Terrified Teacher – VI
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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     This was Leon’s first assignment to the city’s high school.  At first he was not thrilled thinking that the teachers were likely to be men or middle aged women. But to his surprise, there were quite a few beautiful young teachers near or in their early 30’s.  Leon’s craving, for beautiful white teachers, was building to a peak each time he viewed one of the beauties.  In particular, the beautiful Melanie Erberling, a 28 year old redhead was the center of his attention, skin so flawless and ivory white in color.  She was always elegantly dressed in a long sleeve blouse, tucked neatly into her skirt, blazer and 3” heels.  A counselor for students along with her job as teaching Senior English.

    High school, however, was quite different from the atmosphere and lay out of the elementary or middle schools.  Security in the school was at a high level for this multi-level complex.  Teachers were to report to the office on their way out and a vice-principal was the last to leave, being certain that the teachers had safely left the U shaped building.  Thus, this was going to be a challenge for Leon but he loved challenges.

    Viewing the high security, with the vice-principal being the last to leave, Leon ruled out the thought of taking the beauty’s pride right on the desk where her authority stemmed from.  But he was not hung up on raping a beautiful teacher right on her own desk.  True, it gave him great pleasure on raping a beautiful white teacher on her own desk.  Perhaps it was due to his flunking various grade levels that brought his desire to degrade a teacher on her own desk.  But he got equal pleasure raping a white beauty right on the marital bed that she shared with her white punk husband, soiling her where she made love to her husband.  Thus, the place of disgracing Mrs. Melanie Erberling was decided upon.

    Leon was not worried on locating the beauty’s home.  He could work on that at any time.  There were many ways to obtain a woman’s residence address.  One of course, was to simply follow her home from school.  The other ways he discovered included: cross-reference directory in the school library; DMV; school personnel files; or learning her husband’s name and it could be as simple as the phone book.

    Always in his hand was a large white bucket.  Upon first glance, various tools could be seen and a lot of various rags.  However, beneath the rags, a 35 mm camera was hidden along with its telephoto lens.  When Leon was cleaning a room, he would lock the doors and use his camera to capture pictures of the various unsuspecting teachers across the U shaped complex.   He would have the photos blown up and look over his potential victims at night.  But the various photos of Mrs. Melanie Erberling had him drooling, wishing he could force his large black body between her ivory white legs and hear her scream when he stuck it to her.

    But how could he get near to her without her screaming rape before he could get his hands on her.  True, he could hide away in her home and rape her, but the chance of her reporting the rape was greater.  Either way, he’d have her but it was always nicer to threaten her with something.  But she was so straight and squeaky clean, that it appeared the only option was to find out where she lived and rape her with the hope she would be too ashamed to report the rape.

    Midway through the football season, Leon was cleaning a room across the complex.  He observed Mrs. Erberling in her room, reading papers at her desk.  Then he observed her look to classroom door, get up from her desk to apparently answer a knock at the door.  On instinct, Leon got his out his camera and attached the telephoto lens.  With this, he could view right into the room across the way.  He observed Mrs. Erberling going through the papers and singled one out and showed it to the young man, who Leon recognized at the school’s star quarterback.   A few clicks of the camera but all scenes were so innocent.

    It was obvious to Leon that this young man had a crush on his beautiful teacher.  As the teacher escorted her student to the door, the young man suddenly grabbed his beautiful teacher and pinned her against the blackboard, kissing her deeply.  The young man’s right hand slipped up under the navy blue blazer to cup the soft breast through the thin blouse and bra.  A moment later, the startled teacher reacted and slapped the young man.  This brought the young man back to his senses and it was apparent he was stammering out apologies, his head bent in shame, as he slowly left the classroom.

    Melanie had scolded the young man and advised him she had an obligation to report this to the principal.  The young man pleaded for forgiveness, advising he did not know what came over him.  Melanie knew that his young man, a favorite student of hers, did have a puppy love crush on her.  She knew he would be suspended from school and the football team if she did in fact report this.  Against her better judgment, knowing such a suspension would cause her favorite student from possible athletic scholarships, along with hurting the entire school in its quest for a state championship.  Thus, she advised the young man that such an action was never to happen again and would not report him this time.  With that the young man left classroom, leaving Melanie flushed from the kiss that was far from unpleasant.  But she was happily married and this was a mere puppy love kiss.

     After the school closed and Leon was finished with the job, he rushed to the 1 hour photo center.  Doing his grocery shopping and returning to pick up the developed photos, Leon returned home.  There he opened and viewed the incriminating photos of Mrs. Melanie Erberling and the star quarterback.  He had blown up photos at the time of development and now he was all set.  A photo of the teacher being kissed by the student and another of the student kissing her with his hand under her blazer, would be his weapon of attack.  Now Leon needed to see if the lovely teacher reported the incident to the principal.  If not, she would be hard pressed to explain away the incriminating photos, especially as the school had set up a no-nonsense policy and all teachers had sworn to uphold it.

    The next day, Leon hung around the school’s office on the pretext of doing a lot of cleaning and minor repairs.  He knew if any teacher reported an assault by a student, especially the star quarterback, the office would be buzzing with rumors and stories.  But it was just a normal hectic scene at the office with no long whispers nor gossiping.  Leon smiled to himself, knowing for a fact that pretty Mrs. Erberling had decided not to turn the student in.

    The next Friday was homecoming and the school had announced it would let out a few hours early, to allow student activities prior to the football game and homecoming dance.  Leon had already followed the unsuspecting teacher home one day and scouted out the surrounding neighborhood.  He was going to love this homecoming event, only Leon’s game was going to be in the middle of the Erberling’s marital bed.  He was going to give the lovely Mrs. Melanie Erberling a ‘homecumming’ to remember!  And Leon was definitely intent on scoring big time!

    That day, Melanie wore a matching navy blue skirt and blazer, a white blouse and 3” navy blue heels.  She deliberately omitted any nylons, as her trim ivory legs always had men’s heads turning, though she had no intent of turning on the male students but it was a normal dress for her over the years.  She was happy to get out of school early, determined to take a quick nap and attend the homecoming game and dance with her husband.  Just as she entered her home from the garage entrance, the front door bell rang.

    Going to the front door, Melanie was surprised to see the school’s janitor standing there.  “Good afternoon, Mrs. Erberling!  I believe I have something that belongs to you.” Leon greeted the lovely teacher, waving the large brown envelope in front of him. “Gee, you should have just left them at the school’s office!” Melanie replied, getting a bit suspicious at the presence of his black janitor.  “Oh, these are quite important items that I wanted to make sure you got personally, Mrs. Erberling!  It’ll be obvious once you look at the contents!” Leon replied, handing the envelope to Melanie.

    Melanie opened the envelope and gasped in shock.  The photos were obviously of her, depicting her in an incriminating embrace with her student.  Melanie staggered back into the foyer from the shock, allowing the decrepit janitor to gain entrance into her home.  Leon smiled at the stunned teacher and quickly bolted the front door shut.

    “Please ………….please ……….you don’t understand!  I …………I didn’t allow this!  I scolded the young man for doing this and sent him on his way!” Melanie stammered in panic.  She looked at Leon’s grinning black face, as he replied “But Mrs. Erberling, why didn’t you report this student to the principal?  You do know that any such incident ‘must’ be turned in, no matter how small the incident. What would the principal and school board say if these photos got out!”

    “Why?  Why are you here?  How much do you want for these photos?” Melanie asked, knowing she had to get hold of all the pictures.   “Why ……...why ………why did you do this?  Why are you here?  How …………..how much money do you want?” Melanie stammered again in her distressed situation.

    “Baby, I don’t want your money!  There’s only one thing, from you, that I want!  And that, sweet thing, is your sweet white pussy!  I want to hear the beautiful Mrs. Melanie Erberling scream as I fuck her in her marital bed!” Leon taunted.  Dropping the envelope and its contents, Melanie slapped the leering black face with all her might and ran to the safety of her bedroom.

    The slap actually felt good to the lusting Leon, for he was going to love the fight this white beauty put up. It was difficult for Melanie to run in her heels.  Catching up to the fleeing beauty in the hallway, Leon grasped the back collar of her navy blue blazer and that came easily off the beautiful teacher.  Grasping her arm, Leon pushed the panting Melanie against the wall and nuzzled at the beauty’s soft white neck.  “Oh, please …………..please ………………….….please don’t do this to me!” Melanie pleaded.  Leon’s response was grasping the top of her white blouse and giving a hard yank, pulling the blouse out of her skirt, popping off all the white buttons.  Then Melanie groaned in shame as the large black hand closed over a lacy bra cup and began to thumb the hardening pink nipple.

    Melanie fought with all her might, losing her heels in the process.  The struggle took Melanie and her assailant to the doorway of the master bedroom.  Her assailant then grasped her navy blue skirt and ripped the buttons and hooks that held it up, causing the skirt to fall to the floor.  Melanie sobbed fearfully, now dressed only in her torn blouse and lacy undergarments.

    Leon laughed at the struggling beauty as he easily controlled this petite young wife and teacher.  He then grasped the back of the white blouse and pulled it off the struggling beauty.  Then the young teacher was pushed onto the bed she shared with her loving husband, with her black assailant immediately upon her.  A couple of swift movements by the black janitor and the lacy bra and panties were ripped from the beautiful ivory body.

    “Oh, please …………....please ……………..please …….you mustn’t ………….oh, please ……………..nooooooooo!” Melanie sobbed.   She groaned in shame and revulsion as the black janitor began to thumb a pink nipple while feasting his tongue and thick lips upon the other.  Melanie could only sob on her marital bed, her head shaking in disbelief, whipping her long blonde hair back and forth.  “Oh, please …………please ……………….I ………….I beg you ………..…please ……………..nooooooo!” Melanie pleaded.  “Oh you sweet young thing! I’m going to soil hubby’s precious little wife right on the marital bed, ‘ruin’ the beautiful high school teacher!” Leon laughed, as he stabbed his long black cock into the soft red fleece.

    Melanie struggled, trying to move her hips to prevent the plundering black cock from achieving its goal.  But then, the large black hands grasped her trim white hips and the thick black cock positioned itself at the entrance to her womanhood.  “Oh, nooo …………pleaseeeeeeeee!” Melanie sobbed, as the black cock forced its way into the sanctity of her private possession.  Leon groaned as his cock was enveloped in the slick but tight groove of the sobbing young wife.

    Not having a struggling woman in his arms for more some time, Leon knew that he would not be lasting for any length of time.   Throwing caution to the wind, Leon began to pump his muscular frame up and down into the distressed beauty.  Melanie struggled and tossed about, trying to throw her assailant off her petite body.  But suddenly, her body betrayed her mind’s will, causing her to hunch up at the raping black cock.  Melanie groaned in shame, her body not obeying her will, as she clenched her thighs to squeeze tightly at the invading cock.

     It was only a few moments later when Leon slammed his muscular black frame till his entire 12” cock was buried, holding the trim white hips tightly to him.  “Oh, baby, baby ……ohhhh, here it cums you sweet little bitch!  Oh you sweet teach, spermed by a black nigger right on your marital bed!” he gasped as he unleashed his exploding slime directly into Melanie’s womb.  Feeling the throbbing cock deep in her womb and the heated warmth of the hot bubbling goo, Melanie’s body reacted on its own.  Leon groaned as he felt the trim white legs encircle his black ass and squeeze him closer to her body.

    As Leon withdrew his shrinking black cock, he observed Melanie sobbing in shame and humiliation.  Raped and ‘ruined’ right on her marital bed.  What a sight the young beauty made, curled up in a fetal position, with a nigger’s thick cum oozing from her raped slit.  He looked at her sexy white feet and cherry white ass.  Leon wanted to make the young wife scream as he took her cherry white ass.  But he had a fetish to sexy white feet.  Viewing the time, he knew he had to satisfy his fetish for sexy white feet and save her cherry white ass for another time.

    Kneeling back upon the bed, Leon turned the sobbing Melanie onto her back.  “Oh, please ……………..no more ………………..….pleaseeeeeee ……nooooooooo!” Melanie begged.  Leon smiled “Just bring me off with your sexy little feet, Mrs. Erberling!  Or, would you like me to give your cherry white ass something to remember me by?”  Melanie was stunned at the threat and fearfully, but quickly, wrapped her dainty white feet around the shriveled and slimy black cock.

    Leon loved the feel of the sexy soft white soles on his shaft, bringing satisfaction to a fetish he nursed for decades.  And now fulfillment of his fetish desires was becoming a reality.  Leon couldn’t believe his dwindling cock could come back to life in such a short time.  In no time his drooping black cock began to bubble up his slimy ejaculation, then erupting geysers of his boiling cum, soiling the beautiful white feet of the young teacher.  Then he used his softening cock to spread his filthy mess onto the dainty white soles and toes of the humiliated young beauty.

    Finally spent and exhausted, Leon left the sobbing Melanie on her marital bed, curled in a fetal position again, soiled with his filthy slime.  Leon pondered the thought of possibly having planted his still potent seed in her fertile garden.  He smiled at the possibility of the young wife little belly swelling with his black child.  Leon smiled as he surveyed the scene of the rape.  The lovely Melanie sobbing and the torn clothing and white heels lay a trail to her defilement.

    Before exiting the door, he observed the photos and envelope scattered on the floor.  Getting a pen from the nearby table, he left a note for the beautiful young wife “Thanks for a fun afternoon, Mrs. Erberling!  Next time, I’m gonna fuck your cherry white ass!”

    Melanie somehow recovered enough to stagger from her bed and cleanse herself with a douche and a long hot shower.  She sobbed and cried, feeling ashamed and disgraced for being ‘ruined’ by a nigger’s potent cum.  She thought briefly of reporting the rape to the police but quickly dismissed it, not wanting her husband to learn that she had been defiled.  Also, she would then have to explain away the incriminating photos.  She then cleaned up the scattered clothing and evidence of the intruder being in the house.  Then she got to the envelope and photos.  Reading the note of her rapist, Melanie sobbed and her entire body shook with fear.

    That evening, Melanie sat quietly in the stands, unable to concentrate on the football game.  She had difficulty walking, never having been stretched so wide before nor penetrated so deeply.  Fortunately the game was close and her husband was cheering the team on and had not noticed his wife’s unusual self.  Melanie shivered in discomfort as she gazed down from the bleachers, where her rapist stood gazing up at her with is wide grin.

    Over the next few weeks, Melanie was disturbed with herself.  For some reason, she froze up in her love making with her husband.  In trying to please her husband in bed, Melanie found that the rape had definitely changed her.  Trying to achieve the same mind-shattering climaxes as in her rape, she hunched up onto her husband’s smaller and thinner penis but this only served to bring him off sooner than any prior love making between husband and wife.  Melanie no longer could achieve an orgasm.

    The final football game was being held on this Friday evening.  The league championship was at stake and winning it would give the team a slot in the state championship.  Thus the stands were packed and the fans excited at the prospect.  Fortunately, Melanie and her husband got there early to find seats near the top of the bleachers and right at the aisle.  Just after half-time, Melanie glanced down to see a grinning black face starring up at her, the black face of the janitor who had brutally raped her on her marital bed.  She saw him lick his lips and saw his hand make a subtle motion of stroking his cock through his pants.  Then she saw the head make a motion, indicating for her to follow him.  Melanie bit her lip and swallowed hard.

    Thinking for a minute, Melanie glanced back down to see the black janitor slowly moving to the school, his eyes still on her with his head motioning for her to follow.  Melanie ignored all rational thoughts, then told her loving husband she had to use the restroom and that the cheerleaders had asked for her help after the half time with some skits.  Fortunately, the game was captivating and her husband merely nodded and replied “Okay honey, see you later!”

    Melanie made her way down the bleachers and walked off to the side and into the darkness, following the dark muscular figure that was headed to the equipment shed near the athletic fieldhouse.  She saw the figure ahead of her enter the small shed and nervously followed.

    Slowly, Melanie opened the door to the darkened shed.  She gasped as a large hand pulled her into the shed.  She pushed onto all fours, right onto a small mattress that had obviously been laid there for her.  Rough hands pulled the cotton blouse from her jeans and roamed up to encase her lacy bra and breasts.  “Why are you here teach?  Why did you leave your seat, next to your loving husband, Mrs. Erberling?” Leon taunted the young wife and teacher.  “Oh ……….….please …………..….oh, pleaseeeee!” Melanie begged, but unable to fully get out what she desired.

    First peeling off her tennis shoes, he next unbuttoned the top of her jeans and unzipped it, then Leon quickly stripped the jeans down off the sexy legs of the young wife.  In another motion, the thin baby blue panties were torn off the young beauty.  “Did you read my note, Mrs. Erberling?  You know what I want, Mrs. Erberling!  Is your ass cherry, Mrs. Erberling?” Leon insistently inquired, his blunt cockhead teasing up and down the entrance to her beautiful white ass.  “Oh, yes ………...yes …………….yes ……….……please, pleaseeeeeeeee!” came the beauty’s response.

    "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ......................................Godddddddd ..............................it hurts ..............................it hurtsssssssssssssssssssssss!" Melanie screamed from the agonizing pain shoot up her ass.  It was fortunate for the roar of the crowd as the home team scored a touchdown, just as Leon scored, plunging through the tight hole and shredding all the built up defense as he smashed through the last line of defense and into the end zone.  Had it not been for the loud cheering from the field, the young teacher’s scream would definitely have been heard by some in the bleachers.  Then the celebration really began as Leon pumped his might black pole up and down in a frenzy till it gushed in overflowing joy.

    Melanie made her way back to the stands, buying a coke and snack for her loving husband.  Her husband greeted her and told her “Too bad honey, you missed all the action!  You should have seen the quarterback run the play and bust right into the end zone!”  Melanie only smiled, thinking to herself that it was her husband that missed seeing the real action, with the long black cock busting right into her end zone.  She squeezed her thighs together, feeling the pain in her once cherry ass, along with the ooze of the thick flow from her jewel and directly onto her jeans.  She was glad her jeans were dark and in the dark atmosphere, the building wet spot would go unnoticed. She glanced down to the side of the bleachers and smiled at the smiling black face below.  She giggled to herself as she saw the dark figure lift up a light blue colored item to his nose and inhaled deeply.

End of Story.