Terrified Teacher VIII
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct continuation
of the earlier story entitled:  Classroom Conquest III
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Married for just over a month now, Jennifer looked at herself in the mirror and sniffled back the tears.  She felt so guilty, wondering just why she had gone through with the wedding.  She dearly loved Tim but Jennifer felt so disgraced in having deceived him into thinking she was still pure and innocent on their wedding day.  Jennifer still could not believe that she had made it through the wedding day, especially when it came to the point of reciting their marriage vows.

Recalling the horrid events, Jennifer knew that it had not been her fault and that her defilement had been due to being drugged and raped by one of her students, then joined by a friend of his.  She felt so guilty in the way her body had betrayed her, though willing herself to not feel anything, the unwanted pleasure she had derived from sexual encounter had driven her wild.

Jennifer recalled when the two teens had later broken into the home that she and Tim had just purchased before the wedding.  She had gone to the newly purchased home to await for the delivery of the king-sized bed for the master bedroom.  It was then that the evil teens had a second go-round with her, this time they had her baptizing the bed even before she and Tim had a chance to occupy it as man and wife.

Vividly recalling sitting by the phone the next day, Jennifer had picked up the phone to call Tim several times but always hung it back up before he answered.  She hadn't want to tell him of her decision to call off the wedding over the phone, knowing that in doing so, she'd have to tell him the true reason for the sudden change.  She felt at a lost at that point in time, not knowing how to handle the situation.

But her decision to call things off was suddenly changed when she was startled by the telephone ringing.  Jennifer had forwarded her calls from the apartment to the new number at the house and it was one of her fellow teachers in the advanced classes.  That fellow teacher had called her apartment number and asked excitedly "Did you see the news on television?"  "No, I haven't!  What happened?" Jennifer had replied.

Turning on the television, Jennifer went to the local news channel to gather all the information on what her fellow teacher had called her on.  Shocked, Jennifer realized that it had all been true, just as her friend had said.  The accident occurred within a half-hour of the two teens left her home.  The announcer had advised "Two cars were drag racing on the freeway when one veered off into the ravine and burst into flames.  The two Wilson High students were killed instantly as their automobile fell 80' and burst into flames!"  The students killed were then identified, the same two teens who had raped her.

Having seen a picture of the burnt car, it showed the shell of the car totally charred and it was obvious that everything in it was also in the same condition.  Jennifer had breathed a sigh of relief in knowing that the original videotape was in Dwight's backpack along with the video camera that was used to record her defilement.  With those items destroyed and the boys gone forever, her fears of further blackmail had now disappeared in the flames.

The caller ID showed that Tim had called for her several times but Jennifer needed time to think things out.  She told herself 'No one's to know that I was raped and 'ruined' by the two horrid teens!  Worst, that I orgasmed time and time again in the course of being raped by them.  With the tapes in the backpack going up in flames, there's no way of anyone learning what happened to me!  My secret's now safe!'

After a good night's sleep, Jennifer had decided to go through with the wedding after all, realizing that the two evil teens and videotapes no longer existed to do her further harm.  But weeks later, just after the elaborate wedding at the fancy resort, Jennifer found that her prayers had not been answered.  She couldn't stop crying that day when the home pregnancy test turned up positive, that she was carrying the baby from one of her teenage rapists.  She felt so ashamed in recalling the day she had walked down the aisle looking at the man she would be marrying, yet she as already impregnated by one of the evil teens.

On her wedding night, Jennifer was glad that Tim's fraternity brothers kept him occupied with toast after toast, getting totally wasted by night's end.  With Tim inexperienced in lovemaking, she had managed to pull off the part of acting scared and virginal, feigning the pain as he entered her.  Jennifer had Tim turn off the lights entirely before they got into bed, telling him that she was embarrassed even though they were now man and wife.

With her feigning pain as her inexperienced husband thrust himself into her, Tim had cum quickly once she wrapped her arms and legs around him.  As Jennifer had prayed, Tim fell into a deep sleep immediately thereafter and would not discover that she had not bled on his spearing cock.  Too concerned about Tim discovering her secret, Jennifer gave no thought that her husband's lovemaking did not nearly get her even close to feeling any pleasure.

Slipping out from under Tim, she had gotten a wet washcloth and wiped Tim's cock and draped it over the shower stall to show that it had been used.  Early the next morning, when Tim awoke, Jennifer snuggled up to him and lied "Hi, honey!  I'm sorry but I bled all over you!  I hope I did a good job in cleaning you up!"  She hated to lie to Tim for any reason, especially in their first day as husband and wife, but 'it's for the best' she told herself.

The honeymoon was quite enjoyable as Jennifer could now relax in knowing that her secret was safe and that Tim believed she had surrendered her virginity to him.  She only wished then that Tim would make their lovemaking last a bit longer, enough for her to at least achieve a climax.  Jennifer could not understand why she froze up some and not be able to achieve a climax as she had done with the two teens who had violated her.

Now, weeks after returning from their honeymoon, Jennifer was now faced with the fact that she was six weeks pregnant.  Definitely it was not a baby conceived in love with her husband but in fact the product of one her teen rapists.  Jennifer spent much of her time contemplating things, then came to the conclusion that 'There's no way I can have this baby!  I'll have to deceive Tim the rest of my life?  That's if the baby is white ………..but what if the baby's black?'

With the end of summer coming up, Jennifer knew that she would have to act upon her decision very soon before the new school year began.  Knowing that she could not give birth to the baby, she had gone to visit an abortion clinic located in the outskirts of the city after that early morning meeting at the school to get her paperwork for the new school year.  In that long drive, preoccupied in her thoughts, Jennifer had not observed the old black Buick following her in a distance.

Following at a safe distance, Leon Smith had seen the beautiful teacher come in to check out the classroom that she had been given for the school year as well as to obtain the list of students in her class.  He could sense that the lovely Mrs. Jennifer Harrington was mentally preoccupied and a bit distressed.  With the sexy young teacher headed off to her car in the parking lot, Leon got on his cellphone and called the school's secretary, informing her that he had to run out to the hardware store to find some electrical boxes.  He knew that the principal wouldn't be checking up on him as he was the head custodian and this was still summer break.

During the drive, Leon smiled as he reflected back on that unbelievable find in cleaning out the lockers of the deceased students.  It was shortly after that shocking crash killing two of the students at the high school.  The principal had asked him to go into the lockers of the two students so that their belongings could be later given to the respective parents.

The principal did not want to do it himself, wanting Leon to do it and strongly hinted that it would not be good for the parents to be given anything detrimental of their deceased sons.  Leon got the message, knowing what the principal was hinting at, especially since the two students killed in the car crash were not of the 'best' in moral character.  In doing so, he then went through the jackets and backpacks contained in the lockers of the two teens.  Leon had set aside the girlie magazines, condoms, and roofies that the lockers contained.  Then he had come across the video labeled 'Popping Ms. Emerson's Cherry'.

Taking that video home with him that night, Leon couldn't believe what was contained on that explicit video.  Viewing the video, it was obvious that portrayed on the screen was the former Ms. Jennifer Emerson and the now Mrs. Jennifer Harrington.  It also showed that the lovely beauty had first been drugged then violated by the two male students, her virginity plucked by the first youth as evidenced by the bleeding from her busted cherry.  In watching the video, Leon had gotten so turned on that he had to unzip himself and stroke his aching cock as he observed the drugged beauty lying helplessly upon the bed.  Then the student stripped off her blue dress and raped her, taking her cherry as evidenced by the blood on his cock when he was done.

Leon could only feel envy, then sorrow for the dead teens, knowing that at least they had enjoyed the most exquisite pleasure of fucking that lovely beauty in their short lives.  Seeing the date that had been put on the label of the videotape, it had all taken place just before the end of the school year.  'God, just before the beautiful little bitch got married!' he realized.  'Hmmm, did hubby know he was getting soiled goods instead of a pure chaste virgin on his wedding night?' he wondered.

Seeing the beautiful teacher pulling up into the medical clinic's parking lot and then making her way inside, Leon parked his car across the street and went into the mini-mart.   Buying a pack of cigarettes, he inquired as to the type of medical facility that was right across the street.  When the clerk responded that it was an 'abortion clinic', Leon's mind began to churn.

Strolling over across the street, the words of 'abortion clinic' filtered through his mind.  With the lovely beauty getting married just recently, Leon realized that it must obviously be one of the students who had knocked her up when they drugged and raped her.  Passing the doorway that she had entered, Leon made note of the room number and the names on the office.

Two nights later, dressed in dark clothing, Leon scouted out the facility.  As it was an abortion clinic, he knew that there would naturally be more security than a normal medical facility.  But with no reported incidents in this city on abortion protests, he was not too concerned.  Having broken into to places during his younger days, he was quite confident that he could accomplish what he wanted to do.

Watching the facility, it appeared that a private security firm merely drove by the facility every hour without even walking the premises.  It was a rather simple task for Leon as he picked the lock and got in through the front door.  Then, using his flashlight, he found the cabinet that contained the file for Jennifer Harrington.  Indeed, the file reflected that the beautiful schoolteacher was there to schedule an abortion, with the scheduled date being in two weeks.

In the darkness, his small flashlight beamed on the top portion of the file and Leon went through the difficult to read notes.  Then he smiled in seeing the line that read 'Reason for Abortion: Conception from a rape'.  Now his suspicions were confirmed.  Not only had the two teens drugged and raped her but knocked her up in the process.  Scouting the office, he spotted a fax machine.  He then put the pages of the file into the feeder and hit the 'copy' button.

Weeks later, with the new school year commencing, Leon couldn't take his eyes off the sexy beauty.  She did appear much more cheerful and relaxed since the that time he had followed her to the abortion clinic, especially since she no longer faced the prospect of giving birth to her rapist's baby.  Staring at her while she spoke to a student, Leon licked his lips and muttered 'Oh, baby!  I'm gonna do my best to get ya knocked up again!  Soon ………….real soon!'

One morning, Jennifer got to school early and went into her classroom as she normally did before any students arrived.  Unlocking the top drawer of her desk, she was surprised to see a white envelope with her name typed on it.  She realized that someone must have slipped it in through the small opening after she locked up yesterday.

Curious as to the contents of the envelope, Jennifer opened it up and withdrew several folded sheets from it.  She was puzzled as she gazed on the written notes on the pages, then realized that it was some kind of notes from a medical folder.  Then her heart began pounding in her chest as she saw her name off to the side at the top of the records.  Panting for breath, she shuddered in despair as she came down to the line that read 'Reason for Abortion: Conception from a rape'!  Jennifer was frazzled at the thought of all that she had gone through to preserve her secret and yet someone knew her deep dark secret.

Looking into the envelope again, Jennifer found nothing else on the various sheets of paper nor the envelope to indicate who had sent it to her.  But someone knew her awful secret and she wondered what that person wanted from her.  Gazing about the empty classroom, she wondered who it could be.  A shudder went throughout her body as she thought 'Did they tell another student about what they did to me?  Oh, God ……….does he want money ………………..or …………….or does he plan to force me to perform those despicable things with him?'

Jennifer blinked back the tears, not from the horrid situation that she found herself in but from having shamefully squeezed her thighs together as her juices suddenly began to flow uncontrollably.  She could not understand how she could react so shamefully at the thought of again being forced to spread her legs for someone other than Tim.

For the next few days, Jennifer nervously searched the faces of the students in her classes, wondering who was the culprit that knew of her dreaded secret.  She was a nervous wreck since receiving that envelope, unable to concentrate much less in the mood for lovemaking with her husband.  But she did achieve her very first orgasm while making love with Tim, only it occurred as the pictured another arrogant teen fucking her when the orgasm hit.

Then on a day school was to let out early to allow students to make it cross town for a football game, Jennifer opened her desk in the early morning to find another envelope in her top drawer.  This time the sheets in the envelope were still shots copied from the video she had seen just before the two teens were killed.  She now realized that another tape existed and not all were destroyed in the fiery crash.  Typed at the bottom of one sheet read "If you don't want the tape or medical records to go to your loving husband, meet me here an hour after school lets out!"

With students and teachers rapidly departing the school to attend the game with their cross-town rival, Jennifer nervously paced the floor in her classroom.  She had locked the doors to her classroom, wondering what she should do, whether she even dared to disobey and leave before her blackmailer arrived.  Looking out at the school grounds, no one was in sight and her car was the last remaining in the parking lot.

Startled at the sound of someone trying to enter but the doorknob wouldn't budge due to the lock, Jennifer felt her heart pounding in her chest.  She moved towards the door, then froze in her tracks before moving back a bit to the edge of her desk.  'Oh, God ……………….I can't ……………I can't let this happen!  I ………..I'll just keep it locked till he goes away, regardless of what he has in his possession!' she told herself.  Then to her amazement, she heard a key turning in the lock and then the door began to open.

Jennifer gasped when the smirking janitor appeared before her as he closed and locked the door behind him.  She realized that it was not a student after all but the devious janitor who she had caught eyeing her up several times.  "You ……………..you're the one!" she stammered.  "How ………….how much money do you want?" she asked sobbingly.

"There, there, Mrs. Harrington ………….I wouldn't dream of blackmailing you for money!" Leon chuckled.  Then he ran his tongue lewdly over his upper lip.  "I just want to sample what those young pups got!  I've got something way bigger than what those teens had you creaming on!  You're gonna get a 'real' man today, Mrs. Harrington!" Leon advised.

"No ……………no ………….I won't ……………..I can't do it!" Jennifer stammered in fear as the leering janitor approached.  Sobbing, tears flowing down her cheeks, the truth hit her when the janitor tauntingly inquired "Does Mr. Harrington know that his lovely wife had her cherry popped by a high school student of hers?  Or did you fool him into thinking he was the one to get the bride's precious little cherry on the wedding night?  Imagine what he'll say when he sees those medical records!"

"You look so sexy in that gray dress and black heels, Mrs. Harrington!  You be 'nice' to me and that little secret will never get to your husband!  Now be 'nice' and show me that beautiful body of yours!  Don't be shy ………..after all I've viewed the videotape and seen that beautiful bod of yers in the buff!" Leon advised.

Having gone through such great lengths to keep Tim from learning her dreaded secret, Jennifer told herself that she had to comply or all that would have gone for naught.  Closing her eyes, Jennifer reached behind her neck to undo the clasp of her dress and pulled the zipper down.  She unconsciously began juicing and clenched her thighs tightly to keep the fluid from leaking.  Peeling the dress from her shoulders, Jennifer let her dress fall to the classroom floor around her black heels.

Now before the leering janitor, Jennifer stood before him in her lacy black bra and panties along with her black heels.  Hearing the commands from the gruff man, Jennifer reached back to unclasp the hook of her bra, then bared her breasts to the man.  Next she pushed the waistband of her panties down over her hips to allow the flimsy garment to fall upon her heels.  Then, following his instructions, she stepped out of her heels and kicked aside her lacy black panties.

On tip-toes, Jennifer edged her butt up onto the desk, then scooted back as instructed with her knees bent over the edge.  Then she did as told by scooting back even further so she could place her feet up onto the desk that she taught at.  Shivering and quietly sobbing, she complied with the instructions, raising her hands up to thumb and finger her stiff sensitive nipples.  She felt so ashamed at the pleasure she was feeling as she played with herself.

Feeling the unwanted stimulation from touching herself, her butt squirmed a bit on the top of the wooden desk.  Knees up in the air, Jennifer then spread them wide in compliance with the orders being barked to her.  Then, doing as told, she brought her right hand down and ran her fingers over her mushy slit.  "Ohhhhh ………………ohhhhhhh!" she cooed as her middle finger dipped in and made contact with her ultra sensitive clit.

Pumping her fingers into her gushing slit, Jennifer felt so ashamed that she was juicing even more before this leering man than whenever she and her husband made love.  Panting, body shivering, Jennifer was nearly there as she rubbed furiously at her clit.  She didn't care that this blackmailing janitor was there watching her, forcing her to play with herself, desperately trying to reach an orgasm that was so rare to her.

Then, just as she was about to bring herself off, her hand was grabbed and drawn forward some.  Upon contact, her fingers wrapped around the janitor's thick hot cock, realizing that he must have stripped off his overalls while she was playing with herself on the desk.  Curling her toes at the edge of the desk and her hand firmly grasp the thick cock, Jennifer pulled herself forward a bit, moving to get herself lined up at the edge of the desk.

"Ohhhhhhh ………………….oh, God …………………….oh, Goddddddd!" Jennifer panted as she rubbed the thick cockhead up against her juicing slit.  "Oh, God ……….oh, God …………..I …………….I want itttttttttttt!" she sobbed as she pushed herself forward to have the blunt cockhead spread her pussylips.  She was desperate ……..body aching …………desperate for the joys of what an illicit fuck would bring her again.

"Ahhhhhhhhh ………..owwwwwwwww ………………big ………….too bigggggg ……….too bigggggggggg!  Its stretching me …………….it hurts ……………..it hurts …………….its to bigggggggg!" Jennifer sobbed in a panic.   "Stop …………….stop …………….it won't fit ……………..its too biggggggg!" she cried.  "Ahhhhhhhhhh …………….ahhhhhhhhhhh …………….ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as the thick cock plowed several inches ahead into her.

"Oh, baby ……………..yer so fuck'n tight!  Yeah, Mrs. Harrington …………squeeze me ……………..squeeze yer tight little pussy round me!  Ya ain't ever had anything this size, have ya, Mrs. Harrington?" Leon taunted.  Grabbing her trim white hips, Leon leaned forward with his weight, pushing even more of his thick cock into the now frightened teacher.

"Owww …………owww ……….owwwwwwww …………….it hurts ……………it hurts …………..you're too big!" Jennifer cried out as she spread her bent knees even wider apart as far as she could.  Squeezing her contracting cunt muscles around the throbbing cock faster and faster, tighter and tighter, Jennifer shivered from the illicit pleasure this fuck was giving her.  Then, taking her feet off the edge of the desk, she stretched her legs out wide and wrapped them around the back of the janitor and arched her hips up into his lancing bone.

"Oh, God …………………oh, God …………….deeper …………….deeper ……yes ………….yes …………..oh, God …………..I'm cummingggggggggg!" Jennifer screamed as her body shook and convulsed uncontrollably.  It was the most exquisite and mind-shattering climax she had ever experienced in her life.  Wrapping her arms around him, she fucked herself back onto this still thrusting cock that promised to send her into outer space once again.

"Oh, yer a real hot one teach!  Ya always gonna need a big black bone up yer hot little pussy, ain't ya?  Ya always gonna be needing Leon to take care of the itch between yer hot sexy legs, ain't ya?" Leon tauntingly asked as he pumped into her.  Faster and faster he screwed her, feeling her arms and clutching desperately at him as she arched her hips to capture the full length of his cock.

"Yes …………..yes ……………….I want your cock ………………I want your big black cock!  Fuck me ……………..fuck me ………………….fuck me with your big black cock!  Yes …………yes ………………deeper ………….yes, yes ………….oh, God ……………I'm there ………………ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jennifer shuddered.

"Ahhhhhh ……………ahhhhhhhhhh …………..ah, yeah, baby ………….here it is ……………here it cumsssssssss!  Ya better get yerself on the pill or ya'll be back at the clinic again ………….soon ……………very soon!" Leon moaned as his cock twitched and spurted out its hot potent seed deep into the pretty teacher's fertile womb.

That evening, sitting at the nice restaurant that Tim brought her to, Jennifer looked at her handsome husband and wondered just how she could have enjoyed being fucked out of her mind by the school's janitor that day.  'God, I'm just a slut!  Sure, he blackmailed me into giving in but did I have to enjoy it so much?  God ……..he had me begging for it and I didn't put up any fuss when he came in me!' Jennifer chastised herself.

Snuggling up next to her husband, Jennifer decided that she should take the janitor's advice and get herself on the pill.  She knew she should be ashamed at sitting next to her husband with another man's cum still flooding her womb.  Instead, it gave her a wicked thrill of pleasure as she squeezed some juices out onto the crotch of her panties.  Wickedly, Jennifer pulled Tim's hand towards her lap under the tablecloth.  She rubbed his fingers up the front of her wet panties, then lovingly whispered in Tim's ear "Oh, honey ………….I'm so hot for you!  Feel how wet I am!"

On the drive home, Tim Harrington could resist the opportunity of playfully caressing his wife's sexy legs and slipping his hand up her dress.  'God, she's sopping wet!' he realized.  'She must really want me bad!' he told himself as he rubbed at the wet crotch of her panties.  Feeling her legs spread apart, Tim daringly slipped his hand under the legband and dipped his middle finger into her juicy twat.  He had never seen Jennifer in such a state, squirming about in her seat as he finger fucked her mushy twat.

Once in the privacy of their home, the young newlyweds quickly undressed in the master bedroom.  Tim saw his beautiful wife on the bed, inviting him to join her with arms and legs widespread.  Once upon the bed, he guided his cock to her and then groaned as he sank quickly into her hot slushy pit.  "Oh, baby!  I've never seen you so hot and wet!" he moaned happily as his cock easily penetrated her.

But Tim would not have been so happy had he known the truth, that his pretty wife was filled to the brim with another man's cum at that very moment, spunk that she had not bothered to take time to douche out upon her arrival home from school.  When Jennifer had gotten home from school, an hour before Tim, she had contemplated on douching out the janitor's hot spunk.  However, the wicked thought of dining out with her loving husband while filled with another man's spunk gave her a wicked thrill.

With Tim feverishly fucking away between her legs, the sensation of having her husband fucking her with her twat filled with the janitor's spunk had her soaring to a quick climax.  Finally, as Tim emptied himself in her, Jennifer thought back to when the janitor kissed her just before departing the classroom.  She knew it would be soon that he intended on paying her a visit at her home, recalling him saying "I can't wait to fuck you right in the bed you share with your husband!"  Though nervous at the thought of it, Jennifer couldn't help but wonder about the wicked thrill it would surely bring.

Over the next two weeks, Jennifer expected that the devious janitor would approach her and demand that she submit to him again.  But to her surprise, he treated her with the utmost of respect and her classroom was sparkling clean when she got to school.  Then she was rather anxious and hoped that he would approach her, force her to once again submit to him.  Jennifer could not believe that she was actually craving for the man to approach her once again, that she wanted desperately to be fucked senseless again.

Several times over the next week, Jennifer had put in a request that immediate and necessary repairs be done in her classroom.  But to her dismay, Leon either showed up when students or another teacher was in her room.  Before she knew it, the repairs were quickly done and he was gone from her classroom.  Jennifer was at the end of her wits, desperate to feel the throes of a mind-shattering orgasm again.

Then on Friday, when she was monitoring the halls on a lunch period, a smiling Leon approached with a loud "Hi, Mrs. Harrington!  Was the repairs done to your satisfaction!"  "Yes ……….yes, thank you for your quick work!" she replied for the benefits of the passing students.  With no one in hearing distance, she desperately whispered "Please ……….please ………….I …………I need it again ……..so badly!"

Leon could see the burning desire grow in her over the past few weeks since he had fucked her in the classroom.  He had purposely done the repairs she had requested when others were in her classroom, knowing what she really wanted from him.  "Remember what I told you ………………..the next time is going to be in your bed!" he whispered.

"But ……….but …………its just not possible!  My …………my husband!  He ………he's always home with me!" Jennifer stammered.  Then she found a small envelope being handed to her by the janitor, who advised "Get your husband to drink something near bedtime and slip this 'roofie' in!  Within twenty minutes he'll be out cold for ten to twelve hours!  Flash the porch lights twice when he falls asleep!  Then you'll get your wish!"

Watching the confident janitor walk away from her, whistling a tune, Jennifer blinked back the tears as she clutched the small envelope in the palm of her hand.  Her mind played the conversation she just had over and over again as she panted for breath.  Swallowing deeply, she questioned herself "Do I dare?  Do I really dare?"

Having a late dinner that night, Jennifer cooked Tim his favorite dish, then opened a bottle of wine.  Chatting with her husband, trying not to think, Jennifer could not stop fingering that small envelope in the pocket of her housedress.  Her heart was pounding madly, her lips getting dry as she breathed heavily.

With dinner over, Jennifer put on a pot of coffee then joined Tim to watch the evening news.  Midway through the news, during a commercial break, Jennifer went into the kitchen to pour two cups of coffee.  Biting her lip, she told herself  'No!' but then got the envelope from her pocket.  The next thing she was aware of, Jennifer was handing the drug-laced cup of coffee to her husband.

As the sports portion of the newscast began, Jennifer could see that Tim was fighting to stay awake, his head bobbing up and down.  Then to her surprise, Tim got up from the sofa and staggered down the hallway and into their bedroom.  She was speechless as it seemed that Tim was about to fall asleep right there upon the sofa.  Turning off the television set, Jennifer nervously made her way down the hallway.  Peering into the bedroom, she saw that Tim had just made it to the bed and was now snoring dead away.

Going to the front door and turning off the interior light, Jennifer's fingers froze as they then came into contact with the switch for the porch light.  Her mind said 'Take your fingers off the switch!' but instead her fingers flipped the switch twice.  Next she found herself unlocking the lock and deadbolt to the front door.

A moment later, with the hallway light providing some light towards the front door where she stood, Jennifer could see the doorknob turning.  Seconds later, Jennifer found herself in the embrace of the muscular janitor with her head upturned.  Mouth open to admit her visitor's thick tongue, she couldn't help but to flick her pointed tongue up against his exploring one.

Feeling the hands caressing her body through her thin dress, Jennifer panted in heat as she rubbed herself up against the muscular body.  "Please ………..we …………..we need to use the spare room!  My …………my husband fell asleep on our bed!" she stammered.  She panicked in fear upon hearing his response "Its your bed or not at all, sweetie!"  "Please ………….please …………I …….I need it!  Help me …………..help me get my husband to the spare room then!"

In the darkened master bedroom, as she leaned over to her sleeping husband, she froze as hands caressed the back her shoulders.  Then the zipper of her housedress was being pulled down and she did nothing to object.  "Pl ……….please!" she whispered softly.  She remained still as the dress was pulled down over her shoulders and felt it fall to the floor.  'Oh, God!  He's going to strip me naked right here and now!' she realized in horror.

A moment later, arms were around her body, hands cupping her more than ample breasts.  She shivered and panted as thick thumbs flicked at her hardened nipples, driving her crazy with wanton need.  Then her visitor was nibbling at her earlobe, tonguing her inner ear, whisper "You want it bad, don't you, Mrs. Harrington!"

Panties at her bare feet, the man's thick middle finger fucking in and out of her hot juicy hole, Jennifer creamed time and time again.  "Please ………….not here …………not with my husband here!" she whispered pleadingly.  Barely able to stand on her wobbly legs, Jennifer reached out to brace herself and yet avoid bumping into her prone husband as Leon pushed her forward onto the bed.  She was not stark naked on all fours on her bed, right above her drugged husband.

'Oh, God ……….no ………..he wouldn't …………not like this!' she prayed as she felt the bed sink behind her as Leon knelt upon it.  "Ohhhhhhh …………ohhhhhhhhhh!" she cooed softly as Leon's thick cockhead traced itself along her juicing groove.  Jennifer shuddered with pleasure as the thick cock pushed into her as Leon's hands once again cupped her breasts.  Rocking herself back, she managed to capture several more inches of the thick pleasure giving cock into her horny cunt.

The wickedness of the situation created that much more spice to this illicit fuck for the once naïve and innocent schoolteacher.  Leon reared back and then sliced through her slick folds as he pronged her as deeply as possible.  Faster and faster he sped up the fuck causing the bed to rock like crazy as the bedsprings squealed loudly.

"Yeah, baby ……….yeah!  You love it, don't you, bitch?  You love being fucked like a bitch!" Leon taunted.  Then he felt the beauty shudder and convulse, heard her panting "Yes ………..yes ………..fuck me …………fuck me!  Cummingggggggg ………….cumminggggggg ……………..I'm cummingggggg!"  "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, creaming …………………creaming in your hot pussy, bitchhhhhh!" Leon groaned loudly as he exploded deep in her womb.

Throughout the night, the lovely Jennifer Harrington lay a foot away from her loving husband as he dozed in drug induced sleep.  But the lovely young wife was not getting any sleep with her trim arms and legs spread wide and embracing her muscular black lover.  Finally she passed out from exhaustion, fucked out of her mind by one mind-shattering orgasm after another.

In the early morning as sunlight crept through the window, Tim Harrington blinked his eyes rapidly, trying to focus.  He inhaled and shivered at the pungent odor and shook his head from the tickling at his nose.  Tim sucked in his breath as he found that he actually had been sleeping with his faced buried in his beautiful wife's cunt.  He tried to recall the events of the night but couldn't, thinking that he must have consumed too much wine.

'Wow, we must have really got it on last night!  God, I must have really turned her on too ……………she's never let me put my face in her cunt before!' Tim thought.  Looking about, both his clothing and Jennifer's were strewn about the floor and both of them were on the bedspread stark naked.  Not wanting to end this surprising encounter, he looked at the honey brown curls matted down in dried cum.

Raising his hand up, Tim slowly inserted his middle finger and then withdrew it.  He gazed at the thick coating of cum on his finger, then put it into his mouth to suck it dry.  Spreading her thighs slowly so as not to wake Jennifer, he inhaled deeply and clamped his open mouth over her juicy cunt.  Then he stuck his tongue into her slit and proceeded to eat her out, hearing his wife's stir with a slight moan of pleasure.

Miles away, Leon lay back on his bed as he got ready to doze a bit.  It had been quite a memorable night for him and he was exhausted from that fabulous shagging that beautiful schoolteacher gave him.  He wondered what that faggot husband would think when he awoke with his face buried in her spunk covered cunt.  Leon laughed, recalling how he had prepared the touching scene when he stripped off the guy's clothes and pushed his head between his wife's well-fucked thighs, rubbing his face in her cum soaked twat.

End of Story.