where it counted.  He laughed as he decided that the weekend at the cabin would be a good time to start calling out the plays.  'Yeah, I'll call the shots and direct traffic while I record everything on video!  Issac as big as a horse and built like one too!  Yeah, I'll get the beautiful Mrs. Haverly servicing five black studs at one time, with that 310 pounder with the horse dick fucking her tight little ass!'

End of Story.