Terrified Teacher - IX
(m/f, i/r, n/c)
Black Demon
Standard Disclaimer!
This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!
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Note:  The story below is a story in itself.  However, it is also a direct spinoff
of the earlier story entitled:  ‘Jock Got a Christmas Carol’
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Sitting behind her desk and surveying the students in her high school classroom as they concentrated on the test before them, Carol Hastings was just a bundle of nerves and fidgeted in her chair.  ‘Who could it be?  Is it someone in this very classroom?’ she wondered.  Looking down at her desk, closing her eyes in despair, Carol certainly wished that she could turn the clock back and that she could start the last Christmas vacation over once again.  ‘Why did I allow it to happen?  How could I have been so weak?’ she asked of herself.

Recalling the photographs that she had received the other day, it left no doubt as to where the photographs were taken and that the last two were of her.  ‘Oh, God …………….if Carl should ever see them, he’ll know ……………………..he’ll know I had and affair at that sleazy motel!’ Carol concluded.  Indeed, should one see the sequence of those pictures, there would be no doubt that such an event had taken place at the ‘Notel Motel’.  First was a far out shot show the complex with the ‘Notel Motel’ sign clearly displayed atop of the building with various cars parked in front.  Next was a picture taken closer up to the building with a white SUV parked in the center with the door of a motel room in the background

With the beginning the sequence of photos, the next one of the closed motel room door followed by a shot of it being open with her about to exit would leave no doubt that she had stayed at that motel in the pictures.  Her face in that last picture was quite recognizable as she appeared rather teary eyed in it, a time that Carol clearly remembered, for her appearance reflected that of guilt and remorse in just having committed the sin of adultery.  The next photo, that with her young lover’s arm around her waist as they exited the motel room, clearly would identify the male as the son of their next door neighbors and also former student of hers.

Although there had been much publicity in recent years of a number of student-teacher relationships, this would not be as abhorrent as those highlighting affairs teens under eighteen and currently in that teacher’s classroom.  In Carol’s situation, although her lover was a former student of hers, he was over eighteen years of age and in currently in college.  Though it might not make the national news should the story break, it would certainly hit the local news and affect her well-respected reputation in the community.  And no matter how contained the publicity turned out to be, Carol knew that her loving husband would never be able to forgive her, and more so with her recent story that the condom must have been faulty as he had accidentally gotten her pregnant over the Christmas vacation.

Ruled out was the female gender, although Carol would rather have dealt with that, she knew that her blackmailer had to be a male.  ‘Why else would the demand be for me to meet in the same motel room?  Money?  How much?  Oh, God ……………..is he demanding me to meet him there ……………………for sex?’ she shuddered with her stomach turning in horror.  ‘Can I bring myself to submit if he demands sex from me?  What will happen if I refuse and those incriminating photos get distributed?’ she trembled with worry.  Blinking back the tears, Carol shivered with disgust in possibly having to allow her vile blackmailer to put his clammy hands on her.  ‘It’s not his hands he wants to put on you!  He wants to put his filthy penis …………..in you!’ she told herself.

Thinking back to the events of that night, trying desperately to figure out who was attempting to blackmail her, Carol played back the scene where they had last been Christmas caroling.  ‘It must be someone from that group!  Even with Scott now in college, his reputation precedes him and they all know of him!  God, he must have been following us after we left!  And with Scott’s reputation with the ladies, he must have been wondering if the college jock would attempt to put the make on me!’ Carol concluded.  ‘That must be it!  And when Scott pulled into the motel’s parking lot, he started taking those pictures, then waited to get the incriminating shots of me coming out of the motel room ……………………….after I had committed adultery!’ she rationalized.

Later that night, having gone back to check on who had come to that night of caroling, Carol looked at each of the male names and wondered which one could it be.  ‘Bob Adams ……….Mike Goodall …………….Harry Cormell ……………..Trevor Masters ………………Dennis Myers!  Who’s the one blackmailing me?’ Carol pondered.  ‘I’ve got to buy his silence ………………..no matter what he wants of me!’ she told herself, shuddering at the thought of very possibly having to provide her blackmailer with sexual favors.  Unable to fall asleep, Carol lay in bed, trying to prepare herself for the worst, picturing each of the potential males who had attended the caroling.

To prepare and steel herself tomorrow, the inevitable day, Carol pictured them one at a time, then imagined each separately telling her to disrobe for him in the privacy of the motel room in which she had sinned.  Though she would definitely despise the one blackmailing her, Carol admittedly looked upon each as being an average high school teen, with none having anything in particular standing out about him.  Certainly, none of the five teens were as handsome nor athletically built like that of her college lover Scott, who was now quite a college jock.  But by picturing her submission in this manner, Carol felt that it would then allow herself to then be able submit to blackmailer’s sexual demands.

At the end of Wednesday’s lunch period, 18 year old Nate Manning observed the lovely Mrs. Hastings as she was opening up the door to her classroom for the next math class.  Eighteen and still only junior in high school, kept back a year for fourth and seventh grade, Nate naturally was bigger than the teens in his junior class. “Hi, Mrs. Hastings!  How ya doing?” he greeted his former teacher.  With her smiling half-heartedly and nodding in his direction, it was quite obvious to Nate that his former teacher was troubled as she would normally be quite friendly and initiate a conversation.  “Everything okay, Mrs. Hastings?  You look a bit down today!  Can I be of any help to you?” he inquired.  “No, but thanks for asking!  Just a lot on my mind today, I guess!” came her response.

Nate knew very well what was troubling his former math teacher, especially since he had been the one to send her those incriminating photographs and demand that she meet with him that afternoon.  As Mrs. Hastings was about to enter her classroom, the sight of her trim white legs with feet encased in a pair of beige heels, Nate licked his lips in anticipation as his throbbing cock threatened to bust out of his jeans.  ‘Oh, you look so sad and worried about your hubby seeing those pictures, Mrs. Hastings!  But at three this afternoon, you won’t be sad or worried anymore when I assure you that I won’t send hubby them pics ……………….provided ya’s spread those sexy white legs fer me!’ he chuckled.

School just over at 2 p.m., Carol’s hands began trembling as she looked at the clock on the classroom wall.  Cleaning up the classroom as quickly as possible, she dared not being late for her meeting at three, not if she wanted to save her marriage and the smear of a scandal.  And with the potential adversity that might face her former student, the young lover and father of the baby she was now carrying, Carol could not allow the incriminating photographs from being put on display.  On trembling legs, she proceeded out of the building and out to the parking lot to her car, terribly afraid of not getting to the ‘Notel Motel’ on time as the consequences could be quite devastating.

Looking at the watch as she sat in her car that was parked, just outside of Room 108 in the parking lot of the Notel Motel, Carol bit nervously at her bottom lip as the time showed that it was 2:54 p.m.  Looking about the parking lot, wondering ‘Is he waiting inside at this moment?  Which one of the teens could it be?’ she wondered.  ‘Can I go through with this?  Do I dare to start my car and go straight home and not go in there?’ she pondered.  But the images in her mind, of those incriminating photographs, had Carol sighing in despair as she opened the door and nervously headed up to the door to Room 108.

Nearing the door, Carol looked about one again, fearing that someone she knew might happen to be passing by and observe her entering a motel room of this rundown establishment, the name of which left no doubt as to who would be frequenting such a place nor for what purpose.  Not seeing anyone and turning back towards the door, Carol then saw a note taped to it, stating ‘Come on in, Mrs. Hastings!  Door’s open!’  Looking at the edge of the doorway near the doorknob, she observed that the door had not been fully closed and would open if pushed.  Swallowing deeply in trying to instill some courage in her trembling body, she then put her hand up against the door to push it forward.

And as the door was pushed open, Carol shuddered upon hearing a male’s voice say “C’mon in, Mrs. Hasting!  And close the door behind you ……………………so we won’t be disturbed!”  Steeling herself and pushing the door open, Carol saw only complete darkness in the room other than what the outside daylight lit up.  But as she stepped into the room, it was suddenly in pitch darkness as the door slammed shut behind of her, causing Carol to tremble in fear as she stammered out “Wh …………….who are you?  Please ………………….….I …………………..I brought some money with me ……………………….let me buy those pictures from you!”

Having draped dark blankets over all the windows beforehand, Nate Manning had been sitting and waiting in a darkened corner for the beautiful high school teacher to arrive.  Turning on a bright light aimed at his former teacher, causing her raise her hand up as she squinted in an attempt to make him out, but Nate knew that she would be unable to see beyond the source of the light shining at her.  Just her coming here had firmed up the fact that he indeed have a hold of her with the incriminating pictures that clearly depicted her exiting a motel room with handsome college jock Scott Berger.  Making his voice deeper than normal and eliminating his slang so as to disguise it, Nate figured on cementing in her mind as to the sins she had committed before backed out on him, taunting her with “Mr. Hastings has no clue that his beautiful wife cheated on him, does he?  And wasn’t Scott Berger a student of yours?  My, my ……………..that’s sure going make a big splash around here if that gets out!”

“Please …………….let me pay you for those pictures!” came the meek reply from the frightened beauty.  “I’m not after your money, Mrs. Hastings and the pictures aren’t for sale!  You know that don’t you?  You know why you’re here, don’t you?  You’re here to please me so I don’t mail those pictures out to your husband or have them splashed all over the newspapers!  Isn’t that right, Mrs. Hastings?” Nate asked confidently.  “Ye………ye ………..yes!” came her meek response.  “Now to prove it, Mrs. Hastings!  C’mon over here and suck my DICK!” he grossly demanded of.

Carol sucked in her breath while a cold shiver coursed throughout her entire body as her stomach churned in revulsion, feeling so sick at what was being demanded of her.  Yes, she had sucked DICK before, but only once ………….for her young lover and that was to be a pleasure only for him to enjoy!  And now that pleasure was being demanded of her by this vile blackmailer, who was becoming insistent as he demanded “Come on over here, Mrs. Hastings!  You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this!  For months now, I’ve been imaging you getting down on your knees before me and sucking my big BLACK DICK!”

A lump formed in her throat upon hearing that last statement, for now Carol came to realize that her tormentor was none of the teens whom she had suspected, for all those students were white.  Then another spotlight came on, beaming down directly to where her blackmailer’s was sitting, displaying his huge and abnormally large black phallus to her.  And as her tormentor fisted himself, seeing his manhood expand even larger, Carol realized how much larger he was in comparison to both her husband and Scott.  “What’s the matter, Mrs. Hastings?  Everyone at school says that you’re not the least bit prejudice and treats everyone the same, no matter what their race!  Now’s come’s on over hea and prove it!  Git yer purty ass over hea, Mrs. Hasting!”

“Nate?  Nate Manning?  My God …………………….it’s you!  You ………….you’re the one!  How?  How did you get those pictures!” Carol stammered out, recognizing is voice in the manner he had spoken those last two sentences.  Blinking as the overhead lights suddenly came on and Carol observed that it was indeed Nate Manning sitting there in the chair with a wide grin on his face while still stroking the monstrosity in his fist, telling her “I worked the night shift when Scott checked in!  He didn’t know me cause I’s was a freshman when he was the ‘man’ on campus!  Sure shocked me to see ya in the car!”  “Ya got ten seconds to git over hea, Mrs. Hastings!  One …..two …..three …..four ……….!” Carol was told.  And when the number ‘eight’ came, Carol forced herself to move forward towards the grinning teen.

Turning her face away as she forced herself to kneel between the thick and ebony widespread thighs, Carol trembled as she reached up with both hands to grasp the thick lengthy phallus, of which she estimated to be over a foot long.  Grabbing it like one would a baseball bat, but unable to encircle her fingers around the fleshy bone, she began pumping at it all while keeping her face turned to the side.  ‘Maybe if I please him with my hands, he won’t make take it in …………………………..oh, God ………………….I’ll throw up if I have to put his filthy ‘thing’ in my mouth!’ she shuddered in disgust, pumping her fists faster and faster in hopes of accomplishing her task.

Quite experienced for his young age, having nailed his first bitch at the age of fourteen and going at it ever since, Nate was not one to pop his load prematurely and chuckled in realizing what the beautiful teacher was attempting to do.  He merely sat there smiling as the lovely Mrs. Hastings went about with her foolishness in thinking he pop off prematurely, even though her soft pretty hands did indeed stimulate him greatly.  Then, reaching out with both hands and curling his fingers into her soft brown hair, Nate forced his former teacher’s beautiful face towards him.  He just loved seeing her face with eyes shut tightly and with that cringe of disgust showing.

Carol was sickened as she felt the vile teen rubbing the sticky underside of his filthy cock over her cheeks and nose, then a whiff of the aroma emanating from his crotch had her feeling nauseous and had her stomach turning.  Head pulled back by the deviant teen as he grasped her fisted hands in his free hand to push his upright cock back some, then she was pulled down onto the filthy organ as the sticky liquid oozing from the domed head was applied like lipstick.  Bony flesh parting her lips and up against her clenched teeth, Carol was told to “Open that purty mouth of yers, Mrs. Hastings!  Time fer ya to sample some of my big BLACK DICK!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmffffff …………………………mmmmmfffffffffffffffffffffff …………………mmmmmmmfffff!” Carol shuddered as the bloated cockhead was forced into her mouth, stretching her jaws as never before.  Shivering with disgust as the fleshy tip bumped against the back of her throat, she tried to pull back against the strong hands that were pulling her head forward by her hair.  But she was no match against the strong teen as his thick stem was now forcing itself down her throat.  Carol could not believe there could be anything more humiliating than this act being forced upon her.  Taking Scott Berger into her mouth was a matter of wanting to please her young lover, quite the opposite of what was taking place now.

This was so hideous a task for Carol as she forced herself to endure the vile teen actually begin to fuck her face, pumping his filthy black penis in and out of her mouth.  Then young Nate Manning wheezed out “Oh, teach ……………………oh, God, so fuck’n good …………………………I’ve been dreaming of this fer so long ………………so fuck’n longgggggggggggggggg ………………………..gonna cream yer tonsils soon!”  For some reason, the thought of this blackmailing teen actually finishing himself off in her mouth had never entered her innocent mind.

Her hands now were now on Nate’s thighs as she tried to push herself away of get her mouth off his cock, the desperate struggle was for naught as the strong teen clutched her hair tightly and kept her in place as he grunted “Ahhhhhh, teach ……………………………ohhhhhh, Mrs. Hastings …………………………….oh, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss, teach …………………………………………..I’s cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggg!”  Cockhead expanding in her throat, Carol felt the hot burst of his ejaculation burning her throat as the acid-like liquid made its way down her belly.  Managing to pull her head back some, the next burst filled her mouth with the teen’s vile gooey semen.

Another burst filled her mouth completely.  Unable to spit out the gooey filth, Carol had no other choice but to swallow it time and time again as Nate continued to sate his lust directly into mouth with a seemingly endless supply of the nasty goo.  And it was made even more disgraceful with his taunting “Ah, yeah ……………..that’s it teach ………..ah, yeah ……………………yer one hot number ……………………..ah, yeah drain my balls, Mrs. Hastings …………………………eat all that hot cum I’s got fer ya!”  Again and again she swallowed till finally the teen’s shrinking penis was pulled from her lips.

Carol sucked in a much needed gulp of air, but that really did it as she now had to retch, causing her to scramble over to the nearby trashcan.  “Arrrrrrrrrrrrchhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………arrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuckkkkk …………………arccckkkkkkkkkk!” came all the goodies she had just swallowed along with the lunch she had consumed earlier.  Feeling so sick at that moment and concentrating on her churning stomach, Carol was unaware of the back of her dress being unzipped and bra unclipped, only becoming aware of what had just happened when rough calloused hands were fondling her bare breasts as if test to see if the fruits were ripe.

A moment later, a bottled water was handed to her as Nate advised “Here, Mrs. Hastings! Compliments of the Notel Motel!”  Hands under her elbows pulled her up to a standing position, Carol could only stand there frozen to the spot as the teen pushed her unzipped dress over her shoulders and the blue dress fell to the carpet in a puddle around her beige heels.  Her unhooked bra soon followed and the teen wasted no time in slipping his arms around her to cradle her breasts once again, this time he began thumbing her nipples as they hardened under unwanted caresses.  “Damn, ya’s got some purty titties, Mrs. Hastings!” she was told as the teen had turned her to him so he could start mouthing them.

Moments later, lying upon the bed, Carol had her hands over her face as she wept while the teen was stripping her panties off her legs and heels.  Expecting that she’d have to submit herself to him, to allow him to have sex with her body, Carol tried to steel herself in preparation for the thick monstrosity to penetrate her.  But Carol was unprepared to feel Nate’s kinky hairdo brushing against both of her inner thighs, causing her to realize the devilish intent of this horrid teen.  “No, please ………………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she squealed as Nate’s hot mouth clamped over her sex.

An expert cuntlapper, Nate went to work on the beautiful teacher, intent on teaching her a thing or two about muff diving.  In no time he had her squirming about on the bed as his wiggling tongue up her snatch was driving her crazy.  ‘Damn, she’s a hot firecracker and I’s ain’t even got to her clit yet!’ he thought.  ‘But when’s I’s do, she’s gonna go off like a fuck’n Roman candle!’ he surmised.  Sure enough, tonguing her ultra sensitive clit had her screaming “Ohhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Then Nate got to eat her sweet honey as she climaxed again and again into his slurping mouth, her cunny squeezing out the sweet juice for him.

Drifting down from the cloud of ecstasy that she had skyrocketed to, Carol then was overcome by grief and humiliation, ashamed at having climaxed in such an abandoned manner.  Now feeling a heavy weight shuffling up onto the bed, then a fleshy probe moving up and down along the slit of her sex, Carol became frightened as she had never before experience anything so large in both girth and length.  Then, in feeling the horrendous size of the teen as he tried to push into her, Carol panicked and push at his shoulders in a desperate attempt to push him off.  But the muscular teen was not to be denied as he grasped her hips and lunged forward, causing Carol to scream out in pain “Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

“Gotcha, teach!” Nate gloated with the agonized beauty squirming under him as he leaned forward to sink an additional two inches into her tight little pussy.  “Damn, teach, ya’s feel like a fuck’n virgin!  Guess that loverboy of yers ain’t got near what I’m packing, huh!” Nate bragged as he gave the now whimpering beauty even more of what he was packing between his thighs.  Hands holding her trim hips firmly in his grasp, he then pile-drived his way forward, again and again, sinking his rock solid manhood further and further until his short kink was commingled with her soft silky fleece.

Seeing her fingers clutching desperately at the bedspread and sheets, feeling her legs spread farther apart beneath him, Nate knew that the beautiful teacher was going to try to merely lay there on the bed and show no emotion at all as he fucked her.  But that was just fine with Nate as it really gave him the motivation to show her how talented he was in the art of fucking, cause he’d soon have her withering about and humping back at him, even begging him to fuck her.  Slowly, like a train pulling out of the station, his strokes were measured at first before beginning to lengthen and speed up in pace.

For five full minutes Carol merely tossed her head slowly from side to side as she clutched at the sheets and pressed her heels into the mattress to steel herself as the blackmailing teen had sex with her unwilling body.  Body remaining frozen, or seemingly so if viewed upon, but what could not be observed told of her failure ……………………..because her pussy was clasping and unclasping as she squeezed at the thick fleshy manhood slicing between her slick folds!  “Ah …………………….ah!” were the first signs given outwardly of her soon to collapse of her strong willed defense, her pussy squeezing tightly upon the pleasure giving shaft that was buried deep within her petite body.


Nate smiled inwardly, knowing from minutes earlier that her defense would soon give way totally, and he had no doubt about it from the manner in which her cunny was squeezing at him.  And now with her verbal moans, Nate knew that it wouldn’t be much longer till she was begging for more.  With her moans growing louder and more frequent, Nate began to fuck her in earnest, then felt her hands caressing the back of his shoulders as her sexy legs had lifted to cross over the back of his thighs.  And now for the coup de grace, he stopped in mid-stroke and his cock half embedded between her hot clasping pussy. “Wha ……………..what ……………why are you stopping?” came the puzzled cry, to which he responded “Tell me, teach!  Talk dirty to me!  Tell me what you want!  Tell me what you want of me, Mrs. Hastings!  Talk real dirty to me!”

Biting at her bottom lip, tossing her head from side to side to say ‘NO’, Carol fought against succumbing in such a disgraceful manner.  But the fucking cock that had been giving her so much unwanted pleasure was in the ‘stop’ position, stuck half way in her cunt with her pussy clasping and unclasping around it in hopes of stimulating it back into full throttle.  Then it all became too much for as Carol gave out a sigh of defeat as gave in to his demands and screamed out “Damn you!  FUCK meeeeeeeeeeee!  I want you to FUCK meeeeee with your BIG BLACK COCKKKKKKKKKKKK!  Goddddd, FUCK me like a WHORE!  Screw me!  Screw your former teacher!  FUCK ………………….do it, you bastard ……………………FUCK meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

“Yeessssssssss …………………………ohhhh, yesssssssssssssssss ………………..fuck me, Nate ……………………..yes …………………….oh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” his former teacher panted out as he recommenced the fuck that she so craved.  A 12 inch withdrawal followed by a 12 inch descent, faster and faster like a piston, Nate gave the beautiful teacher a fucking that she’d never ever forget.  Soon, feeling the way her fingernails were digging into his back and the way she humped back at him, Nate knew she was near a mind-shattering climax.  “Oh, God …………………….I’m cummingggg ……………………….I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggggg!” she screamed out her climax as Nate hosed her down with hot male goo.


An hour later, after another wild fuck session between the beautiful teacher and former student who had blackmailed her for sex, she was handed a clean towel and told “Here’s a nice clean towel, compliments of the Notel Motel!  Ya might wanna take a hot shower before going home!  Ya go shower while I’s clean up the place so’s it can be rented out fer the night!”  Gathering up her clothing and purse, she locked herself in the bathroom, knowing that she had better shower in case her husband got home ahead of her as she reeked of sex.  Opening her purse, she retrieved the box of douche that she had taken the precaution of bringing with her.

 Dressed after her douche and hot shower, Carol exited the room to see that the bed had been made up, windows lighted up after the blankets taken down by the deviant teen who was now gathering up the trash.  And as the teen passed her to head into the bathroom, Carol stammered out “You ………………you promised that you wouldn’t send those photos!”  But as the teen was emptying the trash from the bathroom into the bag, he pulled out the empty box and bottle that had contained the douche and held them up before her in demanding “What the hell is this?  Douche?  Ya went and douched out my cum?  Bitch, I’s didn’t find one of these in the trash when ya and loverboy fucked in this room!”

Seeing the look in his eyes and the rage the teen was in, Carol feared for her life as she backed away from him, only to stumble back and fall onto the bed. Turning and attempting to crawl away, hands grasped her ankles and pulled her back to the edge of the bed, then the hem off her dress was flipped up and the raged teen was grasping at the waistband of her panties.  Stripped of her panties while on all fours, Carol sobbed and wept as the teen slammed up into her from behind as he announced “Bitch, douche out my spunk and not Scotty’s, huh?  Yer a bitch, Mrs. Hastings ……………….and I’s gonna fuck ya like one right now!”

After a rather quick and lusty doggie fuck, Carol was without her panties with Nate’s hot semen oozing out of her well fucked twat and glistening her inner thighs as the nasty bastard ushered her to the door sneering “Now ya can go home to yer fuck’n cuckold hubby!  Ya go home to him with yer cunt filled with my hot nigger cum!”  Blinking back the tears as Nate reached around to fondle her breasts once again, grabbing and squeezing them as the front of her dress became quite wrinkled, he whispered in her ear “Don’t worry, Mrs. Hastings!  I’s ain’t gonna send out them pictures …………………that is, unless ya don’t show up next Wednesday at the same time!”

Ushered out of the door, Carol made her way to the car teary eyed as the bastard closed the door behind of her while finishing the clean up of the motel room.  What Carol did not know was that Nate was not only clean up the room but gathering up the three mini-camcorders that had recorded all the sordid scenes taking place in the motel room.  The pictures of she and Scott would leave everything to one’s imagination, but what had just been filmed really left nothing to the imagination.  Armed with this, Carol would always be in the clutches of the devious Nate Manning and he aimed to use it for both pleasure and money.

That next day at school, Carol was relieved that she had not seen Nate Manning in hallways nor him peering into her classroom to gloat at his most recent conquest.  For an hour after class on Thursdays, she always made herself available to help any student for tutoring or to just understand how to solve a math problem.  With a new and rather tough chapter just covered in Algebra and a test coming up, it was natural to have quite a few students coming in for added assistance at this time.  Desperately needing a cup of coffee, but so as not to keep the remaining students waiting in line outside for one-on-one help, she asked the girl who she just finished helping if she’d mind going to the office and get her coffee mug filled.

Unbeknownst to Carol, Nate Manning was just coming out of the vice principal’s office after being reprimanded after being caught smoking on school grounds.  He overheard the secretary telling the gal “Tell Ms. Hastings that’s all the cream we had as the container’s empty and we need to get a new supply!”  Nate recognized that yellow coffee with a white flower design on the side as he had seen it before atop of his former teacher's desk.  Realizing that this was a Thursday, and having been in Ms. Hastings’ class before, this was the afternoon for her to assist students one-on-one with any math problems.  Watching from a distance, Nate observed only two students remaining in line, causing him to come up with and idea in his head ……….an idea from the head between his legs!

As the student left, Carol heard new footsteps coming into the classroom and assumed it was just another of her students needing assistance.  But in looking up, she gave a slight gasp in seeing her former student approaching, watched as he took her coffee cup from the top of her desk and walk around it to sit in the empty chair next to her desk where the tutored students had sat earlier.  As the brazen teen opened the second drawer from the bottom and placed her coffee cup into it, Carol trembled when the devious teen placed a sheet of paper on her desk and asked “Can you solve this math problem, Mrs. Hastings?”  Carol gasped loudly as she viewed the so-called math problem as it graphic showed what one item + another would = to.  “Better pretend you’re working on the problem, Mrs. Hastings, jist in case someone glances this way when passing by!”

Although the pictures drawn on the paper were quite crude in nature, Carol had to admit to Nate’s rather artistic talents.  That first picture was of a woman’s left hand with a sparkling diamond ring and wedding band + the darkened picture depicting the large phallus of a black male = a picture of a white hand with fingers encircling the black phallus = a stream shooting out into the picture of a coffee mug below.  And thus, as Nate pretended on looking at his writing tablet as she kept her pencil upright on the tablet on the desk before her, Carol could only cringe with disgust as her left hand was busy pumping at her former student’s big black phallus till it did just what the picture in front of her had depicted.  “Purttttttt ……………………..purttttt!” it sounded with each stream spurted into her cup of coffee.

Before she could release her hold on the now dwindling shaft, Nate grasped the top of hand and moved it up so her petite palm capped the drooling cockhead, thereby smearing the final remnants of the slick slimy goo over her fingers and palm.  “Now rub yer purty fingers over your lips and nose, Mrs. Hastings!” she was ordered.  Reluctantly obeying, the smell of the teen’s crotch and semen had her shuddering in disgust at what she had been forced to do.  As Nate stood up from the chair, placing the yellow coffee cup back onto the top of her desk, only now it was filled with coffee and his special hot cream.

Carol felt sick and debased as she looked at the contents in the cup, seeing the oily remnants at the top of the coffee as the heavy cream had apparently sank down to the bottom of the cup.  She had thought her ordeal had come to an end as Nate moved around to the front of the desk, but then he reached over to turn the paper over and Carol observed what was sketched upon the backside, that of a sketch of her drinking out of her coffee cup.  It was so hideous to have to drink from the coffee cup in which the vile Nate Manning had just ejaculated into, made worst when she came to the end and hearing the stern order of “All of it, Mrs. Hastings!  Tilt that cup up so’s ya can eat all my cream sauce!”

In the teacher’s lounge, after quickly washing out her coffee cup, Carol went into the ladies room.  Stomach queasy as she looked about, Carol was thankful that no one else was in the room, then she rushed over to the toilet and held her hair back.  “Urckkkkkk ……………………………urrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” she barfed into the toilet bowl.  It was beyond belief as to how far down into the depths she had sank from that fateful night before Christmas.  Committing adultery upon her husband, pregnant by the handsome college jock who lived right next door, and now having to submit to the sexual demands of the deviant Nate Manning.

End of Story.