Terrified Teacher – III
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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Now things were really looking up for Leon.  As the school district was always short of funds, they needed a handy man to go from school to school as the situation dictated.  Often it would take a month or so at one school and then move on to the next school in need.  Leon had quickly volunteered for this handyman/janitor job, as it would give him access to many schools, a job that gave him exactly what he wanted.   A means of expanding his selection to choose from – a selection of prime ‘white’ meat to satisfy his hunger.

It was on his assignment to Wilson Elementary School that his next unfortunate victim was selected.  A prim and petite school teacher who was happily married, or at least was until he gave her a sample of his lengthy black cock.  Mrs. Patricia Miller was the third grade teacher at the elementary school, thirty-eight years old, who still had maintained a stunning figure.  She has long flowing black hair down to her delicate shoulders, about 5’3” with a 34-24-34 figure, with the face of an angel.  Her tight little ass and long ivory legs, in her black heels, immediately caught Leon’s attention. She was obviously the most beautiful teacher at the school.

The principal had taken him around to introduce him to the teaching staff, so they would know he was working at the school for awhile.  When meeting the Mrs. Patricia Miller, his mouth watered while looking at the lovely teacher.  He wanted her badly and a glance down at her left hand sealed her faith, as Leon gazed at her sparking diamond ring.  It was obvious she was repulsed by his black features, making him all the more determined to get into her sweet panties.

That week, while in line for lunch he found himself in back of her when the line was suddenly slowed.  He managed to bump against those firm buttocks and nestle ever so slightly his semi-hard pole against those tight cheeks.  At first she was embarrassed and froze.  She was silent among the chatter of the other women teachers.  He could not tell if she was embarrassed because he had rubbed his nearly hard black cock against her tender firm little ass or frozen with fear.  He apologized to her with a slight smirk on his face.

On the Friday before the Easter break and at exactly 2:30 p.m, the school doors burst open at the sound of the bell.  On this day, Patricia was wearing a white blouse and medium length black skirt and matching blazer, with three inch black heels.  Her white cotton blouse was pressed tightly against her firm and perfectly formed breasts.   Within half an hour, most of the other teachers also quickly departed the school.  Patricia Miller however decided to stay and straighten up her classroom for the return after the Easter break.

Preoccupied with the students work that she had spread out at the reading table next to her desk.  She was unaware of the leering eyes from the outside window, oblivious to the view she was providing to the demented janitor, who was pretending to prune the trees.  But his eyes were totally focused on the sight before him in the classroom.  Leon's hardon was throbbing in his pants as he muttered to himself 'God, I just gotta get between those long sexy legs if that's the last thing I ever do!'

Finally done with the paper work, Patricia removed her blazer and tip-toed in her heels as she strained to reach the Easter decorations along the top rim of the chalk board.  She had not realized that janitor now stood in the doorway, licking his lips as he observed her legs as she reached for the decorations.  As she got one set of decorations down, she turned to put it in the storage box and was startled to be face to face with the man who’s eyes always seemed to strip her bare.   Her uneasiness became quite evident as her face flushed in nervousness.

"Do you need some help Mrs. Miller?  I would be happy to help the purtiest teacher in the whole school ....………….any time …………..any time at all!" Leon advised, grinning at her all the while.  He could tell the beautiful teacher was uneasy, her eyes darted to the door, then back to him as he stood directly in front of her.  As expected, the pretty teacher was unable to answer, frozen to the spot and Leon moved closer as he continued to look directly into her eyes.

Leon could tell the pretty teacher was becoming frightened.   Slowly he turned and started pulling the decorations from the wall. Glancing towards the lovely teacher, he saw her start to relax.  He licked his lips knowing that he would soon be burying his long black snake into her pretty little body, spreading wide those long beautiful white legs, hearing her scream in pain and fear.

The decorations were all taken down but they still needed to be boxed and stored.  "Would you like a coke?  I think I have two left in the small frig!" Patricia asked out of courtesy and appreciation for the help, not wanting to show her fear and repulsion by him.  She saw him smile and turned to face her, telling her  "Thank you, a coke would taste real good right now!"  Patricia handed the black janitor a cold can of coke and opened one for herself.  Taking a sip from her can of coke, she felt nervous being alone with the muscular black janitor.  Thus she excused herself saying she needed something at the school’s office.

But Leon knew the main reason why Mrs. Miller wanted to get out of the room.  “Go ahead Mrs. Miller!  I should be done and out of here in ten minutes!” he responded.  As her 3" heels clicked on the tile floor, a plan developed in his mind as he pulled out a small packet of crystal meth.  Opening the small pouch, the white powder was deposited into her soda can and a smile covered his face as the white powder dissolved.  Just enough to have the beauty drowsy and feeling the effects.  Leon did not want the beauty passing out on him, as he wanted to hear her scream as he laid the meat to her innocent body.

When Patricia returned she had hoped the black janitor had left. But instead the muscular black had settled himself on a counter while sipping at his coke.  “We’ve got to finish our drinks quickly!  I have to get home and fix supper for my family!" she nervously stated, thinking it was the only way to be rid of this leering old man.

"Sure!” replied Leon as he watched intently as the pretty teacher drained her coke.  He contented himself to wait until the designer drug had traveled throughout her system.  He watched as her eyes started glassing over.  He walked the few steps to the now wobbly woman and put his strong arms around her shoulders.  The movement seemed to startle her and she put her arms around his waist to stabilize her wobbly legs.  His black cock had tented itself and rubbed against the front of her dark skirt.

Leon lowered his face and kissed the delicate mouth, his long thick tongue began to probe the delicate opening.  He felt her soft body tense in the shock and she weakly pounded at him with her tiny balled up fists.  He held the delicate teacher in his strong muscular arms and pulled her closer to him, his bulging cock rubbing against her clothed womanhood.

With her mind swirling, Patricia let out a soft moan and as her tender lips opened allowing her assailant to probe her wet and warm oral cavity with his thick dry tongue.  She tried to retreat but she was still unsteady on her feet, the crystal meth taking firm hold on her mind and body.

Leon could feel the beautiful teacher shivering with fear as he held her tightly against his raging hardon.  He allowed his strong hands to drop and gently caress her soft breasts. Her nipples had stiffened in arousal and he roughly massaged each of the tender little orbs.  As he twisted the little pleasure buttons, he felt the beautiful teacher tense from the unwanted stimulation.  Some sanity obviously began to return to her mind as she stammered “Please ……….no ………please …………….you must go ……….. please leave me alone!  Please ……………….please don’t rape me!”

"Has the precious little teacher ever been fucked by a big black stud?" Leon teased, taunting the helpless beauty.  Her anguish pleas got him even harder as she begged him "Please ..…………please ……………..please don’t rape me!  I …………I’m happily married to my husband.  Please ……………please don’t rape me ..…..you’ll ……….you'll get me pregnant ……I ………….I’m not on the pill!”

Leon picked up the struggling teacher and brushed aside the books and pencils from table she had been working at, allowing them to fall to the floor, then pushed her forward onto it.  He stepped between her partially spread legs, leaned over gave her a passionate kiss.  The beauty's drugged induced mind caused her to respond to his searching.  He then unbuttoned her white blouse to expose her white lace bra, reached around the frightened beauty and pulled hard.  The clasp of thin bra snapped, allowing her beautiful breasts to be exposed.  His fingers moved up to caress and tweak at the soft pink nipples, which hardened even more from the stimulation.

Patricia moaned with pleasure from the unwanted stimulation.  "Please.....no...please leave me alone ……. I’ve never been with anyone but my husband ….. please don’t rape me!" she softly sobbed.  Her heels were removed, then the janitor began to pull the panty hose over her firm thighs.

Leon made a production of pulling her pantyhose and lacy white panties off her long sleek legs and off her toes, then turned her over onto her back.  He raised up her soft feet and rubbed her pink soles all over his face while inhaling their lovely fragrance.  He raised her legs further and kissed the inside of her calves.  "I’m going to take off your sweet little panties next, Mrs. Miller!  Then I’m going to slide my ole black baby-maker up your husband’s little treasure chest!  Gonna ‘ruin’ you, Mrs. Miller!  Gonna 'ruin' ya good!  Think Mr. Miller will make love to you again, if he ever learns his treasure chest has been spoiled with nigger cum?” he taunted.

Patricia struggled on the table that she graded papers at and often used in presenting projects for the students.  She found herself on her back with a black rapist kissing the inside of her thighs.  "No …….....please let me up!  Please …………..please don’t rape me ..……….please!" she sobbed and pleaded.  She shivered, a combination of fright mixed with the unwanted pleasure of the janitor continuing to lick at the inside of her thighs.

Leon straightened up and stepped back as he pulled off his t-shirt.  He loved the sight of the fear register on her face as she watched his hands undo his belt buckle.  He saw her swallow in fear and anticipation of what was to come.  He slowly unbuttoned the top of his jeans, making a production of slowly unzippping, letting his jeans fall to the floor with his black cock sprang to attention.  As he licked the warm thighs, he then moved forward to let his long black throbbing cockhead press up against the entrance to the teacher’s now slick entrance, who's  juices flowed from the unwanted stimulation.  She was now moaning as his cockhead rubbed up and down against her now slick womanhood.  "Beg me to fuck you Mrs. Miller!" he ordered.

His cock twitched in excitement, hearing the young beauty plead "No, pleaseeeee …..........……....let me go home!  Don't ..…...............…..don't, pleaseeeee!"  Leon then grabbed his black tube and rubbed it directly against her wet slit, concentrating on the top of her tight slit, agitating her hard little clit.  He achieved his objective as he wormed his black pole against her sensitive clit, with the helpless teacher pleading with him to stop while her beautiful white body thrashed around on her desk.

"Please ………..............no more!  I …............……..I can't stand any more!  Please …..............…..please have mercy!" Patricia begged.  Looking up pleadingly, she saw the evil man smile as he let his black cock continue to rub up and down her slick groove.  Her body trembled as he rubbed the tip of his leaking black cock against her sensitive little clit.  Patricia was continuing to thrash around as he firmly held onto her legs, preventing her escape.

"It's time that you got a little of this ole black meat, teach!” Leon announced as he slipped the plum sized cockhead into the thrashing white beauty.  He observed tears now coating her pretty face as she begged him "No ……...........……..noooo ….............…...God, stoppppp …...........…….pleaseeeeeeee …………it’s …….............…..it's too big ……...........…..pleaseeeeeee …...............…..it hurts! Ohhhhhhhhhh ……............stop …….....……….. please ……….it hurts so baddddddddd!”

He let his hips thrust forcefully forward, slipping in another inch, causing the beauty to moan from the pain of being stretched wider than ever before.  Leon placed a large hand behind the head of the sobbing beauty, forcing her to look down upon the instrument of her downfall.  "No ………...........please, no …......……….I …..........……I'm married .....................I ……...........……….I’ve never been unfaithful to my husband!  No, please, you’re too big!  You’re tearing meeeeeee!" she screamed.

Then Leon began to trust slowly a bit, in and out up to four thick inches, causing a hot feeling to rise in her tight belly.  The thick black cock was causing the beautiful teacher much distress but suddenly her trim hips began returning his thrusts, with mewling sounds of pleasure being emitted from the subdued beauty.  Leon sensed that her tormented mind had just surrendered.

“Oh, oh ………………….ohhhhhhhhhhh!" came the moans of pleasure, as the drug induced body of the innocent teacher made her lose control of her body.  Seeing this change of behavior, Leon stopped and nearly withdrew his entire cock. “Beg me to fuck you with his big black cock, teach!" he demanded of the struggling beauty.  Reality set in and her eyes burned into him as she glared at his face from her subservient position on her back with her feet around his face.  She finally surrendered, pleading "Please ………..............please …….........…..I ………..............I can’t …….........….....please …................don’t degrade me ……......…….please ……..........…. I have a husband!”

Patricia’s body was on fire and she desperately needed to quench the fire between her thighs.  She began to arch up to get the instrument that would put out the fire, but only the thick cockhead remained enveloped in her slick groove.  Then her bodily needs overwhelmed her sense of reasoning, she sobbed and begged “Oh, please ….....………please ………..I need it ……..……oh, please …….. I’m burning up”

Leon smiled and wormed his thick hardon into the pleading teacher's slick groove.  'God, she's sure tight for a married woman with children!' he pondered.  He was gentle but persistent as he continued to stroke his twelve inches of throbbing hardon into her tender body, feeling her body respond and hump back against his pumping black cock.  The little beauty shook and cried in pain as he got his cock half way home.  She was obviously never penetrated beyond 6” and was virgin from there.

"Oh my god! You'r ……...........…....you're sooooo deep!  Please ……...........…please be gentle!  I’ve have never had anything this deep before!" Patricia moaned.   Then another inch of thick black pole gained entrance in her tight little chute of pleasure, now her lubricant coated the cock, giving it a slick sheen as it began pumping in and out of her raped slit.  Each time that he pushed his black cock forward, Patricia shuddered and attempted to inch away, pleading "Please ...…….........…..you're too bigggg!  It's too longggggg!" she begged.

Her pitiful whining excited her rapist as he tightened his hard ass muscles and pushed brutally forward into her.  Patricia gasped and dropped her hands to grasp his cock.  "Please ………........…...go slow ……......…....you're so deeeeeeeeeeep!  God …............….. oh, God!" she sobbed.  She tried to shake her head as she was fed another throbbing inch of his lengthy black cock.  She sobbed and cried, tears running down the side of her face and onto the table.

He pulled his raping black shaft out and as Patricia regained her breath, he again brutally slammed forward without mercy, burying his entire length deep into her womb.  “Nooooooooooooooo ……….........…….nooooooooooooo ………….......…..oh, noooooo!” Patricia screamed, feeling the blunt tip of his cockhead pushed up against her cervix.  With his hands on her outer thighs, her rapist had total control of her body.  She could not retreat, unable to escape, could only accept his long black cock deep into her clasping vagina.

Her first climax caught Leon off his guard, feeling her initial tremors and her fingers tighten, then scratching at his broad back.  As the beauty screamed, Leon stopped his cock insertion, feeling her shuddering climax as her body arched up.  She was actually lifting his heavy body, her body quivering with spasms.  Leon felt her clinching vaginal muscles as they tightened around his thick throbbing cock.

It was hard to resist not blowing his cum deep into her womb right then but Leon resisted the temptation.  He knew could not overcome the clinching muscles that had enveloped his throbbing cock, thus held his body still, knowing that just another thrust and it’d be all over for him.  Finally, the beautiful teacher’s petite body began to relax and settle back down onto her desk.  He looked at the beauty who was on the verge of dozing off from her mind shattering climax.  With a slap to the beauty’s face, he brought back all the fright and fear as she realized her horrifying situation.

"You just came on my long black cock, Mrs. Miller!  What’s your loving husband going to say if he knew?” taunted her rapist.  Patricia began sobbing, pained at the thought of how her husband would indeed react to such a degrading event.  The long hard cock continued to throb deep in her slick groove, right at the entrance to her fertile womb.  Then the long black cock began to slowly fuck back and forth again, bringing her agony as she realized that her rapist was intent on filling her womb with his hot seed.  “Please …..........……..oh, please ….........……….I …..........……..I beg you ……...........……please ….......……….pull it out!  Please ………........……please ……...........…..you’ll ….........…….you'll get me pregnant!” Patricia pleaded.

This was what Leon wanted.  Wanted to see the look on the innocent teacher’s face as she pleaded with him and the look of horror as he was about to dump his potent load deep in her fertile womb.  Nothing beat the look of horror of an innocent white wife, knowing she was being ‘ruined’ by a nigger’s filthy cum, with the knowledge of the possible consequences she faced from such a mating.  Looking at his victim’s horrified face, Leon began to fuck away with all his might, withdrawing till only his cockhead remained and then slamming forward with all his might, burying his cockhead deep in her womb.

As the terrified teacher fought, pushing at Leon’s broad black chest with her tiny fists, Leon joyfully laughed as he enjoy the fight she was putting up.  Leon continued to pummel his victim with hard slamming thrusts.  “Gonna cum soon Teach!  Gonna fill you little belly with my black baby juice!  Gonna knock the beautiful teacher up with a little black baby!” Leon yelled.  To his delight, he listened to her pleas of horror “Oh, no …….........…..no …….....………..no …….......……..don’t ………........….pull it out!  Pleaseeeeeee!”

“Ugggggggghhhhhhhhhhh …………….............ughhhhhhh .......................………ahhhhhhhhh, baby, yeahhhhhhh!” Leon groaned, burying his cock as deeply as he could.  Then his throbbing cock exploded, deep in the womb of the shrieking beauty, causing her to suddenly arch up in response.  The beauty's trim white legs raised up to encircle his quivering black ass, drawing his cock even deeper into her womb.  The trim white arms no long pounded nor pushed at him, but now moved to encircle his broad shoulders.

Leon looked at the beautiful teacher, her legs still squeezing him tightly, draining his hot cum into her womb.  He smiled as the young beauty came to her senses and realized just what she had done, a look of horror and shame set in as she closed her eyes and began to sob in shame.  The beautiful teacher cringed and sobbed loudly as Leon's thick cock twitched in her flooded womb.  What had brought her to the height of pleasure now made her cringe in shame.  Now Leon added the final insult “What would your loving husband say if he could see you now Mrs. Miller?  His beautiful and faithful wife filled a nigger’s cum!” It brought the desired results as the young beauty could only sob in shame.

At long last the pretty teacher and faithful wife lowered herself to the desk top and let her legs fall to the sides of her attacker.  Leon’s cock was still rock hard and as he removed it from her still tight chute, his thick spunk flowed from it's stretched opening.  His white discharge puddled on her desk and began to increase in size as the river of cum continued to ooze from the raped beauty.  Leon slowly walked around to the other end of the desk and as the beauty opened up her tear stained eyes.

Leon put his hands under his victim’s shoulders and dragged her about a foot until her neck was over the edge of the desk.  As Patricia strained to keep her neck parallel to the desk he put his hands on each side of her face and allowed her head to drop.  When her mouth was at the same level as his still hard cock he gave her his next command; "Clean me, bitch ……….........……...open your lovely mouth for some black cock!"

Patricia shuddered in disgust, wanting to throw up at the thought of performing such a despicable act.  "Please ……........………….please …………….oh, God …………….don't make me do such a filthy thing!  I ...........……..I've never …….........…please …............……!" she sobbed, making it clear that she had never tasted a man before. Out of fear, her pink lips opened and allowed him to insert his spunk coated black cock between pink lips.  As he inserted more and more black cock into her willing mouth she started to gag.but he kept inserting more.   More and more black cock was force fed to her, until the cock was past her throat.

Twenty minutes later, Leon exhaustedly zipped up his pants.  As he was about to leave the classroom, he turned to look at the most beautiful sight.  There on the wooden desk lay the beautiful teacher’s milk-white body, laying on her side with her body soiled by his cum.  Leon’s cock twitched as he observed the thick flow of cum continue to seep from the beauty’s raped body, seeing her gagging and coughing in her attempt to throw up the slimy contents in her belly.  He grinned at the thought that the little beauty might soon be carrying his child.

Patricia was fortunate that no one was left at the school to see her stagger to her car in hope of getting home before her family.  Getting home, she rushed to the bathroom to take off her soiled clothing and to desperately attempt to cleanse her body of the filth on her.  She douched twice, praying that her rapist had not accomplished what he intended, in leaving her pregnant with his child.

Gathering her soiled clothing, Patricia put them in a garbage bag and threw it in the trash, as she did not want to be reminded of what took place that day.  Her thighs ached so badly from the savage rape.  She was mentally distraught and left a note to her husband, saying she was not feeling well and asked that he take the kids out to the pizza parlor for dinner.  Patricia wanted to be alone and not have her family see her in such a mental and physical state.

Alone in her bedroom, her husband having taken the children out for pizza, Patricia lay upon her bed feeling utterly ashamed in her disgrace.  She chastized herself for not having fought to the end, for having scumbed to the unwanted pleasures that had overtaken her body.  She was unaware that it was due to the drugged coke that had her body betraying her in such a manner.  Still, she could not rid her conscience of the mind-shattering orgasms that had rocked her body.  Feeling hot from the covers that she had thrown over her body so her husband would not she the bruises, she now threw the covers off her heated body.

Having only donned a white t-shirt and gray panties, Patricia squirmed upon the bed, sobbing as she rubbed her thighs together to quell that nagging itch that was again driving her crazy. She fought the urge to touch herself, ashamed at even thinking of doing such a thing.  But the itch was driving her crazy, causing one hand to slip under her t-shirt to touch a sensitive nipple.  As her other hand slipped under the waistband of her panties, she shuddered as her finger dipped in and made contact with her stiff clit.  She felt so ashamed of herself, tears pouring from her eyes upon realizing what she had just done, fingering herself to an orgasm while mentally picturing the black janitor fucking his long thick cock into her.

Over the spring break, Patricia went in to the school to clean the classroom of any evidence of her defilement.  She learned from the school’s secretary that the janitor had just moved on to another school that needed help over the spring break and would remain at the new school till the end of the school year.  She also made sure others were near her schoolroom for the day.

Opening her classroom door, Patricia wandered over to her desk.  Tears formed in her eyes as she gazed down her the very spot of her defilement.  She sobbed as she saw the large spot of white encrusted filth that marked her defilement.  She sobbed even more when she wiped off the dried filth, as the large spot was quite shiny compared to the remainder of the table.  Polishing the wooden did not help the matter.  Thus, she ended up leaving a large dictionary in the middle of her desk to hide her spot of shame.

Patricia’s homelife began to show signs of strains.  Though her husband loved her very much, their lovemaking ran into serious problems following her attack.  Never before had Patricia froze in the middle of their lovemaking.  But now, she kept freezing up with the thought of letting her loving husband stick his penis into soiled goods.  “Would he even touch me if he knew I was raped by a black man, with a cock twice as long as his?” she wondered.

Two weeks later, the children went out to the park with the neighbors and their children.  Her husband was off at the country club for a round of golf, leaving Patricia home alone.  But it gave her time to think and relax as she puttered in her garden.

As Patricia was merely going to be in the back yard, puttering and pruning, she put on a loose lacy bra with a pink blouse over it, along with shorts and tennis shoes.  She enjoyed working about in her yard, as it kept her busy and especially kept her mind off the constant itch between her thighs, an itch that her husband could no longer satisfy.  And with that frustration, Patricia’s mind could not help but wander back to that eventful day when she reached numerous mind-shattering orgasms.  But such was not reached with her loving husband.  Instead it was from being savagely raped by the black janitor.

A half-hour went by and Patricia was now pruning the rose bush.  As she held a branch with one and pruning shears in the other, she was unaware of the stalking figure approaching from behind.  She gasped loudly in fright when she felt two large hands suddenly on each side of her trim hips.  Her mouth opened to scream but no sound came out.  She looked down to see two familiar black hands on her hips.  Black hands that were slowly moving up, under her blouse, touching her bare skin.

Her head tilted back as she was panting to catch her breath.  Closing her eyes, she leaned back into the muscular chest of her uninvited guest.  The black hands were moving up, now at the bottom of her lacy pink bra.  Her bra was being push up to be replaced by the large black hands.  Her soft pink nipples becoming hard from the stimulation as thick fingers tweaked and flicked at the pink buds.

The sharp pruning shears that could have been used in her defense, fell softly to the ground, indicating her total surrender.  Then thick lips were nuzzling her right ear, a wet tongue slowly traced the inside of her sensitive ear.  “Can I help you again, Mrs. Miller?  What do you want, Mrs. Miller?  Would you like my long black cock again, Mrs. Miller?  Would you like me to fuck you right on the bed you share with your loving husband, Mrs. Miller?  Can I shoot my black baby juice deep in your woman again, Mrs. Miller?  Want me to fuck a black baby in your little white tummy, Mrs. Miller?” taunted the intruder.

Minutes later, the innocent young wife stood in front of the marital bed as the black intruder stripped her of her clothing.  Then she shamelessly went about stripping the muscular black body of her intruder.  Crawling onto the middle of her marital bed, the beautiful wife lay back with her trim white arms and legs spread wide to welcome her visitor.  “Oh, please …….........…….please …..........………I ………...........…….I need it …............……..please ………........….please!” she begged.

Three hours later, Leon zipped up his pants, exhausted from depositing three heavy loads deep into the beautiful wife’s womb.  He had lost count of the number of climaxes the beauty had reached, with each climax she had squeezed him tightly with her arms and legs while begging him “Oh, God ………………..fuck me …….......…fuck me harder …...........…ohhhhhhh, yesssss!”  And when he was about to cum, the once innocent beauty began to drum her petite feet on his quivering black ass while spurring him on “Oh, yes ….....…………..yes …………….cum ………..cum in me!  Give me your hot black baby juice .....……..knock me you with your black baby!  Knock me up on my husband’s bed!”

Leon bent over to kiss the beautiful teacher goodbye.  He was surprised to feel her tiny tongue slip and dance between his thick lips.  The beautiful woman looked up at him and asked “When will you be coming back to my school again?  I need you to finish a job.  My desktop needs more of the special liquid applied to it!  I want the entire desktop to be shiny!”   To get her point across, she gently ran her hand up and down the throbbing bulge.

End of Story