Terrified Teacher – IV
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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     Just before the end of the school year, Leon was temporarily sent to a different school to help out with the end of the school year.  This was quite fine with Leon, giving him a chance to explore a new school and new conquests.  One unfortunate teacher quickly gained his attention.  She was so elegant in her dress, prim and proper.  He first observed her getting her mail from the office and Leon quickly learned her name.  The beautiful Mrs. Elaine Roberts was to be his next conquest, a fact he was certain of by the way his cock throbbed in his pants.

     Leon kept an eye on the beautiful teacher when ever possible, hoping to find out her routine.  Elaine Robert's classroom was at the far end of the building and she normally escorted the young children out to the front of the building when school let out, then returned to clean up and gather her things.  Thus it would allow enough time for him to slip into her classroom unnoticed during that few minutes she was away with the kids. When the last day of school came, everything went according to his plan, with Leon hidden away in the classroom closet when the beauty returned to her classroom.  He watched the unsuspecting teacher lock the classroom door to avoid any intrusions, unaware of his presence.

     The closet door was left open slightly, so he could gaze upon her beautiful white body.  Doors locked and tinted windows shut tight, fans on, no one could see in nor hear any noise in the classroom.  Leon was treated to an unexpected show.  It had been a hot day and Elaine wanted to cool off a bit, not expecting to see anyone else for the remainder of the day.  From the closet, he watched as the beautiful teacher removed each high heel, then watched as she stretched out each trim white leg and sexy foot.

     Elaine then began to peel off her sheer tan nylons, causing Leon to nearly cum at the sight.  As Elaine rubbed her trim legs, she was totally unaware that her stalker had crept out from the closet and was now right behind her.  Leon grabbed her with his left hand over her mouth and flashing a switchblade in front of her.

     Elaine was paralyzed with fear, hearing the gruff instructions "Be quiet or you'll get hurt!"  She nodded with fear as her assailant used his left hand to slowly creep down to her breasts.  She panted with fear as her worst nightmare was now taking place as she looked down to see the large black hand begin caressing her body.

     Leon squeezed her breast through the thin blouse and bra, enjoying the shivers of her lovely body as he pinched her nipples through her clothing.  He could see she was hesitant to follow his new instructions "Take off your skirt and blouse, teach!"

     Elaine was too afraid of being sliced with the knife and hesitantly began to obey by slowly unbuttoning her skirt and blouse.  Both items were slipped off her trembling body and now she was clad only in her lacy blue bra and panties.  She sobbed as she heard the gruff voice again order her "I don't have to tell you what's next do I?"  Hands trembling in fear, Elaine forced herself to comply and remove the last items of her protection.

     Completely naked, Elaine sobbed in fear and embarrassment for only her husband had seen her without any clothing.  She was then instructed to now "Get up from your chair and to lie on your clean desk!"  As she sobbed and slowly climbed onto her desk, her stalker began stripping off his only clothing.  Elaine starred in absolute horror as the janitor stripped off his clothing and exposed his large black 12" cock, one that was so much longer and thicker than her own husband's.  She had been a virgin when she got married and had remained absolutely faithful to her husband.  Now a stranger was going to possess her, rape her with his bigger and thicker cock. She plead with her attacker "Please ………….please let me go, I won't tell anyone!  Don't rape me, please …………please don't rape me.  I ………..I didn't prepare myself for anything like this!"

     Leon spread out the beautiful white legs and dragged the sobbing teacher till her buttocks were at the edge of the desk.  He saw her eyes filled with tears, showing her fear of him, causing his cock to leak from his excitement.  Without any preliminaries, he lunged forward, placing a hand wisely over her mouth.  "Aieeeeeee .....…………ohhhh …………arggggggghhhhhhhhhhh" came the muffled scream from the agonized beauty.  With her tunnel dry, Leon lunged forward repeatedly till all of his 12" were buried into the prim and proper schoolteacher.  He felt her trim legs twitch from the pain he was causing, making him lunge his cock in and out even harder.  Over and over again, his lengthy black cock pistoned in and out of the now slick groove.

    Elaine's beautiful black hair whipped from side to side in agony.  Suddenly, Elaine's body stiffened in the throes of an unwanted orgasm.  "Nooooooooo ……………noooo ………………oh, God …………….noooooo!" she moaned.  Then, as a second orgasm was about to take place, she heard the taunting of her rapist "Ready teach, I'm going to make you a black baby!"  She recovered somewhat, realizing this was her unsafe period and sobbed "Nooooooo …………………no, please-e-e-e ………….please stop!"   But her pleas went unheeded as her rapist pumped forward and jammed his hips to her, the invading cock hosing her down with his hot thick soothing cream.  She shivered as her body responded with her legs wrapping themselves around her rapist.  She was now filled to overflowing with her rapist baby-making jism.

     Leon pulled out his now deflating cock, walked around the desk and wiped the slime off onto the teacher's beautiful silky hair.  He continued to hold her hair, then began to smack her across the face with his limp drooling prick.  As she cringed with disgust, he laughed and ordered "Suck it, bitch!" He enjoyed seeing her rebel as she clenched her lips tightly shut and muttered "No ………no, please ……..don't make me do such a filthy thing!  I ………I haven't even done that to my husband!"  Leon was happy with the news, knowing he was going to fuck a virgin mouth.  He grinned and said "Well teach, I'm about to be your teacher on cock sucking!"  He yanked on her hair, causing her to slowly opens her pink lips, allowing his unwanted cockhead to force its way in.

     Leon began to saw in and out, then his cock was full of life again, hard as a rock.  His excitement grew as he sawed in and out of now gagging mouth, looking down at the beautiful teacher as tears flowed down her beautiful innocent face.  About to lose his load, he barked out "Look up at me, teach!  I want to see the look on your beautiful face when I shoot my cum down your throat!"

     Elaine was forced to comply as her assailant jerked her hair roughly, her eyes widened when she felt the cock swell even more, then it began to twitch in he mouth.  She heard him groan loudly as stream after stream of hot thick cum suddenly exploded in her now gulping throat.  Swallow or choke-to-death were Elaine's only options, as her rapist's cum trickled down both sides of her mouth.  Throughout the ordeal, she pushed at the muscular black thighs to emit the spasming cock, causing her to gag as the foul tasting slime overflowed from her mouth.  But her assailant held her firmly by the hair, preventing her escape of this despicable act.  Finally, the deflating cock slipped out of her mouth and Elaine curled up in the fetal position as she tried to cough up the slimy goo.  She cringed, feeling debased to the ultimate, having sucked a cock for the first time and forced to eat the slimy hot filth from her rapist.

     Moving back to the long beautiful white legs, Leon licked each soft tender white thigh down to her beautiful sexy feet.  Then he concentrated on each foot, sucking and cleaning between her tiny toes.  Leon was hard again and inserted his lengthy cock between her tender pink soles.  Holding her feet together, Leon began fucking in and out between her soft sexy feet and he was soon about to cum again.  As the moment arose, Leon held the soft sexy feet together and hosed them down with his hot slimy goo.  "Oh god, I'm creaming all over your beautiful feet, teach!" he groaned.  Grabbing her black high heels, he then slipped them onto her cum covered feet.  The heels were practically glued now onto her feet.

     Leon dragged the degraded beauty off her desk, then pushed her face down onto the desk, right into a slimy puddle of their fuck juice.  He spreads her ass cheeks and prodded it with his throbbing black prong.  He smiled when the beautiful teacher turned back to plead "Please ………….oh, please ………. not there, pleaseeeee!   I ………I've never had it back there!"  Leon could only smile at his good fortune, a virgin white ass that was all for the taking.  "Teach, I've always wanted to rape a white virgin ass!"  Knowing no one was around for miles, he wanted to her the haughty white bitch scream and lunged forward to penetrate the virgin ass.

     "Aieeeeeeeeeeee ........…………ahhhhhhhhh …………..noooooooooo!" screamed Elaine.  "Nooooo ..…………..stop …………stop ………..it hurtssssssss!" she wailed as the assault  continued.  In and out the black janitor fucked her, all the while fingering her sensitive clit.  With her rapist had burying himself into the hilt, Elaine thought she'd die from the pain.  Her clit however was being stimulated and she shivered from the unwanted pleasure.  Her body shuddered as this evil man was about to make her climax.

     Feeling this oncoming orgasm begin to overtake the sobbing beauty, Leon withdrew and plunged then back to the hilt, flushing her out with his hot cream.   He left the sobbing teacher sprawled out over her desk, knowing she would not report the rape.  He knew she would have to explain the rape and would be too humiliated to tell anyone of her rape by a nigger.  He whispers into her ear "I hope I planted a nigger baby in teacher's white tummy!"

     Elaine sobbed in shame at the thought of such a dreadful event as she lay upon her desk in total disgrace.  A long while later, she managed to dress and make her way home.  She had to shower away the dried messy cum from her body.  Her favorite shoes had to be discarded, soaked and smelly from the loads of gooey cum.  She prayed the douche would kill all the baby making sperm.  She certainly did not want to be pregnant from the rape.  To make matters worse, she had been raped by the black janitor, which was too horrible to contemplate if she was to be made pregnant by him.  Elaine had been relieved her family was still out when she got home, allowing her to get cleaned and into bed without any questions.  She sobbed softly, praying she had not gotten impregnated, ashamed of herself for remembering the sensational feeling of the unwanted climaxes she had reached.


     When Elaine’s husband arrived home from work, he was surprised to see his wife curled up under the blankets.  He felt his wife’s forehead and she felt hot and perspiring, her face appearing quite flushed.  She merely advised her husband that her body ached and hurt, omitting that it was her thighs and pussy aching from being so wide spread that afternoon.

     After spending the next day with her family, Elaine tried desperately to put the rape out of her mind.  But she could not put out of her mind the manner in which her body betrayed her.  Never had she climaxed in such a manner with the gentle love making with her husband.  Never had she performed the vile act of sucking her husband’s penis in her mouth, having rebuffed him each time he begged her to suck it.

      That evening, Elaine set out to please her husband in a manner never before.  Ted couldn’t believe the change in his lovely wife.  Never before had she been so aggressive in bed and never had he seen her face so near to his twitching cock.  Ted starred in disbelief as he saw his wife lick her lips and actually lick the head of his pulsing cock.  He groaned as the soft pink lips enveloped his cockhead.  As Elaine lifted her head, her tiny fist pumped the twitching cock twice, then looked on in disbelief as the cock twitched hard and erupted into the air.  Ted groaned as his cock climaxed, not hearing his wife’s own groan of disappointment.

     Never had Elaine’s husband cum so hard, ecstatic from the thought of having his wife’s soft lips on his cock for the first time.  This had just drained him to the utmost, causing Ted to fall into a deep slumber.  Elaine bit her bottom lip, groaning as she rubbed her thighs together in frustration.  She had desperately tried to make passionate love to her husband tonight but was now left in utter frustration.  Elaine lay back onto the bed, fingering her little stiff clit in a desperate attempt to achieve some satisfaction.

     Two weeks passed since the brutal rape.  Ted could not believe how much more aggressive Elaine had become in bed, causing him to cum quickly each time the long trim legs encircled his pumping ass, leaving Elaine hunching up at this deflating cock.  Elaine felt ashamed as she craved for the type of release that she had only experienced with her rapist.

     As Elaine’s classroom was to be used for a summer class, she needed to put away some of the regular books and supplies used during the regular school year.  In going to the office, Elaine saw a sign up sheet where the teachers could get assistance in carrying heavy items to the storage room.  Upon inquiring, Elaine learned it was her rapist that still remained at the school and it was he that would be assisting everyone.  Seeing the sheet with many openings throughout the day, she wrote her name on the last available slot and noted what work was needed to be done.

     With 3 p.m. approaching, Elaine began to slowly clean out her desk drawers.  Her back to the door, she bent over to slowly get items from the bottom desk drawer to put it in a box.  She heard footsteps coming to her door.  Continuing to bend over, her long white legs flawless and perfectly shaped.  Then she dropped a heel, dangling it with her toes, teasing her onlooker.  She bit her bottom lip as she heard the door to her classroom close shut, with footsteps rapidly approaching.

     Leon licked his thick lips in anticipation, something he had been thinking of when he saw who had signed up for the last slot, while many others were open throughout the day.  He approached the bending beauty, knowing his heavy footsteps could obviously be heard.

     Elaine groaned as she felt two large hands grip her trim hips.  She closed her eyes as her blouse was pulled from the waistband of her skirt, feeling the rough hands move up under her blouse.  She groaned as the thick fingers pushed her lacy bra up and covered her soft breasts, fingers tweaking her hardening nipples.

     Elaine groaned as the hands were soon pulling the lacy pink panties down her trim white legs.  The large black hands were again at her trim hips, while a hard fleshy probe was inserting itself into her slick womanhood.  “Ahhhhh, is this the box you wanted me to fill, Mrs. Thomas?  Is this how you wanted it filled, Mrs. Thomas?” Leon asked.  Elaine groaned loudly and her headed nodded in confirmation, feeling her tight box being filled by to the brim.

End of Story.