Terrified Teacher - X
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier stories entitled:  ‘Jock Got a Christmas Carol’ &
‘Terrified Teacher 9’
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Cradling her precious bundle of joy in her arms, Carol Hastings smiled as little Cory giggled at the toy that her husband rattled in front of the baby.  Carl, her husband, just adored little Cory, feeling so proud in becoming a dad and making such a cute little guy.  Both husband and wife were very active in the community, with all in envy of the Hastings’ family, especially with the little one filling their upper middle class home in the suburb.  Carl managed the four-star Bentwood Hotel that was a major contributor to local sports teams, with Carol being a popular and well-respected high school teacher at Ridgemont High.  As her husband played with baby Cory, Carol reflected back to the events of past year and wondered just how she had managed to survive it all.  After her prayers had been answered at the end of the past school year, followed by little Cory’s birth, things began looking up for Carol.

As her husband carried the baby while she warmed a bottle of milk to the little guy, Carol looked over at little Cory grabbing Carl’s index finger with his tiny hand.  She swallowed deeply, feeling so guilty as she watched her handsome and loving husband playing with the baby.  Carol then wondered if her husband would still be so delighted with the little baby if the truth ever came to light, that being the fact that Carl was not the baby’s real father, that it had been the handsome young college jock living right next door who had done the deed.  Added to the guilt was the recent award that she had just received, the coming from the Women’s League presenting her with  the award for Ridgemont’s Most Popular Teacher.

‘If Carl or anyone in the community discovered the truth, I’d probably be burnt at the stake or shunned by everyone in the least!’ Carol shuddered in nervousness.  ‘My God, Carl would boot my ass out of the house in a second if he ever learned that little Cory was fathered by the handsome young stud next door!  So what can I say to Carl in defense?  That I was seduced …………unable to insist that Scott not turn into the parking lot of that motel …………………..unable to resist following him into the motel room ……………unable to resist once his hands touched me …………………..that I was all his once his hands touched me!  That I let our next door neighbors’son take me to bed and knock me up!’ she worried.

But to be shunned by all in the community, that would seem like rather an extreme measure, especially in this day and age with infidelity being so common among married couples.  Well, after having just been honored as Ridgemont’s Teacher of the Year, it would not sit very well in the community, especially if people learned that the handsome young stud who seduced and impregnated her was one of her former students!  The son of her next door neighbors, being Scott Berger’s former high school math teacher, those factors surely would not go unnoticed if word got out as to who really fathered little Cory no matter the circumstances.  It was just a no-no for such a relationship like theirs.

It had all occurred the prior Christmas vacation when Carol was chaperoning the high school carolers going to the local hospital to cheer up people.  She had no clue that the handsome teen would be even be attending the caroling session, not realizing that he had been invited to join the group by one of the current students at the high school.  The truth of the matter was that Scott Berger had initially declined the initial invite as it didn’t interest him at all, but then that had changed and his interest in joining the group had perked up when he had learned that his beautiful former high school math teacher and current next door neighbor would be chaperoning the carolers.

And as for Scott Berger, mother nature had been fortunate to him in dropping all that heavy snow on the ground.  Volunteering to drive his beautiful neighbor in his four-wheeler gave him just the needed opportunity to be with the older but very sexy and beautiful teacher that had given him many a wet dream at night.  Arriving at the hospital parking lot early, he had boldly draped his arm around the lovely woman and as expected had gotten his hand was removed quickly, with stern rebuff by Mrs. Hastings as she reminded him of their student/teacher relationship and that she was very in much in love with her husband.  But the rebuff and admonishment only made Scott want her even more, and the night was still young yet.

For Carol Hastings, she had no thoughts of ever being entwined in a student/teacher relationship with any male student, any current or former student of hers for that matter.  She had seen Scott grow up from a youngster to the handsome college jock that had all the girls in school swooning around him.  Yes, Scott was indeed handsome and a ladies man, but Carol was truly in love with her husband and the thought of becoming involved with him had never entered her mind.  But in being so close physically to this handsome young man, Carol felt her heart fluttering like one of the high school girls and she had melted once his hand made contact with hers.

Once alone in the motel room with her former student, the handsome young jock had her body shivering and tingling upon his touch.  Feeling so petite in standing before the tall muscular young stud, Carol put up no resistance when pulled close by the strong arms, then his lips were upon hers and the thick tongue delved between her parted lips in exploration.  Her heavy jacket unzipped by her former student, calloused hands sliding up under her sweater, then her bra was pushed up.  Soon, the handsome young man touching and fondling her bare breasts, thick thumbs flicking at her budding nips and Carol was all his for the taking.

Breasts suckled and licked as the handsome stud deftly undressed his former high school math teacher, only this time he was to be the teacher, educating the beautiful woman as to what the number ‘69’ involved.  Trashing about on the bed as her former student literally ate her alive, the prim and proper Mrs. Carol Hastings was panting with sheer delight when she got to experience having a male penis push itself between her virgin lips.  It was quite a first for the conservative beauty, convulsing uncontrollably as she climaxed on the flicking tongue, then she got her very first dose of hot intoxicating male cum flooding her mouth and throat.  In the aftermath of the sensational experience, Carol could only lay there as her former student caressed her naked body, feeling as if she was glowing in the dark from the hot lake of his male essence filling her belly.

Carol’s eyes had widened in total awe at the size of her former student’s manhood as it was more than a tight fit, stretching the entrance to her tight vagina as never before, causing her to pant out loudly “Nnnnnnnnnnn ……………………..nnnnnnnnnnnnn ……………..nnnnnnnnnnnnn …………….Scott ………………………..ohhhhhh, Scotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!  Ohhhhhhhhhh …………………………………..oh, my Goddddddddddddddddd ……………………….oh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddd!” With her trim legs thrown over her young lover, toes curling from the pleasure, Carol spurred him with her heels as she cried out  “Yes ……………..oh, yessssssssssss ………………….yessssss …………………..fuck me ……………..fuck me, Scott ……………….fuck meeee!  Oh, God …………………..oh, God …………………….oh, God …………………………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

First soaring far into outer space from the most unbelievable orgasm of all orgasms ever to rock her petite body, then falling suddenly into a deep pit of guilt and remorse, Carol then caressed the muscular body of her former student who had just given her the fuck of a lifetime.  Although racked with guilt, with her young lover asleep atop of her and not witnessing her weakness, Carol caressed his muscular body, and squeezed her cunny around his dwindling cock to milk out all of its potent seed.  Unable to move from under the heavy body atop of her, Carol soon dozed embracing her former student.

Fortunately, her husband was working till the graveyard shift for it was not until 4 a.m. when her former student dropped her off at her home.  Never before had Carol participated in so much frenzied sexual activity in one night, first ‘69’ing with her young lover, then three wild couplings in the motel room bed that had her creaming and creaming as never before.  A much needed shower once she got into the master bathroom to cleanse her body of the smell of sex, but Carol did nothing to cleanse her fertile womb of all her former student’s thick baby batter that threatened to put her in the family way.

Her very first indiscretion, one that now labeled Carol as an adulteress, had her unnerved and racked with guilt.  Very much still in love with her husband, to whom she had given her marital vows to, Carol certainly wished that she had not succumbed to the temptations of the flesh with the young stud next door.  It would certainly be a secret that would have to be well-protected on her part, and Carol felt certain that her young lover would keep his word in not letting out their secret affair.  Even with the young jock headed back to college, it would become even more important that the affair remain a secret, especially when finding herself pregnant with her former student’s baby.

Unbeknownst to Carol, when Scott had gone into the office of the motel to get a room, manning the desk was another of her former student named Nate Manning.  With Scott’s picture in the sports section of the newspaper nearly on a weekly basis, and Nate into football also, the desk clerk readily recognized who he was checking in.  And in slyly peeking out when Scott exited, Nate Manning had gotten to shock of his life in seeing who the college jock was about to bed.  The devious 18 year old black male manning the desk was currently a senior at the high school where she taught and also a former student of hers, though Nate was three years behind Scott’s graduating class.  And the black bastard had no qualms whatsoever in blackmailing her, making it known that her secret was to remain as such in exchange for the chance of nailing her in bed himself.

Finding that ominous note in her desk that threaten to blow her world apart, Carol did as the note demanded and showed up timely once again at the Notel Motel.  And when her former black student showed that he was well-armed with photos of her exiting the motel room with the young college jock that snowy Christmas night, Carol was in no position to refuse his demands, especially after having just discovered that she was now pregnant with Scott’s baby.  Her reputation, teaching career, as well as her marriage were all in jeopardy should the photos leak out to the public.

“Please …………….let me pay you for those pictures!” came the meek reply from the frightened beauty.  “I’m not after your money, Mrs. Hastings and the pictures aren’t for sale!  Ya know that don’t ya?  Ya know why yer here, don’t ya?  Yer here to please me so I don’t mail those pictures out to yer husband or have them splashed all over the newspapers!  Isn’t that right, Mrs. Hastings?” Nate asked confidently.  “Ye………ye ………..yes!” came her meek response.  “Now to prove it, Mrs. Hastings!  C’mon over here and suck my BIG BLACK DICK!” he grossly demanded of his former high school teacher.

Taking Scott Berger’s penis into her mouth had been an act of love, lust, and her wanting to do so.  In this case, the thought of taking Nate Manning’s filthy black cock into her mouth was so degrading and humiliating for Carol, causing her stomach to churn in utter disgust.  But Carol realized that her options were very limited and this vile act would have to be performed if she wanted to keep her very first indiscretion from becoming public knowledge.  There on her knees in the dingy motel room, the prim and proper Mrs. Carol Hastings opened her pink lips to perform fellatio, or crudely a ‘blowjob’ on her former black student.  Sick to her stomach she forced herself to perform the vile sex act, allowing the deviant bastard to fuck her face with his filthy black cock.

With Nate Manning ecstatic as the sucking he was getting from the beautiful high school teacher, his swollen black balls popped and unleashed quite a torrent of his slimy goo filth, filling her mouth completely.  With the beautiful woman unable to spit out the gooey filth, due to his big cock plugging her mouth, Nate forced her to swallow his gooey jizz time and time again.  Enjoying the fantastic blowjob that he forced upon the prim and proper beauty, Nate made even more disgraceful with his taunting “Ah, yeah ……………..that’s it teach ………..ah, yeah ……………………yer one hot number ……………………..ah, yeah drain my balls, Mrs. Hastings …………………………eat all that hot cum I’s got fer ya!”

At that point, Carol sucked in a much needed gulp of air but that really did it as she now had to retch, causing her to scramble over to the nearby trashcan.  With Carol’s petite body shuddering in revulsion, her stomach then convulsed and rejected the slimy filthy “Arrrrrrrrrrrrchhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………arrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuckkkkk …………………arccckkkkkkkkkk!” Out came all the goodies she had just swallowed along with the lunch she had consumed earlier.  Feeling so sick at that moment and concentrating on her churning stomach, Carol was unaware of the back of her dress being unzipped and bra unclipped, only becoming aware of what had just happened when rough calloused hands were fondling her bare breasts as if testing to see if the fruits were ripe.
Stripped and pushed atop of the bed, Carol willed herself to just lie there and to show response to the deviant teen.  Legs forced apart and feeling the coarse kinky hairs brushing against her inner thighs, Carol soon discovered how impossible it would be to carry out her plan as the vile teen began eating her out in earnest.  With her former student’s expertise in this area, Carol found herself arching up her hips into the black bastard’s now slurping mouth.  And then her love juices began pouring out when the lapping teen’s tongue flicked over her ultra-sensitive clit.

Not only did Carol fail in her plan to not respond when Nate Manning ate her out, it also went quickly by the wayside when the black teen shoved his humongous fuckstick up into her too tight snatch.  And Carol soon found how proficient her former student was in using the big tool that he possessed.  She quickly learned that the so-called myth about blacks was no myth at all, for Nate’s foot-long dong was far bigger and thicker than that of her husband’s, and her former student certainly knew how to put it to use at jackhammer speed till she creamed and creamed like never before.  Fortunately for Carol, there was one aspect that she did not have to be worried about, that of getting knocked up by the deviant black bastard.

The next few months had just been a nightmare for Carol while being at the mercy of the deviant black bastard.  Shuddering in revulsion as she thought back to when the blackmailing had begun and those awful three months that followed, Carol could not believe the despicable things she had forced herself to perform for the bastard in exchange for his not making public those photos of her and Scott Berger.  Behind the locked classroom door when school let out, she had often performed the following as a result of Nate’s blackmail threats: getting down on her knees to suck him off in the front of the classroom; doing a seductive striptease while Nate sat in his old seat; straddling the black bastard while in his old seat with his cock up her twat; and letting her former student fuck her right atop of her desk.

Just before school had let up, Carol was filled with dread when Nate relayed his plan for when graduation day came and he’d be getting out of school, advised that he was going into business for him as a sole proprietor.  “I’s gonna make some big money out there, as a ‘pimp’!  Yeah, it’s gonna be jist great and I’s gonna make history, cause I’s bet I’s gonna be the first guy to ever pimp out one of his former high school teachers, heh!” the bastard had announced.  Even worst was his preposterous thinking that “Maybe I’s can make some big bucks when basketball season comes around, cause I’s knows them starting five guys on the team were all in yer math class last year, and I’s sure they’s like nothing better than gitting a refresher course from they’s purty math teacher!” he had laughed while ejaculating his spunk down her throat.  “Uh ………..uh ……………uuuh!  Ain’t that a fantastic idea, teach?  Heh, heh!” he chuckled.

Locking herself in the bathroom of the teacher’s lounge, Carol felt absolutely sick with the horror of what Nate had just told her, causing her to shudder as her stomach churned with fear and from all the slimy goo she had been forced to eat.  Putting up the toilet seat and leaning over the bowl, she then upchucked all the goodies, retching out “Argggggggggg ……………………..arggggggggggggggggghhhhh!”  Hand on her stomach, Carol prayed ‘Oh, God, please help me!  Don’t let him do this to me!  I’ve submitted to Nate to keep him quite and to save my marriage!  Right now no one else knows of this shameful secret but if Nate goes through with his threat, surely word will get out!  Oh, God, please help me!  I promise that I’ll never again be unfaithful to my husband!”  That sin had led to her being blackmailed, and swore that such would never occur ever again if her prayer was answered.

That night, deep in thought as she and her husband sat in the den watching the nightly news before bedtime, Carol wondered just how long it would be before her infidelity would become public knowledge.  ‘There’s no way that I can go through with what Nate proposed doing to me!  He plans on pimping me out!  Even to those basketball players who were all in my class!  There’d be no point in submitting to his blackmail demands as surely one of them will let it leak out if I ever went through with it!’ she concluded.  At that moment, glancing over at her loving husband, it was the low point of her life in knowing that her marriage would be coming to an end once her infidelity was revealed.  On came a local newsflash advising of a bank robbery that afternoon that had gone bad, shots fired with two people wounded, a security guard along the robber being transported to the hospital.  Carol uttered a loud gasp upon seeing the picture of the wounded bank robber being that of Nate Manning.

With the newscaster identifying the bank robber as 18 year old Nate Manning, a senior at the local high school, Carl Hastings realized that his wife apparently knew the robber in the way she had gasped upon seeing his picture on the television monitor.  Asking if the bank robber had been in one of her classes, such was confirmed to him by his wife’s nodding of her head as she was obviously speechless from the surprising news.  Seeing the look on his wife’s face, Carl realized that she was stunned by the news, but not in the manner he suspected for Carol was overwhelmed with relief as it was obvious that Nate Manning would be put away behind bars for a long, long time.

Over the summer vacation, with the blackmail over as Nate Manning was behind bars, Carol sought to turn her life around and return to her former self prior to her infidelity with Scott Berger.  And that had not been an easy task for Carol, not with the handsome college jock returning home for the summer, even with Scott being the one responsible for putting the baby in her tummy.  The temptation had certainly been there over the summer, many times in fact, but Carol had been able to fend off the lusty young man.  With her belly showing and making up the excuse that the doctor had wanted her to forego sex at that stage, she had gotten away with a mere and brief kiss.

When Christmas came that year, Scott Berger came back home for the holidays and little Cory was then three months old.  With Nate Manning behind bars since the end of May, ending her blackmai, Carol’s strength and resolve to rebuff the handsome young jock proved futile when he came over to visit ‘his son’!  With Scott coming over to bring a present for little Cory just as her husband was about to head off to work, Carl had greeted the young stud and invited him in.  Her husband had then said goodbye as he headed on off to work, not realizing the predicament and temptation she had placed upon her, merely thinking of him as their next door neighbor.

With Carol taking him to the baby’s room, she looked down at the sleeping baby then up at Scott, and she could see that little Cory had his father’s eyes.  Carol’s resolve melted when she was pulled into the embrace of the young man as he declared that “Our little baby sure is a cute little guy!  We sure got Mr. Hastings fooled, don’t we?”  Then a passionate kiss ensued, causing Carol to weak at the knees and then she was powerless to resist being pulled out of the baby’s room and down the hallway to the master bedroom.  Seduced by the handsome young jock once again, the Hasting’s bed rocked and rolled as former student shagged his beautiful teacher right on the bed that she shared with her hubby, the bed on which little Cory was possibly conceived upon during that prior Christmas holiday.  Three times that day, Carol spread her long trim legs for her handsome young lover who did his best to put her in the family way once again.

Just like the holidays from the prior year, Carl Hastings pulled the night shift on New Year’s Eve, forcing his lovely wife to go alone to the Berger’s home next door for the traditional celebration to bring in the New Year.  And like the prior year, Scott Berger advised that he’d walk their lovely neighbor to her door before heading out to his buddy’s home.  But again, that was just a ruse as Scott had not intention of going to his buddy’s place, for he was going to once again bed his former high school math teacher.  And days later, Scott Berger headed back to college, wondering if he had again knocked up his beautiful neighbor and former math teacher to give little Cory a baby brother or sister.

Having taken the fall semester off due to the birth of little Cory and to care for him for the first three months, Carol had taken leave from her teaching post and planned on returning to teach once the Christmas vacation ended.  During that second month back, on Valentine’s Day in particular, it seemed that fate was again repeating itself.  Valentine’s Day turned out to be an exact replica as the events played out on that same day a year ago: first came that ‘morning sickness’ that gave Carol the hint of what to expect from the home pregnancy test; then receiving the bunch of roses during class, with the note reading ‘Love you!’ and signed only with the #32 (Scott’s uniform #).

That night in bed, following confirmation of the home pregnancy test, Carol lay wide awake in bed next to her sleeping and unsuspecting husband.  She chastised herself for not having the willpower to rebuff the handsome jock next door to her, for once he had seduced her during the Christmas vacation, and she had wilted in his arms once again.  Carol thoughts went back to that eventful day that past May, remembering not only how her prayers had been answered, but what she had promised should her prayers be answered.  She was certainly guilty on having broken that promise, just as she had done with her initial wedding vows.  Carol could only pray that her broken promise would not lead to such drastic consequences as the last time.

It was two weeks before spring break, when Carol was having lunch with others in the teachers’ lounge, when Principal Hawkins stopped in to ask “Oh, Mrs. Hastings, would you mind stopping by my office after school let’s out today?  I’ve just been looking over some figures lately, but was having some trouble interpreting them!  I was hoping you could look them over to help me figure them out before I send in the report that I’ve been filling out for the district office and others that require it!”  Carol advised the paunch 64 year old principal, who seemed like a fatherly figure to all the teachers at the school, though he was known to be a stern disciplinarian when it came to the students in the school misbehaving regardless of whether it happened in or out of school grounds nor if what time of the day or night it occurred..

After school let out that day, once the students of her last class had departed, Carol closed up her room and headed down to see Principal Hawkins, a man who should have retired years ago but just couldn’t give up the idea of not working.  Greeted by the principal who was in the outer office taking care of a problem student, she was asked to have a seat in his office.  As soon as the problem was solved, Principal Hawkins entered his office and closed the door behind of him.  Unbeknownst to Carol, the staunch old man turned the lock on the door to assure their privacy before going to his seat behind his desk, when he advised “Oh, thanks so much for coming so promptly, Mrs. Hastings!  That’s what I admire of you ……………………….always so prompt and efficient!  What can I say of Ridgemont’s Teacher of the year!  It’s quite an amazing feat in obtaining that award, especially when one is out on leave from September through the end of the year!”

Carol could only blush at the comment, then stammered out in asking “You mentioned the need to go over some figures earlier, for a report to be sent to the district office and others requiring it?”  It was then that Principal Hawkins pulled out a bunch of documents from a large white envelope and was going over them before advising “Yes, I’ve been going over these figures here and just don’t know what to do with them!  I was hoping you could help me before I complete my report and send it in to the district and public officials requiring my reporting!  There’s one number here that I hope you can help me with as it’s really got me puzzled!”

Totally puzzled at this point, Carol asked “What kind of report are we talking about?  Who else needs the report directly from the school than getting it through the district office?”  As the documents were lowered, Carol observed an unusual grin on Mr. Hawkins face as he pulled the document from the back of the pack to toss it onto the desk in front of her, which turned out to be a police report with her name typed on the space for ‘Wrongful Party’, as the principal advised “In this case, it’s one of the requirements in my job to report such matters to the police immediate, as well as to the district office!”  Then the principal took the item on the top of the stack that he was hold and flipped it across the desk to her, advising that “Now, this is the figure that I needed you to help me interpret, Mrs. Hastings ………………because I’ve never come across that before!  Correct me if I’m wrong …………………..but isn’t that they refer to as ‘69’?”

Eyes widened in horror, mouth open in disbelief, Carol found herself staring at a blown up photo of her on the bed with Nate Manning.  She did not know that such existed other than the photos Nate had of her and Scott coming out of the motel.  Then Carol came to realize that the black bastard must have had a camera hidden somewhere in the motel room to capture them having sex together.  She gasped as her conclusion was confirm when Mr. Hawkins flipped another photo in front of her, this one showing her with legs spread wide and being royally fucked by the black bastard.  Unable to utter a word, she looked up the gloating face of the school principal, then to her horror the bastard held up a disc as he advised “I never expected you being such a wild nymph in bed, Mrs. Hastings!  This is the hottest x-rated flick I’ve ever seen!”

Closing her eyes in shame, tears welled up and began to flow down her cheeks.  Through her sobs, Carol stammered out “I ………………I …………………I didn’t want to!  I was being blackmailed by Nate Manning!  I ……………..I ……………..he made me …………….made me have sex with him!”  “Why was he blackmailing you, Mrs. Hastings?” she heard the principal ask of her.  “It was ……………it was …………I ……………I can’t!” Carol stammered out, not wanting to reveal the reason why she had been blackmailed by her former student.  Although she had been blackmailed and had sex with Nate Manning, Carol realized that she had to protect Scott and not get him involved in the scandal that would surely be publicized.  With her handsome young lover still in college and actively pursing his football career, she couldn’t jeopardize his future, and thus she advised Mr. Hawkins that “I can’t reveal the reason!  I just can’t!”

As she sobbed in shame, Carol realized that the principal had gotten up from chair as she heard Mr. Hawkins advise from behind of her “There, there …………..don’t you fret, Mrs. Hastings!  Everything will work itself out ……………….I’m here to help you!”  “I’m sorry but I just can’t reveal the reason why I was being blackmailed, Mr. Hawkins!” she sobbed.  Then Carol felt the principal’s pudgy hand on her back, rubbing her soothingly through the fabric of her dress.  Hearing the flutter of another photo falling into place on the desk before her, Carol blinked her eyes to focus them, then observed the photo taken that night of her exiting the motel room with Scott Berger.

Rubert Hawkins had made the discovery of the x-rated disc and incriminating photos just the other day when cleaning out the cabinet in his office.  It had been the box containing the locker contents of Nate Manning’s that he had the janitor obtain by ordering the lock cut open that past summer after school had let out.  In the box was a backpack that contained some school books and personal belongings that had not appeared out of the ordinary.  Rubert had made contact with Nate’s parents over the summer but the arrest and jailing of their son had made the picking up of his belongings a minor item.  Advising the parents that he’d keep it for them and they just needed to stop in and sign the release form for the items.

Having forgotten about the items in the box till cleaning out the cabinet in his office, Rubert had opened the backpack and decided to take out the books and get them back into circulation as they were school property anyway.  “When I was cleaning out the box containing Nate Manning’s belonging the other day, the disc and photos fell out from one of the school books in his backpack!  He had caught you, hadn’t he?  Caught you and Scott Berger coming out of a room at the Notel Motel, didn’t he?  He threatened to reveal your affair to your husband, didn’t he?  Blackmailed you with the photos, didn’t he?  And it’d be even worst when word got out because Scott Berger was also a former student of yours, wasn’t he?  And isn’t Scott Berger the son of your next door neighbors?” Rubert sternly questioned the distraught beauty, all while feeling her lovely body tremble under his touch.

Principal Hawkins

Nearing the mid-sixty mark, Rubert Hawkins was no where near the fatherly figure that he projected onto his staff and teachers.  A widower, Rubert was quite a purveyor of sex films and magazines, those involving lovely white beauties with two themes in particular: those involving big black studs on one hand; and those submitting to lecherous bastards old enough to be her father.  Having watched the disc over and over the other day, he had ended up spurting quite a load as Nate Manning humped away at Ridgemont’s Teacher of the Year!  Rubert had secretly nursed his lust for the lovely Mrs. Hastings for years now, having to keep his hands off the succulent beauty for fear of destroying his status and reputation, as well as his pension.  But now that he had the incriminating goods on her, Rubert intended on using it to sate his lust for the lovely beauty.

Having heard all the accusations thrown at her by the principal of her school, all to which were true, Carol felt as if her entire world had just come crashing down.  Her marriage, her secret of the baby she bore from Scott as well as the one now she now carried, her submission to the likes of Nate Manning were all about to be made public.  But then she was being given something to cling onto as Mr. Hawkins began whispering to her, telling her that “With Nate Manning in jail for bank robbery, no one rally needs to know about this!  Scott’s was already in college and in looking at the school records, Nate was over eighteen years of age when everything took place, so there isn’t a minor involved here!  Also, Nate’s already in jail and no longer a student here, so there may not be any legal grounds to proceed on …………………..just moral ones!”

Carol began panting hard, shivering as Mr. Hawkins began licking at her earlobe, then he again began whispering “But the moral issues here are quite devastating, aren’t they?  Regardless of being blackmailed by Nate Manning, the pictures clearly show that you had sex with him countless of times …………….all while he was a student at the school!  The headlines will read: Ridgemont’s Teacher of the Year has sex with her former student!  Or should I say students, since Scott Berger had been in your class too!  And what will Mr. Hastings say about all this?”  Trembling as the hands massaging her shoulders were now moving to the front of her body …………..down into the open bodice of her dress!

Squirming in her chair, Carol realized that his left hand was pulling the front of dress wide open so that the bastard could gaze down into the opening as his right hand moved down to cup her bra covered breast.  Then the bastard was telling her that “This can be our little secret, Mrs. Hastings!  I’ve been a widower for quite some time and in my position here, I just can’t go out and get myself caught propositioning a hooker!  So, you be nice to me and your little secret will remain between us!  Your reputation will be saved!  So will that your teaching position, because if the community learned of this, they’ll demand your firing!  And think of your marriage!”  Closing her eyes, resigning to her fate, Carol shivered once again as the pudgy fingers began inserting themselves under her bra!

That night in bed, lying next to her sleeping husband, Carol blinked back the tears as she thought ‘That’s what I get for breaking the promise I had made!’  This promise had been made when she had prayed to God for forgiveness of her infidelity, promising that she would never again violate her vows if Nate Manning’s hold on her could be broken!  Such hold had been broken, freeing her of the blackmailing bastard, and Carol had resolved herself to remain true to her husband from that point on.  Her resolve had been firm throughout the summer, having to rebuff her handsome young neighbor and former student time and time again.  Little Cory was born at the end of September, exactly nine months from that New Year’s eve and she and Scott brought in the New Year together ……………..in the bed that she shared with her husband!

But then had come the most recent Christmas holidays when Scott had returned from college, and Carol’s resolve had melted upon his touch and she had succumbed to temptations of the flesh once again.  Twice during the holidays she had cheated on her husband, and once again she had found herself knocked up by her former student and next door neighbor, again New Year’s Eve being that big night.  This time, her secret affair had been uncovered by the high school principal where she taught at, and now he too was blackmailing her for sex.  Carol shuddered at the recollection of his fat sweaty hand on her breast, how she forced herself to remain seated on the chair as the old bastard unzipped the back of her dress and pushed it over her shoulders, then he was undoing the hook of her bra.  She felt nauseous at the recollection of the bastard bending down to take her right nipple into his mouth and suckle upon it, then he did the same to her left breast.  ‘It’s the penance I have to pay for breaking the promise I made!’ she told herself.

Each and every moment of this afternoon’s ordeal began to play itself back in her mind.  Made to stand up from the chair, her dress fell to the office floor and puddled around her heels.  Bra straps peeled down her arms and it too was on the floor of the principal’s office, leaving her in only her panties and heels.  Then the fat bastard was behind of her and nuzzling at her ear and getting his hand into the front of her panties, asking her “Did you like that big black dick of Nate’s up in your tight little snatch, Mrs. Hastings?”  Biting down on her lip and shaking her head ‘no’, Principal Hawkins shoved his middle finger up into her slit as he sneered “Don’t lie to me, bitch!  I sawn how you went wild and crazy when he fucked it to you!”

After her panties and been pulled down and she was told to step out of them, Principal Hawkins cleared his desk with the sweep of a hand.  Made to get up onto the desk, lying flat on her back, Principal Hawkins then advised “Now let figure out what the number ‘69’ is all made out to be!”  With no alternative available to her, figuring ‘what the hell’ at that point, Carol took the short but very fat dick into her mouth and began flicking her tongue over the bastard’s leaking cockhead.  And then the old boy was giving it all as he ground his face into her muff and began tonguing her right there on his desk.  The old boy sure loved his cuntlapping but his wrinkled old dick couldn’t last too long as he soon began squirting out his watery jizz into her sucking mouth.

To Carol, the worst part of the ordeal was having to suck the bastard’s wrinkled old cock back to life after he had cum in her mouth.  It had been a long and tedious task before the old boy got stiff again, the secret of getting him up again being her tonguing of his pisshole while she played with his nuts!  Cock rigid and ready to go, the old boy had gotten off his desk, then walked to the side where he grasped her by the hips to pull her sliding down to the edge of it.  Then the old boy stuck it to her and began humping away.  Closing her eyes, Carol had thought of her handsome young lover, telling herself that she was doing this to protect their affair from becoming public and that little Cory along with the baby in her tummy being fathered by him.

Her cunny leaked like a sieve when the old boy pulled out his withered old pecker when he was done.  The most humiliating aspect was the old bastard set down a small bucket next to the desk that she lay upon, cunny oozing out his watery jizz to make a puddle on his desk before dripping down over the edge to splat on the vinyl flooring.  The bucket contained a little water in it along with a rag, which was to be used as Principal Hawkins advised to “Clean up all that stuff leaking out of your hot little twat!  Do it before you get dressed, Mrs. Hastings!”   Naked and kneeling on the floor as she cleaned up the slimy mess, Carol heard the bastard chuckling at the sight of her humiliation.


End of Story.