Terrified Teacher – VII
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
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 In early November, Leon got another assignment, this time to a brand new elementary school.  The head janitor had to take a leave to aid his ill mother and thus took a leave of absence.  He had been to this new school for only a week and he had already set his sights on his next unfortunate victim.

     One beauty had caught his attention immediately.  A second grade teacher named Mrs. Terri Simmons, who’s beauty just glowed.  Light brown hair, milk white skin, petite in stature, and always looking elegant dressed in her choice of clothing.  Her lovely trim legs accented with her 3” white heels.  Leon could not help but mull 'What a beauty to defile, so innocent and naive, a white boy's prized possession.

     Leon’s problem was to even get near this lovely young beauty.  He learned by listening in the lounge area to learn Terri was a happily married mother of two.  Her husband, Matt, a banker and children now at the middle school.  She was in her mid thirties but looked much younger.  Each time Leon tried to get near the lovely teacher, she politely answered any questions he had asked her and eased off to be with other teacher.  It was obvious to Leon that his black presence scared her and made her very uncomfortable.  All the better to satisfy Leon’s lustful desires.  But getting into her panties would be quite difficult.

     On Wednesday, just after school ended for the Thanksgiving vacation, Leon was doing general clean up as he neared the beautiful teacher’s classroom.  He glanced in to observe her, with her back to him.  She was reaching up to remove the turkey day decorations, exposing her long trim white legs.  Leon’s cock twitched in his pants. He moved quietly up behind the unsuspecting beauty.

     When he was just behind the beautiful teacher, he could smell her intoxicating perfume.  “Let me help you with that!” he spoke in his deep voice.  Terri gasped in surprise, lost her balance and fell back against him as she tried to steady herself.  She
was frozen for a moment, the large black hands held her shoulders to keep her from falling.  She was having trouble breathing as she felt the growing movement against her tight buttocks.

     Terri finally recovered enough to stand on her own.  Leon then stepped forward a bit just so his throbbing cock could be felt by his lovely victim.  Terri gasped and shook in fear.  Finally gathering her thoughts, she stammered  “T-T-hank you! Ex ........excuse me but I ...............................I’ve got to take care of some paperwork in the school’s office right now”.

    Leon wanted to grab the lovely beauty right then and there.  She looked so fucking sexy in the black dress that she wore and he knew she'd look even sexier when her tore it off.  He smiled as the shaken beauty quickly exited the classroom.  He knew that he was the real reason she was going to the office, that she couldn't bear being alone in the same room as him.  Leon observed the open can of Coke that she had just started to drink.  Leon felt it was still full and cold. He quickly added his little packet of crystal meth, finished removing the decorations and left the room.  Going to the front of the office when he was don, Leon leaned in “Oh, Mrs. Simmons!  I've removed all the Thanksgiving decorations from the wall.”

    “Th-Thank you!” Terri stammered in response.  She then watched as her black tormentor walked to the classrooms across
the small grass area, parallel to where her room was located.  Now feeling safe to return to her classroom, she made a bee-line back to her room, closing the door and bolting it shut. She began to clean her desk and do a little paper work before headed
home.  'Thank goodness that awful man is out of here.  God, I couldn't move when he put his big hands on me!  That damned bastard actually had the nerve to rub his cock against me!' she thought as she drank her coke.  Unknown to Terri, her tormentor was in an empty classroom, away from the windows, smiling in triumph as he watched her consuming the can of coke.

     Fifteen minutes later, Terri grabbed her purse some books to head home to prepare dinner for her loving husband and children. Suddenly she began feeling uneasy and light headed.  Never had she felt this way before.  She slowly walked to the door thinking she had better get home and rest.  She gasped loudly after she unbolted the door and opened it.  There stood the black janitor, blocking the doorway.  She stumbled back, dropping her books and purse, in total fear as she looked up into his lusting face.

     Leon stepped into the classroom quickly closing the door behind him and bolted the door.  “No....no....please....you must leave!” stammered the terrified beauty.  He smiled at the beautiful teacher put her hands up in defense, slowly moving backwards, trying to distance herself from him.  Leon grinned, stalking the lovely beauty, moved in to close the gap and achieve his goal in possessing this beauty.  He loved her pained expression of fear, seeing the tear well up in her eyes.

    Terri’s back suddenly met the blackboard, her body shook with fear as the demented man stepped even closer to her.  Holding her hand up in front, her manicured fingers met the sweaty shirt worn by the evil man.  She whimpered as she felt the hard steel chest moving forward up against her hands, knowing she was not strong enough to push his muscular body away.

    Leon’s right hand moved quickly and grasped the front of the beautiful teacher's thin black dress, tearing it down the middle.  It was obvious that she was too shocked to scream and only gasped in her shock to his assault.  Leon then grabbed her outstretched hands and brought them down to his thick throbbing tool, loving the sound of her loud gasp as her hands made contact.  He had forced her soft petite hands onto his throbbing cock, covered only by his thin trousers.  His manhood
threatened to break through the material at the mere touch of her warm soft hands.

     The drug was doing its job.  Terri closed her eyes from this horror, her hands shook with fear but acted against her own will.  She mind could not comprehend what was happening, yet her hands could feel what was taking place as she squeezed and stroking the hidden monstrosity.  She shivered as the janitors hands moved to the front of her thin bra, which quickly tore apart from strength of the black fingers.  Then she felt him lean forward, causing her to moaned as he began suckling at her sensitive pink nipples.

     A few minutes later, Terri was carried a few feet with Leon licking the sensitive nipples and her hands still squeezing his now damp trousers.  With one sweep of the hand, the desk was cleared.  Terri was gently laid down upon it.  Her eyes closed tightly, she sobbed in shame and humiliation, pleading “Please ...............please don't ......................please leave.!  I ............. I'm married ………..........please………I ............I ................I’ve always been true to my husband!" she stammered.

     Leon removed her black heels and rolled down her nylon panty hose to reveal her trim milky white legs.  He brought her trim white feet up to his grubby black face and inhaled the beautiful fragrance and licked every inch of each sexy foot.  The lacy black panties were torn to shreds in no time at all.  The terrified teacher was stripped bare, sobbing on the very desk that she instructed her students.  Leon smiled upon seeing her eyes open wide-eyed at the sound of him pulling down his  zipper.

    Terri gasped in fright as she was witness to the largest and blackest penis ever.  Fear set in as Terri pled “Oh, please ………….please ................please don’t rape me .....................please ……...... you ..................you're way too biggggg!  You ...........you'll kill me with that ……….............please!!”  She had good reason to be afraid, her husband was only half the size, in both length and girth of what this evil man possessed.

     The terrified beauty groaned and her eyes rolled as Leon bent down, nuzzling at her soft fleece as he set out to suck the honey out of her.  “Please no .....................please ..............that's so dirty ………noooooo!” Leon heard the desperate plea.  He bet correctly that she had never experienced the pleasure of having her pussy sucked and licked.  Suddenly, the sexy young teacher arched up into his face, her body shaking in uncontrolled spasms as she orgasmed and began feeding him a flow of her sweet tasting honey. Leon then moved up onto the desk, holding himself just above the sobbing beauty, his thick cock head greasing itself in her slick groove.

    Terri reached up with her hands, trying desperately to push him away, sobbing “Please ...................no ………..please no, ………don't rape me ......................please ......................you'll ............you'll get me pregnant!  Please ............don't ...............I  ………….I'm not on the pill!”  But this only made her attacker grin in triumph with the thought of impregnating his
her with his black cock.

     “Ohhhhhh, pleaseeeeeeee …………. noooooooooooooo ..................oh, God ...................noooooooo!” Terri pleaded as the huge black cockhead inserted itself in her now wet slit.  “Oh, please ...........please ………..you ................you don't have a condom on!” she cried.  She sobbed when she heard the snickering response “Baby, I'm going to knock you up good and plant a little black baby in your sweet tummy!  What's your white-boy husband going to say when you tell him you got 'ruined' by a nigger?  That you got a little black bastard growing in your tummy? ”

     With one arm around her trim waist, Leon covered her mouth tightly as he reared back a little.  Then with the full force of his weight behind him, he slammed his black cock into the agonized young beauty.  “Arrrrgggggg .........................mmmmmffffff ...................mmmmfffffffff” came the muffled screams of the shuddering beauty.  Leon was glad he had covered her mouth or the screams would have had everyone in the office down to the classroom in no time.  Only half his cock had sunk in he realized, smiling in triumph he thought 'Boy, is she tight .............tight like a virgin!'   He reared back and this time slammed home the entire black salami.  “Mmmmmmmfffffff  ........................nnnnnnnnnnnnnfffffffff!” came the muffled screams again.

     Leon let his cock settle in, knowing he was definitely exploring virgin territory, knowing her white-boy couldn't get this deep.  Then he began small stroking motions and lengthened the strokes each time, causing the beautiful teacher to sob in anguish.  The sobbing continued for awhile, then it turned to mewling sounds as unwanted pleasure began to effect the lovely drugged body.  Suddenly, he felt the teacher's trim arms encircle around his neck and the long milky white legs lifted themselves to cross over his humping black butt.

     Leon loved the changed expression of the beautiful drugged teacher, who now was in another world with the fuck pleasure he was giving her with each stroke and withdrawal.  Suddenly her arms and legs tightened and she moaned “Ohhhhhh .............ohhhhhhhh .................I ...................I'm cummingggggggggggg!”  As her orgasmed waned, Leon remained perfectly still, feeling her cunt muscles contract over and over around his throbbing cock.  Then, a hard slap to her face brought the raped beauty back to a shocking reality as she looked up to see his black grinning face.  He laughed as she groaned loudly when he deliberately twitched his massive cock in her raped slit, then he began to hammer away at her petite body.   He yelled out “Here it cums, teach!  Here's my hot baby jizz!  Gonna knock ya up good, sweetie!”  He felt her squirm madly, trying desperately to get away as she begged him “Please ................. pull it out ................pull it out!  Please .............please .........you'll ................you'll get me pregnant!”

    Leon responded by burying the length of his cock in her squirming body, his cockhead right at her fertile womb.  “Oh, baby!  Here I cum ......................gonna fill ya up with my hot jizz!” he groaned as he then erupted his quart load of hot boiling jism.  He heard the beautiful teacher react to his hot boiling cum as it began to fill her  “Ohhhhhhhhhh .................ohhhhhhhhhhhh .....................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  He then felt her trim white legs again cross over his spasming black butt, her arms crossed over his thick neck as he shot his gooey load deep into her womb.

    “Happy Thanksgiving!  Stuffed ya like a turkey, huh,  Mrs. Simmons!” he whispered in her ear, as his softening cock continued to twitch out it's offerings.  As his heavy black body lay upon the sobbing beauty, Leon continued to twitch his
oozing cock and tormented the innocent young teacher “Feel my gooey baby juice teach?  It's going to puff up your little white belly in a couple of months!” Leon loved to torment his victims and watch them sob in their humiliation, knowing his twitching black cock added to their misery.

     Twice more the beautiful teacher was seeded on her desk by her black rapist.  After the third fucking, Terri lay on her desk exhausted and sobbing in shame.  Then she felt the large hands caressing her feet, gasped as the soles of her feet being wrapped around the still throbbing and now sticky black cock.  She couldn't believe he was now going to fuck her in this manner.  She was dragged to the edge of her desk, still lying on it, as she opened her eyes to see Leon’s back to her.  Her legs were spread and her feet were again wrapped around the sticky black cock.  After a few moments, she heard her tormentor's grunt, then her legs were let go to dangle from the edge of her desk.

     Terri opened her startled eyes realizing she had passed out for a at least a half hour, looking about the classroom, she realized she that was now all alone.  She reached down and felt her aching slit to find it messy and gooey.  She groaned and sobbed in horror, realizing it was not a horrible nightmare that had just occurred.  She had been raped by the demented black janitor!  To make matters worst, he had not used a condom but had shot his dirty scum deep in her womb.  She looked at the large clock on the wall and panic set in.  She had to hurry home before her husband and before the kids came in from playing with friends.  She couldn't let them see her like this and know she had been raped.  She just couldn't let anyone know she had been raped and ruined by the black janitor.

     Terri slowly got up and grabbed some paper towels to clean the scummy evidence of her rape from her desktop.  She grabbed whatever tissues and paper towels that remained in her room to stop the overflow of the thick slimy jism. She sobbed as she couldn't find her panties nor bra, both obviously taken by her rapist.  She had to put on her torn dress, using some safety pins to keep it together.  She had to hurry and get home before everyone else and quickly stepped into her black heels, then groaned in despair.  Each foot had just stepped into a cold gooey puddle of her rapist filth.  She sobbed again in shame, realizing that her black rapist must have ejaculated into her heels, recalling when he had grunted while fucking his long thick cock between her feet.  With no time to spare for further clean up, Terri rushed to the parking lot.  She had to get home before her family got there and douche before she got in the family way again.

     Once arriving home, Terri was so relieved to see she had beaten everyone.  She would have to douche quickly and shower away the filth on and in her body.  Then to get dinner started before her family realized something was amiss.  Once in the safety of her bathroom, she set about to douche the slime from her fertile womb, praying she was in time.  Then she got to the shower stall before removing her torn dress and cum soaked heels.  She looked into mirror and sobbed, seeing the white splotches all over her face and hair.  All evidence of dried male cum from her black rapist, who had wiped his slimy cock
over face as he had then set about to clean himself in her silky brown hair.

     Over the next month, Terri made sure she was never alone at the school.  She had been to ashamed and humiliated to report the rape.  She could not let her loving husband know that his precious wife had been ‘ruined’, too ashamed to let anyone know of her disgrace and defilement.  As this shame built within her over the next month, Terri felt so ashamed in even making love with her husband.  But when she tried to let him cleanse her of the filth, she had wrapped her trim legs around her loving husband but this only served to bring him off prematurely.  Terri was left frustrated and had to relieve herself after her husband dozed off each time.  Going to the solitude of her bathroom, she feverishly rubbed her stiff little clit, closing her eyes to picture the black cock that had brought her to those mind shattering climaxes.

    On Christmas day, the Simmons’ family had a fun time opening gifts.  Then Terri scooted her husband and children out to McDonald’s and to the park so she could prepare dinner, as the grandparents would be coming over.  Soon after the car left the driveway, the doorbell rang. Terri thought that the kids had forgotten one of their toys and rushed to the door.

    Terri gave a loud gasp when she opened her door.  “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Simmons!  I stopped by to give you a little Christmas gift!  Let's go upstairs and unwrap it in hubby's bed, shall we?” smiled her black visitor.  She glanced down to see his hand rubbing at the wrapped present he had for her.  Panting for breathe, Terri licked her lips as she continued to gaze down at the stroking hand.

    Over the two hours, the Simmons’ bed swayed and creaked as never before.  Had Terri’s husband returned early, he would have heard his loving faithful wife receiving a Christmas gift “Oh, Mrs. Simmons,  ……………gonna cum ………….gonna
spunk deep in ya womb ……..gonna give ya a black baby, Mrs. Simmons ………………..ahhhhhhhhh………..Merry Christmas, Mrs. Simmons!  Oh, babbbbbyyy ...................yeah ................yeah, baby ................squeeze it all outta me!”

    That evening, Matt Simmons was given a late Christmas gift.  Never had his wife been so aggressive in bed and he loved it.   Loved it as his wife crawled up to him and presented her soft bush to him for the first time ever.  Never had she done this before as she considered it a wicked thing to do.  He didn't know how wicked his lovely was was feeling at that moment, perhap she felt wicked as she crawled up to him on the white sheets that were stain from the fuck juices of her afternoon tryst with her black visitor.  He feasted on this opportunity, lapping at his wife's slick and oily groove, sucking at all the sweet juices that she fed him.

    On New Year's eve, Terri proudly announced that she was pregnant.  Her husband was delighted and hoped it would be a baby boy this time.  His wish would come true in just under eight months.  It would have a baby boy alright, a healthy 8 lb black baby boy!

End of Story