Tempted Mother-in-Law
(m/f, cons)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

Donna Waverly happily began preparation of some salad greens, looking forward to the arrival of her daughter and son-in-law.  Meanwhile, her husband Phil was out in the backyard getting the grill set up for that evening.  Both Donna and Phil were delighted with their daughter Trish, having graduated from college with honors two years ago and had gotten a good position with a pharmaceutical firm shortly after.

With both of them now at the age of 45, Donna reflected back to when she and Phil had gotten married at about the same age as their daughter now was.  Though married for over twenty years, Donna and Phil were still happily in love with one another.  Donna enjoyed her job as an interior decorator while Phil was the branch manager of a local bank.

As parents, Donna and Phil missed their only child as Trish's job was in a different city, several hundred miles from them.  Nine months ago, Trish had excited called them to say that she was madly in love with this very handsome young man whom she had met and dated over that past few months.

It was quite a whirlwind romance, in which both Donna and Phil had tried to get their daughter to merely take her time.  But Trish was always quite independent and soon they were driving down to attend the wedding.  With Trish having made a lot of friends from college and at the work place, the wedding had been arranged to take place at the church that Trish now attended.  As the distance was about a three and a half-hour drive, friends from her hometown could also attend without much of a problem.

Getting in several days before the wedding, a dinner at an elegant restaurant had been arranged by Trish and her fiancé.  There, Donna and Phil finally got to meet Rex, the handsome young man who would soon take their daughter's hand in marriage.  Also in attendance were Phil's parents who had flown in from their home in Florida.

Donna had to admit that all she had heard from Trish, regarding her handsome fiancé, were all true.  She even felt a flutter in her heart upon greeting the young man, her hand extended and in the young man's as she gazed up into his handsome face.  She learned that Rex had recently obtained his realtor's license and was quite a salesman.  Although Rex appeared to be madly in love with her daughter, Donna sensed a wild streak in the handsome young man.

With the wedding just days away, much had to be done by the bride and groom.  Thus, the remaining get-togethers were in large groups to include the remaining members of the wedding party and their guests.  Then came the wedding and the bride and groom were soon off on a honeymoon cruise to Alcupoco.  After sending the bridal couple off on their cruise ship, Donna and Phil embarked on the long drive back home.

Since the wedding, Donna and Phil had made a couple of weekend trips to visit their daughter and son-in-law.  As the newlyweds were renting a condo unit, Donna and Phil stayed in a nearby hotel and got together with the young couple for meals and some sightseeing tours.  Being a realtor, Sundays were Rex's busy days, thus leaving Trish alone to entertain them before they headed on back home.

This would be the young couple's first vacation since their honeymoon and Trish would be showing her handsome husband the sights of the town and surrounding area that she grew up in.  Naturally, having a large home with several guest rooms, Phil and Donna had a standing invitation for their daughter and son-in-law to stay with them anytime they could make it.

Tossing the salad, Donna felt a shiver course through her body at the remembrance of the last time she and her husband had paid them a visit.  She recalled the nice restaurant that they had gone to that overlooked the bay.  At 9 p.m., just after they had completed their dinner, a dance band began playing soft music at the far corner where a small dance floor was situated.

Having coffee, Donna and her husband watched the young newlyweds dance to the soft soothing music.  Then when they returned, Trish grabbed her father's hand saying "C'mon, Daddy!  The wedding was so hectic that we never did get to dance together that night!"  With her son-in-law extending his hand out to her, Donna didn't want to offend Rex nor seem like a total prude and found herself being pulled up from her chair.

Her hand in the firm grip of her handsome son-in-law's, Donna gulped in nervousness as she was being led to the dance floor.  With several couples separating them from Trish and Phil, Donna shivered as she felt Rex's strong arms pulling her in close to him.  Panting for breath, Donna couldn't explain why she was feeling so nervous, feeling so helpless in the arms of her daughter's handsome young husband.  She felt so guilty after realizing that she had clenched her thigh muscles together, feeling her juices flow and escape into the crotch of her panties.

With the lights dimmed around the dance floor, Donna felt Rex's strong arm encircle her trim waist, pulling her right up against him.  She realized that her son-in-law was quite a good dancer, then found that he had led her farther off into the corner.  Her body tensed at the feel of a rising hardness beginning to press up against the middle of her belly.  'Oh, my God!  He ………..he's getting a hardon!  I …………..I'm giving my own son-in-law a hardon by dancing with him!' she realized in horror.

Since his teenage years, once his hormones were aroused, Rex Hunter never let an opportunity escape him.  Realizing that members of the opposite sex were attracted to him, considering him very handsome, Rex had sought out one thing, that being to bed as many fillies as possible.  He had been quite successful once he singled a beauty out and put on the charm, even bedding several attractive wives that lived in his neighborhood.  He had found that bedding another man's beautiful wife was really an added turn on for him.

When Rex was first to be introduced to Trish's parents, he was a bit nervous at the prospect of meeting his fiancee's parents.  But once he had laid his eyes upon the lovely Mrs. Waverly, he would have sworn that she looked more like an older sister to Trish versus being her mother.  He had felt an immediate twitch in his crotch, a very familiar twitch, one that he always got when he set his sights on a lovely beauty.  It didn't matter that this was Trish's own mother, his soon to be mother-in-law.  He was now thinking with the head between his legs, determined to bed the beautiful woman regardless of their relationship.

Rex wondered just how Trish's mother kept herself so young and beautiful.  As he had danced with his lovely mother-in-law, he had purposely held her close to him on the darkened dance floor.  He had sensed the effect his magnetism had upon Trish's mother, feeling her tremble when he had taken her hand and led her to the dance floor.

Once he had her in his arms, Rex had felt that stirring in his loins as his manhood rose to stiffness.  He had deliberately pressed his hardon up against his wife's beautiful mother, giving her a feel of his lengthy manhood, enjoyed feeling her tense up in horror as got a good feel of him.  When the dance was over, he watched as Trish's beautiful blushing mother hurried far ahead of him to get back to the safety of the dinner table that would again separate them from one another.

Since that night, Donna kept trying to tell herself that it was just an accident at what had occurred.  But deep down, she knew it had been no accident, not in the way Rex had held her tightly next to him when she had tried to pull away.  Now as she was nearing the completion of preparing the salad greens, Donna found herself panting for breath and getting weak in the knees in knowing that Trish and Rex would be arriving shortly.  She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, clenched her thighs tightly together, feeling so ashamed as her love juices began to flow from her moist slit into the crotch of her panties.

An hour later, the young newlyweds arrived after making that long drive.  Phil and Donna greeted them at the front door.  As Phil shook his son-in-law's hand to welcome him, mother and daughter embraced in a big hug.  Then as Trish went to embrace her father, Donna trembled as Rex approached with arms outstretched to greet her with an embrace.

Not wanting to show her apprehension in embracing her handsome son-in-law, Donna stepped forward for the greeting.  With her hands on Rex's muscular forearms, she tried to keep him at bay but he was way too strong for her, pulling her up close to his muscular body.  It was a quick embrace but she was trembling from the embrace, having felt her son-in-law's wet tongue tracing the inner portion of her ear.

While in the back patio conversing with her daughter, Donna felt so self-conscious with Rex nearby talking to Phil.  Her heart felt like it was thumping madly in her chest and she couldn't help but to steal glances towards her handsome son-in-law.  'God, how can I feel like this?  I feel so weak once he touches me!  Plus, he's my daughter's husband!' she scolded herself.

Then Trish said "Oh, Mom, we brought up some venison that one of Rex's friends gave us last week.  It's frozen and cut up in pieces there in the ice chest for you and dad.  I know how picky you are in arranging things in your freezer so I'll let you put them away!"  Then Trish called out to her husband "Rex, can you carry that heavy ice chest downstairs to the basement?  My mom will show you the way to the freezer!"

There was no way that Donna could get out of going downstairs as Trish had always teased her on how meticulous she always was in arranging the freezer.  Dressed in a light summer dress, Donna nervously led the way downstairs with her son-in-law immediately behind her carrying the heavy ice chest.  As they neared the freezer, Donna stammered "I ……just …….just set it right down!  I ……….I'll handle it from here!"

Rex smiled as he set down the ice chest, sensing the nervousness in his wife's beautiful mother.  Straightening back up, he gazed into his mother-in-law's lovely face and saw her bottom lip trembling in fear.  Taking a step towards her, Rex watched as she backed away from him, stopping only when she had backed up against the freezer door.  Slowly closing the gap, he observed the frightened look on her face.

Now just inches apart, Rex looked down to see the beautiful blue eyes looking up at him in both fear and anticipation.  As he leaned down further, Rex saw her eyes close and her pink lips part slightly.  Then he covered the pink trembling lips with his, feeling the soft lips part further to admit his thick searching tongue.  As Rex had hoped, he felt her pointed tongue gingerly touch his at first, then they began dueling with each other as they embraced intimately.

Minutes later, Rex arrogantly made his way back up the stairs, leaving his wife's beautiful mother panting as she leaned back against the freezer door.  Using his handkerchief to wipe off the telltale signs of the pink lipstick, he licked his lips to be certain all had been removed before returning to the patio.  He had accomplished his goal in getting his wife's beautiful mother alone with him and he had easily disarmed her resistance, leaving her all alone and in heat.

Closing her eyes, Donna leaned her head back against the freezer door, trying desperately to compose herself.  She was feeling so guilty at what had just taken place, blaming herself for not putting up anything but a mere token resistance.  She couldn't understand how she had participated in such a passionate kiss with her daughter's husband without even attempting to pull away.

Donna shivered at recalling her handsome son-in-law's hands creeping under her short summer dress to grip her asscheeks tightly.  Worst of all, she could not get over the fact that her hands had been initially on his waist in an attempt to push him away from her.  However, her hands had not only stopped resisting but had slowly moved between their bodies to touch and caress the outline of his lengthy manhood through his jeans.

She felt so weak and powerless to resist her daughter's handsome husband once he merely touched her, regardless of her love for Phil.  Throughout her marriage, Donna had never once considered being unfaithful to her husband, so she was totally beside herself at the helplessness that she found herself in when near her son-in-law.  She shamefully realized that she would have not put up any resistance if Rex had stripped her naked right there in the basement and fucked her right up against the freezer.

Twenty minutes later, after having composed herself adequately and putting the venison away, Donna returned upstairs to join everyone on the patio.  Normally she was not much of a drinker but she went to the bar and poured herself a 'screwdriver' with a double shot of vodka.  Donna trembled as she sipped at her potent drink, wickedly thinking 'I'm so lucky to be drinking a 'screwdriver' now instead of having been royally screwed by my daughter's husband!  God, what's happening to me?  How will I survive the next few days?  I …………I'm totally at his mercy once he's near me!'

Thankful that dinner and the remainder of the evening had been uneventful, Donna lay wide awake in the bed that she shared with her loving husband.  Phil had long ago fallen asleep as Donna relived every second of what had taken place in the basement of their home.  Closing her eyes, trying desperately to will herself to sleep, she could not help but to let her hands move up to caress her sensitive nipples, squeezing her thighs together as her love juices oozed from her itching slit.

Against her will, Donna slipped her arm under the light blanket as her hand drifted to her panty covered crotch.  Slipping her middle finger under an elastic legband, she shivered as her finger dipped into her slushy slit.  Gritting her teeth to keep from moaning out loud, her body shuddered in an orgasm when her finger made contact with her ultra-sensitive clit, all while picturing her handsome son-in-law in her mind.

With Phil off early to meet with his golfing buddies, Donna took in the early church services and returned home to start preparing breakfast.  She knew that her daughter and son-in-law would be sleeping in a bit, giving her adequate time to have breakfast ready at about when they were up.  She resolved to herself that what had occurred in the basement would never happen again.

Donna knew that she had no willpower whatsoever when near the handsome young man, more so if her merely touched her.  At church, she had prayed that all would turn out well, that she would not succumb to the evil temptations of the flesh.  She was determined not be alone with her daughter's husband again.  She was relieved in knowing that Trish would be taking her husband on a sightseeing tour this day.

At the breakfast table, Donna listened as Trish was laying out the plans that she had set up for the day.  Trish indicated that she would be taking her husband for a drive to the top of the mountain where it provided a fabulous sight of the city.  Then Trish added "Mom, I've been trying to reach Gina and left a message for her to call.  I've only been able to talk to her by phone or email since the wedding.  I'm really hoping to get to see her while I’m back home on this trip!"

"What's your plans today, Mom?" her daughter asked.  Relieved to hear that Trish would be taking her handsome husband out of the house, Donna replied "Oh, its such a nice day that I think I'll just putter around in the garden a bit!"  Just then the phone rang and Trish answered it, then happily said "Gina!  I've been trying like crazy to reach you!  Oh, no!  Really?  You're leaving on a trip late this afternoon!  You're free till just after lunch!  Yes, we just have to see each other!  Let me check with my husband and see if he minds if we change our plans for today!"

Donna froze in her seat as Trish covered the mouthpiece of the phone and looked at her husband.  She shuddered as she heard Rex reply "Oh, no problem, honey!  You've been wanting to see you old friend for so long now!  Go ahead, go and see her while she's still here!  Take her out for lunch!  Don't worry about me!  This will be a good chance to get to know your mom a lot better!"  Then Donna saw Rex turn back to face her, smiling widely as he ran his tongue over his lips, sending a shiver through her body.

Nervously doing the dishes, heart thumping madly in her chest, Donna heard her daughter tell her husband that she would change quickly and head out to see Gina.  With Trish off to the guest room, a chill of fear went through her as she heard footsteps approaching behind her.  She froze at the sink, gasped and closed her eyes as strong hands were placed on her trim hips.  She could only gasp and pant for breath as her daughter's husband nuzzled at the base of her neck, leaving kisses up to her ear, then playfully nibbled at her earlobe.

Moments later, Trish was bidding them 'goodbye' as she was headed off to see her old friend.  "I'll be back right after lunch, honey!  I'm sure my mom will be happy to make you lunch!  I'll call on my way home so you can hop in and we'll be off on the tour I promised!" she advised her husband.  "Don't you worry!  Have a good time with Gina!  This will be an ideal time to get much closer to your lovely mom!" her husband replied.

As the car drove out of the driveway, Donna snapped out of her stupor and rushed to the safety of her bedroom.  Closing the door of the master bedroom, she leaned her back against the wooden door, heart pounding madly.  Turning back around, just as she reached out to lock the door, her hand froze as she observed the doorknob turning.  Panting, she fearfully took a step back as the bedroom door opened slightly.

Rex licked his lips as he gazed upon his wife's beautiful mother.  Still attired in the black dress with white floral print that she had worn to church, her black heels still on, Rex was turned on at the prospects of nailing his lovely mother-in-law.  He smiled as he saw tears trickle down both cheeks as she was now frozen to the spot as he slowly approached her.

Opening her mouth to speak, Donna found that she could not get the words out.  Finally she managed to stammer "Pl …………..please, Rex ………………pleaseeeeee!  This ……………..this is so wrong!  Please ………….please …………you …………you're my daughter's husband!"  With her daughter's handsome husband standing immediately next to her now, Donna shivered as his hands touched her arms.  She felt her knees go weak as his arms slowly moved around her body, powerless to stop him as she felt his fingers begin to pull down the zipper on the back of her dress.

Unable to move, panting for breath, Donna could only stand in the middle of the master bedroom while her daughter's handsome young husband eased her black dress off her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the carpet.  Closing her eyes tightly shut, clad now in her lacy black bra and matching panties, she shivered as fingers were now unhooking the back of her bra.  She remained absolutely still as the shoulder straps of her bra were now being eased over her shoulders.  Seconds later, the lacy garment lay atop her black dress.

Hearing some movement near her, Donna realized that Rex had now moved behind her as his arms embraced her at the waist.  Her body shook in nervousness as she felt thumbs being inserted into the waistband of her black panties.  Slowly, she felt the lacy garment being eased over her trim hips, then felt it slither down the length of her legs to puddle at her ankles.  Embarrassed at having being disrobed before her daughter's husband, Donna could only remain glued to the spot.  Hearing the rustling of clothing behind her, she knew that her son-in-law was now getting out of his clothing.

Having rushed out early in the morning to make it to the church services, Donna did not have enough time to make the bed.  She was now being pulled towards that unmade bed.  The bed that she shared with her loving husband.  Unconsciously, she placed one heel behind the other, then stepped out of the first heel.  Using her toes on the back of the other heel, she then stepped out of that one.  Eyes still shut tightly as she was pulled by the hand, Donna stepped in the direction of the king-sized bed with her lacy black panties caught around her right ankle.

A moment later, pulled atop of the muscular body of her daughter's husband, Donna was suddenly rolled over onto her back.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………….no …….no …………ohhhhhhhhh!” Donna moaned as lips closed over a sensitive pink nipple that immediately began to stiffen from the flicking tongue.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………..ohhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned again as her other nipple was engulfed in the hot sucking mouth.

Then the teasing lips and tongue left her breasts to descend down her belly, going even further down where even her husband had not explored in such a manner.   “Ohhhhhhh, Goddddddddd …………ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Donna moaned loudly, lying upon the cool sheets of her marital bed as her long blonde hair whipped from side to side.  Unconsciously, she spread her legs wide and arched up as she moaned “Ohhhhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhhhh ………….oh, Goddddddddd!”

Never before had Donna felt such a pleasure, the pleasure of being literally eaten by a lover as her daughter's husband wiggled his long tongue into her sensitive slit.  Feet planted on the bed, Donna arched up and screamed “Oh, yessssss …………ohhhhhh, God, yesssssssss ……………….oh, God, I …………..…I’m cummmingggg!”  Mouth open as she gasped for air, Donna's body shook and convulsed from the most powerful climax she had ever experienced.

Crawling up upon the soft sexy body of his wife's beautiful mother, Rex licked his way up back up to her pointed pink nipples, nursing each one back into his hungry mouth.  He then moved up further to give his mother-in-law a deep passionate kiss and felt her slender arms crossing over his neck to draw him closer.  Lifting up a bit, Rex reached down to grasp his throbbing cock, teasing it up and down through her soft golden curls.  Cockhead nuzzling at the entrance to her slick gash, he pushed forward and groaned with pleasure.  His cockhead had penetrated her tight gash and was now enveloped in the hot clasping pussylips.

Never had Donna felt anything of this size stretch her so widely, having only experienced her loving husband, but Phil had nothing in comparison to what she was now experiencing.  Fear and panic set in as she broke the kiss and pleaded “Ohhhhhhhhh, Rex ……………owwwww …………….nooooooo ……….stopppp ……..stop!  Rex …….you …………you’re too biggggg!  Rex  …………..you ……….  you’re too big!”

With her hands Donna then tried push at his muscular shoulders, trying to push him off her and prevent this  incestuous mating.  “Oh, please ……..stop …………pleaseeeeee!  Rex …………….stop, Rex ……….stop …………..we must stop!  This is so wrong ………..ahhhhhhhh, no ………..Rex ……………nooooooo!” Donna sobbed as the thick cockhead twitched within her.

With short thrusting stroke, Rex began to fuck his wife's beautiful mother, something he had been planning since first meeting her.   The hands that were pushing at him just moments ago now moved up around his shoulders.  Rex groaned with pleasure, sliding his cock deep into the slick folds as he felt the long trim legs encircled his ass and began to squeeze at him.  It felt so awesome, fucking his wife's beautiful mother, enjoying the feel of her silky black panties brushing up and down his ass as he shagged her.

“Oh, God ………………….ohhhhhhhhh, Rex …………… …….ohhhhhhhh,  ………..you’re so big  ……….so biggggggg!” Donna groaned as her long trim legs wrapped tightly around son-in-law's humping ass.   "Ohhhhhhhhh ……………ahhhhh …………………ohhhhhhhhh, Rexxxxxxxxxx!" she screamed as a mind-shattering orgasm shook her entire body.

Never had she soared to such heights, never had lovemaking been such a fantastic thrill.  Then she felt the body upon her quiver and the thick cockhead within her expand.  Suddenly the thick muscle buried deep within her exploded, sending gush after hot gush of his potent seed deep into her womb.  Donna arched up, wrapping her arms and legs tightly around her daughter's husband.

Reality hit her, causing tears of shame to flow from her eyes.  Donna realized the awful sin she had just committed, committing adultery with none other than her daughter’s handsome husband.  She sobbed as she looked down at her marital bed, soiled now with the slimy spunk that continued to ooze out of her well-fucked slit.

The horror then struck her as Donna realized that she had been fucked royally without the protection of a condom, something that she and her husband always used to prevent an accident.  The thought of such horrid consequences had never entered her mind till now and she realized that this was quite an inappropriate time of the month.

Trying to get out of bed and rush to the bathroom, Donna was frantic as Rex's strong hands pulled her shoulders and forced her back onto the bed.  "Please …………..Rex, I ………..I need to douche!  You ……………you didn't wear a condom!  I could get pregnant!" she sobbed.  Instead of being released as she had hoped, her son-in-law rolled his body over onto hers again.  "Oh, Godddddddd …………………nooooooooo!" she sobbed  as her lover unceremoniously stuck himself into her again.

Rex hammered away at the distressed beauty, enjoying her agony at the thought that he may have impregnated her.  He was determined on giving her more of his hot potent seed, wanting to knock her up with his baby.  Her pleas for him stop so she could douche out his baby-making juice only stimulated him more, making his cock harder than ever.  She was now fighting him, trying her best to buck him off, making it even more pleasurable for him.

As a young teenager, Rex felt that nothing beat seducing a sophisticated ‘faithful’ wife, getting her to drop her panties and in bedding her on her own marital bed.  Now this was the ultimate, seducing his wife's beautiful mother and bedding her on the bed she shared with her loving husband.  More so with the possibility of 'knocking' her up, hearing her beg “No ………….no ………….Rex, please ……no …………don't cum in me again …………......please ……..pleaseeee …………..you’ll get me pregnant!”

Rex whispered in her ear, taunting “Ohhhhhh ……….you’re so fucking tight ……….………..ohhhh, gonna cum soon ……………………..gonna make us a little baby!”  Grabbing her trim hips, Rex slammed forward once again, holding her tightly to him as he unleashed his hot cum, filling her fertile womb to the brim.  As he exploded in her, he once again felt her trim arms and legs clutching at him, feeling her body shudder in orgasm.

Never had Donna ever achieved two mind-blowing orgasms in such a short time span.  Never had her loving husband ever achieved such a feat of screwing her twice in such a short time.  She was now physically exhausted as her arms and legs fell limply to the side of her lover.  Donna shivered as the pleasure giving muscle within her began to dwindle, causing her to clench her cuntlips in an attempt to keep him within her.  “Ohhhhhhh …………..nooooo ……………noooooooo!” she moaned as the dwindling cock suddenly slipped from her slick clenching lips with a 'pop'.

Having fallen asleep after yet another lovemaking session, accompanied by another mind-shattering orgasm, the ringing of the telephone startled her away.  Glancing at the clock, it now read 1 p.m.  In a panic, feeling the muscular arm draped over her waist, she reached for the phone as she knew it must be Trish calling.  "Hi …………hi, Trish!  He ……….he's in the bathroom right now, honey!" she lied.  "Okay, honey!  I'll tell him you're fifteen minutes away so he can just hop in the car when you drive on up!" she replied.

As she reached back over to hang up the phone, Donna froze as a pair of large strong hands were upon her hips, pushing her up on all fours.  "Rex ……………..Rex ……..what are you doing?  Trish is coming!  She's only fifteen minutes away!" she exclaimed.  Feeling him shuffling up behind her, Donna was petrified with fear as her son-in-law rubbed his thick cockhead up next to the entrance of her ass.

Kneeling on all fours, held firmly at her hips, Donna moaned as expert fingers rubbed her sensitive clit and dipped into her cummy snatch.  She shivered with pleasure and pressed down on the pleasure giving fingers.  Afraid, never having been penetrated in such an obscene manner, Donna panted and pleaded "Please ………….please don't, Rex ………I …………..I've never done such a thing!  I ……………I'm so afraid ……………please don't ……………I'm scared!"

Rex beamed with delight upon hearing that he would be the very first to possess this delicate piece of ass.  He couldn't believe that this lovely beauty never had a cock screwed up her beautiful little butt but he was about to change all of that.  With his throbbing cock in position, he firmly gripped the trim sexy hips, then reared back and slammed forward with all his might.

Donna’s head snapped back as the thick cock stabbed into her, brutally tearing up her virgin ass.  Her eyes bulged as she screamed “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …………….ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  The pain and horror of her ordeal had Donna sobbing uncontrollably as tears flowed down her face in shame.  Never could she ever imagine a decent woman being taken in such a brutal primitive manner, thinking that only streetwalkers would allow such a despicable act to take place.

A bit later, Donna heard a car drive up and then head the front door slam shut.  She heard Trish greet her husband with "Hi, honey!  Did you mange to get closer to my mom?"  "Oh, yes …………much, much closer!" came the reply.  Donna put her face into the soft pillow and began to cry.  Lying naked on the bed, cum oozing from her well-fuck slit, she realized that with the amount of time having lapsed, it might just be too late for a douche to be effective.  Curling up in a tight ball, she sobbed, feeling so ashamed as she still could not completely stop the now ebbing flow of love juices from her well-fucked cunt.

End of Story.