Teenage Stud - VIII
(m/f, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

At the age of 18, Mike Silver had just graduated from high school and was looking forward to heading off to college, especially since his good friend John Benson was going to State U. with him.  They had been good friends from grade school, middle school, then they had gone to high school together.  Now that he and John were now off to the same college, they had decided to room together since they got along well and shared many of the same interests.

Mike knew that John's brother and sister were much older than he was, with John being the baby of the family.  Apparently John had been an 'accident' and it was like having a second family for his parents.  Then Mike was surprised to learn that John's sister and family lived only a few miles from State U.  John advised him that his sister had invited both of them over to dinner at her home to welcome them to State U. that first weekend.

But Mike and John differed greatly in one aspect, that being when it came to the opposite sex.  John was on the nerdy side, concentrating only on his studies, whereas Mike found a love for various sports and especially enjoyed wresting, making it to the varsity wrestling team.  Being handsome with a good physique, Mike managed to get dates with girls in high school.  John was shy and scared compared to the outgoing Mike who had his choice of girls in high school.  John was headed off to college as a virgin whereas as Mike had many notches under his belt.

After a week of campus food, Mike was looking forward to having a good home cooked meal that weekend.  On the drive over to the home of John's sister, he learned that Betty was much older than her brother and had been in her last year of college when John was borne.  John had even joked about Betty being like a second mother to him, especially due to their age difference as Betty was now just over 40 years of age.  He further learned that Betty had married Bob Fender and they now had twelve-year old son named Josh.

Driving up to the upper middle class home in the suburbs, a few miles from State U., Mike was really impressed with the nice home and manicured landscaping.  Following John up the walkway to the front door, he was even more surprised when the front door opened.  Mike was nearly speechless when he gazed at John's beautiful sister with long flowing silky blonde hair, blue eyes, and skin so milky white in color.  She was so beautiful that Mike could only stammer a 'hello'.  Then his eyes left her beautiful face to ogle at the full sexy figure of this lovely woman.  'Damn!  There's no way I'd have guessed that she was over 40 years old!  She looks no more than 29 or 30!' he thought to himself.

Betty smiled at the John's handsome friend, taking note that he must be over 6'2" tall and quite muscular.  She had noticed his gaze taking in her well-endowed 36-23-35 figure.  Though she knew that men could not take their eyes off her figure, Betty was embarrassed by it all, especially when this young eighteen year old was young enough to be her own son and he was obviously getting turned on.

John had mentioned that Betty worked as a retail manager in a high priced clothing store and the beautiful dress and heels that she had on left no doubt about it.  Mike guessed that the sexy beauty must be about 5'10" in height and couldn't take his eyes off her long trim legs as she leg the way to the outdoor patio.  Heart pounding, Mike felt his cock twitched as his mind raced, wishing he could get his hands on a sexy body like Mrs. Fender.  Her well-proportioned body and height had Mike guessing that she must be only about 125 lbs. in weight.

Out in the backyard, Bob Fender had the charcoal lit in the grill and introductions were then made.  Mike also got to meet John's nephew Josh and learned that he wanted to join the wrestling team at his middle school.  Thus, Mike and Josh bonded right away as Josh asked him to demonstrate a few holds.  Then Mike laughed as Josh playfully put the submission hold on his beautiful mother.  Josh's beautiful mother looked at him and smiled, remarking with a laugh "I owe you one, Mike!  That hurt!  Shame on you, teaching Josh that so he could try it out on me!"

Mike loved the beauty's sense of humor but couldn't help but think 'Oh, baby!  I'd sure like to put that hold on you and make you submit to me!  Yeah, I'd sure like to have you submitting to me!  Oh, yeah ………submitting to me with your legs spread wide and my cock shoved up your tight little cunt!  Oh,God ……………..I just gotta get myself between those long sexy legs of yours!'

It was one thing to bang those teenage gals in high school and Mike realized that this sexy beauty was way out of his class.  He suspected correctly that John's beautiful sister would not consider any advances from him but he knew that he just had to possess her sexy body.  Fortunately, the tabletop hid the bulging hard on that tented his jeans as he continued starring at the long sexy legs as Betty carried a pan of food out to the grill for her husband.

Betty could not get over the magnetic draw that John's friend seemed to have upon her.  She swallowed deeply as she found herself gazing at his muscular arms and chest, wondering what he'd look like without his shirt.  She scolded and chastised herself for such illicit thoughts, telling herself that 'If only Bob would take more interest in lovemaking these days!'  It seemed that once Bob had gone beyond 45 years of age, his sexual interests diminished to near zero.  And that was three years ago.  Till now, Betty had not entertained thoughts of being with another man but now she could not get over her attraction to the muscular young man in her backyard.

Though attracted to Mike's handsome and muscular physique, there was no way that Betty would ever succumb to another man, especially one as young as Mike.   In fact, she had no intention of ever being unfaithful to Bob, intending to never violate her wedding vows.  Sure, there had been guys before she married Bob fifteen years ago but no others since she had gotten married.  She remembered seeing Mike once when he was a youngster playing with her brother but now he had turned into a real hunk of a guy.

After dinner, Mike excused himself to use the restroom, going to the one located where the laundry room was located just adjacent to the kitchen.  As Mike unzipped to relieve himself, his attention was drawn to laundry basket sitting atop of the washer.  Once he was done whizzing in the toilet, his cock began to rise as he reached over to grasp the lacy red panties that peeked out from the top layer of clothing.  With the crotch of the silky red garment held up to his noise, he breathed in the sweet aroma of the sexy woman that he was infatuated with.

Cock throbbing as never before, Mike brought the silky panties down from his face and wrapped the lacy red panties around his cock.  "Ahhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhh!" he moaned as his body shook uncontrollably and his throbbing cock suddenly lurched began spurting out its sticky load.  Then, coming back to his senses, a horrifying fear of discovery coursed throughout his body as he realized that a lot of his spurting cum had not made it into the toilet but in fact now saturated the crotch of the silky red panties.

Frantically grabbing some toilet paper, Mike cleaned up the mess he had made and returned the garment into the laundry basket, hoping that it would dry before being discovered.  In doing so, he had moved some clothing and noticed a couple more of the beauty's panties.  Seeing several white ones, he reached in for one, knowing that its disappearance would probably not be noticed as readily as the red one.  After inhaling its fragrance, Mike then stuffed it into his back pocket before returning outside to the patio.
After finish a good meal and dessert, John and Mike were about to head on back to their dorm.  Young Josh had Mike promise to come on back and show him more wrestling moves.  When Mike promised Josh that he would, it brought about a loud groan from his mother as Betty jokingly said to Mike "Uh-uh, you're going to have to show me those moves first and I'm going to put them on Josh till he cries 'uncle'!"  Mike laughingly replied "Oh, it'll be my pleasure!"

On the drive back, Mike could not help but to reach into his back pocket to finger the silky treasure that he had stolen from the laundry basket.  The thought of actually putting his arms around that sexy body of Betty Fender had him getting aroused once again.  'Damn, I'd sure like to have her struggling in my arms - pinning her down on her bed and fucking the hell out of her!"

Two weeks later, the phone rang in their dorm room and John passed the phone to Mike saying that Josh was wondering when he could show him more moves.  Mike laughed and got on the phone with Josh, telling him that Friday was a light day of classes and that he could stop by in the afternoon to show him a couple of new moves.

That Friday, Mike stopped by at the Fender's home when Josh was scheduled to get home from school.  In the empty garage, Mike set up a heavy mat and began to show Josh a couple of new moves, one on escaping and the other a submission move.  Done with the workout, Mike and Josh began rolling up the heavily padded mat when the remote controlled garage door suddenly began to open.

Driving up the driveway, Betty gasped slightly as she focused on the glistening and muscular body of Mike Silver.  She had overheard Josh mentioning to his father that Mike would be teaching him some new moves but she had become preoccupied with something else and had not gotten the info that Mike would be stopping by today.  Clenching her thighs together, Betty chided herself for the illicit thoughts rushing through her head, wondering what it'd feel like to have the muscular teen embracing her tightly.

“Hi, Mrs. Fender!” Mike called out, pleased to see her smile at him as she drove into the garage as he finished pulling the mat out of the way.  He took a deep breath as he saw the car door open and Mrs. Fender’s long trim legs slid out, legs encased in sheer white nylons and 3” white heels.  She looked so sexy in the yellow dress that wore, a fashionable but yet conservative dress that looked really sexy on her.

Betty was happy to see her son so excited as Josh exclaimed "Mom ………..Mom!  You gotta see the moves Mike taught me!  Let me show you!"  Betty shook her head, advising "Don't you dare, Josh!  You're all sweaty and dirty!  You'll ruin my dress!  Why don't you go in the house and get Mike a coke from the refrigerator!"

As Josh disappeared into the house, Betty turned to Mike and shook her head with a smile.  "You're going to have to teach me some of those moves so I can defend myself from Josh!" she laughed teasingly.  "It was so nice of you to take time out and teach Josh some wrestling moves!  Come inside and relax a bit!" she advised as she led the way through the door to the kitchen.

Taking the can of coke from Josh, Mike sat at the kitchen counter while starring at the sexy beauty who's back was to him as she unloaded the groceries that she had brought into the house with her.  Then he saw Josh come running into the kitchen, yelling out "Thanks for teaching me those moves today, Mike!"

What took place next had Mike's mind racing as Josh advised his mother "I'm going over to Billy's now, Mom!  I gotta try those moves on him!  Don't forget, Billy and I are sleeping over Aaron's!  If you can't make it or dad doesn't get back from his trip in time tomorrow to make the wrestling match, I'll just catch a ride home with Billy's mom!  See you tomorrow!"

Then Mike found himself alone with Josh's beautiful mother as he sipped upon his can of coke.  Alone with the sexy beauty, knowing that both her son and husband were away till the next day, Mike could not help but think of scoring with her.  Mentally, his eyes began stripping her of her clothing.

He observed Mrs. Fender standing on the tip-toes of her heels as she reached upwards, trying put a pack of paper towels on the top shelf.  Standing up, Mike went to over behind her saying "Let me help you with that, Mrs. Fender!"  In reaching up to grab the pack from her, Mike brushed up against the sophisticated beauty with his hand came into contact with hers.  He could not help the urge to press himself up firmly against her, hearing her soft gasp and feeling her sexy body tremble.

Taking a deep breath to inhale the fragrance of her intoxicating perfume, Mike heard Mrs. Fender panting for breath as he pressed up against her.  Both Mike and the sexy beauty remained frozen to the spot as he then brazenly slipped his left hand to the front of her trim waist.  Pulling her back a bit, Mike pressed his crotch up against her firm little ass, letting her feel the throbbing of his hardening cock.  The loud gasp by Mrs. Fender indicated that she obviously felt his hardening bone.  His face pressed to the right side of her head, loving the feel of her soft golden hair as he nibbled at her tender earlobe.

Mike couldn’t resist turning a bit, sticking out his wet tongue and tracing the outline of her earlobe, then his tongue darted into her ear.  Pushing the paper towels onto the shelf, he confidently brought his right hand down to her hip, then both of his hands slid up over her blouse to cup her ample breasts, teasing thumbs feeling finding and feeling the hardening response of her nipples.

"Stop!  Stop, Mike!  How …………..how dare you!" Betty panted out in a panic as the brazen youth continued to fondle her breasts.  "Stop it …………stop it ………..this instant!" she ordered, yet she could not help but shiver under the teen's touch.  "No ………..no ………..stop ………….stop …………..please no ……………I've never been with anyone since I married Bob!  Stop …………..I don't want this!" she sobbed.

Hormones out of control, Mike could not stop himself, pulling the struggling beauty back against her will.  With his strength and wrestling knowledge, the struggling beauty was no match for him.  Licking her ear, he whispered "I'm just going to show you the wrestling moves that you wanted me to teach you!  Oh, Mrs. Fender, you're so sexy!  I've been wanting to touch you like this the moment I saw you!  I'll make it good for you ………………I promise!"

Pulled backwards down the hallway, Betty sobbed "Stop!  Stop!  Please!  Please, Mike …………please don't rape me!  Please ………………..please ……………this is rape!  You ……………..you'll go to jail for this!"  Struggling with all her might, Betty tried kicking back and tried to dig her heels into the carpet.  But in doing so, she lost her heels as she was pulled into the master bedroom.

Never before had Mike forced himself upon a girl, but now this sexy sophisticated woman had him totally out of control.  There were no thoughts of the consequences for the crime he was committing as Mike just had to bed this sexy beauty, rape or not.  Feeling her struggling in his arms, hearing her whimper and sob, Mike felt his cock getting harder than ever before.

A moment later, she broke away and he quickly caught up to her at the nearby loveseat in the master bedroom.   Grasping the top of her dress, Mike easily tore it, popping its small white buttons.  Peeling down the lacy white bra, he licked his lips as he gazed upon the perfect pink nipple sitting atop a milky white mound, leaving the beauty in only the skimpy pair of bikini panties that she had put on that morning. He then proceeded to drag the kicking and sobbing beauty to the large king-sized bed, easily tossing the petite beauty onto the middle of the bed and he was right up on her.

"Ahhhhhhh ………………stop ……………stop!  Ohhhhh …………….stop …….…stop ………please!" Betty sobbed as her sensitive nipple was engulfed by the teen's hungry slurping mouth.  Hands pinned above her head, the heavy body upon her, Betty could only sob in shame as Mike sucked at her other nipple.  "Owww …………..ahhhhhh ………stop ………….stop ………….owww!" she cried out as the lusting teen sank his teeth into a tender nipple and then the other.

Struggling upon the bed that she shared with her husband, Betty felt the heavy body move a bit to the side, then heard and felt her dress being torn from her.  Next she felt her thin red panties being pulled down over her trim hips, baring her sex to the demented teen.  Kicking about, trying to save herself, Betty found she was no match for her superior assailant as her panties were stripped from her.

Running his free hand over the soft squirming flesh, Mike got himself positioned between the trim flailing legs.  Then grabbing his throbbing cock in his fist, he then rubbed his leaking cockhead up along the sobbing beauty's tight gash and up into her soft fuzzy bush.  Planting a kiss upon her pink lips, he tried to push his tongue between her tightly clenched teeth.

Once the kiss was broken, Betty blinked back the tears and hissed "You bastard ……….is this the only way you get a woman?  Raping her?  You're going to jail for this, you bastard!"  Then she shuddered as she felt his bloated cockhead pushing up against her and realized just how endowed this teen was.  'Oh, God …………..he's bigger than Bob ……………bigger than anyone I've made love to!  God …………it's too big …….it won't fit ………….he'll tear me!' she realized in despair.

"Aieeeeeeeeeee ………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Stop …………..stop!  Stop …………stop, Mike!  You ……………..you're too big!  Ahhhhhh ……….God ……..you're tearing me!  Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Betty screamed as Mike thrust himself into her.  Betty spread her legs even wider apart, trying desperately to ease the pain between her legs.

This was the best submission hold Mike had ever come up with, thrusting himself into his submissive opponent.   "Oh, Mrs. Fender …………..so tight …………..so fuck'n tight!  There's no escaping this submission hold!  Got ya pinned to the mattress!  Oh, yeah ……….gonna nail ya to this bed!" he panted as he humped into the sexy beauty.  "Oh …………..so good …………………so tight!" he moaned.

Tossing her head from side to side, her long blonde hair whipping about, Betty could not dislodge the teen nor prevent his thick cock from burrowing its way deeper into her ravaged slit.  'Oh, God …………….he's so bigggggg!  So much bigger than Bob!' she shuddered as her cunt muscles instinctively squeezed around the raping shaft.  As Bob possessed was the biggest cock of all her prior lovers, she indeed was being stretched as never before.

Feeling the thick cock expand further within her, Betty panicked as she realized and pleaded frantically "Stop ……………stop …………Mike, stop ………………….you …………..you're not wearing a condom!  Stop ………………stop ……………….you'll get me pregnant!  No ……………….no ……………….no ……………………don't ……………stop ……………..noooooooooooooooo!"

With the sexy beauty struggling beneath him, feet kicking at him then legs suddenly wrapping around him, Mike groaned loudly "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………….ahhhh ……………..fuckkkkkkkkkk …………………..cumminggggggggggggggggg!"  A final thrust, burying his throbbing and now spurting cock, Mike shuddered as he emptied his copious flow of thick seed into the quivering beauty.

Body quivering, mind shattered, Betty's body betrayed her will to not respond as her trim legs wrapped themselves around her teen rapist as she hunched up to meet his lengthy thrusts.  "Ohhhhhh ………………ohhhhhhhhh ……………oh, Godddddddddddd ………………I'm cumminggggggggggggggg!" she shuddered as her body went into uncontrollable spasms as the hot thick jizz began spurting deep within her.

Fifteen minutes later, having passed out from the exquisite sensations that shot throughout her body, Betty stirred to the searching lips upon hers.  Bringing her now freed arms to encircle the neck of the lover atop of her, she opened her lips to admit his probing tongue.  Leaning up into his kiss, she then flicked her pointed tongue to play with his.

Cunt muscles tightening around the growing and once again pulsating shaft within her, Betty encircled her legs around his waist and locked her ankles together, humping up to shag herself onto his throbbing manhood.  Enjoying the pleasure of the fuck, eyes still closed as she arched up to her lover, she heard him whisper in her ear "I love you Mrs. Fender!"

It took a full moment later for that comment to register in her mind.  Betty's eyes sprang open and she sobbed in horror as the memory of being raped by the handsome teen flowed back into her mind.  This was not her husband that she was responding to but instead the handsome teen who had just raped her.  The horror of now embracing the young teen set in as her arms came down from encircling his neck and she now ried to push him off her body.  "No …………..no ……………..this is wrong!" she sobbed in defeat.

Her hands pushing at his shoulders, Betty could not help but respond as her body once again betrayed her.  Tightening her legs around him, locking her ankles together, she stopped pushing at his shoulders as she humped up into his lengthy thrusts.  "Ohhh ………ohhhhhh …………ohhhhhhh!" she mewled from the pleasure coursing through her body.  "Ahhhhhhhhhh ……………..ahhhhhhhhhh ………………ahhhhh, Goddddd!" she screamed once again as she climaxed, her mind spinning into outer space as her womb was once again seeded with the teen's hot roe.

Having finally sated his lust, Mike leaned up and his mouth dropped wide open as he finally realized just what he had actually done.  'Oh, my God!  I raped her!  Oh shit ……………shit!  God, I hope I didn't hurt her too badly!' he hoped as his now wilting cock slowly withdrew out of her raped cunt.  He couldn't believe what he had just done, feeling so bad as he gazed down upon the sobbing beauty.

"I ……………..I'm so sorry, Mrs. Fender!  I ………….I love you!" he stammered.  As the raped beauty sobbed even more, he watched as she curled up into the fetal position and tried to cover herself.  Mike then grabbed a nearby blanket to cover her nakedness.  Getting out of the bed, he then dressed and backed out of the room, leaving the raped beauty sobbing upon her bed.

Back in his dorm room, Mike expected to see the police pounding at the door to haul him away any second.  He didn't know what to do at this point, realizing that what he did was totally wrong and that he deserved whatever he got.  Opening a can of beer, he guzzled it, waiting for the inevitable to happen.  He felt so bad at what he had done to the woman of his dreams, sating his vile lust upon her by force ……………raping her!

The next morning, awaking with the sunlight beaming on his face, Mike shook his aching head.  Ten empty beer cans lay at the floor before him as his head pounded.  Then it throbbed as John remarked "Man, you sure tied one on last night!  When I got back from the library, you were out cold from all the beer you drank!  I'm going to watch Josh in his wrestling match - wanna come?"  Reality set back in at the mention of Josh's name and Mike could only shake his head 'no'.

Meanwhile, several miles away in the suburban home of the Fender's, sunlight shone through the windows of the master bedroom.  Blinking her eyes as she awoke, Betty thought of the dreadful nightmare that she had, a dream of her being raped by her younger brother's handsome friend and sent soaring to the heights of ecstasy as her body betrayed her.

Then, seeing that she was sleeping atop of the bedspread and covered by the spare blanket, Betty gasped as she realized then that it had been no dream at all.  Moving her hands up to cup her breasts, her body shuddered in pain as she made contact with her raw tender nipples.  Then she let one hand edge down towards her soft curls but found that it was matted in a dried crust.  Squeezing her cunt muscles, Betty shivered as she felt the ooze of the teen's thick jizz out of her ravaged slit.

Stumbling out of bed, Betty made her way to the bathroom, realizing that she had to cleanse herself of the potent baby-making spunk.  As she peeled off her white hose, she noticed splotches of cum soiling them.  Eyes tearing, she tossed the nylons into the trash.  Going to the cabinet, she retrieved a bottle of douche, praying that it was not already too late.  Once that necessity was done, Betty then made her way into the shower, turning it on as hot as she could bear.

An hour later, Betty stepped out of the shower and toweled herself dry.  The pain in her breasts still remained constant, aggravated by the mere touch of the towel.  Looking down to inspect herself, she shuddered as she could see the teen's teeth marks on both breasts where he had bitten her.

Betty knew that she should report the vicious rape and have that teen put behind bars for the crime he had committed upon her.  'Oh, God ………………I can't go through the embarrassment in telling Bob or the police that I was raped and violated!  Word is sure to leak out and spread to others!  There's no way I can tell a courtroom full of people of how I was raped and violated!' she thought.  Then she realized that what she had done instinctively, her douching and shower had washed away all the evidence.  Now that left only the teeth marks on her breasts to be shown.

Closing her eyes and sighing in defeat, Betty knew that she could not stand up to the shame of reporting the crime and letting anyone know of her rape.  Then her mind played back all the events of the day before, recalling how well-endowed Mike was and that he possessed the biggest cock to ever skewer her.  Though repulsed at having been raped by the teen, Betty could not dismiss the fact that he had taken her to heights never before reached in a climax.

Betty's thoughts focused on the time after her first violation, when she awoke to his tender kiss on her lips.  Her body had responded instinctively, arms encircling his neck as she returned his passionate kiss, using her tongue to dally with his.  It was a fantastic fuck as she encircled her legs around him and locked her ankles together, humping up to meet his every thrust.  Only when he had whispered in her ear "I love you Mrs. Fender!" did she realize she was having passionate sex with the young teen and not her husband.
Putting on a blouse and shorts, Betty despondently made her way back out into the master bedroom.  She then folded the blanket that had covered her and began to smooth out the bedspread.  Then she began to pick up the popped-off buttons that came from her dress.  Picking up her torn dress and undergarments, she hid all the evidence in an empty shopping bag that was in her closet, intending on disposing of them later.  Retrieving her strewn heels, she put them away in her closet.

That night, Mike broke into a cold sweat when John returned to the dorm room advising "Hey, man!  Josh said to thank you for the moves you taught him cause he used it to win his match!"  Mike wondered if John had seen his sister and asked "Did your sister and his dad make the match to see him win?"

John replied "Apparently Betty was feeling under the weather and had told her husband to make sure he got there on time as she wasn't feeling well!  Once the match was done, the three of us guys went out for some pizza since Betty wasn't up join us or cook!"  As John sat down at his desk to do some studying, Mark heard him say "Oh, my brother-in-law said he'll check with Betty as to when's a good weekend to have another cook out at their place!  Of course, you're invited too!"

Weeks later, John had attended another of his nephew's wrestling matches and had just got back to the dorm room.  Mike was pleased to learn that Josh had won once again but didn't say anything when John mentioned "Hey, Josh was asking about you!  He's hoping you'll stop by again to show him more moves!"  Mike swallowed nervously when John added "Yeah, Bob invited us over for dinner next week so it'll be a chance for us to get some home cooked food and you can teach Josh a couple more moves!"

Mike didn't know what to think and stammered "Is ………..is it okay with your sister?"  John just shrugged in response, saying "I presume so!  She wasn't there but I assume Bob would clear it with her first!  Hey, no problem ----its family!"  Ever since the day he had lost control of himself, Mike was nervous and jittery.  The thought of facing the lovely beauty he had raped had his heart pounding in fear.  He knew that he'd have to make up an excuse later as to why he'd have to pass on the cookout.

At the Fenders' home, Betty shivered in fear when Josh announced that "Dad invited John and Mike over for a cookout next week!  Maybe I'll be able to learn a few more submission holds from Mike when he comes!"  The thought of again facing the handsome teen, who had raped her, had Betty shaking in nervousness.

Over the pass few weeks, once her tender breasts had healed, Betty had begun to have illicit fantasies of the exquisite sex with the handsome teen once again.  But those were just fantasies and dreams that filled her mind as she lay in bed at night.  She had told herself 'You weren't unfaithful to Bob!  You were forced to have sex with him - raped!  It's not your fault!'  How could she tell them that she didn't want Mike over - ever again - without revealing what had happened to her.

The next few days was just agony for Betty at the thought of once again seeing the handsome teen who had raped her.  But at night, the fantasies grew stronger and stronger.  She even had to rush into the bathroom, using the end of her round handled hairbrush to bring herself off.  Closing her eyes, Betty pretended that it was Mark's thick cock once again giving her the relief that she needed so badly.  It had not helped that her husband had no interest in sex the last week, merely turning over on his side when she reached over to fondle him.

On Thursday night, it was both relief and disappointing feelings that coursed through her mind when John had called to advise that Mike had to cancel out due to another engagement and John would be coming all alone.  Betty now felt at ease that she would not have her rapist in her home again but the illicit fantasies continued to plague her as she tried to get some sleep.

At the cookout on Saturday night, Betty had to inquire with her brother as to his good friend and why he couldn't make it over.  She was surprised when John advised her that "Mike just hasn't been himself for the past month!  I don't know what's wrong with him!  He's never been so down with himself like this before!  Guess college life has been more of a shock than he expected!  He's just withdrawn into a shell and looks shellshocked!"
When John got back to the dorm, Mike sat up when John advised "Everyone was asking about you tonight, bud!  Hey, Betty sent me home with this plate of food for you!  This package too!  When I told her how down and out you were, she wanted to do something to cheer you up!"

Mike looked at the plate of food on his desk and the nicely gift-wrapped box with an envelope taped to it with 'Mike' written on it.  With John headed off to shower, Mike opened the envelope.  Taking out the card, he swallowed deeply and his heart pounded in excitement as her read what was written 'Mike!  I forgive you!  Please come to dinner next time!  I love you too!'  Then at the bottom was 'P.S.  I hope this is still warm when you open it!'

Taking off the ribbon and tearing the gift wrap, Mike opened the box, then peeled open the covering layer of tissue paper.  He sucked in his breath as a lacy pair of yellow panties came into view!  Grasping the flimsy garment and holding it up to his nose, it indeed was still warm as he breathed it the fresh scent of the beauty's womanhood.

Three weeks later, John and Mike were getting out of the car after parking in the Fender's driveway.  An excited Josh came running out to greet them and asked for Mike to teach him more wrestling moves.  Going out to the back patio, they were greeted warmly by Bob and Betty. Mike felt so relieved in seeing Betty's beautiful face smiling at him as she approached him and grasped his hand, pulling him along, saying "Come and join us, don't be shy!  Being in college, you must drink beer!  Let me get you one!  Don't you go and teach Josh any more submission holds!  Not unless you teach them to me first!"

Mike took in the sexy beauty's outfit and began to wonder if it had been worn for his benefit.  The shorts that she wore showed her long trim white legs as she walked about barefoot.  And the blouse was raised up and tied just under her breast, revealing her trim midriff.

Indeed, Betty had put on that outfit for Mike pleasure, wanting to entice him with her body once again.  Betty knew what she doing was wrong but she derived a wicked sensation of knowing that a teen less than half her age desired and lusted for her body.  With her husband not having any interest in sex, she now craved for this handsome teen's attention.

As it was a warm night, both John and Mike and dressed casually in shorts and pullovers for this outing.  Sitting around the patio table for dinner, Mike could not get his cock to keep from tenting his shorts, not with the beauty's sexy foot caressing this calve and playing footsies with him.

When dinner was over, Betty announced "Bob, can you run down to the yogurt shop for some dessert!  Josh, go along and take Uncle John along to the video store for a movie!  I'll put Mike to work helping me with the dishes!"  As Mike and Betty began clearing up the patio table and taking it into the kitchen, the others began heading out to John's car since it was blocking the driveway.

Once the front door was closed and the engine to John's car revved up, no words were exchanged between Mike and Betty as they embraced each other in a deep passionate kiss.  When the kiss ended, both frantically fumbled with each other's clothing.  Mike untied the knot of her blouse and undid the remaining buttons.  Meanwhile, trim fingers were undoing the button to his shorts and once the zipper was pulled, his shorts fell to his feet.  His jockeys soon followed, then his throbbing cock was being jerked by the trim sexy fingers encircling him.

"Ohhhhhhh ……………….Mike …………….yesssssssssssss!  Yes …………..bite my nipples ……………bite them hard ………………….just like the last time!" Betty crooned as the handsome teen feasted upon her bared breasts.  Releasing his cock for just a second, Betty immediately had her shorts and panties falling to the floor next to Mike's clothing.  Pushing herself up onto the edge of the counter, wrapping her legs around the handsome teen, Betty clasped his cock again.  Pulling the thick shaft to her, she guided it to her gushing gash.

"Ohhhh, yesssss ………………yessssss ………….fuck me ………….fuck me, Mike!  Ohhhh ……………so big ……………….so goodddddddd!  Fuck me ………….ohhhhh …………..yessssss …………..yesssss ……………..ohhhh, deeper …………….deeper!  Yesssss ……………yessssssss!  Oh, God ………………..ahhhhhhhhh ……………yesss ………………..ohhhhh, I ………………I'm cummingggggggggg!  Cum ………..cum with meeeeeee!" Betty screamed as her orgasm skyrocketed as the thick cock exploded deep within her.

Just as John's car could be heard coming up the driveway, Betty and John had just finished redressing as well as putting the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.  There just enough time for a quick loving kiss as the car doors slammed shut when Betty whispered in Mike's ear "I took a test yesterday!  I'm six weeks pregnant!  Pregnant with your baby, lover!"

End of Story.