Terrified Teacher – I
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

In the early morning, Leon had been cleaning up in the principal’s office when he overheard the principal outside talking about the afternoon assembly.  The principal was asking the beautiful young teacher if she would mind watching the far end of the field during the scheduled school assembly and activities.  This apparently was to prevent some youngsters from wandering too far and from others from cutting class.  As the teacher lived in the subdivision behind the school, the principal told her to take her car and once the assembly was over she could go straight home as she didn’t have a last period.

Leon couldn’t believe his good fortune.  He knew he made this beautiful teacher cringe with his presence.  He knew she did not hate blacks, for she got along well with the black teachers and students, but she was certainly uncomfortable with him.  Perhaps it was his coal black 250 lbs and rugged 6’6” frame.  Perhaps she had caught him starring at her beautiful white legs that were always encased in sheer white nylons and white heels.  How he wanted to sink his black rod in the beautiful Mrs. Jill Anderson, who was a petite 115 lbs at 5’3” with porcelain white complexion.  He had once seen her at the shopping center with her two young children and handsome white punk husband. He had seen the school records one day, noting that she was 28 years of age and lived very near to the school.

Jill was only too happy to please her principal by accepting this duty.  Also she was happy to get off an hour early.  She was unaware of the prying ears of the black janitor, a man whom she detested and who made her skin crawl when he starred at her.  Each time Leon starred at her, she felt as if he had stripped her naked with his eyes.  Once she saw, from a refection of a glass window, that he was starring at her and rubbing his private parts.  From then on, she detested the filthy black janitor as the scum of the earth.

Leon had several hours to come up with a plan.  He knew the entire school grounds very well, having to clean the perimeter each week.  The area where the lovely teacher would be stationed had a small cement bridge over the 10 foot ravine.  An area that would provide him with an ideal hiding place, a place that he could have the needed privacy alone with the innocent young beauty.  He would have to get to his hiding place before  she arrived and would have to wait patiently for the assembly to end.

Watching from his hiding place, the lovely teacher arrived and passed overhead.  He watched as the beautiful teacher took her assigned post.  Leon laid out a small folding mattress under the bridge, he snickered to himself 'Don't want the pretty little teach get herself all dirty!'  He wanted her to be comfortable, as he laughed to himself 'Don't want you to get soiled, except with my hot nigger cum!'  He was breathing fast in anticipation and his throbbing cock was bursting at the seams, twitching at the lewd thought of possibly getting this beautiful white teach knocked up with a little bastard of a kid.
Fortunately he had brought a couple of beers with him to pass the time.

As time went by, Jill carefully watched the children from afar, unaware she was also being closely observed.  The eyes upon her were literally stripping her naked in anticipation of what was to come.  She heard some cheers from across the field as the assembly appeared to be coming to an end.  The bell sounded to announce the end of the period and Jill could leave her post in just a few more minutes.

Leon peeked from his hiding place to see all the school kids head back for the last period.  From his hiding place, under the small walk-bridge to the street, he observed the young teacher wave to the others, signaling that she would be leaving.  As he heard her heels on the concrete overhead, he played his tape recorder, a small strip recorded from a TV movie with a youngster calling out for help.  He smiled as his ploy worked upon hearing the young beauty respond “Stay right there, I’m coming to help you!”

 As soon as the teacher's beautiful white heels appeared coming down the slight slope, Leon stuck his hand out to swept her feet from under her.  He laughed as the beautiful teacher would soon come to realize that she was his captive, at the mercy of the man she feared most.  With a hand over her mouth, he ripped open her white blouse and caressed her bra-encased breasts, feeling the soft white flesh that he had long admired.

Jill's eyes are wide with fear, feeling her attacker pulling the bra over her soft breasts.  "Ohhhh, God ………..stop ………stop …………..pleaseee!" she sobbed as the evil man bent over to suckle upon a pink nipple, then the other.  She moaned and tried to struggle but was no match for his strength, his large hand easily capturing her tiny wrists to force her arms above her head.  He was way too strong for her and she was paralyzed in fear, unable to move nor yell.  What made it worst was feeling her nipples harden from the unwanted stimulation, causing her to feel so ashamed of her own self.

Leon deftly moved his tender kisses up to her ear, then whispered "I'm going to ruin you, teach!"  As he had expected, upon hearing this, the beautiful young teacher was filled with fear and struggled even more against him, but with no success at all.  He knew she realized that he had his mind set on raping her when he heard her sob “Oh please, please …..…………don’t hurt me …………..please!”

Kneeling up, Leon ordered her to unzip him but she shook her head in refusal.  "Unzip me!" he ordered again.  Seeing her shake with the fear of being hurt, he smiled as she proceeded to obey his command, sobbing in horror as she began pulling his zipper down.  "Take my cock out!" he barked out his next order, causing the lovely teacher to sob even louder as her hands shook with fear.  He got a jolt of thrill coursing through his body as he watched her reach up between the open zipper.

Sobbing with fear and dread of being beaten, Jill forced her hands to part the open zipper.  With her assailant wearing no underwear, the long black cock sprung out and nearly slapped her in the face, causing a shudder of horror coursing throughout her entire body.  Never had she seen so large a cock, a BLACK one at that, she stared as if hypnotized by it.  "Touch it!" she hear the evil man order.  Cringing with fear, she shook her head in defiance, pleading "Please ……………please ……………please don't do this to me!  "Please …………….please …………….I have a husband and children!  I ……….I’ve never touched anyone but my husband!"

"Do it, bitch!" she heard the evil man growl at her.  Fearing the consequences, Jill reached out with her trembling right hand.  Upon her slightest touch, the huge black cock twitched out more of its thick white goo, causing Jill to jerk her hand away.  "Do it!" Leon growled again.  This time, out of fear, Jill wrapped her fingers around the thick black cock but it was so huge, her fingers couldn't touch each other.

"Pump it, you fucking bitch!" she heard him order her, feeling the fingers now entwine in her hair, feeling the pain in her scalp.  Slowly Jill moved her fist up and down the long black cock, cringing with disgust as she now used two hands to pump the massive prick, thinking desperately that she may be able to avoid being raped if she could satisfy him in this manner.  One fist over the other, still there remained another 4" sticking out at her, aimed right at her face.  Jill watched in horror and revulsion as the prick head swelled and oozed out more slime, drooling down onto her fingers, cringing as the juice caused her fingers to be coated with the slippery goo.

Leon enjoyed watching the beautiful teacher's face cringe with disgust from the foul stench of his crotch and the feel of his slimy jizz coating her fingers.  Continuing the pumping action for several minutes into her warm soft fists, he tried to keep from losing his load, wanting to show her how much stamina he had within him.  He wanted to debase her and humiliate her, did not want her to have the satisfaction getting him off in her hands, ordering her to "Suck it, you fuck'n bitch!"

Jill's eyes widened in absolute horror, staring at the pulsing cocked that kept expanding before her eyes.  "No ……………no ……….. please …………I ………..I've never done such a thing!  Not …………not even for my husband!"  But her deviant assailant had already a firm grasp of her hair, fingers wound tightly in it, holding her face steady.  "Suck it, I said, bitch!  Time for teacher to learn something new!" came the taunting snicker.  She shook her head in defiance as her assailant edged even closer, close enough to rub the slimy cockhead up against her clenched lips.  Jill's body shuddered in revulsion, wanting to throw-up at the thought of putting the filthy black penis into her mouth as the foul stench of his crotch was already quite overpowering.

Jerking hard on her hair, Leon got her attention as he saw her clenched eyes jerk open to stare at him in total fear.  "Open your sweet lips, teach!" he muttered, jerking harder at her hair to get his point across, causing the frightened beauty to open her mouth to scream from the pain.  That's all Leon needed, leaning forward, his thick cock pushed several inches into her gasping mouth.

Jill tried desperately shook her head to dislodge the disgusting cock bit it did no good, causing her to gag and retch at the debasement being forced upon her.  Slowly and agonizingly, the black cock sawed in and out of her reluctant mouth, body shuddering in absolute revulsion of this shameful act.  Tears poured from her eyes as wished she were dead.  In desperation, Jill wrapped her fists at the base of the black cock, fearful that her assailant would stuff the entire length of his monstrosity down her throat.  Keeping a tight hold from the cock's base, one fist over the other, still there remained the top 4” being forced between her lips.  Closing her eyes, Jill tried to think of other things, tried to put herself far, far away from this ravine.

Ten full minutes of fucking the tight mouth of the beautiful young teacher was pure heaven for Leon as he enjoyed seeing the tears flow from her eyes with her body shuddering from the repulsive act.  Then jerked her hair and ordered "Open your eyes
sweetie, I want to see the look on your beautiful face when I shoot my hot lumpy load down your throat!"

Suddenly, Jill's eyes widen as she felt the monstrous cock swelling even more, now twitching uncontrollably.  "I'm cumming!" she heard the black janitor yell out.  She tried to desperately to lift her head off but her hair was held tightly, not allowing her to escape the shame and humiliation.  She suddenly felt the cockhead swell even more, bloating her mouth, then came the flood of the foul salty tasting slime.  Tears pour down her cheeks, totally humiliated by being forced to perform this despicable act.  Jill is forced to swallow or drown in the massive outpouring of hot cum.

Coughing and gagging, cum overflowing from the corners of her mouth, Jill's body shuddered in horror.  Cum pouring down her chin, Jill continued to choke, cum now shooting up and filling her nostrils.  Finally her assailant began to withdraw the still spurting cock from her mouth, allowing her to breathe again.

Just about drained, the Leon pulled his cock out and squirted three streams of cum over her beautiful face.  Still holding her hair with one hand, he held his still large cock in his other hand, then used his cock to spread and paint her entire face with slimy cum.  He laughed as the debased teacher groaned loudly and shivered with disgust.

So horrified and disgusted with the foul act that she had just perform, Jill knelt over and desperately tried to cough up the slimy contents that she had been forced to swallow.  "Too rich for you, huh, bitch" she heard the snickering laughter from the black janitor.  She collapsed in a heap, curled up like a baby, trying to blot her mind out.  It was just too much for her as she passed out in a faint from the disgusting episode.

During her faint, Leon removed her white heels, then proceeded to strip the little beauty of her white hose, taking his time to caress her soft white legs and feet.  Then he proceeded in removing her white skirt and peach colored panties.  Holding the panties to his face, he inhaled the sweet fragrance of her womanly charms, the sweet aroma arousing his stiffening cock again.

Leon stuffed the silky panties into his pants pocket, a souvenir to treasure for this memorable event.  Spreading the beautiful and flawless white legs, he shuffled up so that his mouth was now at the pretty teacher's sweet pussy.  Nuzzling his face into her soft curls, he then licked at the soft lips of her womanhood, his tongue snaking out to part the moist lips in search of his prize.  Finding it, his teased the little bud, then he nipped at the sensitive clit with his teeth, causes the unconscious beauty to moan.

Stirring from her faint, coming back to full awareness, Jill was filled with fear and tried to crawl away.  But before she could get very far, she felt large hands grab her feet to drag her back onto the mattress.  "Please ………..please …………..please!  Let me go, please ………….I …………I won't tell anyone!" she pleaded to her assailant.  She looked up at her assailant, hoping for mercy as she looked at the cock in his hand.  Horrified, she shuddered upon hearing his response "Not until I fuck you with this, teach!"  "Please ………………please don't ……………..please ……...... please don't rape me!  "Please, no ……………I beg you ………..no, please  …….I ……..I could get ………….pregnant!" Jill pleadingly sobbed.

Slowly Leon rubbed the cockhead up against the entrance to her womanhood, getting his thick cockhead inserted between her puffy  lips of her quim.  Her feet were held up to his face as he began licking at her tender soles, tongue teasing at her tiny toes.  "I'm going to ram this black baby-maker right up your tight little cunt and fuck a little black bastard into your little tummy!" he laughed.  "What's your hubby going to say when you present him a little black bastard, huh?" he laughed, lunging forward with all of his might, stuffing half of his meat into her tight pussy.

Luckily, Leon had covered her mouth or the beautiful teacher's scream would have been heard across the field.  Slowly, he began to saw in and out of her tight pussy, ramming forward with all his lengthy cock was buried in the tossing young beauty.  Grabbing her trim waist, Leon lunged in and out of the sobbing beauty as her trim white legs flailed about the mattress.

What seemed like hours to Jill, the black rapist continued to fuck in and out of her, causing her to sob in despair.  She bit down on her lip as a tremor coursed through her body, unwanted shivers of pleasure, something that she could not contemplate feeling at such a horrendous time.  Breathing hard, trying desperately to keep from feeling the pleasure of such an act, Jill tried her best to preserve what dignity she could.  She sobbed, feeling the unwanted orgasm that her body was suddenly building itself up to.  Then it hit her with a force never before experienced in her young life, causing her to groan loudly “Ohhhhhhhh ........………..nooooooo ……………ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Body in convulsions, Jill suddenly arched up, actually lifting the heavy rapist, who lay directly upon her.  Beside herself from the mind-shattering orgasm, her arms were now wrapped around the janitor's thick neck, her trim legs now closed and wrapped themselves around the pounding black buttocks.  Desperately, Jill met him thrust for thrust, bucking up and down to extinguish the heat between her thighs.

"Agguuuuuhhhhhhhh ………aghhhhhhhhhhh!   Oh ……….oh ………….oh, God ……..I ……………….I'm cumminggggggg!" Jill groaned loudly.  Slowly, moments later, her mind cleared and Jill realized she just had an orgasm, one of a magnitude never before experienced.  She sobbed, ashamed of herself for having reacted with please while being raped.  Crying, she shook her head in disbelief for at the moment, the evil janitor still remained in her as he continued to fuck her.  Jill then realized that he had not shot off his raping cock yet.

"Don't ……………..don't cum …………………don’t cum …………..please don't!  Please don't cum in me!  Please ……………please ……………….I ……… I don't want to get pregnant!  Not by you!  Please ……………please pull it out of me" she pleaded.  Though her legs were still wrapped around her rapist, she began pounding at his shoulders with her fists, desperately trying to get him to stop, afraid of the horrendous consequences of such a mating.

Hearing her desperate pleas this and looking at her tear stained face, Leon smiled in triumph as he then sped up the fucking, taunting her "I'm going to knock you up, bitch!  Gonna make a little black bastard for the pretty teacher!"  Then he groaned, slamming forward to bury his cock in to the hilt.  "Awww ……..I'm about to cum ……..gonna fill ya full of my nigger seedddddddd!"  Cum he did, squirt after squirt after squirt, filling her to the brim.

Jill's head shook from side to side, whipping her silky blonde hair about, crying “Ohhh ………….. pleaseeeeeeee ………….....oh, God, no ………nooooooooo!"  Slick juices overflowed from the joined area, staining Jill's trim white thighs, soil her body.  Jill could only groan and hide her face in shame, raped and 'ruined' by a black man.  'Oh, please ………..please don't let me get pregnant!' she prayed to herself.  Never had she felt so filled, so much of hot cum in her, not believing it could be so hot like burning acid.  Her tears flowed even more as her rapist, while twitching his oozing cock in her, whispered “I must have dumped enough cum to give you triplets teach!”

How could she ever explain a black baby to her husband, even if it was the result of being raped.  But with her rapist continuing his assault on her body, she again couldn’t control her willpower as her body reached with another thrilling orgasm, one that matched the earlier one.  Unconsciously, Jill wrapped her trim white arms and legs tightly around her black rapist as her body shook uncontrollably in spasms.  Finally, the aftermath of this orgasm subsided and Jill tearfully sobbed as she realized just how she had responded to being raped, feeling so ashamed herself.

Resting a while, Leon then observed the beautiful sexy body, her trim legs and feet.  Lifting her soft white feet to his cock, he ordered "Jerk me off with your sexy feet, teach!"  Drowsed and afraid of the deviant man, Jill forced herself to move her feet over the huge black cock, shuddering in disgust.  She shivered as her feet were grasped in his hands, her feet held tightly together, with his stiff manly meat fucking between her soles.

Faster and faster the movements became as Jill prayed this disgusting act would drain her rapist totally so that he would then leave her alone.  Finally, Leon held the soles of her sexy white feet to the tip of his massive cock. A couple more strokes along her soles and he hollered "Oh …………..shitttttttttt!!!  The black knob twitched and unloaded a cup of cum over both pink soles and webbing together her tiny toes.

Falling into a brief sleep from exhaustion, Jill was curled up like a little baby.  She awoke to find the black janitor smiling at her, kneeling to her side, his huge black cock pointing at her.  Wrapped around the cock was her silky blonde hair as the deviant old janitor began to jerk off on her hair.  On and on he jerked at this throbbing and oozing cock, order her to "Look at me, bitch!  I'm going to shoot it right into your beautiful face!"

Jill felt sick and debased, cringing with total disgust as she heard him groan loudly "I’m cumminggggg, teach!"  Jill saw the massive black cockhead twitch, then out shot a long string of hot cum right into her eyes.  Then the cock was aimed right at her lips and nose, soiling her with his filth.  Finally, the old man was finished, having cummed in her once silky hair, now leaving it matted with thick slimy cum.

Still hard as a rock, Leon forced the blonde beauty up onto all fours.  Jill couldn't believe the agony would continue, thinking that by now any man would be drained.  'It can't get any worst!' she thought, but then she felt the cockhead at the entrance of her ass.  'No!  It's too dirty for anyone to want to do that!' she thought.  She looked back and pleaded "Please …………please ……….not there …………..I ………..I've never done that before!"  She cringed upon looking at the grinning black face, sneering at her "I'm going to love fucking your virgin white ass, sweetie!"

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………….nooooooooooo!" Jill wailed against the muffled hand, as the old janitor rammed his prong three inches up her butt.  Shaking like a leaf, Jill continued to shiver from the pain.  Then she felt him grabbing her hips, ramming himself forward, forcing her to collapse face first into the dirty mattress.  She moaned loudly as the old man fucked in and out of her tight ass, his hand still clamped over her mouth, preventing her high pitched screams from being heard.

Raping the beautiful tight white ass was so thrilling and her screams so exciting, Leon spurted his load quickly, flooding the soft white ass full of his jizz.  Looking at the beautiful white trim body, Leon began to stroke his still throbbing cock.  So excited from achieving his goal of defiling this beautiful white teacher that his cock was quickly hard again.  This time, he shot his huge and final load all over her sexy body.  Leon then dressed and strolled off through the brush, leaving the lying on her side, body covered with streaks of his cum.

The beautiful teacher could only groan from the humiliation, feeling so ashamed she began to sob uncontrollably, all to Leon’s delight.  Before leaving, Leon showed her the two video cameras that recorded the rape, warning her that all the teachers at the school would get a copy if she reported it.  “See you at school next week, teach!” he snickered as he zipped up and slandered off.

A half-hour later, Jill stumbled up the small ravine, holding her torn clothing together as best as she could.  She was relieved in having made it home before her husband and children.  She had to rush and cleanse herself, not wanting anyone to know she had been raped and soiled by a black rapist.  She prayed the douche was in time, not wanting to contemplate the horror of being impregnated by a black man.

Jill dismissed the thought of reporting the rape to the police, feeling too ashamed of anyone learning she had been raped.  To make matters worst, she had been raped and soiled by a black man. Tears flowed down her face as she attempted to douche out as much of the slimy cum from her vagina.  She shivered seeing the amount of filth her rapist had deposited and wondered just how much more remained deep in her fertile womb. She stood under the hot shower for over an hour, trying to cleanse her body of he filthy cum.

Jill hurriedly made a simple dinner that evening before her husband got home with the kids.  She left a note that she was ill and went to bed early, needing to be alone, not wanting her family to see such a distraught state.  Late that night, she lay on her side away from her husband as he caressed her, she thanked the darkness as tears flowed from her eyes.  She bit her lip to avoid crying loudly, feeling so filthy from her defilement.  She wanted to tell him but was too ashamed to say that she had been raped and soiled by another man, a big black brute of a man who might have impregnated her.

As the weekend came to an end, Jill dreaded returning to school then next Monday.  She remembered what the janitor had told her and knew she couldn’t bear to have anyone know she had been raped.  'Raped by a black janitor and maybe carrying his child!' she shuddered, knowing the humiliation would kill her and destroy her family.  She was dreadfully afraid that he would try to corner her again and take out his lust on her.

Jill was surprised that there was no taunting smiles from her rapist, nor any indication of what had occurred the prior week.  Instead, Leon was quite respectful and went around with his normal duties.  Each morning she found that her classroom was spotless, cleaned even better than before. At the end of the week, some normalcy returned to Jill’s mind but she made sure to leave with the other teachers at the end of the day, afraid of another dreadful encounter.

With a new weekend upon her, Jill wanted to put the rape behind her and return to normal with her loving husband and children.  On Saturday evening, after fending her husband off the whole week, Jill did not put off the advances of her husband.  She wanted to make love to him and rid herself the memory of the rape.  She felt that her husband would make her feel clean again but the lovemaking was a total disaster.  Her husband’s 6” cock now could not satisfy her.

What pleased Jill all these years now did nothing for her, it was now too small to satisfy her, in both length and girth.  To top it off, her husband quickly got too excited, spurting his cum after only a dozen rapid strokes.  Jill had closed her eyes tightly, feigning an orgasm as she felt her husband’s cock begin to wilt as she clenched her cuntlips together.  She humped back at her drained husband, now picturing it was instead the black janitor fucking her, raping her again to the mind-shattering orgasms of last week.

Another uneventful week went by with more unsatisfactory lovemaking with her husband.  Each time she had hoped her husband would take her to the heights she had reached the other week, what she had achieved in that dirty ravine.  Never had she felt that way with her husband.  Throughout their marriage, the lovemaking was mutually satisfying but now the rape had obviously changed her. In the rape, she had experienced unwanted orgasms of such magnitude that her own husband could not even come close to arousing her at all.

Sunday morning came and Jill’s husband would be out all day golfing.  The children would be spending the day in the country with the grandparents, as it was on the way to the golf course.  Jill had made a nice breakfast for the family.  She put on a nice yellow dress and white heels to attend the morning church service. She saw her family to the door, her husband would be dropping them off at the grandparents as she had a few minutes before having to leave for church.

A minute later, the doorbell rang.  Thinking one of the kids forgot a toy, Jill opened the door and gasped loudly.  There stood the school’s black janitor the demon who had savagely raped her in the ravine.  She was speechless as she stared at her unwelcome visitor.  Her visitor didn’t barge in but instead softly spoke “Good morning!  Are you going to invite me into your lovely home, Mrs. Anderson?”

Jill couldn’t think clearly, could hardly breathe as she stared up at the smiling black face.  She didn’t slam the door nor did she scream.  Instead, she bit down on her lip, letting go of the door and stepped back until she met the foyer wall.  She watched her black visitor step in and shut the door behind him, locking it.

Leon rubbed his bulging pants and smiled “Do you want me to leave Mrs. Anderson?”  There was no response from Jill. “If you want me to leave, just say so and I’ll go.  Or would you like a little more of some hard fucking from my big black cock?  If you don’t want me to leave Mrs. Anderson, take your panties off for me!” he commanded.  He could see the tears well in her eyes as she shook her head ‘No’ but her hands slowly reached up under her dress.

Leon smiled as the silky yellow flag softly dropped at the young beauty’s white heels as the young wife sobbed and closed her eyes in shame.  A sign of her surrender, a sign of her desperate need for another orgasm that he had fetched from her on the school grounds.  He saw her eyes open widely as he pulled his zipper down and heard her gasp as he pulled his manhood out into the open.  Now to bring the ultimate humiliation from this beautiful white teacher, a prim and proper young wife, he asked  “Do you want this again Mrs. Anderson?”

He smiled as the beautiful school teacher and young wife bit her bottom lip, watched as her soft manicured hand reached out to caress his drooling black cockhead.  “Take me to your bedroom, Mrs. Anderson!  I wanna to fuck the hell out of you, right on hubby’s bed!  I’m going to knock you up with a black baby, Mrs. Anderson, right where hubby makes love to you!” he advised.  Leon smiled as the innocent beauty led the way to the master bedroom, all the while pulling him along with a hand gripping his oozing cock.

In the master bedroom, Leon eased the dress from Jill’s shoulders as she meekly stood and allowed the dress to fall at her feet.  He then order Jill to take off her bra.  Next, she was ordered by him to undress her 'black master'!  Then to humiliate this innocent young wife, Leon moved behind her, his arms enclosed around her as he cupped to perfect white breasts and tweaked her hardening pink nipples.

Leon began to nuzzle her ear, whispering thoughts that he knew would make her feel ashamed “Is that the bed you share with your loving husband, Mrs. Anderson?  The same bed that you’re going to let me breed you on, Mrs. Anderson?”  Jill could only nod her head, too ashamed to answer him verbally.

Leon then ordered her to crawl onto the bed, which Jill obeyed without hesitation, for she was about to have her recent forbidden dreams and cravings come true.  Leon gazed upon the beautiful sight of the lovely teacher, clad only in her white heels.  Leon held her by the hips as he stood alongside the bed.  He was going to breed her right on the very bed that she shared with her loving husband.  With the lovely wife on the bed, Leon rubbed his oozing cockhead up and down the juicy


Jill panted in anticipation, breathing hard as her cunt muscles clenched and unclenched.  She groaned, then begged “Please ……………..oh, please …………. please ………be gentle!”  But Jill did not want to be taken in a gentle manner and it was apparent that he knew that it was the earlier rape that excited her, for the janitor rammed forward into her, burying half of his lengthy cock into her.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh .........argggggghhhhhhh ……………......oh, God ………….. yes …………….oh, God ……….yessssss …….........rape me again......oh, yes ……………..harder!” she screamed.

At that very moment, had it not been for her unexpected visitor, Jill would have been kneeling at the pew in church, saying her prayers, and going to communion.  Only, now she was kneeling on her marital bed, about to be mounted by a black janitor and praying she would soon receive all of his lengthy black shaft.  Her slick juices made it easy this time to allow the monster cockhead to enter her, causing her beg for more “Oh, God ………….oh, God ……………it's so big ...…………..ohhhh, fuck me hard like before .... ………….rape me again ... …………..rape me hard!”

Just as the young beauty was about to reach her first of many orgasms, Leon stopped in midstroke, at which time the innocent wife began to plead with him to fuck her “Please, don’t stop …………..I …………….. I need to cum!”  “Tell me you want my baby Mrs. Anderson!” he demanded as his cockhead twitched in he twitching sleeve.

Jill desperately began to buck back and forth but she was held tight, unable to get more of the pleasure giving shaft in her.  Then she sobbed and pleaded “Oh, God ………………fuck me ………..fuck me ……………pleaseeeeeee!  Fuck me please!  Oh, damn you ………………..damn you!  Give me your big black cock!  Yes, give me your sperm!  Fuck your black baby in me!  Knock me up with your bastard baby!”

That day the Anderson’s bed creaked and strained, threatening to collapse from the constant bucking motion.  Never had it ever been put to such strenuous use.  Jill had to bite down hard, into her husband’s pillow, to keep from screaming as the thick black cock rammed up her white ass.  She had willingly sucked the black rod back to life on three occasions. Jill ate her first load of hot sticky cum at the very moment when she would have been having communion at church.

Jill couldn’t remember just how many times that lengthy black cock had emptied itself deep in her womb.  And each time she had begged him to ‘knock me up with your black baby’ just before his hot load exploded deep in her womb.  She had discovered that her goading him to ‘knock her up’ sent him into a mad frenzy, with his strokes becoming longer and more violent.  Jill now loved to have her body ravished, as if she was being raped again.

At 3 p.m., the activity finally ceased.  On the overworked bed, the contrasting bodies on the rumpled bed were a sight to behold.  Leon’s coal black body was wrapped at the neck by the trim white arms of the once innocent housewife, his black body still twitching as the thick baby making jism oozed deeply into her fertile womb.   Her sexy feet, long since devoid of her heels, were locked tightly around his quivering black ass as she attempted to squeeze out every drop of his potent baby making jizz.

It was another half-hour before the still thick black shaft was slowly withdrawn from
Jill’s widely stretched and overflowing pussy.   She was totally exhausted but was thrilled from the numerous climaxes she had reached.  She put a robe on as she watched the black janitor dress, then followed him to the front door.  In the foyer lay the tiny strip of yellow panties that had indicated her total surrender to him earlier that morning.  Jill bent down to pick up the significant piece of garment, then tucked it into Leon’s shirt pocket.

As her visitor unlocked the front door and opened slightly, when Jill put her hand onto the door pushing it shut again.  Jill got down on her knees and quickly undid the zipper of his pants.  She wanted to again worship the black instrument of pleasure that had brought her to heights never before obtained.

Leon could only groan at the sight of this once innocent white teacher gobbling up his long black cock, unable to believe the change in this previously prim and proper young wife.  As he held her held gently, he looked at the beauty as she eagerly sucked at him, taking his full length down her throat, how she looked directly into his eyes as his cock erupted deep down her swallowing throat.  No one would believe this was the one and same Mrs. Jill Anderson, beloved elementary school teacher and innocent wife, mother of two young children.

Jill rushed to clean all the evidence that would reveal her having a visitor for the day.  She changed the sheets and pillowcases, putting them in the washer so her husband wouldn’t stumble upon them.  Then to air out the bedroom for an hour to get the obvious smell of raw sex out of the air, followed by a quick shower and new outfit before she started dinner.  But Jill gave no thought of douching the potent baby making jism from her flooded womb.  She was secretly thrilled at the hot lake of cum deep in her womb, the danger of being impregnated by the potent black seed making it that much more thrilling.  Her thoughts made her feel wicked as she wanted to greet her husband, with her fertile belly choking with a black’s potent seed.

At 6 p.m. Jill glowingly greeted her loving husband and happy children.  She had hurriedly made a nice roast for their dinner.  Her husband kissed her and commented on how happy she appeared compared to the last two weeks.  Jill replied “Oh, I had a very fulfilling day!”   Her husband kissed her deeply, saying “Hmmm, your lips are so creamy!  I love you, Honey!”  “I love you too!” Jill replied, but she did not tell him why her lips were so creamy.

Jill kissed her husband again and darted her tongue into his mouth, wanting him to get more of the creamy taste.  She playfully reached down and teased him “I’d sure like to give this guy a bite tonight!”  Her husband was shocked and couldn’t believe his luck, for Jill had always been so naive and reserved in their lovemaking.  He thought this was to be his lucky night if he could get Jill to go down on him for the very first time.  “I’m going the return the favor!” he smiled, reaching down to stroke her hot groove.

“I’m getting wet and creamy already!” Jill countered, now unable to wait for dinner to be over.  She happily served dinner to her husband, feeling so wicked in what she was about to do.  She bit her lip at the thought of her loving husband later licking at her creamy pussy lips for his dessert.  She clenched her aching thighs together to stem the flow of the creamy white ooze, thrilled at the thought of saving some of it as dessert for her unsuspecting husband, wanting him to get a taste of a ‘real man’.

End of Story